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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 24, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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good morning, everybody. we begin today with the aftermath of the colorado shooting massacre. most of us got our first glimpse of james holmes during a court appearance yesterday. the longtime friends say they hardly recognize the young man they once new. >> with more on the unfolding legal case, we're joined by brandy in sentinel, colorado today. >> reporter: good morning, he appeared to be locked in his own world. >> given the nature of the charges you're currently being held. >> reporter: by dyed comic book hair, 24-year-old holmes sat silent in a colorado courtroom looking dazed and confused just like his booking photo.
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>> i sat looking at his face and eventually i had to get past that and see who the killer was. >> reporter: some of the victim's families walked into court hand in hand. it was the first time they could see the man police say opened fire in a movie theater, killing 12 people and wounding dozens more. it has some speculatoring he would be drugged. >> reporter: abc's dan abrams said it could help with an insanity plea. >> he could be extremely tired, some defect or he's faking it. >> reporter: as detectives now combed through mounds of evidence including holmes' computer and batman paraphernalia, the family offered this. >> the family wants to reiterate that their hearts go out to the victims and their families. >> which is more than i can allow. >> and it's something that we'll grow through together. >> yeah.
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>> reporter: the district attorney said she'll consult them before recommending the death penalty. james holmes will be back in court next monday and that's when we'll hear the charges filed against him. >> abc's brandi hitt in san diego. thanks, brandi. >> and we've now learned that the studio will make donations to victims. the studio said they will not reveal how much they're donating but sources say it's a substantial amount. and has taken down james holmes' profile from a dating site. it read "will you visit me in prison?" >> two more survivors are being sent home after recovering from their injuries. however, 16 patients are still in the hospital, seven of whom are in critical condition. and you can stay with abc news for all the latest on the
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colorado tragedy. much more coming up this morning, later today on "good morning america". and now to other news, a new argument on the 2010 oil spill, and bp for failing to focus on systemic hazards. and safety standards to its contracted drilling rig than to its own. the findings are similar to those of an earlier panel appointed by president obama. and a louisiana insurance company has paid a $104 million judgment in a class action suit stemming from hurricanes katrina and rita. more than 18,000 policyholders through the insurance were adjusting damage claims too slowly after the disasters. the ceo says the company still has $100 million to continue paying claims. >> the president candidates are campaigning in the west today, both scrambling to lock up a military vote in a speech to the
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veterans of foreign wars veterans in reno, president obama has kept his promises to end the war in iraq also scale back the mission in afghanistan as well. he's also launched a new website aimed at cutting down the number of officers who lie about military service and awards. republican candidate mitt romney gets his chance with the v.w. today. he's expected to step up his response that president obama is weakening the military. he's also expected to slam current white house foreign policy all before sitting out on a six-day trip overseas to have his own foreign credential policies. and now to the jerry sandusky cover-up. >> the school did escape that so-called death penalty from the ncaa but it will suffer a heavy blow that will cripple the program from years to come. abc's karen transferrers has the latest. >> reporter: with a long list of penalties, the ncaa has crippled
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program for years. >> no price the ncaa will ahelp the aggrievous damage inflicted by jerry sandusky. however we can make clear that the actions and inactions that allowed them to be victimized will not be tolerated on the penn state campus. >> reporter: on the penn state campus shocked students as it was announced. a $60 million fine. that money will go to programs to prevent child abuse or assist victims. a four-year ban on proseason bowl games. all wins from 1998 to 2011, vacated. and the loss of 20 scholarships per year for four years, plus five years probation. >> i don't think they have the authority to do something like this. >> reporter: it could have been worse. the ncaa didn't apose the
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football program. yesterday, penn state officials removed the iconic statistic tie of joe paterno from the place outside of beaver stadium. today, students said it's time to move forward. >> football does not run this university. we're a community. >> the paterno family slammed penn state for accepting the penalties. they called it a panicked response to the public's unexpected arelation to jerry sandusky's crimes. well, jury selection continues near chicago today in the murder trial of former police officer drew peterson. the 58-year-old is charged with killing his third wife kathleen savio back in 2004, her death was initially ruled an accident but peterson was charged after his third wife went missing back in 1997. he's also a suspect in that case. and in philadelphia, it's visiting day for the first roman catholic official convicted in the church's sex scandal.
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monsignor william wynn is was seven years in prison. >> i read something that that said the catholic church could learn something from the ncaa. that's a different story. let's take a look at weather from across the country. severe storms from coastal new england to eastern long island, d.c. and the carolinas. also stormy into the ohio valley. upper midwest and the dakotas. thunderstorms from the midwest and showers from texas to florida. >> 90s from florida and boston and the plains. 80s from detroit and billings, warming up to the 70s in seattle. coming up next, the airlines are asking you to dig a little deeper. plus, some actual good news about the nation's housing market. business news is next. also, those olympic uniforms that we told you so much about. a new deal clearing the way for them to be made in america. @ññ??
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welcome back, everybody. there is a new sign at the housing market has turned the corner. nationwide home values have posted their first annual increase since 2007, showing a slight gain from june 2011 and last month. home values appeared to have bottomed out back in february. if you're flying this summer and haven't booked your ticket, get ready to pay more. big domestic carriers are hiking fares as much as $10 a round trip. united made the first move and, of course, the others quickly
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followed. on the flip side, fall airfare sales are starting to move. of course, you have to pay for baggage. and speaking of false sales, back to school is back in full swing and stores are sweetening the deal. walmart has an 88 cents section, on top of that, kmart is luring shoppers with free flu shots. almost $84 billion in sales, that is second only to christmas. also, a new round of layoffs is about to hit a tech giant, cisco systems. the biggest maker of computer networking equipment is cutting 1,300 jobs, about 2% of its workforce. cisco says growing economic uncertainty is hurting business. and the weekend box office number which is were delayed out of respect for the shooting. "the dark knight" rises to the
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best ever. it took in $160.9 million. "ice age: continental drift, $20 million. and "the amazing spider-man" came in third with $8 million. >> that makes a statement of sorts. and when we come back this morning, the new "american idol," judge, that is, mariah carey about judging. details coming up in the "the pulse." and a baseball first, ichiro takes the field against the mariners.
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with tums freshers! concentrated relief that goes to work in seconds and freshens breath. ♪ tum...tum...tum...tum... tums! ♪ [ male announcer ] tums freshers. fast relief, fresh breath, rescuers on mt. hood have averted a tragedy, plucking a man and his dog to safety. police say the dog fell off a trail last night and when the owner tried to rescue him, he fell, too. both man and dog were hoisted up
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to an awaiting ambulance. neither were injured, good news. now for a look at morning road conditions, conditions from the coast of maine down to the carolinas and the ohio valley to the dakotas. slick roads from florida to east texas, as well as the four corners of cisco flats. and if you're flying, delays possible in bean town, washington, minneapolis and the windy city. two people are dead and two others are hospitalized after a 17-vehicle chain collision in west texas two of the 18 wheelers sandwiched a car killing two people inside. and in south texas, investigators are faced with the grim task of trying to identify the 14 people that were killed in this truck accident. the victims, men, women and children carries two changes of socks and underwear but no
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identifications. >> the worst accident they've ever seen. until other news, secretary of state hillary clinton said the u.s. is committed to achieving an aids-free generation. clinton said the u.s. is donating another $150 million towards that end. pop star elton john added that the battle must also focus on overcoming the aids stigma which often keeps high-risk groups from seeking treatment and counseling. well, a workman has admitted he set fires that caused $400 million in damages to a navy submarine. casey terry told workers that he just wanted to get out of work early and that he suffers from anxiety. he admitted using a cigarette light tore set in rags on fire. he could be sent to prison for life. just clock out a little earlier. >> there are other ways. >> we only have how much time? there's time to talk about
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comebacks, who else but former congresswoman gabby giffords. >> eight months after being shot in the head, here she is, on top of the french alps with her amazing husband mark kelly. giffords breathed subzero temperatures to walk the final steps. >> total feet, 12,600. not bad. the amazing journey continues. and what's closer to home and closer to sea level, sports news, last night's baseball highlights from espn. good morning, i'm hakem dermish with your "sportscenter" update. ichiro traded from the franks. wearing number 31. the only team he'd only played for. .3 in batting average against kevin millwood. 1 for 4 and a stolen base.
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bottom of the third, two outs. ichiro comes out rolling just off the mark. mariners up 1-00. alex rodriguez, yankees win 4-1 and snap a four-game skid. ron washington, first place texas rangers hosting the red sox. bottom three, rangers down 1-0. elvis andrews, ground ball to second to dustin pedroia. oh, man. gets the 2-1 score. rangers take a 2-1 lead. a few minutes later, the man with the most hits in history, michael young. bottom six, mike napoli. he owns the second batting percentage all-time. are you kidding me? 15th home run of the season. the rangers win 9-1, boston is
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48-49. team usa takes on spain on tuesday in its final tuneup before the olympics. spain is the only team ever to score 100 points against the u.s. in the olympics. back in 2008. you can catch the action at 4:30 on espn2, espn3 and the watchespn app. >> our producers know how to make great transitions. speaking of olympians -- that wassee uniforms worn by u.s. olympic athletes in opening and closing ceremonies will soon be made only in -- >> -- america! the u.s. olympic committee has reached a deal outfit team usa in american-made clothes. it does not apply to uniforms worn in actual sporting eengtss. there we go. right here in america. >> the "the pulse" and crazy flights from up in iceland. >> surprise, surprise, a new
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♪ time to check "the pulse" this morning, the stories you'll be talking about today, "american idol" is getting another dose of star power, making it official that, yes,
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mariah carey is joining the show. >> the arrival of the grammy winning pop star signed a contract worth 18 million bucks and randy jackson was instrumenting and moving for her. >> carey, though, replaced j. lo, have to find a replacement the 12th season. and there's going to be an odd sounding name on the roster. >> it's going to be wide receiver chad johnson, formerly known as chad ochocinco formerly known as chad johnson. he changed back to the original yesterday. >> that quick name change came a couple weeks after mr. johnson got married. just remember he's now chad johnson when your fantasy football draft coming up. >> thank you for that. right now, you're getting ready for your day, it's hot and clammy, here's a look at what
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i use quilted northern. quilted northern soft & strong. stronger than the leading rippled brand. for a confident clean. . next, s.w.a.t. teams in oakland take a pair of suspects into custody following a 13 hour standoff. >> president obama leaves the bay area today after a series of fundraisers. meteorologist mike nicco will have a look at the forecast. light clouds for your morning commute, cooler weather is on the way. cincinnati showers from houston. hail and flooding from coastal maine all the way to the carolinas. and finally from us this
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morning, remembering sally ride, an american trail blazer who broke through the gender barrier and blasted into the record books. >> she was the first woman american to fly in space, ride passed away from pancreatic cancer after paving the way for generations to come. we have more from abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: when sally ride blasted into space back in 1983 -- >> liftoff, america's first woman astronaut. >> reporter: she not only boldly went where no american woman had gone before, at 31, she also became the youngest american in space. >> i guess i was more excited about getting to fly early than being the first woman. >> reporter: ride was a ph.d. physics student at stanford when she saw a help wanted ad in the newspaper. an ad that would change her trajectory. it said nasa is looking for say
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new scientist. it happens to be the same year nasa started accepting women into its training program. of 8,000 applicants, 35 were chosen, 6 were woman, and ride was the one tapped to go to space on the space shuttle "challenger." >> it's the experience of a lifetime to be able to fly in space, i have to admit i'm more excited about that opportunity as you say a footnote in history. >> reporter: sally ride took the ride twice on "challenger" in back to back years. the first flight was canceled back in 1986. but she went on to consider careers in science. it led women to shoot for the moon. abc news, linsey davis. >> she certainly was more than just a footnote. >> she visited space twice and is survived by her partner of 27
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years. >> an american legend gone way too soon at just 61. that is what's making news in america this morning. that is what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for captioned by closed captioning services, inc.


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