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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 2, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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in san bruno. and there are a back hoe pierced a glass main this morning. you can see there is a police and firefighters evacuated the area, pg&e capped that leak. the utility believes it was avoidable. >> this was clearly marked. and it's a save technique to use hand digging. >> and there is a larger line that cup ruptured in september, 2010. and. >> there is a report suggests
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the obama administration was more concerned with public relations than taxpayers. sol lind dra was the center piece of president obama's initiative. this is a report that says they declared it would be more cost effective for sol lind dra to sail z there is concern about over how embarrassing it could be. >> the city of san bernardino is filing for bank rup sthi summer. and they filed in the last two months. and there is a the mayor says services will continue but all legal action will be halted. l.a. times reports budget errors are all factor autos there is a report of a man with a gun rat rattling nerves
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in a retirement community this morning. there are pleeps carrying out benches and chairs for residents. an employee reported a strange hahn with a gun, officers looked through four floors and did not find anyone. there is san francisco public school sigs tim have reached a tentative agreement adding more school days to the year and shortens furlough days. schools open for 176 days and the members still need to ratify the contact. >> there are members of california nurse's association are urging vote dwrorz approve the governor's tax initiative.
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announcing their surt -- support of prop 30. >> there this puts state priorities back on what pat matters. our future, families and neighborhood. >> this is one of the few places where the people can decide yes, we do need more revenue and we want to protect basic services. >> they raise taxes on those who make more than $250,000 a year. >> and taxes and economy were the themes of a republican presidential candidate traded bars as a poll shows americans feel candidates are equally qualified to fix in finances.
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first nim a week both contenders were on the campaign trail. this week the campaign comes under new study by a think tank that concluded that the plan would raise taxes on the majority of americans. >> we do not need more tax cuts for folk who's have done very, very well. we need more tax cuts for working americans. >> and this is keeping up the drumbeat. >> and this first day campaigning through this trip. he brought a record card on the first term. >> this has been a
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disappointment. they have not got america back to work again. >> and taxes could fit the debate and the latest poll found the president and romney even at 46% when it comes to which candidates voter trust to do a better job with tax autos these give the opportunity to go on the attack on taxes, rare for democrats. >> and next rule for arnold schwartzeneggar may be as a college pro growers. he is establishing schwartzeneggar institute for state and local policy. and interest is former soths george shults. >> coming up on abc 7 news, facebook face you milt be surprised to lesh learn millions are out fl. >> bart lists a bike ban there. is a storm of controversy.
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>> i'm sandhya patel. time to trade in hot weather. what is coming for the weekend. >> and there is wheel of fortune bonus
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. on friday's during months of august there is live from embarcadero station. >> bikes were first allowed on bart in 1974 with a lot of restrictions. now, today you can take your bicycle on bart but not during peak hours. and there is an experiment
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working in new york city. bicyclists and passengers will learn to co-exist during busiest hours, but only on fridays. >> this will be easier. >> and the boort said yes to the program to measure impact during peak hours. >> presently only bicyclists are excluded when you can bring luggage,, strollers. >> there will be rules to follow and they cannot block aisles or doors and not on escalator autos changes are good. >> not everyone son board with the idea. >> the san francisco bicycle coalition says bart realizes
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their customers are changing wait they get from a to b. >> bart understands grow gs number making sure they can move from county to county is really a new customer base for bart. barlt wands feed back. >> there is a short survey. >> this is at the end of the traichblt clearly labeled he costly but probably something well see. bart wants to try this. first. and this is worth mentioning two board members are bicycle advocates. one led the east bay east bay bicycle coalition 18 years. there is a reminder to get ready to see more bicycles on bart. >> thank you very much. >> there is u.s. senate
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prohibiting car rental companies from renting or selling cars under a safety recall after two sisters from santa cruz died in 2004 after their recalled enterprise rental car crashed. the sister s drove head on no a tractor trailer. car dealers are barred from selling recalled cars. >> and a san fros jay woman prosecutor say defrauded investors of over $1 million will make a plea on monday. prosecutors say she convinsd a group of investor to lend money to homeowners in exchange for monthly interest payments. some complained about late payments and contacted homeowners. neernl group knew of one another. >> there is environmentalists
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saying solar energy policies are helping prevent blackouts this summer. and there is every customer taking pressure off the grid. >> there are majority of growth has been in low income and middle income communities. there is california public utilities commission required to yugs renewable resources solar power expected to provide most of it. 4 hour fitness airk company that started 29 years ago is up for sae. it's expected to go for $2 billion. the founder sold the company to a new york equity firm.
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that is putting the chain on the block. they have grown to 419 outlets and there 22,000 employees. >> facebook plans to crack down on accounts that are duplicates or phonies. there is some people have multiple accounts. sometimes, for pets. and that may get set up as individuals. >> vanna white is in town to help support a major partnership with a bay area charity.
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>> that is vanna white. they came to this park to help plant a community garden and shoot a spot about a nonprofit group. >> to give away money for people who need it is so special this, is what it's all about. >> this is a national program with local chapters across the country. near oakland helping 100 disabled homeowners rebuild broken things. >> we're done with that project they now have a home to be save in, hopefully live there years in. >> wheel of fortune teamed up with machlswell house coffee. >> each time a donus -- bonus
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round is solved maxwell house donates $2500. >> so far they have raised $67,000 for projects like this. and they say they're not done yet. staffers were helping out with the project that is our president and general manager william burton. >> this is a great place to oakland. >> skm i was doing something complete now. >> it's tough work, but someone has got to do it. >> we just love her. if you can help there are links for you to rebuilding together on our site.
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>> now, thank you to people taking part in our abc 7 sleep drain campaign. you can help make a difference and $1s gets donated to the dream campaign. >> there is talking about high temperatures in livermore, 98 this afternoon. and we're going to replace hot inland conditions with some mild weather. there is a live picture, you can see clouds up apuff, high thin clouds made up of crystals. there is a deepening marine layer. meaning changes are on the way. there is hiking or camping
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plans you'll think it's beautiful. there is a possibility of thunderstorms, there is a fog layer and this is only going to get deeper, temperatures reflecting this. there is inland areas 96. so far highs this afternoon into upper 50s along the coast. there is fog tonight cooler days inland beginning tomorrow, then temperatures are bottoming out. there are high clouds moving into the south seeming parmless for us.
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and watch what happens, nice skyline. we can see showers developing south and east. thunderstorms saturday afternoon into sierra. that will be moving north ward and there is some concern. there is dry lightning possible with a strong wind. that could spread fires into weekend. morning lows with fog at the coast locally inland. tomorrow afternoon, mild day in the south bay. there is sunshine, 77 in redwood city. and cool, foggy.
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upper 50s near the coastline. there is 8 to in santa rosa. still making it up to 100 in yu kaia. there is 90s in livermore. 63 degrees in monterey. accu-weather forecast cooling trend tomorrow you can feel it by weekend there are bump up temperatures a few degrees heading into middle part of the week. >> and still to come womens wear becoming dangerous in teens. >> using sound to see. there isñ/&ñfñ!ñ'ñx1q1q
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hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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a disturbing story out of stockton. police found a picture of a 6-year-old child holding a gun in a car seat. take a look at this. this is showing a 6-year-old boy in a car seat pointing a gun. police confiscated a haul of drugs and guns. the father and another man are in custody and we're told the boy is safe. two suspects are due in court tomorrow. >> wow. >> a new fashion trend could have dangerous side affects. celebrities admit they do it, but now, teens as young as 13 are getting into spasm trend. -- spanx shape wear trend. >> damage is eating disorders and never being happy with body image into adulthood.
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>> this is just squeezing body too much. >> there are some problems include nerve damage. doctors say the tighter the fabric, the more lakely to suffer damage. >> last two woody allen films have focused on paris and rome, next, san francisco. there is allen directed the first ever film in san francisco "take the money and run". and orks coming up a local show made up of tildwf'$'-ñ
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coming up at 6:00 a demand
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for action. >> we need to have some justice. >> tonight the efforts to make cases easier to gate. >> and cleaning up ocean beach showing how difficult a task that is. >> and there is students concerned about their privacy? >> is that how they do that? >> those stories and more coming up at 6:00 right now, lego fans, a massive display has gone up. and there is a a village and a town, a carnival, and fans can check out the falcon and battle scenes. most is the creation of one person.
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and you won't guess how much time he spent on it. >> wow. >> world news is next. welcome to "world news" tonight, breaking news, a double-decker bus crashing in the heartland. 30 ambulance, ten helicopters rushed to the scene after the bus crashes into a bridge. terror threat. three men under arrest tonight in a new al qaeda plot. were they planning to fly in on paragliders to launch their attack? nuclear shutdown, authorities say an 82-year-old nun cuts through fences, evades motion detectors. breaking into an american nuclear site. what it says about our nation's security. solid gold. gabby douglas in mid-air, about to make history. and michael phelps, just when it was too good to be true, it gets better.
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>> good evening. on this thursday night, we start with breaking news on an illinois highway tonight. look at the pictures just coming in. a double-decker bus careening out of control, slamming into a pillar supporting the bridge. the front of the bus collapsing like an accordion. ambulances and helicopters rushing to the scene and lisa stark leads us off. >> reporter: it was a violent crash. the mega bus traveling at highway speeds rammed into the concrete pillar of an overpass. investigators say it may have been a blown tire, causing the driver to lose control. there were more than 60 passengers on board. at least one died. rescuers had to use ladders to reach those on the upper deck. dozens of ambulances and life flight helicopters raced the injured, at least 25 people, to local hospitals, some critically hurt. the bus was traveling interstate


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