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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 2, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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rica thicaptioned by closed captioning services, inc. good morning. thanks for joining us i'm
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katie marzullo in for eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. right now the search is on for a suspected hit-and-run driver after an early morning crash involving two vehicles. the collision happened at lakeville road just after midnight. officers say the driver and the passenger car died at the scene. but, they haven't been able to find a driver of the pick-up. the person left the scene and could be injured. all lanes are reopened in that area that is the little bit of good news. drivers should use cue shun officers are still out there conducting the investigation. courtroom battle begins today over thomas kincade's multi-million dollar estate. his wife and girlfriend both claim it belongs to them. amy hollyfield is live in san jose. >> reporter: good morning. two women in kincade's life both believe they have a right
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to his estate they are willing to fight it out in court in san jose today. thomas kincade died in april after drinking alcohol and taking valium. his mistress says she has two handwritten with wills from the artist that give her 10 million dollars and his compound, his home and his studio. she says he wanted her to create aiken cade museum. amy pinto says she and indicated were deeply in love and planned to get married. nanette kincade has called pinto a gold digger, she is legally separated from thomas kincade, they were married for 28 years. today the two women will take their dispute to court. a judge is expected to decide who will be chosen to administer the paymenter's estate. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. -- this morning, mexico's former ruling party is claiming victory in the nation's presidential
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election. after being on the sidelines the past 12 years. the latest results given reek kay nieto -- give enrique nieto 40% of the vote. [ unintelligible ] >> everybody knows that -- [ unintelligible ] new labor laws have to be put on the books. >> others think nieto is good for the u.s. and will improve cooperation. seen by older mexicans as a person who can bring about badly needed stability and reforms. oakland police investigating a homicide near the oakland hills.
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officers responded 5:30 yesterday and found a man in his 20s inside his car. the man was shot a mile away. he managed to drive. the man was dead when police found him in the vehicle no word if there are possible suspects. san francisco police investigating a deadly shooting at a public housing project before 7:30 last night someone opened fire on the victim a few blocks from the cow palace. police found the victim lying in the street he died after being rushed to san francisco general hospital. investigators in san jose looking for an arsonist this morning after a fire at independence high school. someone set fire to the theater building before 7:00 last night. firefighters arrived to find the door to the building on fire and flames spreading to the roof only minor damage, no one was hurt. in concord investigators
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trying to figure out what started a fire that gutted two apartments it broke out yesterday morning in a building on clayton way near willow pass road. it took half an hour to bring it under control, nobody hurt, a transient is now in custody. this morning, three fire stations in contra costa county are closed and 15 firefighters have been laid off because of lack of money. after voters said no to a parcel tax measure in the june election. nick smith shows how the closures will impact people. >> just very emotional for us. really hard to say good-bye. >> reporter: hard because she and her friends watched the firefighters shut often lights and lock the doors for the last time. >> you get to know these -- know these firemen they are like family, they know all of the locals as well. >> reporter: the station on
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bethel island is one of three in the east contra costa fire protection district forced to close because of an 8 million dollar shortfall. in june residents were warned of what was to come. voters said no to a $197 annual parcel tax that would have covered the shortfall. now the department is working with the skeleton crew. nine firefighters, per shift, to cover 250 square miles. chief henderson has had to lay-off 15 firefighters. >> our response times in the outer edges of the district are going to increase probably close to double, 13, 14 minute response times to the farrest ends of the district. >> reporter: double the time when every second counts. nick smith, abc7 news. 4:36. time forever our first check of weather. never been pore grateful to the misty skies -- been more grateful to the misty skies of san francisco than when i see
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the national map and the heatwave. absolutely, cool again this morning. live doppler showing a lack of rain out there, we are off to a dry start storm track well north orange is drier air being undercut by the marine layer the reason why we have clouds also the reason why we'll see a lot of sunshine into the afternoon. starting off in the 50s, mostly cloudy, as we head towards noon clouds back mainly to the coast, except for a few like we had over the weekend hanging around the bay shore, 50s along the coast, 60s and 70s for the rest of us. 60s at the coast, as we head towards 7:00, we drop back into the 60s a few 70s well inland. tomorrow, jump up a few
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degrees same for wednesday, slight cooling trend into thursday. first track of traffic. couple problems already as we've been reporting, overnight fatality midnight in petaluma lakeville highway at old lakeville road number one out of lanes chp on scene one-way traffic control in this area. elsewhere, problem southbound 101 leaving san jose at coyote creek road stalled bus partially blocking right ldìc% noo significant slowing. peninsula northbound 101 san antonio road accident blocking left lane. bay bridge toll approach light no problems coming into san francisco. san mateo bridge taillights westbound towards foster city, no problems there.
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4:38. new information about the man convicted in a san francisco triple murder. why police could have taken him off the streets years ago. here we go again. bart transbay service disrupted for a second time in a month. this time not a fire that forced bart to shutdown.
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good morning. you are looking at the embarcadero all pretty we do not see a lot of clouds, there are a few and even a little damp in some places. the cooler days are coming to an end. meteorolist mike nicco will be here to talk about the big change for 4th of july.
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court documents show the man convicted of killing three members of a san francisco family was implicated in another murder. edwin ramos received life last month in the shooting deaths of a man and his two sons in june of 2008. the chronicle is reporting that an informant told the fbi in april of 2006, that ramos shot a rival gang member to death two weeks earlier. it appears the fbi never took any action to capture ramos at the time. bart and oakland police investigating incident that shutdown transbay service for an hour sunday. a passenger alerted bart after the man jumped on to the tracks at west oakland station around noon. bart cut off power to the third rail while police searched for him. that stopped two trains before they reached their next stop. >> everything after that was just insane. it was already packed the giants game.
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>> we are balancing needs for service with the needs for safety. today it worked out well the person was taken into custody, is safe. >> bart restored power to one track after a woman aboard a train called 911 and complained of breathing problems. paramedics treated her and she is okay now. next, the danger to your children from those laundry detergent pods. what manufacturers say they are doing to protect kids. thousands face another sweltering day of heat. a lot of people without electricity right now. they are expected to get more weather today from the system. relief this morning for thousands of homeowners forced to evacuate from the massive colorado wildfire. extraordinary lengths neighbors are going to, to help people who lost just
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welcome back. temperatures from the 60s at the coast 70s around the bay a few more 80s inland. warmer today than yesterday. the rest of the country, going to hit 100 for the fifth day in a row in st. louis. atlanta 99. 98 salt lake. 107 phoenix. upper 60s to low saveties in seattle and portland. -- low 60s -- yellow you see along the mid atlantic around the great lakes where there's a possibility of severe weather. at home everything is going well. here's a look at flight tracker at at the bottom. 4:46. fundraiser was held in san francisco yesterday to benefit people who lost their homes in an apartment fire two
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months ago on may 6th, two apartment buildings burned at valencia and dubose avenue, 37 people were displaced some still can't find housing. a family of 12 now staying on treasure island. >> they are not sure where they are going to be. we are trying to raise money to make sure they can find housing. >> i know it was hard for us like four single kids in the city but much harder for a family we are trying to help as much as we can. >> organizers have established paypal accounts online for people who want to donate. some of the 30,000 evacuated from their colorado homes are back this morning. many families have nothing left. flames raced through neighborhoods last week killing two and destroying nearly 350 homes. last night the evacuation
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orders were lifted for thousands of residents, giving them the first chance to see what is left. >> the washer and dryer was on the top floor. >> in a hole, it was down in the hole of the basement. then we saw a little bunny in the rubble, which guy me hope, because i was worried about the animals. >> 1500 firefighters are making good progress against the 26 square mile waldo canyon fire it is now 55% contained. california national guard crews have been helping. new round of devastating storms and smothering heat is hitting southwest and mid atlantic states today, 17 people died over the weekend, two million customers in several states have been without power since friday. >> reporter: new round of severe storms hammered more than a dozen statements in the last 24 hours, on the edge of
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a brutal heatwave with advisories and warnings tessed in 16 states for many the suffering continues. >> -- like an oven, brutal. >> reporter: in north carolina, three people were killed. >> oh my god! >> reporter: sunday's storms came a day after winds uprooted trees and turned power lines into mangled messes leaving millions without power residents are suffering through this heat with no ac many may not see power return until the end of the week. >> for a few days it is okay, obviously with the triple digit temperatures it is very uncomfortable. >> sharing generators. >> reporter: generators are being restock those without generators are i am pricing -- are improvising. >> we are goingo try to find a neighbor with air conditioning. >> we have a pool so we are able to cool off a little. it has been a struggle.
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>> going to the movies our house has no power. we try to come here. >> reporter: a travel nightmare for passengers on amtrak train number 51, stuck in vest which are which are nearly 24 hours when trees blocked the tracks. >> horrible. >> total isolation. >> reporter: rob nelson, abc news, new york. >> having lived in conditions like that you and me mike, happy we never have anything that severe here. >> absolutely or we would be going to the movies like those folks did. i read over the weekend, movie sales skyrocketed. >> malls, libraries. used to hang out in the freezer section grocery store. looking down on to san francisco to oakland you can see clouds.
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let's take a look at live doppler. clouds, no drizzle that i've heard of. clouds dominating the coast and bay some starting to push inland. temperatures in the 60s along the east bay shore, mountain view, san jose, los gatos, antioch everybody else mid to upper 50s. more sunshine today, slightly warmer than yesterday, mostly cloudy, cool tonight warmest afternoons tomorrow and independence day. as far as cloud cover 5:00 this morning and starts to move into the east bay valleys, santa clara over the next couple of hours, retreating back to the coast faster than it did yesterday, pockets of sunshine developing at the coast, especially along the north bay, 60s, 70s around the bay 80s inland. over in the east bay valleys, dublin, walnut creek upper
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70s. east bay shore upper 60s richmond, berkeley, hayward everybody else low to mid 70s. a few clouds around the peninsula low to mid 70s millbrae 69. low to mid 60s along the coast to mid and upper 60s downtown and south san francisco north bay beaches low 60s upper 70s to low 80s north bay valleys. head inland low 80s around morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. tonight mid and upper 50s, possibly low 50s around santa rosa, cloverdale, clear lake. i think we'll jump up a couple of degrees tomorrow maybe one more wednesday. temperatures taper back thursday pretty much hang out seasonal friday through sunday. good morning. live shot 101 through san rafael past lucas valley
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road making the curve at freitas parkway past the civic center no delays, golden gate bridge commute, we just saw the workers reconfiguring lanes, four coming southbound, two northbound and you can see little mist and fogles nothing - no visibility problems. macarthur maze smooth into the toll, 580, 880 and points beyond. in petaluma lakeville highway at old lakeville highway 1, overnight fatality, one-way traffic control in effect there. southbound 101 past coyote creek golf road leaving san jose. 101 northbound and -- san antonio off-ramp blocked. >> search on down under for the woman armed with a knife who robbed a gas station, all caught on camera. this happened yesterday in
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gold coast, australia. you can see the woman go behind the counter and try to open the cash register. the store clerk tried to fight back that's when the woman lunged at the clerk with a knife, the clerk was not hurt. the woman ran out the store. police are now looking for the woman. faa investigating weekend helicopter crash that left four dead. video shows the wreckage left in arizona's river, the chopper likely went down saturday on a flight from sedona to skots dale. the wreck wasn't -- scotts detail. the wreck wasn't spotted until yesterday morning. no word on a possible cause of the crash. a law that would have shutdown the only abortion clinic in mississippi is on whole. federal judge issued temporary restraining order hours after the new law took effect yesterday requiring everyone
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who performs abortions at the clinic in jacksonville to be an ob weather gyn with privileges. -- american association for cancer research finds drinking coffee can reduce chance of getting skin cancer. researchers studied the habits of 100,000 and found those who drank more caffeinated coffee on average developed less basal carcinoma. no new recommendation to drink more coffee. >> new study on spanking may cause problems later in life. canadian researchers looked at
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a survey on spanking, pushing, grabbing or slapping kids they found harsh physical punishment is linked to mental, mood and anxiety disorders as well as alcohol and drug abuse later in lie. -- later in life. academy of pediatrics strongly -- [ unintelligible ] update to a story in may. a surge of calls to poison control centers after children ate colorful packets of laundry detergent and became sick. since then more children have been sickened. a report says 1200 children have been sickened by eating similar packs in the past few months. one mother says she was totally caught off guard by the danger. >> you don't think about
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safety proofing laundry detergent. >> your ride to work could be -- company promised to make changes by summer that hasn't happened yet. procter & gamble says packaging will soon have a double latch and larger warning they should be on shelves soon. poison control experts say they should be locked up. >> my daughter asked to do the dishes -- [ unintelligible ] when a long conversation about how they look and what they are and to be detail. have the conversation. 4:47. now your ride to work could be more expensive. next, fare hikes that you -- >> definitely want to know about. >> also, critical vote looming into the state legislature
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that could determine the fate of california's high speed rail system. new development expected today in the trial of the man accused of beating a bay area priest that he says molested him as a boy. big butte from washington, d.c., the -- big boost from
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