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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  July 14, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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sunshine out by fairfield. airport delays and we're looking at partly cloudy skies by noontime with numbers just in the 50s and 60s. today, our cooling trend continues with only mid-50s and cloudy skies at our coast with low 80s inland. numbers will be quite pleasant in the tri-valley but only 70s in the south bay. we are looking at a cool start for the weekend but the finish looking a little bit different. of course the week ahead has changes ahead. >> katie: thank you. a south bay teenager is being treated for severe brain injuries. he suffered in a rundown inclash with santa clara police officers. they released police dogs when they say he came with them at a knife. >> this is 16-year-old austin before and after an incident with santa clara police early sunday morning. >> he had brain surgery for a
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brain clot on his brain with trauma. >> the trauma happened after he left a party intoxicated. he wandered to a fire station and called 911. several officers responded. >> they found a young man out in public holding a knife to his throat. >> santa clara police captain phil cook says a negotiator were called in but police were forced to act when he came toward the officers. they fired two rubber projectiles, he fell to the ground and handcuffed but. >> they released dog on him. >> austin was brought to santa clara valley medical center. >> sometimes he knows who i am. sometimes he doesn't. he doesn't know what year it is. >> reporter: distribution removed part of the skull to relieve swelling. it's uncertain how much brain
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damage he suffered. his family believes they used too much for force. >> i don't understand why somebody was asking for help that they end up like this. >> it's a dangerous situation, throng harm themselves with a knife out in public and actually move in an aggressive manner towards the officers. we think they showed great restraint and n crisis they had rather than resorting to deadly force. >> reporter: police are still investigating so we don't have all the facts in the case just yet. family wonders if more could have been done. the dad is going to the neighborhood where it happened and find anybody that may have surveillance video. >> katie: in another case. authorities are reviewing surveillance video what happened when a bicyclist was hit and killed. it happened shortly after 3:30
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in downtown berkeley on bancroft way. we were over the scene. police say the victim is a man in his 60s. investigators say the driver of the dump truck unknowingly hit the cyclist and kept going but he returned to the scene after being alerted by a passing motorcyclist. >> this morning firefighters in the sierra foothills east of colfax say good progress was made last night. cal fire says the robbers fire is 20% contained this morning. winds pushed the fire towards homes on two flanks. 1600 firefighters are using everything they have on the ground and in the air to protect two towns. >> we got a lot of line construction down in there and really rough country, steep terrain, crews did a good job today holding the line they had. >> katie: they are working in steep canyons against day time
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temperatures in the mid 90s which are cooler than the last few days but still high enough for erratic fire activity including unexpected flare-ups and hot spots. investigators say candles on a religious alter may be to blame for a fire in san bruno that killed a toddler. it happened yesterday morning on lake drive. the cousin of two-year-old boy tells reporters that his grandparents were baby siting when the fire broke out of them found them suffering from smoke inhalation. construction crew saw the flames and actually rescued the grandfather before firefighters arrived. >> there was a two-year-old, going crazy and see if we get him out but there was no chance. >> i am praying my grandmother and grandfather come back.
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>> katie: federal officials have approved a new plan to protect whales. it's rerouting shipping traffic and establishing better ways to track their locations. since 2010 half a dozen whales have been killed by cargo ships. just last month, a 47-foot whale washed up in a beach at point reyes. and it revealed had a fractured spine and extensive injuries to ribs and skeleton. in just a few hours the chinese recreation center at mason and washington streets will reopen with $21 million worth of improvements and a new name. san francisco native betty aum was the united attendant that alerted authorities of the trade center attacks. mayor ed lee will attend the
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grand reopening ceremonies at noon today. new california ban on the sale of foie gras is being defied by a mountain view restaurant. instead of selling the delicacy, one restaurant is giving it away. they say the restaurant is ducking the law. tomas ramon has both sides. >> stop it. >> they were give away foie gras. the sale was banned as of july 1st. 25 protestors showed up say serving at all is unlawful. >> it's in violation of the foie gras ban even if they are giving it away for free. >> they have been in mountain view for 30 years. the chef says the protestors are wrong. he carries a copy of the ban in his shirt pocket in case he has to prove it.
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the ban violates his rights. >> the government stepped in to tell me what i can cook and eat and serve -- where do you draw the line? >> this left over foie gras is given to the customers as a gift to their patronage. he wants them to know he supports animal rights. he is only giving away the liver that is produced humanely. >> the moment it's not properly done we'll stop. if the law says you cannot purchase legal purchase to foie gras to customers we'll stop that, too. >> a few people came to show their support, if not for the liver, for the restaurant. >> it's not fair for customers to disrupt the operation of a local business. >> reporter: animal rescue league says they face a thousand dollar fine for every day they
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serve the foie gras. >> appropriate agencies will take action and they will be subject to a fine. >> he will continue to give it away until he runs out this weekend. mountain view police say they have turned over the complaint to the district attorney's which is looking into it. >> katie: a federal amendment giving the federal government complete control over all u.s. food production standards passed the housing a debris cultural committee this week. the king amendment would overturn farm laws in all 50 states and that includes the ban on foie gras. >> coming up next, sylvester stallone's son has died. what may have caused his sudden death. and why mitt romney got here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ]
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>>. >> katie: it's 8:12 this morning. the 36-year-old son of sylvester stallone is dead. sage stallone was found in his home and coroner says there is no signs of foul play and no suicide note. >> reporter: he played his big screen debut in 1990. in rocky v, he was joined by his
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real life son, sage. in 1996 he was back on screen. >> in daylight saved, he was with his high profile father. but this night, he was found all alone. authorities were first called to his studio homeland because they said it spelled trouble. >> the lapd and housekeeper discovered the body around 2:15 p.m. it could be weeks until an official cause of death will be announced. >> there are some prescription bottles, however, i'm not going to detail what they were. >> reporter: just one day before sylvester stallone was all smiles. he is devastated and grief-stricken over the sudden loss of his son. his compassion and thoughts are were sage's mother, sasha.
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>> i want to focus on my directing. >> that is what he said in 1996. he directed a short film co-starring carol linley. >> he was beautiful. he was physically beautiful. emotionally beautiful. and very talented. >> katie: president obama's staff member has died after collapsing at the chicago headquarters yesterday. 29-year-old alex worked in the media department and advertising. a campaign official says the president called his parents to offer his condolences. republican president candidate mitt romney to rein in his campaign staff. during an interview yesterday romney demanded an apology from the white house for claiming he was still running bain when the management company begin sending
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jobs overseas in 2000. he left in 1999. >> that is ridiculous and is disturbing and coming from their campaign and beneath the dignity of the president. >> katie: according to security and exchange commission documents, romney was president and ceo of bain in 2001. he responded by saying the buck stops here. >> the uniforms of the olympics, the designer says the winter games in russia will be made here. we broke the story of the uniforms for the london games were made in china and that sparked outrage across america. the u.s. olympic committee says it's too late to change the clothing for the london games that starts in two weeks. they had a contract tw the u.s.
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committee through 2020. it's a quarter after 8:00 on a gray saturday morning. >> for the most part. we have a few peeks of sun out towards concord and oakland this morning. not only the gray sky and mist and drizzle and airport delays but the fog will peel back. one of the days will be cooler and the other i'll explain. take a look at seven-day outlook which features more cooler air. >> and next, buster posey ripped a shot as the giants opened up the second half of the sciences. more in sports.
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>>. >> katie: good morning, thank you for joining us, it's 8:190 this saturday morning, you are looking live at the golden gate bridge toll plaza, no, it is not pouring rain out there but you can see the silence wet. a misty gray morning here in san francisco. that is all right. we like it. we'll take it over the heat wave and lisa will let you how long it is going to stick around.
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to get out of bed, we have a new way to get your weather and traffic. listen to this. ♪ ♪ >> that is right, its wake-up call by mike nicco. she just one of the alarms you can set in our new abc7 alarm clock app. you be wake up to the morning news, weather and traffic updates. it is free, a free alarm clock app. just search abc news san francisco alarm. enjoy waking up to it. it's faen fun. it puts a smile on my face. >> lisa: it's cool and gray in most neighborhoods, it's going to take a while to warm up. this morning we do have a few peeks of sun out there. airport delays and high definition emeryville. you can see blue on the top of
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the screen. oakland and concord looking a few peeks have sun. there is a breeze all the way out towards concord and fairfield. cooler air is being transported into east bay and that brings a cooler afternoon, live doppler 7-hd, plenty of low clouds being picked up. this much of marin, sonoma, napa county socked in and down through the sanity championship valley and stockton all the way along the central coast towards gilroy. yesterday, gilroy was one of the warmer numbers, one of eth only numbers in the 80s. once gun today, that is what we'll see. take a look. here is the marine layer, over 2,000 feet deep. mountain view, 60. good morning, redwood city, 56. 61 in antioch. mist and drizzle all the way through santa cruz. we'll be looking at a cool afternoon, cooler than average once again today.
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here is a look when the fog is going to clear. notice 10:00, 11:00, pulling back out of east bay. by noontime we still have the clouds in the city up to southern marin county and down the peninsula and by mid-to-late afternoon we get into a little bit of partial clearing. financial district down through burlingame. also up towards san rafael. it will be a cool afternoon by tomorrow looks like the breeze won't be as robust and we should get a few degrees warming inland. mist and drizzle, cool pattern overall but today cooler day compared to the two. we'll look for renewed system to bring us more cooling monday and tuesday. so the first area of low pressure, its trough. you can see it here on the water vapor imagery. it extends all the way down the coast. this continues to slide to the east, we'll definitely have the
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marine layer but not as gusty. yet another system coming out of the north and that should bring temperatures down even further to 60s and 70s monday and tuesday. 66 today is the average high in san francisco, but not getting near that. 59, as much as 11 degrees below average and cooling trend continues today. warmer day tomorrow. inland it should be nice around sacramento. 87. 93 in southern sierra and risk of thunderstorms has shifted east. milpitas a cool 72. 56 half moon bay. and redwood city, low 70s. lots of clouds here on the peninsula. 74 in novato. a comfortable day in the north bay but only 60s in hayward. 77 in pleasanton.
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a couple of 80s out towards pittsburg and down by monterey bay, knoll morgan hill. that is cooler than yesterday. look ahead after tonight's game which will be a win low 50s. look ahead, noticed we warm up just a little tomorrow and slightly warmer but could see moisture come our way which wla is now a hurricane. we could see extra moisture. >> katie: thanks. tim lincecum starts for the giants against the astros. he may be pitching to keep his spot in rotation, last night madison bumgarner was spectacular. colin rush has the highlights. >> houston astros are a bad baseball team, giants are ten games above .500.
8:24 am
with every intention to sweep the series. they honored, melky cabrera donning a milkman hat. fastball, gone. 11th of the season a 2-1 shot. seven innings, strikes out five and one run on two hits allowed. angel pagan, tagging him and no part of the panda coming down the line. 5-1 giants. that is the final. tim lincecum will be pitching on the hill tonight. >> a great game yesterday. injured closer brian wilson in full leather suit handing out baseball gloves to the junior giants. >> i like it because i am in a position to do that. something i want to do. it brings me a good spirited and
8:25 am
makes them laugh or happy i'm doing my job. >> a's in minneapolis to start a series. twins pitcher with the game 6 his life. he fanned 15, struck out the side in the third. he made one huge mistake, bases loaded. jonny gomes clears them. a's take a 4-1 lead. josh, two homers in this game. he has hit four in four games against oakland. 4-3, a's in the ninth, gomes knocking one but 6-3 oakland. they won 7 of 8. they are just one and a half games out of a wildcard. >> at stanford, eighth overall pick of pittsburgh pirates. a potential signing bonus he wants to return to his senior
8:26 am
season to get a degree. newly acquired guard jarret jackson, barns and company taking on the lakers last night. barns attacking the rim and fouled on the attempt. as good as he looks, craig thompson looked better. six of 8 and finished with 24, warriors hammer l.a. 91-50. and serena williams and her opponent, serena dictating. a cross hand forehand winner, takes the set 6-4. this one is wide and match point 6-4 and 6-love. she. >> that is look at the morning sports. have a great day. >> katie: it is 8-27 and record
8:27 am
low for voter turnout in june's state primary. palo alto voters might soon decide if new dispensaries will open up. >> and they get the go-ahead from the governor. [ male announcer ] the magic of nature appears every day,
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but she's on the move. disney mobile magic, on verizon. you wouldn't happen to have an apple ? find characters, access wait times for the park you're in, and enjoy premium features when you download disney mobile magic, powered by verizon. >> katie: in his weekly address, president says taxes will shoot higher on january 1st. >> the only place republicans
8:30 am
and i disagree is whether we keep giving tax cuts to the wealth experienced 2% of americans, republicans in washington wants more tax cuts. with the deficit we have i don't think we can afford them. >> katie: republican response, from rob portman of ohio says raising taxes on job creators makes about as much sense as cutting off the water supply during a drought. >> in california primary on june 5th, only one-third of eligible voters turned in ballots and vast majority of those were sent by mail. secretary of state's office certified the election which has 31% turnout. of those two-thirds that did vote did so by mail-in ballot and that is a new record for the state. >> in the next election, palo alto voters will likely be asked to decide whether medical marijuana dispensaries should be allowed to set up shop. palo alto city council is expected to approve a resolution
8:31 am
that would put the issue before voters. initiative calls for an ordinance that would essentially reverse the ban on pot clubs which was enacted in 1997. federal law still prohibits the sale of marijuana. several cases are pending before the state supreme court and the u.s. supreme court. also on monday the san carlos school board is expected to approve putting a $72 million bond measure on the november ballot. if passed by voters it would cost property owners $26 for every $100,000 of assessed value for the next 30 years. it would finance $72 million worth of school facility upgrades from libraries to classrooms. and it could buy new computers or modernize the science lab. they report the district has a long wish list. there those of you that continue to break the law, texting and driving, you are going like this -- if you have a
8:32 am
voice recognition phone, a new bill makes it okay to have another program do the typing for you. here is capital correspondent nannette miranda has the details. >> many mobile devices now have speech recognition technology allowing drivers to have a text message read to them or send a text message by dictation. it's popularized by the i-4 phone. >> what do you want to say to isaac. >> i'll be there in 15 minutes. >> it's so convenient that they drive while holding their iphone and dictate ago text but. i didn't know i was illegal in california. >> but people do it anyway. >> you are not supposed to be on the phone. >> the governor just signed a bill that clarifies the state's texting laws, sending and receiving text messages through voice recognition is okay as
8:33 am
long as its hands free. auto industry pushed for this because many vehicles will have that capability. >> we have two models now that have that functionality right now. and next year we're looking to have every model should have that capability. >> chp has some input into this law. they recognize technology is changing but were adamant about keeping the devices hands free. they want them to recognize their ability but not everyone can multi-task. >> some individuals can do this while driving but there are other individuals can't do anything but drive the vehicle. >> tim was unclear about the law, too, and now understands what is allowed starting january 1st on on his android. >> i think it's a good idea to have a law that lets me push one button talk to whoever i need to talk to. >> chp tells me it's okay to hold your phone. look at the contacts while driving but that is it.
8:34 am
i cannot check e-mails or read text messages while in bumper-to-bumper traffic. >> katie: governor brown signed legislation that will allow architects of the sonoma marin transit agency to bypass local reviews on train stations. new state law will streamline the process and help get the voter approved rail service built and operating without delays. it supersedes a 2002 law that required a formal review process for each train station. it avoids a lengthy approval process. straight ahead, desperate for help. alarming number of california families hurting to put food on the table. let's take you live outside at 8:35 on this saturday morning. maybe the fog lifting a bit when we showed you this picture
8:35 am
earlier this morning. you couldn't see the top of bank of america so there you go. lisa argen will give you all the details in the full so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? maybe. rich chocolate chips... i just wanted you to eat more fiber. chewy, oatie, gooeyness... and, and...and then the awards started coming in, and i became addicted to the fame. topped with chocolaty drizzle... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one. fiber beyond recognition.
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>>. >> katie: a dramatic increase in the number of californians that can't afford food. our media partner provided figures about number of families hurting for food especially in contra costa county. the study found that in 2001,
8:38 am
2.5 million people in california struggled with hunger. that number went up by more than a million to 3.8 million in 2009. laura anthony has the story. >> in martinez the line begin forming before it was scheduled to begin. here in the heart of contra costa county more and more low income adults need help like this to survive. >> i need it. i need the food. >> reporter: in gaveaway is sponsored by food bank which continues to see huge demand up by as much as 50% in the last four years. even though there are some signs the economy is improving. >> it's kind of scary sometimes, we had people coming 6 figure incomes and they have laid off and they haven't worked in six to eight months.
8:39 am
>> east contra costa has been particularly hard hit by the sagging construction and real estate industries. many of those that are food insecure are families with children. food insecurity is not having enough food or enough income to ensure a balanced diet. food stamps and social security but still struggles to keep quality food on the table. >> how is this going to help you? >> i have diabetes. i've been told i need to have more produce. >> we're seeing a lot of hungry people still. >> the crisis center is seeing food assistance decline barely. they averaged hundred families each month. now, the average is 99 new families per month. >> that is a significant number because that means there are still a lot of people not finding work. their economic situation has not
8:40 am
improved and they are at the depths of depression for many of them. >> at the same time demand is high in contra costa county but nation's food pantries have slowed considerably. -- donations have slowed considerably. >> lisa has a look at weather if you are heading outdoors. >> lisa: live shot. mainly clouds are over the bay and east bay begins to clear. few peeks of sun and drops on the lens. delays at sfo and one of days is going to be cooler than the other. i'll tell you which one and when is it going to warm up. >> katie: helping young people in foster care. sometimes it's the little things that count. >> nothing says summer like flip-flops but should you worry about wearing them?
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>>. >> katie: good morning, it's 8:43 on this saturday morning, how about this for a change of scenary. live at heavenly mountain resort in lake tahoe. a sunny scene compared to the gray and wet scenes we've been showing you closer in the bay area. mid 50s now but it is going to warm up. lisa argen will have the full forecast coming up in a few minutes. meanwhile, abc7 news is teaming up with fleet train. for every new like on "abc 7 news" on facebook, a dollar will go to the sleep train dream campaign which buys things like clothes for foster children. dan ashley looks at one of those organizations to make a difference for foster child. >> dan: all of young people at this table have been through tough times that no child should ever have to experience. all of them ended up in foster
8:44 am
care. >> i don't want to go like being abused any more. >> dan: we can share their hope for a better future. >> to go college. >> to go school and save up my money so i can have more money to put towards my lawyer career. >> dan: these teenagers are aiming high thanks in part to an organization called foster a dream in martinez. it focuses on foster youth trying to give some of the same support that families usually provide. >> things that are going to spark the idea, i can do better. life will be better. >> dan: foster dream helps kids pay for extra curricula activities, proms and even emergencies, one young man needed to make a deposit on his college dorm room but the money had not arrived yet. >> only about half of foster
8:45 am
children even graduate in high school and many don't have consistent adult support so foster a dream tries to match them with trained mentors. >> sometimes they need to get certain situations to talk to someone that can listen and maybe give good advice. >> they also run a two week summer program called get set to help kids prepare for adult life. >> maybe five years down the road. >> the program is put on by two staff members and an army of volunteers. teens work on resumes, practice for job interviews. visit different work places and learn about careers. >> they get shopping and clothes. >> there is also fun. swimming, restaurants, even a trip to zip line and the focus is all the good these young people have to offer. >> the program is paid for by
8:46 am
john muir medical center. the volunteers seem to benefit almost as much as the teenagers. >> i had a little question the other day and i couldn't get through it because i stopped in the middle. you people are my heroes. you have taught me so much about life. >> dan: foster a dream delivers clothes all year long. every december they create a winter wonderland for foster children of all ages to help every child field special. >> when you find such a need it's a privilege to do it. i think we need to do whatever we can. >> katie: they get all their funding from private donations, so if you would like to volunteer, we have a link at to help even more foster kids in
8:47 am
the bay area achieve their dreams, like us on facebook and you'll make a big difference in the lives of bay area foster children. every new like we get this summer a dollar goes to the sleep train dream campaign. more than $200 has been raised. go to news. >> and more warnings will go out about winning virus. two birds have tested, did west nile virus. it can be deadly. mosquito samples are the first to test positive this year there. residents are encouraged to use mosquito repellent for protection. a dead cow found in brentwood tested positive and last year three people contracted the disease but no fatalities in the county since 2006. 8:48 and lisa has a look at
8:48 am
weather and looking a locality like this morning. >> lisa: and it's going to be fogged in there. in fact right now hearing a look at santa cruz. you notice how gray it is. fog extends up towards the peninsula. we are looking at temperatures around the bay to be cool. here is the roof camera shot. you'll notice healthy sea breeze airport delays of an hour and a half. live doppler 7-hd shows the low clouds and fog, very extensive in the north bay. the peninsula is beginning to peel back. you'll see clearing late in marin, sonoma and napa clearing sooner into our east bay. it will stay cloudy in san francisco. tomorrow we have the aids walk. a little bit better in terms of brightening things up but it's still going to be cool. 57 in oakland. 60 in mountain view. santa cruz, we saw a picture of
8:49 am
all the gray skies and pretty vacant beach. 56 right now. upper 60s later on. that is cooler than yesterday. the fog will continue to pull back and about noontime. you'll notice we still are cloudy in southern marin, san francisco, parts of the san francisco, hillsborough and san bruno and down around san mateo but you'll get sunshine but another cool afternoon. we understand the influence of a trough of low pressure, that has provided for drizzle and cool pattern this weekend. tomorrow is going to be the warmer day by as much as five degrees. you need to get away from the coast to enjoy? of that warming. another system on the heels of this one bringing cooler air. here is the trough. it's kind of elongated. that what has brought the onshore flow. the robust cooling trend yesterday. we should see highs in the upper 80s in livermore. upper 70s today.
8:50 am
napa, mid 70s and you'll get that clearing in the afternoon. san francisco, a cool of 59 today. oakland only 65. napa looking at mid 70s and redwood city another cool day with low 70s. sun is setting at 8:31 and fog coming back across the bay. that is our first trough. that brings sort of a repeat performance of yesterday. i don't think it will quite as gusty out there. high temperatures ranging from the low to mid 70s from milpitas. upper 70s in los gatos. pretty nice in the santa clara valley. 75 in los altos. 54 in pacifica. lots of clouds here. san francisco, pat. 60 in south city. in the north bay. notice the 80s, pretty far north up to ukiah and cloverdale. 71 in san rafael. 67 in san leandro. 70 in castro valley. tomorrow we'll bump up these numbers. today looks like a nice day here
8:51 am
with probably no air-conditioning needed in dublin at 76. down by the monterey bay. we have 56 about 3:00. it's going to take a while to get there. tomorrow for the aids walk you'll notice we are waking up again to the low clouds and fog and mist and drizzle and a little bit of sun ranging from the low 50s in the morning to the low on 60s in the afternoon. kind of typical, you might expect that, a little bit warmer and tiny warming trend tomorrow. much cooler monday and tuesday. even wednesday iffy and a little bit of warmth at the end of the week. >> katie: silver lining to the cooler weather, maybe people will put away their flip-flops and put on more sensible shoes. those sandals than this all that safe. >> a nice day down at fisherman's wharf and look what they are wearing on their feet. there is plenty of athletic
8:52 am
shoes but also flip-flops. those summertime flip-flop weather. >> they are comfortable and open and cool. >> doctors say they are horrible for your feet? >> probably for your arch. >> reporter: the arch is just the beginning. >> as soon as kids get out of school and warm weather hits, we see onslaught of teenagers to adults coming in with increased pain in the arch and the heel. >> reporter: this is busy time for dr. vincent moreno. he lists the potential hazards. >> we see a lot of problems that are accompanied with that, injuries from puncture wounds or insect bites. hammer toes and alterations to the people walk, hip pain, low back pain. >> reporter: so they line them up in order of worst to slightly better to better still.
8:53 am
this flip-flop offers know support at all. the next one has a little bit of a heel. here is better still. >> the next shoe has a little bit of a heel lift which gives a little bit of an arch. >> this has an arch built in. they were wearing flip-flops but he figures that arch support is important. >> that most important part of sandal. >> true but you also need something to keep the heel on your foot. these athletic sand always are good for that. not everyone will have problems and most that do can get things corrected if they don't wait too long. >> katie: coming up next, a horse show that is trotting into the bay area, it
8:54 am
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[ male announcer ] the magic of nature appears every day, within each strand of an oat's rhythmical sway. when an apple's vibrant red temptation, and honey's sweet touch of golden sensation, join together with a pecan crunch you'll savor, creating the most perfect lesson in flavor. at nature valley, nature's best-written recipe is ready for you to enjoy. delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley, nature at its most delicious.
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>>. >> katie: white tents are up in san jose but not a circus under the big top. stars of this show are horses, 49 of them and they just arrived yesterday for the san jose premiere of cavalia. some people have been lucky enough to get an upclose look. it features 11 breeds of horses, 37 riders and a host of acrobats and dancers and musicians from around the world. horses are so precious they will have around the clock security
8:57 am
during their stay in the south bay. san jose performances run from july 18 to august 5. >> lisa: it's nice out there. mid-70s in the south bay. 59 in the city. holding on to the clouds cover, still clearing in the north bay. it's getting sunny in the east bay but breezy at our beaches. tomorrow a little warmer inland and then we're much cooler again on monday and tuesday. >> katie: a sunny san francisco summer. thanks for joining us. our next newscast is at 5:00. a reminder download our new alarm klop app and set it before you go to bed and wake up to news and traffic headlines right on your phone. it's available in the app store. search for building pass, corporate card, verizon 4g lte phone. the global ready one ? yeah, but you won't need... ♪ hajimemashite. hajimemashite. hajimemashite. you guys like football ? thank you so much.
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