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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  January 30, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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violence, officials in oakland change tactic against the occupy protest. 7 news begins in 60 occupy protest. 7 news begins in 60 seconds.
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you after several fights over the weekend city leaders in walnut creek say enough is enough. >> one of the brawl left one man bleeding on the ground and semi-conscious. good evening i'm dan ashley. >> tonight police and city officials are trying to get control of a growing problem. >> buzzing bar and restaurant scene is also bringing increase in crime and violence. >> allen is live in walnut creek with the story. >> these aren't your average drunken fight. police have been responding to brawls between 20 to 30 people at times. last saturday they had to use mace to calm down a crowd of about 15 people. it has been ongoing problem for the past 2 years and now city officials are are feeling the
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pressure to do something about it. this fight in front of a bar in 2010 is typical of the after hours violence that has been plaguing the city do you want district. this saturday 9 people were arrested in 3 separate drunk ep fights. 2 people were hospitalized and 3 police officers were injured. >> there is just young people around here. young people with money. >> i don't think this is a new problem. in walnut creek. nor do i think it's a new problem in most towns that have bars and restaurants. >>reporter: but city officials held a press dovrns address the problem. they say late night bars are simply over serving their customers. >> any business just like any individual that causes, uses inordinate amount of our resource or break the law will be held accountable? a they will step up patrol along locust street and city attorney office will punish
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problem bars by forcing them to close early. >> the new regulation that is we are looking at will allow us to further reduce hours but only on case by case basis. >>reporter: regulating hours is that fair? >> i don't want to say it's fair but something has to happen. >>reporter: the majority of drunken brawl break out after the bars close at 1:30 or 2:00 a.m. saturday fight happened in a garage and 2 eating establishments all on locust street. police had to use pepper spray on group of 15 fighting in front of the mexican restaurant. >> if they leave and good down the street and start trouble somewhere else i don't know if that's particularly your problem. >> city attorney office is drafting the new ordinance that will be presented to the council in february and they hope to have it approved by the end of march. >> the bar and restaurant owner believe they can regulate themselves and they will be gathering to discuss it tomorrow morning. some of them want to set up a black list of patron with a history of causing trouble so they can
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simply refuse to serve them. reporting live in walnut creek, abc 7 news. thanks. to the domestic violence case against san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi prosecutors say he tried to isolate his wife after assaulting her on new year's eve. that was key argument to motion filed today to allow a video to be introduced as evidence in mirkarimi trial. it shows his wife miss lopez showing a neighbor her bruised arm. that neighbor captured it all on video. prosecutors say mirkarimi tried to keep her at home to prevent her from talking to police. the allegation is absurd say the attorney. the trial is schedule for next month. >> across the bay in oakland city leaders make new plans to deal with the occupied movementment american 400 people arrested during saturday protest. many are still being processed at the santa rita jail tonight. outside a couple dozen supporters hold vigil at least 7 of the worst offenders still in custody. lil i don't know is here with more open
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city preparing to defend itself against the next violent protest. >> after what transpired saturday oakland city leaders say it's time to look at new way to prevent violate protest from happening again. one option they are now pursuing are stay away orders. idea of using stay away orders against people who cause problems in the community is not new to oakland. in recent year the city used them against gang members and city administrator says it's been a success. >> i think if you look at the evaluation of the north oakland injunction i think there are some proven results in terms of insuring this people that cause problem within the community there are some judicial remedies. >>reporter: now oakland city leaders are hoping stay away orders will work against the small group of protestors they say are responsible for most of the violence that is erupted during occupy demonstrations. oakland police chief howard jordan is working with the city attorney office to come up with a plan. >> we need to look at every conventional and unconventional way to prevent destruction of
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property and preserve life in the city of oakland. stay away other gives that you say opportunity to did that. >>reporter: saturday protest ended with arrest of 400 peopl people. and break in at city hall. pro easttors smashed window. damaged a century old model of the building and burned the american flag. city leaders say stay away orders only target those repeetdly arrested. but abc 7 legal analyst dean johnson says obtaining an order from a judge may difficult. since it would impede one first amendment trite assemble. >> a prior restraint that prevents them from doing that participating in that is almost impossible to get. it can be didn't but the barrier extremely hishtion even so council member shaft says it's worth giving it a try. >> again we are not seeking this against protestors. protesting in oakland is fine. l vandalism is not. >>reporter: next occupy oakland demonstration scheduled for next monday. will include a rally at frank ogawa plaza.
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>> recovery efforts continue that the night for carpenter buried alive two days ago at construction site in milpitas. 37-year-old man was working saturday morning in 10 to 12 foot deep of trench when the soil around the trench collapsed. chief building inspector says the contractor tried to save the man and didn't call 911 until 30 minutes later. rescue efforts then had to wait because of the unstable soil. crew hoped to reach the boyd tomorrow. this is the same site the city shut down for safety violations on wednesday saying the trench were his not properly shored u up. >> obviously when l the stop work order is issued is illegal to continue with the work and can be subject to the fine and penalty and thinks also cal/osha on site. >> 5800 square foot home is being built at the site. accident happened in a trench dug for the home foundation. >> pg&e is checking to make sure no gas is leaking
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following a car accident tonight at san pablo. car veered into an apartment complex on el portal drive before 9 tonight knocking out a gas meter attached to 4 apartment units. rae pairs can not be made until authorities are sure the building is structural sound. nobody injured. >> 22,000 hospital workers making final preparation tonight for what could be the largest one day striking ever against kaiser permanente. walk out scheduled for tomorrow is the result of contract dispute with kaiser mental health and optical employee but nurses in another union have also agreed to walk out in solidarity. similar but smaller one day strike took place last september. kaiser officials say they have replacement workers ready and they have pledged that all hospital facilities will remain open during the walk out. public health advocate are warning that a new drug created to prevent hiv may actually be a double edge sword according to media partner california watch. experts worry that once people start taking it they
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will stop practicing safe sex. made by foster city base jillian. california watch says some health care providers fear that those most at risk will begin to think they are immune. >> if you are really marketing the drug towards hay risk individuals who might not even be willing to use a condom, are they also going to remember to take the pill every day. >> our community is really sal ychlt i think we necessity what we have to do to protect our self. >> it's still being tested but the company says it has been shown to prevent hiv and up to 73 percent of at risk people. >> apology and some cash from puppy that he was in southern california. tl pet store surveillance camera captured the thieves sean here in the dark shirt hours after newscast began airing the video the pair sent the pet store 600 dollars and apology. next day second apology and more money. the store dropped charges of burglary and grand theft. both which carry prison time. this
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is the third dog stolen from that store in recent months. the other 2 were returned after surveillance video appeared on local news cast. >> more to come tonight. just hours before florida voters good to the poll. >> why would they think is that he's going to be able to debate barack obama? >> coming up next. candidate who thinks he has the race in >> coming up next. candidate who thinks he has the race in the >> and the rock band tells gingrich to stop using its popular song. >> plus simple secret to staying sharp as you grow older. >> then later on "nightline". >> coming up next on "nightline". a successful executive and mother from one of america safest neighborhood found strangled in the back of her mir shades. shock person of interest. >> my conversation with oscar nominee joan a hill on
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> republican presidential capped cat romney has double digit lead over top rival gingrich heading into tomorrow's florida primary but no let newspaper the heated
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rhetoric they are exchanging. gingrich blasted romney for spending 14 million dollars on negative ads in florida and attributed that to romney 20 point lead in some poll. romney attributed it to voter perception after recent debate. >> they learn for instance that he was paid 1.6 million dollars to be a lobbyist for freddie mac and they said that's not what we want in the white hous house. >> romney is doing buying the election. where does he get the money. >> mostly from wall street. >>reporter: santorum returned to the campaign trail today after spending the weekend with his 3-year-old daughter who is ill with new money yeah. he and ron paul say they will forge ahead regardless of tomorrow results. >> gingrich campaign being sued by the composer who wrote this rock classic for survivor. him if ♪ musician frank some have been not happy at all about gingrich using eye of the tiger as campaign theme song without permission. it was the sound
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track to rocky 3. he seeks injunction to stop the former house speak frer playing it any mr. >> the president plans to visit san francisco on february 16. appear at 100 there are a head rally at the regency ball ramp on van ness. if you want a photo with the president that will cost you 10,000 dollars. another event is scheduled at pacific hits home of novelist an did dear son. it's his fourth visit to the bay past year. >> how to stay sharp and middle age brain and new research says baby boomer brain power and here's more. >> the middle age brain is, well, mr. brainy than we thought it was. >> there is this revolution in thinking about the brain. >>reporter: she's the awe their of new back about mid life age 40 to 65. >> i'm middle age. what is my brain great at? verbal ability should be at high now. vocabulary is one of the things this keeps on improving. financial skills.
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financial assessment. management. that's at a high. >>reporter: dr. small agrees. he studies the aging brain. >> when we reach middle age there is a sweet spot where our brain cells are actually firing more rapidly than they do when they are younger. >> here's one of the reasons why. if you take a closer look at the brain the cells are constantly communicating. with the help of insulation it thicken and peak around middle age. leaving messages in the brain travel faster. >> that allows the brain to solve con quest problems pr quickly accurately. what does it mean in terms of every day skills? memory peak around age 45. financial planning skills age 53. vocabulary not until your 60's or 70's. but how best to stay sharp. absence may surprise you. it's exercise. >> we'll get the heart to pump nutrient and oxygen to your
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brain cells so we have chemical to actually sprout out and communicate to each other more effectively. >> critical what you eat. how you feel. >> we want to eat grain healthy diet with fish. nuts. whole grain. want to manage stress chronic stress will shrink your brain cells. >>reporter: the a brisk walk and then relax. >> brain is really at the top of its game. >>reporter: doesn't that eat the municipal. l new york. >> refreshing news isn't tonight all right let's get a check on the forecast rate now. >> meteorologist lisa is in for sandy tonight. >> hi. great day to get out and get exercise tomorrow or the next several days we just had a minor weather system coming in our way on wednesday. today upper 50's santa rosa and 59 in san francisco and richmond 62 concord and fairfield and we had a weak disturbance move through with the moisture and the upper levels of the atmosphere down
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in the san joaquin valley otherwise we look at our on shore flow increasing tonight bringing low clouds and fog already in the north and east bay vaechlt 50 in the city. 52 in fremont and partly cloudy skies in the north bay but look at the fog that developed. half mile visibility in santa rose with novato shrinking as well. concord livermore not too bad. early morning hours we expect more fog in the east bay valley. watch out for tha that. we have had some drizzle past hour or 2 agent peninsula. south bay otherwise we see return to the sunshine tomorrow but it takes a little bit of time. be a little bit late i think around the noon hour then more sunshine come wednesday afternoon thursday and friday offshore flow. so first system went on through. fix system is on the way for early wednesday. forecast model not really handling any moisture with this but i wouldn't be surprised to see a few areas he have wet
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pavement or some rain drops on wednesday. notice the cloud cover tomorrow morning and then we get to the sunshine but into wednesday morning we have the clouds and then we break out not only to sunny conditions but warmer weather. follow that with numbers in the upper 60's so again we are looking at a drive forecast despite the low cloud mist drizzle in some sports. harder to do that. 45 in antioch. 42 in san jose and tomorrow we'll be looking at low 60's so partly cloudy skies. in the afternoon los gatos and campbell pretty nasty day. upper 50's though so a little cooler. 58 san mateo o. 57 in million 58. do you want tomorrow 57 and in the north bay look for the clouds to start. the fog in the morning especially napa santa rosa then 61 in sonoma.
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nearest bay we look at upper 50's so not a real wide variation here. clouds hanging on through the morning hours and inland east bay look for 60 in danville as well as dublin and monterey bay. on to the sfut for a couple days. 62 in santa cruz. 7 day forecast shows that we'll start out cloudy with the fog and partly cloudy low 60's tomorrow. rain drops early morning commute probably sleep right through them if not an early riser then back to warmer weather. right on through the wean. our last day of january not like january. >> no not at all. >> thanks lisa. >> coming up next. >> how can i handle work open a day like today. >> sequel so many people ask for turns up in the superbowl ad. >> plus get ready for oscar sunday off. complete source for the academy award predict the winner from the red carpet
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teen is finally showing up and all grown up. >> place is packed with things you have to do. but sometimes you have to live a little. >>reporter: superbowl commercial for honda matthew broderick plays himself living a grown up version of celebrated character buller. honda says there are 2 dozen reference to the film in the ad and will air at the start of the fourth quarter. it's already posted on line and gotten nearly two million i don't know view ins 4 days. >> now to the latest you tube sensation. this woman says she can say any words backward in less than 3 seconds. >> chevrolet. >> faishtion. gallon. down load. lamborgini. >> wins kept the clip in reverse which just resulted of course in more gibberish. nevertheless it's pretty
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interesting skill. >> try to say them forward that's hard enough. >> yes. >> tl like television. with notice. good job. >> sorry. can dennis allen fix what ails the raiders. the new head coach explains how to cure the silver and black and all head coach explains how to cure the silver and black and all the penalty. sports is next edededededededededededededededeú
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>> good evening. dennis allen said all the things you would expect a new coach to say. new raider boss held first news coaches today preaching passio passion, discipline and championship. now delivering on all that so many others failed in the past that is a huge challenge. allen becomes the raiders seventh new coach in nine years. that alone is mind boggling. made a strong impression on the new gm. the energy and drive are impressiv
11:29 pm
impressive. ex broncos defense considered 98 tor big on discipline. how does he plan to fix the most penaltyize team in nf l history >> the only way to create habit is through consistent. do it over and over and over. penalty is a habit. we have to change the habit. all right f.we preach fundamental and discipline day in and day out and work consistent with it as coaching staff, the players will fall right in line. >> he's focus on one thing. that's what we all are focus o on. that's winning champ i i don't knowships. >> indianapolis is payton place but for how much longer. colt icon could be on his way out of indy. this week brother eli has a chance to be talk of the town in superbowl xlvi. he leads the giants against the patriots on syrup sunday. rae match of the gym 4 years ago won by the giants and fwchl men had to win the final game of the regular season just to make the play offs. eli knows how special these moments can be
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now. >> play this game long enough you realize how precious each season is. you don't know if you are going to get a chance to play in another superbowl. it's not just reminding me because payton going through and you have an opportunity that you can go win a championship don't let them slip away because you don't know if you are going to get another opportunity. >> warriors host sacramento tomorrow night with long time golden state coach smart returning as the enemy. smart spent years as warrior assistant then took over as head coach last season. new on on hisship let him go then when the kings fired paul west fall he took over sacramento operation. kind of home coming for him at the arena 8. i have been here for so long. for 8 and a half years. so many family friends l in the area for me but always good to get back there and so many people that i know. it's different going into the locker room like in pre-season game but this is different circumstances now
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it's a regular season. >>reporter: we were going to show a bunch of highlights from the thunder clipper game then griffin did this. showing up and showing up angry. are you serious? blake griffin. perkins is under -- perkins is like 6 foot 11. 250 and griffin just powers right through him. that is nasty. that was sick. that was wonderful. griffin had 22. clippers beat o kc 112-100. that is your toyota sports report. >> p.e. scored the basket. >> that was impressive. >> same thing to another guy last year. now perkins has been poster. >> get out of the way. >> get out of my way. >> "nightline"up next. >> have a great night everyone the word is swapportunity.
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