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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 10, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning. 5 a.m. thank you for the company i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. santa clara firefighters at the scene of an overnight fire that broke out in saratoga. katie marzullo is live where they are still putting out hot
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spots. >> reporter: it took firefighters an hour to put this fire out. multiple calls started coming in around 2:15. you can still see white smoke from the garage. where firefighters think where the fire may have started to the left you can see flashlight fires are using to keep an eye on things and occasionally spraying water. abc7 news was first on the scene of this fire we've been covering it all morning and we were the only crew to capture this video. you can see how severe the flames were. firefighters say when they arrived the home was almost fully engulfed. the fire spread to the attic and was running wild it also spread to a tree out front. the home was vacant and under construction that is good news and bad news. good news because nobody was inside and nobody was hurt. bad news because when a home is unconstruction crews don't know what point of construct
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it is in so they don't know how far along the house is and that can pose a risk of collapse. that is something they are still dealing with now as we speak. >> right now, our safety officers cordoned off the front corner of the building because there is collapse potential. we make sure the firefighters know that. and we work with the safety officer to go in and give the hot spots where we can. just slows the process when you can't get right in. >> reporter: something that was working in favor for the firefighters, almost no wind this morning. the home is on a large lot, those two factors spared homes on either side from suffering damage and prevented firefighters from having to call for any evacuations. pretty quiet on this street except for the one house that is almost a complete loss. investigators, fire investigators are on scene, they are looking for the cause.
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the battalion chief could not tell us if they have any indication this early whether or not they think the cause is suspicious. katie marzullo, abc7 news. fire danger may be something we are worrying about today because of higher temperatures also a spare the air day. >> a lot to talk about with mike. let's hope the winds stay low. and they will, that's the good news that's why we do not have a red flag warning even though we'll have dangerously warm and dry air. good morning. call conditions in hayward and novato and santa rosa. this afternoon temperatures jump significantly seven degrees warmer in santa rosa nine concord fremont oakland san francisco and san jose 11 to 14 degrees warmer everybody is under spare the air poorest air quality inland of the east bay. if you are trying to help out the air quality in the
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inland valleys you may want to consider ace train, no delays number 1 so far on time. bart, caltrain and muni looking good as well. no big accidents, really quiet i wanted to warn you about the foggy commute. here's a live shot of the golden gate bridge visibility is limited. look out for thick fog along the coast. 5:04 now. the albany city council voted early this morning to approve uc berkeley's plan to develop a plot of land occupied and farmed by protesters. the packed public hearing lasted well past 1:30 this morning in the end the council voted 4-1 to approve plans to build senior housing, plus a retail development including a whole foods store protesters wanted that open space undevelopmented. seriously injured chp helicopter medic in the hospital this morning and alive thanks to the heroic efforts of the hikers he was
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sent to rescue. he was outside a helicopter when he was in the head by one of the choppers' rotor blades. as luck would have it the hiker who fell and break his leg works as a critical care doctor with the air force. the doctor hobbled to the helicopter and provided life sayinga? -- life saving aid to the officer. >> i was talking to him and saying you are hurt. you are going to be okay. jut let us take care of you, these kinds of things, he gave me a thumbs up at one point. >> with the help of his friend and two counselors the doctor established an airway, gave the officer oxygen and put pressure on his head. oakland police continue to search for the man who shot and wounded five people near jack london square. opened fire outside regal cinemas late sunday night.
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detectives believe the shooter and victims had and he -- had a confrontation before he shot. four men and one woman are expected to survive. still unclear if the gunman ran or left in a car. oakland and port kicked off huge project that plans to turn former army base into a lowgist ticks and warehousing center. expected to create thousands of jobs. transportation secretary ray lahood joined governor brown and mayor quan to mark the start of the project. the first phase calls for 484 million dollars in new rail lines. to improve the movement of cargo containers. mayor quan says the high percentage of the estimated 5,000 jobs from the new development will go to local residents. san francisco mayor lee is denying that he tried to use his political clout to fan a new job for suspended sheriff ross -- to find a new job for suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi then lied about it
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to the commission. mirkarimi pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor. san francisco's ethics commission is now determining whether mirkarimi can return to his job. mirkarimi's camp has accused lee of trying to push the sheriff towards another job either in government or the private sector. >> i've told the truth to the ethics commission. i will continue doing that if called upon. it sounds like another part of this campaign that keeps going with people that say i'm not telling the truth. i know we have not talked with each other about it. >> mirkarimi's attorney plans to issue subpoenas to force people to appear before the ethics commission they say mayor lee consulted with them before he suspended the sheriff. today the santa cruz city council -- a regulation would ban the sale of foam products,
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including toys and packing materials. a third measure would tackle how electronic waste is recycled many final vote at the end of the month. sacramento mayor johnson hoping major league baseball team can keep sports fans there happy assuming the team loses the kings. the mayor's task force announced yesterday it will shop for a franchise possibly the a's, because they are shopping for a new home. the a's have set their eyes on san jose that territory belongs to the giants. sacramento already has the triple a river cats team, minor league team of the a's. little baseball going on tonight? >> i think so. >> all-stars game. giants as starters. >> i knew she was going to say that >> my son is in baseball camp this weekend.
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a lot of water. >> no matter what the camp, everything, walking around for a couple of hours in the sun could be brutal. good morning. up on top of mount st. helena, spinning around all quiet showing how dry the air is over top of us also how mild from 51 santa rosa, 60 in walnut creek, 61 san jose. a few clouds along the coast mile and a half visibility at half moon bay. low to mid 50s from now through 7:00. lunchtime temperature, almost 30° warmer inland mid 80s, mid 70s around the bay comfortable at the coast mid 50s for you. 4:00 hot inland another 10° mid 90s at 4:00, near 80 around the bay, mid 60s at the coast. because it is dry air it will start cooling quickly especially around 8:00 until
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then 7:00 warm inland 84, 6 around the bay, 58 at the coast. here's the next three days -- poor air quality not only today but tomorrow and lesser extent thursday you can see cooling trend temperatures top out tomorrow about four to six degrees warmer than today and drop nearly 8 to 10° by friday that will continue into the weekend i'll show you that in a few minutes. here's frances. traffic has been really quiet this morning. we've been off to a great start tuesday and eastbound 4 roadwork going on most commuters heading westbound which is delay-free at loveridge traffic off the freeway on the off-ramp you can get back on, on the on-ramp until 5:30 this morning. no other major trouble reported. live shot of the san mateo bridge westbound flows well and the drive time 14 minutes now from 880 to 101.
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south bay headlights are looking good northbound on 280 heading up towards cupertino. traffic light now out of the santa cruz mountains, 17 across your screen. as we check out the exclusive waze traffic app, can't if i much to slow you down not -- even westbound 580 a traffic spotter reporting a car on the shoulder a couple minutes ago. looking good now even for the drive out of tracy. 5:11. starbucks pumps energy into drink offerings. the money report is next. metal thieves steal summertime child's play. sizzling temperatures the records the nation could set before the summer is out. 6ñcs
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good morning. big move overnight to keep europe out of another recession. finance ministers agreed to major bailout of spain's banks, 37 billion dollars by the end of the month with more to come. gas prices are up again six cents in the past week to a national average of $3.41. 23 cents a gallon less than a year ago. there are five automakers the world's 50 most profitable. toyota, volkswagen,
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general motors, daimler and for, three years ago the auto industry was road kill from the recession. starbucks starts selling refreshers energy drinks in stores today you can get them ready to drink or powdered. starbucks say they are all natural and con table only a fraction of the caffeine found in coffee. good morning. shares of linkedin stock down following reports facebook is preparing a move into the jobs posting arena, linkedin stock closed down six points yesterday to $102 after reports last week facebook was planning to launch a job board sometime this summer facebook has yet to comment the move to spell direct competition for linkedin. officials plan to increase patrols and take other steps to keep metal thieves from the metal bleachers soccer
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goals and other items are attracting criminals looking (z -- [ inaudible ] >> that's really bad all this stuff right here is for the community. i live a couple blocks away. i used to work on geneva this place used to be horrible. >> rec and parks crews have covered bolts with glue to make it harder to dismantle. the board of supervisors intends to increase budget for officers for the coming year. sidewalks and bike paths around your kids' schools may be safer. caltrans awarding 49 million dollars to fund road safety improvements near school campuses throughout the state. through the safe routes program in bay area, alameda county will get more than two million dollars. contra costa more than a million. santa clara $800,000.
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palo alto will receive nearly half a million dollars. details can be found through a link on three southern california firefighters are recovering from injuries they suffered battling a wildfire. they were fighting a fire in the sand byrne mountains in triple -- in the san bernardino mountains in triple digit temperatures when they became ill. for several hours residents were urged to evacuate that warning was lifted last night no word on what sparked the fire. bate of relief for those parts of the country that had been cooking in record heat for over a week. 100+ temperatures have given way to hot 90s. philadelphia, washington, d.c., st. louis and chicago saw 15° drops in one day. at least 74 deaths were attributed to the heatwave. the cooler temps caused
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thunderstorms that left thousands without power. >> would it surprise you to find out that 2012 is on track to be the hottest year since the u.s. began keeping records in 1895? the warmest first six months for any year. the nation set a new record for march highs third warmest april on record second warmest may, 14th warmest june. the i was the warmest june on record in colorado the scene of -- it was the warmest june on record in colorado the scene of a wildfire. >> we had our 45th warmest june as a state. west coast has missed out now we are getting our turn now as you may have noticed. here's a look at some of the clouds as we look towards diablo. clouds not going to hang
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around long thickest along the coast now. might be happy there's no rain on live doppler if it was it would put a lot of humidity into the air and make this heat feel worse as we head into the afternoon. still holding 61 antioch mid to upper 50s san rafael, san francisco and santa rosa low 50s. monterey bay inland low to mid 50s. highlights spare the air poor air quality today possible tomorrow and again thursday especially in the east bay valleys where going to be hottest the next couple of days. hottest afternoons today and tomorrow, cooling trend starting about thursday and heading into the weekend. more like friday through sunday some of the coolest weather. clouds through 5:00 in the bay trying to push in the san pablo bay. by 10 latest 11:00 back to the
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coast where pockets of sun will develop as we head into the afternoon. from the 60s at the coast to the 100s inland almost a 40° spread over 25, 30 miles, as the crow flies. upper 80s to low 90s most of the south bay low to mid 80s peninsula today millbrae 76 low to mid 60s coast to low 70s downtown south san francisco to mid 70s in sausalito mid 80s to low 90s north bay valleys, low to mid 60s beaches. everybody along the east bay shore into the hills low to mid 80s. valleys mid to upper 90s 101 brentwood today low to mid 90s -- mid to upper 70s. low to mid 60s monterey and carmel. clouds along the coast tonight the rest of us clear more 60s around morgan hill, antioch, concord and fairfield
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everybody else in the 50s. warmer tomorrow two to four degrees lose 10 to 15° by the weekend. here's frances. for spare the air try to take mass transit, no delays, good way to go. if you can't, a lot of folks have to drive, bay bridge toll no delays, keep your tires inflated well that helps reduce gas useage also helps reduce smog. live shot of 101 san rafael headlights southbound delay-free now to the golden gate bridge. you might have seen in my other report that the golden gate bridge was very foggy. we had traffic spotters report foggy weather as well on 101 through petaluma something to look out for. quiet in terms of accidents. we are seeing the usual slow-down now as you head out of tracy, westbound 205, three minutes ago, heavy traffic now
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reported as you head towards 11th street, so far no big delays through the altamont pass. there we go, 40 miles per hour now into livermore. 5:22. next, we'll show you justin bieber's dubious adventure on a southern california freeway. wimbledon champ serena williams brings her talent to the bay area today you will be able to watch this week. frances listen up, 50 shades of grey the movie.
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good morning. wimbledon champ serena
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williams is to dew to arrive in the bay area this morning. -- is due to arrive in the bay area this morning. she won the women's singles title saturday and now ranked fourth in the world, emotional, she is also the top seed and defending champ at the bank of the west classic. she plays her first match tomorrow night. >> steamy summer novel 50 shades of grey is going to be a movie. 50 sheas of grey has sold more than 10 mill -- 50 shades of grey has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide. abc news confirmed a 911 call released is justin bieber he was speeding on an l.a. freeway trying to get away from photographers. >> do you know the people who are following you? >> no, they are driving reckless they will not stop following me.
5:26 am
>> what is your name? >> justin. >> it happened friday he was frantically calling 911 saying people was driving recklessly. police stopped him and ticketed him for speeding. while the paparazzi took pictures. you can get the full story on "good morning america" right after our newscast at 7:00. some were saying bieber himself was going 100 miles per hour. at least one l.a. lawmaker is calling for him to be jailed over that. >> hard to miss that car, did you see it covered in chrome, his manager bought it for him. breaking news in the south bay. firefighters on the scene of a house fire. we are live with the danger they face battling this fast moving blaze. occupy protesters flooded council meeting seeking to block a project. did it work? getting an apartment could be easier in san francisco if developers get their way. living large could get really
5:27 am
small. high temperatures from the -- a few clouds along the coast mid 60s there 80s bay, 90s inland, 40° spread today. lower 48 still have warm weather mid to upper 90s east of the rockies heat towards us. good news, no severe weather organized areas expected all major airports across the lower 58 on time. flight tracker, abñcús
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>> announcer: right now abc7 news begins with breaking news. that breaking news is a fire at a residence overnight. thanks for joining us i'm
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kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. in santa clara county firefighters on the scene at that overnight house fire in saratoga. katie marzullo is live. >> reporter: a couple things right now that i want to show you. first to the left you can see cones set up along the side the garage that is because firefighters fear potential collapse. they are being cautious. at the same time, if you look to the right you can see firefighters are on the roof still working to put out hot spots. they clearly declared that area save but they have a lot to work on and they say will be out -- out here for several more hours. abc7 news was first on the scene this morning to capture these dramatic moments. calls came in around 2:15. when crews arrived they found the fire reached the attic running through the attic. the home is have a can't and under construction.
5:31 am
it -- the home is vacant and under construction it took one hour to put out. there is good news which is they didn't have to order any evacuations. >> we didn't have an closure problem. -- we have an exposure problem with large space around the home and no winds it was concentrated on the original structure. >> reporter: fire investigators are on the scene right now. it is too early to know the cause and the battalion chief will not speculate. she does tell us they believe, that this fire may have started in the garage which again you can see is the front portion of this home right here. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 5:31 now. looks like we don't have high fire danger today. boy, we got a warning about air quality for you. >> let's find out from mike.
5:32 am
winds are rather light that is the case now just got the latest data in still 13 fairfield, 7 napa, 6 everywhere else to calm great news as far as fire potential. bad news, very hot today. 91 santa rosa, concord 96, san jose 9011° warmer today fremont oakland and san francisco than yesterday while the winds are great for fighting fires terrible for evacuating pollution out of the air east bay valleys will have the poorest air quality today it is a spare the air day our second of the season. one of maybe three this week. new crash just reported in petaluma on the petaluma boulevard on-ramp to southbound 101 chp on route now. here's a live shot of the bay bridge toll, very quiet they terms of accidents this morning. look out for the fog once again across the golden gate bridge fog reported in
5:33 am
petaluma you might find it across highway 1 and skyline in the pacifica area, live shot san mateo bridge traffic picking up still rolling well. 5:33. developing news overnight, the albany city council voted on a controversial plan to develop housing on the piece of land fought over by occupy protesters and uc berkeley. amy hollyfield is live in albany with the result. >> reporter: the vote did not go how occupy the farm activists were hoping. uc police added extra patrols out here to this land. we've seen a few of them driving by this morning. they were anticipating that activists would come out and protest the vote. that has not happened it has been quiet. the only statement from the farm on twitter page someone wrote so long gill tract. the vote was 4-1 for this area to be developed. 200 people showed up for the
5:34 am
meeting last night. they didn't get to vote until 2:00 this morning. they had to move the meet together community center to accommodate everyone. it was a night full of debate over whether this open space should be turned into a grocery store and housing for seniors. the majority of the crowd last night spoke out in favor of keeping this open and turning this into an urban farm. >> the university fails to be accountable to the community as an institution over and over and over again. you know that it doesn't submit to labor laws, doesn't submit to tax law, doesn't submit to development law on so many different levels. >> this project is important because it will guarantee that we keep our fields where they are or if uc decides they want to develop land they promise to pay for complete relocation. >> reporter: activists starred this debate when they moved in on this land in april and started planting crops.
5:35 am
this land is owned by uc berkeley. three weeks later police kicked them out arrested nine. look at what they've put out here now, a big "no trespassing" sign to make it clear from uc this is our land. and two layers of a chain link fence to keep people out. the university will continue to use some of this land for research. but, the university now has permission to develop this land. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 5:35. second suspect is now under arrest in the 2008 killings of a san francisco father and his two sons. police arrested 31-year-old wilfredo reyes yesterday in north carolina with a 25-year-old man accused of harboring a fugitive. reyes awaits extradition he's a want add accomplice of edwin ramos convicted and sentenced last month to three life terms for the murders of the man and
5:36 am
his two sons. ramos' attorney says arrest supports his clients story there was a second person in the car when the fatal shots were fired. >> it gives him credibility first of all that he wasn't alone in the car, as the prosecution's theory was. >> prosecutors believe the killings were a case of mistaken identity. ramos thought he was shooting at members of a rival gang. a special person for the family say they will do whatever is necessary to help prosecute reyes. new report finds san mateo county officials have not adequately planned for dam and levee failures in 2007 the grand jury recommended the county work with cities to develop emergency action plans, including which responders to contact. the report finds the county has not prioritizeed reducing risk of failure. the report will be discussed at the next meeting of the office of emergency services council in september.
5:37 am
this morning, the online photo sharing board pintrest is calling san francisco home. it has fewer than 50 employs interest has exploded hoping to add more workers. the company has rented space in the same neighborhood as zynga and other tech firms. mayor lee says he's thrilled to welcome the company to san francisco. san francisco supervisors will consider a plan today that will allow developers to create so-called microapartments. under the plan apartments could measure 150 square feet, smaller than most college dorm rooms. just enough space for a fold-out bed, kitchenette and bathroom. the developer sees it as a was to help singles and couples squeezed for cash find an afford home in san francisco. no word on how much they would go for. firefighters expect more
5:38 am
hot and dry conditions while they battle a wildfire in the mendocino national forest. the blaze drew significantly yesterday and has burned more than 10,000 acres. only 10% contained. forecasts call for hotter than average temperatures in the fire area for the next few days. i guess those of us in the east bay who have been trying to avoid running the air conditioner won't have much choice starting today. >> and you have to watch out for the poorest air quality. mike here with a spare the air alert with >> absolutely, we'll talk about that in one second. wayne to show you the fire from yesterday. you can see how close it is to the bay area with the smoke and how the spoke got thicker during the afternoon while we were getting a touch of the heat coming in later today. temperatures right now running from 51 santa rosa, 60 san jose, 60 vacaville. doppler sitting on top of
5:39 am
mt. st. helena, the drier the air the less heat it can whole before the temperatures start to rise significant rise in temperatures clockwise throw area of high pressure backing towards us, the reason why portions of the east aren't as hot as they were retrograding. guy noon clouds back to the coast, temperatures in the 50s, 70s around the bay almost 90 inland by the lunch hour. as we head towards 4:00, in the 90s in the inland valleys, even mid to upper 80s around fremont, palo alto into san jose 76 oakland. upper 50s to low 60s by 7:00, 70s around the bay, 80s inland we'll just be out of the 90s
5:40 am
by 7:00. next three days, tomorrow hottest and poor air possible tomorrow to a lesser extent thursday. cooling trend towards friday nearly 8 to 10° cooler from the coast to inland neighborhoods. be careful out there today. here's traffic. new crash just reported in oakland northbound 880 at the high street off-ramp might be on the off-ramp, might be near high street, four cars involved. chp just arrived at the scene of petaluma boulevard south on the on-ramp to south 101, 101 well, drive time from highway 12 to 37 is 28 minutes. no injuries reported in that crash. hopefully, that will be cleared quickly. westbound 4 heavy out of antioch lone tree out towards lover ridge 25 miles an hour. -- since its is a spare the air day, let me flip through the maps, mass transit great
5:41 am
way to go, no major delays. it is looking quiet right now on 680 through walnut creek southbound flowing well towards north main and highway íñ san ramon valley.ramon no problems across the san mateo bridge. stalled motorcycle reported north 101 at 92 that may be blocking the left lane. 5:41. cleaning up an eyesore. next, the bay area city that has had enough of the illegal campsites cropping up in parks and chasing away visitor. bay area restaurant that says it will still be able to sell foie gras because it is exempt from the state's new ban. it is all about location, location, location. [ male announcer ] the magic of nature appears every day,
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welcome back. santa rosa launching aggressive crackdown on homeless encampments summer months bring more families outdoors and more complains about homeless behavior. additional resources will focus on cleaning up problem areas. the task force is trying to get repeat offenders off the streets. those who don't show up for three or more court appearances can be prosecuted for a misdemeanor. >> they could get into programs they need. if you fail to appear they don't have access to the services. >> the more i'm outside the more i love it. the more they put me inside,
5:45 am
the less i care to be there. i don't need calls. >> the -- i don't need walls. a san francisco restaurant is trying to do an end run around california's foie gras ban. it says it is on federal land and thus exempt from the ban. the presidio social club is planning to serve foie gras july 14th, to celebrate bastille day. the club's stance raises the question of whether it could be served at restaurants national parks like yosemite or indian casinos which are not governed by state law. coming up, starbucks finds the power. bloomberg business report is next. critics in the south bay say it is nearly eight million dollars of an eyesore. the new library that is making some squint. reckless, wild and street
5:46 am
legal. the story behind this wild ride in san francisco.
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welcome back. clouds remain along the coast sunshine will punch through keeping news the 60s. 80s for the rest of the bay 90s inland to near 100 east bay valleys.
5:49 am
quiet across the entire state we have high pressure really hot, dry conditions. 100s through the central valley and yosemite, 85 tahoe today. 75 san diego. 85 l.a., you want heat from the release or release from the heat? 61 eureka, palm springs 117. 5:49. president obama is on the road in iowa today pressing congress to extend tax cuts for low and mide income enders only and let them expire for the wealthy. a new poll this morning shows the presidential race is dead even. president obama and his likely republican opponent mitt romney are tied at 47%. the poll shows troubling news for the president. 63% believe the country she hadding in the wrong direction. most -- the country is heading in the wrong direction.
5:50 am
58% still expect him to win a second term. thousands continue to look for work. abc7 wants to help. today employers, including sutter health, prudential insurance and the federal reserve bank of san francisco will take part in a job fair from noon to 4:00 at the hotel wickham on market street. go to wild ride all street legal -- this was a commercial shot in may for d.c. shoes the driver went crazy in ford fiesta. did circles around a cable car and judgment add intersection at taylor and have a home the california highway patrol says
5:51 am
the crew received all the necessary permits before this wild ride. now it is all the rage on the internet. >> the colors of the car and the way it is shot almost looks like a video game. >> don't you wish -- [ talking over each other ] >> i don't know if i wish i was playing that game. carsick folks, i don't think so. >> two of us would do that. >> we would volunteer. [ talking over each other ] fun time to have a convertible maybe even a motorcycle just be careful out they're going to be a lot of people to find ways to beat the heat. impending sunshine 5:58 we still have a couple minutes before that happens.
5:52 am
here's a look at live doppler hoping for rain maybe to quench the thirst so the fires down or the fire threat. it is not high because we don't have the winds. we'll definitely have the dry air and heat today. temperatures now in the 50s except santa rosa 47 and half mile visible. fog forming there. low to mid 50s monterey bay. spare the air, poor air quality today. possibly tomorrow and thursday. hottest afternoons today, tomorrow and a cooling trend as we head into and through the weekend. today, opposite way completely. santa rosa seven degrees warmer 91, concord nine degrees warmer at 96, 11 degrees warmer fremont, oakland, san francisco, fremont 85, oakland 8, san francisco 72, -- san jose 90, 14° warmer than yesterday. area of high pressure back towards us and maybe it very
5:53 am
hot inland. today and tomorrow, because we do not have an offshore or land breeze it will be very mild at the coast. warmest weather today brentwood 101. mid to upper 70s richmond oakland. south bay upper 80s to low 90s los gatos 93. millbrae 76 low to mid 80s the rest of the peninsula. low to mid 60s along the coast today. 75 sauce lee to 80s to 90s -- sues lee toe to -- sausalito. low to mid 90s inland. fairfield, antioch, concord and morgan hill in the 60s tonight the rest of us in the 50s. hottest day tomorrow, two to four degrees warmer then 10 to 15° cooler by the end of the
5:54 am
weekend. here's frances. i told but that crash just reported oakland northbound 88 ober location approaching fifth avenue traffic spotter reported heavy traffic right at the scene 10 minutes ago this is a great way to get information like right when it happens. minor crash reported apparently four cars blocking the right lane, chp not even there yet, heavy traffic right at the scene we'll keep you posted on that. slow out of tracy, slow down typically begins around 5:15, sluggish as well under 30 miles an hour on westbound 205 into the altamont pass stays under 30 miles an hour with way stall along the way that may still be blocking a lane keep that in mind into livermore. crash in petaluma kind of in the clearing stages, no injuries reported, petaluma boulevard south on to southbound 101. south 101 itself is fine. look out for the thick fog across the golden gate bridge
5:55 am
this morning. we also had someone drive along highway 1 skyline pacifica a lot of thick fog there as well. 5:55. hate to deliver the bad news, gas and food prices may be going up. >> here's jane king. good morning. bad news if you are on a budget and shopping for groceries the cost of some important foods may be going up. corn crops worst condition since 1988 because of drought and record heat that corn is fed to cattle, meaning meat prices could go higher. soybeans and wheat crops hurting concern about that pushing prices higher yesterday. an update tomorrow. starbucks selling new energy drinks nationwide as it continues to branch out from traditional coffee products. the refreshers get energy kick from green coffee extract. starbucks is giving the dings for free -- giving the drinks
5:56 am
for free this friday. sugar may be able to power your cell phone. an a fuel cell on the sugar in gatorade and other sweet drinks some say medical devices implanted in your body may be able to runoff the sugar in your blood. i'm jane king. yellow is apparently not so mellow in one west san jose neighborhood. some residents are unhappy that's the color of the new 7 1/2 million dollar library. the design went through a community process but the anti-yellow faction says the yellow they signed off on wind as bright. >> what was your reaction when you saw this color? >> well, it was kind of shocking to see it, it stands out, maybe in a negative way. >> the city councilmember presenting the library's
5:57 am
district is presenting a poll on whether to repaint. 44% want charcoal and grey. only 19% want to keep it yellow. 5:57. you saw it first here on abc7 news. a south bay home catches fire overnight, we are live on the scene with the quick action by firefighters and where they say the flames might have started. >> later, it is summer vacation season. sand and water can be unforgiving on gadgets. michael finney has tips to protect your gear. ♪
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