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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  February 25, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> two u.s. officers killed in afghanistan, and more protests today over the burping of the koran at a u.s. army base. good evening and thank you for joining us. >> the two americans were assassinated today in the taliban is claims responsibility. >> for the first time in a decade-long war in afghanistan, the top commander recalled all military advisers from the country. tomas roman has the details. >> the shooting of the officers occurred in the heavily fortified interior ministry in the afghan capitol. it caused the top commander to order all military adviceer out, after five days of antiamerican range throughout the capital. there doesn't seem to be a safe zone left for u.s. military troops in afghanistan. this afternoon a person believed
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to be an afghan walked the ministry that controls the police and opened the door with a key pad combination, major and lieutenant colonel were both shod in the head. # hundred military advisers were immediately removed. afghans have been furious over the extental burning of korans on monday. >> if the mullah asks you to attack americans, would you attack me or other americans on the streets of kabul. >> we don't care about you but but if you war soldier, we would tear your skin off. >> numerous apologies. >> we're deeply concerned about the possibility that korans or religious materials were damaged in this incident, and we will get to the bottom of what actually happened. >> i have complete respect for islam and the reverence in which
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the koran is held. >> we ask for forgiveness and seek to move on. >> that may be difficult for a afghan muslims to do. >> burning the koran is a very harsh and ugly act that will distress people in the world. today the religion and holy book have been attacked by these foolish people. >> u.s. commanders stepped up security at all bases but also advising troupes to -- troops to be court courteous to afghans and also be polite. >> the national gas average is 3.67 a gallon, up three crentz from yesterday, and 30 cents from a month ago. and the prices are even worse here in california. sir joan quintana is live in san francisco with a look at the rising prices and what some are doing about it. sergio? >> reporter: it is unfortunately he case that in california we usually see prices higher than
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the national average, and right now 58 cents higher is the state average at 4.25 for a regular gallon of gasoline, and unfortunately the bay area, we usually see prices higher than the state average. 4.35 for regular gallon of gasoline at that station. these kinds of prices are prompting people to seek out other transportation options. >> with prices in the $4 range and beyond, the fill-up is a growing investment. >> $125. a lot of money. >> in the last couple of weeks, a trip to the gas station has become a head-shaking experience, push something to consider leaving their vehicles at home. >> i can take my bicycle, i'd take my bicycle. >> at mike's bikes in san francisco, they have been getting more people who are looking for alternatives to the pumps. >> talking about the fact that gas prices are around $4 a gallon. just to even get around the city you're burning threw foul -- through fuel.
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>> she says they're selling better now than in the last couple of years in part because san francisco i more and more bicycle friendly and because of the weather, but lately gas prices are glaring reason. >> i can't imagine people spending $100 to fill up their vehicle. it's ridiculous. >> dan opts for another alternative. he fills up with less than three gallons twice a month. but for those with something more fuel efficient on two wells, the buddy. >> this last month we have set record sales, sold 40 units which generally speaking, february is our slowest month othe year. >> rated at 110 milesber gallon, his scooters sip gas. in 2008, gas prices approached five bucks. >> and in 2008, is when we saw the highest prices set for, on average in california. that reached 4.61.
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and at the prices we have been seeing in the last couple of weeks, we could actually surpass that record within a month so at those rates all transportation options should probably be considered. reporting live, abc-7 news. >> he really does use the that prices as the pump rise so does the political rhetoric on the campaign trail. boosting energy production and the keystone pipeline are being touted by republicans. >> stand by the summer drivetime it will hit $5 a gallon. >> how in the world could he he said, no, don't bring in that keystone pipeline. we don't need your oilishing that's not a plan. we need a sustained all of the above strategy that deals every available source for american energy.
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>> gas was just one of the issues former speaker newt gingrich brought up at this weekend's california republican convention in burlingame. here's the details. >> please welcome former speaker of the house and the next president of the united states, newt gingrich. [applause] >> trailing in the polls and the g.o.p. primary contest, newt gingrich was still a crowd, pleaser at the california republican party convention in burlingame. his main target today was president obama. >> isn't what he doesn't know. it's what he knows that isn't true. he believes in small cars. he believes in an antiamerican energy policy. he believes in high prices. he believes in government control. >> the former house speaker zeroed in on rising gasoline prices and called for drilling more oil. >> the long-term answer is not the u.s. navy guarding the straits or hormuz. the long-term answer is americans producing their own energy and telling other people, you may have a problem. we don't.
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because we can be the largest oil producer in the world by the end of the decade. >> gingrich received endorsements from michael reagan, and herman cain, who dropped out last year. >> stupid people are ruining america. and everytime you hear about president obama's jobs approval rate being at least 45%, that's where the stupid people are. >> mr. speaker, can we talk to you any his campaign staff worked hard to block reporters from asking their candidate any questions and gingrich avoided in the dealings with the media. >> why won't you take any questions? >> republican voter says she was impressed with gingrich. >> i would vote for him. i would vote for any republican, whichever our republican nominee is, would vote for newt. >> gingrich was last in a field pole this week himself campaign is kept annot by millions of dollars in superpac money.
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and on supertuesday the republican field could be narrowed considerably. they hope california will still be a player then. >> tonight convict speed freak killer wesly sher mannine says he is sour but not because he killed somebody. he told a report he is sorry he kept the location of two byrds a secret from their family for so long. he directed a bounty hunter to the location of a well that contained human remains. 1,000 bone fragments were found in the well. the search continues for a second well. >> in south san francisco tonight, police have two men in cuffed after a shooting that led to a standoff. the standoff happened on second lane, about 1:00 this afternoon. police have one of the suspects holed up in his apartment but century rendered after several hours. his apartment was right above this neighbor. >> my niece, something is going on upstairs. i said we have to hide.
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we had the s.w.a.t. outside and everybody had guns. and they're going to start shooting, so we started hiding in the bathroom. >> the second suspect was arrested a few blocks away. the incident began when the suspect went 0 -- to a former work place. >> high winds and choppy surf nearly caused big trouble for two it could surfers in san francisco today. the wind and water combination causes one surfer to break hisboard and another to crash his it kite. the sfpd water rescue team was cowld out and went into the ocean about the surfers managed to get back themselves. a scared sacramento international airport. what happened after the tsa thought five people slipped through security. plus. >> the eve of the oscars i took to not one but two oscar nominees. >> a rising hollywood starlet.
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then she threw it away to live a life devoted to god. her unusual story later this hour. >> leigh: and hi there. i'm leigh glaser. we have clear sky and the wind has started to die down. so get ready for cold temperatures overnight. and also the return of the rain in the accuweather seven-day
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>> oakland police are developing a plan to combat a rash of gun violence that left two people dead and 15 others injured last week. a man was shot outside a nightclub in downtown oakland. police say he is not expected to live. we shot this video of a shooting
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on holly street quade -- yesterday and got this video of another shooting on wednesday. friday, city officials toured some of oakland's roughest neighborhoods, discussing ways to prevent the violence with residents. >> a security scare at sacramento international airport. a check point and concourse were shut down after a metal detector was left unattended. several people were suspected of going through unscreened. they were eventually located and rescreened. two officers have been removed from screening duties. >> we're gearing up for the oscars right here on abc-7. it ticks off tomorrow at 1:00: 30 spend the big show at 5:00. >> rear we're already on -- >> we're already on the carpet. >> we're now less than 24 hours until hollywood's biggest night. i'm here on the red carpet where they're putting on the finishing
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touches. earlier i talked to two oscar nominees. unfortunate one didn't have much to say. >> did you have any idea you would get an as score nomination for a role where you did not speak. >> i had no idea. >> what was your reaction? >> wonderful. it's your colleagues who decide about it. >> i'm standing by with melissa mccarthy a day before the oscars, and she has lost her voice. her husband is here so i'm going to try to talk to him and see if he can give us a little dish. >> are you going up on stage with her if she win friday. >> oh, god, no. >> who is going to talk? >> she will pull it out here. if that happens -- >> did she get sick?
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>> laryngitis. >> you're not sick, not contagious. >> no. no. >> but what hayes everyone buzzing? that would be host billy crystal. yes. he is hosting, the 84th annual dame academy awardses. >> he is never vicious or malicious, and i hope he has the opening montage where he puts himself in movies. >> if you have oscar fever, go to and get a lot of oscar history and find everything you knee to -- indiana to throw the perfect oscar party. and you can join the conversation on twitter by using hash tag oscars ff. >> let's tawg to leak leigh glaser. she says we have much need rain. >> leigh: a few light showers tomorrow night and a better chance of rain as we head into
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the middle part of next week. but we have cleared out nicely. the gusty winds of earlier in the day have started to die down, and on the satellite radar composite, mainly clear conditions right now across the bay area, but check out this system, starting to dive south. and this is going to bring us the clouds throughout the course of the day tomorrow, and then a chance of a few light showers overnight tuesday night, monday morning. temperature weiss, going to notice this def is -- definitel, colder readings, 43 in half moon bay. 50 in san francisco, oakland, 51. 44, livermore. temperatures are going dive overnight. much colder overnight scenario for you. decrease wind. partly cloudy conditions, a cool day. that wind will pick up as well late in the afternoon, and then we'll put in the slight chance of showers developing overnight, sunday night, monday morning so chilly temperatures, 31 in santa
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rosa, napa, 5. 9 # 39 -- 39 for antioch. 37 in san jose. here's the setup. now on the backside of this cold front. the northerly winds rushed in as it passed through us around noontime or. so the winds have died down, so a colder night tonight. you can get a sense of what is upstream, some of the high clouds starting to move into extreme northern california, and this low is what is going to drop south. you'll stay off the coast but the counterclockwise spin will throw the clouds and a chance of moisture and showers, mainly south of san jose. you can see that on the forecast animation and this is going to bring low snow level to our higher peeks, could possibly see a light dusting or small accumulation. we'll begin this at 7:00 a.m. clear skies but the clouds start to thicken up as the low drops
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south. 6:00, you can get a seasons the showers staying off the coast, then the overnight hours some moisture will venture in, this is monday morning. the higher hill tops, getting some snowfall. 5:00 a.m. monday morning, much of the rain to the south, and then we'll continue to see improving weather conditions by monday afternoon. the next storm system, stronger one, tuesday night and wednesday. here's a look at the highs. a little cooler tomorrow. 54 for san francisco. interior north, and east bay locations, mid-to upper 50s expected. remember the breezes will pick up. possibility -- month -- monterrey, 54. sunday night, monday morning, break until the next system moves in overnight tuesday. a good chance we all get west on wednesday of. cooler temperatures then and then warm things up, dry things up the end of the work week.
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>> and plenty of snow in tahoe. >> well, colin is in for shu bus shu is working baseball. >> shu is having a good time in scottsdale. so i'm taking over. a major blow to the a's infield on day one. mike shumann reports from giants camp where they hope a new-look
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>> to steal a kevin bacon like, these are the facts of the case and they're undisputed. the giants were last in the league in on base percentage and hitting, could things improve with a new-look outfield? >> mike: angel pagan is the complete package and may be the missing piece of the puzzle for the giants. >> i like to be a table setter, like to get on base, put pressure on the bases and my teammates can have a chance to bring somebody in and we got a
11:25 pm
tremendous pitching staff. >> mike: also has the speed and range to cover center field at at&t park. >> my philosophy is to play the defense. that way the pitching staff are comfortable, they know somebody back there make play for them. >> mike: being a switch-hitter, big advantage. >> became a switch-hitter in 2003. >> very exciting, the but of speed he has, great attitude, very good player. and we're looking at him to help be a catalyst on this ball club. >> mike: melky cabrera is another piece of it for bruce bochy. >> he just wants to be part of the team and a winning team, and very versatile, which gives me a lot of flexibility. another guy that makes us more athletic.
11:26 pm
>> mike: some skill on this team. >> there is. i like to think the balance in the lineup is tremendous. we have speed and power and everything. i think we're going to be all right. going to bring the championship back. >> mike: a bold prediction but they play center field and first and second and we have found two angels in the outfield. >> huge blow for the a's infield on day one. starting third baseman scott sizemore win down with a sprained left knee. status for the opener mark 28th in tokyo against seattle uncertain. still to come, the sharks' road woes continue at the music city, and rex walters goes wild at the war memorial. the west coast conference title
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on >> welcome back. gonzaga won a share of the west coast conference title for 12 straight years bus a win to end
11:30 pm
that track. guys not happy. first half, where is waldo? there he is. 10 points for the gaels but the dons thinking upset. usf by one at the break. second half. one of this four threes. led all scorers with 16. getting some p.t. with holt out with injuries. rob jones, cleaning up. 67-60. st. mary's outright champs. >> tonight summed us stanford's season, mastif -- massive inconsistency. cardinal one one. 30 seconds left. the three-ball, utes on top by two. 58-57, utah. >> poor santa clara valiant
11:31 pm
effort at lmu. flashing, dunking, he had 11 but the broncos suffered their 17th straight loss, 68-of 5. finish winness league play. >> two shots, two goals two mistakes, game over. those are the word sharks coach todd mcclellan after the game in nashville. antiniemi. he allowed three goals. first one team, two minutes in. jordan tutu to wilson, 3-1 game in the second. then 3-2. no more shark highlights. san jose now 2-5-1 on their nine, game road trip. >> later on, what mike tyson was doing in san carlos today and what terrell owens is doing back on a football field. two interesting stories. >> thanks. >> i'm a little disappointed you
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>> good evening. >> in tonight's headlines, gas prices continue to climb. the national average is 3.67 a gallon. the state average is now 4.25. $5 a gallon to be right rind the corner. >> gas and the economy on the mind of given given -- newt gingrich today. the featured speaker at the state republican con vefnlings he says if -- >> police in south san francisco arrested two men following a long standoff.
11:36 pm
the suspects confronted a former employer using a baseball bat and a gun, inflicting minor injuries, then they fled when police arrived. >> we're just minutes away from oscar sunday and hours away from the first awards being handed out. >> but when he oscars hit the air tomorrow the san francisco bay area will have more than a passing interest. our region has multiple nominees so a local university has an impressive track record. here's the story of an underdog film program with a lot of stake. >> allison huffman was nice enough take time too speak to a reporter. she isn't famous yet. >> when you leave here? >> that's the scary part. >> a student at san francisco state university, where the cinema program is world renowned. today its most notable grand took time to speak with us via "skype". >> one of the things san
11:37 pm
francisco state did for me, it encourages the spirit of experiment addition. >> you know his work. he got nominated for sounded didding in electrons former and the two-time winner already, just today, pat jackson's looked at his oscar winning work in low lord of the rings." >> '' -- he believes students from here succeed because the program is less commercial. >> we don't try to teach students to be hollywood filmmakers. we try to teach them how to express themselves in film in media, creatively, artistically. >> you get to do everything. you can tell people, did every single part of the cinema process. >> and all of that with a state university suffering from budget
11:38 pm
cuts. >> it would be nice if the state of california would recognize the csu system is doing a public service. >> so instead hey get recognition for the academy and maybe sunday they can celebrate its newest "skype" man. >> if he wins? >> we throw a party. we invite him back for a talk and ask him for a donation. >> at san francisco state, abc-7 news. >> there's one member of the academy who is taking her annual trek back to hollywood. delores hart's story reads like a movie script. >> in her day they called her the next grace kelly. the quintessential hollywood starlet. 50 years ago she was at the top of her game, appearing alongside anthony gwynn, robert wagner, montz comery chit. >> they don't knee me. >> she even aberdeen out the dream of every young woman at the time, sharing her first
11:39 pm
on-screen kiss with elvis pressley in the movie, loving you. , and after all this years chev is back on the silver screen. this time at the age of 73. playing herself, mother delores in the oscar nominated hb oohdom documentary, "god is the bigger elvis." >> i often wonder why the lord gave me such an opportunity to audition for elvis. there were so many of news line that day. and i just can't believe that i got the part. >> out everything chepged when she visited a convents in connecticut to get some rest. >> the abbey was like a agrees of god that just entered my life in a way that was totally unexpected. and god was the vehicle. he was the bigger elvis.
11:40 pm
>> after six years of fame and mounting fortunes she says she left the hollywood spot lit -- spotlight for a higher calling. >> i was no love with god. >> not your typical hollywood ending but a love story that just may be worthy of oscar gold. abc news, los angeles. >> our oscar coverage begins at 1:30 with on he red carpet at the oscars. the award show begins at 5:00 and wraps up with oprah winfrey on "jimmy kimmel live" you can join the conversation on twitter by using hash tag oscaró sf. >> on to the antioscars or the razzies. and adam sandler did not have a good year, at least by razz si standards. sandler received a record 11 nominations today for being the worst star, producer, or writer in three movies this year.
11:41 pm
one was "jack and jill" where sandler was animal nateed for worse actor and actress because he plays his own sister. ago ooh nominees for worst picture include breaking dawn part one. the winners will be announced on april fool's day. >> the biggest trends around and why tin is one of the hot's sites. >> we have the silly side of the moon just ahead. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser here. clear sky. we have rain coming back to the bay area next week. plus, we'll take a look at the oscar forecast for tomorrow as well. ñsñsóx÷snñññññññññññññ
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>> the tech world is always buzzing with new trend, new ideas and new issues. >> david pogue stopped by 7 live to talk about some of the hottest topics in the tech world >> pin tres. >> i have been reading my column. it's an amazing success story. the first web site in history to reach ten million visitors a month, from the starting point. so it's a visual pinboard, visual bull litton board. it's free. your going to plan your wedding or redesign ideas for your kitchen, you serve the web you
11:45 pm
say i like that picture and it rounds these up into a single bullet continueboard. it's big on fashion, accessories, crafts. if it sounds like it's a female oreend site -- >> it is highly addictive. i have been on there and i've got -- get on pinterest. i said, i don't need another thing sucking new time. >> it's successful and a big time drain. >> how do you see social media evolving. >> it's amazing, we wrapped up in facebook, chris about to -- which is about to sign up it's one billionth person. can you imagine that? are we thinking this through? but even that is just the beginning. twitter -- what i don't understand how the average person is supposed to stay on top of all this stuff. it's my job to know what is happening online, and i do it
11:46 pm
fulltime, and even for me it's like drinkingçó from a fire hos. what, another new thing? so all i can guess it's going to splintser. you'll be on the couple that serve you. >> you recently gave a talk about kids and technology. what do we see changing and developing with kids and all this high-tech they have at their fingertips. >> this fall is the first year kid entering college have known the internet since the day they were born. never a time when there one an internet. so it's a different world. my seven-year-old, forñi exampl, you can judge me -- he is addicted to the ipad. you try to take it away and he cries, and i know your first thought is, that's terrible, you're a bad patient. but what he is doing on that thing is creative stuff. he is doing garage and making musical comp position and makes puppet shows and speak the lines, and lately he started typing out little stories.
11:47 pm
dad, how do you spell because. i'm going to pull that away from him because it's electronic? >> are you saying that's a good thing? >> that's great. you can watch 7 live every weekday from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. >> now for a bit of relatively low tech but amazing video. you can hear two two apollo 17 astronauts singing while strolling on the moon,. ♪ i was strolling on the moon one day in the very, very month of -- december -- may -- may. >> i like to skip. >> not me. >> they need work on the harmonizing a bet, nasa just rereleased this video from december of 197 2. astronauts jack schmidt and eugene cernan. the final apollo mission and the last time humans stepped on the
11:48 pm
moon. >> back here on earth, leigh glaser is checking our forecast. >> leigh: we're going down to southern california. a little thing called the oscars going on there tomorrow. a terrific day. l.a. tomorrow, 68 degrees, a mixture of sun and cloud. come monday morning, though, los angeles is looking at temperatures in the mid-50s and we're talking about rain in the forecast. so just get the oscars in just in time. 50 the fresno. a cooled front off the coast that will thicken our clouds in the afternoon. mid-up toker 40s. 54 for san francisco. 53 for half moon bay. 58 for antioch 60 and increasing clouds for gilroy, and i do want to show you the accuweather seven-day forecast because a chance of showers moves inçó overnights night, early monday morning, mainly south of san
11:49 pm
jose. the wind picks up on monday afternoon. we'll look for clearing there and then rain likely as we headi to the overnight hours, tuesday andko wednesday, and then after that we'll see some more sunshine, drying things out and warming temperatures up. >> thank you, league. >> the daytona 500 tomorrow. >> he oscars is the big thing elsewhere, the daytona is it. see what danicka patrick did today, and terrell owens back in football and back on the field. mike tyson is not making a comeback but we spotted him in san carlos. all-star saturday in the nba highlighted by this guy. who? ♪
11:50 pm
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>> blake griffin was the number one pick in the 2010 nba draft. jeremy evans, 55th. griffin leads the scoring and evans is 12th. tonight evans joined griffin as the slam-dunk champion. we start with the shooting stars competition. alan houston, who drains it from half court. kevin love, 610, a pour -- powered forward, edges durant.
11:53 pm
remember the blind towedded dunk in the best of the night. jeremy evans, over gordon hayward, dunk, and then the chinup for the effect. evans the slam dunk champion. gone -- gone sag ha, a win over usf tonight in st. mary's could inthe streak. rex walters, raging. first half, where is waldo in there he is, 10 points and 12 board, but the dons thinking upset. three-ball. usf by one at the break. second half. where he has been ail year. a game are high 16. gaels upset 6155. rob jones cleaning up. 67-60. st. mary's are outright wcc champs. on thursday night, stanford beat a very good colorado team in bowel ter by 24.
11:54 pm
tonight they lost to a six-win utah team in salt lake. 58-57. >> women's side. stanford ups the home win streak to 78 games, with a thin over utah on senior night, and cal crushes -- the stanford combine, four of jim harbaughs're slated as number one picks, andrew luck is number one. his lone duty today, sight testing. jonathan martin and david decastro could both go in the top 15 spend the theirs fleener, recovering from the badly sprained ankle, so no running for him. he will wait for pro day. >> anyplacer is running, not running 100%, not full speed yesterday, and to try to do something this week would probably set him back.
11:55 pm
so he needs to be healthy. >> speaking of healthy. terrell owens making his indoor football leighday buoy for the al length wranglers. still hope are for one more shot in the nfl. the wranglers beat the wichita wall. >> with a win rory mcilroy can attain something his girlfriend already has, number one in the world. mcilroy in command. from the greenside bunker on 13. doesn't get much better than that except going in, ml mcilroy, the 3 and 2 win to advance the semis and faces lee wed wus. 3 and 2 over laird, moving on as well. hunter mahan, the american, destroyed matt kuchar. he mitts mark wilson. >> the daytona 500 is norm. the nationwide series took
11:56 pm
center stage today as danicka patrick had the pole but would exit early. her teammate bumped her out. she was not happy. final lab now. the busch brothers in front and then chaos. >> three wide in turn four. trouble in the corner. a vicious crash. the race leader is james buescher. >> unbelievable. >> james buescher. who? exactly. he avoids the mayhem by inches. first nationwide win, his 4th 3h 34th start. >> the highest attended test session at infineon, watched ryan briscoe fly roundtable -- around the cores. >> college baseball, stanford now 6-0 after beating texas. and look at this, cal poly scores the winning conversion as time expires to put an end to cal rugby's 63-match win streak,
11:57 pm
22-20. finally tonight, iron mike tyson in san carlos? signing out grafs, wasn't in a talking mood for the camera. the event put on by barry bonds' one time friend steve hoskins. >> don't want to push it with mike mike tyson. >> thanks for watching, good night, credits
11:58 pm
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