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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 25, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. and i'm eric thomas. a little rain overnight we also had the world series going on here in san francisco. let's find out what the weather is like this morning and will be tonight from mike. good morning. let's take a look at live doppler picking up mist and drizzle in the air for your morning commute keeping things a little wet. drizzle around john daly boulevard towards colma, 280 running through there maybe a little uptick in mist to drizzle sam around millbrae bray -- same around millbrae. stanford a little drizzle from milpitas down to fox worthy avenue into the southern
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sections of san jose where we are seeing better radar returns now. definite drying trend north bay and heart of the bay, through 8:00, 9:00, we are going to have mist and drizzle hang around and keep the streets slick this is how light it has been. hasn't been much out there as we head into the afternoon, increasing sunshine, warmth, low to mid 60s coast, mid 60s to around 70° for bay and inland. more warmth on the way. first traffic. good morning. if your drive takes you on the east shore freeway past berkeley into the macarthur maze getting busier sluggish no ma -- no major problems. eastbound 552 lovers lane big rig blocking one lane getting both. new stall southbound 880 before alameda.
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i wanted to show you the waze app, if you are lucky enough to be going to at&t park tonight grey way to navigate you might want to download this it is free on your smartphone. 6:02. in san francisco police still searching for at least one man who opened fire on an officer in the mission district. terry mcsweeney joins us live with the investigation now underway. >> reporter: mission police station hoping to get new information on this, it could be the police are still putting this together. complicated situation. take a look at pictures we have that case of the matter a couple -- that case of the matter, you see a couple people in handcuffs please are telling us 1:30 this morning, possibly three people nay moving vehicle shot at a police officer, the -- in a -- it was
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happening in close quarters. the vehicle took off, officer followed in a car. not saying it was a marked car might have been an undercover officer we don't know, he called for back-up one suspect taken into custody officers search for other suspects police say all of this preliminary trying to piece it together exactly how many people were in that car. we did see a vehicle being towed from the scene near 23rd and bryant which had been shot up. a lot of questions we are hoping to get answers from the police department. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. developing news on another shooting san jose a woman has been hospitalized following a shooting at a strip mall before 3:00 in front of an office max store. at the plant shopping center. investigators arrested two
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other women believed to be responsible for the crime, the shooting victim suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. police say a store window was shot out during the confrontation. switching gears to happier news. today pitcher bumgarner will try to regain his mid season form after historic game one victory in the world series last night. you are looking live to at&t park lights with 11 hours to go before first pitch. inside the crew still cleaning up from last night's magical game, sandoval had the ballpark buzzing, hits three homeruns. sandoval joined babe ruth, reggie jackson and albert pujols as the only players to hit three homeruns in a world series game. zito gave up one run to get
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his first career world series win and lincecum out of the bullpen, struck out five tigers. giants won 8-3. >> when he hit his third we were going nuts in there. i mean, you know we didn't know at that point if it had been done. we are like oh my gosh. >> it means a lot because it was part of the world series i -- >> where is it now? >> the guy from coppers town take it. [ laughing ] >> bumgarner face -- police are warning fans not to buy tickets from scalpers around the park before the game some fans are sorry they did one man forked over $400 for two tickets that
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turned out to be fakes. >> be careful when you come in here to go to the game, spend a lot of money out-of-pocket. >> some fans who didn't have a ticket started waiting in line early yesterday morning to get a free glimpse of the game for a few innings through the knot hole chain link fence under the right field stands. many driving to the game are getting sticker shock, some parking lots have doubled even tripled their prices for the world series some garages are charging between $90 and $140. >> here's "the lineup." . game two, tonight at&t park first pitch 5:07 game three detroit saturday 5:07 pacific time game four sunday on the road starting at 5:15. >> four or five bucks mass transit or $140 to park.
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traffic and weather together next. live look towards the embarcadero ferry building and bay bridge, mike will have full forecast. also american airlines tries to move past recent troubles the reason the airline says it needs to hire thousands of new employees.
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welcome back. radar returns going to spill over towards 17 as you head towards los gatos around blossom hill road, up into san jose almaden expressway where we are seeing light rain now alum rock getting a little
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wet now this is where our bet radar returns are they are blue that means barely drizzle probably not even light rain. the next three days, warming trend, 70s away from the coast. couple of problem spots south bay outside of gilroy eastbound 152 at lovers lane overturned big rig leaking fuel only one lane getting by eastbound and westbound now. southbound 880 before alameda stall left lane nice alternates if you are headed into san francisco for the giants game. bart, extra longer trains, muni extra buses and caltrain, also ferries vallejo and golden gate. 6:10. foreclosures are falling in san francisco and across the country. realty track reports foreclosures fell by 2/3 in the largest cities during the
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third quarter of the year. the numbers show most of the nation's housing markets are past the worst of the crisis. stockton still claims the nation's highest rate even there foreclosures are down 21%. despite reason labor troubles american airlines says it needs to hire thousands of new pilots for a planned expansion of international flights to countries like ireland, purview rue, south korea and germany, dark peru, south korea and germany. american is currently in bankruptcy protection. the cap wants to grow on its own rather than merge with another airline. facebook stock restrictions lifting today. booster seat safety is now easier. caffeine volt, -- caffeine
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check out san jose, drier than a few minutes ago radar returns becoming less and less in the south bay where been the best on live doppler throughout the morning hours. just enough to keep the streets slick for the morning commute. we'll talk about a warming trend in a minute. first more news. 6:14. bay area is about to get new millionaires. restrictions lifting today for facebook employees who own company stock. the employees share will be converted into stock today and can be sold starting monday
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facebook workers own nearly 20 -- 225 million shares they may want to wait to sell stock prices still way below publish offering. high marks this morning for more than a dozen booster seats that took top honorers from nhtsa 15 earned the top rating that represents highest number of top rated boosters since 2008 when the group began rating. two seats not recommended because of questions over whether the seat belts fit, the safety first all in one and safety first alpha omega elite were poorly rated in 2009. health concerns about energy drinks heightened with reports of five deaths, possibly linked to monster energy ding. michael finney has what you -- what you need to know.
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>> reporter: good morning. it can be hard to tell how much caffeine an energy drink can contains. consumer says just conducted lab tests on dozens of top selling beverages. energy drinks from tim tebow to 50 cent and joan rivers are advertising them. with their facebook pages and internet video campaigns, manufacturers specifically target young people. the consumer report says, you have to be careful how much caffeine you drink. >> it can quicken your pulse, cause abnormal heart rhythms, keep from you sleeping well and elevate blood pressure. >> reporter: lifts the amount of caffeine on the package
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they are -- not required to. consumer reports found the numbers can be way off. >> some of the energy drinks unestimated the amount of caffeine on the label by 20% or more everyone. >> reporter: how much caffeine do energy drinks contain? in the tests it varied. frs healthy energy averaged 17 milligrams per container. red bull and sk street king energy around 80. five hour energy, 215 milligrams. five hour energy extra strength, 242. most healthy adults can consume up to 400 milligrams of calf find a day. >> for many people occasional energy drink is probably okay. >> reporter: or you can drink regular coffee eight ounce cup, 100 milligrams of caffeine. groups have urged the fda to require companies to disclose caffeine levels the agency
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says it lacks the authority to do so. many energy drinks carry warnings they are not for children, women who are pregnant or nursing or people sensitive to caffeine. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. right now live across the country to tampa, florida where you see president obama makinging appearance at a campaign rally there. we've learned this morning that former republican secretary of state colin powell is endorsing the reelection of the president. he also endorsed mr. obama in 2008 and says he's still a republican, he's not switching parties. one more note, latest polls show that mr. romney has wiped out the president's lead among likely women voters mr. obama has picked up strength tying among male voters where he a lead going into this. both covering a lot of
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ground over these next few days. the race is very tight. 6:19 mike with the forecast. looks like it is going to be a little drier today. the embarcadero is a little wet from our roof cam towards the bay bridge towards oakland still a little orange hue around downtown san francisco, some of the buildings now more than yesterday have original, cool. color of the radar returns blue, lowest level which means mist and drizzle. over the last three hours radar returns most prevalent in the south bay you can see how sporadic they are at one point calm, the next thing you may need the wipers. wider picture best radar returns are handling around the south bay from the dumbarton down to gilroy over the last three hours entire
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picture up in the north bay showing a little drying trend. another way to see the drying trend visibilities improved tremendously everywhere except napa where a little fog is going to form this morning and better chance this time tomorrow morning. low to upper 50s now also around the monterey bay afternoon hours high clouds and sun, warmer weather, less clouds, cooler more likely to see fog the weekend still looking warmest. today under the sunshine and clouds, mid 60s to about 70°. monterey bay temperatures in the mid 60s monterey everybody else around the bay and inland upper 60s to low 70s closer to average. game two tonight, drier than last night not as much humidity in the air that means cooler by the end of the game start off at 62, 5:07, drop to 55. most of us in the 40s tonight one of the colder nights if it
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is cold in your house this morning you may want to turn the heater on tonight before you go to bed. you won't need it long check out warm temperatures low to mid 60s across the board for the coast, mid to upper 70s bay and inland pushed off the chance of rain until wednesday of next week. if you want to wash the car this weekend it will stay cleaner a little longer. live shot of the bay bridge toll, camera has moisture, metering lights on traffic backing to the overcrossing. san jose south 80 before alameda stall blocking left lane. southbound 87 at capital expressway another stall blocking traffic. waze app is great way to navigate around jams, wet weather, here's at&t park if you are fortunate enough to have a ticket you see it has the little navigate button it will tell you how long and how
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far this is free, if you drive to at&t park bring a small fortune for parking. >> a large fortune even $140. still ahead, threatening tweets, the secret service asks for your help to stop violence against the presidential candidates. new photo showing hollywood's hottest newlyweds.
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welcome back.
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best chance of drizzle suit bay next two to three hours a little winter developing if the upper midwest, a little summer through the south storms through the midwest, minneapolis, st. paul, chicago kansas city expect delays now only baltimore has flight arrival delays sfo on time now along with oakland and san jose. flight tracker, >> 6:25. the secret service is asking the public to report threatening tweets about the presidential candidates. the agency sent its own tweet yesterday, to report a tweet that concerns you call the nearest field office in your state. this comes after monday's third and final presidential debate which prompted 6.5 million treats, a few included death threats against president obama and mitt romney. we have the first official photograph of newlyweds justin
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timberlake and jessica biel from the cover of the new edition of people magazine which hits stands tomorrow they tied the knot in italy last week in a statement the couple called the ceremony beautiful and say it was so special to be surrounded by family and friends. >> how did he stay up there for the whole wedding ceremony? a miracle. still ahead, continuing to follow the developing news from san francisco, three men opened fire at a police officer overnight. the all-out search effort underway this morning. bay area teacher arrested after police find a car full of pot and money. investigators want to know did he sell to students? >> reporter: it was pandemonium here last night giants win first game of the world series all the fun, all the excitement, coming up. good morning. live shot of the bay bridge
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toll, raining you can see the wetness on the camera, metering lights on, traffic backed past the overcrossing. we have a series accident in the gilroy area highway 152 overturned big rick
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good morning thursday october 25th, thank you for starting your day with us, you are looking live from our roof cam at the embarcadero, a lit wet out there from earlier drizzle, but dry for the game that is the good news. -- i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. also good news panda hits three hopers last night. >> must be the noodles.
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>> oh yeah. >> you haven't seen the movie kung fu panda, noodles. >> yes, jack black. >> tough crowd they are all laughing at my incapabilities of creating humor. looking at radar you can see very light, light blue means just drizzle, little mist falling near stanford now also as you look around sunnyvale from about south mary up to the central expressway where we are seeing better radar returns, definitely drying trend i think by 8:00, 9:00 we are out of this drizzle and look forward to increasing sunshine and warmth everywhere from the coast mid 60s to the bay and inland warmer today from the mid 60s up to around 70°. even more warmth in the weekend forecast, that in a minute. back to the san jose area
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outside gilroy towards hollister eastbound 152 lovers lane flipped over big rig leaking fuel, one lane each direction getting by, chp waiting for caltrans have to shut it down there will be a detour in place that has not yet happened. san jose south 880 before alameda stalled blocking left lane south 87 capital destroy off-ramp blocked by stall. new accident 780 west ramp to westbound 80 blocking lanes. westbound 580 another accident this is a stall blocking lane of traffic at eden canyon. developing news from san francisco police are still looking for one possibly two people who shot at a police officer. police say an officer was shot at from a moving car in the mission district after 1:30 this morning. the officer was not hit. officers managed to detain two
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people at 23rd and bryant. officers set up a perimeter to search for others. the intersection was briefly closed for the search but has been reopened. switching gears, 6:32. giants fans will be buzzing this evening as orange and black try to take a two game lead over the tigers. giants beat tigers, amy hollyfield is live outside with more. >> reporter: look what the chronicle's first page is calling it. it was definitely panda's night, pablo sandoval he hit three homeruns in front of 42,855 people herejftat at&t park. giants fans going crazy as
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their team went on to an unlikely victory predictions were that detroit would win this one, but it wasn't even close fans in black and orange said it was dream come true to see their giants win 8-3. >> pablo, three homeruns, amazing. >> awesome just to be here, great experience. i'm speechless. >> giants are on fire right now. looking good. >> reporter: security was evident and everywhere for this game. out on the water, in the stands, even checking out trucks before they got to the ballpark, all trucks had to be scanned by an x-ray machine before they deposited off souvenirs and hot dogs they had to be -- they had to be scanned and checked out no major incidents reported, just fun and loud fans who say they will never forget this night but hope the giants will do it again today. amy hollyfield, abc7 news.
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abc7 wants to see your giants fans photos this is baby madison from morgan hill sporting her first giants t-shirt. no doubt who these ladies were rooting for. you can send us your fan photos to ureport kgt >> -- go to like us and click the giants logo at the top of the page that if going to take to you a second page, you can choose to share any of the fine badges to show your support on your facebook wall. here's the lineup for the next three games: game two tonight first pitch 5:07. game three in detroit saturday
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5:07 our time. game four sunday on the road that game stars at 5:15. 6:35 now. police in hercules will try to determine whether a middle school math teacher was selling marijuana to students after he was busted on campus. 66-year-old allen good millennium -- allen goodman was pulled out of class after officers found a pound of pot in his car left running in the school's parking lot. he was a math and computer skills teacher at hercules middle school which shares campus with high school. police searched his walnut creek home and found more cash along with equipment used to grow marijuana. occupy oakland protesters plan to march on the police department and frank ogawa plaza today to observe an anniversary one year ago today police tore down their encampment in the plaza prompting violent clashes between officers and demonstrators.
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100 people were arrested. today occupiers say they will dress in all black and take over the plaza at noon and a march tonight at 7:00. >> criminal acts are not protected under the first amendment. our goal is to have a peaceful, successful event that is safe for everyone. >> what has happened in the past, obviously we all regret. but we are now moving forward. >> city leaders say frank ogawa plaza is the centerpiece of the city's downtown revitalization. the mayor says she is moving forward with plans for 30 new businesses. southern california jail escapee and his wife officially charged by bay area authorities in the murder of a hercules woman. contra costa county prosecutors filed murder charges against 24-year-old darnell washington on his -- -- and his wife the couple was caught near the airport in ko's stolen suv.
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traffic and weather together, next. here's a live look outside where it is damp but not for long, mike will have your full forecast. [ inaudible ]
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a little wet in downtown san francisco. you can see not much out there now, live doppler 7 hd picking up most drizzle in the south bay where it has been for the better part of the morning. doppler zoomed in around sarasota -- saratoga and los gatos around 17, prospect avenue this area is where we are seeing lighter rain cross
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85, blossom hill road down to morgan hill, we are going to have temperatures today in the mid 60s to 70, warmer friday, saturday, sunday. if you want drizzle, i found drizzle golden gate bridge you can see on our camera, it is wet here southbound actually both decks on the bridge you need wipers over the waldo grade through the tunnel light coming into san francisco, no problems here. westbound 780 ramp to westbound 80 new accident just reported there. west 580 at eden canyon stall blocking left lane southbound 880 motorcycle accident at a street in hayward. 6:40. former republican secretary of state colin powell announcing this morning he is endorsing the reelection of president obama. president obama resumed his campaign marathon in florida this morning. he got off air force one a few
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moments ago. powell endorsed mr. obama in 2008, he says he's still a republican powell praised president obama's economic performance and thinks mitt romney has been too vague on a host of issues. new poll shows mitt romney leading president obama in the race. romney is moving his campaign from iowa to ohio today with 12 days to go before the election new poll shows him with a 47-45% edge over the president among likely voters nationally. it shows romney haser raced mr. obama's 16 -- in the battleground states with electoral votes still up for grabs, romney still appears to trail. 6:41. still ahead, need cpr? whether you get it may depend on where you live, we'll explain. shifting support for governor brown's tax hike
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initiative less than two weeks before election day. new
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welcome back. doppler in the south bay still picking up light radar returns drizzle around santa clara down to the almaden expressway heading farther south around morgan hill that's the only game in town quieter weather taking over the state. sunshine break out and a little melting around tahoe, 45° today still a lot of snow for the one-day skiing available. mid 60s chico, 70 fresno, mid to upper 70s san diego to mid 80s l.a. and palm springs.
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safe travels. just about 6:45. let's check in with josh for what is coming up. great to be with you everybody in the bay area on kgo we have a lot of news, including a story i know that you have been covering there in the bay area, latest shocking turn from the jessica ridgway case the 10-year-old colorado girl, teenaged student, why did he turn himself in? tough story we'll have answers this morning. also, as you well know football season is upon us, millions of kids taking the field. there is one town in new england they are talking about banning the sport, banning it for forever, a story sparking national debate. certainly there will be traction we'll have the latest there. if you know anybody in florida
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they could breathe easier a monkey who has been on the loose for years, has finally been ed. there he or she is. -- it is gender nonspecific elaborate sting operation brought he or she back. we'll have the latest there. also, we are delighted to have the one and only oprah winfrey here. there she is our special guest this morning, taking over times square lots of surprises in store. stick around to the end of the program with her, perhaps you are seeing it on twitter, social media now, robin is calling in, the first time we've heard from rob been for sometime. conversation not to be missed. i want to say, dodger fan has if give it up giants got it done last night in game one,
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sandoval, when he did it for the third time i knew it was over. i want you to know all the yankees fans around here their appetites are whetted they are coming for your third sacker. this is what they are saying now. >> we believe it, i'm going to put some garlic fries up as my bet to you for that. >> eric why do you do that, so delicious i can taste them with sourdough bread too, please. >> they are on the way. new this morning, new poll shows falling support for governor brown's tax hike initiative less than two weeks until election day. the new poll shows 48% of likely voters support prop 30,
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44% are opposed. this is the first time since the measure has dipped below 50% in a statewide poll. governor brown is pushing voters to pass prop 30 to avoid billions in cuts to schools and other state programs. people who suffer from cardiac arrest have a better chance of getting cpr in richer mostly white neighborhoods than in poorer areas according to a new study in the new england journal of medicine. researchers looked at data across the country and found differing rates of cpr depending on when the patients fell ill and where. they say one of the causes for why some are reluctant is the perceived crime rate in some neighborhoods which keeps them from going outside to render aid. bay area companies apple and zynga are once again focus of wall street this morning. >> several california cities are likely to slip into recession again. jane king live at the new york stock exchange with more.
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good morning. bloomberg crunched numbers and -- [ unintelligible ]
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[ unintelligible ] [ unintelligible ] tell
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mike joining us with a look at the forecast what we all need to know at 5:07 tonight. >> it is going to be a lot of fun. world series game two, dry, not like what we are seeing here on our camera, drizzle falling and mist hanging around the golden gate bridge looking at cars coming in from marin into san francisco. waves of blue that is light rain mainly mist is what you are seeing in the blue. it has been a south bay event we had some in the north bay hasn't been as heavy. going to be damp through 8:00, temperatures holding where they are in the low to upper 50s not only here but also around the monterey bay in the afternoon, high pressure takes
6:52 am
over, dry air, high clouds and sun warming trend begins today with dry air that means less clouds tonight cooler all that moisture is going to create more fog for tomorrow's commute drier but visibility may be an issue tomorrow morning. weekend warmest in the afternoon hours. mid 60s to about 70 from the coast to our inland valleys today slightly warmer around morgan hill and gilroy, 72 and 71. full forecast for the game tonight 5:07 first pitch, 62°, want to dress warmly, 55° about 8:15. speaking of -- all of news the 40s tonight 30s cloverdale and isolated areas in the north bay valleys. area of low pressure spinning to our north dominating weather for better part of
6:53 am
this week starting to have less influence warm front creating drizzle and mist this morning as warm air rushes in over cold air mass also going to be drier sunny and warm near the weekend. how much warmer? mid 60s coast upper 70s bay and inland. monday, tuesday look dry. wednesday is halloween where the chance of rain comes back into the forecast. flurry of activity right now, vallejo, accident with big rig and pick-up truck westbound 37 at mare island off to the shoulder, slow there, west 580 pardon me west 780 ram t to 80 still accident blocking lane west 580 eden canyon stall slow out of livermore typically slow over the altamont. south 880 a street motorcycle stall blocking right lane. slow out of concord.
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ahead, five things to know before you go, including the momentum for the giants heading into game two of the world series tonight. then abc7 morning
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here are five things to know before you go. number one, police still searching for more suspects believe to have been involved in early morning shooting. officer shot by a carpool of -- by a car in the america district. >> number two, giants will try to keep streak alive and take a 2-0 lead in the world series over the tigers. last night sandoval ripped three homeruns in the 8-3 victory bumgarner takes the mound tonight. >> number three, oakland occupiers will be out in full force to mark the anniversary of violent clashes with police. a year ago today officers tore
6:56 am
down their encampment which lead to 100 arrests. >> number four, instant millionaires, restrictions lifted today for facebook employees who own cap stock they will be able to sell starting monday. workers own nearly 225 million shares worth five billion dollars. >> number five, high marks for booster seats, nhtsa awarded picks to 15 out of the 17 seats that were unveiled in 2012. the first time that many booster seats have earned the ranking since the institute began evaluating them. final check on weather. 101 -- i'm sorry, looks like we are going to have a clearing sky, temperatures drop into the mid 50s, dress warmly. one last radar return from the south bay 280 and 101 come together near alum rock where
6:57 am
we are having our best drizzle now. bay bridge toll, drizzle here with wetness on the camera, metering lights on traffic backed to west grand overcrossing west 37 big rig pick up off to the right shoulder at mare island a grind out there take it easy. thank you for joining us for this edition of the abc7 morning news. next newscast at 11, see you then. take care, stay dry.
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