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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 14, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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right now abc7 news begins with breaking news. we are continuing to follow breaking news from lake county two wildfires continue to burn there this morning is the view from sky 7 hd. firefighters are making progress and this morning, all evacuation orders have been lived. >> we have live team coverage. mike has the forecast.
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we begin with amy hollyfield she live at a command station. better news for residents? >> reporter: good news for residents, still tough news for firefighters. they face a tough fight and hot conditions. right now they are conducting back burns on the fire lines while it is still cool and calm before things heat up. yes, good news for residents. they were allowed to go home last night, hundreds of people were told, go on home this is in the spring valley neighborhood. sunday night they were told they had to evacuate. they were extremely happy last night to get the news. the fire has destroyed two buildings, damaged a third. fires think the threat to those homes has passed. still, the fire is burning with plenty of intensity. it is burning from people and property. now it is focused in a rural
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area which creates challenges for firefighters who are trying to get to it. they are happy to hear about relief to residents. at this point, even firefighters recognize there's good news this morning, for them not so good news. >> this is very difficult terrain, difficult area to fight fires, a lot of history of a lot of fires over the years, steep, hot, dry conditions with poor humidity recoveries making firefighting effort hard. yes, we are happy that residents are able to go back to their homes today. >> reporter: the fire did grow by another 1,000 acres yesterday. it has now burned about 6,000 acres. they have 25% of it contained same amount they had yesterday morning. it is holding steady. they are not making huge strides. they have 358 firefighters out here battling this fire. they are going to hold at that level today that is the plan that they came up with. firefighters were still arriving yesterday many now the plan is in place and it is
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time to execute. they say they've got another hot day head, expecting afternoon winds, so they guess how they are going to do today. they are hoping for significant progress, time will tell. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:03 now. we have sky 7 hd live in the air. >> as you can see flames are still burning. let's give you a quick recap, 6,000 acres scorched so far. it is 25% contained. firefighters are treating the wye fire and walker fire as one. they are next to each other any way many as you heard amy say the good news is 358 firefighters will keep working they don't need to bring in additional crews. they are starting to make progress, but the key is the weather today. it is still going to be hot and dry. >> right now the back burns, which is a firefighting
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effort. how are firefighters -- what kind of weather conditions will they have? good question. as we look at live doppler we'll zoom down to lake county and show you the current conditions, 72°, still warm there, humidity is as about as high as it is going to get 52°, winds northwest at two miles per hour, blowing from the northwest to southeast. looks like any place south and east of those fires getting the brunt of the smoke this morning. hazy this afternoon and 105. that's as warm as it going to get that doesn't count what it feels like in the sun and having all that firefighter equipment on. humidity 17%, winds 10 to 15 miles an hour, local gusts higher smoke will be blowing to the northeast this afternoon. stay with for continuing coverage of the lake county wildfires. you will find the latest
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information on facebook and twitter pages. stay with the abc7 morning news we'll check back with amy hollyfield for an update coming up in our next half hour. this morning san jose police investigating three separate incidents of violence that left to dead and another with life-threatening injuries. the most bizarre attack includes the use of a samurai sword. police phone a woman stabbed to death last night near a walgreens. witnesses say she was attacked by a man with a samurai sword that man is still on the loose u.s. q will have a live report coming up. -- oakland city council will hold a special meeting relating into -- last fall oakland police used tear gas when they moved in on protesters to break up their encampment at frank ogawa plaza. complaints of heavy-handed tactics lead to extensive investigations. five outside firms are working on it. today the council is being
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asked to approve another $275,000 for one of the contracted firms. union janitors who clean more than 400 buildings in san francisco have a new tentative agreement. last wednesday they held a march, sticking point in negotiations was the cost of health care. union announced the deal yesterday will not give details. members still need to ratify agreement. federal investigation into last week's chevron refinery fire being held up, structural engineers deem the burn site unsafe for crews to end. sky 7 hd was over the scene yesterday. a probe by the chemical safety board is focusing on possible pipe corrosion as the cause . we want to check in with mike. >> who is keeping an eye on the weather conditions, especially if lake county where they are still fighting
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those fires that have scorched 6,000 acres and it is going to be hot. you are looking at some of the back burns, firefighters trying to take advantage of the cooler temperatures overnight. when that sun does come up and heat going to intensify, what else are we looking at? going to look at winds intensify. fire dancing almost straight up, the smoke almost moving straight up, capped this morning we have a warmer layer on top of this layer so it looks like when winds pick up it will help disspate the smoke but will also fan the flames, mid 90s by noon. i'm expecting a high of 105°. back at home, doppler quiet, a few clouds at the coast, from the same yesterday to 12° warmer in antioch finally in the 70s last hour was 82° still.
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day planner, 50s and 60s through 7:00. antioch in the 70s. noon near 90 inland and warmest areas, mid 70s around the bay, 58 at thcoast, upper 90s 4:00 inland, warmest temperatures around the bay, 80, coast 60 we drop off by 10° at 7:00, upper 80s inland mid 70s around the bay mid to upper 50s at the coast. moderate amounts of tree, mold and ragweed grass low. gradual cooling trend temperatures will drop two to four degrees everyday for tomorrow through friday. good morning. crash reported westbound 80 near the oakland maze. live shot don't see anything blocking and traffic is flowing well westbound for commuters out of berkeley heading towards the bay bridge toll, low clouds there right now spilling in from the golden gate bridge. bay bridge toll minor wait for
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some of the cash paying lanes metering lights haven't been turned on yet with the waze traffic app you can tell that caltrans is clearing the roadwork on highway 92 between half moon bay and skyline boulevard. lanes were blocked due to overnight roadwork that was scheduled until 6:00, it is improving at 36 miles per hour we saw traffic down to seven miles per hour during the past hour. we'll check out the south bay, no problems at all in san jose, headlights northbound 280 moving well towards cupertino this is 17 traffic fine as you head out of the santa cruz mountains towards downtown san jose. still ahead, we continue to follow our breaking news in lake county. sky 7 hd over the scene right now showing you the area where two wildfires continue to burn this morning. firefighters are making progress as we've been noting.
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residents are back home this morning. we'll have another update, coming up. smartphone cameras are convenient but don't always take the best pictures. ñ!ús
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good morning. walker fire burning in lake county one of two fires
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there's also the wye fire they are being treated as one. we just got good news california has received a special federal fema grant to help pay for fighting the wye fire complex of wildfires it is a fire management assistance grant that will help they will pick up 75% of the cost hundreds of firefighters on the frontline the good news is they don't need to bring in additional crews, 25% contained, 6,000 acres charred another tough day with hot temperatures. we'll check in with mike, coming up. more and more people are using their smartphone as an everyday camera(f, they don't take good close-ups or wide angle shots that is changing. michael finney has the accessories making smartphone pictures better. >> reporter: good morning. new add-on camera lenses aim to change the quality of
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smartphone photos. consumer reports tested to see if the new lenses make pictures more perfect. david is a professional photographer. four quick shots he's using his iphone more and more. >> i just find the opportunity to be unobtrusive wins out over lugging cameras itch >> reporter: the i am phone camera like most smartphones doesn't have an optical zoom many >> smartphones only have a digital school that reduces image quality many >> reporter: consumer reports tested two new brands of add-on lenses for smartphones, one cost $70, three in one lens for the iphone 4 and 4s. >> each over the lens like this. >> reporter: this is a regular photo taken with the iphone. here's the same photo taken with the lens wide angle and macro lens. consumer reports tested add on
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lenses from photo -- that works with iphones and several android phones the lenses cost about $20 each to use them attach a ring on your phone with adhesive, lens attach to the ring magneticly. >> ring sometimes came off -- when we remove the lens. >> reporter: consumer records found a draw back with both, lenses cover the phone's flash. in good light, testers found both can take beautiful pictures. >> the close-up shots of flowers in particular were stunning. >> reporter: consumer records says these lenses can definitely expand a smartphone camera's capability. be aware, the photo jojo only works on phones where the lens is flush with the phone if the lens protrudes the add-on lenses won't attach properly. i'm michael finney.
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6:17. mike here to fill us in on the weather. we want to take another look at those fires. you can see flames still burning. some could be back burns set by the fires to help keep the fire from spreading two fires, up to 6,000 acres this morning. all resident -- some residents have been allowed to go back home. it is going to be rather hot this afternoon, still warm this morning. look at how the flames are being sucked into the bigger flame as it searches for more oxygen. temperature now about 72, humidity about 52°. afternoon temperatures 105 in the shade, humidity 17%, if you are lucky going to be a tough go. back at home live doppler, a
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few clouds along the coast visibility as low as one mile half moon bay a little mist there, everybody else has been die, 50s and 60s, until you go antioch, down to 72, we came on air at 4:30, you were 82 you are dropping rapidly going to feel more comfortable the next couple of hours. mid to upper 50s monterey bay and inland. big summer spread this afternoon more than 40° difference between the coast and inland. coast and bay clouds, clear inland partly cloudy this weekend temperatures dropping back closer to average. today well above in livermore 14° with that 101, napa 87, san jose 85. oakland 75. redwood city 82. san francisco at 66 three degrees cooler than average. cloud cover hanging around the bay all airports okay. watch how quickly clouds dissipate, gone by 9:00,
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10:00. noon, sun everywhere even punches of holes of the clouds through the coast. mid 80s to near 90 south bay, mid 70s to mid 80s north and south peninsula. at pacifica. daly mid to upper 60s downtown, through the north bay valleys mid 80s to low nounties, 106 ukiah. 7 -- 77 santa cruz, 68 monterey, 98 gilroy, 100 morgan hill. 7:15 first pitch, 63° depositing to 57 by the end of the game. inland drops 10° saturday, six around the bay temperatures hold stead a long the coast
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the entire forecast. -- low clouds and fog you can see with it this live shot of the golden gate bridge you can't see across the span. look out for that this morning. not causing too much trouble for drivers, we haven't gotten reports of trouble heading into san francisco. here's a live shot of san mateo bridge highway 92 westbound on the right no problems across the highrise into foster city and san mateo. bay bridge toll if you have fastrak you won't need to wait in this minor back-up just extents beyond the end of the packing lot. mass transit good start, no major this case. -- no major delays. family that is proof that everything is bigger in texas. >> might be an understatement. >> plane arrival in brazil signaling start oftes." i'm john muller. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway:
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good morning. the london olympic games are over r all eyes are ornery yo for 2016. a plane carrying the olympic flag touched didn't in the city. the mayor stepped out of the plane waving the flag. the arrival of the flag in rio marks the official start of preparations for the games
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four years from now. 200 projects include construction of sports venues and other infrastructure projects. texas family celebrating a new addition times five. she delivered quints last week at a dallas hospital she is now the proud mom of three boys and two girls. jones and her husband spoke about the births yesterday at a news conference. all babies in stable condition but need to stay in neonatal intensive care since they are premature each baby has a team of four doctors they are expected to stay in the hospital for the next several months. we continue to follow breaking news from lake county, we have another live look at the fires from sky 7 hd. two large fires continue to burn out of control treated as one. we have live team coverage. the weather conditions and the people now allowed to go back home. high temperatures creating blackout concerns up and down
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the state. new warning now in effect from power grid officials. >> reporter: san jose police looking for details in three violent attacks yesterday two people shot, a woman the third incidence, involving an attacker swinging a samurai sword. i'm sergio quintana with those
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>> announcer: right now abc7 news begins with breaking news. we continue to follow the breaking news at 6:30, from lake county. you are looking at live sky 7 hd pictures. back burn set by firefighters to create containment, 25%, still devouring brush highway 20. good news is that firefighters are making some progress and this morning evacuation orders have been lifted for all residents. in our live breaking news team coverage continues with meteorologist mike nicco he's keeping an eye on live doppler 7 hd and the conditions crews will face today. let's begin with amy hollyfield live at the command center in calistoga. >> reporter: new numbers just came in to the command center, minutes ago. the fire has burned 7,000 acres. they are at 30% containment. they are truly holding steady on this fire.
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let's take a look at those live pictures. they are conning back burns overnight. they've been setting fires, burning brush, before the wildfire can get to it to try and take some of that fuel away still a very active fire. yesterday it had burned 6,000 acres. now they are up to 7,000. firefighters at 30% containment, up from 25%. as they make progress, so does this fire that's why they say their work overnight is especially important. >> we are making good progress overnight because that's we the humidities are high and the fire intensity is slowing. it is a matter of holding on to what we have during the afternoon we are still expecting high temperatures, low humidities, and winds in the afternoon which is making everything a challenge. >> reporter: some good news came last night for the people living in the spring valley neighborhood. they got to go home last
6:32 am
night. they were ordered to evacuate sunday night only had a few minutes they say to grab a few things and go. firefighters say that fire is moving away from people and property so they feel like the threat to these homes have passed so they let everyone back in. the fire did destroy two buildings and damaged a third. they have 358 firefighters now here. they were streaming in all day yesterday. of course, sunday. they are not bringing in any more today. they feel like their plan that they put in -- that they came up with is now officially in place, everyone that they want is here. today, it will be full-on execution. they know it is going to be hot, they are worried about winds in the afternoon, they are hoping that their progress will continue and they can try and get upper hand today on this fire. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. of course we hope so too, might be out of our hands. >> right we expected overnight progress because of cooler
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temperatures now things start to heat up again today, right mike? yeah, absolutely. amazing watching how facet climbing up some of these hills as it searches for more oxygen and vegetation to burn. doppler showing quite a wealth of conditions from the eastern side of the fire county line 84 still at 6:33 this morning, thankfully winds are very light at three miles per hour humidity only 25%, as high as it is going to get. on the western side in clearlake, 72°, closer to the water temperatures going to be cooler, humidity 52%, winds out of the northwest two miles per hour. this afternoon is the big concern temperature 105° in the shade, humidity 17%, winds out of the southwest 10 to 15 miles per hour. it is going to be hazy, smoke is going to blow north as we head into the afternoon. firefighters are going to have to deal with triple digits
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again today and probably tomorrow. we shift gears now this morning san jose police investigating a deadly stabbing against a woman. they say the weapon attacker used is a samurai sword. sergio quintana joins us live outside the walgreens store where it went down. >> reporter: actually, a trio of violent incidents this the most bizarre at this walgreens. witnesses say the victim was someone who is a fix in this neighborhood she was violently killed by a man with a samurai sword. residents say they recognized the victim, she a homeless woman in the neighborhood often. her attacker hopped off the city bus u walked over to her started swinging that sword hitting her in the throw. he stabbed her several more times. witnesses are shocked at what happened. one tells us a man matching the description of her tacker had been at a nearby starbucks
6:35 am
when he flipped out, an us a coog the street woman of putting a voodoo hex on him. >> he threw the table of the gentleman next to him, dropped his drink, deposited that person's ding, flew out of the store screaming, "no don't do that to me!" it scared everybody. >> the screaming lady when you walk by she is screaming, scary. >> reporter: the violence in san jose continued with two incidents involving gunfire. a man in his 30s was shot to death while sitting in his car on charles street in north san jose. a couple hours later, another man was shot while standing in his driveway in east san jose not much information available on his condition. police have not made any arrests in either of these three incidents. the two deaths yesterday brings the death toll in san jose the murder toll to 27
6:36 am
this year u.s. q, abc7 news. -- this year. i'm sergio quintana, abc7 news. lawmakers are sending the governor a bill that would ban agencies from disrupting cell phone service without a court order in response to when bart shutdown cell phones service to thwart demonstrations a year. yesterday protesters met and marred to bart headquarters to mark -- and marched to bart headquarters to mark the anniversary. [ unintelligible ] different safety issue. today east bay state senator will hold a publish hearing to address caltrans' testing issues.
6:37 am
caltrans' engineers have uncovered broader range of problems with safety testing of roads and bridges after the sacramento bee exposed falsified data in safety tests of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. 23 cases have been identified involving testing on the bay bridge, benicia, dumbarton and richmond san rafael bridge. state power grid managers have declared a flex alert today between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.. officials are trying to stay ahead of a heatwave forecast for the central valley and southern california. residents are asked to conserve energy in all the usual ways, keeping air conditioner above 78°, and only using heavy appliances before and after the alert. doesn't look hot here in san francisco with the fog. we are going to have triple digits inland and lake county area where they are fighting the fires. more pictures from sky 7 hd live over that scar, it keeps going smoke not moving
6:38 am
much because the winds are very, very light winds around the flames are induced because of the flames and the heat they generate once that smoke guests above stagnant poor air quality a concern for the better part of the day around this area. back home live doppler 7 hd, low visibility along the coast to quarter to half mile in some areas mist and drizzle possible there otherwise dry. dry air on top of us in the form of this orange right there, the more moist air would be in the greens, blues, yellows and reds, we don't see that the clouds are going to hang around through 7:00, sorry the 50s and 60s then quickly dissipate, clouds by 9:00, 10:00, back to the coast where at noon a few pockets of sun develop, partly sunny, 60s at the coast, 90s in the east bay valleys. 4:00, 50s and 60s coast, san francisco, 70s 80s around the bay, 80s and 90s inland by
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7:00 80s and low 90s inland, 70s bay, 50s and 60s coast. next three days cooling trend, temperatures drop two to four degrees each day away from the coast. here's frances. good morning. a crash reported highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains at againwood drive blocking a lane in the southbound direction -- and northbound direction right now northbound traffic close to 49 miles an hour, southbound 38 miles per hour past the summit we'll coop you posted on this crash. -- we'll keep you posted on this crash. south bay, northbound 280 good through san jose, some of the normal slowing developing on north 101, alum rock, mckey, northbound 87 towards san jose, other than that, fairly quiet. westbound 80 right now we see some of the low clouds moving in apparently there's a stall
6:40 am
near university blocking the right lane traffic getting slow approaching the scene, i can't see the car if it still blocking. westbound 80 traffic sluggish out of richmond into berkeley at the bay bridge toll, metering lights on now the fastrak lanes are also backed up beyond west grand. 6:40. >> the reason the lines at home depot and other home improvement stores maying getting a little longer. >> we have a live report from the new york stock exchange coming up. dow up 16 points. coming up first, smashing luxury cars into barriers at 40 miles an hour. new results just released. zipping across the sky six times the speed of sound. the experimental aircraft test taking place in california today. live look at fires burning in lake county. amy hollyfield tells us fires
6:41 am
have burned 7,000 acres. containment up to 30%. crews taking advantage of humidity overnight. as mike tells us, heat@ñúsor
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back.
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coming up on 6:45. 60 at half moon bay, 101 antioch and livermore, 80s and 90s inland. 60s at the coast into san francisco. all is quiet now, storms that developed yesterday moved into nevada arizona and utah and has dissipated. as we head into the afternoon, see rather could see thunderstorms again 84 tahoe, 100 yosemite, fresno, sacramento, chico, 114 palm springs l.a. 88, san diego 79 that's why there is that flex alert today a lot of electricity is going to be used today. those triple digit temperatures will not help our breaking news lake county. we take another look from sky 7 hd we have word from amy hollyfield that the wye and walker fires have scorched 7,000 acres together. they are 30% contained.
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hundreds of residents have returned home with mandatory evacuations lifted that is the better news. cooler temperatures and overnight humidity helped fires the heat will return today and mike will have a closer look at weather conditions facing crews, coming up. we want to thank those of you who have contributed to the sleep train dream campaign one dollar donated for every like on our facebook page. thanks to kathy s of hayward, and glen n of redwood city. to like us on facebook go to the abc7 news news page and click the thumbs up button every like will make a difference. time to check in with josh for what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7 a.m.. good tuesday morning. the woman in a pennsylvania court for putting eye drops if in her boyfriend's drink she said she had no intention of killing him. wait until you hear the reason
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she says she did it, next here on "good morning america." this morning, just released crash test results of luckily cars are raising worries most vehicles may not provide protection from serious injuries in a common accident. the insurance institute for highway safety conducted these tests sim slated what happened when a corner of a sedan hits another creek, -- hits another vehicle, tree or pole. the acura and volvo earned good ratings. the infiniti was acceptable. bottom of the list, audi, lexus and mercedes. today hyper sonic aircraft will zip above the pacific ocean at mach 6, six times the speed of sound that would get you from los angeles to new york in 46 minutes. the flight is a key test for
6:48 am
an experimental aircraft call the wave rider it will leave edwards air force base, at 50,000 feet over the ocean it hopes to reach 3600 miles an hour for 300 seconds, twice as long as any previous flight at that speed. sustained hyper sonic flight is important for the future. two previous attempts ended up with the skin of one aircraft peeling away and another flight that ended premature >> on the presidential campaign trail today candidates and running mates will be out in full force looking for votes in crucial battleground states. president obama will be in iowa again today and his likely republican candidate mitt romney rival i should say will be in ohio. vice president biden will be in virginia. romney's running mate congressman paul ryan will be speaking in colorado. retailers are discovering if the shoe fits you buy --
6:49 am
you will buy it. >> why not. good morning jane. the way women work sometimes when the shoe doesn't fit, we still buy it. i know, i've been there. you are going to be amazed at this shoe story in a second. have you been doing home improvements lately? if you have you may have noticed long lines at home depot boosting profit forecast for the year after posting a bigger than expected second quarter profit sales up more than 2% as housing market has come back to life even though they did say the hot dry weather hurt lawn and garden sales still trading higher stocks overall higher has been for a week or so commerce department said we were doing more shopping last month than expected retail sales numbers stronger than what we predicted. bloomberg index trading up. if you are looking for a bargain groupon's online daily
6:50 am
deals may be a place you go the company suffering because of a drop in sales, shares down the company blaming the slow down in europe. shoe fetish many women have them, retailers trying to get attention of shoppers and rapidly expanding shoe sections business has become so lucrative sales top other categories. macy's in new york opens what it calls the largest shoe store ever an entire floor of shoes with 300,000 pairs. yes, and champagne and chocolate bar to boot. i'm jane king. >> ohh! >> to boot, pun intended. >> we should take that hyper sonic wave rider -- talks talks -- [ talking over each other ] let's turn our attention to the weather that is important we have a huge
6:51 am
spread, we have this in san francisco and triple digits inland. >> absolutely. clouds starting to roll in from sutro tower towards mount diablo, beautiful pictures of the sun coming up, i'll post toes to my facebook page. -- i'll pose those to my facebook page. we have low clouds along the coast where they are thickest visibility half a mile at times even a little mist everybody else dry, 50s, 60s most of us still 72 in antioch, monterey bay temperatures more homogenized, mid to upper 50s. today big sumner spread this afternoon nearly 40°. coastal and bay clouds tonight, clear inland partly cloudy this weekend temperatures closer to average. today two degrees warmer than yesterday in fremont 84, one degree warmer in oakland 75, the same in san francisco at 66, san jose 85, santa rosa
6:52 am
88. 96 this afternoon in concord, two degrees shy of yesterday. 59 in pacifica, to 75 in oakland, 10 -- 102 in brentwood, 43° at is extreme. mid 90s to low 100s east bay valleys, richmond 71, up to 84 in fremont quite a spread along the east bay shore mid 80s to near 90 in the south bay, 90 los gatos, temperatures in the mid 70s to mid 80s north to south on the peninsula, near 60 along the coast, daly city one of the cool spots, mid to upper 60s downtown south san francisco, 72 sausalito. 68 monterey, 77 santa cruz, 100 in morgan hill. game at at&t park again, 7:15 first pitch, 57.
6:53 am
tonight 50s except east bay valleys and parts of the peninsula in the south bay, run at 60s same clearlake and cloverdale. hot area high pressure moisture from tropical storm hector may put a few more clouds in our sky i don't think much in the waive storms we'll keep an eye on it, it will be here over the weekend when it is coolest in your forecast. two hot spots, one in -- on highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains, with the waze traffic app, we are picking up speeds of 11 miles per hour northbound approaching glen wood drive where this accident is supposedly blocking traffic in both directions. a traffic spotter submitted a picture this is what it looks like 10 miles-per-hour slow northbound towards the summit because of this accident. that's one hot spot -- the other hot spot, also with our
6:54 am
traffic app this is in the sonoma area, it is an injury crash reported by a traffic spotter 10 minutes ago, traffic slow through the area because of this accident. it may not be blocking any lanes, people might be slowing as you head through highway 116 near fremont drive. bay bridge toll backed up towards the 880 overcrossing. other bridges looking good no problems across the san mateo bridge, westbound on the right. golden gate bridge traffic fine just fog across the span. 6:55. here are five things to know before you go: number one, calfire crews setting backfires to try to gain control of two wildfires. you are looking at live shots over the scene and some of the containment fires they are trying to set the two fires burning have burned a 7,000 acres. crews have made some progress
6:55 am
they have them 30% contained. >> number two, san jose police looking for a man who killed a last night near walgreens on west san car low street near meridian. no word on motive, -- witnesses say the victim was a well-known homeless person. number three, state power grid managers declared a flex alert for today between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.. we are asked to do our part by conserving. >> number four, new graft crash tests find not all luxury vehicles are safe in certain crashes. nhtsa found of the 11 cars tested from the 2012 year only acura tl, volvo s-60 and infiniti g earned good or acceptable ratings.
6:56 am
number five, hyper sonic aircraft will zip across the pacific ocean at mach 6, six times the speed of sound that with get you from los angeles to new york in 46 minutes. a test for a craft with a huge military implication. another final check of weather with mike. just got a text from my wife she wants to join you two on that shopping trip. thanks. let's talk about what is going on, good morning. live doppler 7 hd dry this morning, we've had a few patches of light phaeuft long the coast visibility down to half a mile. free air conditioning at the coast, look at the bay, 67 on the low end, 84 top end, inland 85 to 102 east bay valleys. you need extra time on the bay bridge toll, backed up to
6:57 am
the 880 overcrossing. traffic spotters report standstill northbound 17, injury crash blocks a lane in each direction. thank you for joining us that will do it for this decision of the abc7 morning news. >> we'll continue to follow the lake county wildfires this morning for you. sky 7 hd continues to bring live pictures over the scene where now burning 7,000 acres with 30% containment. we'll have the latest all
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