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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  January 27, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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cut redevelopment money to close gaps in the budget. they use existing employees to help manage the man and projects and today there was some confusion over about $7.5 kblinl mentioned during this week's counsel meeting and staffers are trying to decide if some can be used to give those staff a paid two weeks notice. and unions have been pushing for the notice it doesn't mean people won't get laid off. it does mean they'll get a proper notice and means will be time for a orderly handoff of the work people are doing to the folks staying. >> and and this is redevelopment money and this
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can be used to pay earned leave, but staffers wanted to make clear that that not new money, it's not something just discovered but that is something they've budgeted. >> and state prison system has been out as well. pink slips including 140 guards is people convicted are now going county jails and there is a developing story now. california public utilities commission late today slaps pg&e with a 16.8 million fine. pg&e reported it to the commission last year in the aftermath that have san bruno
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explosion and since fixed laekz. there is 10 days to appeal or pay the fine. pg&e said in part to receive a penalty this extreme is disappointing. >> a san jose state student under aest for groping four young women and police released this picture of the suspect. his name is michael escobar. dorm students will be gathering to talk about safety. and we are live tonight. >> and we're told he did not live on campus and police say he targeted the dorm in early morning hours, groping four young women who left doors unlocked. and there students say it's
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possible he followed behind someone who did have access and that is a common process. and police say he approached women while they're sleeping. police booked him on four counts of burglary. >> and this is just happening and he just left. >> a lot of work with video and with witnesses. there was many pieces coming together again. >> and there is the guy that did it. it won't happen again. >> and police say this statement from the victims and also, reviewing extensive surveillance police have not clarify add rest on burglary charges.
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and this is to determine charges in court. university administrators say they will be meeting with groups on dorm floors to go over security and safety concerns that. is something that will be happening tonight and into next week. >> and thank you very much. and staying in that part of the bay area evergreen high school went on lock down after a student reportedly threatened to shoot up the campus. the thread mate on a social media site and police identified a student and found no evidence of weapons. this was ordered when a 15-year-old was spotted this morning and not armed and did not resist arrest. >> and police say the student dmot confirm there were any. >> and a father of five had just lost his job last night was gunned down in a hail of
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bullets, becoming the first homicide of the year. and this 35-year-old just steps from the shop when he was shot with what appears to be a high powered weapon. the gunman fired two dozen rounds spraying the house with bullets. and there is his uncle heard gunfire saying his nephew was ambushed. >> it's a cold blooded act which won't solve anything and and killing is never solving anything. >> the barber shop has become a meeting place. police have not revealed a motive in connection with this deadly shooting. >> now to the domestic violence scandal facing san francisco's new sheriff. mayor ed lee says he's encouraging sheriff ross mirkarimi to think about resigning. and. >> i did and i do get the feeling that the mayor is
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becoming frustrated with this position not to step down. the mayor made it clear he made it very clear that he believes all of this be distracting mirkarimi from doing his job well, sheriff ross mirkarimi poked his head into a disaster meeting today. other than that, he was working in his desk. this this is after a judge refused to modify a protective order preventing himg from seeing his wife and son during the duration of the trial. and if he feels court proceedings are keeping him from doing his job fully. >> and i continue to ask him to make that consideration the
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ethics commission would then forward findings in a recommendation to the supervisors and would need nine votes from the board tree move the sheriff from office. two more women are now telling police that two more women are telling that mirkarimi abused them. >> there are many proceedings coming forward about that. and you've got to admit there is a level of distraction. >> he did tell us and he the sheriff are still talking and those conversations include options of stepping down. >> and we'll continue to talk with the sheriff. did he say it's under consideration. his mind and we're two days ago, one situation. so there is a chance to keep goiting. >> members have been quiet
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about this scandal because they have been advised by the city attorney not to comment and if the mayor decides to suspend mirkarimi. >> and there is a man opposing mayor lee is now a member of lee's administration and announced the former supervisor will oversee the city's homeless policy efforts. and swerls directors. >> we can do much better to have this opportunity and something that i am going to commit in my life to go forward making a difference for people he taek takes over for outgoing guard who has been moved off. and a lot more to bring you. we'll follow up on the massive fire that gutted an apartment building and the school next
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door that could use your help now. >> and there are a lot of skeptical commuters tonight concerned the new toll lanes going in will be a disaster. >> i'm sandhya patel. there is pattern changes on sunday. i'll be
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a devastating fire before christmas is causing problems for a neighborhood school severely damaged by flames and water. the community has been pitching in to help and still trying to collect sflis. we are here now to tell what they need. >> and this school is called creative arts charter school located in the western edition neighborhood. we're going to tell you how
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you can help in just a moment. the other side is how other schools are helping get supplies they need. on december 22, at noon, a fire broke out in this apartment building on golden gate avenue. and the heat so intense, it damaged part of the creative arts charter school next door. school was not in session. >> this building we have art studio. a library z our main office and six classroom autos inside, there was smoke and water damage. teachers lost books and years worth of supplies and this main building was spared. >> just years of materials and you know just like, it's been quite a challenge to you know lose so much stuff. mid year. >> but the school community
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and western edition neighborhood why wr the school is located responded and so did several san francisco schools. >> there is schools giving us donations of supplies and furniture. and book drives. among them, cathedral school for years in knob hill neighborhood. the first grade class can try recruiting older boys to help donate books and supply autos they're acting like what do you need? i told them, like, papers and like, a pack of paper or a pack of pencils. >> and we've been focusing on community and talked about our classroom community and school community and local community and way that's can work together and that people of the community can help out. so this is a perfect tie in to what they're learning. >> and we're optimistic with the b.the future, feeling ver very... you know, inspired
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about it what is transpiring over the last month. >> the school swril a benefit auction in march. if you want more information about it, or how to donate supplies advise yilt our web site abc 7 and click on see it on tv. and it's nice see kids helping other kids. >> it is. >> and thank you very much. >> and the california supreme court today upheld maps drawn last year by an independent commission, challenging maps drawn for the districts claiming they manipulated what is supposed to be a contest. the g.o.p. asked the high court to order the election conducting how to make old maps arguing a ballot measure could invalidate the new one by the republican initiative has yet to qualify for the ballot so the courts threw out the challenge. and the chairman called a decision incredible saying the supreme court had undermined the referendum process.
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and republicans are concerned and new lines favor democrats who could get a two thirds majority in the legislature. >> state air regulator as proved an auto emissions standards we told but last night. and the rules require by 2025, 15% of the cars sold in california be electric and modified to zero emission vehicle and require major reductions in green house gas emissions. the auto industry generally supports the new rules. and state officials say the price increase will be less than $2,000 per car and you'll save $6,000 in fuel and maintenance costs. >> and south bay commuters are skeptical about a set of toll lanes opening next month. they will run along a four mile stretch of interstate 880. and that is one of the worst commutes in the bay area.
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and solo drivers will be able to use lanes for a fee which will range from 30 dronts $3 depending on congestion. and they're hoping the lanes will be better received that be those through interstate 680. >> and there is a period of transition, sometimes, only a couple days and sometimes, two weeks. and i feel confident but these are legitimate concerns and we won't have an answer until there is a real world application there. >> anyone using lanes will need a fast track transponder. lanes should be ready for use by the end of february. >> u.s. army tells us they've killed two coyotes near dublin and an army spokesperson says the population has grown more aggressive and he denies reports that they were killed
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by someone shooting from a helicopter. the u.s. department of agriculture were consultd on options for controlling the population. >> and there if you had outdoor plans you're going to like there is to see. >> and there is expecting spring like warmth but not tonight. tonight there is a winter like chill. skies are clear. there is skiz and we're going to see good cooling and that means temperatures goring to call faul to freezing in locations so you'll want to bundle up. this afternoon, temperatures above normal, 73 santa rosa. 70 in napa. upper 60s san rafael, oakland. and in morgan hill, we're going do this again, tomorrow, but not as warm as this afternoon. numbers now into 50s and 60s,
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patchy frost inlend z chance of showers coming sunday night. and this morning there is a lot of fog, it was dense but we're not expecting a repeat there is a dry air mass, off shore flow so we're expecting clear cold conditions, 32 santa rosa. fairfield, napa down to 33 degrees. and there is chilly here near the coast. half moon bay, 39 degrees, tomorrow afternoon, high pressure z that means that there the dry off shore flow keeping clouds away and fog away. and we'll see a nice, mild sunny day. but things change on sunday. this system starts to move our way, pattern changes meaning cooler weather for sunday starting to see an increase in cloud cover sunday afternoon and evening.
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gogts thicker by midnight, we can see light showers developing in the north bay z showers will be scattered in nature heading into early monday morning so just about anyone may end up with wet weather. just be prepared and have umbrellas handy sunday night into monday morning. you need shades and short sleeves. take a look at temperatures. palo alto, 67. south bay, 67 degrees. and there is nappa, 65. san francisco, 64. 65 degrees in half moon bay, around the monterey bay this is not winter like. this is more spring like, watsonville, 71. 72 for new salinas, 70 degrees in santa cruz and hollister, here is the accu-weather forecast. there is a mild one tomorrow, going with cooling sunday and monday. and slight possibility of showers developing mid sunday night into early monday but
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after that pattern is back and high pressure rebuilds. there is is a major storm any time soon. >> hurting for rain. >> thanks sandhya. >> and coming up a controversial decision from twitter. >> a new overseas censorship policy, coming up.
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a man convicted in a
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mortgage rescue scheme is a free man, but how long he will be out of jail? that is a question. michael finney first broke the story a year ago. he's here tonight with the latest developments on this. >> the story gets curiouser and curiouser. a judge fined him $10,000 with 16 months in jail. time already served while waiting for trial. that means he is free to go. but... still hanging over his head is an outstanding arest warrant and a federal investigation. >> the jum put it bluntly. he pled no contest to two counts of mortgage fraud last year. he was held in jail on 780,000 tsdzs bail, after his arrest last year on a 29 count grand jury indictment. the defense says the defendant learned his lesson and will
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undo what he did to the 14 victims. >> he's trying to move forward. he did plead two counts. so now, it's his way of helping right any wrongs from his actions. >> he agreed to relinquish control of properties gained from 14 homeowners while posing as a private banker. the 14 homeowners now eligible for restitution. but none have filed claims against him. >> i actually feel so bad for the victim and homeowners because at this point they are still believing there is going to be a miracle, some way that through this scam that they're going to be able to stay in their homes. >> federal agents in this request that the scheme continued to operate while he was n.incars rated and after release. investigators accused him of operating out of this home in the contra costa county town of brentwood and say he bilked 600 homeowners and defrauded
6:25 pm
mortgage holders and lenders of $201 million. authorities served a search warrant at the home in december and squeeze seezed computers and files and records. >> he's he has been cooperating and i imagine that if they want to get more information he would still cooperate with them. >> skm there is also named or bruise blankenhorn. awaiting trial. his fiancee and brandon lee, a man who posted webinars are also suspects. his probation report indicates he was convicted in minnesota in 2007 for receiving more than $2500 in stolen property, going on to say he violated terms and conditions of probation and that a warrant for arrest was issued in july,
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2011. authorities in minnesota declined to exindict him back to their state. due to budget problems so for now, he is a free man. >> wow. >> thank you. >> and there is another 30 minutes of news still to come tonight. at 6:30 a government probe into mortgage abuse and a homeowner who has turned a page on foreclosure ootz president puts american universities on notice when tuition fee goes up, federal funding will go down. >> and arriveals in the race for the residency found common ground in florida. ♪
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three years after the mortgage melt down the obama administration is promising justice for financial firms that broke the law and there is a promise the president made before. and more on today's announcement.
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>> the president trying to restore faith in his administration and country's financial institution. it's been badly damage bid bailouts and absence of criminal prosecutions when shirley pulled out home improvement loan her lender says it was only temporary. >> in a couple years you go back in and refinance it and everything will be fine. what wasn't what happened. >> that was 2007. he has been protesting the interest rate payments since. she believes only way banks will budth is if the president makes them. >> i think that they all need to be held accountable for. >> president obama made that promise. >> holding aktable tos who broke the law. and help turn the page. on aner yaf recklessness. >> today, the attorney general eric holder announced
6:31 pm
formation of a broad task force this, will improve our ability to ensure justice for victims to help restore faith in financial markets and allow us to answer the call that the president issued earlier this week. >> many americans remain disappointed with the fact no major players have been criminally prosecuted. >> they put madoff in jail for what he was doing. i think bankers need to go to jail for what they did. >> she says she has faith it could happen but this finance analyst believes it may be too late. >> indy mac is no longer with us. washington mutual no longer with us. interest there is a lot of paper work lost in deals done in 2008. and so... i don't know we're going really know the full story of how much crime and fraud occurred. >> this isn't the first time the white house promised to root out wrong doing n 2009 he
6:32 pm
announced task force would hold those accountable for the crisis. it's 2012. >> thank you very much. and the cost of a college education has been soaring for years and today the president stepped fword a plan to reform how students get financial aid. wayne freedman getting reaction to the idea. >> there is not a paying college student or parent who hasn't complained about back breaking costs of college educations. it's rising faster than rate of inflation. california state university doubled since 2006 and the university of california, they have increased by 2,000% since 1970s. no wonder the speech was so popular.
6:33 pm
as parents tell kids this, is the best time of their lives. college years. time without worries. >> how much in debt are you? >> i'd rather not say. >> which explains his popularity today come together university of michigan and found a receptive awed yeens we're putting colleges on notice. you can't keep and assume you'll jack up tuition every year. if you can't stop tuition from going up then funding from taxpayerses each year will go down. we should hold them accountable. >> and san francisco state political science professor knows about tuition inflation. the phd he earned costs $7,00040 years ago. >> this president spoke to one of his constituents and made an appeal on the basis of
6:34 pm
trying to gather their support for the election. >> rising fees have a potent issue. cuts have followed in line with the state budget woes. >> it's 10 times what it was when my mom went to school. >> in california issue is not federal money but our budget is screwed up to begin with. >> specifics remain this. he wants $1 billion to spread among states that reform their systems. for present college students who must begin their working lives in debt, those reforms would come too late. for frank luna, way too late. >> i would like to and hope to get into the honors program extending me more more semester. it would probably help me get
6:35 pm
into grad school. >> and there is another loochbl we tried to get reaction and late today this comment came from the university of california president that reads in part quote we're pleased that the president is looking at ways to reward institutions graduating more low income students and we look forward to working with the obama administration on these proposals and as they move forward. >> republican rivals found some common ground today on the campaign trail. both addressed the conference with each calling on conservatives to back away from policies. later firing back at a woman challenging him over the issue of statehood for puerto rico. >> when and if do you believe puerto rico to be a state or not? simple. >> i believe the people of
6:36 pm
puerto rico should make the decision. this is not my place to judge for puerto ricans. >> he hopes to stem the tide of republican leaders promising them greater economic opportunity. >> i will fight to get more opportunity for americans. and that is the way we're going to create jobs for latinos and nation. >> and florida's primary tuesday. the polls show romney with a lead over gingrich. >> coming up next, new overseas censorship policy at twitter. >> and a rescue crew with a life and death mission. they've discovered volunteering, though, isn't always free. [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity:
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twitter is defending it's new country by country censorship policy announcing messages by country, before, erased and disappeared world wide. and this is a way for twitter to pander to company that's violate free speech. >> there ais a huge backlash against this latest move by twitter, it was seen one of the few platt forms free of
6:40 pm
censorship use bid users during arab spring and in rusha, lately over protests over elections. >> twitter sees this as a way to ensure tweet reez main visible and says it will cost post a censorship notice whenever a tweet gets removed. >> money matters wall street awaits facebook ipo reporting facebook could fim papers to sell stock and could raise $10 billion and put facebook among the world's largest publicly traded companies. chevron had trouble passing on rising cost of crude oil, today reported it made $5 billion in profits but that was less than hoped. and same story at ford, lost money and europe and aish yachl the company reported making a profit of $13 billion but most because of an accounting change. the rating agency down graded credit rating to five countries including itally and
6:41 pm
spain. and in spain, it's 23% and almost 50% under ainl ta. in this country the government says our economy grew 2.8% last quarter. and that was a disappointment on wall street. the dow fell to end the first losing week of the year. >> and coming up next, a successful technology executive. >> she made the switch to a brick and mortar job.
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budget constraints are tough now. police and fire departments across the state are coping with layoffs and volunteers who help with search and rescue are now having to spend some of their own money to do it. >> alameda county search and rescue chief know what it's
6:45 pm
like to spend long days and sleepness nights outside with a search dog while looking for a missing person. >> i think in the end it's people with a common good where they want to help the community provide a service and give something back. >> like the search for hassani campbell who went missing two years ago. it's a high profile case yet to be resolved. there are others. >> there is a lot of things that go on that never hit the news. we find people and never hears bit and so forth because that is what we do. >> alameda county's search and rescue teamworks out of the sheriff's department but 70 members are all volunteers. >> to stand up an average search and rescue member today it's close to $1,000 in basic
6:46 pm
beer gear and more than that for people who need specialized equipment. >> there is fun ways to spend money and ways that are not so much fun. and dogs are a partner. that kind of money doesn't bother me. >> she's been doing it 20 years now. and volunteers expect to spend $1500 to $2,000 per year for the sper suspective search and rescue volunteer who had hours cut back that. almost of money could depend on having a roof over your head or not. >> economic times being what they are, this is a challenge because of the costs and fact that people don't have free time they have available from their jobs and their home lives to be able to commit. >> there are no hard numbers available on people who want to become search and rescue volunteers but can't because of the economy z if finances
6:47 pm
are shrinking the pool they're not having that affect on the case load. >> if n.san francisco, abc 7 news. >> and sandhya patel is here now. >> it's going to be a lovely forecast into the weekend. i want to show you you report photo showing you sun rise from twin peaks submitted by robin s. you can see the fog there. and high clouds just a lovely view. thank you for sending that in. thank you to annie who submitted this photo. morning fog from berkeley hills? foggy around the bay area and dense. but wind has switched things around it's going to be a clear night. cold and mild tomorrow afternoon. we're not going to see fog we saw this morning. 67 in santa rosa. 64 richmond. san mateo, mid-60s and lovely day m palo alto in san jose.
6:48 pm
jant cruz, 70 degrees, enjoy mild weather, showers coming to town. a chance sunday night into monday morning and cooler both days. dry and mild for the middle to latter haf of the week. >> thank you. >> and career transitions not unusual in this economy but it's rare to see someone giving up a seat for a hard hat. david louie with a story of one executive made that unexpected switch. >> for much of her live gina worked at some of the best known tech companies then, this happened. a garage fire started next door spread to her house in twun. a long simmering dream to become a real hard hat barbie donning work boots putting in five years learning construction. it was a switch from high tech to contracting. >> i dreamed of it. but it took a while to get the courage to get out to do it.
6:49 pm
and this is a dream come true. >> and she has a contractor's lice skbrens a business partner. and specializing in renovation pro jeekts this needs to be a kitchen that acome dats catering. >> this is also resonating with clients where women make key decision autos this is the women who are actually calling shots. >> similarly they spent money to buy their responsibility autos i've been able to bring planning and cost estimation and running an operation profit bli where as mike brings in the skill of being able to manage trades and understanding building codes. >> when remodeling this master bedroom, jen recognized what gina brought to the project. >> i can see some of the background kind of melded in
6:50 pm
and was a nice combination about design. they were more realistic. >> once accomplished it can be rewarding. it does help to have fire in the belly to overcome fear of a change of careers but in the case of gina, a fire at her house was the big catalyst. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> and coming up next, a bay area city honors a heckal sports hero. >> putting his name on high os
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hope you can join me at 9:00, coming up then, walking the dog takes on a new meaning and finding contraband behind crime, drug deals and identity theft. >> then at 11:00 a man brutally beaten called a terrorist outside of a grocery store talks about what happened and his attacker still out there. it's coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and now, sports and tennis, anyone down under? >> wow. >> fantastic tennis going on. >> it's been unbelievable. and nearly five hours long and intense, gut wrenching. >> they battled it out in a
6:54 pm
marathon. this is a classic. looking at his third straight crowd with the first set here. there is to the third war of attrition begins. murray over handgun. there is both men clamping up. final set using every ounce of energy. pumped up. setting up match point after four hours and 50 minutes murray on the run, can't get there. take a rest. and meet rafa nadal. second round play there is a rough day for yesterday. birdies eight and drops to fourth place z oh, tiger is lurking on 11. this putt shoots a three under 69 two shots back now.
6:55 pm
and there is a great round. the man they're chasing from denmark is seven under and leading by one. warriors hosting the best team in the nba tonight. and oakland city thunder coming to town and there is a one, this year, durant averaging almost 26 points per game. head coach says just about everybody is going to have a role in trying to contain the nba's third leading scorer. >> i'm going to trust durel wright and at the end of the day, anyone is not going to be there, full responsible to shut him down. and this is going to be the help behind him so we have our work cut out tonight.
6:56 pm
>> bring a lot of help. yankees pitcher a larger than life figure in his hometown. the baseball field renamed and charity organization helps rebuild the park and the whole works. those who star in nork saying east bay is going to be home. he was asked what it's like as the opponent. >> this is weird watching so many raider games. and you know, some part of me is a fan. you know? going to many games. a's games too, as a kid. >> speaking of a's they're holding their bats sunday. owner lou wolf going to be there to answer questions. and i hope security is there.
6:57 pm
and three throws for $5 you can have a line going for miles. and a's can use that cash to sign players. i think it's a win-win for everybody involved. >> i don't think liz is going to go for it. >> i don't know. >> and county fair? >> i'm telling you guys. it's a lucrative opportunity. >> don't forget oscars are coming up. for videos and blog goes to abc 7's exclusive web site. >> from all of us, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. brap ok! who gets occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria.
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