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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  October 29, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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got him looking. and the giants have won it all. >> san francisco giants, number one, baby. number one. i knew it was gonna happen. >> for the second time in three years, the san francisco giants ruled the baseball world. they sweep the detroit tigers four games to none. and here is a live look from sky 7hd above san francisco where people have filled the streets celebrating the giants' second world championship in the last three years, as we said. again though you can see a fire burning there, a bonfire. earlier sky 7hd captured these pictures of the celebration turning dangerous in the mission district moments after the game ended. a crowd cheered as the bonfire you see grew a few feet from
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stores and apartments. the fire burned for several minutes before police riding dirt bikes moved in and cleared the crowd from the flames. and take a look at this bonfire at mission and 19th. sky 7hd caught people jumping into the flames and others were throwing gasoline creating some of the huge fireballs you saw. certainly some dangerous conditions out in parts of san francisco right now. and we do have live team coverage from detroit and around the bay area. we will get to the fan reaction in just a minute. but first, here is rick quan with highlights from tonight's incredible victory. >> call it chemistry, teamwork, whatever it was the giants had it going this post season. after trailing the cardinals three games to one, the giants got on a roll and it wonts stop until -- it wouldn't stop until they captured their second world series title in three years. let's look at the highlights. 1-0 in the third when triple crown winner cabrera connects off matt cain for a two-run homer. that gave the tigers the first
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lead of the series. san francisco retook the lead as buster posey hit a shot that just stays fair. tied at three in the 10th and scutero comes in and brings home therio with second and giants with a 4-3 lead. romo came on to get the save and gets cabrera looking for the final out. the giants win it 4-3. how sweep it is. pablo sandoval who hit three home runs and game 1 and batted 500 for the series was named the mvp. let's here from giants manager bruce bochy. >> it is a special group of guys. i think you have to have this chemistry and this bond to get something like this done. the memories you make with these guys is what will last. >> it is unbelievable. it was almost like it was meant to happen this way. it has been a grind all year. we stayed the course and are world champs. >> describe the emotions after
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winning your first world championship. >> i can't describe it with words. it is a special feeling to be out there. if you get to the post season and a lot of ups and downs. we were against the wall twice. we refused to go home and win the world series. >> i'm lost right now, i really am i couldn't be prouder of this team. we played for the name on the front and not the names on the back. ultimately that's why we won the world series. >> you can just seat love you have for each other on this team. >> like i said before, we play with heart. it doesn't matter nothing, we play with heart no matter what. >> it was an absolute joy. i hope the fans enjoyed watching. we just left our hearts out there and played as hard as we could for each other. >> we do hope to hear from manager bruce bochy later on. everybody is so happy. four straight. >> amazing. thank you, rick. we continue our coverage with
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lilian kim who is at seventh and market street where fans have basically taken over the streets. and there has been some vandalism. lilian? >> ama, things got out of control on market street. hundreds of people started pouring on to the intersection at seventh and market. it began as a harmless celebration over the giants' world series win, but then the crowd took it to another level when they started pounding on a security truck and smashing its windows and slipping it to its side. the driver was not hurt, but the crowd did attempt to light the truck on fire. police in riot gear arrived as soon as they got word that sings were getting unruly here. we spoke to a few people who saw the whole thing unfold. >> a big mob ran and started pushing on the cars, and they were throwing the doors in the air and everything. i don't know if somebody was inside something, but somethings all broken. >> i was absolutely shocked. i couldn't believe that was actually p thatting.
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it is scary to think just because the giants won everyone is like this. it is supposed to be fun. too bad there wasn't somewhere we could go and have a good time. >> despite the police presence several bottles were thrown. and that's when we thought it was best to walk away. the crowd has moved east and last we heard they were breaking windows at market and fourth streets. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> that's too bad. thank you, lilian. sergio quintana is live at at&t park where very happy fans have gat every -- have gathered. probably as loud as where lilian was, but not as much damage. i can tell you there is still a lot of people out here, outside at&t park. you can see in the distance there are still fireworks that are being sent off into the air. there is smoke throughout the area here. there is actually two bonfires that are burning at third and king as i speak police have
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managed to keep a lot of the activity contained, but it erupted once the game ended. a four-game sweep sent thousands of giants fans into the street. if they couldn't be in detroit to support their team, being close to home field was the next best thing. >> it is amazing. it is unbelievable. >> oh my gosh, it never gets old. we are thrilled. i have been crying the last three innings. >> we are out here enjoying the beautiful city, world series, 2012, let's go giants! >> earlier in the night many of the fans tried to pack into nearby bars and clubs to watch the game, but spent lots of time on the sidewalk to get in. >> how long have you been in line? >> two hours. >> how long have you been in line? >> two hours. >> we can't be in detroit, so we have to be close. >> so instead they cheered along on cue with their fellow
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fans who were watching on big screens. and when it all came down to the win, they all joined up on the streets to celebrate as one loud giants crowd. i just checked in with san francisco police who are here in mass. they are trying to keep as best a hold of things as possible. there are a few officers there at that intersection. this area was teaming with people just within the last 15 minutes really is when they started dissipating after two hours straight of shouting and celebrating. reporting live at at&t park, abc7 news. >> incredible. thank you. san francisco mayor ed lee announced that the city will salute the champions with a ticker tape parade on wednesday. the parade will start at 11:00 a.m. at the foot of market street. it will follow market street to the civic center. the mayor's office and the giants will announce more details about the parade in
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the next couple days. you can of course watch the parade here live on abc7 on wednesday. it is also going to be streamed live through the i pad app and on our website. you can also find more details on and now to our super storm sandy coverage. in less than 24 hours, hurricane sandy is scheduled to slam into the mid-atlantic coast with winds of 75 miles an hour and torrential rains. shear a live look from new jersey this evening. atlantic city, you can see the winds just whipping and lashing at the beach there. towns up and down the east coast have boarded up windows. residents have moved inland. new york's mass transit system has shutdown. floor trading has been success spend -- suspended for monday and 4,000 flights expected to be canceled tomorrow alone. let's head to leigh glaser who has been tracking the super storm. >> and atlantic city could be
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the place where hurricane sandy makes land fall. you are exactly right about 24 hours from now. live doppler 7hd is showing the storm system churning off the carolina coast there and bringing with it copious amounts of rainfall. 280 miles south of -- excuse me east of cape hatterus. winds are 75 miles an hour and it is creeping up the coast almost parallel north at 14 miles per hour. and you can see estimated landfall tomorrow afternoon, early evening around atlantic city. the impact is going to be -- it is just going to be devastating to say the least. landfall near atlantic city, 50 to 80 miles per hour winds. the storm surge close to 12 feet in some locations. on the backside of the system, cold air is moving in and making it a super storm. 2 to 3 feet of snow expected. higher elevations interior west virginia as well as kentuc huge yes, a huge super storm.
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we are on it, and yes you are exactly righimpact allit will if flights in and out of the bay area airports for at least the next several days. we'll look at our forecast coming up. >> leigh, thank you. still much more to come including a story you will see only on seven. the words of a cereal -- serial killer. the i team uncovers vorrings from the con -- recordings of the confession of a murderer. and let's take another live the mission mission district in san francisco from sky 7hd as fans celebrate the giants' world series win by setting things on fire. unfortunately it is a large bonfire, and there has been some vandalism. ñ
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congratulations to the giants. fans are celebrating and we are looking at sky 7hd which has been flying over the city, over the mission district. you can see lots of fans and you can see a bonfire there. police have been trying to get control of what is going on. we have seen a car flipped over. we have seen people jumping on top of cars. again there is another bonfire and they were throwing signs and even a garbage can. we will be monitoring this throughout the evening and giving you the latest updates on that. for now, let's head back to comerica park in detroit. that's where wayne freedman just spoke to some extremely
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excited giants fans who were there to witness the world series win. wayne? >> by contrast comerica park is quiet. well, this is detroit. they lost. the lights are still signing, but they are out for the tigers and shining bright for the giants. imagine being a fan who traveled across the country to witness this. you are looking at a little bit of san francisco that took over comerica park. it was a frigid evening and feeling no pain. >> the environment is surreal with the cold and the rain and the sleet. >> everything was totally worth it. >> do you believe this? >> no, it is still like a dream state. out of respect for the detroit fans, i didn't want to jump up and down on my feet. >> there are two world series wins for the giants in three years. two after decades of frustration from fast to
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riches, but not an embarassment of them. >> a sweep is the same thing anywhere, baby. i was in exit text with a panda hat on my head, come on. >> i didn't see them clinch in 2010, and i was going see them clinch this year jie. you make -- >> you make it sound like a religious experience. >> it is. i come from a family of press bough teen yes, sir ministers and it is maury lig jus than that. >> the crowd celebrating a win for the ages religious. >> sweep! >> don't get my face, get the broom. sweep! >> you have to love that guy. there was one regret -- it is so cold i can barely talk. it is 40 degrees and the wind is blowing. there was one regret from the giants fans. it was they couldn't do it at home. the giants were so good this year they clinched in four games here in detroit.
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they would like to have shared this with all of the fans back at at&t park. live in detroit outside comerica park, abc7 news. >> wayne, thank you so much. i have spoke to some of my friends in detroit, and they are being gracious about our win. that's good. again police are keeping an eye on the celebrations going on in the streets right now. as you can see fans in the streets in the mission district on top of that vehicle there. flags are waiving, but there have been bonfires to the left all evening. this is live 7hd. 7hd. they have been throwing garbage cans in there, flags, everything. traffic is lard -- is hard to get through this hard. this area. we have the san francisco police department on the phone with us. officer, thanks for talking to us tonight. >> my pleasure. >> tell us a little about thesir officers are handling these crowds in the streets. >> as we learned from 2010, what we are doing now is we
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deployed our officers throughout the city in various hotspots where we believe that we might have trouble in regards to people celebrating a little too much and spilling into the streets. one concern is getting sk tray moving along -- getting traffic moving along. with all of the people moving along it does president -- it doesn't bottleneck and create an incident. another issue is making sure the public is safe, and our first responders are safe as well. we don't want to walk into some kind of volatile situation that may injure one of our first responders and could potentially injure any members of the public. >> have you heard of any injuries so far tonight? >> no injuries as of yet. a few sporadic throughout the city, but they were small in nature. nothing structural where people would be injured in anyway.
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we are monitoring the situation. we are dealing with it on a case by case basis. if something does arise, we will step in and take action. >> perfect. thank you so much for joining us tonight. thank you for all your hard work keeping the streets safe as the giants celebrate their world series win. well now we take you in the mind of a serial killer. last week he abc7 news i team discovered a possible connection between the killer on death row and kevin collins who was a san francisco boy who disappeared almost 30 years ago. dan noyes is here because tonight for the first time we are hearing the serial killer's confession. >> the tapes of his confession. that's right. i warn you that it is disturbing to hear him explain what he did and why. but there is another intriguing story here. two brave women played important roles in getting him to confess. >> on the screen is scott
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dunkel. >> by the time he stepped in front of the camera john dunkel was 25 years old and ready to put on a show. >> when i was in 6th grade i had an urge to kill. >> he took belmont police on a tour of his crime scenes. >> and i killed and placed his body -- >> did you want to take a step there or walk around? go ahead. >> he showed them where he stashed one of his murder weapons. he seemed to get emotional a couple times and became annoyed by the detective's questions. >> what was done here? >> i started in belmont in 1971. we never had a case that was even close to this magnitude. it really had the community locking their doors and wondering what was going on. >> 15-year-old john davies disappeared from his home in the middle of the night. 12-year-old lance turner disappeared from his shocker
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practice. sean danel disappeared after dark. and police suspected it him in each of the crimes. even told the media, but they lacked evidence to make an arrest. their last resort paid off. >> when he moved to sacramento we planted a female detective in the fast-food restaurant he was working in. >> lisa thomas became his drinking buddy and wore a wire and called for back up when he snuck into a sacramento area home. while dunkel awaited trial on the burglary charge, his first victim's mother volunteered to try and get him to confess to the murders. >> we had to get closure. it was ruining our family. >> joan davies knew him well. he was a family friend who hung out with her boys. she drove to the state prison at jamestown. by this point her son, named john, was missing for almost four years. >> i knew the minute i walked in and looked at him that he had murdered john. after they left me alone with him he started to tear up.
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i kept saying over and over again, john, we need to know. >> dun ce l did not crack at jamestown. but those familiar with the case say joan davies set the stage. when he started serving his sentence in san luis abyss spoa he started a sexual relationship with a cell mate, charles rice, and told him about killing the boys. rice turned dunkel into authorities hoping to get a deal on his own manslaughter charges. detectives thought dunkel would be more talk tiff with his cell mate there. the two joked about dunkel return together scene of the davies murder after and finding wild animals. >> dunkel told detectives that he went to the davies house after 2:00 in the morning and convinced the boy to drink beer at edgewood park and then
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stabbed him in the back with a pairing knife. >> get the stick out of his back. >> dunkel said he stabbed davies in the throat and dropped the knife. so he finished him off with a 12-inch round rock. >> his cell mate couldn't find any remains, but the map dunkel drew lead a search team straight to the spot along highway 280. >> this is the first bone we have found in the time of trochesly 1:20 -- approximately 1:20. the shoe is item number 6. >> and the undercover officer was there helping wrap up the case. >> lance turner's body was found in the woods near ralston middle school in belmont hours after his soccer practice there. >> mark, move a little to your right. i'm going to zoom in on the feet.
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>> students spotted someone who looked very much like dunkel at the scene around the time at the killing helped an artist draw an ago cat -- accurate sketch. but dunkel ran free for two and a half years before he confessed. >> cross country shirt on. >> he gave a detailed description of killing sean danel knocking him off his bike in a sacramento area park and stabbing him to death. he blamed marijuana and alcohol for fueling his desire to kill. and he explained why he decided to finally confess. >> i need help. >> that is dun ce l at 25 and here is his current picture from quintin.
2:25 am
his case is on hold because a judge decided he is incompetent to help in his own appeal. i received a bizarre letter from him and i am posting it with this report at you can see last week's investigation where i explored his possible connection to the disappearance of kevin collins in 1984. >> that's incredible and very chilling to see those tapes. >> it was hard to watch. >> dan, thank you for that. leigh glaser is here. you have been checking on our forecast. >> i have been. you know, a beautiful weekend this weekend. we are starting to see some subtle changes out there. the high definition east bay camera is looking down toward emeryville there. a glow of orange across the bay in san francisco live doppler 7hd is picking up on the low clouds and the fog that is starting to advance toward the bay area. it looks as though this will stack up near the coast and that is the golden gate. reduced visibility. keep that in mind for the early morning commute.
2:26 am
it looks like these low clouds and fog will sit near the paw dash the peninsula. the temperatures right now are mild inland. 63 in antioch. you can see the livermore valley, 60 degrees. it is 57 in san francisco. it is 55 half moon bay and 52 right now in santa rosa. folks here is a look at our forecast. as i just mentioned, coastal clouds and fog overnight. high clouds will start to move in by tomorrow afternoon. hazy sunshine, and it is still going to be a delightful day. temperatures come down a little bit. and they get ready for thickening clouds on tuesday with rain returning for halloween night. high pressure, the system that brought us really nice weather and kept the storm to the north of us over the weekend is starting to relax. we will start to break down tomorrow. sometime of a transitional day tomorrow. we will have plenty of sunshine. we will mix in some high clouds, and that will mean temperatures will come down slightly for tomorrow. better chance of those numbers coming down as we get into tuesday and wednesday.
2:27 am
speaking of which the next storm system to move in here, this cold front. here is the forecast map. the timing, 9:00 a.m., we are still looking good. more clouds on tuesday. then as we work through on tuesday night, the cold front is getting closer to us. i stopped it at 11:00 on wednesday because that's when we expect the ticker parade for the giants. you can see the rain band is well to the north of san francisco. i think you are going to be dry then. but then as we head 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 when the trick-or-treaters head out, that's when the rain will move in. north bay first. and then it slowly slides south. just a forecast now, we will update again tomorrow. this thing could slow down. looking at the lows 40s in the north bay and 50s elsewhere. highs tomorrow will come down a few degrees.
2:28 am
it will still be mild. 78 antioch and 67 for san francisco. and we will look for 82 for gilroy and 76 for watsonville. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, we have the rain chance on wednesday. and then we dry it up next saturday and sunday. mike will be here tomorrow morning, 4:30 to 7:00 on the abc morning news with an update. >> thank you, leigh. rick quan is here with sports. we had our world series t-shirt delivered. >> and you called dibs on that. >> it is not my size. maybe you can have it. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. isn't that great, they will celebrate on halloween, the orange and black. it took extra innings, but the giants wouldn't be denied a world series sweep.ghlights from tonight's contest and post
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for the second time in three years the giants are world champions. they completed a four-game sweep with a 4-3 victory in 10
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innings. let's go to comerica park where they were getting the world series trophy ready. they took the early lead and belt brigs home pence. it was a triple, and the tigers did something in the third they have not done all series, take a lead. with a man on miguel caw cabrera takes cain deep to right. it was 2-1 detroit. in the 6th, mvp candidate buster posey came through with a two-run shot down the left field line. make it 3-2 giants. he struck out eight. the tigers answered in their half. young will send this cain pitch into the right field stands for a solo shot. and it was tied at three apiece. cain finished the night with a bang and striking out jackson to end the seventh. he allowed all three runs while striking out five. they would go to extra innings. in the 10th with a man on, and scutero drops a single to center field.
2:33 am
the giants take the lead. bottom of 10. sergio romo comes in to close it out. he strikes out austin jackson. the next batter, a swing and a miss. he came down to miguel cabrera. gyro mow's 2- romo, 2-2 pitch on the way and the giants have won the world series in detroit! >> 4-3 the final. the san francisco giants are world champs again. pablo sandoval who hit three home runs in game one was named the series mvp. >> to play the way we did against this great club, i couldn't be prouder of these guys. to be world champions in two out of the last three years, it is amazing. >> with that tigers lineup and what they have done in the post season, i definitely thought it was going to be down to the wire. it just so happened that we got kind of hot and scored
2:34 am
some right runs at the right time and ended up pulling off some close games. >> i was waiting for that moment. i was waiting to get the opportunity to be in the playoff again. i just blessed to be here, to be part of the 2012 world series. still to come, the raiders were winners today as oakland makes itself at [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. introducing at&t u-verse high speed internet
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in a minute because we have this breaking news to show you. this is live sky 7hd.u are takia you are taking a look at 16th and valencia in san francisco tonight. you can see police are lined they. they are in their riot gear because the celebrations from the san francisco giants' win tonight has lead to people flooding the streets and setting things on fire. you can see that fire burning right in the middle of the street. there are several fires burning in the city right now. this one at 16th and valencia. there is one at 22nd and
2:38 am
mission. there is another at 19th and mission. you can see two fires as the helicopter moves away. you can pull back. you can see another one there. we are hearing a couch was in one. i saw a trashcan bowing thrown in. being thrown in. people are milling about as this is happening. police are told not to attack those fires. firecrews are handling that. but first they are setting up at a staging area at 25th and valencia near saint luke's hospital and getting a police escort to these fires to put them out. police are only going to try to put out the fires if they seem to threaten any nearby buildings. this is the latest going on in san francisco. 16th and valencia. police are standing by. they have their riot gear going and making sure everyone stays safe as they set fires. this after the san francisco giant world series win. let's get to rick quan for more bay area sports. raider fans had something to celebrate. oakland got their first road win of the season. and it came at the expense of their old rival, the chiefs.
2:39 am
arrow head stadium is not as intimidating as it once was. they were plagued by turnovers, but today was no exception. brady quinn over threw his receiver. qlin -- quinn was later forced to leave. to moore in the end zone and it was 14-6 at the half. the third quarter and palmer hooks up with darius hayward bay. the point after made it 23-9. kansas city tries to come back, but matt kassel is intercepted. the chiefs turn the ball over four times. they are now three and four. it is their 6th straight win at arrow head stadium. this abc7 sports report was brought to you by river rock casino. thank you very much. and of course we are celebrating the san francisco giants' world series win. but some people turned that celebration into vandalism. this is a live look from sky
2:40 am
7hd at 16th and valencia where there is a fire going. police are standing by and making sure everyone is safe.
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2:43 am
in sky 7hd, we are returned live to the mission district. as you can see fires burping. this has been happening all night since the giants won the world series. police are staging trying to get people out of the area. they are trying to clear 22nd and mission, so they are staging nearby to get people to leave. we spoke to an officer from sfpd who says their main goal is to get traffic moving. that means people and vehicles. that way the fire department can get to the fires. they are only going as long as they have a police escort. we are keeping a close eye on the situation. we can see police in riot gear there. they formed a line and they are trying to clear the crowds. you can also see
2:44 am
firefighters. you can see the hoses there as they put out one of the bonfires that had been burning. couch -- couches were burning and they were throwing bottles and such. we had not heard of injuries, but we are hoping it stays that way. we will of course check on more of the celebrations throughout the evening. right now we will get to abc7 news reporter cornell bernard who is in san leandro. the merchandise is being freshly minted right now, cornell. >> yes, here it is. this is the color a lot of people will be wearing come tomorrow. you know, the exact moment the giants won the game is when all ofness workers here at studio -- when all of these workers here went to work making it official on t-shirts, giants are world series champs. thousands and thousands of world series t-shirts are being printed fast and furious declaring the giants world champs. no time to waste getting the gear to retail outlets as soon
2:45 am
as tomorrow. owners say knowing when to start printing wasn't an easy decision. >> we had a little slow start because we told our employees if they are ahead by two runs in the seventh head on in. that didn't really happen this time. we were scrambling at the last minute to get everybody in. >> chuck johnson says his company will be working for the next 15 hours straight to get these t-shirts out to where they need to go. this was definitely the busiest night this company has had since the last time the giants won the world series. again look for these t-shirts in stores near you. not sure if i get to keep this one. live in union city, cornell bernard, abc news. >> i think you wear it, you get it. thank you, cornell. still ahead, cashing in on facebook. some of the employees could become instant millionaires. beginning tomorrow, the stock restriction that is about to be lifted. >> and take another look at
2:46 am
hurricane sandy. and take a look at those all important travel maps if you are trying t@ñ?xús1@ú?
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2:48 am
and we take another live look from sky 7hd. this is 19th and mission tonight. you can see that large bonfire still burning. we can see mattresses on fire an
2:49 am
francisco giants' world series win. plenty of people milling in the streets. people are trying to clear everyone. they are out in their riot gear. firefighters are trying to put out these fires. reporters are out on the streets and reporting back to us. we'll let you know as soon as anything changes. tomorrow is the big pay day many facebook employees have been waiting forever since the company went public. they are allowed to start selling share shares. they own 225 million shares. that's worth $2.5 billion. employees who started working for the company during the infancy own the most shares.boos facebook's stock price is below the public offering of $38. that's what it was. shares now closed at $21.94 on friday. mark zucker beg has said he will not sell his shares of the company anytime soon. if you have a business trip to
2:50 am
the east coast tomorrow, lots of flights canceled. >> yes, and this thing will impact the eastern seaboard states so much you will probably be sitting here in san francisco for two days before they get those flights off and going. here is another look at hurricane sandy. right now it is 200 miles to the east of cape hatterus. winds are gusting anywhere from 40 to 60 miles per hour and being reported along the coast there. and this thing is still a category 1 with winds up to 75 miles per hour. projected landfall as it turns become -- turns back toward the west will be tomorrow evening. right now, folks, you can't really predict where they will make landfall, but it does look like some of the forecast models suggest it could be near atlantic city. of course, all eyes will be on sandy early tomorrow morning. here is a look at your travel map. isolated thunderstorms and heavy rain, wind, snow in the higher elevations. all of that is back east. head to the central part of the country and 69 degrees. phoenix is 91 degrees and
2:51 am
around the bay area, southern california that is, lock for some sunshine there. los angeles 81, 81 for fresno. 79 degrees for sacramento. my accu-weather seven-day forecast, increasing clouds through the bay area. we head into our tuesday and then on wednesday the clouds thicken up. it looks like rain is moving up. the north bay in the afternoon, and it looks like halloween night -- the ticker tape parade will be dry. >> thank you, leigh. and rick quan has been joining us. mike shumann is in detroit. >> yes, she in detroit. when we come back we will hear
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well, for the second time in three years the giants are world champs. they completed a four-game sweep of detroit with a 4-3 victory in 10 innings. let's go out to comerica park where they were getting the world championship trophy ready. the giants took an erred -- n early lead. belt drives home pe nce. it was an r.b.i triple. the tigers did something in the third they had not done on,n on, the tripleead.
2:55 am
crown winner cabrera takes cain deep and it was 2-1 detroit. mvp candidate buster posey came through with a shot down the left field line. it is 3-2 giants. the tigers answered in their half. young sends this cain pitch into the right field stands for a solo shot. it was tied at three apiece. cain finished with a bang. he allowed all three runs while striking out five. they would go to extra innings. in the 10th with a man on and scutero drops a single into center. therio races home and the giants take the lead. in the bottom of the 10th, sergio romo in to seal the deal. he strikes out jackson for outnumber one. is kelly next is kelly and a swing and a miss for out number two. it came down to miguel cabrera. gyro mow's 2 -- row romo and
2:56 am
trike 3 called and the giants won the world series in detroit. >> never get tired of hearing that. 4-3 the final. the giants are world champs again. pablo sandoval who hit 500 against detroit was named the series mvp. after the contest mike shumann went one on one with buster posey. >> the second time as it was the first time? >> it is just as sweet if not sweeter. it has been a great year. even though we got it done in four, this was a fitting final game. classic scu tee ro coming up in the clutch and couldn't be happier for the guy. >> seems like a different hero everyone night. the ri o didn't get much play, but dh and scores the winning run. >> i don't think anyone knows how hard it is to sit on the bench and not get a chance to play and then go in and face big league pitching.
2:57 am
especially on this stage. for him to come up with the at bats he did and even the hit and run earlier in the game was huge. and then to get us 10th the 10th, i mean he is a baseball player. >> in tonight's sports report, it was brought to you by river rock casino. >> thank you, rick. another quick look from sky 7hd because of the riots because of the world series win, this is a fire at 9th and mission. po
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