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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 5, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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laura anthony is on the story live tonight. laura, prices have hit $5 a gallon in spots. >> that is right. i'm here in walnut creek. it hasn't hit $5 they haven't seen it yet. and there are people that saw prices were higher. >> 20 cents cents in almost 24 hours there, is a mike many bay area drivers found tough to take. >> and this is ridiculous. >> in menlo park the prices pushed over the $5 mark. simply flipped over twos. in santa clara, lines were long at this costco. some driver trying to fill up before prices go up more. >> it's a matter of we're going to soak you more.
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you know? they don't care. >> the price spike is reportedly due to a combination of factors starting with a fire that shut down the main unit there. add to that a power outage in a refinery in southern california and plan maintenance in rodeo. another issue with a major pipeline bringing crude into some of the refineries. >> the bottom line is that we're dependent on it. until we get off the nipple we're never going to stop. they can do whatever they want. >> one problem is that there are a few number of producers who make that gasoline. and you can't rule out that it might be in the interest of one of the producers to cut back supply a ril bit and drive prices up. it's virtual limb possible to figure out if they're doing that. >> i've heard some stories at some point. i kind of stopped listening because there is a reason. and never a good answer.
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>> and when you need gas, you're stuck. you don't have option autos and here analysts can't agree on with when there might be relief. and we're told that the record here in california likely will be broken perhaps next couple days. perhaps only briefly. there is possible increase in supplies and we may see relief by the middle of next week. >> california has the cleanest gas in the country. today an organization made a move that could have brought prices down for everyone. abc 7 news is live in sacramento with that part of the story. >> california produces just as much gasoline as it needs. a little over a billion gallons per month. when you have hiccups, the prices can go up, one trade association has an idea to increase supply now.
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the california independent oil marketers association which represents independent station operators filed for a waiver asking that they be able to sell winter blend fuel, now. the switch from the summer formula to easier and faster to make winter blend doesn't happen until october 30th ooj allowing winter gasoline to be used sooner in california will certainly provide additional supply and that would help the prices. >> and there are u.s. epa rarely grants waivers. last one was after hurricane katrina. and because california has special restrictions to ensure we have cleanest gas in the world this state new sign off first. >> there is a layer of activity that has to take place legally. >> and there is not everyone thinks california should switch so soon when temperatures can be on the high side thchl week, parts of
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the state suffered through a heat wave. and this is california gasoline that cuts emissions that causes smog. >> with the exxon mobile torrance refinery back on line, supply should increase, wholesale prices dropped 40 cents to 50 cents but won't be reflected at the pump until next week, expect prices to stay high for a few more days. the oil industry says california needs to build more refineries, pipelines and storage but that is not as easy as it seem autos difficulty is that californians don't want to have facilities that they perceive to be degrading that environment. on the other hand they to have cheap gas. this is the conflict. >> there is no time line to make a decision.
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regulators have had that request now for three days. >> and exclusive abc 7 news waze traffic app has a feature to guide you to the lowest gas prices in your area. you can down load it and we'll show how you can safe gas if you're attending a big event this weekend. >> there is a shelter in place order has been lifted. a operator punctured a gas line this after the noon. pg&e crews capped a leak money the last hour or so. it happened on boeing drive in south novato. the operator taken to the hospital. there is a 100 houses were sheltered in place. three homes remain without gas service as we speak. >> tonight police are investigating an officer-involved shooting that left a man dead. an officer noticed something
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strange. abc 7 news is live tonight to explain what happened. >> residents heard gunfire and a lot of commotion when a police officer did a license plate. >> police are working on the chain of events that that led to an officer shooting and killing. >> i heard four shots fired skm it was really close. it wasn't mufled. >> it came around the block and what is going on? >> the clangs rang out just before noon causing residents to see what this was about. shell casings littered the ground and there is a spooky, too los to home. >> there is a police officer
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that spotted this parked car, investigators say after the officer ran a check, information came back listing the car stolen. sue johnston heard shots fired and didn't know what to do. >> this is one of the things should i call the police? does someone else call? so i didn't do anything. >> it turns out she didn't need to. police were on the scene. the officer approached a man alone in the car ordering him to show his hands arc cording to investigators he ignored orders then made a move forcing the officer to pull a weapon and open fire. this suspect then reached for a weapon. at this point the officer was forced to use lethal force. >> police have not identified the victim and have confirmed he died from his wounds. the school nearby was in session at the time and there
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was a lock down order given. that only lasted 15 minutes. >> it's peaceful. everybody says hi to each other and this is shocking. >> police are looking for an additional witness and reluctant to share information about the weapon found in their suspect's possession. and this office oofser is on paid leave with his routine, pending the outcome of the investigation. >> there is a coach in lay fayette arrest today accuse fd having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a female student. the 22-year-old was put on leave after learning about this year long relationship. school officials then called police and he was arifted with out insy dechblt two teens in custody after they missed a mark shooting at a target in the backyard of a police took
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an 18-year-old into custody. outside, three burglars shot at a man who broke up a break in in a neighbor's home. there is turns out it was a bebe gun and they missed. >> tonight the woman accused of abandoning her so-year-old daughter is charged with commercial burglary and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. the woman identified as marcy keelan was named at marcy erico in court today. the 38-year-old exindicted from nevada yesterday after her arrest last friday. and police say they left her daughter two weeks ago. employ yeses caught them trying to shop lift a cart full of groceries. >> this is just a sad case.
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it's a 10-year-old girl, and she's put in just an absolutely awful position. >> the commercial burglary charge against erico is a felony. >> and an armed robbery in salinas ended with two robbers being shot, one of them killed. police are calling the man who opened fire a good samaritan. >> employees were being held up when police say a 36-year-old man in the parking lot came to their rescue. >> he removed a firearm from a vehicle entered with a loaded firearm reacting to the threat. >> police say inside of the business, a man opened fire on two 17-year-old robbers. and this two robbers fled and
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ended up in a local hospital. one teenager died and another in critical condition. police describing the man who fired shots as a good samaritan in the city's mayor says that praise is appropriate. >> this is a good choice of words describing what happened. someone chose to get involved. >> one of the woman who was held up told me she was terrified. loyal customers say the man did the right thing. >> there is a way to protect himself. he did a good thing, i think. >> police looked at video and investigators say the shooting appears justified. >> there are consequences to actions and this does sometimes end in death. >> the case will be reviewed by the district attorney. >> this is going to be a very
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busy weekend. coming up next there is a taxi medallions that arrived today just in time to get you around town. >> and i'm spencer christian. special events and activities this weekend will skies be cloudy or blue? i'll answer that in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and later the california campaign commercial that is being pulled off the air in part because of the buildings in the background. >> and there is a san francisco ronald mcdonald
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>> if you spent time in san francisco you no doubt heard the roar. blue angels showed off maneuvers and zoomed by. if you like to catch the show, the action goes from noon to 4:00 saturday and sunday. >> it's cool. >> it's fun. >> blue angels will be a big draw this weekend. there are other major events taking place. >> there is america's cup world series and there is italian hairtidge parade sunday. >> oakland's first friday is tonight. justin beeber performs tonight and madonna, two nights, and there is a film arts festival.
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>> fleet week expected to attract a million people to san francisco and there is a live picture of the ship docked all week if you're going to be bored this weekend you've got a problem because there is a lot to do. >> there is could be gridlock, too. >> reality is that this is a lively city. $1 million people expected here this weekend. this is driving expect bumper to bumper traffic. that is why there are many leaving it up to the experts. my friend here is going give us tips. are you ready? >> i am ready. >> let's go. >> there is a cab driver who says the streets to use are
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pine, bush, oak and felt. that is helpful for those of you going to attend the hardly strictly blue grass festival at golden gate park. >> there is a good street westbound and there is still driving not recommended and interest there is public transportation is a better option. one two of lanes of traffic will be closed to cars to allow access to bicycles, petty cabs and emergency vehicles. >> this is is going to be crucial. >> marina green will be hard to get to because of the america's cup world series races. san francisco giants play this weekend and to do the 49ers. >> this is good news is that
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the city granted more cab med tallins. >> this is going to provide employment for drivers and every bit helps. >> there is a problem is that you want to allow 30 minutes to catch a cab. >> so people don't look like they're going to throw up and rob me, i might pick up and take everyone. >> there is a bunch of links on our web site and i'm live from a somewhat calm embarcadero, abc 7 use nus. >> there is friday afternoon
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so going to be slow but not too bad. there are people, maybe a million will be coming into the city. this is smooth sailing here, no back ups at all. there is light traffic coming up. >> and never see it like that. >> abc 7 we have an interactive map and we'll show you how to get there. that is how you can save on gasoline. >> if you have to drive waze traffic app can help guide you. >> that is a good tool. >> what about weather? >> weekend weather going to be like today's weather. there is clouds more evident if you plan to stay throughout
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the weekend i suggest bringing in an umbrella. there is a great line view from our camera. taking a look at blue skies, high clouds above and just gorgeous evening and mild and pleasant around the bay area, there is another view of clouds and there is some clouds and two there is and 63 degrees now in san francisco. and 67 degrees, 71 in fairfield and antioch and livermore. and there is mostly cloudy skies overnight. clouds will be beginning to disappear into mid day hours and there is nice and pleasant. chance of showers only a slight chance monday, tuesday. and there is a some isolated
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showers, dry and clouds spread inskplnd will thicken. there are lows into mid. >>s and there is lows dropping into upper 40s to low 50s. satellite shows this low we've been talking about is well off shore and that is not showing much movement yet. we do expect a mild weekend again, sunshine during daytime. there is low making run in the direction. and monday, tuesday, there is a chance of showers being picked up fwhai low pressure system. there is no showers, sunny skies and there are temperatures into low to mid-70s. there is 71 in palo alto and mild at pacifica. highs into mid 60s and there is a 62 in
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the north bay district. there is east bay highs 70s in san leandro. highs into mid-70s for the most part. there is walnut creek and near monterey bay, upper 60s near the way bay. here is the accu-weather forecast there is highs into mid-70s, upper 0s to near 70s around the way bay. about 60 degrees on the coast. there is a slight chance of showers on monday and tuesday. we don't expect heavy rain but you might see a rain drop or two. >> thank you. >> and up next live to one of the big events drawing thousands of people to san francisco this weekend. >> thereúd8t ñes0p0p
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thousands of people in san francisco tonight fr a concert in golden gate park. >> it's the 12th year for hardly strictly blue grass
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festival and this is one of the many events we've been talking about. we're live tonight. wayne? >> this is the center of the blue grass universe. let's begin with what it started with earlier today. >> this is the gift to san francisco this, year, 90 acts across three days and it's free, assuming you can get here or find a parking place, then go dancing. there is a mellow and well run scene. there is his daughter back
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stage. >> he was a humble man. and. >> there is 200,000 people that will filter through here. >> there is is no tickets, no turn styles but there are a lot of people. they're leaving at this point. the show will end at 7:00 tonight and there is a fly that just landed on my nose. it must be grooving, too. what we have here is a perfect storm for pleasure in the bay area, there is a lot of them at golden gate park. >> there is more news still to come. just ahead an exclusive. surveillance video showing how you and your smart phone could
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become targets on san francisco muni system. >> there is a surprising number that's took some of the wind out of a presidential campaign. >> a commercial that had to be reshot. another half hour of news begins in ju
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cell phone robberies are becoming an epidemic, it is happening everywhere on the streets and we have exclusive video to show how easy it is for the thieves. there is a very we'll see on abc 7 news. >> let me put a punctuation twaigs on how bad thefts have become. this is last night's crime incident report. on the seven incidents, three were robberies of cell phones. there are 4,000 robberies in san francisco between january and august. police say about half of them targeted cell phones.
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there are many thefts on muni. >> there are palms sweaty. you can see him brurk his pants. >> this officer has seen a lot of the videos and showed several of them to abc 7 news. >> it's got to be clear. he doesn't want her or anyone to stop them. >> the woman had been preoccupied with her smart phone for the trip. the thieves that will steal sit behind her, keeping an eye on surroundings and the prize. >> there is looking at the phone. >> bus about to stop. the robber, getting ready. watch. it happens quickly. he snatches the phone and runs off the bus. and there it is again in, a split second. >> you should be looking up every time that bus is about
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to come to a stop. >> there are some robbers standing by the door. the woman about to become a victim is wearing a white cap. she's talking on the cell phone. this officer says the almost always the same. there he snatches the sfon. the officer says it's easy to prevent becoming a victim. >> just take a moment. look around. and see who is around you this rider walked by our fan. and we showed her videos. her reaction? >> so what did you think of the video? >> it's shocking. and this is so fast. i do that all the time on the muni. >> videos were here and
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noticing a new m.o.when the robber is assisted wh. stealing the phone friends posing as passengers block the victim or anyone else from getting to him. with aware of your surroundings. >> there are new numbers taking some of the wind out and show businesses created 114,000 new jobs last month. and the unemployment rate the best in four years there is 7.8%. >> this is numbers carrying more weight. they've changed political conversation. from president's lackluster showing to an improving economy. >> there is one sign of the economy, shoppers lined up for
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opening of a clothing store. >> i feel like we've picked up but i don't know for the rev of the country. >> labor department shows rest of the country is improving 114,000 new jobs and numbers show 86,000 than originally reported taking away a line of mitt romney's stump speech. >> we've had 43 months of unemployment above 8%. >> there are supporters questioning numbers. >> this fact that the rating has been climbing suggest people feel more hopeful. >> and that is a al selling flowers in union square. he is not a supporter of president obamas. >> worst is over. >> for the president new numbers shift away away from
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the lackluster debate and on to pus pos tiff news on what is the biggel biggest issue in this election. >> more people are getting jobs. >> there is a carpenter that says at least they're there. >> it's slowly going to come back. >> and there is the direction of the economy that drives voters. there will be one more report before election day. there are october numbers due out four days before the election. >> and there is more than 550 jobs will be available at the next job journal hire event in emeryville from noon until 4:00 wednesday. there is a after reaching a high, dow finished with a
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modest gain of 34 points. there is apple down $14 because of a supply problem. and joe lockheart stepped down as head of global communications at facebook. the latest executive to leave since facebook went public. >> opponents of prop 37 have been forced to reshoot one of their television ads. he's a researcher at hoover institute in sanford there. is a policy prohibiting using stanford's name or political purposes and the school insisted they reshoot the commercial without stanford's buildings in the background. if this passes it would require labeling of genetically engineered food. >> a fatal case of rain ease
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in the east bay.
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a warning. a 34-year-old man died of rabies, it happened after he was bitten by a bat. he began experiencing symptoms in june. he died in a hospital in switzerland. officials say he was bitten in the southern part of contra costa county.
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>> a bat was flopping on the ground. and acting weird and another individual picked up the bat. the gentleman went over and stuck his hand in the plastic bag and likely was bitten. >> most infeks are caused by bites. once the symptoms begin, it's almost always fatal among tomb autos days before a planned protest, officials are trying to calm fears of an immigration audit. there is an audit over reports of undocumented workers. officials say they see this as part of the cost of doing business. >> so government may raise concerns about people. and if they wrus loous one person, they want everyone to come back if they can be legal status obtain md this country.
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>> and this company switched to the system for new hires. there is a union trying to organize a boycott beginning monday them say the company refurss to sign an agreement. >> and there is a visit to a truly mazing place. >> families touched and people they don't know care about them. >> there is
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imagine a stress of a young couple whose baby was diagnosed with a heart condition before he was born thee were able to take advantage of a valuable resource. >> cheryl jennings has the story. >> this opened up his scarf. >> little tanner is only 18
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months old, he's had open heart surgery at two days old. he'd heez had six other surgeries and more may be on the way. he may need a heart transplant. >> what is wrong with his heart is that it's flipped backwards. the right side of his heart did not develop. >> they have spent years in and out of ucsf because of the heart problems. they lived in turlock at least a two-hour drive from the hospital and both have jobs as teachers. but they've been able to survive thanks to ronald mctonald house in san francisco. >> as soon as i was discharged we had no place to go. so we started staying in hotel rooms but after just a few days that adds up, really quickly. >> ronald mcdonald house offered them a place to stay so they can bring their little girl many they were separated. she was only 18 months old
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herself when tanner was born it was nice to have a place for her to stay for to us keep that bond with her, she was so little. >> just thinking about that difficult time is painful. >> that he did z not get emotional when he talk autos families learn it's more than just a place to sleep. >> other families stay here and staff were very supportive and you get to talk with him and get advice. we had people come to prepare us food. >> families are touch that had people they don't even know care about them. >> we've had a waiting list for a long, long time. getting rid that have waiting list would be a wonderful accomplishment. >> that will happen in 2015 thanks to the new ucsf childrens hospital being built at mission bay. a ronald mcdonald house will be inside of the hospital.
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>> we're starting a campaign to help us grow our programs in the hospital. >> we love everyone at this house and we would lo do anything for this house wit have been difficult and very stressful if it wasn't for the ronald mcdonald house. >> and there is a fund-raiser a week from tonight we have a link for you on abc 7 you'll find it under see it on tv. >> fabulous event. and let's update the weekend weather. >> we're going look back just a moment. there is a time lapse view that is towards ocean beach. there are fixed skies and there are highs under sunny afternoon. qid mid 60s on the coast to
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upper 60s and low 70s around the bay. there is a a lot going on. they'll become sunnier, you can see blue angels tomorrow afternoon or watch america's cup or just go out and enjoy walking around town. tomorrow evening play off baseball gets underway. there is partly cloudy conditions and temperatures 61 degrees and there is the accu-weather forecast. there is a lovely forecast. >> and it's not too late to win 49,000s frdz abc 7. these people taking a chance. there is linda and vu who have entered through our face book page. there is whereof you can enter,
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too. then click a win with $49,000 button for details. you can win. >> there you go. >> thank you. >> that is okay. >> there is outrage tonight in baseball's first playoff game of the season. >> there>ñ?x?xpcs6
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join me tonight at cable
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channel 13. >> these numbers don't smell right. >> the big drop in unemployment numbers that we talked about we'll take a look at this happening just before the election that is at 11:00 getting into san francisco this weekend could be a major challenge finding a place to put your car, near limb possible and there is now larry beil here. >> what a mess. >> and there is a first ever one game wild card playoff with fans throwing junk on the field in anger and there is scoreless in the second inning. st. louis catcher drills it deep with jason hayward battling the sun, leaps, makes a catch. that is worth many looks. there is matt holiday with a
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solo homer, miscommunication and this drops everybody safe. there is no with an infield fly role. that is a horrendous call never made late. made wrong. and there is two outs and a 19 minute delay follows. there is cardinals facing nationals. giants open their division series begins reds tomorrow night. first pitch 6:30, 7:00 p.m. there is a perfect game. his 16-5 record this season really don't mean much now.
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and post season, every pitch is big. >> post season is fun and you work hard to get here and this is all year. you've got to enjoy taking advantage of it. >> 10 years ago, dusty baker took time off after a minor stroke he suffered in september. he lost weight and looks good. thrilled to be back in san francisco. >> this is is a good town, a lot of excitement going on here, if you're going get to the championship you can't bypass anyone. >> there is a parker just a rookie but solid all season. 13-8 record there is a another
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rookie on the mound for oakland. >> this way he's been pitching here recently with the fact we'll keep it hymn on routine was a final decision. we're comfortable with either. >> this is where we're going to try to approach the zbaim play the same as we did this last series just trying to play the game is the important thing. >> tigers start 17-8 this year and first triple crown winner since 1967. there is tigers with a bunch of stars on the team. the manager said what worries him is back of familiarity with a's.
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>> and if you're a baseball fan go to our facebook page and click on go giants and axe's. >> then, you can see there are a lot of choices for giants and a's fan autos if you're torn there are a couple options for fans on both teams. >> this is about options. >> i like it. >> that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. hope to see you ben at 9:00 and 11:00.
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