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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 15, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze, thanks for joining us. oakland homicide investigators are asking to you take a close look at new sketches of suspects they believe shot and killed a 5-year-old boy last year at his father's taco truck. amy hollyfield is live at the oakland police department. just having these sketches a breakthrough. >> reporter: yeah, an old case but this is a very important new lead. take a look at these sketches.
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see if you can help this is what police believe the killer looks like. african-american in his 20s, about six feet tall, 185 pounds. they believe there was a woman with him, 20 to 25-year-old black woman who was about 140 pounds and stands around 5'7. check this out, they have surveillance video of the car they believe they were driving a chevy impala, maybe silver. police say there may been other women in that car that night as well. 5-year-old gabriel martinez was shot to death on december the 30th, he was with his parents. this was in the parking lot at international boulevard and 55th avenue. the little boy died in his father's arms. there's a reward, $25,000 for anyone who can come forward and help police find these --
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this killer or killers. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. san jose police investigating the third shooting in the city in two days this was in a parking lot of winchester boulevard. police say the victim was confronted by a group of armed men and shot the victim is expected to survive. this follows two shootings monday they left one dead another in critical. the surge in violence has called the police to call in extra patrols to help. >> ballet carefully choreographed not ideal with the level of staffing we have but we were able to make pit work yesterday. >> the shooting came as high powered state and federal leaders met in san jose to praise the city, one of six cities taking part in the national forum on youth prevention that brings federal aid to local jurisdictions to support youth violence prevention programs.
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we are getting a first look at the pipe that failed at the chevron refinery. john alston has an update on what went wrong. >> as you can see here there's a section that is missing out of the pipe. >> reporter: this is our first look at the pipe that failed last week leading to the huge fire at the richmond chevron refinery. started with a leak that grew and caused a large vapor cloud that could be seen on surveillance video. in two minutes it ignited into a fireball possibly after the cloud came in contact with a hot pipe or nearby diesel rig. do you know the source of the ignition? >> no there was at least one running diesel engine nearby, according to witness statements. we are going to try to confirm that ia additional observations. >> reporter: u.s. chemical safety board released this video of inspectors getting 10
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feet from the damaged pipe. they are looking into whether chevron workers removed insulation when the leak started and whether that had any impact. >> there is some information that the insulation was removed in the process of investigating the source of the leak. the insulation is to retain heat and to some degree for fire protection. >> reporter: the board confirmed chevron replaced a 12 inch pipe during regular maintenance last november not the eight inch line which failed. it could take weeks before investigators get in because there was so much structural damage intense heat melted a number of the steel support beams. investigators have talked to more than 50 employees, they say chevron has been cooperative. john alston, abc7 news. we posted more information on the refinery fire on abc2 including video shot by
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inspectors at the very fine -- -- slide show of the photos of the damage and uncut video from the news conference. officials at shell in martinez investigating an incident at that facility. haz-mat was called for a second day in a row a leak of butane and propane gas caused a plume of black smoke. flames could be seen out of a smokestack procedure used to burn off excess gas. the incidence caused a level two warning it had the poe al to spread. neighbors with respiratory problems should shelter-in-place. shell capped the leak by mid-afternoon. monday a small fire at the refinery resulted in a level one alert. help on the way for businesses damaged by a big fire in the ingleside district. mayor lee is promising to streamline the process that will help owners rebuild. the fire swept through a row of small businesses on ocean avenue last week.
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one building that housed three businesses had to be demolished. the city trying to ease the pain for business owners. >> it is already hard enough to recover. so we need to make it easier for them, whether building permit, planning process, working with public works, working with public health. >> we want to rebuild in the same size and shape it is today that can happen quickly no notification, no hearing process itch >> the mayor says the quick response exemplifies what he calls his investment in neighborhoods strategy it has gotten an economic boost from the city's recently approved budget. california department of motor vehicles says everything should be back to normal this morning following a computer malfunction that brought service to a crawl. a router problem disconnected computers from its network yesterday morning and left thousands of customers waiting on long lines. many had taken time off from
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work. customers were still able to use the dmv's website. most employees the day catching up and rebooking appointments. uc leaders pushing the u.s. supreme court to allow the consideration of race in admitting students. uc's president and chancellors filed a brief to the supreme court supporting the university of texas, a white student rejected by texas is challenging that school's admissions policy which considers race. she says it is unconstitutional. uc is struggling to create a diverse student body through different criteria since california voters banned affirmative action 16 years ago. today in contra costa county the battle with mosquitoes carrying west nile continues. vector control announced it is fogging in targeted areas of antioch and brentwood this after a group of mosquitoes from antioch tested positive for west nile. symptoms can last days or weeks and include fever,
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headache, tireness, body aches and swollen limb many glands. >> -- swollen lymph glands. pockets of mist closer to the bay and closer to the coast more likely you going to get miff. doppler showing it is dry. area of low pressure off the coast this is what is enhancing the marine layer, 1500 feet thick this morning, going to be harder to get rid of clouds, most of us in the 50s and 60s. noon clouds back to the coast, mix of high clouds and sun over the bay and inland. 70s and 80s inland, 60s and 70s bay, 50s coast into san francisco, pockets of sun along the coast stubborn clouds will be there with 59 at half moon bay at 4:00, 62 san francisco, 70s high clouds
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and sun around the bay, 80s and 90s high clouds and sun inland. the same sky condition at 7:00, 70s and 80s inland. 60s, 70s bay, 50s coast into san francisco pollen today not much changed low amounts of grass, moderate tree, mold and ragweed. next three days temperatures taper and we'll see more clouds friday and state with a chance of maybe a thunderstorm or two off the coast that could wander into the north bay very fluid situation now for most of us it is going to be cooler by the weekend. here's france says with your commute. we are keeping an eye on this -- on this poe al hot spot big rig reported on its side, chp just arrived, an patient i had on the canal on-ramp to eastbound -- apparently it is on the canal on-ramp to eastbound, we are trying to find fit is affecting lanes of eastbound
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580. so far traffic still moving around 60 miles per hour. no injuries for this accident. we'll keep you posted and let you know how things develop, more information now that chp is at the scene. live shot of i-80 westbound flowing well through berkeley -- no problems towards the bay bridge. live shot golden gate bridge you can see nicely across the span. not a lot of thick fog, terry did run into some drops along the way into san francisco. abc7's waze traffic app shows slowing on highway 92 in and out of half moon bay there was roadwork going on with one-way traffic control in effect. 5:11. this is scary stuff. unaccompanied minor takes on new meaning after a bay area couple accuses united airlines of losing their 10-year-old daughter. next, the cross-country
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adventure that turned into an ordeal. san francisco prepares for the next big one. making sure emergency workers will be in touch with each other, no matter what. the food that many of us eat that may be as bad as smoking? what researchers discovered, coming up. good morning! wow.
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delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning many huge settlement in the banking world. new york state went after
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standard charter bank of britain agreed to pay 340 million dollars over claims it laundered billions to iran and lied. home depot posting strong numbers net income up 12% growth in areas of the delay were hard hit in the downturn and raised outlook for rest of the year. new outlook for u.s. auto dealers this would be a record year average number of vehicles sold could hit an all-time high more than 800, 100 more per dealership than last year. finally, cinema -- cinnabon rolling out pizza-bon. 880 calories in a cinnabon classic the company has not said how many in the pizza-bon promises it is worth every calorie. incredible story about a lost little girl flying on united airlines out of san francisco international. in late june, perry sent his 10-year-old phoebe to camp in
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traverse city, michigan. she was scheduled to fly as an uncompanied minor from san francisco to chicago then on to grand rapids. phoebe was supposed to be escorted between flights. that didn't happen. phoebe's parents say their daughter was told attendants were busy and couldn't help. she asked three times to use a phone to call her mom and dad and they told her to way when she missed the flight she asked if someone called camp to make sure they knew, they -- they knew, they told her yes parents say no one did, she was sad and scared, no one helped. the camp called her parents to tell them their daughter was missing. camp leaders tried to get answers from united they say they were stonewalled an employee helped. her luggage was lost for three days. united has apologized to the family and agreed to reimburse the flight. san francisco quick to spoken to an -- to respond to
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an emergency disaster such as a major quake. yesterday's drill focused on roles teams would play. >> trucks can't -- trucks full of groceries aren't going to show up. >> it going to be bad, confusing, we'll know who to talk to and what to talk about i think you will see us respond efficiently and effectively. >> experts pointed out that it is important to prepare for a disaster by making sure you have three days worth of food, drinking water and other essentials on hand. giants pitcher sergio romo is helping make a pitch for parents to get kids immunized before school starts. joined by state health officials to talk about the importance of vaccinations yesterday. the concern is whooping cough at its highest level in 50 years. california law requires 7th
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graders to get a booster vaccine before they enter school. >> even though these children had pertussis shots when they were smaller that immunity wears off over time they need a booster around 7th grade to keep themselves healthy and stop the spread. >> children entering kindergarten need to meet certain requirements, health officals are urging pregnant women to get a butter shot. whether they -- booster shot. whether tried, over easy or scrambled, eggs are almost as bad for your arteries as smoking. according to researchers at a university hospital in london, the problem with the cholesterol found in yolks. yolks accelerate the build-up of plaque on artery walls in people over 40 accumulated plaque over a period of time can lead to heart facts and strokes. the study involved 1200 people. the research is published in
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the journal of as -- journal of arterial sclerosis. any time someone is trying to compare cigarettes and eggs even to the arteries i think some people are going to -- >> you don't eat 20 a day. >> you want a three-egg omelet on occasion. >> like right about now. mike, changing conditions. absolutely. you can see clouds over the bay bridge top was hard to see a couple hours ago now ebb and flow of the marine layer pushing clouds deeper into the valleys of our inland neighborhoods definitely showing a sign of cooler trends, you can see on the ferry building on pier 5 some of the flags flowing west to east as wind is increasing. don't surprised if you run into some mist along the coast and even across the bay bridge this morning. temperatures are mild everywhere, 50s and 60s warm
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spot antioch, 68° cloudy monterey bay mid to upper 50s. today temperatures are going to be still a little above average inland, livermore 93, oakland 74 san jose 82, napa high of 80, three degrees cooler. redwood city 78, five and san francisco 63, six degrees cooler. sunrise 6:26, sunset 8:02. clouds widespread through the morning. we'll have flight arrival delays into sfo they let us know before 6:00, i'll pass that on or you can check out our flight tracker temperatures in the low to mid 80s in the south bay today, low to upper 70s on the peninsula, millbrae cool spot
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72. pacifica 59, daly city mid 60s downtown and south san francisco, sausalito 68, a little farther north through the valleys in the mid 70s to low 80s, bodega bay 59, ukiah, 100°. east bay shore, richmond 70, warm to 79 fremont and castro valley. top the scales or in this case the thermometer in the 80s to mid 90s north bay valleys. mix of mid 60s to low 70s around monterey bay. back home day game need sunscreen to protect from you that increasing sunshine, 63 at at&t park up to 67 by the time the game ends. still going to lose one to two degrees away from the coast thursday through monday, temperatures below average to start next week.
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mainly partly cloudy friday and saturday, right now any thunderstorms that develop will stay over the ocean. better news with this big rig on its side. chp saying they expect to clear it shortly. this is on the canal on-ramp to eastbound 580. i am picking up just a little slowing as you head eastbound 580 out of richmond off the richmond san rafael bridge towards berkeley. good news there hopefully, it won't cause any more trouble. we'll keep you posted. first reports of heavy traffic in antioch, from a traffic spotter who just reported that a minute ago. this person moving very slowly moderate traffic in some spots he or she is moving 25 miles an hour. we'll check out the ride westbound 580, one of the first spots to slow down. sluggish now 31 miles per hour
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as you leave tracy into the altamont pass towards livermore. also, live shot of the bay bridge toll, quiet, no trouble there. looking good as well south bay with this live shot of 280 and highway 17. there's roadwork in cupertino i'll have details coming up in my next full report. 5:23 on this wednesday morning. we want to thank those of how have contributed to the sleep dream campaign one dollar donated for every like we get on our facebook minimum wage. -- our facebook page. >> to like us on facebook g to the abc7 news page and click the thumbs up button every like will make a big difference. fierce five take on the big apple. next, the special visit to the new york landmark by the that's "america's money" i'm
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paula faris.
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welcome back. 5:26. as you can see from the lens we've got mist on the lens a live picture of the golden gate bridge, had to use my wipers coming across it this morning. if you want mist you can have it, if you want it hot you can have it. depends on how far you want to drive to get it. mike will tell you where you can go to get what you want, coming up in a couple of minutes. almost 30 people recovering from injuries they suffered after a fireworks show in spain went awry.
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within set of fireworks set to go off mid -- one set of fireworks set to go off midnight set off by another set nearby. watch this. that explosion injured 28 people, including three fireworks' operators. festivities are part of an annual celebration in honor of the virgin mary. the fantastic five, fearless five, they are on top of the world. they spent time on top of the empire state building yesterday. the gold medal winning u.s.a. women's gymnastics team went to the observation deck for a quick photo-op. the building was lit up in red, white and blue in their honor. they should have done gold as well. >> they should have done a routine at the top of the empire state building on the edge. you know they could have done
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it. >> they are coming to the bay area september 8th at the hp pavillion doing a show. >> good knowledge. a break in the case of a 5-year-old boy shot in front of his parents. next, we are live with the new surveillance video and sketches that police hope will lead to his killer. it was supposed to be a weekend of music and fun. instead, three women find themselves victims of violent crimes at outside lands. this morning firefighters are manning lines against three major wildfires burning in california.
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5:31 i'm terry mcsweeney in forrer rims to mass. -- in for eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze police have released new suspect sketches. >> reporter: an old case but not forgotten by the oakland police department. investigators hope you will take a look at these sketches. here's what they think the killer looked like according to eyewitnesses he was an african-american man in his 20s, about six feet tall weighing 185 pounds. investigators think a woman was to blame, a black woman with him in her early 20s, about 5'7. police also now have surville lens -- surveillance video of the car, they think it was light colored maybe silver and
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they think there may have been other women in that car. the victim is 5-year-old gabriel martinez he died december 30th, with his parents next to the family taco truck in the parking lot of international boulevard and 55th avenue when he was shot there was widespread outrage in oakland when this child was killed. police hope the sketches and video of the car will trigger memories, maybe bring someone forward who can help them solve this case. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. we have shocking video of a vicious mugging as it happened in san francisco. the victim was sitting in his car outside his home on maynard street monday evening when the suspect approached, asked for directions, dragged him out of his car, punched him in the face, stole his wallet and ran. this video was uploaded by a neighbor who does not want to be identified. the attacker still on the
5:34 am
loose, no word on the victim's injuries or . san francisco police investigating -- three sexual assaults at the outside lands music festival. it drew more than 200,000 concertgoers this year. the victims were assaulted by three separate tackers at different locations. investigators don't believe -- don't believe the incidents were related. police have made no arrests so far. oakland police hope witnesses will come forward and tell them what happen in the city's latest murder. sky 7 hd shows clothing left on the ground at the crime scene at 64th and macarthur boulevard yesterday afternoon officers found a man shot, the victim died. investigators have not made arrests. trying to figure out what triggered that shooting. today federal safety officials will or the recall of four million baby seats it
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follows a 7 on your side investigation that began five years ago. michael finney showed news 2007, children can fall over in those -- in those seats especially sitting on a table or countertop where a lot of people like to put them. the safety commission pulled the seats off store shelves after that investigation but quickly allowed them to go back after strongergz warnings were added. since then, 7 on your side has reported at least 45 toddlers injured in falls, 17 suffered skull fractures. starting today, more than a million young immigrants brought into the country illegal by their parents can apply to stay and work here legally for two years without deportation. authorities are expecting to begin processing applications today on top of the six million applications for it is eventship and work visas they already sort through each year. forms are available online and can be submitted today
5:36 am
but take months to process find out if you are eligible to apply and for the form we have a link to the u.s. citizenship and immigration services website on under see it on tv. 5:36. santa clara county officials want voters to approve a sales tax increase to pay for law enforcement, medical services and help for low income children. voters may not get that chance. the mercury news reports a local taxpayer group says the measure to increase sales tax by 1/8 of a cent is illegal and vowing to go to court to keep it off the november ballot. taxpayers association says, state law says general tax measure like this one has to take place at the same time as the election local candidates the races were all decided in june. both sides say they are confident they will prevail in court. this morning crews are battling three large wildfires across california more than 200 firefighters are at work this morning in riverside
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county, vowing to prevent an 1800 acre wildfire from spreading into the san bernardino national forest flames are within a mile of a town of one home destroyed, others threatened evacuations ordered, no one injured, no word on a cause for that fire. a 58 square mile wildfire bearing down on the west shore of lake -- three camp grounds evacuated. authorities say more than 900 homes and structures remain threatened some mandatory evacuations ordered. calfire says the two fires burning near clearlake in lake county are 60% contained, both fires erupted 20 minutes apart. firefighting efforts hampered by high heat one firefighter was hospitalized yesterday, two structures destroyed and one has been damaged. let's see if we can conjure up cooler temperatures for the firefighters. >> the question is can they get it in to help out the
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firefighters? today will be the first day that happens. great question. here's a look at live doppler, good morning, no organized areas of wet weather, check out visibility along the coast, quarter mile at half moon bay definitely some mist and pockets of it anywhere up and down the coast into san francisco near the golden gate bridge. rest of us, visibilities are doing fine this morning. here's a look at low pressure spinning with counterclockwise flow off the coast pumping marine layer into our neighborhoods, deeper penetration and thicker too, up to 1500 feet. the clouds are going to be more stubborn, therefore cooler weather everywhere just about. temperatures in the 50s and 60s through 7:00. noon most clouds back to the coast, high clouds and sunshine throughout the afternoon hours away from the coast where clouds will be more stubborn and closer to the ground. 50s for noontime temperatures there into san francisco, 60s to near 70 bay, 70s and 80s inland. mixture of 80s to near 90 east
5:39 am
bay valleys, 70s and 80s rest of inland neighborhoods, 70s bay, 50s, 60s k coast, 50s along the coast at 7:00, near 70 bay, 70s and 80s inland. tomorrow into friday, saturday cooling trend impressive. more clouds friday and saturday. i think it is going to be dry just about every. good morning. overturn crash westbound 580 near highway 13. emergency crews are en route we'll keep you posted. we had another earlier overturned accident this big rig trailer was on its side, but it was on the canal on-ramp to eastbound 580, the left lane of the on-ramp still blocked. eastbound 580 often richmond san rafael bridge moving better now -- 58 miles an hour. roadwork going on through cupertino, south 280 to north
5:40 am
85, entire connection ramp closed until 6:00 this morning keep that in mind detours in place, no major slowing in the south bay. new crash just reported westbound 4 at bailey, apparently, on the right but might be hard to get by, traffic slow with the waze traffic app, as you head out of antioch towards loveridge, 38 miles an hour. starting to get crowded westbound 80 through berkeley, still no major problems east shore freeway to the bay bridge toll. 5:four >> we all know gas prices are up, -- wait until you hear hear how much more you can expect to pay. good news for thousands of bart riders, extended service about to add between the peninsula and east bay. we like to think of the library as place to check out books. new report reveals what else is going on
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the first plan of its kind. share everything. get your student a samsung galaxy nexus for $99.99.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. bart service expanded on major line this fall. starting settlement 10th, bart will offer four additional trips to the richmond millbrae line in each direction. instead of ending at 7 p.m. it will continue to 8 p.m., to richmond and millbrae. bart says ability to add
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service is limited until it gets new train cars. we all knew gas prices jumped after last week's fire in richmond now we know how much. aaa says gas prices in california leaped 40 cents since the july 10th, survey and of $4.10 that july survey showed the same 40 cents per gallon decline from june. we are back where we started in northern california average price about the same increase of 39 cents per gallon since july. san francisco's main public library saw an uptick last year in the number of people caught sleeping. the library has long been a place where homeless take shelter it has a social worker to help them. a review of security reports shows more than 80% increase in library sleeping cases nearly doubled to 1,000 compared to 600 last year.
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the report says, disturbances up by more than 200, and drug use more than doubled on the lower level. coming up next, thousands of cameras recalled after users develop a rash. the bloomberg business report is next. also, former penn state coach jerry sandusky is keeping busy behind bars. there's word we may be hearing more from him before he is sentenced on child molestation charges. the presidential campaign gets ugly early. the obama and romney campaigns sharpen attacked. sea lion gets a second chance at life after getting shot in the face in santa cruz.
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welcome back. cooling trend again today 80s 90s east bay valleys, 70s 80s north and south bay 70s throughout the bay 60s coast into san francisco. live doppler you can see a few lingering showers to our north rotating northwest a few lightning off the coast moving way from us. not as hot across the state, 105 fresno, 111 palm springs low to mid 80s san diego and l.a., 98 sacramento and chico.
5:49 am
scattered thunderstorms once again. there's word this morning that former penn state football coach jerry sandusky may be writing a book behind bars. a jury convicted him of sexual abuse involving several young boys sentencing scheduled for next month. pennsylvania television station reports he has been exchanging paperwork with his wife. some jail officials believe that involves a book. he wrote an autobiography in 2001 that may have led police to some of his victims. get ready for more nasty exchanges between the presidential candidated. . president obama teams up with the first lady today to wrap up his -- up his bus tour. mitt romney starts out in ohio, then back to north carolina. yesterday there was especially nasty exchanges with vice president biden telling a mostly african-american group the policies of the republicans would "put them back in changes."
5:50 am
romney suggested to voters in ohio that president obama's attack ticks have taken the presidency to a new low. it is clear the gloves have come off. speaking of politics, former first daughter chelsea clinton taking a second look at a possible political career. coming up, you will get more details of her interview with vogue where she says for the first time ever, she would consider a run for office. she says she was inspired by her mother's run for senate and for president. don't miss gma coming up at 7 a.m.. you were saying it is in the blood. >> right! the first time she is saying out loud but not a surprise when your parents do it. let's check in with mike he has big changes. possible showers this weekend? >> i think the brunt will be over the ocean one or two may stray into the north bay such a fluid situation that we'll
5:51 am
just keep it here. fluid situation for rain, all ties in. >> you like that? >> i do like that 5:51. here's a look at the bay bridge top of it is askew once again by the clouds, skewed or hard to see, how about that. that gives you an idea the marine layer thicker. clouds more widespread. the best chance of moisture will be along the coast higher elevations mist hanging in the air this morning. as far as right now, outside temperatures running in the 50s and 60s down around the monterey bay mid to upper 50s this gives you an idea what is going to happen today oakland 72° compared to yesterday, concord 89 again, san jose 82, fremont will drop to 72, santa rosa will drop to 80. our spread will go from 59 pacifica to 72° in oakland. as we jump into the east bay
5:52 am
valleys, temperatures will be mainly upper 80s to mid 90s brentwood 94°. the rest of your neighborhoods will be in the 90s except concord, danville and dublin upper 80s. low to upper 70s richmond 70, 79 fremont and castro valley south bay low to mid 80s los gatos 86 low to upper 70s on the peninsula mainly mid to upper 70s millbrae south, 59 pacifica today, daly city cooler spot along the coast lucky if you crack 60 with a lot of cloud cover, mid 60s downtown and south san francisco, mid 70s to low 80s most of the north bay valleys, monterey 65, santa cruz 72, whoever is cooking something, turn that timer off. i think it is john, it is fine. i thought maybe if you --
5:53 am
washington nationals at giants today, 12:45 first pitch. i sure hope it is biscuits. after the low tonight in the 50s and 60s once again. our forecast shows cooling trend one to two degrees from the coast everyday through the weekend into monday i think it will be mainly cloudy friday and saturday, any storms will be over the coast. good morning. couple slow downs this morning. westbound 580 at keller this overturn crash blocking right lane picking up slowing past the area approaching keller actually, also the keller on-ramp looks like it is blocked. keep that in mind. 880 possible alternate. it is a slow short back-up so we'll keep you posted. this big rig trailer on its side, canal boulevard on-ramp to eastbound 580, eastbound 580 itself is fine traffic
5:54 am
flowing 68 miles an hour. in san francisco, the first day of city college you could see more traffic especially on 280 near ocean and geneva, a lot of students are heading back-to-school. we'll show you a live shot san mateo bridge westbound still fine, eastbound flowing well out of foster city, you can see a bit of the highrise there in the background, no trouble. westbound 4 slowing as you head through antioch, heavy 22 miles an hour. crash at bailey on the right hand side, quick check of the bay bridge toll, still a very minor delay for just some of the cash paying lanes. thanks for the heads-up about school getting back into session. >> can you believe it? >> i know. still summer in my mind. more changes to facebook. yesterday we were talking about the status update for expecting a baby. this time the change has to do with advertisers. >> here's jane king with the
5:55 am
bloomberg business report. good morning. watch for more ads on facebook, testing a new service for advertisers that lets them place ads in your main facebook feed on pc's and smartphones even if you and your friends haven't signaled you liked the advertiser. believe it or not, your camera may be i going you a rash, cannon recalling digital cameras, says stop using them immediately because a chemical in the rubber grips can cause skin irritation. google wallets more than a dozen big retailers including wal-mart and far girth working together to develop the mobile payments' network that will let you use your smartphone to make purchases. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. environmental groups have filed a lawsuit against california's public health
5:56 am
department over a cancer-causing chemical made famous in the film, erin brockovich. the suit claims the department is eight yars behind in establishing a safe drinking order standard for chromium 6. tests show the chemical has contaminated thousands of drinking water sources statewide. health officials say a distribute caused the delay, scientists have confirmed. see lieon -- sea lion getting a second chance at lie after getting shot in the face. the sea lion has been undergoing treatment for six weeks the gun shot left it blind in both eyes. workers are teaching it to be around humans so it can be placed at a school. new friend hanging out -- officials say fishermen have been known to shoot sea lions that get near their catch.
5:57 am
mountain lion spotted in the middle of los angeles. police have confirmed a large mountain lion is calling the park home. biologists photographed the big cat they say a mountain lion living in the park is significant us what -- because that park is surrounded by city. anyone who comes across it leave the animal alone. it is not a domesticated cat. next, it could be a breakthrough development in an eight-month-old police investigation new video and s of possible suspects in the shooting death of a 5-year-old boy in oakland. put down that fork folks. we have a question: are eggs on your menu for breakfast? new study raising
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