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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 13, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> announcer: right now abc7 news begins with breaking news. our breaking news is out of lake county where right now firefighters are continuing their assault on two large wildfires and making some progress. you are looking at live video from sky 7 hd, you can see that this earlier video shows there is a structure that has blood pressure burned. that -- there are injuries, right now 5,000 acres total are burning. people have been forced to flee their homes. >> we have live team coverage. we begin with amy hollyfield live at the calfire station in calistoga. >> reporter: good morning. we are at the command center where it has come in here that three structures have been destroyed and two people have been hurt. this team here has decided to
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call in more resources to fight the fires today. they did make progress overnight. the wye fire is 25% contained. the walker fire is 30% contained. the two fires combined have burned about 5,000 acres. the wye fire is the one that is near homes and has destroyed three buildings and is threatening 480 homes, all have been evacuated. about 15 miles from the town of clearlake. threatening the community of spring valley. those who had to evacuate tell us they only had a few minutes to grab some of their things and go. >> you could see orange and black as we were driving out we could see trees on fire and you couldn't see anything in front of you just where the different billows of smoke where breathing this is tough. >> reporter: -- breathing this is tough. >> reporter: calfire says the two injuries were minor, civilian treated and released they are trying get more
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information. a firefighter, an inmate suffered a minor first degree burn. cal -- calfire is not only watching the hopes closely but concerned about a water treatment plant at wolf creek and agricultural water shed and pg&e lines. there's concern about these fires. they did make steady progress overnight. they did get a good break in the weather overnight. they do not have these fires under control. today will be an important day. this team has called in more resources, more firefighters from around the state to try to get these fires under control. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. sounds like still a dangerous situation out there. 6:02. >> amy did mention they made progress overnight not a surprise with temperatures cooler overnight. u, when the sun comes up likes like temperatures will soar again. >> mike how is it looking?
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thank you. good morning. live doppler dry, unfortunately, all the storms that could bring relief or cooling temperatures even a little rain would be nice, all in the sierra where they are going to day this around. right now temperatures still in the low to mid 70s clear lake oaks at 72, clearlake 72 and lower lake 73, winds light south southwest four to five miles per hour. into the afternoon hours clear lake oaks 102, clearlake 101, lower lake 99 winds south 10 to 15 miles per hour with locally gusty conditions around the fire and in some of the valley there is, going to be a tough situation for the firefighters as we head into the afternoon hours with that extensive and excess heat and gusty winds from time to time. more on our hot forecast in just a second. back to more news. we want to share pretty impressive image that a viewer
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shared with us. this is time lapse video that gives a sense of how fires in lake county president you can see the path of that smoke following the flame, almost looks like a volcano. the smoke from both fires appear to form one huge plume of smoke. we have viewer photos this picture seen from across clearlake. another viewer had a closer look, close to homes. leslie took this picture of a huge cloud of smoke as seen from her backyard in clear lake oaks where they have evacuations. we invite you to share your photos and videos with us. send them to: stay with for the latest on the wildfires. we'll post any new information as we get it. you can check our twitter and facebook pages. stay with the abc7 morning news we'll check back with amy
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hollyfield in our next half hour. in vallejo, firefighters knocked down a grass fire 7:00 last night burned a hillside above columbus and redwood parkways. sky 7 hd shows a thick plume of smoke as crews on the ground battled the fire, no structures were damaged. if you own property in wildfire country get ready for a bill asking for a new fire protection fee. 850 californians will be getting bills this week and the fee could run as high as $150, per property. governor brown call for the fee to help with the budget deficit. he blames those who benefit from wildfire protection should pay for it. anti-tax groups have promised to file a lawsuit on the grounds feet is a tax which needs a 2/3 vote from the legislature. 15-year-old boy charged as adult for shooting a toddler is expected in court today.
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a bullet hit 23-month-old while he was being held by his father who tried to shield the boy near a taco truck. police in oakland searching for gunman after brazen shooting over the weekend in the middle of an intersection after noontime yesterday. someone opened fire on two in a car driving through 12th street and mandela parkway. the driver was shot several times, crashed into a tree, passenger also hit. one victim is in critical. no word on motive. the group anonymous is planning a protest against bart police tonight. anonymous says it has been one year since weekly protests to draw attention to what it calls issues with the list force. in a letter to bart the group calls the department unprofessional and violent. members say they will join with the occupy movement for a demonstration at the civic
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center bart this evening. expect traffic delays starting today in north beach because of work to prepare for construction of the central subway two weeks ago stockton between geary and he will last began a five year closure to prepare for the construction of the union square station starting today columbus near union and powell will be shutdown to relocate utility lines. that closure will continue weekdays between 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. for around four months. 6:07 now. we have live sky 7 hd above lake county to take a look at fires that are bunning now, two fires, a little containment. 30% containment this morning as reported by amy hollyfield. >> but the weather is not going to help crews today let's check in with mike for what kind of temperatures they are looking at. 100° once again, going to be very difficult on the firefighters and the folks
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battling the fire. good morning. no rain in sight, at least not now. there will be storms developing in the sierra once again, no rain around our neighborhoods. at home, partly cloudy to clear conditions from the bay to inland, 50s to low 60s through 7:00. by noon, warmest in the mid 80s inland, mid 70s bay, upper 50s coast. near 80 around the bay, 60 at the coast, clouds increase along the coast into parts of the bay by 7:00. 58 at the coast, 74 around the bay, mid to upper 80s inland. good news with the tree, mold, ragweed still moderate and grass still hanging around low i don't expect that to stay that low that long. next three days, temperatures slowly taper a couple degrees everyday by the time we get to thursday inland low 90s, warmest around the bay 80, at the coast 61.
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time for an update on traffic. good morning. we are going live shot into the macarthur maze, rather bright, traffic moving well towards the bay bridge toll from 880 and 580 coming through, earlier accident, that accident cleared. no problems in san jose traffic flowing nicely 280 northbound towards the cupertino area past 17 junction. no issues on 17 over the santa cruz mountains. 880 accident big rig blew a tire and ran into a car now being cleared out of lanes and you can see by the green sensors that traffic is moving through the oakland area with no problems. 80 eastbound, 580 the accident in the macarthur maze was in two lanes, now cleared. here's a look at drive time 80 towards the maze, 580 up and
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over the altamont getting to be a little slow, 22 minutes. 101 peninsula south bay moving well. still ahead, jennifer aniston confirms new tabloid report. first london olympics come to a close. athletes and musical stars helping cap the games and the city already getting ready for 2016. we'll continue to follow breaking news story the lake county wildfires, live sky 7 hd showing the tremendous amount of smoke where flames are continuing to burn, brush, grass and 5,000 acres have been scorched out of the two fires with two injuries overall. we are going to have the latest on the damage the structures and latest on the firefighting efforts and mike's weather forecast for
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good morning. sky 7 hd liver fires burning now lake county the er and fire. this is the walker fire. 5,000 acres burned between the two, hundreds of homes have been evacuated. a little bit of good news as far as containment, they were out of control as of last night. 25 and 30% containment this morning. you can see the massive smoke
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there and still decent threat. homes evacuated, also we know that more other structures are threatened besides homes as well as pg&e power lines. we have live team coverage. amy is at calfire in calistoga covering the latest facts and figures. meteorologist mike nicco will have your forecast is not shaping up to be helpful in this firefight this morning. other news this morning, new this morning, almost one year has passed since the formation of the international occupy movement. today a new setback. a judge ruled this morning occupy hong kong must take down the camp it has set up outside a bank. protesters have been camping out since last fall at the height of the protest hundreds called the camp home, only a few dozen now remain. protesters face an august 27th, deadline to leave the plaza. after 17 days the summer olympic games in london have
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come to a close. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> john lennon's "imagine" helped cap off the games last night. several other musical acts took the stage, including the spice girls the first reunion since 2008. parade of athletes and all ended with london officially handing over the olympic flag to rio, which will host the next summer games in 2016. mike still looking closely at temperatures for firefighters in lake county. >> hot inland, dry and breezy developing this afternoon, breezes will, those guys are going to have a tough time there at home, we have the chance of 100s like in lake county the extreme east bay valleys, winds of change are trying to blow into the bay, very shallow marine layer has a lot of holes in it already,
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a lot of dry, warm air above this marine layer, i don't expect it to last long haven't seen delays yet going to keep checking just in case. 6:17. live doppler other than driving through the clouds hitting mist, it is really dry off to a good start as far as trying to get around. temperatures in the 60s around fremont, mountain view, san jose, east bay valleys up to fairfield everybody else in the 50s. as we head into the afternoon, sunny around the bay, warm to hot cloudy, cool at the coast the coast and the bay will have clouds tonight clear inland temperatures like this morning next seven days slowly taper, one to two degrees possibly today is not the day unless you live in san francisco and redwood city, two to four degrees cooler.
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as far as what is happening clouds pushing across san francisco towards the east bay shore going to hang out for the next hour or so. by 10:00 clouds are gone back to the coast pockets of sun developing by noon. 50s coast, 60s, 70s, 80s bay, 90s inland, 100s are going to be a little rare to find but will be in the east bay valleys. first south bay low to mid 80s today, mid to upper 70s most of the peninsula, millbrae 70. pacifica 59, everybody else low 60s mid to upper 60s downtown south san francisco breezy with low 60s at your beaches, 67 at richmond, mid to upper 70s for the rest of the bay shore, fremont 82°. east bay valleys mid to upper 90s. 66 monterey, mid 70s the rest of the bay low to mid 90s
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inland. monday night football coliseum cowboys and raiders 5:00 kickoff, sunny and mild 73 dropping to 62. at 7:15 across the bay, nationals and giants 62°, dropping to 57. today one. warmer days in the forecast through the week we lose one to two degrees, saturday, sunday temperatures back to average. light monday commute for folks, a lot of people may be taking the week or day of . southbound 101 out of novato past lucas valley road, -- traffic moving at the limit into central san rafael fog at waldo grade on the span and visibility is rather limited on the golden gate bridge. traffic looks like it is flowing nicely into san francisco, no delays on bart, muni nice way to go, all mass transit on time. big rig accident davis the new
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location northbound out of lanes on the shoulder, blew a tire and hit a car, both vehicles are off the sigh of the road. raider -- of the side of the road. raider football, expect delays through the oakland area around game time metering lights off, minor back up into san francisco at the bay bridge. 6:20. the preseason start for the raiders taking place tonight after months of tabloid rumors and speculation actress jennifer aniston confirms new status of her relationship with ac
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another live picture over of the lake county -- one of the lake county wildfires, 2,000 acres, 30% contained, smoke continues to rise, flames continue to devour brush. the will better hot springs area evacuated. at this fire 100 firefighters fighting it. the fire is burning on the northside of highway 20. again flames are threatening will better hot springs. some pg&e power lines as well and the clue water shed. another live report from a -- the colusa water shed. another live report from amy hollyfield in a few minutes. raiders play tonight host
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cowboys at the coliseum this will be our first peek at the new head coach allen. running back mcfadden will return from his injury. palmer will have a full preseason to work with his receivers. after months of tabloid rumors and speculation, former "friends" star jennifer aniston confirms she is engaged. actor and screenwriter justin theroux proposed to her friday. the two have been dating more than a year. no wedding date announced. this will be aniston's second marriage. her marriage to brad pitt ended in 2005. still ahead, the pain at the pump is getting worse. new spike drivers are seeing at gas stations across the bay area. bart is one step closer to reaching san jose the new phase of construction getting underway today.
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>> reporter: we are monitoring breaking news out of lake county at the command center where calfire is monitoring fires that burning near clearlake. we'll have the latest, coming up. latest conditions on that coming up. first the bay area, fog and 60s along the coast into san francisco and richmond with more sunshine there. 70s and 80s around the bay, 80s and 90s inland blistering hot there 80s and 90s east coast, 80 seattle and 86 portland, 14 teen phoenix. major airports even recently
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6:30 we are continuing to follow breaking news from lake county these are live pictures from sky 7 hd two wildfires burning with minimal containment, massive smoke billowing up from orange flames you can see. firefighters will be up against hot temperatures today and this morning hundreds of people are still out of their homes. >> we have live team coverage. mike has the forecast and the conditions for firefighters. let's begin with amy hollyfield she has been in contact with calfire officials all morning. >> reporter: this is the expand center in calistoga. this is where all the
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information is coming in. they've learned here that three buildings have been destroyed, possibly people's homes. there have been two injuries. they've just learned more about the civilian who was injured. the person was treated and released for smoke inhalation and anxiety and is expected to be okay. i'm hoping we can show you live pictures from sky 7 hd over the fire right now showing you that they still have a lot of -- still have quite a battle on their hands today. they did make progress overnight the wye fire is 25% contained. the walker fire is 30% contained. combined the two fires burned 5,000 acres. the wye fire is the one near homes it has destroyed three buildings, threatening 480 homes, all evacuated and they've set up a senior center where people can gather and the red cross has been brought in. this is 15 miles from the town of clearlake threatening the community of spring valley.
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those who had to evacuate tell us they only had a few minutes to grab their things and go. calfire saying they believe this started along the highway. >> vehicle or person accidental, could be any of those causes, malfunctioning vehicle, we have no reason to believe it is anything but that. >> i grabbed all the medications we needed, dog food, water and some clothes and stuff. >> reporter: the second injury was to an inmate who was out there fighting the fires, minor first degree burn. that firefighter is expected to be okay. calfire not only watching homes in spring valley closely but also concerned about the water treatment plant at wolf creek and an agriculture water shed also worried that the fire could reach some pg&e lanes in this center they are watching all of that. still concerned about these fires in this dispatch center the teams have called in more
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resources. they think they will need more equipment, more people to fight these fires today. one more update, highway 20 is now open to escorted traffic the chp is getting people through that area. that is no longer closed. they will be escorting people, still could take time to get through. they've also activated a large animal rescue team to try and get pets out of the area. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. lots of new developments, amy thank you. we have mike and we want to take you out live to sky 7 hd where you can see the flames and the smoke and mike will tell us what kind of temperatures firefighters are going to be dealing with this morning. good question. temperatures are mainly in the low 70s now. winds aren't blowing that great. only about five or six miles per hour blowing south to north if you live north of this area you are going to run into the smell of smoke and
6:34 am
even ash falling on to the car, house or whatever else may be outside right now. what we expect during the afternoon, temperatures jump back up to around 100°. we are going to look at clear lake oaks, clear lake and lower lake 7273°. in the afternoon hours 102 clear lake oaks, 101 clear lake, 99 lower lake. whatever they can get accomplished now will be great during the afternoon it going to be very difficult for them to get this fire under control. especially with those temperatures and those winds. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage or latest news of the lake county wildfires. we are streaming live sky 7 hd pictures right now you will be able to get the latest information later on we'll post any new information
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as soon as we get it. you can also check our twitter and facebook pages. today for the first time federal investigators will visit the site of the chevron refinery fire in richmond. after reviewing documents and interviewing witnesses the safety board determined the fire may have been caused by a leak from a corroded 40-year-old pipe. investigators will test the leaking section of pipe and review the county's emergency notification system. today chevron will reopen its claim center for people wanting to file against the company. for more information call: 1-866-260-7881, toll free. we have both number and address of the claims center at under see it on tv. new survey confirms gas prices on the rise due in part to the chevron fire. aaa says average price for regular in san francisco is
6:36 am
$4.17. overnight prices in san jose rose a pennye to $4.12, oakland up a pennye to $4.11. in california we are paying 23 cents more compared to two weeks ago. the richmond fire hurt the supply by taking oil out of production. the price of crude up and not helping as well as the midwest drought which has sharply reduced the corn supply which goes to making ethanol. >> i don't believe the oil companies. i think they are just bandits. [ laughing ] >> putting $20 in the tank instead of filling up all the way. that's the biggest difference, just trying to con -- conserve as much as possible. experts predict more pain to come at the pump. prices could rise another 25 cents before they top off. today the number of capital corridor trains which
6:37 am
run between oakland and sacramento will be reduced by two, one is train 518 it leaves jack london in oakland at 4:30 a.m. for sacramento, instead a bus will depart martinez at 4:45 and stop in sassoon, fairfield, davis and sacramento station. budgetary concerns over rising diesel fuel costs prompted changes which are expected to save the agency a million dollars a year. starting today, construction begins on the next phase of extension project to bring bart to san jose. demolition will cause temporary lane closures at berryessa road near cornish lane. crews will spend the next 10 days removing a union pacific railroad signal gate to make way for the new berryessa bart. back to meteorologist mike nicco following the searing temperatures that going to hit
6:38 am
triple digits in some places. >> not good for some people. good morning. live doppler 7 hd dry, storms lingering up in the sierra not coming our way, rotation around high pressure taking them into nevada towards utah and colorado this is significant this area of original is the driest air sitting above the marine layer that's why the marine layer won't last more than a couple of hours, cloud back to the coast quickly, hot once again especially farther you are from water. 50s and 60s outside now through 7:00, check out clouds at the coast, pockets of sun around noon, 50s and 60s into san francisco and oakland, 70s and 80s for the rest of us, 90s showing up at noon around fairfield, antioch and livermore. 4:00, we still have 90s east bay, 80s north bay and south bay, 70s around the bay shore,
6:39 am
4:00 temperatures at the coast into san francisco, 50 half moon bay, 64. as far as 7:00, cars start moving back towards san francisco, 61 there 60s and 70s around the bay, 70s and 80s inland, 90s holding on 7:00 fairfield, antioch and livermore. baby steps, we drop one or two degrees from the coast tuesday, wednesday, thursday warmest in the low 90s inland by thursday, 80 around the bay, 61 at the coast. time for traffic. we take you live to the east shore freeway 80 westbound past emeryville, berkeley into the macarthur maze, in company, beginning to slow a bit, nothing major there once you feed into the bay bridge toll, you can see metering lights are on, traffic backed past the west grand over crossing to pay tolls heavy but flowing nicely up the incline into san francisco we don't have
6:40 am
major problems there. san mateo bridge compute, couple brake lights towards the highrise section from hayward to foster city, looking good in this area eastbound direction towards hayward moving at the limit on the span. one of the harder commutes out of antioch, speeds very, very slow once you get past antioch towards pittsburg, hillcrest to 242 still under 10 minutes another tough one slowing out of the central valley altamont pass, 30 from the pass into the dublin/pleasanton interchange. big rig out of lanes 880 in oakland on the right at davis. 6:40. new this morning, the job cuts announced today by google. and trading underway on wall street. live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. the dow is down about 23 points. battle over the estate of late artist thomas kincade
6:41 am
heads back to a courtroom today. legal action his wife just made. >> jeer continuing to follow breaking news from lake county you can see -- you can see two alarm wildfires burning now, thousands of acres charred, hundreds of homes evacuated. amy hollyfield will have a live report. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: tonight, take it easy and enjoy your favorite soup, salad and hot, hearty sub. like the toasty big hot pastrami melt. get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight. subway. eat fresh.
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welcome back. check out clouds at the coast today in the 60s, 70s and 80s around the bay, 80s and 90s inland possibly a few triple digits east bay valleys. storms yesterday in the sierra have fallen apart but will redevelop in afternoon as temperatures hit 103 in yosemite, 86 tahoe, chico and sacramento, 102 and 105, 113 palm springs, 90 l.a., near 80 around san diego. 6:45. we continue to follow breaking news out of lake county live from sky 7 hd calfire calling in extra crews to battle a pair of fires burning in lake county that have destroyed three bills. nearly 500 homes threatened,
6:46 am
evacuation orders in -- in effect for the spring valley subdivision of clear lake s as well as will better speupblgss two -- the highway reopened only to escorted traffic at highway 20. calfire believes the fires are human caused likely accidental. now what is trending on twitter in the bay area: motorola mobility google cutting 4,000 jobs at its wireless phone business going to mean 20% of the total force at that particular business. chad johnson the dolphins announced over the weekend they are cutting the receiver following hayes res for domestic battery. -- following his arrest for domestic battery.
6:47 am
[ unintelligible ] legal battle over the multi-million dollar estate of artist thomas kincade back to court today in san jose. kincade's wittle to struggling to maintain control of the estate against his live-in girlfriend. the girlfriend claims two written wills leave her the mansion and 10 million dollars to establish a museum of his art. lawyers for his wife of 30 years filed papers friday contesting those wills. this week the san francisco ethics commission will make long waited recommendation to the board of supervisors over suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi's misconduct charge. the commission will decide thursday whether to recommend charges be sustained.
6:48 am
it is up to the board of supervisors to decide if he should keep his job. he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor false imprisonment charge involving an argument we with his wife. price cuts -- price cuts on mobile devices nook and iphone. google announcing major job cuts. >> jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange. good morning. google getting a lot of attention on wall street because of those job cuts making motorola mobility for 12 1/2 billion dollars. google says laying off the 4,000 employees will result in severance costs up to 275 million dollars. google says that the changes are designed to return motorola's mobile device units to profits. google shares responding positively. overall all, lower start this morning nothing dramatic nasdaq a little higher market
6:49 am
quiet trade a little down side. bloomberg index up 4 1/2 points. getting easier to haggle on the price of an iphone even at apple stores matching price cuts on the iphone 4s rumors ahead of the anticipated release of the new iphone expected next month only if you go into the apple store not on the website. you probably will have to tell the folks at apple where you saw the deal and what that price is. imagine owning a chair that might have been used by michael phelps or a table where women's gymnastic team ate furniture and items used in the olympic village in london. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. 6:49 now.
6:50 am
we've been talking about temperatures in lake county especially where firefighters have been battling two major wildfires that have scorched 5,000 acres. >> very severe fire burning out there, containment only at 25 and 30% between the two fires. conditions out there this morning, today mike are going to be rough for firefighters? >> the best they are going to get now is low to mid 70s south wind five miles per hour. by the afternoon triple digits possibly up to 102 and 103. firefighters with all that equipment and blazing sun it is going to be brutally hot for those folks poor air quality likely especially north of the fires because the winds will be coming out of the south 10 to 15 miles per hour could get gusty at times. another challenge that the fires are going to have to deal with into the afternoon hours. back here at home, live doppler 7 hd you can see it is
6:51 am
rather dry. we did have a little mist around san francisco, because of the thicker clouds and the fog rolling in off the coast. temperatures now in the 50s most places east bay valleys, fremont, mountain view, south bay, low to mid 60s, inland monterey bay, warm spot at gilroy, 57, after salinas, low to -- 56 salinas, sunny bay inland warm to hot today clouds at the coast moves into the bay tonight clear inland temperatures like this morning, highs will slowly cool the next seven days. today one of the warmer days, the same in concord 93, fremont 82, santa rosa 88, oakland 74, san jose 84, three degrees warmer than yesterday, san francisco four degrees warmer, 66°. 59 pacifica today, all the way to about 74° in oakland, as you start to head into the east bay valleys, where we hit
6:52 am
98 in wood. just about everybody in the mid to upper 90s officially in the east bay valleys. coast 67 the shore 67 richmond to 82 fremont quite a spread low to mid 80s in the south bay today as you head up the peninsula mid to upper 70s millbrae at 70, 59 pacifica, the cool spot, everybody else cloudy and low 60s. mid to upper 60s downtown south san francisco, 72 and over in sues low toe, low to upper 80s north bay valleys, low 60s pockets of sun at your coast, 66 monterey, 76 santa cruz. coliseum tonight 5:00, kickoff cowboys and raiders around 73° depositing to 60s expect temperatures in upper -- dropping to 60s, expect temperatures upper 50s to low 60s at at&t park. normal levels by the weekend.
6:53 am
nice drive if you are headed from novato into san rafael south towards 580 through central san rafael live shot past civic center from north san pedro road up towards lincoln traffic moving at the limit waldo grade headed towards the golden gate in the fog, cars starting to emerge very thick over the waldo and down on the span visibility may be limited, drivers slowing a bit on the span. westbound 37 at mare island reports of a big rig accident moved to the right shoulder, you can find so traffic off the mare island bridge where the two lanes narrow down to one i should say three lanes narrow to two at mare island. drive times east shore freeway 580 up the altamont slow and 101 out of santa rosa slowing as well.
6:54 am
:53. here are five things to know before you go: number one, another live look at what is happening in lake county where firefighters have been making progress battling a pair of wildfires that has forced hundreds of families to evacuate. fire is 25% contained. -- fire is 25% contained. walker fire 30% contained. >> number two, the widow of late artist thomas kincade returns to a san jose courtroom trying to keep his girlfriend from getting control of the multi-million dollar estate. he died in april from a fatal combination -- combination of alcohol and valium. number three, crews will spend the next 10 days removing a union pacific railroad signal gate to make room for the new berryessa
6:55 am
bart. number four, two early morning capital corridor trains running weekdays between oakland and sacramento eliminated one is train 518 which used to leave jack london at 4:30. amtrak will provide bus service out of martinez. >> number five, raiders play first game of the pre-- preseason. >> final check of your forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. live doppler 7 hd it showing how dry it is this morning and how we are not going to have to worry about flight arrival delays. cool at the coast, partly sunny in the afternoon, partly sunny and 59 to 2, narrow range for you guys because of cloud cover. big spread around the bay from
6:56 am
coolest 67° to warmest 82. total sunshine inland today, big spread from 82 in our coolest areas to about 90 eight in our warmest, definitely going to be warm to hot. last look at traffic. good morning. recap by going live to the bay bridge toll, metering lights are on. traffic is very heavy on the incline section into san francisco. you can see traffic there backed past the west grand overcrossing. raider football tonight, right at the beginning of the afternoon commute, expect major delays past the coliseum and on 880 both directions there if you are heading out this evening. once against, update westbound 37 mare island trouble spot with big rig accident on the shoulder traffic flowing westbound. thank you for joining us for this edition of abc7 morning news. we leave you with one last look at the fires burning in
6:57 am
lake county. >> this is over the walker fire. 5,000 acres have been burned between this fire and the wye fire. right now, hundreds of homes are threateninged. hundreds evacuated. that -- that is in the spring valley area. more crews are being called in to battle fees fires. sky 7 hd video will remain up we are streaming it on also where you can find the latest information
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