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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 27, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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>> announcer: right now abc7 news begins with breaking news. that breaking news involves the new lay pointed archbishop of san francisco the bishop was's arrested over the weekend for driving under the influence. -- police say it happened in the college district before 12:30 saturday morning. you are looking at him from the an ment he would be taking over the san francisco archdiocese. he's currently the bishop of oakland, a post since 2009. last month pope den pick -- peep benedict chose -- pope
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benedict chose him. good morning i'm eric thomas in for k -- in for kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. right now five in custody after an inch doesn't involving a cell phone theft escalated into a shooting and officer injury. it started in san francisco and ended near st. paul's elementary school. john alston joins us live. were the children ever in danger? >> reporter: fortunately no, this began long before the school bell rang there was a brief lock down before classes began classes are now session. this began with a cell phone robbery two miles from here. police traced the signal of the cell phone to this location an officer noticed a man fitting the suspect description. people living near valley and church started with the sound of a gunshot and police foot chase.
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>> someone shout saying stop right there, stop right there! then escalated to stop or i'll fire or stop or i'll shoot, something like that, then i heard a shot. i looked out of the window and saw a policewoman running down valley street looked like she was on her radio. >> reporter: the officer fired one shot at a man suspected of rob -- robbing a woman of her cell phone. the officer fired, but missed twisted her ankle in the chase. one suspect was caught a few block as way police detained one hiding in the trunk of a car they recovered multiple cell phones. parents taking their children to pauls had to wait outside while police -- conducting a sweep. a block away we saw a bunch of police officers loading guns i said wait a minute, this is unusual. in a way the children are
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scared because it is not what they are use -- >> reporter: at this point, two men arrested for stolen prompt, three are being questioned. the police chief said earlier it appeared these people were interested in cell phones but it is too early to say if this is an organized stolen cell phone operation. john alston, abc7 news. pg&e crews are going door-to-door to refor gas service to a couple dozen customers in san francisco, a crew digging in the richmond district ruptured a two inch line this morning. fire crews responded, they could smell the gas and immediately closed the street and evacuated a handful of people in that area. others were told to shelter-in-place. the crew shut often gas and repaired the line. you may see an unusual sight in the skies this week twin engine helicopter flying fairly low part of a federal project done in several major u.s. cities.
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katie marzullo is live at the hayward executive airport. >> reporter: you can still see the helicopter parked behind us warm and sunny and clear here in hayward, not the case in pacifica where the helicopter was scheduled to go first this morning. pacifica one of three cities that this project is going to cover. video we shot of the helicopter earlier, bell 412, operated by national securities technologies out of las vegas. on either side special pods inside the pods are the radiation detectors. the helicopter does not emit anything, it only is detecting radiation. that information is going to the department of homeland security as well as the national nuclear security administration to better help the government pinpoint where there might be a future dirty bomb or other terror attack. >> when we look at the radiation on the ground, we are interested in finding things that don't belong there. the more we know about the
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background, the stuff that is supposed to be there, the better job we'll do in finding stuff that is unusual. >> most of the time they are waving at us. they see a helicopter, they curious, flying that low, fairly noisey, it gets noticed. >> reporter: as far the mission the pilot says they will be flying at an altitude of 300 feet, a speed of 70 knots the schedule is going to depend on whether. they weren't able to get to pacifica yet. the project will cover 69 miles pacifica, only land and san francisco, the company has conducted similar missions in washington, seattle and new york. katie marzullo, abc7 news. different kind of aviation story here. nearly a year after the crash at the reno air races national transportation safety board releases its report about the disaster. the small plane was pushed beyond its structural limits
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the findings were presented a few hours ago in washington, d.c.. the ntsb says the aircraft reached 530 miles an hour before slamming into the spectators last september. the pilot was killed with 10 on the ground and more than 70 others injured. loose screws on a crucial tail assembly are also factors in the crash. contra costa county residents will get a briefing into the investigation of the chevron refinery fire. amy hollyfield joins us live from richmond city hall with . >> reporter: it looks -- it looks like people are not going to get out of meet wag they hoped. they are asking officials to do something for them, but in meeting has been much more technical, about the investigation into what happened. the start of the beating did not cover wham of these residents came to hear -- what many of these residents came
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to hear. what toxins were in the air as the chevron refinery fire burned? >> i'm hoping to hear there were damaging particles in that smoke because it came right over my house. i still have a sore throat and nose problems and my eyes are bothering me, three weeks later. >> reporter: here's what the meeting did cover, four government agencies are investigating the fire with chevron. two are federal, one state and one regional. a representative from the chemical safety board says chevron has been cooperative and provided 20,000 requested documents so he emphasized this investigation will take time. >> right now we are still in the very broad phase. we've done about 70 interviews with employees. our questions are very broad and focused for almost everyone. there's a few of the technical people who we have interviewed with specific intentions of understanding some very
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technical aspects they bring to chevron. >> reporter: the meeting is full except for the front row, it was reserved for the city council and is empty which disappointed some people. richmond's mayor is here. her presence was applauded. officials realize that frustrations are intense. they will be scheduling another meeting the end of september in the evening so more people can make it. they expect a lot of comment at that one. they know people have a lot to say. i spoke with a plaintiffs' attorney who says he has 5,000 people who want to be part of a class action lawsuit against chevron. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. happening right now these are live pictures from tampa, florida, republican national committee chairman reince priebus just marked the start of the gop convention gaveling it to a start now it is in recess. tropical storm isaac has delayed the start of the
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convention. gop vice presidential candidate paul ryan will head to florida tomorrow he campaigned this morning in his home state of wisconsin. presidential candidate mitt romney is with his wife in new hampshire preparing for his speech on thursday. governors from louisiana, alabama and mississippi declared states of emergency as tropical storm isaac churns towards the gulf coast. residents are being told to be vigilant and ready to evacuate on a mope's notice in parts of new orleans they've already been told to evacuate. isaac is expected to make landfall, tuesday or wednesday as a cat 1, winds over 75 miles an hour. new orleans is in the storm's path if the hurricane comes ashore once date the irony s it would be seven years to the day after hurricane katrina struck. residents aren't the only ones leaving, dozens of oil rigs and platforms along the gulf of mexico are being evacuated. experts estimate between 75 and 80% of gulf oil production could be shutdown.
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lone lines were forming as drivers rushed to fill occupy. too soon to tell how much of an impact -- for the latest on isaac's path we'll check in with meteorologist mike nicco. good morning. i wanted to show you the scope of how big this storm is or influence outer banks of the carolinas down to cuba where we are seeing radar returns offshoots or feeder bands into the system that the eye right now is still moving west-northwest wobbling a little the last three hours or so, still a tropical storm one of the reasons why probably because it is not tightening and spinning up and getting faster winds, right now 255 miles south of apalachicola. this is where the various models think the storm is going to go in the yellow is the official frank from the national hurricane center they think by wednesday morning it
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will come across new orleans as a cat 1, which is good news it won't be that strong. mark matthews is in florida covering the republican convention he will have live reports later. you can follow mark on twitter for instant updates and on facebook. >> still ahead, petaluma's baseball heroes are landing right now in san francisco after an embrings -- impressive run at the little league world series. "good morning america"'s robin roberts prepares to go on medical -- medical leave this week what she said is the hardest thing she had to do so far. or
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. "good morning america" anchor robin roberts will start her leave for a bone marrow transplant. >> robin's journey all this week she will check into the hospital next tuesday she was diagnosed with a blood and bone marrow disease known as mds after beating breast cancer five years ago. >> roberts says one of the toughest things before the transplant is to move her dog out of her house for a while. >> when you have a bone marrow transplant you don't have an immune sis a while and you are very susceptible to infection. and having a dog coming in and
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out, in and out that was really hard. >> roberts' sister is the donor, a perfect match and she has had to take shots to prepare. you can watch robin's journey right after our morning newscast at 7 a.m.. >> she is a tough lady. she will be fine. we wish her luck. >> yeah our thoughts are with her. mike has been keeping an eye on the weather. team from petaluma the team made it on time because the clouds did depart sfo flights on time. clouds near the coast even those may melt way as we talk about a warring trend. guess what is on the back side of the forecast? another brisk, cool weekend i'll show you the rollercoaster ride and 1ñ
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we never really had a summer i guess we are not going to have one now. i think we'll get closer deeper into the week when we get there it goes back down. i was cool yesterday in the inland with valleys and it may that way again this weekend. let's show what is going on brisk was a good way to
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describe yesterday. 11:19 sausalito from mount tamalpais to san francisco, a few clouds still hanging around short shelf life maybe an hour or so left there one more perspective, we'll use live doppler to show you it is rather dry outside spinning on mount omnium, drizzle tonight especially along the coast for the rest of us dry all the way through the next several days other than that drizzle at the coast. a little clockwise flow offshore an area of high pressure the reason why the winds aren't as fast, clouds didn't hang around as long and why we are going to have a warming trend today. mid to upper 60s in most neighborhoods, even 70s showing up in fairfield, concord, antioch, los gatos, gilmore. mid to upper 60s sun monterey bay inland to salinas they woke up with a lack of clouds this morning as they have a little offshore wind today
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sunny around the bay and inland a lot of sunshine at the coast warmer today mostly cloudy tonight drizzle at the coast then a cool weekend coming up much liable the one we just lived through cooler than average. today we go from one to 11° warmer than yesterday east bay valleys one of the biggest jumps low to mid 80s after being stuck in the 70s yesterday. upper 60s richmond, berkeley, low to mid 70s the rest of the east bay shore. milpitas 72, san jose 78 los gatos 80, 10° spread in the south bay. upper 60s from millbrae and san mateo, mid 70s everybody else on the peninsula. low to mid 60s coast today, downtown south san francisco and sausalito mid to upper 60s north bay beaches low to mid 60s. 15° warmer inland mid 70s to near 80°. monterey bay mid to upper 60s around monterey, carmel, mid
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70s elsewhere. inland low to mid 80s. around the state today, not too bad until you get to palm springs 108, mid 80s l.a., upper 70s san diego, tahoe sunshine and 76, 75 with sunshine at big sur. here's a look at drizzle tonight in the form of green along half moon bay and pacifica everybody else cloud cover around the bay partly cloudy inland tomorrow temperatures in the 50s away from the coast we jump one to two degrees tomorrow another couple wednesday and we lose all that by the time we get to sat , sunday those are our warmest temperatures inland barely low 80s and mid 70s around the bay.
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petaluma's stars soared through the little league world series but they are on the ground here at sfo following their courageous showing they beat panama to finish third. here are supporters to greet them so don sanchez. >> reporter: it was like a heroes' welcome when they got off the plane 20 minutes ago they are in baggage claim now. they've been gone for 27 days they haven't seen a lot of folks in a long time. they finished third beating panama, 12-4 yesterday. more heroics of course. but the big game was saturday when they were down 15-5 in the 6th and they rallied to tie it up and in overtime they lost 24-16 that was a thriller. they are all tired they slept on the plane a dozen people
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showed up the airport to great them there's a motorcycle escort 10 petaluma police officers, cars, limos lining up, not here yet, but they will be greeting them right down there coming out and going back behind me are the motorcycle escorts they are going into petaluma and probably get there faster than if you and i drive. they are going to drive by their junior high school 12 the 13 are supposed to be in school today. next sunday is the big celebration, the big parade downtown petaluma. obviously, we'll have video showing what happened here p in petaluma on abc7 news beginning at 4:00. live at sfo, don sanchez, abc7 news. welcome home to the team. this is a high speed chase driver's gas pedestrian dam became stuck on a crowded interstate and called 911,
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begging for help. >> i know you are scared just calm down. have you put your car in neutral? >> i can't. >> are you able to hit your brakes at all. >> i've tried everything. >> nightmare for the driver took place on august 19th, on i-35 in missouri captured by a state trooper's dashcam she had great driving skills she swerved at 115 miles an hour, she didn't hit a car pleading for help. the 911 operator guided her, telling her to liftoff the stuck accelerator while pressing on the brake and that worked, she got to meet her hero. >> thank gosh she was there she literally was my lifeline. i'm so glad you are sitting here with me right now. >> me too. >> she was driving a kia sorrento the automaker say
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this appears to be an isolated inch tkefpbts. everybody is okay. later at 4:00, can your genes determine the way you vote? >> then the double whammy the bay area could feel at the pump, fresh off the chevron refinery fire in the wake of tropical storm isaac. those stories and more later today on abc7 news at 4 and 5. why didn't we look at the seven day forecast interesting items in it, we start getting warmer today and tomorrow and into wednesday then we reach the high point in the mid part of the week temperatures taper below average for saturday and sunday. >> thank you for joining us here at abc7 new
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