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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 14, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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the 50s. numbers are saying rather cool so looking at 58 in los gatos, 60 here. we are looking for temperatures to stay cool today. we have a warmup on the way. it will feature part of your weekend and we will be looking at more clouds around the shoreline and we will put it all together for you in the next couple minutes with a look at your seven day outlook. >> good morning, lisa. i'm katie, in for terry mcsweeney this morning. a south bay teenager is being treated for severe brain injuries he suffered after a drunken clash with police officers last weekend. the police released police dogs when they say he came toward them with a knife. we talk with the father who is trying to track down surveillance video of the innings dense. this is 16-year-old austin calhoun before and after an incident with santa clara police early sunday morning. >> he was in icu and he had
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brain injury for a clot to be removed from his brain from plant force trauma is what they said it was. >> it was after austin left a party intoxicated. he wondered near a fire station and called 11. several officers responded. >> and they found a young man out in public holding a knife to his throat. >> santa clara police captain phil cook said a yelling aator was called in but police were forced to act when austin came toward officers. they fired two rubber projectiles. austin fell to the ground and was handcuffed but his dad said that wasn't all. >> they reieased the dog on him and bit him on the left shoulder and tore up down his back. >> austin was brought to santa clara valley medical center. >> sometimes he knows who i am, sometimes he doesn't. he doesn't know what year it is. >> doctors removed part of his skull to alleviate swelling. it's uncertain how much brain damage he may have suffered. his family believe police used
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too much force. >> i don't think they were trying to hurt him. i just don't know why when someone is asking for help that they end up like that. >> it's a very dangerous situation when you have someone threatening to harm themselves with a knife out in public and actually moves in an aggressive manner toward the officers. we think they showed great restraint in utilizing the devices they had rather than resorting to deadly force. >> and police are still investigating so we don't have all the facts in the case just yet. but again, the family just wondering if more could have been done, if they could have negotiated longer. in fact the data is going around the neighborhood where it happened and trying to find anyone who may have surveillance video of what happened. abc7 news. >> and they are reviewing surveillance video to determine what happened when a bicyclist was hit and killed by a dump truck yesterday. it happened in downtown berkeley
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in ban craft way near fulton street. police say the victim is a man in his 60s. investigate aretors say the driver of the dump truck unknowingly hit the cyclist and kept going but they say he returned to the scene after being alerted by a passing motorcyclist. and east of colfax there's a 1300-acre growing wildfire that threatens now 170 homes. the fire broke out wednesday afternoon and is now down to 10% containment. on thursday crews had it at 20%. but yesterday the winds kicked you have, push being the fire toward homes in two different directions. today 1600 firefighters will be using everything they have on the ground and in the air to protect the gold rush towns of the yankee jim's and iowa hill. >> and we have some rough country, steep terrain. the crews did a really good job today holding the line they had.
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>> they are working in steep canyons against daytime temperatures in the mid-90s. cooler than the last few days, but still high enough to create extreme fire activity. investigators say candles on a religiousal tar may be to blame for a house fire in san bruno that killed a toddler and critically injured his grandparents. it happened yesterday on lake drive. the cousin of two-year-old child tells abc7 news his grandparents were baby-sitting when the fire broke out. firefighters found the boy and his grandmother suffering from smoke inhalation. the toddler later died at the hospital. a construction crew working next door saw the flames and rescued the grandfather before firefighters even arrived. >> he told us that there was a two-year-old and we just went crazy trying to see if we could get him out but there was no chance. >> i'm just praying right now any grandma and grandpa come back. i hope they make it. >> the family had its prayer
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alter in the hallway of the second floor near the bedroom. federal maritime officials have approved a plan to protect whales in and around the san francisco bay. it includes rerouting shipping traffic and establishing better ways to track whale locations. since 2010 at least half a dozen whales have been killed by huge cargo ships as they come into port. just last month a 47-foot fin whale washed up on a beach. it had a fractured spine and extensive injuries to its ribs and skeleton. this morning three union city teenagers are charged with what police are calling extreme vandalism. they are accused of breaking windows and burglarizing 32 parked cars thursday night in an underground garage at 24 union square drive. police say the suspects are a 16-year-old and two 14 year olds who targeted expensive scars like this ferrari.
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>> the way it was described to me by the sergeant, he said it's the worst scene he's ever had with so many cars broken into. 32 vehicles. we've never had this kind of a number before. >> the three teens have been release today their parents. they face charges of burglary, vandalism and auto theft. this afternoon chinatown's unofficial backyard, the chinese recreation center at mason and washington streets reopens and has $27 million of improvements and a new name honoring a hero of the bay area. betty was the flight attendant who first alerted authorities to the terrorist attacks using an air phone. she died men's later when the flight crashed into the world trade center. mayor ed lee will attend the grand reopening ceremony this afternoon. the new california ban on the sale of foie gras is being
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deby a mountain view restaurant this weekend. instead of selling the duck liver delicacy, one restaurant is giving it away for free while supplies last. people are ticket being outside even serving it for free violates the state ban. we have more on the controversy at chez tj. >> stop few gawk it's against the law. >> chez tjs in mountain view was turned in by a local resident for giving away foie gras. animal rights activists say the restaurant has to be find for serving the duck liver that was band as of july 1st. the protesters who showed up say serving it at all is unlawful. >> it's in violation of the california foie gras ban, even if they say they are giving it away for free. it's still a violation of the law. >> chez. it js has been here for 30 years. the chef said the protesters are wrong. he carries a copy of the want in his shirt pocket in case he has
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to prove it. he said the ban is overstepping his rights. >> where do you draw the line? >> the chef has said the leftover foie gras is being given to his customers as a gift for their continued patronage. he says he will only give away the liver that is produced rue mainly. >> the minute we find out the sources that we buy are not properly done, we will stop. and if the law says that you cannot give the purchased -- the legal purchased foie gras to customers, we will stop that, too. >> he had his defenders. a few people came to show their support, if not for the river, for the restaurant. >> i think it's unfair for protesters to disrupt the operation of a local business like that. >> he is with the animal protection league said the restaurant faces a $1,000 fine for every day it serves the foie gras. >> the appropriate enforcement
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agencies will take action and they will be subject to a fine for violating the law. the chef says he will continue to give it away until he runs out sometime this weekend. mountain view police say they have turned over the complaint to the district attorney's office which is looking into it. in mountain view, abc7 news. it is just ten minutes after the hour. coming up next, sylvester stallone's son has died. we will tell you what investigators believe may have caused his sudden-death. and why republican candidate mitt romney is calling claims by president obama ridiculous and disturbing, and he's demandi building pass, corporate card, verizon 4g lte phone. the global ready one ? yeah, but you won't need... ♪ hajimemashite. hajimemashite. hajimemashite. you guys like football ? thank you so much. i'm stoked. you stoked ? totally.
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>> welcome back, everything. the 36-year-old son of sylvester stallone is dead. sage stallone was found at his
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home. the score -- coroner said there are no signs of foul play. >> he made his big screen debut in 1990 in rocky v, sylvester stallone was joined by his real life son, sage. in "date" he didn't -- in daylight" he paired up with his father. heauthorization were called to s home because they sensed trouble. a housekeeper discovered his body inside around 2:00 p.m. it could be weeks until official cause of death is announced pending doxology reports. >> there are some prescription bottles. however, i am not going to detail what they were or how
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many. >> just one day before sylvester stallone was all smiles at comic-con. sylvester stallone said he's devastated over the loss of his son. his thoughts are with sage's mother, sasha zach. >> in 2006 he directed a film co-starring actress carroll vinley. >> he was beautifully. he was physically beautiful, emotionally beautiful and very talented. >> abc news. a president obama staff member died after collapsing at the campaign chicago headquarters yesterday. 29-year-old alex worked in the campaign's paid media department handling advertising. a campaign official said the president called his parents to offer his condolences. republican presidential
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candidate mitt romney is challenging president obama to reign in his campaign staff which claims he outsourced jobs at bain capital. during an interview with abc news, romera demanded an apology from the white house for claiming he was still running bain when the management company began sending jobs overseas in 2000. romera said he left in 1999. >> that's ridiculous and disturbing to come from their campaign and beneath the dignity of the president and his campaign. he sure as heck ought to say he's sorry for the kind of attacks that are coming from his team. >> but according to security and exchange commission documents, romera was still president and ceo of bain in 2001. president obama responded with president truman the buck stops here refrain. he said since the s. he c listed romera as their top man, he can dodge responsibility for it. the u.s. olympic team will
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wear uniforms made in the usa at the next olympics. in 2014 they will be made here. the uniforms for the london games were made in china was broke by abc news. and the olympic committee said it's two late to change clothes for the london games which starts in two weeks. ralph lauren has a contract with the olympic committee through 2020. we will continue our cooling trend today but we are looking at a warmer second half of the weekend. right now emeryville, you can see the clouds around, mist and described he will, only 52 in the city. we will talk about how much we will warm up and a look at the seven-day outlook coming up. >> also next, busting out of the gate, all-star buster posey rips a tape
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>> a find in condra costa county means march warnings will go out for west nile virus. the disease from mosquitoes can spread to people. residents are encouraged to use mosquito repellant for protection. a dead cow found on july 2nd in brentwood also tested
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positive for west nile. last year three people in contra costa county contracted the disease but there have been no fatalities in the county since 2006. we have a new way for you to get your weather and traffic and it will help you get out of bed in the morning. "coffee, coffee, coffee! >> that's my favorite and mike is giving you the weakup call. he's just one of the alarms you can set on our new abc7 news alarm clock app. weak up to all the morning news, weather, traffic updates. it is free at abc7 news. the alarm clock app is available in the app store. search abc7 news san francisco alarm clock. i love it and not only do i wake up to it, i play the mike niko coffee, coffee, coffee for anyone who is wide awake to listen with me.
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it might be a cool day for a hot cup of joe. >> that's right. the cooling trend continuing this morning with the mist and drizzle. we will get into some sunshine this afternoon but not everywhere. here's a look at the reach camera. the marine layer is not only in the city but across the city. 2 1/2 mile visibility half moon bay. gusty winds in concord as well as out toward the delta right now. live doppler 7 hd showing the low clouds, the fog to the north of us, and it will continue to clear back but it is going to take some time. not going anywhere immediately. in fact, it's going to take throughout much of the morning and early afternoon until we see some clearing. good morning, san jose. 60 for you. 58 antioch, and 54 along the coast. so we have the clouds, the patchy drizzle and we are looking at the cool pattern for sure today. looks like tomorrow will be the warmer day of the weekend. but then monday and tuesday a
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renewed cooling trend where temperatures once again will stay well below normal. so we are looking at numbers barely into the 80s today for our warmest inland valleys. the mist and the drizzle to start out. and then it looks like by 1:00 we should get some sunshine, partial sun in the city. high temperatures not even going to make it to 60 degrees downtown. look for plenty of mid-70s in the santa clara valley with the 80s and you have to go pretty far out, perhaps brentwood where they have a corn shucking festival this afternoon, if you are looking for something to do. also a couple of races in the city today. it will feature cool weather and today the cooler day out of the the weekend. but you know we around going to get out of the woods yet. in fact, next week looking pretty darn cool as well. i'll show you that in my seven-day outlook. 100 in fresno. 81 in los angeles. the heat is on in the valley. we are looking at 93 in yosemite. a few showers and storms well to the east of us.
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we will look at numbers today ranging from 56 half moon bay. 70s for the most part for concord, livermore. and still it will be rather cool for this time of year. 71 san rafael with 83 in clear lake and down by the monterey bay breezy winds out of the west and a pretty cloudy day at monterey. 61 there. 78 in gilroy. fur headed into the city for the giants game tonight, you will see the clouds thicken up and it will be cool. numbers only in the mid-50s to the lower 50s and hopefully another win for the giants. a look ahead we have the low 80s in the warmest locks today and you will notice a warmup inland and around the bay, around 5 degrees tomorrow and more cooling for monday and tuesday. wednesday we begin to see a bit of a wind shift and it isn't until the end of the work week we see some warmer numbers in
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the inland valleys. 25-degree cool down yesterday and that's going to ten. the cool feel to the air today. >> we should get used to the unexpected. >> kind of. >> well, in sports tonight tim lincecum starts for the giants against the astros and maybe pitching to keep his spot in the rotation. the giants say they may skip timmy's next start if he has another rocky outing. last night madison bumgarner was spectacular in the team's return railroad from the all-star break. here's the highlights in starts into. >>. >> good morning. the houston astros are a bad baseball team. 25 games under five hundred on the road and the giants ten games above .500 at home. they had every intention of steeping this series. and melky cabrera, donning the mel being manhattan. a good look. first inning, the fastball, gone. his 11th of the season a two-run shot.
5:24 am
madison bumgarner had a 4th of july to forget. left that in the rear-view mirror. giants leading 4-1 in the eighth. pablo sandoval tagging. 5-1, giants. that's the final. two teams back at it tonight. a 6:01 first pitch. tim lincecum on the hill. a great game pregame yesterday. we found injured closer brian in full leather suit handing out baseball to kids. >> it's something i want to do. brings me in good spirits and if it makes them laugh or happy or excited about baseball, then i've done my job. >> that suit is great. a's in minneapolis yesterday. twins pitcher liriano, the game of his life, at least strikeout wise.
5:25 am
be fanned 15. struck out the side in the third. as good as he was, he made one huge mistake. bases loaded in the fourth. jonny gomes clears them. and josh willingham has owned his former tammy this season. two homers in this game and he's hit four in four games against oakland. 4-3, a's lead in the ninth. gomes knocked in cespedes. just one and a half games out of a wildcard spot. and stanford, spurns is a $4 million signing bonus. he wants to return to get his degree. >> and how good can top pick harrison barns be? if this is any indication, very, very good. garrett jackson to david lee in los angeles. barns and company taking on the lakers last night. basketball iq here. follow your miss, kid. barns attacking the rim. fouls on the dunk attempt.
5:26 am
23 in the game on 8 of 13 shooting. as good as he looked, clay thompson looked better. three point barrage in the third quarter. he finished with 24. warriors hammer l.a., 91-50. bank of the west at stanford. williams and she would take the step. that goes wide. match point. and a look at the sports. i'm collin resch. have a great day, everyone. >> coming up next, a record low for voter turnout in june's state primary. and palo alto voters may decide if a new pot club dispensary may be able to open in at this time. >> i didn't know i was illegal in california. >> and suri gets the go ahead from the
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>> good morning, everyone. thanks for watching. we are coming up on 5:30. this morning president obama continues to campaign in virginia, which has become a pivotal state for the november election. he's expected to continue his criticism of republicans in congress for holding up the extension of bush era tax cuts on the first $250,000 earned by all americans. in his weekly address this morning the president says taxes will shoot higher on january 1st if it doesn't get past. >> the only play republicans and i disagree is whether we keep giving tax cuts to the top 2% of americans. republicans in washington wants more of those tax cuts. with the debts that we have, i don't think we can afford them. >> the response from governor rob port manship of ohio said raising taxes on job creators
5:30 am
who earn more than $250,000 a year makes about as much sense as cutting off the water supply during a drought. in the california primary on june 5th only one-third of eligible voters turned in ballots and the vast majority of those were sent in by mail. the secretary of state's office has just certify the election which officially had 31% turnout. just slightly higher than the low 28% turnout four years ago. nearly two-thirds of those that did vote did so by maily ballots and that's a new record for the state. in the next election palo alto voters will be asked to decide if medical marijuana dispensaries should be allowed to set up shop. the council is expected to approve a resolution that would put it before voters. it would call for an ordinance that would reverse the city's ban on pot clubs that was enacted in 1997. federal law still prohibits the sale of marijuana. several cases are pending before
5:31 am
both the state supreme court and the u.s. supreme court. also on monday the san carlos school board is expected to approve putting a $72 million facilities bond measure on the november ballot. if passed by voters, it would cost property owners $26 for every $100,000 of assessed value for the next 30 years. it would finance $72 million worth of school facility upgrades from classrooms to lie burglaries and gymnasiums. it can also buy additional computers or modern eyes science lab. the mercury news reports the district has a long wish list of projects. well, those of you who continue to break the law by texting and driving, you will love this. if you have a voice recognition phone, a new bill makes it okay to have suri or some other program do the typing for you. abc7 news capital correspondent nannette miranda has the details. >> many mobile devices now have
5:32 am
speech recognition technology allowing drivers to have a text message read to them or to send a text message by dictation. it's popularized by the i-phone suri feature. >> text eye zach. >> what do you want to say to eye zach? >> i'll be there in 15 minutes. >> it's so convenient, suri use users drive while holding their text phone and dictating a text. >> i didn't know i was illegal in california. >> but people do it anyway. >> you wait for them to answer and you tell them. >> governor jerry brown just signed a bill that clarifies the state's texting laws. ending and receiving text messages through voice recognition is okay as long as it's hands miff free. auto industry really pushed for this because many vehicles will have that capabilities. >> we have two models already now that have that functionality with the 2013 models and next year we are looking to have every model should have that capability. >> chp also had somen put into
5:33 am
the law. they recognized technology is changing but were adamant about keeping the devices handsfree. still officers want everyone to recognize their ability. not everyone can multi-task. >> some can do it while driving a vehicle but others can't do anything except drive a vehicle and they need to focus on just driving. >> jim was unclear about the law and now understand what is allowed starting january 1st on his android. >> i think it's a good idea to have a law that lets me with one button talk to whoever i need to talk to and get the message out. chp tells me it's okay to hold your phone to look at the contact while driving but that's it and you cannot check e-mails or text messages while at a stoplight or in bumper to bumper traffic. abc7 news. >> best we all keep our eyes on the road, right? well, governor brown will sign legislation that will allow and the red carpet text of the
5:34 am
sonoma-marin area to by pass local design reviews on the stations. according to the journal, the new state law will streamline the process and help get the service built and operating without delays. it supersedes a 2002 law that requires a formal review process for each station. the new law gives smart the same authority that other public transit agencies have in avoiding the lengthy and costly approval process. straight ahead, desperate for help, the awarming number of california countries hurt to go put food on the table. and let's take a live look outside. this is from our roof cam. you see the embarcadero and in the foreground and the bay bridge in the background. it's 5:35:00 a.m. on a saturday, folks. cloudy morning.
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>> there's been a number of california that can't afford food. our california watch provided alarming figures for families hurting for food especially in contra costa county. in 20,012.5 million people in california struggled with hunger. that number went up by more than 1 million to 3.$8 million in 2009. laura anthony has the story. >> reporter: the line began forming long before an afternoon produce give away was scheduled to begin. here in the heart of contra costa county more and more low income adults, like this woman, need help like this to survive. >> i can't pass this up because it's -- i need it. i need the food. >> this food give away is sponsored by the food bank of
5:38 am
contra costa salano. the demand is up even though the economy is improving. >> it's scary because we have people coming to us who had six-figure incomes a year ago. they got laid off and haven't worked for month. it's scary to see the people coming to us for the first time. >> east contra costa was especially hard hit by the construction industries. many who are food insecure are families with children. food and security is defined as not having enough food or enough income to ensure a balanced diet. he receives food stamps and social security but struggles to keep food on the table. especially high quality produce of. >> how is this going to help you? >> well, i have diabetes and i have been told i need to have more produce. >> we are seeing a lot of hungry people still. >> the monument crisis center is seeing its demand for food
5:39 am
assistance decline barely since the peak. in twain the center averaged 100 new families each month. now the average is 99 new families per month. >> that's a significant number because that means there are still a lot of people who are not finding work, their economic situation has not improved and they are really at the depths of depression for many of them. >> at the same time demand is high here in contra costa county, the nation's food pantries have slowed considerably. abc7 news. 5:40 now on this saturday morning. he'sa has a look at the weekend forecast. >> did you use your wipers this morning? >> oh, boy. >> yeah, so we will have a little bit of that. this is the emeryville camera. this will take plenty of time too clear. i'll let you know how cool or warm we will be today and the rest of the weekend coming up.
5:40 am
>> gives me chills just looking at it. and also ahead helping young people in foster care. sometimes it's the little things that count. nothing says summer like flip-flops, but should you worry about wearing them? i'm michael finney. 7 on your side is coming up.
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>> abc7 news is teaming up with sleep train to raise support for foster children in the bay area. for every new like on facebook a dollar will go to the sleep train campaign which buys things like food and school supplies for foster children. dan ashley looks at one organization that uses that to make a difference for foster children. >> all of these people have been through tough times that no child should ever have to experience and all of them ended up in foster care. >> i wanted to be with my family but i didn't want to go through
5:43 am
being abused anymore. >> we can't show their faces but we can share their hope for a better future. >> my first goal is to go to uc college. >> go to cosmetology school and save up my money so i can have more money to put toward my career. >> these teenagers are aiming high thanks in part to a group called foster a dream. they focus on foster children 12 to 24-year-old and trying to give them some of the same support that families provide. >> things that will spark that idea of i can do better, things can be better, life will be better. >> foster dream helps foster kids pay for extracurricular activities, promise, student portraits and even sudden emergencies. one young man needed to make a government on his college dorm room from the money from his student loan hadn't arrived yet. >> we made the government so he wouldn't lose his dorm. >> even half of foster children
5:44 am
even graduate from high school and many don't have consistent family support so foster dreams tries to match them with mentors. >> sometimes they just need someone to listen, maybe give good advice. >> foster a dream also runs a two week summer program called get set to help teenage foster kids prepare for adult life. >> it may be five years down the road. what do these goals look like? >> the program is put on by two staff members and an army of volunteers. teens work on regulation mace, practice for job interviews, visit different work laces and learn about careers. >> they get interview outfits so we go shopping, they get clothes. >> and there is also fun, swimming, restaurants, even a trip to a zip line and in every activity it is about all the good the young people have to offer. >> i'll never give up. >> the fact that they confide in me and trust me and talk to me. >> the get set program is paid for by john muir medical center.
5:45 am
the volunteers seem to benefit as much as the teenagers. >> i had a questionnaire i do with them and i con get through it because they stopped in the middle and he said you are my heroes. you people are my heros. you have taught me so much about life. >> foster a dream also distributes clothes and other supplies all year long. and every year they create a winder wonderland of foster kids of all ages with activities and gifts to help every child feel special. >> when you find such a need, i feel like it's a privilege to do it and it's, i think we just all need to do whatever we can. foster a dream gets all its funding from private donations so if you would like to contribute or volunteer, we have a link on once you are there click on see it on tv. and to help even more foster kids in the bay area achieve their dreams just like us on
5:46 am
facebook and it will make a big difference in the lives of bay area foster children. for every new like we get this summer, a dollar goes to the sleep train dream campaign. more than $2,000 has already been raised. help us get a little more. go to music will ecco through san francisco this evening with the second night of the third annual salsa festival in the fillmore. it's call the fillmore's musical legacy. don can sheas has the move. >> the music is infectious. the dancing is filled with energy. salsa with its african-cuban roots. >> people want to dance and have fun and there's no better place to have fun than at salsa dance. >> he is presenting the third salsa festival on fillmore this weekend. it's an area known for the jazz
5:47 am
fest. they call it the harlem of the west. now it's salsa. it will be in eight clubs in five blocks creating a dance revolution. >> our music is certainly the heritage of the fillmore. salsa becomes a part of that and anybody, like me, can be a salsa dancer. >> music, checking back with fillmore. this man believes dance is life changing. >> there's no better way to make a ton of friends in a hurry. we get people of that never danced that are afraid to even touch each other and by the time they lead they have ten, twenty new friends. >> i think people crave some of that connection and this offers that. latin culture in itself is very vibrant. there's a lot of hugging and kissing and all of that comes with the salsa culture. >> he hopes to make the fillmore an entertainment district through festivals like this, inspired by the people who come here to dance. >> the thing that got me most
5:48 am
was the diversity in the crowd. there were all kinds of people, not just in race, in age, young and old. and i thought this is just great. >> maybe, i mean a little understanding through dance. >> you listen and you want to get up and dance. >> in san francisco, don sanchez, abc7 news. the festival starts at 7:00 p.m. on fillmore street between eddie and post. lisa argen will be there showing her moves -- no. >> i don't know. >> maybe you will, i don't know. >> well, we may have to do something to warm up. we have mist and drizzle and temperatures well below average. only a couple 80s by the time all is said and done today. but we have a warmer sunday. economist drizzle all the way into the inland valleys. i'll tell you when and how much it's going to warm up. that's going to be right now. so we are looking at live doppler 7 hd and that in fact is really showing a little bit in
5:49 am
the way of cloud cover. so that will begin to clear back not only the midday hours. so it is going to take some time. in fact that and the on shore show is going to aid in the cooling today. 54 around the delta, 52 in the city. appear in fremont. livermore, 57 and 60 in san jose. we are looking at the mist and the drizzle and some of the wipers will be needed right on through the midmorning hours. then the cool pattern shapes up once again today. tomorrow we get into about five degrees of warming in the inland valleys but even cooler for monday and tuesday. as a renewed piece of energy sinks down from the queen charlottes and that's going to allow for even cooler weather to head our way. one extreme to the other. here's the first upper level low and elongated trough that's situated to the north of us and with that we have the on shore flow, the marine layer up to 2500 feet. that's allowing for the temperatures to come down further in our inland valleys.
5:50 am
we are already experiencing as much as 20 to 25 degrees of cooling yesterday. taking a lock at the tropics. this is hurricane fabio. hurricane amelia, now it's a tropical storm. no threat to land but activity nonetheless. look at the cloud cover. winds ever breezy around concord and antioch this morning and a sea breeze will result throughout the day so keeping it cloudy at our coast. san francisco just 59, boo 60s in our east bay and only low to mid-70s here. feeling pretty good in the south bay. you have to get up to the north to friends to cloverdale to hit the 80s and out toward perhaps brentwood and antioch a few 80s today. 69 big sur. we are looking at a little built of moisture as well into nevada. 9 livermore today.
5:51 am
59 in the city with 73 on the peninsula. just 71 in san fast tell. so the flow looks like it's going to relax a bit tomorrow. today thecology day of the weekend. 78 in gilroy. look for the clouds to stick around in salinas and monterey with low to mid-60s and with that relaxed on shore any tomorrow that's when we will see a warm up. if you are headed in to the giants game tonight bundle up. cloudy and cool in the mid-50s. the numbers will stay cool today. not quite as gusty as yesterday. more cooling monday and tuesday and then a warmup by the end of the work week. it's really cold out there this morning. >> thank, you lisa. maybe a silver lining to some of the cooler weather. people will put away the flip-flops and put on some more sensible shoes. michael finney, 7 on your side,
5:52 am
warns us those sandals around always safe. >> a nice day at fishermen's wharf. clouds enjoying the scenery and look what they are wearing on their feet. there are plenty of athletic shoes, to be sure, but also flip-flops. all the summertime flip-flop weather. >> they comfortable, they are open and cool. >> doctors say they are horrible for your feet. >> probably for your arch. >> the arch, that's really just the beginning. >> as soon as the kids get out of school and warm weather hits we see an onslaught of -- everybody from teenagers to adults coming in with increased pain in the arch and in the heel and the achilles. >> this is a busy time for dr. vincent moreno. here he list not potential flip-flop hazards. >> we see a lot of problems accompanied with that, whether injuries from puncture wounds are in second bites to everything from hammer toes, development of buntiance, all
5:53 am
rags of the way people walk, hip pain, low back pain. he lines them up to worst to better and enter still. this one offers no support at all. the next one has a little bit of a heel. that is better. and here is better still. >> the next shoe has a little bit of a heel lift which gives it a little bit of an arch. >> the green one has an area of built in. able was wearing flip-flops and he figures that arch support is important. >> you also need something keeping the heel on your foot. these athletic sandals are good for that. >> the doctor is quick to point out that not everyone will have problems and most of those to who do can get things corrected if they don't wait too long. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> coming up next, a horse show
5:54 am
comes trotting into the bay area. it's pure stage theatrics on horseback. hey, there's barely a line at space mountain. you there ! i am looking for someone, hair black as night, skin white as snow !
5:55 am
yeah, yeah, i got that ! she is at the castle. dad ! honey ! but she's on the move. disney mobile magic, on verizon. you wouldn't happen to have an apple ? find characters, access wait times for the park you're in, and enjoy premium features when you download disney mobile magic, powered by verizon.
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$28 million. it's not a circus under the big top. the stars of this show are 49 horses. they were here yesterday for the san jose premiere of a magical encounter between human and horse. some people were lucky enough to get a up-close look. it features many breeze of horses, a host of acrobats and musicians from around the world. the horses are so precious, they
5:57 am
will have around the clock security during their stay in the south bay. it runs from july 18th to august 5th. >> next at six, a bay area teenager confronts police. his family claims excessive force put him in the hospital. authorities say the officers had to defend themselves. and the latest on the sudden loss of sylvester stal
5:58 am
good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol.
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and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >> it is 6:00 a.m. >> in this news this morning a bay area teenager is hospitalized with severe brain injuries after a confrontation with police last weekend. his parents say officers used excessive force but the police say they had to defend themselves. and there's a 1300 acre wildfire that now threatens 170 homes. >> good morning, everyone. thanks nor joining us. i'm katie in for terry mcsweeney thi


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