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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  January 29, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> hundreded of protesters arrested as a raucous "occupy oakland" demonstration works its way into the night. >> tear gas and flash bang grenades marked a day of clashes with police. it all escalated into a mass arrest at the downtown ymca tonight. a ban 0 of roaming protesters vandalized city hall and tonight oakland is calling for mutual aid from neighboring police departments. >> we're taking live pictures right now from sky 7hd. this is the protesters on broadway outside of the ymca. they have been on the all night, streets all night, and sergio is live in oakland with the latest on this protest. sergio? >> reporter: going through the statistics of today's police action is kind of like going through a laundry list of may
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hem. there have been hundreds of arrejured, ane police officers injured, and a demonstrator injured. several buildings broken into and vandalized, as well as vehicles. tonight the mayor and her leadership staff say they have come to an end of their " "occupy" demonstrations. city hall became one of the target office demonstrators when a few people managed to force their way in and make a mess. a vi flustered mayor jean kwan voiced her frustration. >> "occupy" oakland has to stop using oakland at its playground and people in the community and the "occupy" movement have to stop making excuses for this behavior. >> at the height of protests during the day, demonstrators pushed off police. some throw objects and police responded with bang grenades,
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and several conflicts eripped like this one near 14th and broadway. i talked with one woman who watched this action. the says the police are being too heavy hasn't. >> sometimes protesters get upset but i think it's wrong. it's like taking a sledge hammer to kill a flea. >> after watching demonstrators throw objects at officers and then break into city hall and damage city property, city leaders are at their wit's end. >> in my opinion amounts to a domestic terrorism when these people start taking buildings and start costing incredible amount of resources. >> one of the buildings the group rushed was the downtown ymca. police removed one group and encircled another group outside. the police say they plan on holding and charge all of those arrest. >> expect in the future, after wh and theened tonight and the level of violence, everything on
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the enter neat, all the tweets, their intent is to complete acts of violence and vandalism and break intoing intoing in that dt belong to them. >> the official number so far is 200 arrests but there's a report out by the "associated press" saying there are now 300. so, we're now still trying to add up exactly how many people have been taken into custody. now, as you mentioned at the top of this newscast, oakland has called in for reinforcements from police and sheriff's departments from around the bay area, and they're going to be manning the emergency operations center here throughout the evening, because, as we saw again at the beginning of this newscast, there are still people out in the streets. reporting live in oakland, sergio quintana. >> a group of protesters broke into city hall at 8:00 tonight. you can see them setting fire to an american flag in these photos shot by our media partner, the san jose merck are -- mercury n.
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>> we're going to take some live look at the protests right now. this is outside of the ymca on broadway. not a lot of people move can around at this point but still plenty out there and officers are at the ready on scene as well. >> let's move on to other news. a brutal attack has an 81-year-old el cerrito woman fighting for her life. police say she was beaten and possibly sexually assaulted. the victim livesowing the >> reporter: the victim lives just three blocks from where she was found clinging to life. we're told by friends of the woman she often went for early morning walks in the neighborhood. sometimes as early as 4:30 a.m. they say it's possible that is when she was attacked. >> he is the manager of this big o tire store. he doesn't usually look at this corner of the property until late in the day but at 9:00 a.m. when he went to park a car near the tires he saw the g on the ground. >> asked her if she needed help. she looked up at me.
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her face was swollen and blood everywhere and she just nodded. >> he called nine one one. -- 9-1-1. >> the victim is in critical condition at a local hospital. at this point we're not a even sure she is going survive her injuries. >> the 81-year-old victim on the right had to be airlifted to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. she has lived here for more than 15 years. just three blocks from where she was found on san pablo avenue. a neighbor said she often went for early morning walks. >> started walking 4:30 in the morning. it's one of our neighbors. so she would go very early. >> kay, friend of the victim, and in this photo, is now frightened. >> i know be walking early in the morning like that, but now it's all different now. you have to be careful. >> jesse is going to change her mother's routine.
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>> i'm not going to let her walk around anymore. she could get her mail but not walking around. >> the police don't know if this happened last night or this morning. they don't know the motive behind the attack. >> could possibly be a sexual assault. we're not ruliassault. out. >> the last word from police is that the woman, whose name has not been released, in -- is in very critical condition. the workers say the area is heavily trafficked so perhaps someone saw the attack. in the newsroom, abc-7 news. >> thank you. the 15-year-old son of a couple found dead in oakland is behind bars tonight, a suspect in their murders. the bodies of a 5-year-old man and a 50-year-old woman were found in a car outside a home last night. earlier in the day police conducted a welfare check after one of the residents didn't show up for work. the police say nothing appeared suspicious. but six hours later they
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received another call and returned to the home and found the bodies. >> the first victim -- murder victim of the year in san lee an -- lee an dough is a 15-year-old car. the suspect is driving a dark blue escalade with black rims. last night the police went to the house and found the female teen with stab wounds throughout her body. >> a young man is in critical condition in san francisco general hospital after being shot several times. it happened this morning in visitation valley. man in his 20s was found lying in the street. investigators have not released any suspect information. >> the catholic church is challenging the federal r 6,000 tee portort additions in the bay area. hundreds of people came to the cathedral today to protest the arrests made under a federal program designed to secure communities. it requires local law
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enforcement-to-share information about the people they arrest with the federal government. the goal is to deport criminals who are here illegal lie. >> need to stand by the brothers and sisters here but we need a national policy, and in the meantime we have to take our own destiny in our own hands and afford people the dignity they deserve and realize this is a problem that will not go away. >> the church and supporters wont governor brown and the attorney general to reform the program. illinois and washington are among several states that have already adopted similar similar. >> a deadly crash after a lightrail train crashs into an suv. what the driver did that caused that accident. >> the growing frenzy surrounding a possible facebook ipo. when it could happen and how much the company could be worth. >> coming up at 11: 30, the warning about a phone scam targeting the elderly. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. temperatures in the north bay already in the 30s after experiencing highs today in the
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upper 60s to low 70s. a great day today. a little cooler tomorrow, and some parts of the bay area
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>> sacramento police confirm the driver of an suv drove around a guardrail on trachetracks resulting in the deaths of three people, including an ininfant. the authorities say the train hit the vehicle and pushed it
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20 yards. the suv flipped over and came to rest on the roof. a passenger on the train says the conductor hit the brakes hard. >> it was like when you roll over the streets with -- you feel the impact and then it's like rolling over road debris, and then it's just seeing the junk of the car theast the windows. >> two adults were pronoinsd dead at the scene. the infant was ejected. a fourth person from the car is in serious condition. six people. >> santa maria police shot and killed a fellow officer. they say he was under investigation for sexual misconduct with a minor. police say he was manning a dui checkpoint this morning when fellow officers came to arrest him for his alleged relationship with the 17-year-old girl. police say he physically recyst arrest and fired his gun at them. that's when another shot him in the chest. >> a growing frenzy tonight about facebook's plan to finally go public. >> reports say the paperwork for an initial public stock offering could be filed in the next few
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days. >> reporter: the kind of success most only dream of. as a teenager, mark zuckerberg came occupy with the idea from this dorm room in harvard. his story now imporeportallized in the hollywood movie "the social network." >> from that tiny room, the phenomenal spread, first to other colleges and then across the country. within two yea five had five million users. today the site has 800 million. in fact 40% of everyone on the internet has a facebook account. >> the second most visited web site in the world. just a tremendous success in terms of its social impact and the scope of this company. >> and just how big is that scope? we posted the question, where else, but on facebook. >> the question we're asking is, how is facebook part of your everyday life? within seconds the comments were rolling in. this is how i keep in touch with
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my friend. i check it every five minutes, and honest truth, facebook is my life. two years ago. we sat down with mark suck e berg asking himen ctly when they're taking the company public. >> when it makes sense. >> now there are reports the paperwork could be filed as early as wednesday, making early investors smile automatic the way to the bank. when google went public it was val iewld at $23 billion. facebook is expected to be world three to four times that much, up to 100 billi more with more m to grow. the only question is wi everytim everytime investors buy into the hype. >> if the ipo goes forward, mark zuckerberg's personal worth is expected to be $20 billion. not bad for a guy who is only 27 years old. >> need a lot of money to by beef. record beef prices are hitting millions of americans in their wallet. beef prices shot up 24% in five
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years. a cattle shortage is driving up the prices. the number of beef cattle hasn't been this low in 50 years. can also blame the price spike on expert to other countries where demand has jumped. analysts predict prices could climb another 8% this year. >> a six-year-old boy from oklahoma is being called a hero tonight by his mom, and she should know. alexis felt dizzy this week and grabbed on to an entertainment center. it fell on top of her and she passed out. her son, cody, was the only other person at home and he dialed 9-1-1 like his mom taught him, and talked the dispatcher. >> can you tell me if she is breathing? >> nope, she is not >> she's breathing. >> she's not? can you put your finger by her nose and see if there is any hair coming out? >> uh-huh. >> cody kept talking not emergency crews arrived and
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revived his mother. the boy's mother says she has an ongoing medical issue and is thankful her first grader came to her rescue. >> good little guy. 9-1-1. well, what do you want to talk about? >> leigh: it's terrific out there. upper 6 others. napa, 70 degrees. almost february. and we're talking about temperatures in the 70s. enjoy it. those offshore winds heating us up today. the highee frome high definition mt. tam pal -- tamalpais camera, bouncing. tions have elevations have to deal with freezing conditions off and on tonight but at the circus the winds -- at the surface the winds are dying down. you can get a sense of the ridge right here, although it's starting to weaken and we're toh
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drifting overexphead they will be on the increase by tomorrow afternoon. already 38 degrees in santa rosa. they're reporting calm winds there. 38 in fair field. 53 in san francisco. oakland, 51. 44 in livermore, and a few high clouds drifting in towards mountain view at 43678 here's a look at hour highlights in through at least the middle part of the work week next week. the cold inland tonight, and those north to northeasterly winds will remain. a bit of a breezy side over the north and east bay hills. high clouds on the increase by tomorrow afternoon, going to cool us down a few degrees for sunday, and there is a slight chance, a slight chance of maybe a few showers developing, mainly in the north bay as we head into sunday night, monday morning, expected lows tonight, 32, freezing, santa rosa, as well as the napa area, 44 for san francisco, 40 for oakland. chilly night tonight. half moon bay, 39.
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and 37 for santa cruz. high pressure continuing to dominate our weather feature. you can see the ridge right hereafter. is a just showed you, some of those high clouds already starting to move in towards the bay area. and as this system gets closer to us, the high cloud will thicken up tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening, temperatures come down tomorrow, and we'll have to watch as that cold front moves across the bay area tomorrow night. it could possibly wing out a few showers. the forecast model beginning at 3:00 tomorrow, you can notice the high clouds moving in at 6:00 tomorrow night and then the overnight hours, 1:00 a.m., ukiah, possibly see some showers. by 5:00 a.m. monday morning, maybe a drop or two as we head towards the clear lake area, santa rosa, napa possibly, and then it just moves out. a slight chance at this point. we'll update the forecast.
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highs for sunday, mid-to-upper 60s across much of the bay area. even look for a few 70s down towards the salinas valley and gilroy. thing a -- the accuweather seven-day forecast. much cooler temperatures monday and tuesday, and another chance of sprinkles and light showers to the north bay on wednesday. most live with the ground hog scene on thursday. maybe spring? maybe more winter. >> never had winter. >> thank you, leigh. >> it's the week before the super bowl. nothing going on. >> mike: come on. a little come hoops. hoops take over when football seasons ends. byu hosted st. mary's in a wcc matchup. the gaels ran wild over the
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>> mike: a lot of hoop fans don't relrealize byu plays every sport except football. ofowd in out of gaels up 12 at thewhere'slf. where's waldo. led the way for st. mary's. in the paint, great feed. waldo was ever aon the break and jam. gaels make it 11 straight wins and are now 21-2 with win. usf hosting san diego. blackwell for the flood. blackwell led all scorers with 26. mikey william did his damage from downtown, dons now an even 55 in conference after the victory. >> the fourth ranked stanford women putting their 73-game win
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streak at maples on the line, hosting cal. stanford getting a lift off the bench. going lace been and connecting. she had 18. cardinal led by ogwumike. big day for cal. clarenton finishing the fast break. surpassed 100 for her career. brittany body takesre bears score the final nine to force overnight but chiney ogwumike too much. their 74th straight win in maples. >> cal men host stanford in sunday's big game. the bears are a half game out of first place in the pac-12 and stanford is a game behind and this should be a great matchup. similar teams driven by big men, and the stanford coach is looking forward to the matchup. >> playing your rival, the proximity of the archools archos
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that close, going to create a terrific environment, and it han every game has been spirited and competitive. >> mike: tiger woods is in an unfamiliar police in an abu dha, and aldon smith found himself in
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>> mike: rookie def service end aldon smith got in troubling in miami. charged with driving under the influence. this is his mug shot. he was drafted as the seventh overall pick in 2011. he had 14 sacks in this rookie year. the 49ers are gathering facts and monitoring this ongoing legal matter. >> we have the australian open women's champion who is now the number one player in the world as rein ca holds up a sharapova. azarenka playing her first gram grandmother grand slam final.
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a little back-hand winner here. second set. sharapova for the smash. azarenka with the forehand winner. share have a was on her heels after that. unable to run down the forehand. the 22-year-old wins in dominating fashion and is now the top ranked player in the world. let's tee it up. round three of the champion shouppe in an buoy duke -- abu dhabi. to number 12, tiger needing a birdie to move into a tie for the lead and he got it. put him at 9-under. on 18. a birdie sends him into the clubhouse with the lead. tiger and raf a tied at 11 under. tiger's first third-round lead in twcial tournament in two
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years, that was your toyota sports report. coming up, the winner of the x games and supercross in the oakland coliseum. you don't have any choice. >> a battle for florida continues as one authorize the candidates picks up a new endorsement. >> a scam targeting the elderly. the warning signs and what to do if you get a call. çmçmçmçmç/úúú6
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>> good evening. >> tonight's headlines, a long and wild day of marchs and battles with police are still not over in oakland. the "occupy" oakland movement tried to enter an empty building and then ran into ymca and broke into city hall.
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>> you're looking at live pictures of the protesters still on the streets at this hour at broadway and 14th street. rolling -- roaming bands of protesters have been moving through the streets and police officers are shadowing them. more than 200 people have been arrested tonight. >> a 15-year-old oakland boy is in custody tonight on suspicion of killing his parents, police found the dead couple outside ae home. they went to the home after an employer expressed concern. >> an elderly woman seen here on the right is fighting for her life after being viciously beaten in richmond. police are looking for the suspect who may have sexually assaulted the victim. >> with only three days left to campaign before tuesday's g.o.p. primary in florida, news gingrich and mitt romney spent the day appealing to voters, criticizing president obama and each other. >> tonight herman cain offered his endorsement.
2:36 am
here's the details. >> at his final stop after a full day of campaigning in florida, news gingrich formally got the backing of his former rival, cain. >> i hereby officially and enthuseat -- enthuseas particularly endorse gingrich grandchild for president of the united states. >> i had no idea it would be quite interesting an evening. herman, thank you very much. >> gingrich has been losing ground in florida but is not going down without a fight. >> we have to have a conservative. otherwise we're going to be as frustrated with the republicans a we were with the democrat. >> mitt romney campaigned like a front runner, taking aim at president obama. >> that state of the union address, it was amazing. he was in florida at disney world a couple weeks ago speaking at fantasyland. i don't think he left. >> and attacking gingrich. >> we allowed him to lead our party. what happened four yeared later? he was fined for ethics
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violations. it madly had to resign in disgrace. >> one new romney ad shows an nbc news report from the night gingrich was fined. >> they found him guilty of ethics violations. they charged him a very large financial penalty. >> despite oxes from nbc and tom brokaw, romney's camp is refusing to take down the ad. gingrich's camp called the ad dishonest. regardless of the outcome in florida, gingrich vows to stay in the race until the national convention this summer. >> back here in the bay area, oakland mayor jean kwan visited china town to help celebrate the chinese new year. the first time an oakland mayor visited the oakland chinatown family association during the new year. the visit was symbolic given kwan this first female asian american mayor in a new york city. >> a new warning. the scan san francisco police department has seen -- the
2:38 am
caller asks victims to wire money. one san francisco woman was tricked. whatook to what to watch out for. >> the phone call came out of the blue, and when she answeredn voice. >> my nephew says i wasn't drunk but all three of us and they want $3,500 bail. >> the man on the phone said he was beverly's nephew, attending a wedding in the domestic dominican republic and they got a car crash. i said, why do you sound like that? he said my nose is broken. he need with beverly not to tell anyone what happened but could she please wire him $3,500 for bail. >> he didn't want his parents to know. so i could understand >> bev >> bevel is -- beverly is in her
2:39 am
80s. getting around is difficult. she got a friend to drive her to the bank and then wired $3,500 to the dominican republic. >> he called my back, my nephew, did you southbound the money? he said, yes, you should get it any minute now. then he thank met and said, i love you so much. >> the next day, another frantic call. the man said he needed more cash. this time to pay the hospital. >> i was like, again? my health is not that great and have to run around. >> but she did. beverly got to the bank and wired another $3,300 to the caller. this time, however, western union smelled a it scam. it blocked the transaction and gave beverly her $3,300 back. she was still con -- convinced her nephew was stuck in the caribbean. >> i said, this ties much. i have to tell the mother. i said, did you the he was in the dominican republic. >> no, he wasn't.
2:40 am
she was told her nephew never left home. >> i thought, my god, i've been scammed. >> an old trick been going on for hundreds of years. >> san francisco police lieutenant investigates financial crimes. he says scam artists like these often prey on seniors by exploiting a common trait, their love or family. >> good, trusting people. and that's how they were victimized. they were victimized on their good nature. >> the story he concocted was so real. i care enough about this nephew to do these things, run around for him. if it were true, i wouldn't want him to stay in jail another night. >> now beverly says she learned a tough lesson, and she is less trusting and wants me to warn you. >> watch out. if it happened to me, it could happen to you. >> police say that they have not caught the scammer. if you get a frantic call supposedly fro loved one, don't hesitate to callck with
2:41 am
and check with other family members before you believe the story. and remember to ask for a number to return their phone call. and if a stranger asks you to wire money it's almost certainly a scam. michael finney, seven on your side. >> my grandma got that call. fortunately she called the jail and she said, we don't have anybody by that name here. >> a comedian known for his impressions. >> we're looking for some news. like no other. >> tonight we hear from comedian tommy davidson. >> you can get in on all the os pred action. predict the winner, watch exclusive live the from the red carpet and go back stage during the academy awards show which airs on sunday, february 26th on abc-7. >> i'm leigh glaser. we're going to deal with cold temperatures tomorrow morning, and then we take a look at our
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♪ >> christina aguilera sang the classic "at last" during the funeral of etta james. she was laid to rest in southern california. she died last week at the age of 73 from complications from leukemia ste stevie wonder profd and the reverend al sharpton
2:45 am
read a tribute from president barack obama. >> tommy davidson what part of the hit "living color." sat sat down with him. >> the last time you were here, your did a sugar ray leonard impersian nation. >> wasn't hard to do. makes things like that. and say, how are you doing? >> you do a mean stallone. >> well, that depends on who is asking you. know what i mean? [applause] >> that's pretty good. >> that's the east yes one of all, babe. all i got to do is pop in my eye and make things happen. from long ago, looking for new stuff. like no other. >> wow! this next one i see you do -- such a nice voice.
2:46 am
mr. obama. mr. pres. >> impersonation. >> i've been told i have dish think one of the things i like about obama is that he can take something that is unimportant and make it sound like really important. [applause] >> but like for instance, let's talk about kellogg's frosted flakes. they're part of a nutritious breakfast. and tonis very athletic. and a lot of things. he can cycle and sky dive and bungie jump, and if you're involved with children, that's a program, so they're not only good, but kellogg's frosted flakes are great. [applause] >> that was good. what do think think of president obama's impercent nation in.
2:47 am
>> i missed it. >> i am so in love with you. ♪ [applause] >> what do you say? >> i think that's a first. of all-time. >> that's beautiful. i'm about to cry. i'm telling you. wow. that's emotional to me, man. i'm sear use. we live in a different country, finally. i'm loving it. >> mr. president was spot on. you can watch 7 live every weekday from # public to p.m. >> let's check in with the crazy. >> leigh: another terrific day tomorrow. a few more high clouds moving in, and that's going to mean cooler temperatures for us. so, here's a look at some highs from selected cities across the viewing area. san jose, 65 tomorrow. los gatos, 67.
2:48 am
low 60s near the coast. temperatures will shave off maybe two or three degrees from the highs today. the high clouds move in. men low park, 65. san francisco, high clouds and sunshine, 63 degrees. and the north bay today, many locations, upper 60s, right near 70 and the high cloud coming in, that's going to kapturs off a few degrees. so 63 for napa. 64 for sonoma. oakland, 65. 64 for unionwe'll bring we'll bring in a few high clouds for brentwood, an low 60s. concord, 65. livermore, 6 5. 68 for watsonville. sunshine, gilroy, 70, and 7 salinas, 70 degrees. torn night, early monday morning, we have a cold front that will pass to the north of us and will brush by mmunh bay communities so maybe a drop or
2:49 am
two a chance monday morning. otherwise, dry conditions until tuesday. cooler, and another chance will be next wednesday. so enjoy tomorrow. should be nice. >> let's get to shu and talk hoops. >> mike: a little bit of everything. college hoops, tennis, golf, and the winner of x games. on deck, stick around. f
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music mike i bet you didn't know that byua west now a west coast conference in every sport but football. st. hears has beaten the cougars at home and now they did it on the road. a loud and sometimes out of control crowd in provo. don't see that often. the gales up 12 at the break. where is waldo. led the for st. mary's. he was everywhere. on the break. a two-hasn't stuff. gaels make it 11 straight wins. now 21-2 with an 80-66 final. >> usf hosting san diego, and wcc action. dons looking for the third
2:53 am
straight win. the flush. led all scorers with 26.williamm downtown. 4-6. he had 20. dons even 55 in the condition friday with the victory. >> women's hoops. stanford putting their 73-game win streak at maples pavilion on the line, hosting cal in a big game game. stanford getting a lift off the bench. cardinal led byy chiney ogwumik. a careerigh 27 points, 18 rebounds, and a big day for kole's clarendon. he had 17 points and surpassed 1,000 for her career. cal trailed by nine at the break. brittany boyd. the bears score the final nine to force overtime but too much chiney ogwumike. stanford hangs on 7 471 and improve to 18-1. 9-0 in pac-12 play. >> the cal men host stanford on
2:54 am
sunday's big game. the bears are a half game out of first in the pac-12 and stanford is a game back and this should be a great matchup. similar teams driven by big men. coach dawkins looking forward to the matchup. >> playing your rival, proximity of schools that close, it's going to create a terrific environment, and it has been. every game has been spirited. every game has been competitive, and i've enjoyed competing in it. >> switch gears. after a great sane with the niners, aldon smith got in trouble in miami. charged with driving under the influence in miami beach. this is his mug shot. the miami-dade county jail records show he was booked saturday morning, held on a 1 thon done bond. drafted seventh joel by the niners. 14niners. sacks, franchise record, and first among rookies in the nfl with sacks. coach harbaugh will not be happy. the 49ers are monitoring the
2:55 am
matter. >> tennis. australian women's champion is now number one in the world. azarenka in he first grand slam final. sharapova showing her experience. won the first two games but azarenka woke up. took the first set. second set, the answer with the forehand. share o'a was -- sharapova was on her heels. getting old at 24. azarenka, the 22-year-old wins her first grand slam domi dominating fashion. straight sets over sharapova, and now also the top ranked player in the world. >> tee it up. round three of the championships in abu dhabi. tiger woods got $3 million to show up. par-3 seventh. birdies. die to move into the lead. always good when he needs it.
2:56 am
better putting put him at 9-under. 18 and the par-5. a bird here puts him in the clubhouse with the lead. tiger and rock are tied at 11-under. tigers' first third-round lead in an official target in two years. >> something a little off track. ama supercontracts championship racing at the coliseum in oakland, considerably different look at the a's and raiders home field. crews laying down plastic and plywood over the dirt and covering it with dirt. these are professionals but accidents happen. a couple of crashes at this event. tight quarters around theturn. stewart won the event last year. from the dirt to the snow. snowboard slope tile. winner of x games, canadian mark mcmorris. the 1260 to end his second run. the 18-year-old is the first snowboarder to win double golds
2:57 am
at the x games since shaun white in 2009. i can't believe that been going own for over a decade. that was your sports report. >> a lot of different things going on. st. mary's, how are they looking at a tournament competitor. >> the could be in the tournament and then lose in the conference champship game. >> thank you much. thank you for joining us. captioned by closed captioning services inc. 8
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