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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 19, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. 6 a.m. we the going gets tough. >> that's when we get going we did it last week but it is tough. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. and i'm eric thomas. first a check on forecast change in the temperatures on the way after record highs yesterday. cooler, good morning 10 to 20° cooler the screaming headline out of this morning's forecast. live doppler not picking up radar returns yet, mist possible with some of the thicker clouds along the coast in higher elevations. more likely we'll see the possibility of drizzle tomorrow morning along the coast even rain next week. right now lowest visibility half mile at half moon bay coast socked in with fog and mist. the rest of us cloudy this morning. as far as what is going to happen, around the bay cloudy temperatures mild, low to mid
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60s, slow amount of sunshine temperature warps low to upper 60s by noon close to average -- upper 60s to mid 70s by 4:00 you will need a jacket this evening low to mid 60s. coast cloudy for the better part of the day holding in upper 50s to low 60s through 4:00, mist will redevelop during the evening temperatures drop nat mid 50s to near 60 sunshine inland -- today low to mid 70s north bay valleys, mid to upper 70s east bay valleys. good morning. if you are in san jose and your commute takes you on highway 87 past hp pavillion light no problems headlights headed northbound through san jose. to the san mateo bridge everybody is talking about the big closure tonight 10 p.m. through 5 amman ray -- monday morning and then next weekend right now bunching up westbound towards the highrise, you want to make alternate
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plans, dumbarton 237 to the south or bay bridge to the north, waze app great alternative, you are looking at east shore freeway here, traffic light,??. free app with all the weekend activities, including the big game you can navigate around traffic by downloading this tree on your smartphone. developing news out of san francisco. early morning chase and shooting has left a busy intersection closed. amy hollyfield is live this western addition to tell us . -- to tell us what happened. >> reporter: franklin and eddy is now opened, they opened it about a half hour ago. earlier police say the white car was running a red light when it ran into that taxicab that was at intersection of franklin and eddy. police tried to pull that white car over because the light was out over the license plate. the driver kept going. police say the passenger shot
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at police. after the crash they say the two men took off running, police chased them, they caught one but the other man got away. they weren't hurt in the crash the cab driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries expected to be okay he hurt his hand. >> given the speed that you can easily see the car ended up almost half a away we are lucky someone is not more injured. >> reporter: the police officers were okay the sergeant says she were shaken after the chase and being shot at. they go get a good look at the man who escaped, black man with dreadlocks medium length, baby blue shirt, he's still on the run. officers have no idea why the two men reacted this way they don't know if they are wanted for something, they are still investigating. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. a pilot found dead in a
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single engine plane near half moon bay has been identified as a 75-year-old florida man reported missing by his wife. remains of andrew hayden were found in the wreckage of his experimental plane 400 yards from the half moon bay airport tuesday. he took off early monday morning but failed to make a fuel stop his wife reported the plane missing when it failed to land at its destination in arizona. the cause of crash is under investigation. torture all over again. giants' survival relies on three straight wins. game four last night lincecum not good, he lost two runs in the first, in the fifth molina sends one up the middle holliday will come around the score it is 4-1 cards,
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lincecum guess to sit down. cards add to their lead in the 6th we jay sends a double to right two more runs cardinals take game 6-3. game five will be played in st. louis 5:07 this evening if the giants win game six comes back sunday game seven would be monday the winner guess on to the world series to meet the tigers who beat the yankees yesterday and swept the al series. this result i like last night 49ers beat seattle in a special edition of thursday night football here on abc7 home game at candlestick park only one touchdown smith to walker great block from davis, scores 9ers lead 10-. defense was awesome, seahawks quarterback blasted on the throw, picked off the 9ers get
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the win 13-6 improve their record and have first place in the division. another winner last night as well. it was pretty sweet our $49,000 facebook give away. penny crowe of the north bay liked us on facebook eye few hours before the deadline. -- a few hours before the deadline. she was called before the end of the game. >> you you are the big winner of the $49,000 -- sweepstakes! >> oh my god! >> if that wasn't surprise enough here's nick smith showing up on her doorstep and giving her a really big check. penny said she almost didn't get the wonderful news. >> wasn't going to answer the phone. i really thought, i'm not going to answer the phone i was swimming between the giants and the 49ers and i -- i was switching between the giants and the 49ers and i don't want to be bothered, i'm grad -- i'm glad i did.
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>> penny will give some of the money to her kids and grandkids and fix the fence that has fallen down in the backyard. congratulations penny. she needs to take that big check and fly to st. louis and give the giants good luck. traffic and weather together, next. live look outside embarcadero san francisco what a difference a day makes cooler today and raindrops may be in our future. mike will have your full forecast. we'll check in with sue hall to talk about an important bridge closure starting tonight major change in store for san francisco's skyline. i moved to new york to work in fashion.
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welcome back. water vapor showing two major players low to the south and cold front up to the north. that's putting the squeeze on high pressure and pushing it east and all those record high temperatures. sea breeze stubborn clouds, 10 to 20° cooler today with 60s until you get inland where we'll find some 70s. mid to upper 60s monterey bay pockets of sunshine inland mid to upper 70s. next three days will continue to get cooler even with more sunshine tomorrow clouds gather sunday head of wet
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weather monday. >> -- sunday head of wet weather monday. good at the bay bridge so far minor delays for cash paying folks does not look like metering lights8vát+e ytt been turned on. we'll follow that. starting to get sluggish out of the central valley westbound 580 up and other the altamont into dublin pleasanton, just under 25 minute commute. all mass transit on time today. new this morning, san francisco's planning commission has ok'd a plan that would change the city's skyline. panel gave final approval to build the transbay center tower over 1,000 foot skyscraper will be the tallest building on the west coast will stan 61 stories, built on the site of the former transbay terminal. new center is being built there and slated to open to the public in 2017. flying can sometimes be a
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rough experience for passengers. but it has never been safer. new recommendation out today from safety experts say it is hard to justify imposing costly new rules on the economically fragile industry because of its safety record it has been more than three years since the last deadly domestic crash longest period without a fatal accident since commercial aviation expanded after world war ii boy scouts of america coming under fire newly released perversion files that show a widespread cover-up. growing wildfire in lake county. new war planned against bedbugs. how
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good morning. firefighters in lake county counting on calmer overnight weather to help them gain ground on a 300 acre wildfire near the town of lower lake highway 29 closed. right out in fire is 20% contained. evacuation orders lifted for two communities last night after crews managed to stop the fire from advancing. calfire says higher humidity and calmer winds overnight helped them. doctors in england have an update on the condition of a 14-year-old pakistani girl who was shot in the head by members of the taliban. doctors say malala is able to stan with help and write but still shows signs of infection. -- the taliban targeted malala because she criticized their opposition to the education of girls and women. we are learning more about what is in the controversial
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files covering more than two decades of sexual abuse allegations if the boy scouts. two dozen incidents took place here in the bay area. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with details. >> reporter: i've been reading through the files involving bay area men this is one example, scout leader in richmond was convicted in 1963 of sexually abusing a 14-year-old buy when his probation ended in 1960 six, -- he signed up with the boy scouts and his file was started that year after a tip from a relative. there are 14,500 pages from 1965 to 1985, naming 1200. handwritten letters from parents and scouts, newspaper clippings, military discharge records in there. victim advocates outraged over the one thing not in there any police involvement. now the boy scout organization
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is apologizing. >> no question there are times in the past these go back 40, 50 years we did not do the job we should have. for that we are profoundly sorry. >> reporter: for the most part it is too late to prosecute any of the accused men because the statute of limitations has expired. it is possible in california to file suits uncertain circumstances. in addition to the alleged victim suing, dean johnson believes because a large number of the claims are unsubstantiated some of the accused men may try to sue the boy scouts for violation of privacy and defamation. katie marzullo, abc7 news. new this morning, san francisco may be one of the first cities in the nation to require landlords to provide monthly reports of bedbug cases. the new rules are part of legislation. landlords will be required to keep records dating back to the previous two years of any outbreak. would it require pest control
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companies to provide monthly reports of eradication efforts. the rules would apply to hotels. violators would face fines of up to $1,000 a day. those annoying robo calls that get your skin may be a thing of past. it is so much of an issue the ftc will give whomever comes up with the best solution to block the calls $50,000. ftc logged more than two million complaints last year. the commission oversees the do-not-call list which allows consumers is opt-out. although they get through somehow. [ unintelligible ] along the coast maybe mist the next couple of mornings the real dampness after the weekend a couple of chances of rain in the forecast. good morning. marine layer, clouds back
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keeping temperatures mild now it is a signal that the sea breeze is on the way. let's look at live doppler 7 hd, you will see that it is showing dry weather. picking up cloud cover the mist panging in the -- the mist hanging in the air so low to the ground half mile visibility as we look at conditions along the coast. current conditions, temperatures mainly in the low to mid 60s still upper 50s santa rosa and san jose monterey bay temperatures in the mid 60s inland. much cooler today up to 20°, cooling trend continues through the weekend, coolest weather will coincide with our chance of rain monday through wednesday. today cloud cover into the central valley that's how strong this sea breeze is. just cooler air going to come in a little later that and the fact that it is going to take
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sunshine and low sun angle, a lot of energy to get rid of the cloud cover and won't get rid of it around the bay and at the coast those areas will be nearly 20° cooler inland 10° cooler. mid to upper 70s south bay today, 76 san jose, 68 millbrae, low to mid 70s on the peninsula, low 60s coast, possibly upper 50s by the afternoon. mid 60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito low to mid 70s valley locations only low 60s beaches you can see 60s along the east bay shore where the clouds are. mid 70s to around 80 through the east bay valleys. check out how much cooler, 50s and 60s by monday through wednesday with chance of rain coolest will be sunday brightest and warmer saturday. big game tomorrow at cal, temperatures nearing 70°. a little foggy southbound
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no delays glistening on the deck no delays as far as traffic. limited visibility up and over the waldo grade, san mateo bridge getting crowded westbound and tonight 10:00 until 5 a.m. monday morning, closed for seismic retrofiting this weekend and next. make alternate plans, san mateo bridge will not be part of the program this weekend. you are looking at your waze app this is the bay bridge now. over the weekend this will help you navigate around the san mateo bridge closure for your alternates which would be to the south 237 dumbarton and bay bridge where the metering lights have just been turned on you can see one of our waze reporters showing traffic backed up behind the metering lights. :21. frightening encounter for a -- store clerk with a happy ending all caught on video. moms out there, you gotta
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listen to this. you will neat the mom who is raising a big stink, if you will, after she was tossed off a city bus because of her
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very disappointing honeymoon for a couple visiting san francisco. after a tour of alcatraz they went to get their car to find it was gone. first they thought they might have forgotten where they parked then they phone the evidence the just married decorations on the ground. >> when we looked at the glass and saw the newlywed just married painting on the glass broken out on the ground this is not a coincidence. we talked to the garage and went through and sure enough we found the guy who jacked our car. >> most of their belongings were in that car unfortunately. the couple say they don't hold
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grudges against the city. matthew says his facebook status still reads go giants. they are giants fans, stick together. frightening start but good outcome from the event you are about to see. check out this scene from a surveillance camera in portland, maine you see the woman come flying in. it is a smoke shop she is being chased by somebody up to no good. thankfully she got out of this unharmed. we don't know if the intruder was trying to rob the shop or had something more sinister in mine. parents you have to listen to this. seattle mom fighting back at the local transit agency after she was kicked off a city bus because of her son's sticky diaper. she was on the way to the doctor with her 1-year-old when the driver ordered the two off the bus. the driver says her son's smelly diaper was bettering other riders. nicole filed a complain with
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the agency. transit agency sided with the driver saying he was looking out for other passengers too. that is a tough, tough issue. >> yeah. tough call. still ahead, fall ott from growing scandal in the east bay. -- port of oakland officials under fire after submitting ing spence reports including a bill from a houston strip club. giants need to pull out three miracle wins, starting tonight if they want to keep world series hopes alive. >> reporter: major bridge closure that will affect bay area drive there's weekend. i'll tell you what you need to know, after the break. >> this is the bay bridge metering lights jut turned on now backing past the overcrossing. we'll be talking the bay bridge closure and your alternates when we come back after the break.
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it is friday october 19th. gorgeous start on the embarcadero you are looking a live picture of it from san francisco. although you will notice some of that marine layer is back bringing cooler temperatures. thanks for joining us, i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. cooler temperatures may lead to rain next week. definitely a change in the pattern today through the weekend into next week when it will be the coolest and possibly the wettest. good morning. other than mist around the coast where visibilities are lowest down to half a mile, mainly cloudy this morning and mild with low to mid 60s.
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around the bay, slow sunshine, the clouds will hang around, especially the heart of the bay and keep temperatures low to upper 60s by noon upper 60s to mid 70s by 4:00. low to mid 70s by 4:00. if you are at the coast don't expect much sun this where temperatures drop the post in san francisco 20° compareed to yesterday. -- compared to yesterday >> traffic is okay. new stall to report, thanks to mike san francisco north 101 vermont chp unclear on lane block i can see from the sensors it is not slowing stalled now. north 280 before edgewood motorcycle hit a deer in the left lanes they are still out in lanes chp trying to get to
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the scene. here's a look at drive times heading out now 680 through san ramon area, 101 and 80. big traffic story. drivers who normally use the san mateo will need another way to cross the bay this weekend. the bridge will close tonight. the same thing next weekend. kira klapper is live on the hayward side of the bridge with details. >> reporter: good morning. a little loud out here we are here on the san mateo bridge which as of 10:00 tonight will be closed to traffic in both directions. it won't reopen until monday morning at 5. it started two years ago when inspectors, during a regular inspection, noticed a crash in a wish bone-shaped girder beneath the bridge. at the time temporary fix was put if place.2jñ caltrans spokesman says it has hemmed well since then.
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>> -- it has held well since then. >> we went back and designed a new system for where the tressel meets the incline on the bridge. what we are butting this is 12 new sections and -- and new seismic joint that allows the bridge to move during the event of an earthquake. >> reporter: this project will cost three million dollars. it is going to be paid for by toll finds. drivers are advised to use dumbarton, bay bridge and highway 237 as alternates. traffic expected for the big game tomorrow so something to keep in mind as you avoid the san mateo bridge in weekend. also avoid it next weekend, the same slow sures will be in place from friday night until monday morning. kira klapper, abc7 news. don't forget to use the abc 7 waze traffic app to help
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guide you around the closure download it to your smartphone. >> san jose police officer under arrest accused of cheating on his time sheet. the santa clara county district attorney office, charged the officer after a nine month investigation. the 45-year-old officer is on paid administrative leave. right now, group of students and alumni from san jose state camped out on campus in support of proposed increase in the city's minimum wage. measure d would raise it to $10. right now the minimum wage is $8. measure d is on the november ballot. this morning the executive director of the port of oakland is on paid leave, result of ongoing investigation into allegations of improper expenditures. omar benjamin and other top officials under scrutiny lately
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the $4500 tab at a strip club in houston and $500 haircut are some of the expenditures being looked at. do-or-die time again for the giants as they look at zito to keep them alive in the series. last night in game four in st. louis, lincecum shakey, not dominate as he had been as a reliever. he allowed two runs in the first in the -- [ unintelligible ] lincecum is done. it gets worse in the 6th. pence hits a homer that for a while put us back in the game. cards win. game five played in st. louis tonightd;v 5:07 zito on the moud if we win game six comes back
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to at&t park sunday. happier story in sports 49ers beat seattle in a special edition of thursday fight football right here. 49ers and seahawks, only one tough down to show, smith to walker great block from davis crosses the goal line, 9ers lead 10-6. defense was awesome, seahawk quarterback blasted on this throw, picked off, down inside the red zone not cross the goal. 9ers get the win 13-6 with last night we aired the 49ers great win and gave away $49,000. >> you're the big winner of the $49,000 sweep stations. >> oh my god! >> she ended the give away
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hours before the deadline. nick smith presented pen buy in a big check. -- penny with a big check. i'm going to give some money to my children and my grandchildren. and my fence has fallen down in the backyard so it is going for that. i can just breathe. i can just breathe. >> penny added she wasn't going to answer the phone last night fearing it was one of those robo calls. but she did, lucky thing. she now has a $49,000 windfall not to mention she is an instant celebrity. traffic and weather together are next. ly look outside right now meteorologist mike nicco will have full forecast. change on the embarcadero, sue will have more about the
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san mateo bridge closure. >> why los angeles police are investigating a dozen unsolved murders that may be linked to charles manson and his followers. we'll be right back.
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check out this jet stream
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and rain to our north some could dip down to the northern sections of the state today helping influence that onshore breeze we are developing now the reason it is cloudy the reason we are going to drop 10 to 20° today. 60s in most areas a few 70s southern part of the bay more sunshine there north bay and east bay valleys temperatures continue to cool with more sunshine tomorrow, clouds on the increase sunday wet weather possible monday. good morning. we head out to westbound highway 4 new accident with motorcycle lane three westbound at bailey typically slow out of antioch as you approach the scene into pittsburg just under 25 minutes into the concord area. westbound 580 at vass bow accident in the median, new accident reported 580/680 junction under 30 minutes there stall 101 in the city at
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vermont. 6:third nine. los angeles police think an office in texas could hold dee to -- could hold key to unsolved murders by the manson family decades ago. manson and his followers were convicted of killing eight people in a plot to incite a race war in 1969. watson and his attorney recorded conversations which police believe may hold clues to their unsolved hurts. a judge in texas granted an injunction preventing lapd from search ago office where those tapes are kept. this is going to be a difficult day for the family of missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar, today is her 16th birthday. she disappeared on her way to school seven months ago. police charged 21-year-old antolin garcia-torres based on evidence in his car. family and friends continue
6:41 am
weekly searches to find the teen. 6:40. google shares are on the rebound after yesterday's steep drop after a big whoops. live to the new york stock exchange in this morning's bloomberg business report. growing list of bay area communities that could become
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welcome back. live doppler dry over the entire state a few showers may dip to eureka today 62 sun through the central valley low to upper 80s towards fresno. sierra 69 only 55 in tahoe by sunday similar drop from 82 today in yosemite to 64 sunday southern california we have morning clouds even drizzle around l.a., 78 today to 69 sunday. morning drizzle and low 70s in
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san diego. >> you've got to watch gma this morning. tom hanks said something that is ing worldwide and has the actor tweeting there -- there will be a seven second broadcast delay. he dropped quite the bomb edited somewhat for the west coast. good friday morning to all of threw in the bay area coming up our exclusive interview with the young pan known as victim number 1 in the jerry sandusky case. his allegations triggered the investigation that lead to sandusky's trial and conviction. now he's speaking out and breaking his silence to our chris cuomo. powerful stuff, next right here on "good morning america." >> that comes up in about 16 minutes. right now breaking news in lebanon. there are casualties from a massive car bomb explosion
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that blast ripped through beirut killing six and wounding 78. according to associated press reporter at the scene saw bloody people helped into ambulances as well as heavy damage to buildings motive not clear lebanon has seen rising tensions from the civil war in neighboring syria. new report says venture capital funding is not flowing freely in sill can valley. report shows funding for start-ups dropped 11% in the last quarter. six and a half billion dollars went to fund new companies overall investments smaller this year. biggest investments of the year worth 200 million dollars to mobile payment company. san mateo county could be the latest region to consider a ban on plastic bags. board is expected to introduce bag ban tuesday night it would
6:46 am
only apply to unincorporated areas of san mateo county shoppers at grocery stores would have to bring their own bags or pay 10 cents each for paper. san jose adopted similar ordinance earlier this year. president obama and mitt romney were all smiles when they shared the same stage last night in new york. candidates traditional join in the fun at the annual al smith memorial dinner the president took the opportunity not to tell a joke. >> the president: the unemployment rate at its lowest level since i took office. i don't have a joke, i just thought it would be useful to remind everybody. >> the republican challenger took his turn to make a funny. >> president obama and you are each lucky to have one person always in our corner someone whom we can lean on. i have my beautiful wife ann, he has bill clinton. [ laughing ] >> both returned to the
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campaign trail in florida and virginia today. reminder the third and final debate is set for next monday in florida. the focus on foreign policy starts 6 p.m. you can watch it live here on abc 7. if you are old enough you will remember the near hysteria on wall street 25 years ago today when stocks had their biggest one-day plunge in history. >> jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange with more on that and where google shares are going this morning. good morning. talk about panic, a little going on with google yesterday. they are gaining back a bit of ground today very rough yesterday shares down more than 8% after google reports disappointing early results early. today, analyst at bank of america says google is likely to have more difficult quarters next year. stocks overall lower today, both ge and mcdonald's talking
6:48 am
about slowing u.s. and global economy how it is going to hurt their bottom line. it is the 25th, anniversary of the 1987 black monday crash, trading here despite the anniversary, quiet. a lot of old-timers remembering that day saying they worked 24 hours on those days. everything was didn't by paper then no computers. you may be seeing a lot of toyota prius in traffic in california passed the civic and accord to become the best selling vehicle line this year in the golden state. according to the california new car dealers association of all prius' sold in the u.s. one in four was sold in california. do you like your boss? seems many americans don't. 2/3 in fact are so unhappy at their job they would rather have a new boss than a pay raise according to a study.
6:49 am
many say they feel uninspired and unappreciated. 15% are miserable or bored. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. right now the weather mike it feels balmy. temperatures mild because of the cloud cover in some areas as warm as it is going to get today, temperatures hold steady at the coast if not fall as sea breeze continues to strengthen. from mount tamalpais this morning you can see how fast the winds are blowing. a little mist hanging in the air at the coast visibility half mile at half moon bay otherwise radar returns are dry. 59 santa rosa and 58 san jose everybody else low to mid 60s mild around the monterey bay with mid 60s there even inland much cooler today the big story cooling trend continues
6:50 am
through the weekend chance of rain monday through wednesday coolest days. as -- record highs yesterday, 20° cooler today in san francisco, 85 yesterday to 65 today. the sea breeze, clouds, lack of sunshine for the better part of the morning hours. we'll still have clouds hanging around the bay into the afternoon. stubborn clouds along the coast, coast and san francisco going to be 20° cooler than yesterday. 76 in san jose where supposed to be for this time of year. millbrae 68. low 60s coast for highs could fall in the 50s in afternoon. mid 60s downtown san francisco and sausalito cloudy and low 60s at beaches mid 60s where clouds are thickest richmond, berkeley more sun southeast bay shore and low to mid 70s.
6:51 am
mid 70s to 80 inland mostly sunny cloudy monterey bay mid to upper 60s sunny inland mid to upper 70s. tonight 50s mostly cloudy if we have wet weather, drizzle, tomorrow afternoon cold front sweeps through, memorial stadium big game noon 65°, sunny 70 by the end of the game. temperatures will be cooler tomorrow even with extra sunshine because of cold front sweeping through during the morning. increasing clouds cooler sunday chance of measureable rain monday through wednesday highs in the 50s and 60s these throw days once get we more sunshine warming trend begins thursday. -- all lanes temporarily blocked westbound highway 4 at bail little dash -- -- at bailey damage done westbound 4 slow out of antioch towards pittsburg into concord. new accident first westbound
6:52 am
580 livermore big rig and cars off to the shoulder slow drive from the altamont pass westbound. northbound 17 in campbell accident at hamilton. wanted to show you the san mateo bridge starting to get bumper-to-bumper as you head towards foster city full closure tonight 10 until monday morning at 5. waze app showing 680 through the san ramon valley. that will help navigate you around and get your alternates. mike says sunny for tomorrow's big game between stanford and cal this is the first year the rivalry will be played out in mid season due to a pac-12 scheduling issue. tomorrow morning 9:30 big spwhrarb with water polo team. finally the big game kicks off at noon at cal's new memorial
6:53 am
stadium. five things to know before you go, including the looming shutdown of the san mateo bridge. >> the morning news returns in
6:54 am
here are five things to know before you go: number one, san francisco police looking for a man who fired gunshots at officers as he and another man tried to speed away there a traffic stop at eddy and laguna streets. their car slammed into a tax can i. one was arrested. number two, enough day -- tough day for family of sierra lamar it is her 16th birthday.
6:55 am
a morgan hill man is charged with killing her. number three, drivers on both sides of the bay have to deal with closure of san mateo bridge this weekend. the bridge between san mateo and hayward will shutdown from 10:00 tonight to 5 a.m. monday morning. >> number four, giants must win tonight and two more games to stay alive. they face cardinals tonight at 5:07: >> number five, meet the winner in our $49,000 facebook give away. penny crow liked us on facebook a few hours before the contest deadline. nick smith showed up on her doorstep and gave her that big check. she looks mindly amused.
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final check on forecast. live doppler is showing dry conditions even with cloud cover, maybe mist along the coast where visibility has been half a mile at times. flight arrival delays announced at sfo nearly 90 minutes call ahead or check flight tracker. coast today spotty drizzle, cloudy hovering around 60° afternoon sunshine around the bay mid 60s to mid 70s inland mostly sunny cool breeze will keep us around 70 north bay valleys to 80 in the east bay valleys. toll plaza bay bridge accident in the process of being cleared. you can see traffic bumper-to-bumper behind the tolls metering lights on jamming towards the macarthur maze. serious accident westbound highway 4 at bailey in the clearing stages chp has all lanes westbound blocked.
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traffic is bumper-to-bumper as you head towards that area at bailey. that is a rough ride this morning out of the central valley as well west 580 accident north 1st. what is your advice for people heading to the big game? >> i would say bart. >> that's it for this edition of the abc7 morning news. don't forget to>ñ?x?xpcs6
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