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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  January 27, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> a girl is killed in the east bay only 15 years old and the search who did the it.
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at ever. adults are comfortable. i don't like going out in public. >> dan: a man badly beaten last month breaks his silence to help track down the men who beat him. >> carolyn: they beat him and called him a terrorist. the victim is sharing his story only with abc7. it happened november 21 and just today police released this first sketch of one of those attackers. thomas ramon spokes with the victim. >> he is a 32-year-old eastern industrial designer who was attacked. he said he had nightmares and afraid to leave his home.
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they are asking for the public's help in finding his attackers. >> i just got in the car and just in my spot. >> he lives in pain and fear. it's because a trip he made to the lucky store. three men approached his car as he was leaving. >> they were hitting me and calling me a terrorist. a third member came out of no one. >> reporter: these are photos taken after the attack. he lost six teeth and two plates in his face holding his jaw together. that injury was caused by this bottle of tequila that his attackers dropped into the car. >> i certainly believe the bottle hadn't gotten stuck there they would have kept beating me. >> this the parking lot was
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filled with shoppers and no one came to help. >> i was five to ten feet away from entrance of the store is. >> no one has comedy forward since the attack. they released one is of suspects described as hispanic male, 5'6" on to feature nine and 200 pounds. the sergeant told, the attack is being treated as hate crime. we understand the frustration of the victim. we have exhausted all leads and are now asking the public for help. he says she wants justice. he lost his job as a technical designer after the attack. his medical bills total some $20,000. she having nightmares and he is afraid to leave his home. >> i don't like going out in public because i feel vulnerable i feel very unsafe. >> san jose police are asking witnesses to come forward. anyone who is the lucky's parking lot at 9:00 p.m. on
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november 21 is asked to give them a call. >> fo mags ramon reporting. she was just 15 years old. it happened. police found the girl with several stab wounds in her upper body. repeated attempts to revive her failed. police are not releasing the suspect or vehicle description at this point. >> carolyn: a san jose state junior is facing charges and under arrest on charges of groping some women. >> his name is michael escobar. alma is live tonight. >> some of the students are rattled and for good routine. he was arrested off campus. his name is michael escobar. he was charged with four counts of burglary that can be misleading but it includes breaking and entering a building
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with intent to commit a felony, in this case a sex phones. >> no, i have never seen him before. >> he doesn't look familiar. >> he is a student there. >> students are getting their first look at 21-year-old michael escobar. a fellow student who was arrested after an incident at jo west residence hall. >> i got a call from my grandmother. it woke he up again. it was an alert telling me that there is like a man in here. he like groped someone. >> four women in the building say they were groped while they slept. he doesn't live in jo west but it's easy to get in. just trail someone who has key card. once inside the building it was easy pickings. the victims had left their doors unlocked. police went door to door with a warning. >> they came in and told me about there is an intruder in the building and i should locked
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my cars ddors. >> were your doors locked? >> no. sometimes you just forget. if your roommate comes in later. >> each roommate as their own key. >> i loblg mine at night. now if i am hanging out, i don't know i feel i should have it locked. >> some of the students are concerned about their safety. >> it's happened before. someone got groped a while ago. it happens and it kind of freaks me out. >> the university is doing what they can to ease fears? >> they said there will be officers on our floor from 2:00 to 3:00 and you can talk to them about situation and find out what happened. to make sure we're feeling comfortable. >> reporter: the people i spoke with they are relieved that
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somebody has been arrested for this. it's kind of a lesson for them. leaving those doors unlocked is not okay. >> carolyn: and the problem is just not san jose state. stanford police have issued a crime alert. that came after a report of a man tried to take a picture of her in the shower. it happened on the campus. three similar incidents have occurred on the stanford campus. >> they are looking for a sexual predator in oakland, after a race on 35th avenue. victim says she was forced to the ground but thankfully she managed to escape. she described the man 5'6" african-american who appeared to be about 35 years old. >> carolyn: occupy oakland is getting ready for action. this promises to be different. this is called move-in day. they will hold a building as
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long as they can. it's scheduled between 2:00 and 5:00 at an undisclosed location. occupiers say they defend the building by actively resisting police. oakland is trying to decide to use the last of the redevelopment money to ease the pain of city employees that are going to be laid off. 81 people are being laid off. they are considering $75 million in unspent funds to retain those employees for two weeks what amounts to be paid lay off notice. >> it doesn't mean that people won't get lay off. they will get a proper notice. it also means there will be time for a more orderly handoff to the folks that are staying. >> a final decision is expected next week. >> california is sending layoff notices to over 500 prison employees including 140 guards. they lures go their jobs as the
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state releases inmates to comply a federal court order to relieve overcrowding. they have to reduce the prison population by 33,000 inmates. >> carolyn: the u.s. army says the option of humane euthanasia was the best bay to get rid some of coyotes. there has been growing complaints about the coyote population. they only admit they are in the natural habitat but they decided the risk to public safety was too great. >> we used a licensed hunter to come in. there were lots of options we had, firearms and the decision was made to use a bow and arrow. >> two were killed. the army believes the problem is fixed. the animal rights group project coyote says it amounts to lethal control of coyotes.
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they can increase in response to that. they believe maintaining stable pop sliagsz the best approach. >> dan: a lot more to bring you. new details finally revealed about the navy seal assault on osama bin laden's compound. >> and huge rock slide cleanup for the region. why there will be another closure next week. >> the executive that gave up high-tech for a new career in construction. >> coming up next on "nightline," the harrowing 911 called that may have saved demi moore's life. we tell you why the biggest stars have the biggest meltdown. plus thousands of people are
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thank you. don't thank me. i'm just the messenger. >> dan: career transitions are not unusual but to see somebody give up the seat in boardroom for a hard-hat. >> one executive that made that switch. here is david louie. >> reporter: for much of her
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professional life she has worked at some of the best known tech companies. then this happened. a garage fire that started next door spread to her house in 2001 prompting a career change, she put in five years learning construction. it was dramatic career switch from high-tech to contracting. >> you i dreamed of it but it took a lot of courage to get out and do it. all and all it's a dream come true. >> she has her contractor's license and business partner. they specialize in renovation projects. >> it needs to be kitchen to accommodate students on a regular basis. >> their partnership is rare in the male dominated business and resonates where women make key decisions instead of men. >> it's the women who are calling the shots. >> similarly, they divide their
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responsibilities. >> what i've been able to do is bring in deep analysis and planning and cost estimation in running an operation profitably and mike brings in the skills to managing the buildings codes. >> they recognized what gina brought to the project? >> i can see how some of her background has melded in with nice conversations with design, they were more realistic. >> a career switch isn't easy but once accomplished it can be rewarding. >> it does help to have fire in the belly to overcome the fear in a change of careers but in the case of janice, a fire at her house was the big catalyst. >> dan: there is strike tonight aboard a cruise ship docked in san francisco. 40 waiters walked off their job. they are angry being paid in
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dollars instead of euros they were promised as well as other working conditions. >> the company is taking lots of money from us that belongs to us not only but the food they give to us is food for dogs. >> we called the owners and they say they are trying to resolve the dispute. the its own by the same company that owns the costa concordia. >> speaking of that ship, they are offering the passengers $14,400 settlement plus the full cost of the cruise along with travel and medical expenses. several passengers have filed lawsuits against carnival cruise lines. one suit asks for $10 million in damages and another $450 million
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in punitive damages. 16 bodies have been recovered. 16 people are still missing. >> carolyn: leon panetta is revealing new details about the navy seal assault on osama bin laden compound. a doctor provided key information in advance of that assault. he ran a vaccination program and helped collect dna to verify that bin laden was in the compound. >> dan: highway 50 should be reopen in yosemite. huge boulders crashed down. crews have been working to clear the road driving in the north entrance of the park. it will have a gravel surface for the weekend and then have to close again to be paved sometime next week. >> carolyn: snow is not the issue there. there isn't much of it. >> dan: maybe not anytime soon.
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sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> no snow for the yeosmt area but snow up in the tahoe area. weekend plans are fine for outdoor activities. highs were very spring like. 73 degrees in santa rosa. upper 60s, san rafael, concord, down to the morgan hill area. well around normal for this time. 66 degrees in oakland and 65 in san francisco. we'll do it again tomorrow. carbon copy conditions minus the fog. you probably remember how dense it was. the air mass has dried out and clear skies, temperatures are falling compared to 24 hours ago down five degrees in redwood city. concord down up to 10 degrees compared to 24 hours ago. so colder tonight, patchy frost inland and sunny and mild for your saturday afternoon. chance of showers arriving by sunday night. it's really late at night.
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tonight we do have downsloping winds. it's the offshore flow that is keeping things stirred up in the higher terrain. wind gusts on the hilltops around 50 miles an hour in places like mount diablo. in lower elevations, temperatures will be down near or just above freegd freezing. 34 in livermore, 46 in concord. mid 30s in vallejo. low 30s in santa rosa. pretty chill any li near the coast. right around oakland and san francisco not quite as cold. here is a look at satellite and radar. this is the area of high pressure that is providing us with the unusually warm weather for january. this continues tomorrow, dry offshore flow. so another mild day on top. but the winds are going to switch directions by sunday. pattern changes of this system approaches with the winds becoming more onshore bringing the cooler air in. temperatures will drop on sunday. as a result of the cloud cover, numbers will continue to fall. but we may see a possibility of
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a few showers. computer models want to bring showers late sunday night into early monday morning and then very scattered in nature, overnight into early monday morning hours so morning commute could see damp pavement but not going to be the storm of the century for that time period. tomorrow 67 in san jose, palo alto, santa rosa, 64 san francisco and 65 on the coast in half moon bay. you like it mild, you got it around the monterey bay. 70 in santa cruz. 72 for salinas. seven-day forecast, mild tomorrow. cools off on sunday and monday with a slight chance of a few showers late sunday night into monday morning. after that, it's drier and warmer, tuesday through friday. really not february. we need the rain, we're hurting for it, well below average. >> carolyn: thanks, sandhya. >> as we continued, new concerns
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>> carolyn: police in san leandro have just released the sketch of the suspect they believe stabbed a 15-year-old girl to death? san leandro tonight. it happened around 6:30 on pacific avenue. the girl was found with several stab wounds to her upper body. this picture was just released from the san leandro police department. >> trace amounts of an unapproved chemical has been found in orange juice imported from overseas. u.s. health regulators stopped eleven shipments from entering the united states market after samples tested positive. five of the positive samples
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came from brazil, six from canadian plants. the scare begin two weeks ago when a major orange juice maker found the chemical in the own sampling. >> it confirmed this is not an isolated incident. it wasn't just one shipment. >> dan: u.s. food and drug administration says testing so far, orange juice is safe here to drink. >> carolyn: larry is here. warriors ran into a buzz saw. kevin
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warriors welcome the best team to oracle arena. they couldn't handle kevin durant. golden state celebrating chinese
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new year the bank is open to little nate. warriors are down. and lefty finish, down by five. munta with 13 points. kevin's at the baseline. check out nate's move. reggie jackson. and it's all over the place. and can you remember any, no, up the court to durant here for little jim. carolyn laughs. 37 points but dude is stealing it. it's an epidemic. that is bad. thunder win. warriors just six and 12. >> we are posting the next back after missing six with an ankle injury. and this is with lebron. this is ridiculous. stanford, get out of the way!
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and being lebron. he had 31 and wade had 21. >> several weeks since raider nation packed up but a much different noise will ring through the black hole. >> this lacrosse world championship gets started tomorrow night. expected to draw 50,000 fans. they have been converting the coliseum. it will create an atmosphere like any other. >> everybody on the track, everybody having a great time. yeah, it should be a good weekend. >> track looks really good. it should be good. it's very exciting night. i don't think any kind of sport gets this much excitement. >> and stars for the new york yankee says back in vallejo. c.c. charity organization helps rebuild the baseball stadium.
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renamed patterson park. the kids will enjoy, new field and concession stands. they said how it feels when it comes home from the yankees to play oakland. >> it seems to be weird because i watched so many raider games and so many warrior games. a little part of me is a fan going to some of the games. it's pretty cool to be part of it. nice to see him giving back. that is the sports report. >> carolyn: and not a jim baco fan. can't go there. [ laughter ] >> on the record, i guess. >> i'm dan ashley. >> carolyn: next newscast begins tomorrow morning at 5:00. >> for another larry beil. -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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