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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 3, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. first the weather maybe that will help you forget about the gas prices. >> until you get your electric bill for the last couple of
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days. good morning. we'll be age to turn the air conditioner off probably tomorrow cooling trend starts today at the coast right now clear as a bell on live doppler nothing out there in the form of cloud cover let alone drizzle and mist like we'll have tomorrow see the clouds increase at the coast ased when to the afternoon that is going to happen. around the bay 61 to 75, warming at noon to about 77 to 85, hang there by 4:00, cool with the sea breeze mid and upper 60s by 7:00. inland valleys 55 to 69 this morning. still warm by 7:00, definitely notice the cooling sea breeze come in the latter parts of the evening cool at the coast, sea breeze kick in at noon upper 60s to low 70s we drop into the mid 50s to near 60° by the evening. good morning. going to the san mateo bridge live the eastbound direction moving nicely with headlights
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towards hayward, roadwork at foster city boulevard towards the flat section of the span. westbound towards foster city starting to get a little sluggish towards the highrise no major delay, 15 minute drive from the east bay to the peninsula. a lot of activities this weekend, bart running extra trace, muni extra service, -- take mass transit this weekend, right now everybody is on time. new morning, berkeley firefighters are watching over a fire that destroy a duplex and forced five out of their homes. here's a live picture that fire erupted after midnight in the rear of a townhouse. police officers who were the first on the scene went into the bidding and rescued a woman in a wheelchair. nearby residents were also evacuated. firefighters managed to keep the blaze confined to the house, no injuries and no word on what caused the fire.
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amy hollyfield will have more in a live report, in next half hour. new, a's could be getting ready to stay in oakland for the next five years. terry mcsweeney joins us live from the coliseum with the deal. >> reporter: i'm here at the coliseum where the a's play home games a's fans are overstocked with good news. team in the playoff, might win division if they can beat texas today. now word that a five-year extension of their lease to keep the a's in oakland, is getting close to being a done deal. a's last night against the rangers winning yet again, hottest team in the majors, absolutely on fire, if they can beat the rangers today they win the al west. in the chronicle today, the a's and oakland alameda authority negotiating five
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year extension with mlb offering to negotiate the deal. wolf quoted as saying he's absolutely interested in the extension. he has made no secret he would prefer to have the team move to san jose, a lot of problems with that. san jose is officially giants' territory. mlb has been looking that the issue for three years, hasn't come up with anything wolf says if they don't come up with something soon, forget about it. a's face a 50 million dollar payment to the coliseum if the team does leave early for san jose. there is no place to play in san jose on top of all that. if they approve the stadium in san jose today it would be years until it could be built. where are the a's gonna play? according to the article today looks like they are going to be staying in oakland for at least the next five years. the ceo of clorox based in oakland says to wolf if you don't want to keep the team in
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oakland sell to somebody who does. there's talk about a new stadium for the a's over at jack london square. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. fingers crossed, thank you. gas prices jumped another nickel overnight california according to aaa's survey posted this morning. experts tell us we could see them rise another 15, 20 cents over the next few days. according to analysts the spike is california specific. they blame low fuel production on the chevron refinery fire. high temperatures in torrence that caused power surge at exxonmobile and maintenance on a crude oil pipeline in southern california. some aren't buying it. >> everybody is jacking uphold sale prices not because of current shortages but what they anticipate to be shortages. >> even so, the experts agree that prices will continue
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going up by as much as 10 cents each day this week. a lot of exciting things to do around the bay through the weekend, including america's cup racing on the water. this afternoon at 4:00, 11 teams will hold qualifying rounds for the world series competition that runs tomorrow through sunday. the best viewing is from the america's cup village at marina green in san francisco, village opens 11:00 this morning. at noon you will hear the roar of the blue angels as they begin practice. today a national aviation area from the bay area will be onboard. captain sully sullenberger will be a passenger in blue angel number 7. part of the flying team arrived yesterday. captain sullenberger was chosen to be a special inflight guest for his extraordinary skill in safely landing his stricken commercial airliner in new york's hudson river.
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all pangs were okay. fleet week busy time for the coast guard and the 65 police and auxillary boats will help out. coast guard practiced yesterday they expect 2,000 private boats on the water this weekend for activities. today you can watch the marines conducting rescue training drills at ocean beach using an amphibious hovercraft at 10:00 in morning along the great highway at balboa drills and demonstrations continue through the noon hour. you can check out the hardly strictly bluegrass festival or columbus parade, castro street fair in san francisco, this weekend will be a traffic headache with hundreds of thousands of people packing into the city. we have a map at where you can click on each event to see how to avoid some of the traffic hot spots. speaking of hot, don't know if you can avoid that today, heading to see the blue angels over the bay or maybe the america's cup racing, i don't
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know. >> mike has been telling us timing is everything women definitely, changeable day. good morning, when does the sea breeze kick in, in your neighborhood? we are waking up to nearly calm conditions northeast wind at fairfield, a little bit of a land breeze there, sfo west wind developing at 12, sea breeze is trying to get started this morning, most of us are calm and rather mild to warm this morning in the 60s and 70s. into the afternoon, increasing clouds, southerly surge will come up along the coast that will keep temperatures in the 60s and 70s through noon then back into the 60s during the afternoon. 70s to mid 80s around the bay, mainly 80s in the north bay and south bay. 90s in the east bay valleys, triple digits out of forecast right now. temperatures around the monterey bay cloudy mid 60s to
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70 inland mid to upper 80s. next three days even bigger more dramatic cooling in the 50s by saturday long the coast, barely in the low to mid 70s around the bay and inland. time for traffic. good morning. getting out the door now, live shot of san rafael south 101 from lucas valley road past the marin ymca traffic moving at the limit. i wanted to show you our waze app this is 80 through oakland, with the a's game getting underway at 12:35 great way to check on traffic to see if you want to take bart to the coliseum expect slow traffic past the game time and after the game. free app, san jose now we have an accident north 101 blossom hill road that car is off the shoulder not experiencing delays. here's your drive times some of the more crowded commutes,
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580 altamont highway 4 west towards concord and 80 east shore freeway. 6:10. a story trending online nationwide. tv anchor gets bullied because of her weight. the very public way she is fighting back and the public appearance you can watch today. first, it will be a working anniversary for president obama and the first lady. how the first couple plans on celebrating 20 years of marriage, since there's a presidential debate tonight. ñ/&q
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good morning. the embarcadero no more record heat for the bay area today still hot until the sea breezes kick in. meteorologist mike nicco has the timeline coming up. new morning from the vatican, a man has scaled the dome of st. peters basilica. new video into the newsroom overnight. vatican police say the man scaled the 42 foot high dome to protest italian government and european union policies. he's holding a banner reading: help, enough monte. that refers to the premier. for the fourth year in a row the number of babies born in the u.s. has fallen. new numbers show fewer than four million babies were born in again 11, lowest since 1998,
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and 1% decline from 2010. experts say it is proof of the weak economy forcing some couples to put off having children. number of teens who drink and drive continues to go down. cdc says 9 out of 10 are not drinking and driving. teen dui's down 54% since 1991. the decrease is likely due to increased awareness about the dangers of dui as well as safety laws. today marks 20th wedding anniversary for president obama and the first lady. of course, they will mark the occasion not with dinner but tonight's debate many the first lady will be in the audience when her husband squares off with mitt romney. a belated celebration will take this weekend. [ unintelligible ] >> i think flowers will be arriving tonight debate or no debate.
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6:15. >> no more records. >> no i think the records are over. winds blowing at the coliseum this morning. how about we hoist an al west investigation flag up there later this afternoon and put it next to the wonderful state of california flag and the united states of america flag. i would like that, i bet would you too. all wishing for a bay bridge series, aren't we, without the quake. 6:15, live doppler, still searching for clouds, mist, drizzle, something to show a cooling trend, not this morning. temperatures just updated low to mid 70s antioch and fremont, everybody else 60s, until you go napa, santa rosa, half moon bay low to mid 50s. monterey bay clear and mid to upper 50s even inland. the heatwave breaks today record highs are over, clouds return tonight so does more comfortable sleeping conditions it will feel like fall this weekend.
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temperatures will continue to tumble throughout the next several days. today, compared to afternoon, still going to be warmer, were in record territory yesterday even if we cool, still 14° above average in livermore to 3 in napa, big key is when will the sea breeze hit your area? mid to upper 80s south bay, low to mid 80s peninsula, mid to upper 70s downtown south san francisco and sausalito mid to upper 80s north bay valleys east bay shore mid 70s berkeley mid 80s fremont hot inland low to mid 90s east bay valleys. mid to upper 60s along the monterey bay. temperatures at the coast will spike this morning then fall starting 1:00 this afternoon. it will not reach the coliseum so hopefully, the a's will stay hot like the weather, 73 first pitch at 12:35, 79 by 3:30.
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the sea breeze will hit the america's cup today, temperatures cooler than yesterday, 68 to 63 between 4:00 and 6:00. winds 15 to 20 knots. check out the highs over the weekend, upper 50s at the coast, low 70s as warp as it gets around the bay, mid 70s inland. we're talking almost 30° cooler than yesterday. have a great day. good morning. now live to san jose 87 moving nicely past hp pavillion no delays for your commute and no delays coming into san francisco on the golden gate bridge, fog-free, beautiful morning southbound commute lanes headed into san francisco, metering lights on backing beyond the overpass sluggish upper deck incline section towards treasure island. a pain south of market due to oracle convention traffic-wise, howard street closed the rest
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of the week between third and fourth major delays getting out of san francisco southbound and anywhere around mosconey center. we have an accident north 101 blossom hill out of lanes no significant delays past the scene. we have another accident 880 northbound at brokaw center. 6:19. >> the tv anchor who fights back after a viewer calls her fat. lin-sanity continues! the big new business deal in the works for palo alto native and nba sensation jeremy lin.
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a story trending online: wisconsin tv news anchor who went on air to publicly respond to the viewer who had harsh words about her weight is speaking out again. jennifer living stone delivered a strong on-air editorial yesterday on the morning newscast after a viewer e-mailed her about her weight. she called the criticism cruel and said she is much more than a number on a scale. today livingston will talk with elizabeth vargas.
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there's so much more not story catch that at 7:00 right after our newscast. palo alto's own nba star jeremy lin in talking -- in talks to create his own line of merchandise with harvard university's alma mater to create the line with the help of nike. he graduated from harvard, however the school, lin and nike are not commenting. he became a global sensation this past season with the knicks but moved on to the rockets after the knicks chose not to match his 25 million dollar free agent contract. gangnam-style continues to be a worldwide success and the rapper said thanks to fans with a free concert. ♪ ♪ it happened last night seoul, south korea, he entertained fans more than two hours, 8,000 people attended the concert. they won tickets in an online
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lottery. gangnam is a viral hit with 300 million viewses on youtube. >> when does the exercise tape come out? 6:25. still ahead, today could be a game change race for president. the stage is set for the first debate between president obama and mitt romney. we'll have a preview. coming up first, traffic comes to a halt onese bay highway. the late night crash forcing the chp to shutdown lanes. >> reporter: couple of berkeley police officers being called heroes this morning. i'll tell you why, coming up, next. here's a look at high temperatures today, after three days of record breaking heat it is going to subside today, clouds will increase so will the sea breeze along the coast, 60s and 70s, will fall into the 60s during the afternoon. 70s and 80s bay. 80s and 90s inland. getting warmer to the east,
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70s and 80s eastern seaboard 60s seattle and portland. all airports around new york except for jfk, philadelphia and baltimore now with flight arrival delays. here at home everybody is on time. wednesday morning commute live look at the bay bridge toll as you can see metering lights on, commute lanes and fastrak breezing by. update on a san jose incident that we will get
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good morning, 6:30 october 3rd. the bay, the sun is about to rise, a little haze going to be another hot one although the temperatures searing those conditions -- >> what are you trying to say? >> pretty darn hot. cool over the last couple of days after three days of record high temperatures will break today still hot in some areas right now live doppler 7 hd no clouds once again high pressure still holding on but will start to lose its grip especially around the bay late
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this afternoon. 61 to 75, warming quickly at noon to mid 70s to mid 80s we'll hold there during the afternoon sea breeze kicks in, clouds start to roll in and cooler during the evening, back into the 60s. inland 55 to 69. mid 80s to mid 90s, still hot not record-breaking inland. at the coast is where the changes take place first. by noon, as warp as we are going to get, 68 to 72, temperatures fall in the 50s and 60s, clouds increasing this afternoon. san jose couple of problems north 101 blossom hill chp on the scene car off the road, might find slowing past the scene. 880 north at brokaw stall blocking right lane, a bit of slow traffic there. to the peninsula southbound 101 before highway 92 they were late in picking up roadwork you can see the effect on traffic around 10 to 12 miles per hour headed
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southbound towards highway 90 two coming up on :32. five people are out of their hopes after an overnight fire in berkeley, amy hollyfield joins us live with the damage left and the first responders who are being called heroes this morning. >> reporter: that's right, a huge fire and a couple of berkeley police officers had to run inside the burning home to rescue a woman who was in a wheelchair. pictures taken bay the fire chief on his cell phone while his crews were fighting the fire. everyone got out okay. a total of five people inside, a family of five living inside this home. the red cross is now taking care of them. they all did make it out okay. firefighters got the call about 12:15 this morning just off of ashby, about a block down from college. heavy fire was coming out of the back of the home, it is a two-story home, deep lot, firefighters were worried that
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this huge fire would spread to the neighbors the homes here are close together. of course, their first concern was rescuing the wheelchair bound woman and they say it was a close call. >> the police officers who removed her reported that the heat and smoke were just above their heads. they entered into an atmosphere which would be challenging. >> they were heroes? >> in my mind they are heroes. >> reporter: firefighters did evacuate some of the neighbors just in case. they were able to keep the fair from spreading to any other buildings. they spend a big chunk of time working on hot spots. they have just recently pulled out, most of the fire truck from in area. now they are just waiting for daylight they need the building inspector to tell them it is safe to go into the home so they can start trying to figure out what started this fire. amy hollyfield, abc7 news.
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new morning, highway 4 open again through antioch after a crash and gasoline leak forced closure of the westbound lanes. white suv collided with a dark colored car in construct zone at hillcrest around 10:30 last night. one driver taken to the hospital. suv was leaking gas so chp shutdown both lanes for everyone's safety. crews had to use extra caution to avoid igniting the gas. traffic diverted while lanes were washed down. all lanes reopened just after midnight. >> this morning the an attorney for the family of the 18-year-old shot to death by oakland police earlier this year is reviewing a 300 page report on the incident. alan blueford's family led a raucous crowd of supporters into city hall last night demanding answers at a meeting. the mother wanted a copy of the police report from the may
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6th, incident she said she has asked for it repeatedly. councilman reed threatened to have the group removed but he gave them his copy of the report. if you are excited about the prospects of the a's winning american league west today, there's more exciting news developing. chronicle reports a's are negotiating to extend their stay at the coliseum another five years. mlb is willing to broker the deal to extend their lease with the coliseum authority. even owner wolf says he needs extended lease because would it take at least that long to get a new stadium built somewhere else. a's play rangers at home this afternoon, last game for the american league west title. drowning of a lafayette man in the sacramento river has been ruled accidental. brett olsen vanished over labor day weekend. officials found his body a week later. the autopsy determined he
6:36 am
drowned he alchohol in -- he had alcohol in his system and recently used cocaine. he grew up in lafayette. the u.s. ambassador killed in libya apparently warned a fellow colleague about traveling to the country. ambassador stevens was killed last month after attack at the u.s. conditions lit in benghazi. now abc news reports he told a colleague in august not to travel to libya because of safety concerns. stevens graduated from uc berkeley. tonight is the night the presidential s are preparing to take the stage in denver for their -- their first debate, 50 mile beyond are expected to tune in after weeks of them attacking each other on the campaign trail watch they say could be pivotal with only five weeks before voters go to the polls. >> we can't afford four more years of the last four years. >> the president: we don't get very far when we have leaders
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who write-off half the nation as victims. >> during a break in their intense debate preparations romney grabbed a bite to eat in denver. president obama visited the dam for the first time. -- visited the an hoover dam for the first time. 6:30 7. what do they say this real estate, location, location, location. that fits for the forecast too. >> location and timing is key to today's forecast, good morning, welcome to wednesday, visibility limited lack of clouds, really beautiful pictures on our tower cams if you get a chance go to and take a look at those or check out my facebook page in a few minutes looks like the sky on fire over the east bay hills this morning, but it is not. west wind at sfo is key to the forecast everybody else calm when we can get the west to southwesterly winds start to kick in, cooling trend is
6:38 am
coming it increase in clouds as southerly surge takes over, temperatures top out in the 60s and 70s, back into the 60s this afternoon with clouds on the increase, mid 70s to mid 80s around the bay, mid 80s to mid 90s inland, 90s holding on into the east bay valleys. clouds surging here mid 60s to around 70, inland warm but not hot, mid to upper 80s. temperatures tumble today about 8 to 19°, we keep dropping about another 10 to 12° by the time we get to the weekend, fall flavor to the forecast stuck in the 50s at the coast, 70s bay and inland. here's your morning commute information. good morning. traveling southbound 101 through marin past marin ymca, in a bit of company, traffic flowing nicely no delays. earlier roadwork picked up, no problems across the golden gate bridge, four lanes southbound headed into
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san francisco and a beautiful ride across the bridge this morning. abc7 waze traffic app, this is 101 and the peninsula, late roadwork picking up you can see waze traffic spotters reporting heavy traffic southbound 101 towards highway 92 due to this roadwork that is still out there. you can download this app for free. we have a problem with a stall north 880 near the coliseum blocking left lane at hegenberger. >> 6:39. ahead and new, it is official, the cell phone companies now getting ready for a merger. trading underway on wall street. live report straight ahead. the dow is pretty flat this morning. first, could her job be on the line? important meeting bringing meg whitman face-to-face with investors. chemicals found in popular gadgets that could be a health
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hazard. >> here's a look at the primetime line-up: [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts!
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welcome back.
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the record heat breaks today still hot inland, east bay 90s, 80s, north bay and south bay, 60s and 70s coast falling into the 60s this afternoon. doppler with the southerly surge of clouds it is going to be dry today all across the state. 66 eureka no more record highs tahoe 76 there mid to upper 90s through the central valley 87 big sur yesterday, 73 today. 105 palm springs. we are giving away $49,000. what would you do with it? win big with abc 7 and find out. we are giving await $49,000 and all of our -- giving away the $49,000 and all of our facebook fans are eligible. enter to win $49,000, go to click win $49,000 button on the screen that will take out to pain where you can fill out
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the entry form. we'll announce the winner october 18th, after the game. 6:45. >> we are not eligible to enter if we could and won we would fly josh elliot out here to be on the set with us to talk about what is coming up on gma. >> yeah, everyday this week. >> done, i win. if i win a portion of the proceeds will go to all the great folks in the bay area, a very large portion i might add, i'm just saying if we could bend a rule or two or 12, why not, come on seriously. great to be with you and everybody in the bay area. i know you are counting down as are we all the first debate president obama and mitt romney now hours away interest facing off. in the 11th hour yesterday president's campaign looking at something of a curve ball, new video surfacing of a speech then senator obama gave he praised his controversial
6:46 am
pastor wright. our political team covering all the angles, including what both men need to do to be thought the winner. >> stunning trial out of georgia convicted stalker acting as his own attorney against murder charges. he failed in doing so, sentenced to life in prison. this morning his victims who faced him in court will speak for the first time we'll hear their message for him. also battle of celebrity neighbors to your south in l.a., going inside the showdown tweener rick da in e and lead -- singer of pumpkin head there is more to the story. also the ballroom is short one couple. joey, kim bidding final adoes joining us live to discuss it all, all next, right here. --
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>> josh, thank you. new this morning from syria, series of suicide bombings has left 27 people dead. the bombings happened earlier today in an pep -- in aleppo. new video shows the damage bombs went off minutes part. the 27 killed, several were injured. this violence comes as fighting continues between rebels and syrian force. today hp ceo meg whitman will go in front of investors as she tries to calm worries over the future of the company. some tech experts tell the mercury news her performance could determine how long she lasts at the helm of the company. hp has struggled in recent years. the company is in the middle of cutting 29,000 jobs. apple's iphone 5 out-dueled main rival in a contest that had more to do
6:48 am
with safety. michigan company tested three dozen cell phones for toxic chemicals, including lead, mercury, hazardous flame retardants and oeufrpls phone 5 finished . samsung is finished 9:00, at the top of the list with the least amount of hazardous materials motorola citrus. we have links to the study on new detail on the ipad minnie. >> jane king is live at the new york stock exchange with that and major deal in the wireless industry. deal just approved for t-beale to merge with metro pys. [ unintelligible ]
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6:49. >> third day of sweltering heat, but the relief is in sight. >> yeah the record highs are over, day three was definitely a tough one yesterday to deal with especially 90s around san francisco. let's take a look at beautiful color this morning, pollution can really look nice sometimes before a unrise as we look down at sauce three toe toward san francisco crisp and -- at sausalito toward san francisco crisp and clear. mist and drizzle could be a sign the cooling trend is here you have to wait until later on this afternoon. low to mid 70s antioch and fremont, everybody else in the 60s napa, santa rosa and half moon bay low to mid 50s, mid to upper 50s monterey bay and inland. the record heat breaks today, clouds will return to the bay and coast, cooler more comfortable, better sleeping
6:51 am
weather tonight, it will like fall this weekend what a swing, almost 30° between record highs and this what we are going to have this weekend. yesterday a few record highs where the asterisk is. today 10 degrees cooler in concord, san jose, 16 santa rosa, 19° cooler this afternoon in san francisco. the reason why, high pressure split by this low, like a battering ram coming through. pushing the high pressure and heat away from us. the pattern starts breaking today. this morning no cloud cover out there to speak of. as we head towards 1:00 sea breeze kicks in, clouds not far behind, temperatures falling this afternoon at the coast falling late this afternoon around the bay. before anyone mid to upper 80s in the south bay. low to mid 80s most of the peninsula, upper 60s to low 70s at the coast cool afternoon mid to upper 70s downtown south san francisco and sausalito
6:52 am
low to mid 80s north bay valleys, mid 70s to mid 80s north to southeast bay shore low -- mid to upper 80s morgan hill, gilroy, hollister. this afternoon 60s in the monterey bay. al west up for grabs, last game of the season 162nd game, 12:35, 73 warming to 79. tonight more comfortable in the 50s. good luck a's. by saturday and sunday, a lot more cloud cover even in the afternoon, upper 50s coast, barely low to mid 70s warmest spots around the bay and inland. have a great day. go a's i can feel a win here i know there is going to be a lot of traffic in the area expecting big crowds at the coliseum this afternoon 12:35 right new company east shore freeway through emeryville past golden gate field into the macarthur maze
6:53 am
where metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll. highway 87 past hp pavillion traffic nice, light, flowing smooth little. if you are headed to san francisco you can expect delays, not only the america's cup affecting the marina, embarcadero over the next couple of days, hardly strictly coming, oracle open world at mosconey center, so many events happening you want to take mass transit this weekend they are adding extra service to bart, muni will have extra buses go transit as well. right now caltrain, all mass transit on time no problems. here's a look at drive times: 880 past coliseum highway 4 and 24 towards the caldecott tunnel. oracle's ceo plans to turn the hawaiian island he bought into an eco lab. he wants to experiment with more environmentally sound weighs to -- sound ways to live on lanai.
6:54 am
he would like to see more electric cars. he bought most of the lanai in june from billionaire david murdoch. as we get ready to hand things off to "good morning america," here are five things to know before you go. number one, fire destroyed duplex in berkeley this morning leaving five homeless shortly after midnight near ashby avenue itch police officers wept into the burning building and rescued a woman in a keel chair. >> number two, winner take division for the a's today as they play the rangers for the american league west title. a's tied up the race last night by beating rangers 3-1. >> number three, alum rock park in san jose closed for second straight day because of extreme fire danger. the park often closes during hot weather spells most recently in june. >> number four, stage is being
6:55 am
set in denver, colorado for the first presidential debate tonight, 50 million are expected to tune in when president obama and mitt romney face off to discuss domestic issues. number five, retired us airways captain sully sullenberger will be a passenger in blue angel plane number 7 today at noon. >> if you are hoping to catch a glimpse of blue angels action let's check in with mike. no worries cloud cover will stay at the coast through the daylight hours will start to push inland overnight. doppler, all is quiet, no radar returns, no clouds. temperatures starting in the 60s and 70s in most areas, a few 50s north bay valleys and out to the coast.
6:56 am
warmest temperatures through 1:00 at the coast low to mid 70s, then 60s this afternoon bay will be sunny with cooling coming in around the 4:00, 5:00 hour, mid 70s to mid 80s hot inland just not record-setting low to mid 90s. we have a recap: bay bridge toll the metering lights on, reports of accident past the tolls off to the right. very slow now backed through the macarthur maze. i'm just being told me don't have san mateo bridge but we have slow traffic eastbound due to roadwork there. waze app pardon me this is america's cup we were just talking about marina and embarcadero that will be jammed with the america's cup traffic, fleet week in that area also very, very slow. >> exciting, but busy. that's it for this edition of the abc7 morning news. reminder, abc news will
6:57 am
provide live coverage of the presidential debate starting 6:00 tonight. watch as mitt romney and president obama square off for the first time. don't forget to download our new alarm clock app for your iphone. just because we haven't heard it in such a long while, mike will do you it one more time. >> never have, never will. get the app, you will love. >> it involves a hot drink that you sometimes
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