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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 26, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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weather. >> 6:00 live doppler 7-hd. it looks a lot different. dry air outside right now. hardly a cloud to be found. a little fog forming around fairfield. we're keeping an eye on on it. day planner today we're going to be in upper 40s to mid-50s through 7:00. we'll hit mid 60s by the noon and top out upper 60s to low 70s. heading inland temperatures are starting up in the 40s east bay valleys but more 50s. then we'll be in the low to mid 60s then low to mid 70s. warm sunshine. it will be cool in the evening hours falling back in the 50s and last stop out at the coast with brisk started to the day. 47-51 degrees under clear skies. jump up to the near 60-degree range. low to mid-60s and calmer conditions at 4:00.
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cool during the evening hours. mid to upper 50s. let's talk about traffic. is it much better than yesterday. >> it is better than yesterday. knock on wood. we got a nice drive in san jose, highway 87 in northbound direction. you are moving at the limit. no problems. check in with bart and muni all mass transit on time this morning. great way to get around. critical mass if you are coming in or leaving san francisco around 6:00, expect delays around justin hermann plaza and embarcadero. heeding out now some of the busier airs, altamont pass, 580, highway 4 westbound and 80 your east shore commute into macarthur maze. east bay community has more grief to deal with this morning. a body washed ashore at a beach
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has been identified as a student. >> reporter: albany high school issued a brief statement they are receiving this news with great sadness about the passing of 16-year-old kathy chu. she was an honor student. her body washed ashore on the beach on sunday. take a look at the picture of the girl we are talking about. exact cause of her death has not been determined. they are waiting results of toxicology exam. she has id'd through dental records. she was listed as a runaway. they talked about the death of a fellow student, a friend. >> i mean, most of my friends are in tears right now. they don't know, they are just shocked. they can't believe she is gone already. i mean, she was a big impact for most of my friends here. it's kind of disappointing to
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see her go. >> reporter: you talked about the other tragedy, this is the second one to hit the community in the past month. a middle school teacher was arrested september 26th on suspicion of committing lewd acts with female former students under the age of 14 a few days after he was arrested he took his life. kathy khu disappeared at day after he was arrested. we may know more about the cause of death for kathy chu when toxicology results coming in. >> kristen: game three is loaded and they will be boarding the plane for detroit two wins away from winning another world series. madison bumgarner continue the giants streak of spectacular pitching hurling seven shutout innings and allowing two hits. the game was scoreless until the seventh. he lays down a perfect bunt. what is going on?
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loading the basess and double play hunter pence giving the 1-0 lead. giants tacked on another run in the eighth when romo pitched a perfect night. they beat the tigers 2-0 and they are enjoying the breaks but not taking anything for granted. >> it seems like it is going good. things are going our way. but when things are going good, it can get bad. we need to keep fighting and go out there and play hard. like i say, the momentum can change real quick. >> brian vogelsong faces sanchez next game. first pitch is at 5:07 at our time. game five will be monday in detroit if necessary. >> bug selig says he is trying
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to determine whether the oakland a's will be able to move forward to build a new ballpark in san jose. he is closely monitoring the situation whether the giants have territorial rights to san jose. he says the matter is still on the front burner. he meets regularly with a special committee that was created three and a half years ago to evaluate the issue. the giants claim they have rights over san jose because their minor league team. they made an agreement with major league baseball before at&t park was built. a's say they have right to move there. >> kristen: let's turn again to sandy as mike mentioned this morning. east coast is bracing for a storm of epic proportions. it's expected to slam the east coast sometime early next week. it will coincide with a full moon and unusually high tide. they are calling it a franken storm. let's have a look at sandy. it is large.
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coming up at 6:30. katie marzullo will show the preparations now underway up and down the east coast. >> traffic and weather together next on abc morning news. here is a live look for us. you can see the embarcadero and bay bridge, mike nicco will have your full accu-weather forecast. he'll check in with sue hall with traffic. >> and ahead, invasion of privacy? the new feature allowing potential home buyers to see if your neighbors are in foreclosure.
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fog is thick around fairfield but the rest of us is doing okay as we step out with temperatures in the 40s to low 50s. sunshine will have it all day and temperatures will hit the 50s by noon. stay in the 50s around the coast and low to mid-70s in the bay. it's going to be chilly evening and definitely want to have a coat. slightly cooler on monday. we go to a live shot bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights, not quite on yet. we have a bit of delay for cash paying folks but everybody else breezing on through. to the san mateo bridge, getting more crowded in that westbound direction as you head towards foster city and san mateo and taillights toward the high-rise,
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eastbound looking good toward the hayward area. san jose, before fremont avenue first reports of an accident car slamming into center divide there. good news in the watsonville area, an earlier injury accident with overturn car has been cleared and traffic is getting fine now. >> eric: new this morning, real estate website zilla is allowing users to find out which homes are headed into foreclosure. this they launched it yesterday wluig users to find out their neighbors have defaulted and whether a house has been taken by by a lender. previously they could find out how much homes are worth. critics call it it could embarrass the homeowners but they are saying trance parents. >> apple is taking pre-orders of the mini. one version is sold out.
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initial supplies of the white model, you can still order one but it won't be available for two weeks. it will hit stores next friday. ipad mini starts at $329. meanwhile, microsoft ipad rival goes on sale today. and only play to get one is microsoft stores. you can also order od one on line but it probably won't ship out for two weeks. surface runs a new operating system and it starts at $499. >> eric: get a lotto of this one. bizarre plot involving cannibal investigators say he was targeting people. >> and romney campaign is taking back after responding to colin powell's to
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all right, here is a look at live doppler 7hd. notice the lack of radar returns and lack of clouds. it's dry out for the morning chute. you will probably need a heavier coat because temperatures are back in the 40s and 50s. warmer weather on the way and latest on sandy and our rain next wednesday in the forecast. >> eric: just about 6:15. a nanny remains in a critical in a hospital. police say see stabbed two children she was watching before she stabbed herself. the children's mother made the discovery in an apartment in manhattan. two kids were in a bathtub and nanny laid wounded nearby.
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they pronounced the children dead at the hospital. they have announced a possible motive. >> kristen: also from new york city a police officer remains in custody after being arrested in the most bizarre cannibalism plot. he worked out of a harlem police station before they took him into custody yesterday. he planned to torture, kill, cook and then eat body parts of least hundred women. he did not succeed in hurting anybody. it's believed that he had pictures of each one of his potential victims. a top story from romney campaign is backtracking comments about former secretary of state colin powell. in an interview, john sununu implied that powell is only endorse can obama for reelection because he is black. >> and frankly, when you take a look at colin powell, you have
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to wonder is endorsement based on issues or whether he has got a slightly different reason for president obama. >> what reason would that be? >> i think when you have somebody of your own race that you are proud of being president of the united states, i applaud colin for standing with him. >> he later released a statement quote, colin powell is a friend and i respect the endorsement decision he made, i do not doubt it was based on anything but his support of the president's policies. >> kristen: happening later this morning, funeral services are planned for former presidential candidate george mcgovern. hundreds of people paid their respects for the former senator known for being staunchly liberal. joe biden remembered his colleague. mcgovern passed away on sunday. he was 90 years old. >> mike is tracking our weather as well as sandy on the east
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coast. >> heading to the east coast. it is not doing much but raining on florida but it is causing a rib currents. it could be a mega storm. first, what is going on here and wrap up sandy. we're looking down from vollmer peak bay bridge back to san francisco. live doppler 7-hd. it's not going to find much the next couple of days. it's not going to find any rain possibly halloween unfortunately but best chance will be up in the north bay. here is what is going on with sandy. some of the outer storms trying to push across interstate 95 south of daytona beach. all the way down to fort lauderdale in miami. stronger bands are out to the east. it's going to hook up with the cold front but that but not
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until the northeast. until then it's going to skirt across the coast. weaker side is the west side. we'll have rib currents and then you can see it will make that turn sunday night and start making a beeline for philadelphia and new york and d.c. when it hooks up with the cold front and pit bullly becomes a super storm just like we had a perfect storm back in 1991. that one was over the ocean. >> temperatures back here at home. we have 40s and 50s. we have microclimates going on. gilroy, 42 degrees and i wouldn't be surprised north bay valleys in 40s. friday afternoon, sunny and warmer today. warmest days is the weekend. temperatures starting down in the south bay, 73 in santa clara millbrae, about 68.
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mid-50s along the coast. upper 60s to downtown and sausalito. slightly cooler in north bay beaches. ten degrees lower in north bay valleys. just mainly mid-70s along the east bay valleys. as you head down into the southern sections of valley, 70s there and mid 70s around monterey bay. few 40s but more 50s as i think this morning was the coldest this morning we're going to have a for a while. check out the temperatures at the coast. mid to upper 50s. mid-70s and 80 and slightly cooler monday. then the chance of rain wednesday and thursday will also be the coolest afternoon. happy friday everyone if your commute takes you on the east shore freeway and on through berkeley and emeryville. a little more crowded. it is moving and we have no accidents to hamper your commute
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and bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on and starting to bunch up on before the west grand overcost kros go. before fremont avenue a car hit the center divide. minor slowing there. reverse commute direction tiburon boulevard a stall blocking lane number three. >> kristen: what is trending on twitter in the bay area. an all week long been the same, all giants all the time. is giants world series in game two. a reminder follow us on twitter. >> eric: today on katie. she sits down with taylor swift. here a preview. >> have you ever written a song that was so mean you couldn't release it? like you know when you are angry you write a letter and you put it in the drawer. have you done it on the song?
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>> no, i put it on an album. [ laughter ] >> eric: more with taylor swift on katie right here. >> and get this $10 million. new game show about to debut and mission they will have complete to take home for the top prize. >> jimmy kimmel featuring first lady michelle obama.
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welcome back, 6:24. check out the warmer weather, 50s at the coast. low to mid-70s for the rest of us. if you are traveling to the east it is significantly cooler from 47 in salt lake city and 38 in denver and 38 in st. louis. all that warm weather in eastern seaboard. 78 in atlanta. so far everybody is doing okay along the seaboard. we have flight departure delays around houston. flight tracker, will you need it with sandy if you are traveling this weekend. >> kristen: new this morning, a cable tv network is offering what could be the largest cash prize in tv history. spike tv is about to debut a show ten million dollar big foot bounty. teams of scientists and others will play against each other and all b object quest to find the legendary big foot.
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they will win the ten million dollar prize. >> eric: the prize may be very safe. >> it seems like politicians are getting if a into the late night act. even michelle obama is doing her bart. >> up and at em! up and at em! >> in case you didn't get that. in a skit last night, first lady michelle enters his bedroom on election day and uses an air horn to get him up and out the door to vote. it's common to break a cellphone but not so common is excuses to insurance companies. a farmer says she was helping birth a calf and accidentally inserted his iphone into a cow while trying to use it as a
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flashlight. a woman baked one into a sponge cake. then she lost it after it was snatched by a mean seagull. a couple says they lost their phone re-enacting a scene from titanic, dropping it over the side of the cruise ship as they attempted on top of world and take a photo of themselves. technician says one was fired 3,000 feet into air during a fireworks display. >> eric: whichever those phones still works -- we're continuing to track hurricane sandy. the death and damage it has left behind and preparations taking place. >> kristen: occupy oakland tries to make a comeback. late night response by police to make sure everything stayed under control. >> giants are packing up and
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getting ready to go to detroit. we'll tell you who they are taking with them, coming up next. sue hall in the abc7 traffic center. live look at the bay bridge on toll plaza, metering lights are on. looks like carpool lanes have no problems. update you, san pablo dam road, traffic signal problems. when we come back ñ ?ñprpry"it
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it is 6:30 on this friday? >> oh, yeah. >> october 26th. thank you so much for joining us. live look at the embarcadero. dry streets.
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thanks for being here. i'm eric thomas. >> kristen: it's kind of cool for kids going to school you might want a jacket. >> good morning. it's definitely going to change in the afternoon hours. warmer weather is finally here. it is cooler this morning because of lack of cloud cover and temperatures are dropping into the 40s and 50s. around the bay we're going to have 50s to mid-60s by noon. almost total sunshine. as we head inland neighbors, coolest weather 42 degrees to 52. you'll need a jacket in the evening hours as we drop back in the 50s. at the coast it's not as brink as it has been, sunshine and calmer conditions and low to mid 60s for the highs today. let's talk about the commute. better than yesterday. >> it's really not bad. we have a couple problem spots for you. san jose before fremont avenue
6:31 am
an accident in the center divide. north 101, reverse commute lane number three there is a stall there around tiburon boulevard. appian way, a major intersection signal lights are not working. treat it as four-way stop. traffic is getting very crowded on san pablo dam road. 680 to 24. to the caldecott tunnel, drive times, altamont pass to livermore area a good looking ride for your friday morning. >> kristen: in a few hours, joints are headed to detroit for game three of the world series after taking a lead over the tigers. giants thrilled their fans shutting out the tigers by a final score of 2-0. amy hollyfield is live at at&t park with fan reaction. >> fans are talking about the possibility of a sweep. they are feeling confident about this team which will be leaving
6:32 am
for detroit this morning. they will be without their enthusiastic hometown crowd. but they will be going in detroit with an advantage. a 2-0 lead in this series which is not something this team is used to. usually they have their backs up against the wall but this time they have the upper hand. some fans wonder if they are going to be back. if they clinch in detroit. it is the world series. >> we did it in texas in 2010. this is entire organization, the players. front office. it's everyone who puts in the long hours. so we really want to reward the staff and have everyone feel a part of it. >> the giants were on last night 2-0 and up in this series 2-0 but the players say they are not
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going to take it for granted and they are not going to let their guard down. they will travel today. they will play on saturday. brian vogemsong will be on mound for the giants. as right now they are halfway there. halfway to a world series victory. >> thanks so much. series goes to detroit now where the giants find weather a lot cooler. game three four tomorrow and sunday and if necessary, game five will be on monday in detroit. two occupy protestors are facing charges this morning after a march through downtown oakland to mark the anniversary of violent clashes with police. a group of 200 people marched through downtown oakland. it lasted several hours and finally ended near city hall. a 25-year-old stockton man was arrested along with another
6:34 am
person. earlier they urged protestors not to vandalize during the march. >> shu: we're getting or first look of man accused of kidnapping a girl from a bathroom last month. he is charged with taking the girl from park side elementary in san jose and molesting her. she fangd to fight off the attackers. they increased security in the wake of the xig. they accused him of photographing girls at a daly city school last spring-f found guilty he faces a life sentence in prison. >> the alameda county sheriff's office says it will have more information about an arrest following a house fire in castro valley on where a woman's body was found. fire happened in the 2400 block of san carlos avenue last thursday. authorities say the victim barbara latoche was brutally beaten. authorities released a sketch of the suspect they say the killer
6:35 am
took valuable items from the home and fled in the victim's volvo which was later found abandoned. >> we are tracking hurricane sandy. the storm has claimed several lives and east coast is bracing for the hurricane to hit the u.s. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with what is ahead. >> a hurricane and then some. it's a super storm. the east coast could be looking at super price tag. they are estimating one billion dollars in damage. live look at miami. ginger zee is reporting five to six foot waves that she says will grow to 15 feet. that is just right now. worst is in the days to come. this is cuba overnight. where the damage has already been done. 21 people killed in the caribbean, 11 in cuba lb. what is in store store the u.s. more the hurricane. it could join with other systems
6:36 am
and that would form a super storm on long island. patty smith had sandbagging and storm proofing her home. >> an ounce of prevention is pound of cure or something like that. we are keeping our fingers crossed. >> reporter: in florida overnight people didn't seem too worried. they were down at the beach and they were enjoying the weather. enjoy it while they can. it is going to change dramatically. the new york governor has enacted emergency crews to monitor hurricane sandy. >> eric: traffic and weather totaling next. live look you see the embarcadero you see the bay bridge there. no precipitation to speak of out there. winds are rather calm. mike will have the forecast coming up. sue hall will check friday
6:37 am
morning traffic. >> kristen: one of the biggest problems facing muni in san francisco. cellphone thefts. new warning going out to passengers today.
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welcome back. coming up on 8:40. much drier in san jose and everywhere this morning. in fact we've had temperatures drop considerably because of that. thankfully the winds have stayed fairly calm. not much of a windchill. thickest fog is out in fairfield. down to about a mile. low to mid 70s around bay and warmest weather is this weekend. just a reminder, westbound highway 4 tonight, midnight to 3:00 a.m. will be shut down in lone tree to summerville.
6:40 am
detour will be in place. elsewhere no problems with bart and muni. all mass transit is on time this morning. checking in with waze app. this is bay bridge, a bit of background, 85, 80 and 880, you see heavy traffic. to avoid any traffic jams, download this and very handy to navigate around. it's free for the iphone. >> eric: happening later today, san francisco police officers will fan out across the city to warn muni riders about the growing problem of cellphone thefts. officers from ingleside police station will warn riders but a recent string of strong armed robberies for passengers that use smart phones and tablets. we obtained a surveillance that robberies that happened on buses officers will tackle one other problem -- catching fare
6:41 am
evaders. oakland police will get some help in few weeks, highway patrol will loaning personnel to oakland where the crime rate is up 20% from last year. stockton will get help. they will assist with traffic enforcement in high crime areas. >> eric: ahead the top ceos who are urging congress for a tax hike. >> and presidential candidates continue tear trek on the campaign trail.
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check out live doppler, a few showers up to the north and that is where they are going to stay. maybe a little rain around mt.
6:44 am
shasta but warm through the central valley. yosemite and big sur. low to mid-80s around los angeles and 88 in los angeles. if you are heading up to tahoe, cold enough in the morning hours in the 20s but in the 50s and 60s in the afternoon. we want to take you to miami and show you the latest, seas that are churning up from hurricane sandy about five to seven feet. rip currents will be a big concern along the eastern seaboard. i'll have latest details in a few minutes. >> eric: i'm sure you are wondering what is coming up on "good morning america" after our show. joining us live from new york to fill us in. she has what is coming up on gma. >> the furor over school bus drivers making high risk moves with young lives on board. they are racking up hundreds of dangerous violations, speeding
6:45 am
and running red lights. we'll have much more on this story. that is next on gma. >> kristen: president obama plans to spend much of the day at the white house after completing a campaign blitz. he was cleveland yesterday talking about the jobs that were saved by government funding that helped resurrect the auto industry. meanwhile, mitt romney is renewing his focus on the economy today as he prepares to deliver an address in iowa this afternoon. it comes on the same day the government issued its reported on the nation's economic growth which was pretty good. >> ceos of more than 80 major corporations are making a plea to congress. reduce the deficit and slash spending. head of microsoft and bank of america along with dozens of other corporations cosigned a letter to lawmakers asking for tax hikes and reduced government spending to medicare and medicaid to reduce the trillion
6:46 am
dollar national deficit. the group says the growing debt figure is stifling the fragile economy. high federal taxes is big issue for major corporations. >> kristen: a man holds what may be the highest credit rating in the entire country. cleveland dealer recently received a letter he has a credit store of 848. top possible score is 850. he has a high score despite having an outstanding mortgaged and eight credit cards. he likes to spend money but he does it wisely. to compare the average credit score is 690. >> eric: investors are responding to all the news on apple. >> let's check in with jane king live at the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: good morning. a slightly positive start. we were down hundred points
6:47 am
overnight. we had a report on growth. u.s. economy grew faster than expected. defense spending riding the number higher. dow and s&p 500 and nasdaq all in the green. bloomberg silicon valley index trading higher. apple shares we are watching. they were lower in the pre-market. apple came out with earnings that disappointed investors. they are looking at new ways for customers to buy more music. apple is talking with major music labels and talks are intensifying. and streaming radio competitor to be available by next year. and possible supply issues with the mini, they started taking plea orders of it today. if you go to their website it appears sold out and initial inventory of the wi-fi tablets
6:48 am
already. mini officially goes on sale november 2nd. cupertino be the best place to be single. palo alto is on wealthy one person female households and cupertino in terms of high income one person male households. those people new jersey right across the river for me, in up one on that list, live at new york stock exchange. >> eric: did you see hoboken. >> i did. you know what is funny. i know people they are all single. so i believe it. >> eric: thank you very much, jane. >> kristen: mike that is great for snow making up in tahoe and they are getting ready for today's opening. eager skiers first resort. >> i'm surprised you are still here. i thought you were yesterday,
6:49 am
but i'm glad you were feeling yesterday. she was up fund-raising and skiing at the same time at squaw valley. that would have been great. hey, looks like it's packed powder. he is telling you how to dress. that is exactly how. very nice. how to pair those from minnesota they are a necessity. beautiful picture looking back from mount diablo. all the clean air of fall. live doppler 7-hd, satellite and radar on the same display. don't see any clouds or don't see radar returns. dry for the morning commute. that is great. we'll talk to sue in a minute and see if the commute is pretty good. latest from hurricane sandy. some of the outer bands off the coast and some thunderstorms that are going to develop along peninsula in florida today. here is the key to the forecast. category 1, but like the super
6:50 am
storm of 1991 there is antarctic cold front and they are going to converge right around new york, district of columbia and philadelphia and. it stays off the coast and we are on the weaker side. coast is on the western side. this is strongest so when it does move ashore it puts new york in the northeast qa depressant, staten island and long island those areas will be vulnerable to this storm when it goes into the big super storm sunday and monday. few 50s out there. definitely colder than yesterday. same thing around monterey bay. afternoon hours, we'll be putting away the wet weather gear. getting out the sunglasses. warmest days of this weekend, still a chance of rain on halloween. it's a mean forecast, kids should have some fun. 68 in millbrae.
6:51 am
low to 70s around the peninsula. upper 60s in downtown and south san francisco. we'll have low to mid-70s in the north bay valleys. pretty much low to mid-70s along the east bayshore to mid-70s as you head inland. heading back to the monterey bay it won't be nearly as brisk as it has been. one of calmer days, mid 60s around monterey. 73 at santa cruz. not quite as cool and valleys will be in the 40s. high pressure coming over. we'll have cool mornings and warm afternoons with a few high clouds with bright skies this weekend. then monday and tuesday, a tempering of the temperatures and best chance of rain, halloween especially up in the north bay and lingering chance on thursday. here is sue. >> still a pretty good commute up there. couple trouble spots, live shot of san rafael. toward north san petro road
6:52 am
lincoln avenue. traffic is at the limit southbound. do have a bit of delay, metering lights are on and what a gorgeous morning. traffic is backing toward the macarthur maze for a delay and a little sluggish on the upper deck into san francisco. intersection at appian way very busy intersection, traffic lights are malfunctioning and athlete it as a four-way stop. traffic is backing up to san pablo dam road. coming downtown, critical mass will happen at justin hermann plaza at 6:00. you might want to avoid that area if at all possible. >> eric: five minutes to go before we go. depart four the giants as they move to to detroit. >> kristen: morning
6:53 am
>> kristen: good morning, 6:54.
6:54 am
what a gorgeous shot. city by the bay. kind of dry and cast of orange glow for the giants, of course! yeah, we're going to say that as they head off to detroit and that is going to lead off five things to know before you go. number one, few hours the giants will take off for detroit needing two more victories to win the world series. they shut out the tigers at at&t park. game three tomorrow at 5:07 p.m. vogelsong will try to keep the string of great partnershiping going. >> east coast is bracing for a storm of epic proportions, the death toll rose to 22 in the caribbean from hurricane sandy. forecasters could merge with other storms by tuesday creating a mess. >> and update to a story, petaluma mother says her 15-year-old son is safe.
6:55 am
there were concerns he could be danger after running away on monday and hade them heading to new york. justin's mother spoke to him and he told her he would be home by monday. >> two protestors are facing charges this morning. it marked the anniversary of violent clashes with police at the plaza. a group of about 200 people marched through downtown oakland for several hours. it ended around 10:30 at city hall. >> number five, san francisco police will fan out in parts of city warning muni riders of strong armed robberies of cellphones. they will distribute leaflets. >> final check of your accu-weather forecast. >> thank you very much. good morning. let's take a look at live doppler 7-hd and show you how quiet the weather is. no radar returns. just clear air, no flight arrival delays into san francisco or oakland.
6:56 am
just cool with temperatures in the 40s and 50s. calmer at the coast. sunshine there, low to upper 60s from north and south. around the bay, mid 70s and 70s inland. >> to recap. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on. it's sluggish from macarthur maze but no real problems on the upper deck into san francisco. we do have an accident report eastbound 37 at vallejo at fairgrounds drive. that is off to the right shoulder. if you are headed out. here is a look at the drive times in most popular commutes. >> eric: thank you for joining us. >> kristen: don't forget to download new alarm clock app. wake up to the latest headlines and get all the latest on the giants right there on your phone. >> eric: we may win this world series on the road. see you monday morning.
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in multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. good morning, america. the latest right now on the monster storm that has the whole east coast on alert. sandy, just off florida, on a path to collide with two other systems. dumping a foot of rain and gale-force winds for an entire week. 50 million people in its sights. sam leads our extreme weather team.


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