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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 6, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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victims in all, with investments totalling $1.2 million. this district attorney says the case is a ponzy scheme. he says the scam provided with money to buy clothes remodel her home, furnish it and own two vehicle autos so new money to pay old money. and if that went on, no one would know but it never goes on forever. >> and board says sill vee betrayed her own family. >> it's like a slap in the face. you know? i don't know how to explain it. >> documents indicate sill vee filed for bankruptcy and the home is now up for sale. the attorney says there are thousands of pages of discover skpri bank records to pore over before commenting in this case. >> there is not today.
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>> is there remorse? >> she's remorseful. >> the alleged victims say they're devastated financially and emotionally. >> i'm past angry. i just want justice now. i want her to serve 31 years. i hope that happens. >> and if convicted on all of the charges he could face three decades but the deputy district attorney saying they've been bilked out of money and he could file charges. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> and there is a report out on the deadly sail boat accident on the farallon islands. mark matthews met way member of the panel this afternoon. >> this final report today on
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the april 14th accident confirms the panel's preliminary report. we know there is a yacht and chase taking part in around the race when it was hit by a wave, and the relatively shallow waters are on the down wind side of the southeast island. seven crew members were washed overboard, five of the seven died. investigators found the cause was an error in judgment on the part of a helmsman. >> the cause of the accident was that this shows a course that put it on the leash. she was too close to the farallon islands. >> john craig is also on the u.s. sailing board of directors and says a panel is recommending better training for skippers and uniformed safety regulations and better safety equipment including harnesses and better communication. he told me vhs radio that's
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are used by the boats to talk just aren't adequate when it comes to reach farallon islands back to race committee in san francisco. and he said recommendations probably would not have had an affect on the outcome of the accident but could help save lives in future accidents. reporting from embarcadero, abc 7 news. >> thank you. and a mother in richmond believes her 16-year-old boy was killed because he was wearing the wrong color. and he was shot around:30 in front of an apartment complex. his family thinks he was wrongly targeted as a gang member because he happened to be wearing a red shirt last night. police say there is a 20-year-old man with gang ties in custody and they continue to search for a second suspect. >> he was into sports. he wanted to be someone and to do something. we're just so sad.
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>> he attended kennedy high school and a linebacker on the football team, dreaming about playing in the nfl. his teammates came to grieve with the family. >> that every day, he worked hard. and next day, he's gone. >> the high school is providing grief counselors that will be available for all students when school starts? two week autos a suspected robber shot to death today during a home invasion in oakland that turns out it houses a marijuana growing operation. police looking for who men who got away. it happened in chinatown neighborhood and nick smith is live with the latest. >> good evening. oakland police continue to investigate a morning homicide happening the house behind me. we're only two blocks from police headquarters but there is something else that may
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catch the eye of authorities. they believe this is a possible pot grow. california allows growing the pot for med december nal purposes but has been in the cross hairs of a u.s. attorney classifying mayor as an illegal narc yichblgt now a death that may help bolster the claim of this danger to society. this white duplex is only two blocks from oakland police head quarter but the location didn't prevent it from becoming a crime scene and ground zero for the most-recent homicide. >> there is yellow tape every day. >> word spread that the man who lived here greet add salients with firepower. >> you've got to protect your house, you know? you've got to do what you've got to do. >> police believe three men tried to force their way into the house. shots were fired and calls made to 911. jose believes every man has a right to protect his home.
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>> someone coming through my front door is going get heat. >> there is a also shot and killed was the dog. a second pet rescued and taken away. investigators are processing the scene and keeping onlookers at a distance. >> the homeowner has been detained and being interviewed now to determine what did take place. >> when police entered they uncovered that left them with more questions. >> it appears to be a marijuana grow, yes. >> police won't confirm if the homeowner has paper work to prove the plants are registered but say they're looking into it. >> and there are certain legal documents. because you zront a dees of paper doesn't mean it's legit my. >> and this may not escape the spotlight of u.s. attorney who's or tress straighted a crack down on the largest dispensary.
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something else that wasn't immediately clear was a relationship between homeowner and the suspect. if police know they're not talking. >> there is a chance of turning on us. >> police have been tight lipped about the status of the investigation was because they say there are suspects out there. the homicide braces the city to 68. >> thank you. >> and there is a program that matches formerly homeless people with pets from the animal shelter. they're getting paid to become dog companions. we're live and vic, not everybody is in love with this idea. >> and there is not everybody. the training began just a little while ago here. this is a huge complex this, is how the program works.
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10 homeless people will get stipends to become foster parents of dogs from the city shelter. the author of the plan is from kevin dufty. >> the 10 homeless people expected -- selected as woofers will be in classes this week taught but trainers and behaviorist autos this is a week in which we'll be working in terms of understanding what the skill set is. and. >> they're now on the mend. jean green lives in city supportive housing and getting her life together again. green is excited to be in the program. >> this is giving back because they need a home. and i think that person can enjoy getting that wonderful
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home. >> there have been critics of the program. among them, animal rights group peta. >> this is saying peta is wrong in opposing a plan to help both homeless and dogs that need a home. and there is peta dogged with criticism of woof and says the mix can be a zafter. >> poorly socialized. and they're being put together with a population of folks dealing with challenges. >> and he countered that they've been screened and back on track. >> they're individuals have been through a job and have gotten a gold star. >> and there are 10 care
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givers that work p pairs. the program is funded by a grant of $10,000 but peta says it will give the city 10,000s fdz they stop the program. that, peta says can go to homeless program was outdoings or help families who have dogs that they want fixed but don't have the money. >> and he's spent years working on the rover project. just ahead why work is just beginning for this sighin nift mountain view. >> there is a show of solidarity by janitors. explain yg they hit the streets in massive numbers today. >> and there are no clouds on the coast. get ready for the weekend forecast coming up. >> there is a a surprise. >> there is tracking
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man kind landed on the red plan yilt with a series of questions now hence the name curiosity. this is amazing stuff. >> now we're learning what a risky landing this was. landings on mars have gone well, only about 40% of the time. and this was the most ambitious, ever. that is the reasons there was a seven minutes oferor video. so instead we got this.
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>> this morning. it's morning on mars. >> on another world we're calling it morning after. you're looking at just-released pictures of what night's decent looked like. these final seconds of a landing. message received seven minutes later, on earth. >> i think everybody was holding their breath. >> one of many with the make your stake in the mission. and like the rest of us, marveling at this image taken from above by mars recognizance orbitor. there is a back drop of the planet. this is a photo and a feat in its own right. >> there are weeks and weeks to figure out this is possible. and to take the picture.
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>> they found this in the data and there are now the position in gale greater to within meters. here is the view herein ward. >> this is the image. >> this you can see the flat ground perfect for travel this, sounded good and there is one journalist felt obliged to go missing. >> is there anything you're worried about right now? >> no. >> sorry. that is jennifer troster. she's quick to add they have plenty of work to do to locate and track earth to reprogramming computers. we're probably weeks from any
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significant roving. >> thank you. pictures fascinating and this is what it looks like have you to head to the exploratorium. there is a full scale replica, one of two on loan from nasa. and this is remarkable. >> there is remarkable weather. >> things going to be heating up. and there is a live view from east bay hills camera. there is no fog at the coast. and there is a look at live doppler 7 hd showing you how far these are right now. it's
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sunny and mild at this hour. there is 84 in san rafael. 86 in concord. there is patchy clouds developing overnight tonight. will be warmer in all areas next few days and starting to max out our temperatures thursday and friday. and let's talk about the coming heat wave our warm wave there is a wampling trend blanketing much of the nation that is sliding west now. there is a forecast animation at 5:00 in the morning we'll see patches of fog which will be dib appearing and sunny skies from coast to inland. there is a 60s at the coast
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and there is a 30 degree spread between total highways. -- highs. mild with lows into mid to upper 50s and there is a narrow range of lows. there are warm as well with highs from 74 to 78 in redwood city and palo alto. low to mid-60s on the coast there is about 64 in the sunset district. there are 86 in santa rosa. highs 75 berkeley. and there is 80s in fremont. there are highs into 90s. and 93 in livermore and near
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monterey bay highs 78 in watsonville and low 90s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is high s around 102 degrees thursday and friday. there is 100 saturday. more moderating temperatures after that. but a warm week ahead. >> thank you. >> we want to thank people helping to raise thousands for foster kids by liking abc 7 news on facebook. there you can make a difference, too. $1 will be donated to abc 7 sleep train campaign. >> the deal keeping thousands of
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union jantors say they're ready to strike.
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they rallied this afternoon, the contract expired last week, they've authorized a strike if contract talks breakdown. main sticking point is the cost of health care. the contractors association says it's still believes it can reach an agreement that is fair for all party autos there is a deal to keep a pristine track of land out of the hands of developers two. groups have reached an agreement to purchase the property. the trust for public land will pay $13.5 million for the land they plan to keep as open space this, is after a proposed 950 home developments at that site slipped into bankruptcy. >> mayor jean kwan isn't talk become a meeting with major league baseball executives to keep the athletics in oakland including a proposal to build a stadium in oakland.
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and someone who was at the meeting was the ceo of clorox. the mayor only saying she remains committed a new zwraimd to, a new stadium, rather at the site. >> they we think we're going to have a major convention center there with the connector and new retail nurk housing so this is going to happen no matter configuration of the teams. >> representatives met with san jess yeah officials to get an update on plans to build a stadium for a's. >> going to be interesting to see who wins there. >> and there are strong feelings about this. >> coming up next abc 7 news is live at the scene of our breaking news, that amber alert and the car found in pleasanton. >> gunman in a sikh temple shooting and his reported ties to white supremacy group autos
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michael finney with a warning about an official-looking notice you may find in your mailbox. >> the situation in a turkey ranch could drive up the price of your thanksgiving dinner.
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update on breaking news. the amber alert we brought you at the top of the newscast involving a father abducting his 1-year-old daughter. alan wong is live now in pleasanton. police found the suv involved in all of this. what is the latest? >> this is the jc penny home store across from the stoneridge mall here. hind me is the vehicle that matches the description sent out in an amber alert today. and we have confirmed the license plate matches the yukon police are looking for but the suspect, a 30-year-old and his 1-year-old daughter are not here, police say martinez took her from her mother's home and have reason to believe he may harm her.
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he is a latino male with black hair, brown eyes and last seen wearing a white tee shirt, blue jeans and an a's ball cap. his daughter is a 1-year-old jack lynn martinez a hispanic female two, feet tall and 23 pounds, last seen wearing yellow and green polka dot pajamas. police located the vehicle of the man who is suspected of abducting her but they are nowhere in site and the search continues. >> more about the gunman that killed six people in wisconsin. the 40-year-old was an army veteran and former leader of a white supremacist heavy metal band. the fbi said there is no idea
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to believe he was capable of such violence. agents looking for a white man seen at the shooting. >> he started to set up a per yi meter at that point. we didn't know how many might be out there. there are reports we're confident that was the only shooter involved. >> the president spoke about the shooting today. >> yesterday i had a chance to speak to both governor and mayor as well as leaders of the sikh community in oak creek. all of us are heart broken. >> the temple president died and three others critically wounded. >> a local temple in fremont plans to hold a vigil this-to-remember victims of the shootings in wisconsin. leaders of the say they're
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place of worship is always open. sikhism teaches all people should live in peace. local clergy believes there is more work to be done in promoting peace and understanding among all faiths and americans. >> this is not an attack on sikhism but humanity and fundamental principle of america. it implies equal opportunity for all, freedom of religion. >> and an estimated 700,000 people practice the religion in the u.s. including thousands live, work and study here in the bay area. >> turning to consumer news now. home buyers getting official looking notices in mailboxes asking them to pay for a copy of the deeds. >> michael finney is here now with more on how these aren't that official. >> and i told but these companies before. they send you a letter that can with mistaken for a
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official government notice. they're asking for a lot of money for a document you can get for next to nothing. >> you can think this must be from county recorder. >> she's talking about this notice that came in the mail after her family bought this house. >> the envelope said important property information and says that office proi vids a copy as the only document to side identify the owner. and send in 89ses today get the copy of the deed. >> i wanted to make sure if it's something i needed. >> they first thought it might be one of the documents needed to file to complete the purchase, alechlsa read it more carefully. >> the more i read it something looked phony. >> this is not a governmental
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agency. it's a private company trying to take advantage of people. >> and this local records office is a private company selling copies of deeds for $89, more than the county charges. >> it might be $5 or $6. >> church says they provide original deeds for no cost cost, they can obtain copies for a few dollars at the recorder's office. >> there is no reason to do this. >> for alechlsa it didn't end. >> about a week later another envelope came stating the same thing. >> a second company called secured document services of washington, d.c. also sent an official-looking letter saying they should buy a copy of the deed.
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and says they should pay $86 by a due date of august 10th. we contacted the two companies asking why anyone should pay a high price. local records office says we offer a service fchl you're interested in this service you can pay the fee and if you're not, you can disregard the letter. and said we offer this as a convenience, it can be difficult to find time to stand in line at county recorder's office, we're an nalt tiff source for getting the deed. state law bars companies from mailing solicitation that's look like government documents and ask for money. both companies said they're legal because they put disclaimers on letters saying they're not from the government. this notice says this service is to obtain a copy for your grant deed. it is not associated with any
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government agency. and there is this disclaimer saying you can obtain from county recorder for a nominal fee. however, church says it should be in bold place fais and bar words like due date. >> there is some question there whether or not they're satisfying requirements of the law. >> the district attorney is telling me it's investigating to determine if they comply with state law. we found several complaints online and if you receive one, let me know bit. and. >> this is pretty easy. >> organic food movement thriving in the bay area. >> there is a company doing
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hiring bec
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we have breaking news, sit big. believed to be in richmond there is a large fire with big, thick black smoke billowing up. we have not been able to confirm, though we believe it's at the chevron refinery. and as you can see, the fire,
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well underway at this point hard to tell whether anyone is fighting it. and there are sketchy details but we know this fire is underway. we're trying to get more information and there are another 19 minutes in this newscast. as soon as we find out more we'll let you know what's happening. >> and there is a huge plume visible now. so when you can see that there, that is what we believe is happening. there is a fire at richmond refinery in contra costa county. >> there is a new company that is generating a lot of excite wmt plans to hire dozens of employees. hundreds of people lined up in point richmond for a chance to interview there. the make jer looking for everything from wear houseworkers to sales safe. saying moving from southern california to point richmond puts them near the mecca of
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the organic food movement. >> there are a lot of people who are organic foody was a lot of good skills arc kting production, and purchasing, social media. >> and they expect to double sales in six months and intends to reach out with plans to plant fruit trees at city public schools. abc 7 news is working to help people find jobs here in the bay area, our next hire event job fair is tomorrow and there is a full list of those positions available for you on our web site. just go to abc 7 >> coming up a woody allen sighting in marin county. just ahead, arts and entertainment reporter explains why spotting the director is easier and
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we're following breaking news now. take a look. this is the chevron refinery. there has been a major incident here, we can see two points of flames and thick dark smoke that are visible here and this is a 2900 acre facility that is the largest emnoier in richmond about 1200 people work there. we've not been able to contact the public information officer but this is a major incident here, you can see just this thick smoke now engufing this area. and flames as well. >> there is no let up here. and we don't know whether the second burst of flames is a planned release by chevron to try to take pressure off.
6:45 pm
we're going to go to spencer christian here, we want to check on wind conditions in this area. >> winds not very strong there, only 10-12 miles per hour. you can see they're not strong and there is about 70 degrees, weather conditions should not be a factor unless winds were to pick up. for the moment we don't think this will be the case. >> we dough do see that is not a direct situation... >> right. into a higher level this is going to encount yir some of the winds. there are brisker and stronger into higher levels. >> this is of course the camera from across the bay. you can see there are plumes
6:46 pm
stretching right here, we're working right now to hear from chevron as to what is going on there. nick smith is on the way. we'll have a live ru crew on the scene and will hope to bring you more information. you can tell this is a major event here in richmond. >> and this is not slowing down. it appears to be going unawaited. we'll pass this along to you. and let's get the update on the mkt with spencer on what's happening around the rest of the bay. >> there is a going to be a warm day and highs 7 and 113 down in palm springs. and there is that summer
6:47 pm
spread a high of 63 in pacifica. oakland 77 degrees there. moving inland east bay you'll see highs of about 95 so we can see high temperatures from 30 degrees from coast to inland. here is the accu-weather forecast there is highs above 100 degrees. looks like three days of the heat. and there is wayne freedman is on the phone now. where are you now? >> just getting on the golden gate bridge. and driving through marina district people have stopped. they're looking and pointing. and there is stopped on the
6:48 pm
rails and looking at the smoke wondering what it is. there are flames so large there is where i was able to see flames reaching over mountains so it's big. a large black cloud. only good news is that there are winds sometimes 20-30 miles per hour. that is located in a wind tunnel. so we're catching one break there. it's a mass of clouds. >> yes. we're looking at a picture now from across the bay. and there is a a huge mass of smoke. are people pulling ahead? >> traffic seems to be moving but just now i'm watching a jogger going down on the pedestrian side, he's practically running backwards to see the flames.
6:49 pm
it's unusual. and i was talking to my wife. i just said got to go. and this is the largest single black cloud i've seen since east bay hills fire. that is what? 1991? this? this is huge. >> this order has just been issued for the richmond area and i need other leexs. -- locations. this means stay inside. make sure windows of closed and whatever is burning. you can see both plumes of smoke.
6:50 pm
there is smoke from golden gate bridge. >> and this, he says this is a remarkable site to -- are you back? >> i'm able to see the huge plume of smoke pan to fire. this is terrain from here and there. this is wheryou don't see it dropping. it's moving east to northeast. >> this is a thick cloud. >> there is no yes this is going to go for a while. >> there is about hard to know
6:51 pm
how you would put this out, we have crews and this has got to be pretty high up. and you mentioned it's a strong likelihood they're trying to burn and release. they're trying to get in touch with chevron. to get what is the nature of this. you can see this is an accident of some sort. not a planned event. and a second fire may be what they're trying to do but that is just speculation at this point.
6:52 pm
and. >> if you see something that chevron did report a flaring after a compressor tripped off line august 1. there is no idea if this is related to what we're seeing now. >> this is more than flaring. take a look at other shots from across the bay, you can get impact of how large this is and there is a plume of smoke starting to carry out. and this is going. >> this is located in the area that is a wind tunnel. and you can see at the surface winds are not a factor.
6:53 pm
and into higher levels they've been encountering stronger winds and there is in this area, winds can intensify, quickly. i can't project winds are not going to increase 10 miles per hour. temperatures only 63 degrees. there is where we don't have enough information. >> with this fire, shelter in place orders are a must. so it's for all residents of richmond and if you're not inside get your children inside. turn off heaters and fans. and be sure to close hire
6:54 pm
place vents now. a good idea to cover cracks as well. with tape or damp towel autos bart has closed richmond station. and this is wayne friedman is back on the phone now. where are you now? >> you can see it here there is a interesting points is that it's not just oil made here. there is 20 different products. so that is the first almost to consider. and there is a where they train but it's a large area. many acres. so this can only guess what is
6:55 pm
burning but it looks like fuel. >> that is an indication. chevron commemorating it's 110th anniversary right now. this is the larmest employer, and this is around before the founding of richmond. >> and let's go to the phones. there is a resident on the line with us. what did you see? or hear? >> first my husband was in the cockpit. we live on a sail boat and sirens went off. i was down below and making dinner. the sirens going off i was like oh, month. -- no. there is something going on. you can hear explosions soy
6:56 pm
looked and i'm like, oh, man and said something else, you can hear more explosions. five explosions happened. >> what time was this? >> this is less than 10 minutes ago you looked and saw what? >> saw smoke and this is as soon as sirens went off he saw the smoke and said he heard the explosions and sirens going off. >> they usually go off on wednesday. this is the wrong day for that. >> and are you hearing them? >> no. they're off. you can see not as much smoke from another one. >> do you smell flames? or whatever is being -- . >> earlier it felt like a
6:57 pm
chemical smell to me. >> and not necessarily fire or oil. >> and there is. >> so you mentioned you're on a boat. what are you doing to protect yourself? >> there is smoke going behind the marina. and this is going towards cutting boulevard. heading north. and there is smoke going behind the marina. >> unfortunate in that regard. how far away would you guess you are from the fire?
6:58 pm
if you're in the marina? and probably about a mile, mile and a half. no more than two miles. >> you're close. >> and you're close. >> and just a moment if you korks we want to ask our viewers if you have images of this, prz send them to us. and we just want to get away for viewers to up load videos and pictures that is you reports and we have a second address as well. and for our viewers at the top of the hour who are waiting for jeopardy, right now we've got breaking news situation we're going to cover to the best of our ability. and we'll bring you jeopardy later on. we want to try to get what the cause of the fire is. >> and and this is richmond
6:59 pm
marina bay harbor. and there is 10, 15 minutes ago. we're still seeing flames here and plumes of smoke on the sky here, there is a shelter in place now for residents north richmond and richmond and there are other ramifications of this as well. there is bart shut down now and it's not going to be stopping there. >> have you ever sign anything like this? vicky? >> and do we still have vicky? >> there is


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