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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  February 11, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PST

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>> terry: in the news this saturday morning, february 11th, police are still searching for six men after a standoff ends with a house in flames but no suspects inside. santa clara officials say the 49er new stadium will open a year earlier after finalizing a deal on construction. >> good morning. a lot of cloud cover. but a glimpse of sunlight. temperatures are quite mild in the 50s. >> terry: i'm terry mcsweeney. this morning the hunt continues for six armed robbery suspects who police thought they had trapped inside a home yesterday. a police s.w.a.t. team fired tear gas and then the house caught fire. when police moved in the place was empty. it all begin what police believe
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was craigslist robbery. >> this police standoff in vallejo the aftermath of an armed robbery. the victim from out of town said he was there for a craigslist meeting to make a purchase. >> victim stated that six males, mixed races, all armed with handguns, robbed him and left the scene with a green car. >> they spotted the getaway car and saw the suspects go inside. they surrounded house and cleared the neighborhood. >> i came home and they had everything blocked off. i didn't know what was going on. all i know, they said was a hostage situation. >> reporter: he lives next-door? >> there was a man and woman that lived in the house. that is all i have seen. >> at approximately 5:15 in the
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evening, they deployed non-flammable gas into the residence. >> a lot of fire happened. to make sure it didn't leap over to my house. >> it burned for about half an hour. when the fire was out, swat went in. >> they determined that there was no one inside the residence other than couple of dogs. >> one dog died and police don't know what happened to the suspects or how the fire started but they are confident it wasn't started by tear gas canisters. >> the police people that live in the house didn't want to talk to us, came by and started going through what was in there. i do want to point out. i spoke to the landlord of the house. a couple lives there, he hasn't any problems with them before. police at this point are not making a connection between the suspects who were here and people who lived here or the landlord.
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as for the man who was beaten in the robbery, he suffered head wounds, we're told the injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. this isn't the first craigslist incident out here in vallejo. a month ago another man was robbed. >> terry: this morning a saxophone player is under arrest and charged with first-degree murder. he is known as the jazz man is seen and heard playing the sax at the embarcadero station. he is accused of murdering his ex-wife 25 years in new mexico. he says his real name is ronald brewington. cold case squad tracked him down right here in san francisco. >> a mother may face child endangerment charges after she left her newborn twins inside her suv. they arrested her at the stone
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ridge mall on wednesday afternoon. a passerby called after noticing the infant inside the car. they also report that she told officers she used to restroom but security cameras she was in the mall for 40 minutes. twins were released to their father. the occupy movement that has returned to u.c. berkeley appears to be staying put, at least for now. laura anthony explains, they are taking a different approach this time around. >> reporter: the tents are back on the steps of sprawl hall. a small number of them. >> they were forcibly removed by baton wielding police. >> we think it's the people's ground. tents are part of that making it a public space for anybody to come in and share all this. that is why, it's an integral
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part of what we're doing. >> more than 24 hours in, there is not a police officer in sight. according to a spokesperson, it will likely stay that way for the time being. >> we've been monitoring the situation and admonishing them that they are violating the campus policy of encampment. we're evaluating what to do. >> u.c. spokesman admits the university has softened its stance but after the pepper spray at u.c. davis. that is when they calmly sprayed pepper spray in peaceful demonstrators. could be forcibly removed at some point. but it's not their aim to have another confrontation with police. >> i'm here to stay? >> absolutely.
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you can't go back. >> they occupied here because they have not made any significant efforts to meet their demands or halt to rising costs of tuition. the university says yes, tuition has risen dramatically but 65% of students receive some sort of financial aid. 45% pay no tuition at all because they received a scholarship or grant. >> this morning, san francisco police say they made no arrests during a raucous but peaceful protest last night. occupy san francisco and occupy oakland demonstrators joined together. they cursed police while chanting no justice, no peace. they blocked westbound traffic. then they entered union square blocking the intersection of powell and geary for ten minutes. then they marched back to market
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street where they surprised some shoppers. >> actually i was worried after that, no, they were like screaming and having fun. >> security manage to get them to leave and then the rain convinced them to call it a night. a santa rosa middle school student was rushed to the hospital after drinking a beverage police think that was laced with active thc. four other students were sent home with the parents. hospitalized youngster was treated and release. >> a final report to find two san francisco firefighters died because of a chain of events that started with a broken window. the two were killed last summer after a small house fire turned into a deadly inferno. both suffered burns on more than 40% of their bodies.
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temperatures reached as high as 700 degrees. it caused a window to break on the floor below where they had entered the home. >> it was extreme heat event that they experienced. they were on the ground floor but when the window failed directly across from the stairwell, it pushed them back. they were among the first firefighters at the scene. the chief emphasized that they followed, quote, textbook procedures in attacking the fire. police in san francisco haven't determined why a woman drove her car into the water at ocean beach yesterday. sedan wound up in the water around 6:30 yesterday morning. they rescued the driver from the car. her injuries are believed to be minor. a tow truck crew struggled to pull the car from the ocean. several hours later it was successful when the tide
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receded. >> they vote on tuesday on a construction contract to build the new 49er stadium. it will be finished in time for the 2014 season. a year earlier than originally planned. the contract goes to the partnership that has been planning the stadium. our media partner reports that groundbreaking is set for late spring with completion by august of 2014. >> there has been a pup any napping in san francisco and two dogs were injured. four puppies were missed earlier this week. police say the thieves forced their way into a home on cameron way and stole four flee-week old puppies. during the burglary police say two adult dogs were beaten with a blunt object. anyone with information is asked to call the san francisco police department. >> coming up next, why the state department thinks americans need to use more caution when traveling in mexico. a sneak peek at chinese new
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and these are the ones you'll love on a school night. pillsbury ham and cheese crescents. with just a few ingredients, you have an easy dinner. pillsbury ham and cheese crescents. school night ideas made easy. >> terry: new video from a costa concordia shows a calm crew before it hit a reef. the ship's captain is seen on the phone asking officers what he should do. it also shows those officers calling for the ship to be abandoned ten minutes before the order was given to passengers. chaos on the bridge ensued. italian media is speculating the video was shot by the married captain's girlfriend. >> they are warnings tourists heading to mexico to stay within two blocks of their hotels to avoid drug violence. they are urging americans not to travel at all to four mexican states and parts of ten others
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including one in which acapulco is located. baja is not on this list. 120 americans were killed in mexico last year. >> tolltakers could be out of job on golden bridge as soon as september. all tolltakers will be gone by nicks february. by phasing out the tolltakers, district will save about $16 million over the next ten years but also ends the human touch that has been a part of the bridge since it opened back in 1937. organizers expect up to one million people to line the streets of san francisco this evening to watch the annual chinese new year's parade celebrating the year of the dragon. dozens of marches will provide the legs for the dragon that will go to chinatown. they put the finishing touches on the colorful float. parade starts at 5:30 at second and market streets.
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then it's going on west on geary before going through union square, on post and then north on kearny street to port smith square. should they bring their umbrellas? that is the question of the day. >> no. leave them at home. >> bring them. >> we are looking at a couple of systems over the weekend. first one is sliding south. take a look at this shot. sun is beginning to peek through some of those clouds. this system continues to move out. we're not quite done and then tomorrow's system a little more rain and then we're looking somewhat of unsettled weekend ahead. i'll have details next. >> terry: maybe a parasail instead. and more jeremy lynn has another huge night for the knicks. this time out scoring kobe
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bryant. ?t?t?t>
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>> terry: welcome back. we are looking out at surf city. santa cruz, with a spider web on
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the lens. last week we had a guest appearance by the spider. he may be back later but we have a cloudy day. temperatures in the 50s. partial clearing later. you can have some sunshine and some temperatures in the 60s. you know, lisa argen, i think 60 in santa cruz is warm enough for nice sun tanning. great play is to go. >> we are looking at some peeks of sun but more throughout the afternoon. it is beautiful out there, with a little bit of sun. isn't it amazing the lake there, temperatures in the 30s. >> and the snow. >> look at this. nice picture from emeryville. we've got a bit of division of the layers there. partly cloudy sky and nice shot there. we are looking for pretty decent
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day. all weekend long, we'll see a little of everything. if you were hoping for rain, we'll see some of that. dry weather we've got that, too. this system is continuing to slide south of the area but so much moisture is in the air that we're looking still the possibility of a chance of a shower through the early afternoon. with the cloud cover and that subtropical moisture very mild numbers, 52 in oakland, 50 in san francisco. airport delays and we're talking about a little bit of a breeze here in the city. higher elevations, coastal hills be the best bet for that moisture. the fog, look at santa rosa, less than a quarter of mile. reduced visibility along the coast. half moon bay. three-quarters of mile. airport is not too bad. everyone else looking fine despite the cloud cover out there. scattered light showers will take us through the early afternoon. after that we're talking more sunshine and some mild temperatures, not as mild as we've been and then we'll start
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off the day dry. then we're looking for quarter to half an inch of rain. this system pushing through, it did bring the wetter weather this morning and couple hundredths of rain and the next system, it's an area of low pressure. as the showers move out, weak high pressure builds in and this low pressure center moves in on monday. we'll start with the rain on sunday night and continue into monday afternoon. that is sqich. >> 73 in palm springs. the latest computer animation shows that we have spotty light moisture potential for it. here is the dry slot and then by noon tomorrow, increasing clouds in the north bay, clouds will follow into the south bay. then take a look at this. 10:00, sunday night we've got rain all throughout the bay area. then it really doesn't end, 5:00 we've got higher elevation snow
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but right through 10:00, scattered showers into 3:00 afternoon. we could pick off more than what we saw with this system. so it's good. 62 in concord. 61 in fremont. mild weather continues in the afternoon hours. a little dripping in the morning hours around salinas and hollister and this system is almost behind us in six to eight hours. chinese new year's and then by monday afternoon, another chance of rain february 14th which would be valentine's day. >> absolutely. >> so they are on and off again weak systems. this next one is something. >> terry: thanks a lot. in sports, right about now tiger woods is about to tee off at pebble beach. he is six strokes off the lead
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following yesterday's second round at at&t national pro am. here is larry beil. >> good morning. weather changed dramatically but charlie wi remains on top. tiger woods actually lost ground yesterday. >> here is that guy. [ laughter ] >> they are wreaking havoc. larry bear, chip from the rough, making a run at it. tiger woods and his partner playing monterey peninsula. he birdied the first hole but not happy with his putting. two bogeys for woods. tiger 68 and six off the lead. phil mickelson, five under 65 and a long bird on 6. co-leader johnson, birdie on 18.
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three back from charlie wi. 69 on the day and he is the outright leader at 12 under par. vijay singh tied for third. you got lefty and tiger is six back. aaron olber hughes er thought his win would catapult his career. six years after, he is back for the first time. >> how sweet it is. to win in front of a home crowd. >> i didn't care where my first win came. as long as i got it and was able to build on it. to have it come here is extra sweet. >> unfortunately for aaron he wasn't able to billed on his 2006 win at pebble beach. a year later with top 25 world
8:24 am
ranking his career took a dramatic turn for the worse. >> i was byron nelson in 2007 and i took a swing out of the rough and broke a bone in my hand. i didn't know that i broke it. ended up playing the entire year with a broken bone in my hand, taking painkillers but by the time they figured it out, doctors think it was too late. >> as the pain mounted, so did the surgery, four since the injury first cultured. no events played in 2010 or 2011. >> the back of my mind, i thought i had a chance to come back. in certain instances and times when i thought my career might be over for sure. >> david knows how tough it is to stay at the top. he is pulling for aaron. >> you have to come back that is long and arduous. he a good player.
8:25 am
i think he is feeling okay right now. i look forward for him to move forward. >> its long, quick fall from the top and it's a hard climb back you. i have a lot of work to do. this is one more round and one more step toward that. the sharks, they embarked on 16-day road trip. the coach wants some intensity last night against chicago. joe montana sighting. second period, 2-0 and marcus kruger scored twice and suddenly 2-2 game. joe thorton passing and look at the replay, olson knocked in his own goal. third period, brad winchester, ben with a front. fourth game winning goal this season. sharks and chicago, ninth straight road loss a 5-3 win.
8:26 am
>> jeremy lynn has taken over new york. last night he lit up kobe bryant and the lakers. he didn't know that much about this guy. kobe, let your education begin. lynn knocks down the 3. charlie sheen would call it lynning. he undressed eric fischer there. a career high 38 points and 7 assists. the boy king of new york leading the knicks to a win, 92-85 your final. >> i didn't know how it would end up. it's been a wild week for me and the team. obviously you hope for the best and prepare for the worst. i'm thankful it turned out wait it is. >> it is unbelievable right now
8:27 am
for jeremy lynn. mike shumann will have all the pebble beach highlights. 0 great weekend everybody. i'm larry beil. >> next at 8:30. >> we want -- the key is to have confidence and audacity to change the world. >> the california lottery is on place to break a record. i'm nannette miranda in west sacramento, is it the economy?
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>> terry: good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. president obama's weekly address may give us a sense of deja-vu. he wants an approval of the payroll tax cut. you may recall after december, congress could only agree to extend the tax cuts in two
8:30 am
months. the time is up and without an extension by then, taxes will go up for another 160 million american workers. >> if you are a family making $50,000 a year, this tax cuts amounts to thousand dollars a year. that is about 40 dollars in every paycheck. i know there are some folks that $40 doesn't think a lot of money to a student or senior who is trying to stretch the budget a little further, to a parent who is filling up the tank, to them, $40 can make all the difference in the world. >> yesterday the president met privately with a small group of people in washington who think $40 is not a lot of money. each paid $36,000 to his campaign for the chance to meet with him at a posh hotel near the white house. the recession continues to dog california. controller john chung is calling january's revenues disappointing, they were 5.5%
8:31 am
below what the governor projected. income tax revenue came in below 6%. the dip is being blamed on lower estimated tax payments and higher than estimated tax refunds. they responded by saying it expects an uptick in revenue in the spring. >> governor brown is hitting the road for automaker tesla. they unveiled their third car known as a model x. it's falcon wing doors is getting a lot of buzz and dual batteries. it can go zero to 60 in 4.5 seconds. >> we can work our way out of our mess with creativity and openness and the kind of spirit that is willing to take risk. >> it should enter production next year. >> a new california lottery game
8:32 am
appears to be the hottest ticket in the state these days which can only spell success for public schools. nannette miranda reports the voter on pace to set a record. >> reporter: california lottery tickets are hot these days, they are pace to set a record in june. $4 billion in sales, highest ever in 26 year history. brenda and melanie do their part to help. >> maybe i'll get a good one. >> lottery officials credit the fight to a new game that begin last fall and all 36 million tickets printed will sell out. >> it's all about the scratcher nau game. we have a new ten dollar ticket that is selling unbelievably well. >> but is it really the new game or are the poor feeling desperate? last year before the new
8:33 am
scratcher sales jumped 15%. they say the economy definitely plays a role. >> when people they have less money and less economic security they spend more money on lottery tickets. very people that shouldn't be buying lottery tickets are the most likely to increase spending in a bad economy. >> lottery says it's not just the poor who are playing. their survey shows that customers are from all economic backgrounds. whatever the reason, the winner in the end is public schools. they get almost one-third of proceeds. if they hold, they could see an extra $80 million. they warn districts if voters reject the tax initiative in november, more cuts are on the horizon. >> our advice is to take what money you do get from the lottery and put that into the reserves. don't go spend it.
8:34 am
>> that is good advice. state controller announced that tax revenues a billion dollars above projections. six flags in vallejo is hosting an annual job fair. they want 500 seasonable positions. even some office jobs in marketing and finance. the job fair is from 10:00 to 3:00 at the university of phoenix campus, that is fairfield fld. organizers must be at least 16 years of age and everyone is asked to please fill out an online application before arriving at the job fair. >> oakland's police chief says his city has seen 20 shootings in the past weaning. the department is reaching out to the community for help. one west oakland group is answering that call and trying to break the pattern of violence
8:35 am
with pedal power. lyanne melendez has the story. >> bikes for life is west oakland's only bike shop. it's a place where at risk young men and women learn to do hands-on work. the shop is also the home of a nonprofit called one fam, short for family. >> we like to try to reach the young folks. real dialogue and teach them conflict resolution skills. there are better ways to handle these conflicts. >> tony found the group in 2000. the bike shop has been around for two years. all the bikes are used. they are bought at auctions or donated. after repairs they are sold. it's a way to gain employment skills while incorporating the anti-violence message. >> we were in community and doing a lot of events. biking was an event that folks were taking on as a subculture.
8:36 am
so we moved with the community. >> over the past two years, more than 50 troubled youth have been trained. over the summer, it's one of the mayoral's summer job sites. city pays the youth directly. dominic worked a few hours a week helping fund raise. they came after dropping out of howard university. >> it gave me a more meaningful life. being here made me value life. >> she plans to go back to college in the fall. >> we don't have to blame anybody for our problems. we solve them ourselves. we want to teach leadership development and get the kids to have confidence and to have the audacity to change the world. >> this weekend the nonprofit will be giving away 40 bicycles to kids in this community. lyanne melendez, "abc 7 news". >> terry: that bike giveaway starts today at noon. for more information we have a
8:37 am
link on our website at click on see it on tv. we've got bikes in the east bay, parades in san francisco. we've got beach in santa cruz that is dying for people to come down. >> our live camera, very interesting, lots of layers of clouds. so another beautiful shot from the roof camera, we are looking at a little bust sun there. the bay bridge but the rain not quite over yet. we'll talk about more rain to come this weekend and whether or not we'll see dry weather tonight for the parade. that is all next. >> also ahead, when snow business turns into slow business. at lake tahoe, it's not just because of the weather, folk
8:38 am
8:39 am
welcome back. here is the forecast in the nutshell.
8:40 am
blue skies and clouds. if you are going out and about today, million people in downtown san francisco for the parade. some showers not going really happen much. if you are going to santa cruz, sunshine and temperatures in the 60s. i'm trying to edge myself in to the weather department. i'm failing miserably. let's talk about something else. tough winter for sierra ski resorts, they need a lot of snow but the weather is really part of the problem. biggest obstacle is public perception. here is dan ashley in this morning's report. >> lake tahoe ski resorts suffer from an image problem. many have spent a lot of time and money making snow. but still not many customers seem to be showing up. >> i would say trying to convince people we do have good conditions, with the snow making and we have a lot of terrain
8:41 am
open. >> they are with the north star ski resort. the same company that own heavenly and they have most extensive snow making equipment. it is literally saving the season. >> with the investments we've made over the last five to six years in snow making definitely paid off. >> snow making allows northstar to make a competition super pipe largest one open in lake tahoe. big storm dramatically increased the snow base and allowed more snow making and they have few inches of natural snow. conditions are better than what most people think. >> the california ski industry association says christmas season was down 40% statewide, north star just spent $30 million in improvements like this new chair lift.
8:42 am
it's popular on this day from a group playing hooky from the office. there is also a big new mountain lodge. >> they've got a person to open the doors for you and hand out tissues as you come off the slope. a few miles away, squaw valley has 70% open. new corporate owner put in $15 million in improvements including outdoor cabanas and fire pits. they give i am a thumbs up. >> there is nobody here. >> squaw is one of many residents still counting on big crowds for the weekend. >> i think some people are wanting to get out here. >> so with customers recommend tahoe right now? >> absolutely. >> i soi would you say this is pretty good.
8:43 am
>> the california association points out there are a couple of months of potential skiing left before springtime and keep in mind there have been big storms that have come in late and saved the season. will it happen this time or this week? what is going on. >> we've got one system not going to make it there. another one that will make it there in the next couple of days. so adding a couple of inches. so we'll spell that out for you. we're looking at emeryville where skies continue to be partly cloudy in parts of the bay. a lot of low level moisture. live doppler 7-hd a few returns popping up here and there. most of the activity is at below 2,000 feet. so where you're seeing moisture. it's quickly over, mist and drizzle and we will keep the chance of showers in the forecast throughout the early afternoon hours. numbers as much as 7-10 degrees warmer this morning from redwood city. even mountain view at 49.
8:44 am
much milder start. 52 in half moon bay. with all the moisture we are looking at some areas of fog especially in the north bay and along the coast. three-quarter mile visibility. airport delays over half an hour at sfo and less than a quarter mile visibility in santa rosa. even though the system continues to slide south, there will be a chance of showers right on through the early afternoon. then we've got high pressure building in. that will keep us dry this afternoon, tonight into a portion of tomorrow and then more rain heads our way sunday night right on through monday. system number one, going to be rain in san joaquin valley, southern california, spotty showers. there it is right there. despite the last lack of moisture we're still going to look for maybe a couple of showers throughout the east bay and south bay through early afternoon. this next system going to move through in the area of low pressure behind it will settle in right on the bay tomorrow.
8:45 am
i'll show you what that is going to look like in a moment. temperatures held down. we're talking clouds in tahoe. 40 there. no snow yet. it looks like by tuesday night, wednesday we'll see a little bit of snow. here we are at 9:00 this morning lots of cloud cover. hit-or-miss shower then through the afternoon, those showers begin to slide south. we get into some sunshine. by 5:00 we're dry, high pressure building in. by noontime, increasing clouds tomorrow. we're starting out dry with some fog and here we are 10:00 tomorrow night. we've got more rain and this rain could bring us to maybe half an inch in some spots. it's not over. morning commute, we've got colder air, look at lake county, mount hamilton, higher elevation rain-snow mix and right through the afternoon, 3:00, east bay, south bay, still scattered showers. then one more opportunity for rain in our seven-day outlook.
8:46 am
58 in richmond. temperatures are a little bit cooler and 61 in fremont and san jose. as we throughout the afternoon, it will be drier here but a chance of showers linger in gilroy, 1:00 2:00 hour. rain comes back tomorrow night. it ends late monday and then we'll look for better chance tuesday night into wednesday. that is smaller system. larger system comes in tomorrow night. >> terry: thanks very much. >> a big change for the westminster dog show, it's getting a new sponsor. america's most prestigious dog competition starts monday at madison square garden. pedestrian agree has sponsored the show for 24 years. they pushed adoptions and viewers were turned off by the sad-eyed ad zbldz.
8:47 am
it may be small. >> adopt one. they say it's disappointed to be dropped as a sponsor. the new sponsor is purina with happy dogs. westminster was established in 1877 and second only to the kentucky derby as the longest running sporting event. don't go away. 7 on your side is next. >> there is a blitz of credit card offers lately. ahead, one woom woman's free
8:48 am
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>> terry: 7 on your side michael finney, it could lead to one worrisome mix-up. >> they are back, credit card offers in the pail mail box. they get one each week and she makes sure it goes in here. >> i shred it. >> so somebody won't get one to try to obtain a credit card in her name. but she can't be sure of that. >> i just noticed the mailing address on the application wasn't me. >> marlene received this citibank credit card offer with the name and address on the envelope but inside the application was pre-printed with the name and address of a complete stranger. someone named bell. it said that woman's name and
8:51 am
address would appear on the new credit card. now marlene is worried. if she has bell's application, who has hers? >> mine went to someone else presumably, i have no idea what they did with it. whether they shredded it or toss it out or trying to do something else. >> application let's customers change the address on the account which marlene said it's more scary. >> someone could try to get a credit card sent to them based on my record. >> she photocopied it and sent it back to the itself bank warning citi not to own one in her name. she contacts "7 on your side" and we took this to consumer action asking is there a reason to worry? >> usually you would have to couple pieces of puzzle, just pre-approved credit card application. for identity thief it's not that
8:52 am
difficult to obtain the pieces of puzzle. >> we contacted citibank which investigated. the bank declared the mix-up was isolated. we are committed to protecting our client's information and take this feedback very seriously. we have strong safeguards in place to verify consumer's information and have confirmed there are no open accounts for this individual. >> probably nothing is going to happen, but it's disconcerting. >> if you want to stop the flow of credit card offers to your mailbox, you can easily opt out of getting them. i've got that information posted. go to and coming up, the rock is back. >> i think i just made it worse. >> johnson's new movie, 3-d trip to a fantasy island. don d
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
winning numbers from last night's drawing. mega number was 20. nobody got them all. tuesday's nights jackpot is estimated at $51 million. that is sweet. >> in theaters this weekend is journey to mysterious island, a fantasy starring wayne johnson. here is don sanchez on the aisle. >> ladies and gentlemen, i give you mysterious island. >> more like fantasy island. live action comic book. he is getting radio signals from an island that doesn't exist. he doesn't like his stepfather and they find the island in the verne novel.
8:56 am
romance appears to be brewing and helicopter crashes and they wake up on the island. >> don't just stand there. >> it's michael caine and he sent the radio signals. >> there are terrifying creatures. >> they go on a run from one creature to another. they are assaulted and so are we some abysmal dialogue. for fun they throw things at us in 3-d and wayne shows us why he was once a rock. >> i think i just made it worse. >> this film is aimed at kids. you have seen the scary monsters it is basic and simplistic, they applauded when johnson sang.
8:57 am
it's like an amusement park ride in 3-d. if this one does well there will be a journey 3. jules verne was pretty prolific. i'm don sanchez and we'll see you on the aisle. >> get ready for the academy awards, oscar is february 26th. you can predict the winners right now on you can download the exclusive oscar app for iphones and ipads. the squirrel monkey that made headlines when he was stolen at san francisco zoo is now ready to go on public. banana sam was safely returned after a week somebody took him. he will back on public display when the zoo opens this morning. and banana sam fans who bring in a valentine's card will get a dollar off their admission.
8:58 am
nice day for visiting banana sam perhaps. >> a few raindrops. but the system continues so slide to the east. monterey bay could see a chance of showers in the early afternoon. upper 50s and 61 san jose, dry tonight. chinese new year's parade, clear conditions from clouds tomorrow. increasing clouds late in the day. a little more rain sunday night into monday. >> terry: million people down there. thanks for joining us. keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter. talk about it at have a fantastic day.
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