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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  January 31, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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. >> reporter: good morning i'm amy hollyfield. kaiser permanente is preparing for a strike scheduled at 7:00 a.m. if you are going to be at kaiser today you can probably expect to see thousands of employees on the picket line. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney in downtown walnut creek. saying enough is enough of the saturday night drunken brawling. i'll tell you their plan and what bar owners want to do about it. good morning. you see the clouds as the sea breeze is bringing too much moisture into the morning clouds you may find drizzle even a chance of rain tomorrow. so far the commute has been nothing but nice.
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i'm frances dinslasan here's a live shot of golden gate bridge four lanes heading southbound. 5:01. thank you for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. kaiser permanente says hospitals will be open despite the strike of thousands of nurses today. this is one of the biggest strikes they've ever had. >> reporter: that's right. it is going to look very different out here at the hospital or any kaiser facility. already we are seeing a lot of security officers gearing up for today's strike. you can expect to see thousands of employees on the picket line. kaiser offs want to emphasize they will be open -- kaiser officials want to emphasize they will be open for business this happened in september, the national union of health care workers. today will be their fourth walk-out strike since negotiations started in 2010. 4,000 members are in negotiations with kaiser.
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two other unions have agreed to walk out in solidarity, the nurse' association and building and equipment workers local 39. the sticking points center around health and retirement benefits and patient care and whether there is enough staff for all patients. kaiser says it is committed to providing fair salary and benefits for its workers. and they would prefer to negotiate at the table not on the picket line. kaiser has brought in replacement employees. [ inaudible ] you can expect to see a picket line and a lot of security officers this is expected to kickoff 7:00 this morning. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. walnut creek bar and restaurant owners will meet to tackle growing violence after another round of brawls over the weekend that left serious
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injuries. terry mcsweeney is live downtown this has been happening for a while, why act now? >> reporter: the police chief of walnut creek says it is getting worse and you can't find anybody who disagrees. the council wants to do something about it soon bar and restaurant owners are going to be meeting to see what they can do. as you said, it is not new. take a look at video from 2010 of an all out brawl going on in downtown walnut creek. a lot like it has looked many weekends since and certainly as it did look this past saturday night after a night of wild drinking, three brawls, nine arrested. police used pepper spray to break up a fight in a restaurant. city officials say late night bars are over-serving customers and they should be forced to close early. >> any business like any individual that causes -- use as inordinate amount of our
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resources or breaks the law will be held accountable. >> i don't think is a new problem in walnut creek or most towns that have bars and restaurants. >> reporter: bar and restaurant owners are meeting this morning to come up with their own plan it could be a large meeting there are more than 100 establishments serving alcohol in walnut creek. the council hopes to have a new law by march. police department stepping up patrols as early as this coming weekend. a far larger police presence those people who were looking forward to coming to walnut creek for boozing and brawling it would appear the party is almost over. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 5:04. efforts will continue in milpitas to recover the body of a carp pen ter buried alive at a construction site. he was working saturday when the soil collapsed.
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the chief building inspector says the contractor tried to save the man but didn't call 911 until a half hour later. rescue efforts had to wait because of the unstable soil. city inspectors shutdown the site last wednesday for safety violations they were concerned the trenches had not been properly shored up. the company may face fines and charges. a 5800 square foot home is being built at that site. pg&e trying to repair damage following a car accident. a car veered into a apartment complex knocking out a gas meter attached to four apartments. crews had to wait until authorities made sure the building was sound enough to do repair work. no injuries reported. a woman in critical after crews rescued her from a burning apartment in concord. firefighters found her unconscious and not breathing in a unit in the clayton creek apartments yesterday. paramedics performed cpr and
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rushed her to the hospital. an investigation is underway. this is the second major fire at that complex this month. another unit burned january 6th, injuring one. prosecutors filed motion to admit video evidence from a neighbor in the upcoming domestic violence trial of san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. they say mirkarimi isolated his wife in their house after he abused her on new year's eve. she essentially escaped to a neighbor's home while he was showering. prosecutors want the jury to see the video talking about what happened. it is critical because lopez now denies mirkarimi did anything wrong. his lawyer calls the new allegations absurd. mirkarimi is scheduled got on trial february 24th. $17,000 reward offered for information leading to the arrest of a berkeley murder suspect. last thursday's shooting death was berkeley's first homicide
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of the year. the father of five was leaving a barbershop when he was shot several times. he was walking to a home next door where a friend lives. police say he was the target. state assembly's budget committee set to meet to get an overview on the governor's budget process. an analysis that covers proposals he prevented this month. the panel is pecked to vote today on a senate measure to restore 248 million dollars in education funding eliminated through automatic cuts in december when revenues fell short of projections. 5:07. let's see if our temperatures are meeting their projections this morning. what were the projections and where are they now? >> we were talking about 40s, most of us there, 50s around fremont, half moon bay not to our coolest part of the morning. temperatures now mid to upper 40s for the rest of us
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dampness in the air, sea breeze bringing mild and moist air from the ocean watch out for small areas of drizzle. this big wall of water gets closer we'll see an increase in clouds and light rain possible tonight through tomorrow morning. very light. before we get to that, mostly cloudy this afternoon, upper 50s to lower 60s. we'll be a few degrees cooler than yesterday. as far as temperatures the rest of the seven days, tomorrow just as cool with that chance of even sprinkles during the morning then groundhog day mid to upper 60s everywhere we'll hold those temperatures through most of the weekend. good morning. we start off with a live shot of the bay bridge toll, everything looking great, no delays as you head in towards san francisco, san mateo bridge also checking in nicely,
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westbound on the right 14 minutes is the drive time if you are driving the limit from 880 to 101 probably shorter than that now. live shot south bay 280 and highway 17 out of santa cruz mountains, 17 northbound 280 out of downtown san jose up towards cupertino. can't find any accidents. one stall was mainly on the shoulder. i want to take you to the waze traffic maps we have more commuters getting ready to head to work in san francisco, you see that by the bubbles there. some are passengers, some are drivers. let me zoom in, there's a little slowing on the great highway 29 miles per hour, we go that information by -- we get that information by drivers turning on the app. the cool thing is it will tell you where the traffic cameras are. you want to make sure to be extra careful in those
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. carnival cruise line revising forecast after the costa concordia disaster carnival is expecting losses up to 395 million dollars. >> anticipation mounting on whether facebook will file with the sec tomorrow for public offering the company is expected to be valued at 100 billion dollars. it would take until may before stock begins trading. >> starbucks unveiled plain to open 50 stores in india. the first store expected to be open august. starbucks operates 17,000 stores worldwide. >> if you filed your federal tax return early this year hoping to get your refund early you have to wait a
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weeklonger. irs says is die due to safeguards. -- -- >> tonight the menlo park city council holding a session to discuss facebook's plans to expand. facebook wants to expand and build a five story parking structure for 6600 employees. facebook and city representatives will discuss issues like the maximum number of employees, traffic issues and plans to expand the western side of the campus. the session begins 6:00 in the city council chambers on laurel street. the state assembly has approved a bill giving legislature control of california's three billion dollar court budget. the bill takes spending decisions away interest a bureaucracy operated by the 58 trial courts and allows local judges and law makers to set the budget priorities itch
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>> priority -- system was call into question because and rightfully so, because they recommended courts be closed so they could take money and put it into a system that is a black hole. >> critics warn it would give -- president obama is expected to visit the washington awe -- washington auto show today. he has call his decision to rescue the automakers a tough choice that saved jobs in an important industry. today's auto show will give the president a chance to boost efforts to increase fuel efficient standards. you have sort of a related story? i do. are you in the market for a new car? we have one. slightly used the owner was president obama. asking price on ebay for this 2005 grey chrysler sedan is a
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mere one million dollars. senator obama traded it for a hybrid the guy who bought it said he quit driving when the president got elected so the mileage is low. when we checked agu?msr&e ago, no bid yet. >> 20,800 miles, automatic transmission, sedan what do you think? >> i think a million dollars is a little out of our price range. >> you don't need to spend that much to get the forecast, it is free. we have a lot of cloud cover this morning. kind of damp. cloud cover hanging over downtown san francisco, it is letting out a little drizzle here and there not much more likely you will drive into the cloud and get wet than it going to fall. 51 half moon bay, 50 fremont, 50 san jose.
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these may look slightly cooler than a few minutes ago. mid to upper 40s most places 42 antioch. around the monterey bay 49 santa cruz gilroy. as far as our temperature change today close to -- santa rosa one degree warmer. concord, san francisco two degrees cooler. fremont 59, three degrees cooler than yesterday,. sunshine will be hard to see with the cloud cover. coolest richmond, san francisco and half moon bay 57°. monterey bay 59, low 60s the rest of the bay inland low to mid 60s, mostly cloudy. better chance of measurable rain overnight 39 clear lake, low to mid 40s inland neighborhoods.
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here's what is happening, high pressure north, south squeezing between those two jet stream with weak waves any time you get a zonal flow which is west to east flow, you get weak disturbs that roll through models have a hard time picking up on them. that's why we are going to see a chance of rain tomorrow that we just picked up on yesterday. now we are picking it up the second day in a row. looks like there's the possibility. only a couple models picking up on it. others say nothing is going to happen. let's be optimistic and say we are going to get rain. increase in clouds afternoon and overnight. weak disturbance moving in bringing light rains overnight through the early morning tomorrow by the afternoon it falls apart we break out and see maybe sunshine late in the day tomorrow too late to warm us up much temperatures will
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be like today as we head to groundhog day high pressure dominates flow pushes it pack to the north above average mid to upper 60s sunshine the rest of the way. hope you have a great day. good morning. still looking great on the roads loving this tuesday morning. 680 walnut creek southbound towards highway 24 now on of 80 through the san ramon valley lanes may be still blocking by overnight roadwork that should be cleared by 6:00. commute 101 through san rafael southbound fine novato now in the northbound direction most people not headed that way there's roadwork through novato northbound until 6:00. good ride in the south bay headlights northbound on 101, that's 880 across your screen. can't find trouble even when i look at the waze maps. we have the commuters on the roads and still no slowing reported.
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a few abc 7 traffic spotters one named chester and another one. join this abc7 community by downloading this free traffic app, you can learn more about it. it is like a free gps for your smartphone or iphone and it lows you know the current traffic conditions. -- and it lets you know the current traffic conditions. >> the generous gift that going to give stanford a leg up on innovation in the media. get ready for oscar sunday. is your complete source for the awards predict winner watch live video from the red carpet and go back stage during the show. all of that at we'll be right back.lson.
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"and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. 5:23. check at the bay bridge toll looking fine, light so far. a little drizzle doesn't seem to be bothering any of the drivers so far. we'll check in with mike and see if we might have rain coming our way in the next 24 hours. certainly could be on the radar. stanford will split a 30 million dollar gift from the founder of cosmopolitan magazine. helen girlie brown who turns 90 next month in honor of her late husband producer david brown. the money will be shared by to the schools to launch an innovation lab. the columbia dean of journalism says the idea is to
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develop technology that will have a lasting impact on the media. apology and cash from puppy thief in southern california spared them from criminal charges. the store's camera captured the thieves hours after newscasts began airing the video the pair sent the store $600 and apology. the next day second apology and more money. the store dropped charges. this was the third dog stolen from that store in recent months. the other two were returned a video appeared on local newscasts. oklahoma teen among the latest youtube sensation for what she says is an unusual skill. alisa claims she can say any word backwards in less than three seconds. >> download.
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lamborghini. >> now, a skeptic played this clip in reverse and it resulted in more gibberish. nevertheless, alisa says her skill is real. you will have to decide for yourself. >> i'm assuming those are her friends how do we know they didn't practice a few words? >> we don't. >> a deep investigation is needed. >> when do you start? >> tomorrow. >> massive strike this morning that could make it harder to find a nurse at any kaiser hospital. i'm katie marzullo in the newsroom. voters are casting ballots in florida this morning. most people believe mitt romney has it in the bag. but it is not over yet for newt gingrich, at least as far as he's concerned. decision day. the vote coming today that is expected to cost dozens of oakland city workers their jobs. temperatures across the country still mild for the last day in january. cool spot fargo 30 fight miami 78.
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>> reporter: good morning i'm amy hollyfield. replacement nurses are preparing to go to work at kaiser facilities this morning. four thousand nurses in northern california are expected to strike in solidarity with other hospital employees in the middle of a contract negotiation. also, the 15-year-old oakland boy accused of murdering his parents makes his first court appearance today. authorities plan to charge him as adult. san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi faces a new
5:29 am
allegation. prosecutors say he tried to isolate his wife after assaulting her on new year's eve. good morning i'm mike nicco, cloudy and a little drizzle as moisture come in off the ocean. [ inaudible ] good morning. 5:29 thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. in an hour and a half the biggest one day strike involving california's biggest health maintenance organization will begin. 22,000 kaiser permanente employees will walk the picket line. will appointments be affected? >> reporter: they tell me all appointments will be honored every appointment here at the
5:30 am
hospital some elective surgeries have already been cancelled. they've brought in replacement nurses to cover the shifts of the 4,000 nurses who are expected to go on strike today. it will look like this one that we saw in september. today will be the fourth strike by in union since negotiations started two years ago. you will see nurses and engineers in solidarity. the employees dealing with the contract dispute are the mental health and optical employees. kaiser says the last strike cost the hospitals 14 million dollars to bring in replacement nurses. this time kaiser plans to fight the move in court. >> we are surprised. we are taking action in federal court with regard to the nurses so that such that we can better understand or stop them from doing this in the future. >> reporter: union employees say they are concerned about proposed cuts to salaries and benefits. they are also striking over the amount of patient care.
5:31 am
kaiser officials say their offer is competitive and reasonable. they would like to negotiate at the bargaining table not on the picket line. this strike is expected to last one day. kaiser does not plan to block out the nurses and keep them from returning to work after one day. it should be over with this 24 hours it is starting at 7:00 this morning. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 5:31 now. the 15-year-old boy arrested for killing his adoptive parents is due in court today. prosecutors plan to charge the boy as adult. they say he admits to strangling the couple, two highly regarded san francisco health care workers. police were sent twice to the home when they didn't show up for work friday. the second time police found their bodies in a car. the chronicle reports the couple had been arguing with their son for spending too much time at the occupy
5:32 am
oakland incampment. san jose state student accused of groping women in their dorm rooms is due in court today. 21-year-old michael escobar faces four counts of burglary for entering the dorms with the intent of committing felonies. police arrested him last fly day following a series of early morning an -- friday, following a series of early morning assaults at joe west hall. officers are holding meetings with residents reminding them to keep doors locked. walnut creek bar and restaurant owners meet this morning to discuss ways to reduce the drunken late night brawls. this fight was posted on youtube in 2010. police officers have been responding to brawls involving 20 to 30 people at times. sunday night they had to use mace on a crowd of 15 this has been an ongoing problem for two years. now city officials are feeling the pressure to do something
5:33 am
about it. >> any business like any individual that causes -- uses an inordinate amount of our resources or breaks the law is going to be held accountable. >> city attorney's office is drafting an ordinance to punish problem bars by forcing them to close early. bar owners are considering a black list so they can refuse to serve problem customers. prosecutors making new allegation against sheriff mirkarimi. they want a judge to allow a video in which his wife eliana lopez describes to a neighbor how mirkarimi pushed, pulled and grabbed her during a fight in front of their 2-year-old son on new year's eve. prosecutors say mirkarimi forced his wife to stay in the house almost a whole day to prevent her from talking to police after the . they say the video is key because lopez -- lopez now denies mirkarimi did anything wrong and will not testify against him. his attorney says the new allegation is absurd. near mirkarimi is set to go on
5:34 am
trial next month. this morning, several of the 400 protesters arrested in saturday night's occupy oakland protests are due in court. the group will hold another day of action next monday the city is looking at unconventional ways to prevent a repeat of saturday's violence and vandalism. officials are considering court orders forcing a handful of protesters who caused most trouble to stay way. >> if you look at the evaluation of the injunction there are proven results in terms of ensuring that people who cause problems within the community already -- there are judicial remedies. >> legal experts say getting injunctions against protesters would be more difficult than getting injunctions against gang members. city administrators have
5:35 am
proposed eliminating 81 positions and consolidating depths to slash 28 million dollars from the budget. -- departments to slash 28 million dollars from the budget. pink slips were issued earlier this month, police and firefighters not affected. the state is cutting redevelopment money it used to dispute to cities. the deadline to dissolve redevelopment agencies statewide is tomorrow. san jose city council meets today to consider options on raising tax on medical marijuana dispensaries and reaching a compromise on the number of dispensaries. staffers have met with a group of cannibus dispensary officials in an effort to reach a compromise to avoid a june election. there's a proposal to increase taxes on pot sales from 7% to 10%. the mayor has indicated he's willing to raise the number of dis-- dispensaries from 10 to 25. looks like mike nicco is
5:36 am
dispensing some clouds and drizzle. >> i'm not dispensing it, i'm talking about it. >> you are not in manufacturing, production, marketing. >> maybe not even marketing. trying to keep my hands off that one. good morning -- i'm giving countries ten a hard time. live doppler -- i'm giving kristen a hard time. santa rosa visibility half a mile, six napa, four fairfield everybody else okay more likely you are going to drive up into the cloud and experience moisture than it falling out of the clouds on to the ground. winds are out of the west as you can see southwest or northwest that's why we have so much moisture hanging over us. cloudy through the 8:00 hour, temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 40s. noon a few breaks in the cloud cover temperatures will jump into the low to mid 50s except
5:37 am
san rafael 49°. mostly cloudy during the afternoon, temperatures cooler than yesterday in the mid to upper 50s possibly about 60 in antioch. here's your seven day forecast, chance of light rain tonight through tomorrow morning less than 1/10 of an inch warm sunshine returns thursday through the weekend. back to westbound 580 approaching greenville, this accident in the center divide not slowing much down traffic out of the altamont pass looking good, slow out of tracy, 33 miles an hour. drive time from the pass to 680 is 14 minutes it is not horrible at this point. check out another slow spot, there are two now both in the east bay in is with the waze traffic maps. notice -- westbound 4 out of antioch some drivers reported or commuters reported heavy traffic westbound 4 submitted
5:38 am
by racing girl 11 minutes ago she is part of the abc7 traffic spotter group. she is moving along now on highway 4, there she is towards pittsburg moving over 40 miles. i'll tell you more about how you can have this application available while you drive. bay bridge toll plaza, no delays. another camera shot san mateo bridge is looking good. if you want to find out what is slow for your commute, go to, download the free application to your iphone or smartphone and join the abc7 traffic spotter community. 5:38. >> next, the mobile technology from silicon valley that allows pg&e to sniff out a dangerous gas leak. i'm going to make you breakfast.
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♪ [ female announcer ] if whole grain isn't the first ingredient in your breakfast cereal, what is? now, in every box of general mills big g cereal, there's more whole grain than any other ingredient. that's why it's listed first on the side. from honey nut cheerios to cinnamon toast crunch to lucky charms, get more whole grain than any other ingredient... without question. just look for the white check. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. an attempt to block funding to create a north bay commuter rail service has fail. the group called repeal smart failed to get enough signatures to put a measure on the ballot to repeal a quarter cent sales tax that is supposed to pay for the train.
5:42 am
north bay voters approved the sales tax boost in 2008 to create a train line connecting san rafael and santa rosa. opponents are trying to figure out what to do next. pg&e is trying out new technology to discover gas leaks faster. this is the first of 25 mobile units pg&e will deploy to defect -- to detect leaks under the front bummer a -- the results are displayed real-time pg&e says this is revolutionary by diving these cars around it can speed up leak detection process. >> we'll be able to have a five-fold increase at probably no additional cost and probably less cost than it takes to do leak survey now over a five year period of time. >> the device can distinguish between methane from a landfill and from a gasline.
5:43 am
during a test it was able to pinpoint on a google map where it detected a gas leak from a hose with an open valve. 5:43. retailers are hoping love is in the air this valentine's day. and that americans are ready to spend more money on. that story is straight ahead. airport fender-bender. the unusual tarmac collision that has the faa investigating. >> reporter: republican officials expecting two million to turn out for today's primary in florida. what the candidates are doing now to win those votes. a little more hope for all of us. why are middle aged minds maybe sharper than we im
5:44 am
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very quiet this morning. 48 tahoe today should be shy of a record high, 52 yosemite upper 50s to low 60s central valley to big sur. 73 palm springs just about everybody is going to be dealing with a lot of cloud cover and a few peeks of sun. 5:46. the polls are open in florida on the line a critically important republican presidential primary that reut hopes will reenergize his campaign and cement him as the
5:47 am
lone front-runner. newt gingrich is putting up a big fight. >> reporter: he is, but it may not be enough. mitt romney has spent 14 million dollars in florida compared to newt gingrich's three million. despite gingrich's big win in south carolina romney expected to beat him by double damage s. romney cancelled a rally this morning -- and just has a celebration planned for neat -- for tonight. gingrich says he will campaign until the republican convention just getting started. >> that's usually and case that you are going to lose when you say i'm going on no matter what happens. >> reporter: paul and santorum still on the ballot they saw the writing on the wall as far as florida was concerned. neither are in state they've moved on to colorado and nevada. polls are open in florida right now.
5:48 am
you can start watching for the results to come in on abc7 news at 5:00 this evening. katie marzullo, abc7 news. don't call the president a square though his reelection campaign getting help from square. the san francisco start-ups square shaped mobile credit card reader has been gaining popularity with merchants. now president obama's campaign is rolling them out. volunteers will accept donations through this device which staffers say could save valuable processing time this will be the first time square is being used in a national race. meteorologist mike knee -- mike nicco is here. a little drizzle. >> selectionly some of the higher elevations if you drive into it is not going to be heavy most didn't make it on the road. it is hanging in the air this morning as that moist flow continues. you can see the clouds from emeryville to san francisco
5:49 am
this morning. i'm expecting flight arrival delays at sfo, they usually let us know in the next 5 to 10 minutes. let's talk about temperatures outside. they are very mild, 50 fremont, san jose, mid to upper 40s elsewhere antioch 42°. upper 40s to low 50s around the monterey bay and inland everybody here mainly cloudy. we'll see -- we'll stay mainly cloudy. dry and warm weather streak that will run from thursday through the weekend. compared to average we'll be three degrees warmer in livermore today. napa and san jose, 60 and 61 where you should be. oakland, redwood city, san francisco one to two degrees cooler than average. we hit upper 50s to low 60s with coolest weather
5:50 am
half moon bay, san francisco richmond around 57 warm spot 61 san jose, antioch, fairfield, cloverdale into ukiah. monterey bay 59, low 60s the rest of the bay low to mid 60s as you head inland. tonight even more cloud cover and a juicier storm weak storm but it does have more moisture watch out for drizzle even patchy light rain tonight temperatures low to mid 40s inland neighborhoods mid to upper 40s around the bay shore, coast and into san francisco, yesterday's weak system kept us cloudy and knocked temperatures down this next one will do the same today storm number three that comes in tonight and tomorrow more moisture with it just not a very dynamic storm doesn't have a lot of energy to lift in moisture and create very much in the way of heavy rain. through the afternoon hours you can see as it approaches clouds on the increase during
5:51 am
the overnight hours a chance of patchy light rain through tomorrow's morning commute even into lunch then a break in the cloud cover as we head into the afternoon hours that's it is over high pressure moves in, look at groundhog day, a lot of sun mid to upper 60s temperatures remain that way through most of the weekend. have a great day. it is time for traffic. good morning. new stall reported westbound 80 near ashby this is westbound 80 near university still flowing well this is where it gets crowded no major trouble that stall will probably clear quickly. 101 san rafael good southbound past lucas valley to the golden gate bridge not seeing trouble north bay also fine in the south bay 280 and 17 interchange in san jose headlights northbound making their way towards cupertino. i want to take you to the waze traffic maps, this is where we
5:52 am
see slowing. i can show you how slow it is for folks heading out of tracy the bubbles are commuters who have turned on in free traffic app, they are sharing their speeds. 40 miles an hour through tracy then slows to around 34, 40 miles an hour through the altamont pass there's a crash westbound 580 at greenville already in the center divide so it is not slowing things down. here's the cool thing, because we have drivers heading -- it is already slow there and on isabel that is great information. we have now traffic information down to the street level, which is available to you by going to our website, it is free, download the application to our iphone or smartphone and join our community become a traffic spotter. our time is 5:52. >> a shocking report about cyber security and bad news if
5:53 am
you filed your taxes early. >> here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. good morning. u.s. companies vulnerable to massive hacker attack? yes. utilities, banks and phone carriers are not adequately protecting themselves. they would have to spend nine times more to prevent a cyber attack from plunging millions into darkness paralyzing the system. bad news if you filed your tax return early this year iirs says some returns are being delayed by a week as they battle fraud. limited to taxpayers who filed before last thursday. >> love may cost more this valentine's day americans expected to spend $196 or 8% more this year. the number of people planning to eat out up 15%. american express spending and saving tracker says this year's spend something likely
5:54 am
to focus on flowers, gift cards, jewelry and electronics. i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. it doesn't matter where the calories come from as long as dieters reduce them, according to a new study. a team of researchers randomly assigned several hundred overweight or obese people to one of four diets. each of the low carb, low-fat, high protein diets was signed to cut 750 calories a day. researchers found no difference in weight loss or fat reduction between the four diets. investigators in denver trying to figure out how a southwest jet got close enough to a light pole to knock it down. the flight arrived from los angeles yesterday when the accident happened. the plane was taxing to the gate when it struck the pole near a deicing station. the light poles at denver international are unique. >> as the plane was taxing
5:55 am
they hit this structure that was designed to collapse down. that minimized the damage to the aircraft. >> the accident is the equivalent of a fender benner in a parking lot no one was injured. passengers had to be bused to the concourse from the plane. a bill that would make it easier to get care from a physical therapist has cleared a hurdle. the senate approved a bill that would allow consumers to go straight to physical therapists without a doctor's referral first. this bill does require the therapist to prefer the patient to a doctor if the patient needs medical attention. in the therapy visits are beyond 30 business days a doctor has to be consulted. welcomee/t news about the middle aged brain. new research touting baby boomer brainpower. patricia cohen the author of a new book, cohen and
5:56 am
researchers agree memory peaks around 45. financial planning skills, age 53. vocabulary not until you your 60s or 70s. >> when we reach middle age there's a sweet spot where our brain cells are firing more rapidly than they do when younger. >> verbal ability should be at a high vocabulary keeps improving, financial skills, assessment, management at a high. >> doctors say exercise is the best way to stay sharp. it will get your heart to pump nutrients on oxygen to brain cells causing them to sprout out and communicate to each other more effectively. avoid chronic stress and eat healthy foods such as fish, nuts and whole grains. >> what did you say i can't remember? >> eat more fish and we'll talk. just ahead, an entire
5:57 am
college caught cheating. the lie that one of california's most prestigious colleges has been telling for years. >> reporter: there's going to be a strike at kaiser permanente today. the last one cost the hospital 14 million dollars. the nurses say they don't feel bad one bit. you will hear why, coming up. ed
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