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drive to safety
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looks like mexico has a new president, mexican immigrants in the bay area are not rejoicing. >> mexico's former ruling party is claiming victory tonight. latest polls shows pena nieto shows a win. you have been speaking with mexicans if a live he are in the bay area. >> many voters say they kicked out the pre-party of 2000 base of alleged corruption during 71 years of rule of country. now it's back and the reception is mixed. >> today mexican nationals gathered on 24th and mission streets to cast a vote, symbolic
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because they say the mexican government made it almost impossible for them to vote in this election. he said he tried but couldn't vote. he doesn't trust the pre-party whose candidate, pena nie took an overwhelming lead over the other candidates. >> i think they have to repair to work their reputation because many presidents have been brought down by drug cartels. the party had a reputation of corruption. they say a victory for them means demonstrations by students that refuse to recognize them. >> under this party and the ruling party for so many years, that want to come back to power.
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>> pena is is a seen as someone that can bring about reform. one of negotiators 21 years ago but he thinks it's good for the u.s. and improve cooperation. >> everybody knows that the government has to be restructured and it has to be open. new labor laws have to be put into the books. >> as far as dealing with the drug cartels, he thinks a solution is in the distant future. maybe not in the new president's power. >> it won't be solved for the next 10-15 years because mexico we don't have a real police or real courts. >> there are an estimated 10 million mexican nationals that could have cast absentee ballots. they couldn't get ballots because the election would have had a different outcome if they
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had. >> a man died after being shot at a public housing project in san francisco this evening, just before 7:30 somebody opened fire on the victim a few blocks from the cow palace. he died after being rushed to san francisco general hospital. another shooting death this time in oakland, police responded to a a fire call just before 5:30. they found a man in his 20s inside his car on sunset drive. he was actually shot about a mile away on mountain boulevard but he managed to drive but the man was dead when police found him. >> just as tough fire station is gig, three fire stations is shughd down in eastern contra costa. they closed their doors for the last time and 15 firefighters have lost their jobs. east bay reporter nick smith has the story from contra costa.
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>> it's really hard to say goodbye. >> she and her friends watches the firefighters on bethel island shut off the lights for the last time. >> i get to know the firemen. they are like family. >> the station is one of three in the east contra costa fire protection district to forced to close because of an $8 million shortfall. they warned residents of what was to come. >> i didn't see it. >> they said no to a parcel tax that would have covered the budget shortfall. now the government is working with a skeleton crew. nine firefighters per shift to cover 250 square miles. >> people are losing their homes. they are losing their jobs. every penny counts. >> and could prove to be rougher still. they have laid off 50
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firefighters that were excellent employees. were fewer stations and less firefighters i had to ask them. what does it mean in the event of an emergency call. >> our response times in the you oner edge of the district is going to increase, looking at 13-414 minute response times. -- 13-14 minute response times. >> the people out here, we all come together for whatever cause it is. i know we're going figure out something. >> she and her friends may need to rely on each other more than ever before. a fund-raiser was held in san francisco to benefit people who lost their home to an apartment fire nearly two months ago. two apartment buildings burned at the corner of valencia street and debose.
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>> they are not sure where they are going to be. we're trying to raise money so they can find housing. >> i know it was hard for us, but we're all family. we're trying to help out as much as we can. >> they have established paypal accounts online for people that want to donate. >> a man that was convicted of killing three members of a family was implicated in another murder. edwin ramos received a life sentence in the shooting death of the three back in june of 2008. now, the san francisco chronicle that an informant told the f.b.i. in april of 2006 that ramos shot a rival gang member todeath two weeks earlier. it appears the f.b.i. never took any action to capture ramos at
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the time. closing arguments are expected tomorrow in a case of a man accused of beating a priest. william link took the stand on friday in his own defense. he took jurors that father lindner sexually assaulted him and his brother. 36 years later he met the father at a retirement home and beat him. he testified as describing the attack but denied molesting him. >> police chase and arrested a man that judged on a track in oakland. they alerted bart after a man jumped on the track around noon. they cut off power to the third rail while police searched for him and stopped two trains before they reached their next stop. >> everything after that, it was already packed. >> we are balancing with the
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needs of service for the needs of safety. today it worked out well. the person was taken into custody. >> bart did restore power to one track after a woman aboard a train called 911 and complained of breathing problems. paramedics treated her at the west oakland station. >> just ahead, deadly weather on the east coast and it isn't over yet. >> and the dangers over the laundry detergent. are manufacturers doing enough to protect you? >> and how a pet industry is helping bring in a new rules. >> outside we go, i'm seeing a little clear sky. fog is sitting off the coast. a little warmer
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the death toll stands at 14 after a series of storms pounded parts of eastern u.s. storms toppled trees and brought down power lines. lines formed for ice in baltimore. more than three million people sweltering in maryland and washington, d.c. waiting to get their power back. it's been a hot week for crews battling those huge wildfires in colorado but tonight, some of the evacuees were allowed to return to their homes. we have a close up look at what they are fighting. >> colorado's most destructive wildfire ever is slowly being tamed. >> with 45% contain zbly a week
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of punishing fire storms killed two people. for the first time, residents like shauna saw the aftermath up close. her home is now gone. >> the washinger and drier was in the hole. was down in the hole of the basement. then we saw a little bunny in the rubble which gave me hope. because i was worried about the animals. >> we made an exclusive trek to the front line. there we met dan and firefighters from redding, california. >> they usually put us on the steepest most inaccessible hottest parts of the fire. >> they worked shifts in hot spots. scorched ground underneath, hundreds of degree hoter. >> firefighters say this area hasn't burned in well over a hundred years. there is twice as much fuel as there should be. things like douglas fir and
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ponderosa pine. >> as july the 4th officials, they are banning fireworks and cancelling show from indiana to utah. the fear with monster orange flames now snuffing out the rocket's red glare. >> a chinese company is taking a big bite out of apple. they have agreed to pay them $60 million to settle a dispute over ownership of the. i pad name. they said they bought the rights back in 2009 but they say ownership wasn't transferred. >> entrepreneurs in silicon valley. they have awarded a satellite patent office to san jose. silicon valley has lock been known to innovation and companies like apple, eab and yahoo. >> when you think about 25% of
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all the patents in america come from silicon valley, having an office here is really going to make a difference for our technology. instead of going to virginia, to file a patent or talk to patented examiners, you will be able to come right here in the valley. >> commerce department will make the formal announcement tomorrow morning. here a great thing on the iphone. we have launched the only local alarm clock app so you can wake up to traffic and news. >> it will be designed to wake you up. kristen sze shows us how it works. >> for more and more people the alarm clock is being replaced with your iphone. now, abc7 can get you out of bed and on your way. >> good morning sunshine. >> here is how it works. there is no need to go searching
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for news while you were sleeping. with the alarm clock app, local news, traffic and weather are all there in one place. you can start your day with a special app from the weather team. >> wake up to the abc news theme. >> or choose from one of our classic ring tones. unlike other alarm apps the free app let's you wake up to music from your own library. once you are up, you can instantly check your local news that happened overnight and get our by -- hour by hour weather forecast and seven-day forecast to plan your week. we have up-to-the-minute before you head out the door. >> all the news, weather and traffic you count on air is there with you when you wake up. >> and you can get your abc7
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alarm clock app from the apple's app store. >> for the weather right now -- >> this a big week ahead. holiday week is with us and looks like the weather is going to cooperate. >> boy sit out there right now. not as dense and not as widespread. high definition rooftop cam. you can see the pyramid right there. picking up some of the low cloudy in the and last few hours started to pull away from the coast. we'll take you in closer, can see off the coast here. we still have some in the bay heading over to san leandro but right here this is going to move inland tonight. we are going to have to deal with the mist and drizzle.
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one more night of widespread clouds and fog. 58 in antioch. that is mild. looking at temperatures in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. here is a look at our highlights. low clouds and fog, a little warmer for monday afternoon and sunny and mild looks like right now for 4th of july holiday on wednesday. overnight tonight. low clouds will continue to move inland. this is 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, this could have some delays at sfo and mist and drizzle. you niet might need windshield wipers. we'll get more into a northerly wind and you can see what happens. it squashes the marine layer to the south of us. lows mid to upper 50s and then we'll look for the drizzle to sit right near the coast as well as the bay. this has been the culprit for the cooler than normal air mass.
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it is moving off to the east and trough of low pressure. it will be replaced by higher pressure which will bring us the north to northwesterly winds that will help thin out the clouds a little sooner tomorrow. here is a look at highs for monday. san jose, 78 degrees. 80 for los gatos. at the coast, remember to start off with the overcast and mist and drizzle and then start to pull away late in the afternoon. 53 degrees. 76 for palo alto. in the north bay -- san francisco tomorrow, 56 degrees. morning overcast and we return to the low 80s for santa rosa and 80 for napa. 76 for san rafael. fremont, 73. we look for 80 for concord. 84 for brentwood. gilroy tomorrow will warm up to 83 degrees.
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get ready for a couple of nice mild to warm days. inland temperatures near 90s and 60s at the coast for july the 4th. mike will be here at 4:30 in the morning tomorrow. >> abc news has all your fireworks and parades and the hole run down another shu is here and giants' fan had two things to cheer about today. >> at least. it was a busy day at at&t park. a 2002 world series reunion and reds put the icing on the cake. all this and
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. giants had four players named to the national league all-star today. buster posey will start. he received more votes. pablo sandoval selected for the second time will start at third.
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melky cabrera most votes for an outfielder, matt cain got the nod as did ryan cook. >> watched the homeland derby so it's a little surreal to have an opportunity to play in one. >> again i'm really excited. >> it's a dream come true when your team is involved in the all-star game. when you are selected to be in the all-star game, you are happy. >> it's going fun. there is nothing better than having buster back there as well and what melky and pablo have been doing it should be great. >> if you are looking for your favorite player, you can see the all-star rosters on our website at free game 2002 world series, team was honored. they lost seven games to the angels but to see the likes of dusty baker.
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love them or hate them. barry bonds. >> my father and godfather have been here a long time and to see the giants in the world series. i want them to win the world series. >> remember game five of the series? snow scored, baker picked up the scoop. fans throughout the first pitch and gloves come off after the first pitch. benches are cleared. too tied at 2. posey drives in a run. 3-1 giants. bottom of ninth, two out and two men on. pagan a flyball looks routine but jay bruce misreads it and posey scores. they win with a walk-off double
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4-3 your final. >> a's and rangers, ryan and campbell big head racing. rangers, jarvis struck out 11 but a wild pitch scores weeks. then brandon moss. >> see ya! solo shot into the upper deck. lone all-star ryan cook closes it off. nice catch made by josh read i can and the a's avoid the sweep. let's take a brief timeout to check out tiger woods. if he keeps making putts like this he may just win t
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euro cup finals between spain and italy. out in droves to watch this contest. 14th minute. he has it in one and he gets it behind the defense. spain won their third straight title, two euro cups with a world cup, 4-nil your final. >> tiger woods was not happy when he will left the bay area and he took it out in iogs own tournament. tying over 15, a 22-footer for birdie. nothing but net gives him a one-stroke lead. dropped a birdie of his own on
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15. that tied him at nine other. on 17. vanpelt's third shot and tiger will tap in the par. >> incredible week. the fast maintenance crew yesterday was a very difficult situation and they worked their tails off to get it done. everybody thank you for being patient with us. i think everybody saved it up for today and great audience to play in front of. >> coming up later, a man that took a giant leap of faith and warriors accepted him with open arms. >> and vicious a chimp attack and why he may have been too close to the animals. >> and what is causing so much damage. tonight we follow up what the manufacturers are doing to fix
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the problem. >> plus, another great bay area view for bu this one is from under water.
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good evening. >> tonight's headlines, deadly violence in the bay area. shots were fired near the cow
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palace around 7:30 this morning. a man died on the way to the hospital. >> two hours earlier in oakland a man was shot near mountain boulevard. the victim managed to drive a mile but time the police arrived he had died in his car. >> in east contra costa county there are fewer fire stations and there could be fewer firefighters. there three fire stationed closed today. 15 firefighters are expected to lose their job. >> and tonight a texas graduate student is recovering after he was attacked by chimpanzees in south africa. andrew overly was on tour of a sanctuary when he was attacked leaving him with severe cuts and broken bones. he crossed a small fence and he got too close to the enclosure.
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>> it's about saving people. he was fiercely struggling not to be pulled into the enclosure. as far as we can tell he was not dragged in all the way. he was partially lodged underneath. >> he was pummeled in what may have been a case of monkeys defending their territory. one witness say he may have been trying to take a rock away from a chimp. >> now to an update. back in may. there has been a surge of calls to poison control centers after children ate colorful packets of laundry detergent. the company has promised to make changes. but have they? >> it's bright, bite-sized and to her son, it might have looked like candy. that is what her mother and a half was eating. >> i thought they got into the candy and they were eating candy.
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>> minutes after it bursted in her mouth, she had severe vomiting and diarrhea. >> you don't think about safety proofing laundry detergent. >> 200 kids have been poisoned by similar packs in the five months. some severely. poison centers are seeing an average of ten cases a day, some as many as 28. >> what the problem the way these look? >> they are small and be handled by children very easily. some of them look like candy. children are just attracted to them. >> we spoke to the manufacturers back in may about story. makers of tide said they will have new packaging by summer. let's see if they did. >> not yet. but procter & gamble says it will. they will soon have a double latched lid and a warning and
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they are should object shelves soon. other manufacturers say they, too, are reviewing the safety of their packaging. in the meantime, poison control experts say they shouldn't be out of reach of children they should be locked up. a new discovery could help patients suffering from lung cancer. they have discovered that a human protein called axl promotes resistance against a drug. it could lead better treatments involving medicine that could block the protein. findings were published in nature genetics. >> muni in san francisco will be the first tran agency in the nation to begin all door boarding. it's been the policy on light rail line. muni customers with valid proof of payment can board in that way
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and expected to reduce boarding time. >> several transit agencies increased fares today. caltrain is charging a quarter more each way. golden gate transit increased fares 25 cents each way. bart raised their fares and ferry fares are 25 cents more for trips. service between sausalito and san francisco will cost you an extra 50 cents. >> it will cost to travel over bridges. tolls increased for big trucks and rvs. it's five dollars per axle on the seven state owned bridges and 6 dollars per axle on the golden gate bridge. >> just ahead, here is to honor. >> a real as two films took the
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lead but which film on top. >> and unique look at the terrain in the bay, amazing new underwater animation. >> if you are doing traveling tomorrow. back east where it is so hot. we'll take a look at forecast for
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you can see
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government scientists have release an animated fly through of the ocean floor east coast coast of san francisco. >> first of a kind look at dramatic mountains and ravines. >> in assignment 7, news anchor dan ashley looks at the high-tech tool to help critical ocean ecosystems. >> when you head out to the gate you shall headed into the fair longs. 200 square miles of habitat protected by law and we're only beginning to learn what natural wonders may be here. >> we mapped the sea floor and we found things we didn't know was out there before. >> she is part of a coalition of government agencies that created this 3-d animation. these are most detailed images of the sanctuary of the geography ever made. they were made in a video. >> the farallon islands emerged
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from the sea 27 miles. >> just beyond the islands, there was a steep wall of ravines and canyons that plunged more than 6,000 feet deep. this mapping was done a technique called multibeam. >> you send beams of sound down and it bounces off the sea floor and brings back an image. this allows us to see the sea floor. >> north and west of the islands the mapping project revealed details of a huge shallow banks that create underwater islands. scientists believe much of this may be critical habitat for a wide variety of different creatures. this area is few miles south of cardel bank. it is full of spectacular life and the newly discovered areas hold the promise of similar diversity. huge schools of fish, and deep
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see coral. they are hoping to find exactly this kind of an environment. >> coal reefs survive. it's important that we protect these areas. we, did coral reefs survive and it's going to support commercial fishing. >> exploring the ocean is challenging and conditions can be harsh and many of habitats are too deep for divers. now that scientists have a detailed map to show them where to look, the next step will be an expedition this fall what a remotely operated vehicle to take pictures. >> in order for us to protect the marine environment we need to know what is out there. >> to see the full animated fly through of the sanctuary for apologies we have a link a >> it's been cold and foggy out there. >> and return of summer.
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>> waited a couple days and temperatures will return back to the low 90s add as we head into tuesday and wednesday. speaking of the low clouds and fog, very dense right now. if you are travel down, say to southern california tomorrow morning a possibility there could be some delays of bay area local airports. big sur, 70 degrees. 76 for los angeles. a hot one in palm springs, 106. sacramento will warm to 93 degrees. 98 for salt lake city. dallas will be at 94. you will feel quite a bit of heat 103 in n st. louis. here is look at our numbers. antioch, 83 and 81 for livermore. 80 for concord. in the north bay, san rafael, near 76. 66 for san francisco, 78 for san jose and 73 for santa cruz and 80 tomorrow for hollister. warm things up more so as we
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head into tuesday and 4th of july on wednesday with temperatures inland near 90 and mid-60s at the coast. then we'll start to cool things back down for friday and saturday. it was a battle between the sexes at the box office. >> the comedy ted opened at number one earning $54 million. magic mike also out stripped expectations earning $40 million in it's opening week end. the movie had women packing the theaters. >> they buy tickets in block. its girls night out kind of thing. that music to the ears of studio executives and theater owners. >> female fans made up 73% of the audience.
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brave raised their haul $131 million earning another $34 million this weekend. witness protection opened in fourth. >> it wasn't a movie but my little tony that draw thousands to new jersey. these weren't little girls. 4,000 men in brightly colored costumes attended bronies. those are guys that like the cartoon my little pony. there is nothing weird about the love for the show but it has great stories and character and animation. shu, i'm going toss it to you on this one. >> speaking of sports, world of sports, warriors chief operating officer, changing a
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the world of sports has never been a friendly environment for openly gay athletes or coaches. rick says he hopes it will open more doors for men and zblim rick welch never expected to be where he is today. >> the response is extraordinary. >> his other half frequently pops by the team's office, something he thought he couldn't do. todd gates have never spoken
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publicly about his life with rick. >> he is very comfortable. no, sir not that he was uncomfortable doing his job. there is no secrets or walls. >> they knew rick was gay with friends and family but was a secret in the sports world. >> the hope by doing it such a public way, it would really improve the quality and quantity of the dialogue in an area that we have such a hard time talking about in sports. >> it's not a secret anymore. rick is even introduced his partner to top boss david stern. he was the president of phoenix suns but on the front page of "new york times" he announced he is gay. it was a risk. arizona is one of 29 states that you still be fired for being gay. he wrote a book about his life and career but the warriors wanted to hire one of top executives. >> i think it will contribute to a cultural change. >> i think it's good to have openly gay people working every
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place. the idea that they have to be in closet is actually suffocateding. >> even so the men's professional support is still considered by many to be off-limits. >> outline and news and discussion sites for gay sports fans. >> never have athletes come out of the closet or never had a coach or finally had our first and rick is a ground breaker. >> only a handful of professional athletes revealed after their. don came out in 2007. >> i had conversations with street teammates said they didn't want to hang around me. they didn't want to hang around me because they were that way, too. >> they spoke about the impacted
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of welch coming out? >> i think he can take his place as a powerful individual within the community there. >> rick won't say if any players have reached out to him on advice on coming out. >> i think it's inevitable will decide for personal reasons they are ready to take that step. >> he looked at this last year amazed how things are played out. on his desk a picture of his partner, something just a year ago would have been unthinkable. >> the mark of progress will be when this is no longer a story. he took a huge risk. hopefully it breaks down more bear yers in the world of sports. >> giants facing the reds today and i'm willing to bet this is one of few 102-year-old giant fans. buster posey drives in a run. had i gel singles a tying run.
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agan, fly ball to right. looks routine for bruce, does he misread that. giants win an exciting game 4-3 the final. >> a's are in texas facing rangers nolan ryan and campbell. in the seventh, brandon moss adds insurance. 427 feet in the upper deck. oakland takes the lead and ryan cook came to close things out with two out in the ninth. a's avoid the sweep with a 3-1 victory. >> and move on to the national. tying other 15 a birdie here. and nothing but net gives tiger a one-stroke lead and will tap it in for the win.
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and he passes jack nicklaus for second most wins on the pga tour. this sports report has been brought to you by river rock casino. >> that will do it for this edition. >> we continued tomorrow morning at 4:30 am. >> thank you for joining us. go to
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