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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 4, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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spectacular fireworks lit up the night sky. this display from sky7hd. and then there were the illegal ones, this is also from sky7hd showing one of dozens illegal fire shows in oakland tonight. the street side fireworks shows may be illegal but it doesn't stop dozens of displays from going off. hi, alan. >> we are in front of the office depot where you can see the sky over west oakland. it's been quite a show tonight. arguably on july the 4th oakland
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has the most spectacular illegal fireworks in the bay area. across the city we have been watching the show this evening. a flurry of commercial grade fireworks accompanied by the explosion of illegal m-80s and texas sized bottle rockets. the big concern is fire in this densely populated area but oakland has taken two of the crucial engine companies out of service tonight as part of a cost saving measure. station three in west oakland and station 23 on foothill boulevard do not have trucks that carry water. earlier today, they rolled on a fireworks related roof fire without water but the back-up plan worked. firefighters are patrolling the city tonight and here is what they heard and saw.
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sound like a war zone out there, but so far tonight, there have been no other fireworks related fires to report, but there is a lot of illegal gunshots that go off and tonight the oakland police department says it upgraded the high-tech spot shoter and they can detect the difference between fireworks and gunshots. people that negligently discharge guns is a priority but so far no reports of arrests. they say they will release those numbers tomorrow if there are any. what has become an illegal tradition in oakland continues but so far no major approximate to report.
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good to hear. illegal fireworks have been going off tonight all over the bay area including here in san francisco. this video came to us through ureport and was taken near 26th and alabama streets. >> the main legal attraction was the fireworks along the san francisco waterfront. john alston is live from pier 39. it really did look like a pretty good show? >> yeah, and right now the crowds are leaving the embarcadero. there was some fog but not enough to ruin the show for an estimated 200,000 spectators. 4th of july show lit up the bay. it was seen in people's eyes and the color was also reflected on the homes on telegraph hill. >> it was amazing. >> they were two identical fireworks shows that were
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launched from a barge off a pier 39 and from the pier on aquatic park. they had visitors from great britain. >> you are from england? >> yes. >> here on july the 4th? >> for a special occasion. >> are you here either to get your taxes back? >> i don't know. >> embarcadero was clogged leading up to the show. it took more than an hour from at&t park to bay street where traffic was diverted. >> can't find a parking spot for almost an hour. >> do you think you're going to make it? >> i don't think so. i let my family go and tried to find a parking spot. >> still, it's a crowd pleaseer. >> reporter: the show lasted about 20 minutes.
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we have breaking news in east oakland, sky7hd captured these pictures of a hit-and-run accident at 81st and international boulevard. the crash happened around 9:40 this evening and you can see the lights there. there is no word on the condition of the person who was hit. if we learn any new information we'll bring it to you. occupied protestors staged a demonstration that ended with an arrest in oakland this evening. one person appeared to burn a flag as protestors marched toward city hall. they say there was some vandalism but they haven't disclosed how many people were taken into custody. >> in milpitas, sky 7 was very busy over a small fire at a strip mall on north milpitas boulevard. fire broke out on roof of a fast-food restaurant. according to police there were
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reports of fireworks in the area but the official cause is under investigation. fighters are keeping watch on a small brush fire in san francisco tonight. blaze flared up in the bay view hunters district. no homes were threatened but the fire generated a lot of smoke. no word on how it started but firefighters are looking at illegal fireworks as one possibility. >> redwood city is another city with lots to do tonight. they had their celebration on the 4th of july and a return of a fireworks show about two years without one that they had. the city kicked off the festivities this morning with a parade where thousands of people lined the route early to get a good view. but the best way to kick off the day is with a big breakfast. about a thousand people showed up for the fund-raiser. >> and big finale tonight was
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the fireworks spectacular. they raised $50,000 to bring back the show which was cancelled a few years ago. >> share your 4th of july with us, e-mail your pictures to ureport. upload videos to abc and we will put them on the air. >> and san francisco medical examiner has identified a body of that of a missing man. victor morrello was last seen on june 25th, they think he fell into water near pier 32. piss his body was found by a passerby just before 8:00 this morning. family and friends organized a search of bay in hopes of finding him. he worked as a prison guard in vacaville. up next, america celebrates with fireworks, music and yes,
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hot dogs. >> and honoring a soldier that lost his life in afghanistan. and a battleship that spent years rusting away in suisun bay is newest tourist attraction. >> coming up next on "nightline," for americans that is fighting a foreclosure, here is a guru. we'll show how he does it. why thousands are paying for [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: tonight, take it easy and enjoy your favorite soup, salad and hot, hearty sub. like the toasty big hot pastrami melt. get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight.
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new york city celebrates independence day with a spectacular fireworks show. colorful display lit up the city skyline and hudson river. they had 40,000 fireworks. the newest member of the santa clara police department is in training this july the 4th but he is not a person he is a
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police dog. as sergio quintana tells us the canine has been added to the force because of the dream of a fallen soldier. >> four dogs make up the canine patrol and newest edition is ardo. >> i talked with sheryl walch by phone. >> sean was killed in afghanistan last november. he was a military policeman with the national guard outfit out of san jose but before his military service, he met sean when he was plex morer with the san jose police department. >> he made it quite clear he wanted to be a canine handler. >> he died at age 22 but what his mom says his desire to be a dream of canine handler. last tuesday she gave a $10,000
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donation to the deficit santa clara. >> the donation allows for a replacement canine for the santa clara police. >> hero was retired from the police force last month, his replacement, argo will hit the streets. >> we met argo through his handler. what a perfect team to honor my son's memory. >> at a time when police departments are seen tight budgets the hope is to continue helping local departments with the cost associated with keeping the canine unit. a control report is shedding new light on the nation's mortgage meltdown. country wide mortgage medicine made hundreds of loans to congressional and government officials. the loans came at time when
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country wide was trying to fend off more government regulation. country wide subprime loans helped start the mortgage crisis. >> a battleship opened in los angeles today after being in the bay area for the last several years. current members of the navy and veterans lined the rails of the iowa as it became the only battleship on the west coast. iowa retired in 1990. the ship underwent repairs in richmond before being towed to l.a. this spring. now iowa's governor left a hospital in l.a. this evening after fortunately during today's celebration. let's go to spencer christian and watching the weather. >> there was fog around but not enough to obscure the view. there is fog off the coast right
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now which had been streaming through the golden gate earlier. we have mainly clear skies and pretty cool around the bay area. temperatures in the 50s. 60 degrees at fairfield and these are the highlights. fog pushes locally inland. it will continue to try to assert itself. it will cooler in most areas tomorrow and we'll have a much warmer pattern developing this weekend. now let's take a look at national weather picture, we have a sweltering and dangerous heat wave covering most of the continental u.s. about the eastern three-quarters of nation. here in the bay area, mild to warm conditions. looks like we are going to escape the grips of this intense heat wave. take a look at low tonight. fog pushing back to the coast and locally inland. it will be mild tonight with low temperatures in the mid to upper 50s in some of our inland east bay areas. we'll start off forecast animation, 5:00 in the morning, it will quite foggy but it will
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pull back almost all the way to the coastline. it will be cooler at the coast with highs in the upper 50s to right around. around the bay, highs in the 60s to maybe low 70s and warmest inland locations we'll see highs in the 70s to low 80s. we'll take a look at specific locations for highs tomorrow, we'll see 83 up at cloverdale. 80 in santa rosa and 69 in richmond. 79 in concord. 82 in antioch. south bay, highs of 77 in san jose. foggy at half moon bay with a high of only 58 degrees. a little farther south, monterey bay, a little patch of fog near monterey where the high will be only 62. 67 in watsonville. milder 77 at gilroy and 79 in morgan hill. here is a look at the seven-day forecast. we'll start to warm up again on
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friday by a few degrees. much warmer over the weekend with inland highs in the low 90s. 80 degrees around the bay. mid-60s around the coast. warming against intense by mid week when we'll see mid-90s inland and mid to upper 60s on the coast. now, let's talk about mornings. what is the first thing you look at the morning, like most people it's the phone. but many use our phones as alarm clocks. >> let me wake you up along with other members of the abc news team with the new alarm clock app for the iphone. it has news, weather forecast and traffic right at your bedside. you can download the alarm clock app. available at app store. you will be waking up on time. >> thank you, spencer. joey chestnut, sixth consecutive
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we have reminder about the sleep train dream campaign. for every like we get this summer, one dollar will go to help bay area foster kids in need. all you have to do is facebook/abc7news. it's super easy. san jose's joey chestnut proved he was king of the hill in new york city. >> they are underway! >> contenders came to coney island from around the world to win. he has won it five straight years. today he won the nation's famous hotdog eating championship for the sixth row in a year.
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>> everybody was pushing me. i wanted to give them a new record. it's 4th of july and i'm super happy. >> and he ate 68 hot dogs and buns. that means he consumed almost 20,000 calories, oh, man. >> pepto mismol is his sponsor. >> how a little baseball. led by brandon moss, yet another home run. a's sweep the sox, time to get out your broom. more is next. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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you can see it was getaway day for red
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sox and they couldn't get out fast enough as they were swept. brandon moss goes deep giving oakland a 15 streak of home runs longest since 2002. josh is a patriot. brandon mosses takes him over the center field wall. his tenth of the year. gives oakland an early lead. david ortiz looking for career home run 400, there it is. a.j. griffin is the victim. ortiz playing a high level, 22nd of year. moss an easy pop-up to the left, drops it and he ends up second base. brandon inge brings them home. game tied at 2. a's take the lead in the on 70 seventh. weeks find a hole to score. coco crisp closes it up, three
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up and three down, 3-2 the final. >> giants suffered their second straight beat down by the nationals despite a great start. pablo sandoval including this two-run homer. took madison bumgarner to a first inning lead. madison bumgarner got lit up by the nationals and jonathan orano nats are up 4-3. this is opposite field shot. 6-3. next batter, michael morse another opposite field blast. giants fall 9-4 and throw in a dodger win, l.a. is back on top in the national league west. >> n.b.a. news, steve nash former bronco going to hollywood. she leaving phoenix for a $27
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million deal with the lakers. in exchange, they will receive two future first round and two future second round draft picks. >> quarter finals in wimbledon, andy murray trying to be the first british man to win. this might be the shot of tournament. backhand flick down the court winner. this guy is 6'3" but he can move. murray is able to come up with big shots. crosscourt winner on the third set. match point, prince william and his wife kate joined by royalty. they watched federer annihilate his opponent.
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he'll be facing djokovic for the first time in wimbledon. >> this sports report brought to you by river rock zbleen thank you so much, shu. "nightline" is next. for all of us, thank you so much. we'll continue tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 a.m. we invite you to take part in our dream campaign. one dollar will go to the foster kids program. but for now, we want to leave you with tonight's fireworks display as seen from sky7hd over san francisco. have a great night and wonderful 4th of july. ♪ ♪
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