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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  October 28, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> that ends it. giants take a three games to incredibleght the incredible and fantastic san francisco giants are just one win away from the world championship. thank you for joining us, i'm ama daetz. an exciting win for the giants. that gives them a 3-0 edge toward another world series trophy. we have live team coverage of the win. we begin with larry beil who is here with highlights. shut them out. >> larry: incredible and fantastic. sums it up. the giants just one win away from capturing their second world sear title. they shut out detroit and they can wrap things up tomorrow night. the giants, in game three, jump out to another early lead. second inning, gregor blanco,
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deep to right center, off the wall. scores pence, and the giants take the 1-0 lead in the second, crawford, pride of pleasanton jimmy,0 there austin misplays jackson misplays it. jackson scores. coward goes to second. ryan vogelsong, gets berry on the double play ball, 5 2/3 scoreless innings. timmy time. tim lincecum, striking out prince fielder and then andy dirks to end the eighth. sergio romo in the ninth. one, two three, gets i to end it. the giants do it again. again by a 2-0 score, just like game two, and they go for the sweep tomorrow night in detroit. giants pitching has completely neutralized the tiger offense. here's mike shumann. >> mike: the joints with win
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great defense and timely hitting. >> once again, great pitching, solid defense. >> it's what we have been doing all postseason. so that's why we keep doing it. vogey pitched great. >> and then timmy comes in. phenomenal. >> he has been lights out of othe bull pen. his stuff looks great. he has been doing a good job. >> pablo, you picked a good series for your bat to be in fuego. you're on fire at the plate. >> all the guys, a little piece in there. the pitching staff doing great. this is occasion when all the pieces together, you win games. >> mike: back-to-back shutouts. the pitching has been phenomenal. >> you isn't ask -- can't ask for more. everyone is trying to pitch in. the defense and starting proaddition has been amazing.
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so you look through everything we have been through as a group. so, you look at our starting rotation and the reputation they have of been one of the best. they deserve every bit of respect they get. you look at -- just the way it went. can't ask for more. >> mike: giants one win away from their sell second world series title but it ain't over until at it over. matt cain takes the hill, and we'll be here afterwards. abc-7 sports. >> larry: you look at the tiger fans, they're staggered, stunned, and stupefied. >> they're heartbroken. >> their season could be over tomorrow and the giants come home as champs. >> our team coverage continues with sergio quintana who is live at at&t park, where jubilant giants fans are celebrating. reporter: there were plenty of
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rowdy fans who packed into the public house here, and lots of other taverns throughout the city. but at the moment that the last detroit tiger was struck out, this place erupted into pandemonium. [cheers and applause] reporter: ear-splitting joy inside the public house, as sergio romo made his final pitch, closing out the ninth inning and keeping the tigers from scoring on their own home turf. hundreds packed into the pub, and the thousands watching on tv screens across the city and the bay area, there are no doubt lots of people who would love to be shouting their support from the stands but on this warm saturday night in san francisco, some fans prefer to be close to home field rather than a chilly comerica park. >> amazing, the best night. beautiful. the giants shut them out. a great night. >> we're going to do this thing!
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four games and out, buddy. how you lick like it now? >> it's a done deal. >> it is a done deal! [shouting] >> are you going to be okay with the four-game sweep? >> absolutely. christmas is coming early. you heard from santa claus. in four! woo! >> of course people mixed in their halloween celebrations with the world series cheering. after the game, hundreds of people spilled on to the plaza outside at&t park. a great night to be a giants fan in san francisco. now, if they do sweep this in four, it's pretty much a guarantee the crowds we saw here tonight are going to be much larger. with that in mind i had a conversation with two police lieutenants. they are right now putting together plans, should the giants sweep this in four, san francisco police tell me they're going to have plenty of police
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officers out here along with the crowds. they're asking people to of course go ahead and have fun, but celebrate responsibly safely. reporting live at at&t park. sergio quintana. abc-7 news. >> ama: the victory is also a big win for south bay businesses, hit hard by the national hockey league's lockout. nick smith spoke with excited business owners who are really thankful for the giants world series appearance. >> am ma, absolutely the longer this series continues, the longer fans will fill seats at their favorite watering holes, helping business owners that are hit hard by the nhl lockout, add to their bottom line. >> don't let her fool you. she is more than a little princess. she is a giants fan. >> go giants. >> she and hundreds >> s other families were at the home of the san jose sharks to see disney on otherwise because the tank is
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empty because of the nhl lockout. 12 games cancelled. the pavilion booked other events but for sports bars near the shark tank, it means a lit the bottom line. >> you can add up dollars for dollars. >> on a sharks game day one bar owner says he sees an extra 500 to 700 people in his doors. dollars lost by a shortened or cancelled season. >> over $10,000 we stand to lose or win when there's a sharks game. >> but there is a bright side, and they're wearing orange. a bar that usually houses shark fans, wearing teal, was a sea of orange and black. the giants went to the motor city and took game three from the tigers tigers and these fans cheered through every evening. >> we're fortunate to have bay area baseball right now. [cheering] >> the giants one win away from
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becoming the 2012 world series champion, fan fever means every seat in the bar is taken, but if the series ended tomorrow, it's back to the drawing board. >> means regrouping with financial decisions and we need to be smarter. >> a total of 326 regular season nhl games have been cancelled. in san jose, abc-7 news. >> ama: wayne freedman is in detroit right now with with mike shumann, covering tonight's win. today he ran into some giants fans with a very personal connection to the team. >> we found them in a hotel lobby looking at a of a certain favorite player who always wanted to be a giant. >> knew he was a good athlete when he was real young. >> we also told him, if you're good, everybody will know you're good. so don't go around patting yourself on the back. >> does the kid look familiar yet?
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>> brandon belt. >> so is her son-in-law. >> he was cute when he was a little boy. >> this is a world series experience in reflected glory. they flew into detroit last night. they schlepped their own bags. they have a room at the team hotel, surrounded be the giants, but make no mistake, there's a big difference between detroit and where they come from. >> texas. >> lufkin with fewer people than the sold out park at at&t park. where the school children made a video to cheer hip on and he was a big baseball star. >> when he was going up in high school, we were justybe we can maybe we can get college paid for with this baseball thing. we never dreamed we'd be here. >> but they are, in comerica park, watching their son and son-in-law on the field, every game now the next biggest of his life. >> we look at him and he is just
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brandon to us, but to everybody else that looks at him, they look at him, wow, your son is a major league player. >> how do you keep all that from getting out of control? >> oh, oh, we're just country folk. we don't let that go to our head. >> maybe just a little. boy!special occasion like this. >> when darrell says that's my boy, he means it, all of us, including darrell, looked at his 24-year-old son on the stage tonight but in his heart he still sees the one-year-old who could hit the heck out of a baseball. from detroit, abc-7 news. >> ama: you can tell by looking at wayne it's cold in detroit. so how will the weather be for game four? let's check in with leigh glaser. >> leigh: going from temperatures in 70s and 80s to the bay area to upper 30s to low 40s there. chilly definitely. live doppler 7hd showing clear sky over detroit right now, but
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let's get to the forecast for game four tomorrow. we're going to see more clouds move in. temperatures around the first pitch in mid-40s but by the seven or eighth inning, low 40s and and wicked wind out of the north and the wind chill, into the up jimmy,0 30ers to low 40s. so it will be another cool chilly night there. we'veing look at our own forecast coming up. >> ama: and you can catch game four of the world series on our big screen in front of san francisco city hall tomorrow. the mayor's office just announced they'll show she game begin agent 5:00. it will be a family event so no alcohol will be tolerated. the city received permission today to show the game. >> there's much more news to come, including developing news on hurricane sandy. millions of residents on the east coast are bracing for impact ahead of its expected landfall. tonight there are states under
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an emergency declare racing. >> new details on the nanny accused of killing two children in new y
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>> the northern california coast is under a tsunami watch after a huge earthquake struck near canada, magnitude 7.7 quick hit off the coast of british columbia at 9:14, followed by a 5.8 aftershock, no reports of injuries.
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>> also new at 11:00, the embarcadero b.a.r.t. station is closed due to a suicide on the tracks. it happened just before 8:00 p.m. the station was closed as emergency crews removed the body and officials studied the scene. trains are not stopping at the embarcadero station. >> new details about the nanny accused of killing two children in new york city of. she has no criminal history but did recently seek psychiatric help. the mother found her two and six-year-old kids stabbed in the bathtub. he nanny also stabbed herself several times. she is still alive but investigators cannot question her because of wounds to the neck. >> hurricane sandy is quickly approaching lanfall in the u.s. more than 50 million residents are bracing for impact. here's a live look at miami florida right now. there's a light wind blowing
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across the city skyline, here's the latest on the parts of the criminal trialready under state -- country under states of emergency. >> as sandy churns along the eastern seaboard, carryingy heavy rain and powerful winds, massachusetts has become the eighth state to now declare a state of emergency. the powerful and deadly storm is expected make landfall overnight monday in new jersey. >> we could be without power for as much as seven to ten days. >> concern is growing because the storming expected to slam right into an arctic cold front and that collision of hot and cold air will supercharge sandy. >> this could set historical precedence if it develops along the lines that the models are indicating. >> that kind of power could launch four to ten-foot storm surges in areas of washington, dc, new jersey, and new york. >> it would strengthen
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unexpectedly or change its expected path, it could do a lot of damage and you could be at risk. >> that's why families all along the east coast are boarding up, stocking up on food and supplies, and bracing for when sandy describings. >> it's better to be safe than sorry. >> travel is expected to come to a screeching halt when sandy strikes. flights will be cancelled in the new york subway system shut town, and in fact amtrak is already kansasseling -- canceling trains. >> leigh glaser is checking on the weather. right now, league? >> leigh: let's look at live doppler 7hd along the outer banks of north carolina, getting slammed with very heavy rainfall. virginia beach getting hit with very heavy rainfall as well. wind gusts over 50 miles-per-hour. folks, hurricane sandy, a category 1 hurricane, moving parallel to the coast. winds up to 75 miles-per-hour so
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only a category 1. but let's look to the north of virginia beach, virginia, baltimore, philadelphia, new york city right now just getting those first bands of rain and, boy, it is just going to be a very difficult travel situation from the carolina coast all the way up towards new england in the next 12, 24, 36 hours. here's the actual storm track. this thing was parallel along the northern california -- the north carolina coastline now but out of the north but will start to turn more towards the northwest heading into tuesday. as it does, you can expect wind gusts over 75 miles-per-hour. also going to be a very heavy area of cold air, and this is what's going to turn a lot of this moisture that feeds in off the ocean to a rain/snow mix. we're looking at wind gusts over 75 miles-per-hour, and also
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rainfall close to a foot in this area. so, definitely travel not recommended especially monday and tuesday. here locally, live doppler 7hd showing you career sky -- clear sky across the bay area, and mild temperature. antioch, 67. 60 in san francisco. 60 in san jose. san rafael, mild, 64 degrees. here's a look at the forecast. clear sky tonight. a little patchy valley fog in the north bay. sunny and mile day sunday, and then clouds thicken up on tuesday, leading to chance of rain as we head into halloween on wednesday. you can see the storm track well to the north of us as high pressure has built in and that's exactly where it will stay for at least one more day. so, expect plenty of sunshine for your sunday. plenty of mild temperatures, and that will last until tuesday when that ridge of high pressure starts to break down a bit and the storm front will move in
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here's a look at the lows tonight. in the north bay, clear sky. mid-to-upper 40s. 50s elsewhere. the highs for your sunday, very nice and mild with 82 for santa rosa, interior east bay, mid-to-low 80s tomorrow. 80 for concord. 73 expected tomorrow for san francisco. may see a little cloudiness develop near the coast late in the day. 78 for san jose. santa cruz, plenty of sun. 77, clear sky for monterey, and gilroy, mild, 82. now, look out for this. the seven can day forecast. sun andy and mild on sunday. a mixture of sun and clouds on monday, increasing clouds by tuesday, rain wednesday afternoon and wednesday night. forecast models are off on the time but be prepared for the
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trick-or-treaters and then warm up next weekend. >> ama: larry is here back with more joy factor. >> larry: we can't show enought. they're on the roll and the detroit tigers are on a speed bump. giants now one win arm -- win away from a championship parade.
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>> the giants have taken a stranglehold on the tigers, blanking detroit again, becoming the first team since the 1966 baltimore orioles to throw back-to-back shutouts in the world series. hunter pence leading the way, getting everybody pumped up. giants haven't trailed for a single inning. top of the second, blanco off the wall in right center. pence scores from third. then crawford find center field. austin jackson misplays it,
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giants ahead 2-0. ryan vogelsong has been tremendous in this post season. in a jam in the third. gets quintin berry to ground into a double play. that ends the threat. in the fifth, bases loaded for mr. triple crown. the dangerous miguel cabrera. vogey gets him to pop up and escapes another jam. cabrera in disbelief. vogelsong, 5-2/3 scoreless innings. tim lincecum throwing smoke to prince fielder, and then, andy dirks, swing and a miss, and bottom nine, romo in relief to close it out. omar infante, swing and a miss, ball game. giants with back-to-back 2-0 wins. now one victory away from another world series title. >> trying to take it one game at a time, like all postseason. coming back from where we were, down 0-2 in cincinnati, our mindset was one game at a time.
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>> any one office those guys can hurt you with one swing, so the mind set is con set trait and focus on every pitch. every pitch has a purpose. >> game four tomorrow night in detroit. >> when we come back, stanford pushed the limit by wazzu and cal pus
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>> stanford was right for the upset. classic letdown scenario after the victory over cal. toilolo, concentration today. second quarter, stanford down 7-3, nunes to jamal-rashad patterson, cruising down the sideline. 70 yards. 10-7 stanford. tuel through for 401-yard but here picked off by ed reynolds.
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cardinal up 24-10 put the cougars hang in there. tuel is sacked for the tenth time by henry anderson. stanford wins 24-17. cal at utah, and things got ugly for the golden bears in this one. cal up 3-0. kicking off to the utes' reggie dunn. hits a wall at the 20-yardline but nobody wraps him up and he is gone. aloha! running out of breath. 100 yards, cal gets crushed, 29-47. san jose state over texas state, 30-21. abc-7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> have to work on the conditioning there. >> thank you so much, larry. coming up next, a look at what could be the future of crime-fighting. the unmanned drones that could patrol the east bay. >> and as halloween weekend, this horror movie makeup is not
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>> good evening, i'm ama daetz. just one more win and the giants are world championsle the orange and black beat the detroit tigers 2-0 in game three and have a 3-0 lead in the series. the giant goes for a sweep tomorrow with ace matt cain on the mound. >> new jersey and north carolina are in states of emergency in preparation for hurricane sandy. sandy merged with two weather fronts being called a superstorm. sandy is forecasted to make landfall on tuesday. >> the embarcadero b.a.r.t. station was closed tonight after a man committed suicide on the tracks. b.a.r.t. trains kept running in
2:36 am
both directions but no trains stopped at that station. >> your voice, your vote. just ten days until the presidential election. today the president rallied a crowd of 8500 people in new hampshire. he hit mitt romney on his record as massachusetts governor. president obama said romney targeted the middle class with unnecessary fees and taxes. the president also said it will be hard for romney to accomplish all of the last-minute promises he is making right now. >> in florida mitt romney says the president shrunk from the promises he made. romney says he won't do that and says his tenure of president would include more cooperation across at the isle. rom roll told the crowd now is not the time to demonize political opponented and wants to build bridges with the democrats. >> both president obama and mitt romney have cancelled campaign stops because of hurricane
2:37 am
sandy. a stop in virginia will not happen because of the growing threat from sandy, and first lady michelle obama cancelled an appearance in new hampshire tuesday. president obama will head back to the white house from florida sunday night to begin monitoring storm conditions from washington. the election day push is also happening here in california. all over the bay area, phone banks are up and calls are being made to voters. here's the story from oakland. >> dana is going door-to-do in oakland to make sure voters know the issues and get out to vote. the is part of a team of men and women who are walking precincts for a community action organization. he says this i election is important enough to do whatever she can do to help. >> the community outreach, and if they see my face, can get them out and tell them we need you. >> this election has local and
2:38 am
national issues that everyone should be concerned about. she is the executive director of oakland rising. >> we just want to make sure that people are clear with what is going to be on the ball hat -- ballot and make sure they feel motivated and clear. >> i'm a local volunteer. >> walking the district in oakland, republicans are walking those in contra costa county. and they're on the phone making sure residents know the issues and get out the vote, the republicans say they have been energized. >> i don't know if it's just the debates or the last month of election but we have had a surge since the first debate. >> she was the first of the corrosion corrosion corrosion -- corrosion contra costa county, says these are just the tip. >> we have absentee voters and now we're blocking walk-in
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voters so we're interested in getting out the vote. >> the san francisco department of elections wants to remind everyone this coming tuesday, october 30th, is the last day to request vote by mail ballots. in oakland, abc-7 news. >> ama: hundreds of bay area emergency personnel are spending the weekend training for extreme emergency operations. training started at 6:00 this morning in more than a dozen cities. crews practiced ron -- repelling. other exercises include a mock plane hairjacking and chemical sabotage. the training helps officers gain individual tactical skills and helps departments coordinate resourcesle the xerosizes are going on across the nation as part of home lean security training. >> a new law enforcement tool in alameda county is raising fears of big brother. the tool is this drone. weighs less than four pounds,
2:40 am
has an hd camera and flies at 400 pete above ground. the drone will be used to follow criminals of the run but critics have their doubts, even if it's cheaper than a helicopter. >> helicopter, two to three million dollars with four to six hundred dollars an hour in flight costs. the system, $40,000. >> we absolutely need nor mftion. >> drones are subject to tremendous potential abuse, given the wealth of information they can collect. we risk proceeding into a complete surveillance state. >> ama: the aclu is concerned residents' privacy will be my prey miced and submitted a public records act request to the sheriff. >> a sound body may not mean a sound mind. how exercise can affect your brain. >> a berkeley man forced to wear an iron lung wants to shed his virginity.
2:41 am
>> coming up in just a bit, some travel forecast for you, yes, and also take another look at live doppler 7hd, check out hurricane sandy, and there's also a tsunami warning for warts of the western half
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>> tonight people on treasure island are being asked to boil their tap water until monday after a water main break thursday evening. little league teams are asked not to drink from fountains on any of the treasure island baseball fields until the water is tested on monday to make sure it's safe for drinking. a new study shows too much exercise may be bad for your brain. researchers found that two to four hours of exercise a week appears to give people the biggest mental boost but anymore and it begins to reverse. the study found 65% of those with poor mental health exercised more than four hours a week. more than seven and a half hours of enter -- exercise a week led to increase of depression and anxiety. more research is needed to determine a connection. a new movie now in theaters has a local twist.
2:45 am
about a berkeley poet who lives in a tank reps rater. the 38-year-old virgin wants to try sex for the first time. arts and entertainment reporter dawn sanchez says it's already receiving oscar buzz. >> if i could work with a sex therapist would be sensitive to my unusual needs. >> in my heart i feel like give you a free pass. >> mark o'brien getting approval from his priest to have a relationship. the story is true. the berkeley journalist and poet had polio and confined him to an iron lung. his story is this film. >> you money is on the desk. >> yes it is. >> the rang way to start. >> shall we start again? >> awkwardness. it was real. >> you two had not working at the. >> we put these people together separately and then threw them together in the scene and
2:46 am
luckily something ignited. >> a lot of what you see in the first seen when she and i is happening in real-time and the first time, and something exhilarating and risky and requires trust. >> hawks was in a lot of discomfort to replicate mark's body. >> a soccer ball size piece of foam i laid under the back to a proximate mate the curve of mark's spine. >> hunt had a number of nude scenes. >> is that a difficult decision? >> it wasn't for me. i just like the story and said, yes, and then began to think about, how am i going to feel comfortable enough to do it. but ultimately i thought, who cares? >> it is frank but not explicit, and it's rich with humor. the writer director, who had polio, hopes it will help others understand the disabled.
2:47 am
abc-7 news. see you on the aisle. >> ama: and we mentioned earlier about the earthquake off the coast of british columbia, and the tsunami warning that it prompted, leigh glaser has more on that right now. >> leigh: the 7.7 earthquake an hour and 40 minutes ago near queen charlotte islands and that prompted the west coast tsunami center to send out a warning, for coastal areas from the tip of vancouver island, just the coastal range and the islands have seen just very minuscule slight rises in the water there. just in the last 15 to 30 minutes ago. but they say they don't anticipate any widespread tsunami warning to be issued. in fact they will probably discontinue this in the next hour or so. but just more or less a precautionary thing for them and
2:48 am
they'll continue to monitor this situation and once again, it is a tsunami warning from cape decision, alaska, down to vancouver island, british columbia. oregon, washington, california, is not included in the tsunami warning. >> let's go ahead and take another look at live doppler 7hd of hurricane sandy, real quickly, before we get to the travel map. you can see it continues to churn about 300 miles to the south southeast of cape hatteras, north carolina, already those rain bands being lashed towards the mainland. winds being pick up, those outer banks, over 50 miles-per-hour, and here's the forecast for your sunday. sandy continues to track towards the north. it will be monday when it takes the jog to the north and west and comes on shore. atlanta will see the clouds there. 61. central portion of the country looks pretty good. st. louis, chilly, sunshine, 5 2. 6 5 -- 65, dallas, and around
2:49 am
our state, nice. sacramento, 81. the seven-day forecast includes thickening clouds, cooler temperatures and a chance of spooky rain on halloween onallon wednesday. >> we can't complain. sports director larry beil, bring us home with the giants. >> larry: the giants closing in on oort world series title. amia is excited. she just wants to go to the parade. more sports coming up
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>> the giants are so completely dominating and demoralizing the detroit tigers, seems the only question is, where do you want to go to watch the parade? the giants with their sixth win. in bone-chilling detroit. giants were fire up. haven't trailed for a single inning in this entire series. gregor blanco, almost went out. hunter pence scores from third. in the second, brandon crawford, lines off austin jackson had
2:53 am
made one error all season long, and there's that one. blanco scores. giant goes ahead 2-0 and that was enough for ryan vogelsong. he was in and out of trouble tonight in the third, quintin berry, double play, enses the threat. in the fifth, base loaded and miguel cabrera at the plate. the triple crown winner miguel cabrera, pops up. that's it. vogelsong pitched 5-2/3 scoreless. turned it over the bull pen. timmy time. throwing smoke to prince fielder. and then andy dirks, swinging. about nine, sergio romo, used to be brian wilson's fear the beard. now it's sirow romo. giants with back-to-back victories, one win away from another world series title. >> guys are doing a great job. vogey, good stuff. got in jams there, and kept his
2:54 am
poise and continued to make pitches. and of course timmy's job and romo's job. the guy through well and a game like this can be either way, and we got it down. >> we're down 3-0, and you don't really -- there's no secr messa. they're big guys. they know what the situation is and we have to come out tomorrow and obviously win a game. >> game four tomorrow, matt cain against max scherzer. >> college football. stanford coach david shaw not happy and that was after the win. survived a scare from washington state. toilolo with his tunes, getting ready for the cougs. then nunes to jamal-rashad patterson, who saunters down the sidelines, 70 yards. 10-7 standard. tuel picked off by ed reynolds. cardinal up 24-10.
2:55 am
cougs hung around. ten sacks for snooped. anderson with the wrap to init. stanford wins, now 6-2 on the year. >> we talked about it. if we don't do our job as well as we can do them for 60 minutes we'll be in a lot of tight games. and then came back and good quarterback, good receivers and moved the ball. >> cal at utah, you're looking at the highlights of the golden bears, the pregame dance. utah's dunn from his own goal line, runs runs into his own gud then pops free, and then he's gone, 100 yards on the kickoff return and that shows you how cal's night went. they fall to 3-6. a 49-27 loss at utah. >> san jose state hosting texas state. down at the half. sales down the sideline to freedman.
2:56 am
78 yards, sales throws for 376, two touchdowns. san jose state bowl eligible with the victory. here's coach mike mcen tire of his message to the troops. >> i didn't have to say anything. we're in good shape, good depth, and i knew we would get used to the spoad of the offense. >> arizona and tucson. let's do the haka. maybe not. marquiss lee had a monster game. from matt barkley, lee had 16 catches for 347 yards. the pac-12 record. arizona. wildcats up 11 but an sc touchdown, barkley, the hail mary that falls incomplete. usc goes down, 39-36. their sect loss of the season heading into next week's showdown against oregon. >> sports brought to you by river rock casino. the giants, one win away.
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>> ama: i know. sew -- so excited. thank you, larry, and thank you for joining us. that's it for this edition of abc-7 news. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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