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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 22, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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out this, is how it's going to be until the sun sets. we do have tornado warnings in the nevada-placer areas until 5:00 p.m. just expired here locally. over an inch in santa rosa. san francisco picked up 36/100ths. oakland 4700. you can live more just under two-tenths of an inch. we have more rain in the forecast. and also, we'll talk about sierra and snowfall in just a few minutes. >> thank you very much. >> in wine country a frantic effort to get grapes off the vine before too much rainfalls. there is no time to waste. don sanchez is live in napa tonight. how has it affected the grape crops? >> there is good news, dan. that became a sense of urgency against this rain. there was a race against time
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and they won. race into the press. juice coming out of the other end. with a threat of the rain storm there is no time to follow giants playoff odyssey or clek college football scores. the race is on. picking going on nearly around the clock. >> this weekend is bringing in grapes as fast as we can. we're trying to get everything off because water can have a detrimental affect. >> on highway 29 they hauled in more than 200 tons. weather brought an urgency. >> crazy last 48 hours, i was sitting resting last night. rain started. >> quickly as they can bring grapes in, crush was underway. we had wonderful harvest.
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in the morning we're pressing and draining finished cabernet. afternoon, filling the tanks. >> losses have been at a minimum. the promise of world class wine coming from this vintage. but some grapes are still on the vine and could be at risk like zinfindel. >> these varieties are softer skinned so there is a danger of rot. >> i'll tell you grorz are very confident. it could be best crops in years. we may be enjoying it in a bottle in a year or two. >> take a look at conditions overnight on interstate 80. trucks rumbling through the first blizzard of the season.
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chains required well into afternoon for all vehicles headed into central sierra on i 80. first rain caused power lines to arc this morning in oakland causing a small fire at the top of the pole. they kept busy restoring electricity to 3100 customers. coming up later on in this newscast we're going to take a look at where the reservoirs in the south bay stand and how much rain we need to prevent a dire water situation. >> let's talk baseball now. giants are about to take on st. louis cardinals in the deciding game of the national league championship series. wayne freedman joins us is wet weather affecting fields?
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>> to a degree, if you look at the infield it appears to be driving as you scrape the dirt away it's wet. the field is built for that. otherwise have you two teams left out of 16 let's talk about game seven pressure. >> is it any different between lines? >> oh, yes. in game seven you know it can cost you not only whether you go to world series or whether you go home and watch world series on tv. >> greg elliott knows about game seven pressure, too. he's a guy with a mess on his hands this morning and a playable field this afternoon. it's softer than usual.
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>> hopefully this can prevent ground roll. >> does that help giants? or cardinals? >> it's equal from both teams. >> blue skies equaling high hopes. >> hopefully we'll throw another perfect game. >> any player will tell you a seventh game is special and rare. last time san francisco saw a seventh game, 1962. against yankees bottom of the 9th two on, two out. willy mccovey at bat. >> if you have a big game in game seven sprem a tendency to remember that for a while. you can be a star for a long time. legend? possibly. >> worth noting when giants did play that 1962 series, there had been serious rain
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before that serieses well. they got it in. i asked if it was better for giants he says a slow field benefits the giants. crowd filling in. it's a risky, brisk wind here but it is cry. hopefully, no rain. >> so giants fans hoping for another championship but what is it going to take on-to-beat them and move on? >> no question, vogelsong played the game of his life to get into game seven. everybody is excited. you can see fans filing in now. you can't ask for more.
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players acting like it's a regular season game. having fun. game seven just about underway. giants 5-0 couldn'ting more fitting they wouldn't world series past two years, giants home feel like advantage has to go to them. >> brait to be in this situation. to with home. you know? that is where the record came in handy. we stumbled here and have been playing better here. we're excited about being home. >> we knew it's going to be a tough series and we knew there are pitchers that are tough to stack up runs on. so... this is just kind of
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played into a game seven here knowing i'm going to have a tough day this is not going to make a lot of mistakes either. >> as you just heard same patch up that went to the cardinals. wayne freedman just mentioned last game ep seven was in 1962-year-old series. let's hope that changes tonight. >> we have to shift gears right now. teen driver admitted to killing a concord father and daughter was sentenced today. he was 17 and tried as a juvenile, he's now 18. abc 7 news is using his name. during a hearing today rosen received max sentence, seven
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years, eight months for killing the 9-year-old and her father. family members say they hope he understands severity of his actions.. >> jail is meant as rehabilitation. ske come out hoping this changes him. and he understands what damage he's caused to different families including ours and throughout the community he will be released in three years age 21. >> piedmont high school is ranked third in the state on student test scores but now reputation is tarnished because of a lurid controversy a sex games played by some students. and abc 7 news has details. this is the first day back since the principal sent parents a shocking letter. >> i was a little bit disarmed
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by the let dwlaer came home. >> this zibs recent discovery of quote a fantasy slut league in which our female students are drafted parts of the league. male students earn points for documented engagement in sexual activities with female students. >> hopefully this opened up on ver taigss for families in town. we should think about what our kids are doing. holding them responsible for behavior that snot appropriate. >> the school says there no indication begin was forced or any crime took place. they're continuing to investigate. and the principal says he's alerted police. >> we don't have i'd he tis yet w out that there is not much you can do. >> this is off campus
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behavior. >> mostly involving varsity aj wleets peer pressure and alcohol as factors. >> i think this is abusive to victim. it's like bullying. >> others say a point system is repulsive, teenager sex is a societial issue. >> always comes back to how do we use this to educate students? the school now plans educational assemblies. >> i think it's a first step to take a general approach to this. >> more still to come here at 5:00 tonight is a chance to register to vote in the presidential election. right after the break where the pro craft nateors can register before the clock strikes midnight. >> in 45 minutes you'll take a
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look at candidates going head to head here on abc 7. next the special guest the president invited to the debate. >> keeping tabs on reservoirs to see how much rain is needed to pull us out of a dire water situation.
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>> in less than an hour, mitt romney and president obama will face off in their final debate before the election. here is a live look. the debate crucial to both candidates. a poll shows race is now at a dead heat. romney's aides say this could be a tougher debate for him. recent polls show the
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president has the advantage on foreign poll sif. among those invited is scott van doozer the pizza shop owner who gave president obama a big bear hug during a stop in florida last month. tonight's debate set to begin at 6:00. you can watch live right here on abc 7. after the debate you can catch abc 7 beginning at 6:00 follow bid jeopardy, wheel of fortune and prime time what would do you at 10:00 then our late news at 11:00. >> still laughing about that bear hug. >> precious hours remain for those who want to vote. if you have not yet registered today is the deadline. people were streaming in to sign up. outreach workers will be at bart stations tonight. >> have nothing to complain about. >> we've had 15 people utilize
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our early voting counter already. we're open every day from now through election day. >> that includes the weekend. voters can register online until midnight. >> well we're getting a little bit of rain. it's going to take more than a day or a week of rain to make a difference for reservoirs in the south bay. >> keep this in mind this, is the driest year here in san jose since 1976. before this storm, san jose recorded just six and a half inches of rain for the year. this first rain had people bringing out umbrellas.
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>> this rain is unlikely to help as much as influencing our reservoirs. ground so dry from a dry summer. rain will be soak footd dry ground. >> lexington reservoir is one of 10 the district relies on to serve 1.8 million residents. altogether they're holding close to 66,000 acre feet of water just 39% of capacity. people think water supply to improve. it's welcoming there is a need for water. >> since water district relies on allocations in nondrought years district has been pushing conservation and customers are listening. >> there is a time to conserve
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during showers. and brurk our teeth and everything. >> the district says conservationists are hoping a series of storms will not only fill reservoirs but produce snow. >> about 55% of the water is from sierra nevada. 40% through the delta. it's crucial. >> so far rainfall in san jose is just 45% of average so. we have catching up to do. >> i saw wind blowing. >> sunshine and fair ams of rain. >> absolutely. peaks of sun. we got good rain this morning. still showers going on right now. don't switch your channel there.
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yes. it's hard to see resorts reporting several inches of snow. winter storm warning in effect. i'll show you another live picture now. we look towards san francisco, you see popcorn looking clouds? indication of instability. the sun is heating atmosphere. the sun broke out we'll see what is going on right now. we have sunny breaks and moisture to speak off. we have radar on mount st. helena. getting down street level. you'll see moderate rain here.
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heelsberg heading towards winsor. king bridge road getting rainfall now. light to moderate around monte rio, guerneville area. report of a funnel cloud and a tornado this afternoon. right now we still have a tornado warning going in that expires at 5:45. thunderstorm detected. a severe thunderstorm capable prof dusing a tornado. blanketed in snow now chain controls on 50 and four if you're traveling there be prepared for weather. numbers have been on the cool
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side. sunny pattern begins on thursday. here is a front that brought us heavy rain. behind this front we're going with scattered showers next two days. here is what is coming up. at 7:00 showers in the north bay. a band of showers moving throughout the heart of the bay area. then scattered showers for morning commute. could be sloppy for the area. half an inch to three quarters of an inch in the mountains. up to a quarter in santa cruz mountains and south bay. winter storm warning going until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow expecting one to five inches above 4,000 at higher
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elevations. tomorrow morning temperatures 40s and 50s. we'll see wet roadways east and south bay for the bay area, high temperatures breezy showers around. mainly in the 60s. you'll see sunny breaks. temperatures in the 60s, accu-weather forecast scattered showers wednesday drying out beginning thursday. milder friday, saturday. a slight chance of showers better possibility of rain monday. other computer model wants to keep it dry. >> thank you. >> still to come here high caffeine energy drink linked to several deaths. >> it's at the center of a federal investigation.
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a handful of paernts in dan saying county are threatening to sue their
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schools for teaching kids yoga. they're ause koousing the district of trying to indoctrinate their children into hinduism. the fda is investigating whether high caffeine monster energy drinks are connected to five deaths. the head of the fda says they're not yet proof the monster drinks caused those deaths. the investigation say week after a family filed a wrongful death suit. their 14-year-old daughter died after dwrimpking two monster drinks in 24 hours. >> a fund-raiser got underway for the family of a fallen patrol officer who was shot to death while making a traffic stop on interstate 680 last month. from now through wednesday, california pizza kitchen throughout california will donate 20% of the revenues to the cononyngstorm memorial
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fund. the money going to his family and a clenl fund to his
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join me tonight at 9:00, coming up then, first it was standard definition, then high definition, now, something new. a leader wants to opt out. then at 11:00 here on abc 7 the stage is set for tonight's final presidential debate. we'll have the trending tweets and the snap poll. that is why we're not on at 6:00. the debate will be on. join us tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. >> this little guy isn't working drk -- walking yet but there fan of the team. >> this dog wears his heart on the giants. >> meet this black cat adorned in giants gear. >> you can send us your photos or share them with us on our facebo


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