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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  October 15, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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a logs for the giants in the first game of th cham championship series, but fans still have high hopes for their team. good evening. i'm terry mcsweeney. ama has the night off. let's look at tonight's highlights such as they were. >> i wouldn't call them highlights. the defending world champion saint louis cardinals are in town for the nlcs. they are closer to a repeat as they came out swinging. the fourth inning and already 4-0. the cardinals and carlos beltran, the former giant with the hit off baumgardner. he is yanked and blanco scores and it is 6-4 cards. bottom of 9 1k3* it is
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grounded and he gets the final out. cardinals take game one 6-4. >> you can't feel sorry for yourself. you have to go out and play for everybody else. you can't feel sorry for yourself. >> we have to take away from this first game the positives that we were down 6-0 and got back into striking distance really quick. hopefully tomorrow we can get on the board first and give ourselves a little breathing room. >> only one game and that's why it is a seven-game series. >> thanks. the giants may have lost, but fans have not lost hope for another world series. lilian kim is live at at&t with reaction. lilian? >> fans say it is only game one, nothing to worry about. but they came here with high expectations. giants fans arrived at at&t park full of optimism.nk the gih
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>> i think the giants have picked up momentum from the last series. we have no doubt they will win the first game or the whole series themselves. >> but a few came in with realistic expectations. >> what do you think their odds are for the series? >> 50/50. >> either way fans are excited about the series. >> it is huge. you have the 2010 world champs versus the 2011 world champs to be the 2012 world champs. >> things didn't look good in the binning, but after the fourth -- in the beginning, but after the fourth, fans say they were hopeful. >> it was exciting. >> i definitely thought we were going to win, but stuff happens. >> so the giants lose game one of the nlcs. and while no one is panicking, some fans are a little worried that the giants have yet to win a game in the post season at home. >> we lost the two we had the last series and now we lost
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this one. we are hoping we win. >> the prevailing sentiment is they will ultimately pull it off. >> i am sure we are going to come back and take it. it is still early first game. >> so there you have it. faith has not been lost. they are focusing on game two. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thanks very much. game two is tomorrow night. not long to wait to worry about what happened. it is in san francisco again and it starts after 5:00. while giants fans are hoping to bring a world series to the city, san francisco city officials are hoping to bring the super bowl here. san francisco is making a bid for an up coming game. thomas roman is live at san francisco city hall with the details on that. thomas? >> terry, san francisco finds out tomorrow if it makes a list of possible cities to host the 2016 and 20 sun 7 -- 2017 super bowls. fans are excited about the prospect even though the super bowl will be laid down in santa clara.
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if san francisco gets the chance to host the super bowl, the manager of the sir francis drake hotel on powell street said the city would enjoy a financial boom. >> it means all of the taxis would have business, all of the restaurants would have business, all of the hotels would have business. i would be able to keep my job. >> up for bid are the 2016 and 2017 super bowls. san francisco submitted its application on august 9th. it will be competing against all of the other nfl cities in the country. chuck davis who manages lefty odouls thinks san francisco would be a great city. >> it is a plus with the transportation to get down to santa clara which is very easy. you have phenomenal hotels, restaurants, hospitality here. >> the nfl requires the host team play at least two full ?ns their stadium in order to qualify. 2016 would be the first opportunity for the 49ers since the new $1.2 billion santa clara stadium is scheduled to open in 2014.
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if san francisco makes the first round, the city has to come up with the six-figure bid package for the nfl owners. the prospect of a new stadium and hosting a super bowl excites many, but not all 49er fans. >> i don't know if it is in santa clara i don't know if they host it here, it doesn't make sense. >> it is a wonderful idea. i have been a fan for many, many years. and it is time to bring it to the city. >> even though they are playing in santa clara? >>rk016 would mark the anniversary of the super bowl. fans say the city has already proven it can play host to huge events. the cost of hosting the superbowl san francisco would be $25 million, and the city says that money would be privately raised. if the city makes the list tomorrow, they have to submit their host city plan to the nfl by may 7th. in san francisco, thomas roman, abc7 news. >> thomas, thanks very much. we might have to wait for the super bowl, but we don't have to wait for the niners.
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this thursday is game day on abc7. at 4:00 49er legend jerry rice and brent jones join us as abc7 news presents the 49ers' pre game show followed by the 49ers taking them on at candlestick. and then stick around for a special edition of "after the game." let's head over to leigh glaser to see what the weather is like outside. >> live doppler 7 right to you -- hd that is, is showing a lot of clouds streaming across the bay area. these are mainly high and midlevel clouds. we do have dense fog sitting very close to the golden gate bridge and extending toward the berkeley area. you can see san ramon and even the livermore valley area is seeing some of the high clouds as well. current temperatures, we are still holding heat from the day. we are looking at mid to low 60s in the inland east bay locations, but be cooled into the 50s near the peninsula and san francisco. we will look at a hot forecast
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as we head into the middle part of the workweek. that's coming up. >> leigh, thanks. a man and woman are dead in a double shooting in an unincorporated area of contra costa county. it happened near antioch. sheriff deputies arrived to find the man dead. the woman was rushed to the hospital, but she later died. authorities have no suspects or witnesses at this time. >> in san francisco, police evacuated an apartment building in their search for a gunman. it started about 7:00 this morning on oned dooy and webster street in the alamo square district. police say shots were exchanged between a man on the sidewalk and people in a passing car. police arrested the suspect when he tried to blend in with the crowd coming out of the building as it was being evacuated. a 19-year-old sonoma state student is in stable condition after falling three stories and hitting his head on pavement. it happened at the allay grow student apartments. police say tyler glen fell on
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to a white fence after hanging from a balcony. alcohol was definitely involved. >> the subject did indicate he was drinking, but i can't indicate showch he was drinking. we are not going to do a toxicology report. >> there are rule mates underage -- roommates that are underage and roommates that are over age. >> they are used to people drinking and holding parties because it is student housing. bart shutdown service for two hours because of a man walking in the tube. they were alerted about an intruder alarm about 6:30. a man described as a white male wearing baggy pants and a white cap took off toward oakland. police tracked him down without incidence. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, the death penalty debate. we will break down one of the big issues facing voters this
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november. and jumping into the history books. the amazing record made today, and why this record was so unique. and an amazing rescue. what firefighters had to do to save
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one of the hot button measures would abolish california's debt penalty. we now take a closer look at proposition 34.
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>> the death penalty in california goes beyond repair. >> quintin, home to the world's largest death rows. many h criminals. many have been there for decades, exhausting every lengthy appeal to stay alive. since the death penalty was reinstated in california in 1978, only 14 have been executed. critics say thelong, extensive wait means the system is not working, and it is time to getid of rid of it through proposition 34. a former war done over saw -- wardon over saw four executions. >> at the end they say are we really safer because of what we did? neverwe never answered t question. we knew that answer was no. >> if the death penalty is repealed, the harshest sentence murderers can get is life in prison with no possibility of ever getting out. the sentences of current condemned inmates would be switched to life terms. this debate is not easy for families who have lost loved ones to heinous crimes.
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some say the death penalty is necessary for justice, and others don't want it. >> it is extremely painful. >> reporter: former nfl player kermit alexzander wants it to remain in tact. he can't wait for the execution of an l.a. gang member who brutally killed his mother, sister and two nephews after going to the wrong address for a hit. >> this was 1984. that's what we are dealing with. my family has lived in pain ever since. it won't be over until this is over. >> i don't want him dead. >> lorain taylor has opposite feelings. her twin jobs shot and killed in 2000 while repairing a car in oakland. if a gunman is ever caught, she doesn't want him executed. >> i think the death penalty is a broken promise. i think it sends the wrong message to the young people. >> law enforcement continues to support capital punishment because it is a deter represent foregoing --
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deterrent going too far. >> without a death penalty they know nothing else could happen. they are already on the hook for life without parole. >> the estimated $30 million saved from eliminating the death penalty will be used for more police officers and resources to solve and prevent crimes. abc7 news. >> with just 23 days until the election, the presidential contenders are gearing up for round two. mitt romney is in boston preparing for tuesday's debate. president obama is in williamsburg, virginia tonight. the town hall format could represent challenges. >> both candidates have to tread lightly. if they are going on the offense too agrees tiffly, that can -- too aggressively, it can spill over and make them look too combative. >> the next debate is tuesday in new york. abc7 will carry it live and it starts at 6:00 p.m. when it comes to search
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engines, politics can get dicey. type in the words "come pleatly wrong" on google search and you will have images of mitt romney. they say it is not bias, but it is normal search algorithms, especially since he used the words apologizing for his 47% re, ma. the word fail and it brings up pictures of president obama. a different inned could of water rescue in -- a different kind of water rescue. this couple was trapped in the canal and called for help. rescuers responded, but they had a hard time get -- getting the frightened deer out of the water. finally the deer got so tired that it didn't care anymore. they managed to get the little guy back to dry land. and how dry is that land? it will stay dry and hot. >> warmer temperatures and a high fire danger especially as we get the warm, offshore winds. right now we do have a little
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moisture out there, and it is in the form of low clouds and fog. let's go live to our sutro cam and this is what happens when you have the sinking air from high pressure that starts to build in. the fog banks lowers to the surface. we had that this morning, especially in the north bay and even sfo had to delay morning flights. some of the fog will be close to the ground. visibility will be sketchy tomorrow morning. live doppler 7hd is picking up high level and midlevel clouds streaming across the bain the ny area. in the north bay you can see petaluma and vallejo and toward san rafael seeing the high clouds stretching toward concord, antioch, brentwood. it has started to move to the gilroy area and toward hollister. so the temperatures over tonight, maybe not as cold as last night as these clouds will have to insulate us a little bit more. speaking of temperatures, here
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is a look at current readings. just updated these, 64 in antioch and 62 in livermore. already in the 50-degree range for santa rosa and napa is 55. san francisco 58 and 56 in san jose. hitting the dew . which means fog is starting to develop in that area. so keep that in mind. here is a look at our forecast. we will take you through the next couple days. low clouds and also areas of patch edens fog will develop overnight. the pooing is mainly in the north -- the fog is mainly in the north bay area. get ready for some more heat. warm to hot temperatures as we head into tuesday and wednesday. we start out tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. you can see the low overcast near the coast and the peninsula. in the north bay, this should burn off rather quickly in combination with some of the high clouds. and by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon we should be looking at fair skies. lots of sunshine expected in
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the day. let's take you through the next couple days. through the course of our monday a system to the north will bring extreme northern california a little bit of rain. but that will move out of here. by wednesday, the high pressure builds in, and it brings the return of those warm offshore winds. the winds going from land to sea and it will compress close to the surface. that will definitely warm us up. get ready for some heating as we head into tuesday and wednesday. of course that will also mean dryer air mass. it will also mean elevated fire danger. upper 40s to mid to low 50s. here is a look at your highs for monday. we will increase the numbers a few degrees. but look for most of the warming on tuesday and wednesday. 83 for antioch as well as fairfield. look for upper 70s to the low 80s in the north bay. 70 tomorrow for san francisco. 78 for san jose. santa cruz tomorrow morning overcast and afternoon sunshine 78 and gilroy will warm to 84 degrees.
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a little warmer for monday. the offshore winds develop tuesday night and wednesday. and really wednesday and thursday just in time for the 49er game. the temperatures warming 90s inland and 80s around the bay and 70s at our coast and then we cool it down. in four days abc7 will give away $49,000. the winner will be announced after the 49er game here on abc7 . you can still enter through our facebook page. just go to news. it will take you to the on-line forum where you can enter all of your details. speaking of the forecast, mike will be here abc7 news 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> and speaking of the 49ers, what happened today is going ro motivate them thursday's game here on abc7. >> well, they better or they will fall out of first place. tough day for bay area sports fans. the giants were our last chance. they fall short to the cardinals in game one of the
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nlcs. highlights from that and reacti
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giants hosting the cardinals. it was hammer time for st. louis. they scored six runs on madison bumgardner before he knew what hit him. to the troops before the games. second inning 1k3* last year's mvp, a man on and see ya. two-run shot and 2-0 cards. the former giant and comes back to haunt the g men and another two-run shot. six-0 cards and bumgardner gets yanked. it started out with an r.b.i single and he tripled them home. and then crawford will double in a run 6-4. first time in championship series both pitchers failed to get past the fourth inning. he went two innings innings in relief.
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st. louis did not have a hit after the fourth inning. bottom of nine and runner on first and last chance for the giants. he will get the final out and cardinals take game one 6-4. here is bruce bochy on his starting pitcher. >> we had our guy out there. he didn't have his good stuff and made a couple of mistakes. the guys did a good job of battling back. the bull pen did a great job. break here or there and it is a different game. >> they have a lot of guys that can hurt you. they showed that tonight. they showed it abl year. >> alcs game two and yankees hosting the tigers without jeter. fractured ankle and done for the year. two outs and runners on the corners. keeps the game score less. he hits it to right field. he thought about going to third and he goes back to second. and he is out. right? not so fast.
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he is called safe. clearly tagged. it should be the third out. he gets ejected for arguing, and that was big. de stroit scores two runs afterward. r.b.i single and tigers win it 3-0. they take a 2-0 series lead. 49ers hosting the new york giants, and it takes an interception, three on the day.
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>> the 49ers had a wake up call. they pulled a no show on alumni day, embarrassing for everyone involved. second quarter and under throws delani walker. eli manning drops back. his favorite target and victor cruz was running over the middle. it is salsa time. giants ahead at the half. third quarter and they get the ball first. bradshaw scores.
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17-3 giants. 116 yards rushing. moments later and picked off again. makes an acrobatic play and lead to a giants field goal. this was not a replay again. the third interception of the game and he had five last season. the giants held to another field goal. 23-3. it just wasn't the niners day. one of six with the super bowl champs. niners fall to four and two. >> turned the ball over, anytime you turn the ball over like that it is tough to win. when we got down to the red zone, kicking field goals and can't do that all the time. >> raiders in atlanta and picked off matt ryan three times.palmer made him palmer made him pay. five catches and 10 four yards.
2:31 am
104 yards. samuel says that's enough of that. that's in front of palmer. capts make the tackle c. -- president cay make the tackle. mcfaden will pound it in. he tie itself at 20. 27 carries and only 70 yards. one second remaining and good. atlanta -- this sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. coming up later, plays of the day. >> looking forward to it. still to come, the amazing jump into the record books. a skydiver this guy broke the sound barrier. why it is such an amazing feet. and the long journey is over. we'll take tout space shuttle's final resting
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good evening. i'm terry mcsweeney in for ama dates. sheriff deputies are looking for a killer. someone shot a man and woman this evening in an unincorporated area near ante yofnlgt the man died at the scene and the woman at the hospital. bart arrested a man in san francisco who was walking in the trans bay tube toward oakland. the transit company was forced to shutdown service out of san francisco for nearly two hours this evening. san francisco is in the running to host the super bowl. in august the city put in its bid for either the 2016 or 2017 game which would be played at the new san staw clara -- santa clara stadium. for the eighth straight day, the number of people infected with fungal meningitis has risen. the toll has reached 205 cases in 14 states including the first four cases in new hampshire. according to the centers for disease control, 15 people have died. the outbreak has been linked
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to steroid shots used for back pain made by a specialty pharmacy in massachusetts. the medication has been taken off the market. a new mexico company that manufactured peanut butter linked to an outbreak of salmonella is expanding its recall. sun land incorporated has added raw and roasted peanuts shelled and in the shell to products it is taking off the shelf. sun land's peanut butter has been linked to 35 salmonella cases in 19 states. a giant in american politics died today. arlin specter from pennsylvania played a pivotal role in the assasination of president kennedy. jonathon carl takes a look back. >> he was a native of kansas, but chose pennsylvania to be his home. after law school in yale he settled in philadelphia and eventually becoming district attorney. after the kennedy assassination, specter served on the warren commission and helped develop the single-bullet theory. specter was elected to the
2:37 am
senate as a republican in 1980 becoming a fiercely independent sen terrorist and a powerful force. hen fiewr yaited his own party by helping sync the bork nomination. >> i think you are putting the rabbit in the hat. >> and his tough grilling of anita hill angered democrats. >> i object to that. i am asking questions here. >> and helped to lift clarence thomas to the high court. in 2009 he againen fiewr yaited republicans by supporting president obama's $800 billion stimulus bill. he lost the support of his party and became a democrat. but pennsylvania democrats did not return the favor, and he lost his bid for a 6th term in the democratic primary. specter battled cancer in 2005 and again in 2008. working in the senate through it all. that and another battle with a brain tumor made him a passionate advocate for medical research including stem cell therapy. arlin specter lost his final battle with cancer at the age
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of 82. jonathon carl, abc news, new york. >> a bit of history today. bumgardner was the first to go faster than the speed of sound. with cheers from his crew and tears from his mother, fearless felix jumped from 24 miles above the earth. 24 miles. he r he reached a maximum speed of 8 throughy 3 miles an hour during his dissent over the new mexico desert. no one has ever reached that speed wearing a high-tech suit. nine minutes after plunging from his capsule, bumgardner landed safely. a spectacular skydive comes 65 years to the day after someone else broke the sound barrier. he commemorated the event by smashing through the sound barrier again. this time on the backseat of an f-15 instead of the rocket plane. he piloted it in 1947.
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yager is 89 years of age. the space shuttle endeavor circled the earth thousands of times, but the last few miles of the final journey here on earth might have been the hardest. after a long journey and a 17-hour delay, the shuttle is now at its final resting place. abc news reporter abbie by droa has a look at what it took to make the trip across los angeles. >> inching along a mere two miles an hour, it is hardly the high speed chase we are used to seeing in los angeles. but it is just as much of a nailbiter. here the shuttle came within millimeters of hitting the street lamp. >> it is pretty amazing. >> it feels like i am part of history. >> endeavor has made 2 tiff missions to space, traveling 122 million miles. but the journey on the ground has been a law gist cal challenge. >> just imagine clearing a space for a 78-foot wingspan. that's half the width of a football field. the shuttle weighs 80 tons. that's the equivalent of 42
2:40 am
cars. so heavy that thousands of metal plates were used to reinforce the roads. nearly 400 trees were needed to be cleared from the 12-mile journey. even power lines were used for the tail which stands five stories tall. >> and liftoff for the final launch of endeavor. >> and after 25 dedicated years on-the-job, endeavor completed its three-day journey home to the california science center. where it can finally enjoy some well deserved time off. abbie boudreaux. >> never joke about bombs to airport security personnel. a man did so forcing the evacuation of alaska's airport. he was charged with making threats and conduct. the man is in jail on $5,000 bail. still to come, the one thing you need to do to be smarter and slimmer. the news investigates the claims of a blood donor who
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claiming he suffered a life-threatening infection. he said it is nearly impossible to get the type of infection he has from a blood donation.
2:44 am
vic lee now with information about this lawsuit. >> on april 10th, 2008, christopher went to the stanford blood center. he says after donating blood he experienced searing pain in his arm and shoulder. >> three weeks later it blossomed to a full blown bone infection. i had surgery on may 6th and may 9th to remove part of michael leer bone. >> stanford paid his medical bills which he said cost close to $100,000. >> they know they caused it. they promised they would pay for it. they did pay a lot of money. they paid for the surgery. but then after that they started sending me bills. >> stanford stopped paying his post op bills which could continue for a longtime. he was never told why. he expects to have more surgery and says he still has pain and complications called os yow miolitis. >> stanford declined our request for an interview deciding to issue a written
2:45 am
statement saying the lawsuit has no merit. the blood center said it, quote, uses single use needles, pre packaged in a container and the infection is extremely rare and to our knowledge has never been associated with a blood donation. stanford adds, the center complies strictly with fda regulations. they discovered the blood center and sold some of his blood for research. after digging further, they uncovered the documents revealing that the center was selling donor blood to research firms on a regular basis. >> the crux of the lawsuit is that stanford blood center misrepresents what they do with people's blood and misrepresents the fact that they make a lot of money rising out of the blood donation. >> the revelation was shocking. he started donating blood 20 years ago after being told
2:46 am
there was a critical need for his you you -- his unique blood type. >> i am a cmv negative donor. that means it is used for premature infants and autoimmune patients. from the beginning i was told my blood went there. >> he showed us this letter from the blood center telling him just how much his blood was needed to make a difference in children's lives. no where in the letter was there a mention for using it for research or making a profit. >> i was told my blood is going and i would get these e-mails and these letters and it would show stories ofish children whose lives were being saved or helped with my blood. i felt betrayed. >> stanford did not respond directly to the charges. but they said the costs associated with operating the non-profit blood center comes from the sale of blood products and services to hospitals and research centers. and all revenues are used to support the charitable purposes of the blood center
2:47 am
or the school of medicine. >> christopher is suing stanford for medical negligence, fraud, misrepresentation and breech of contract. the trial is set for april of next year. vic lee, abc7 news. two new studies suggest getting enough sleep will not only help you lose weight, it could also make your kids smarter. according to a new research published this week in the journal of pediatrics, just 30 more minutes of sleep, that's what it takes to improve a child's school performance. getting enough shut eye can prevent obesity. researchers at the university of chicago found when you stay up late, like now, fat cells function as if they are obese. it is similar to how fat cells now function in people with diabetes. let's check in with leigh glaser. she is feeling different. >> i am awake. gang, if you are traveling tomorrow, up early definitely tomorrow, you will find it is nice travel weather through denver.
2:48 am
75 degrees and dallas lots of sunshine and 86. as you head toward chicago, the temperatures start to cool off dramatically. 57 degrees there. we may see a little light snow. look for showers to move into new york city by late in the day. 71 degrees there in atlanta. staying a little close to home, but heading down to southern california, starting to warm up. l.a. tomorrow, 88 degrees. 100 for palm springs. fresno will warm to 85. a lot of sunshine there in sacramento. 84 degrees. big sur 74. and here is a look at how we will start out tomorrow morning with overcast conditions. the dense valley fog will be with us. by 10, 11:00, temperatures will climb 80s inland and 60s at the coast. my accu-weather seven-day forecast, we will start to warm up on wednesday and thursday just in time for the 49er game. >> well said. >> you know what, i think shu has more on that game. when it happened today it wasn't so hot. >> thank you very much.
2:49 am
when you have two past world series champions battling in the nlcs, something has to give. it was madison bumgardner. he gave up six runs and too tough a deficit to make up. highlights a
2:50 am
2:51 am
well, the giants seem to prefer coming from behind than being front runners. cardinals are in town for the nlcs. it was hammer time. they scored six runs off
2:52 am
madison bumgardner. let's go to the second inning and one man on and that's out of here. off madison bumgardner. the fourth inning and carlos beltran and the former giant comes back to haunt him. another two-run shot. part of a four-run inning. he gets yanked and the giants answer with a four-run fourth of their own. starting out with the single and then the triple to come home. crawford doubles in a run. the first time in championship history both pitchers failed to get past four innings. they were in relief and gets him to ground into the double play. st. louis didn't have a hit until after the fourth. run other first and they have a chance. grounds it to craig and he bobbles it and gets the final out. cardinals take game one 6-4 your final. >> we have been in the hole
2:53 am
before. it is nothing new to us. we still have a lot of determination and a lot of confidence that we can come back and win the ballgame. >> you can't feel sorry for yourself. you have to keep fighting and playing for everybody else. you can't start feeling sorry for yourself. >> alcs game two and yankees hosting the tigers. controversial play and he thought about going to third, but hay comes back to second. he's out. not so fast. he is called safe, but check it out. he is clearly tagged out. it should be the third out. that is big. cabrera r.b.i single and tigers win it 3-0 and take a 2-0 series lead. 49ers got caught reading their press clippings and the jaints brought them back to earth with a little wake up call. they pulled a no show on alumni day. embarrassing for everyone involved. alex smith, it wasn't his best day. under throws walker.
2:54 am
the giants made the niners pay. ely n making, he's good. gash -- ely manning, he's good. giants ahead 10-3 at the half. giants get the ball first. 17-3 giants. 116 yards rushing. first 100-yard rusher at home in 22 games. smith third interception. the giants held to another field goal. the defense played well. wasn't the 49er day. their 6th sack right here. the giants win it 26-3. >> it was uncharacteristic. they time you turn the ball over like that, it is tough to win. when we did get down in the first half we thought we were moving the ball the first two drives. ended up kicking field goals.
2:55 am
can't do that all the time. >> hits seattle on thursday. raiders in atlanta. they picked off matt ryan first time in the first half. carson palmer took advantage and finds moore. he had five catches and 104 yards. the raiders were up at the half. late fourth and raiders on the move. he tries to make a tackle. the quarterback not good at that. the falcons grab a 20-13 lead. the raiders though come back. mcfaden pounds it in. carries for only 70 yards. 55-yard field goal and one second remaining. atlanta is now the only undefeated team. 23-20 your final. the raiders fall to one and four. all right boys and girls. time for your plays of the day. houston in green bay. what a day for aaron rogers. three to jordy nelson. they hand them the first loss of the year.
2:56 am
seattle erased the deficit. russell wilson airs it out. watch this catch. a 46-yard touchdown. the seahawks win it 24-23. qb picked off and sets up this field goal cardinals andks and seahawks and 9ers are tied at four and two. vikings and redskins. he continues to impress. he threw for 182 yards and a touchdown. he ran for 138 yards and two touchdowns. redskins beat the vikings 38-24. and in golf. he makes the short par putt to win his first pga event. the first rookie to win this season. and this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. game two of the nlcs tomorrow we'll see thru. no worries. >> it is a seven-game series. >> it could be over in four.
2:57 am
>> he was commenting on the pink arms in the nfl. >> it is breast cancer awareness month. >> that's it for this edition. >xç%?x?xpcs6
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