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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 29, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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causing huge problems on the east coast tonight. >> and getting back and getting ready for a big celebration. the world series
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>> dan: super storm sandy, swallowing and massive flooding. dangerous winds and millions without power on this very stormy night. >> i'm carolyn johnson. it made landfall in new jersey but being felt up through new england. at least five million people are spending the night in the dark. economic damages could reach up to $20 billion. subways could be crippled for a week. >> they blamed the winds on a fire that quickly spread. it sparked one building.
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fire crews had to use a boat on the floodwaters and scale an awning to rescue 25 people from the roof. >> in manhattan, emergency crews had to wheel patients out of a hospital. 215 patients were taken to other hospitals. >> also in manhattan, a crane remains dangling atop a condo building that is under construction. it collapsed under strong winds this afternoon. the street below has been closed off. despite the damage in new york, new jersey, could have it even worse. the story tonight from cape may. >> reporter: sandy made landfall in southern new jersey this evening packing 80 miles per hour miles per hour winds. record-breaking high tide and rough surf battered the coastline. roads washed away by storm surge and flooding. water poured into ground zero in new york. in walk away park queens they
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scrambled to rescue people in a fire raging out of control. in manhattan, more than 200 patients had to be evacuated and moved to other facilities. >> one thing we had not counted on, new york university hospital back-up power. inspied ensuring it's been tested stopped working. >> more than 3 million people are without power in 11 states. part of the city that never sleeps is in the dark. the wall of a four story building collapsed in manhattan exposing apartments inside. no one was injured. at least seven storm related deaths have been reported in connecticut, maryland and five in new york including three children. public transportation for more than 12 million people came to a halt in new york, flil and washington, d.c. when the eye of the storm passed over atlantic city the winds abated and clouds parted and full moon came out. 60 million people will be impacted by this storm.
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fema has pledged over 3 beaten $5 billion for the cleanup if necessary. >> carolyn: and it's not just wind and rain punishing people. schools are closed in south carolina and blizzard warnings in west virginia. sandhya patel is here to show us where the storm is. >> check out doppler radar. you will see this storm is covering a large part of the east coast. there is snow falling right now and rain continues to batter the east coast. we'll show you where the snow is falling right now. it is extending from colombia, ohio, down to west virginia. blizzard warnings are up and expecting two to three feet by wednesday morning. this is post tropical cyclone sandy. it did make landfall near atlantic city earlier this
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evening. you see the bands of rain continuing to move in. right now it is still windy in atlantic city. peak wind gusts to 46 miles an hour and the battery in new york actually peak water level was 13.88 feet. that is all-time record. this system will continue to work its way up to the northwest and to the north, but the effects of it in the form of rain and snow will continue all the way through wednesday, possibly even beyond. we have rain coming to the bay area. i'll be back with live doppler 7-hd. >> carolyn: members of the california national guard are headed east. 88 troops took off in transport planes at moffett field. they will report to north carolina and be knriopd in there. red cross has cancelled hundred blood drives on the east coast and to help make up for the blood loss there are several blood drives taking place here
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this week. we'll let you know where to go on our website. >> dan: the storm is massive. as a result. thousands of flights were cancelled because of it including more than 150 at sfo. lilian kim caught up with passengers who might not make it out until the etd of the week at the earliest. >> reporter: that's right. people from the east coast have been forced to take an extended vacation. >> hotels have been busy the past couple days. a couple from boston flew in from hawaii but connecting flight was cancelled. >> we had the tsunami warnings stow i evacuation from honolulu. earliest flight is thursday but they are making the most of their stay. they plan to visit fisherman's wharf and golden gate bridge.
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giants win. >> but for others, staying is not an option. a doctor has patients scheduled for chemotherapy. >> only way we could figure out how to get home before wednesday was to fly to st. louis through denver with a three hour layover and then drive to massachusetts 20-22 hours. it's a mess. it's a mess. i just hope we're safe driving. >> erin can't wait for her flight in the morning. her original flight was cancelled sunday night. none of this has been fun for her. >> yesterday i spent the whole day getting my meds. i didn't have meds. i had to take care of a lot of running around because i was stuck. >> reporter: because this is weather-related delay and not a mechanical one, passengers will end up footing the hotel bill. >> carolyn: for up to the date information on flight
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cancellations and delays go to flight tracker on the front page of our website at there is growing outrage tonight on twitter in response to to this hurricane ad from american apparel. they are offering 20% off for people in ten states hardest hit by sandy. hundreds of people are tweeting against the company saying it's try to profit from a disaster. stay tuned for a one hour edition from "nightline" from the extreme weather team as they report from the front lines. >> dan: giants are back in town after an incredible world series win in detroit. plans are being made for a massive parade. they united with a water salute. live at civic center plaza where the giants will celebrate this wednesday. it's going to be a blast. >> reporter: absolutely. the grandstands are definitely
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going up across from city hall in preparation for wednesday's victory parade for the giants, today the first chance to welcome the team home. >> when the giants rounded the corner at at&t park fresh from world series victory, they got a big hero's welcome from the fans and outfielder hunter pence couldn't believe it. >> incredible. fans do it right. they've been amazing, all playoffs all season long. >> moments after arriving, pablo sandoval grabbed the world series trophy and ran to cheer with fans handing oit off to sergio romo. victory is so sweet for this team after many critics counted them out. >> you overcome so much adversity and it's great.
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>> big win in detroit was something amazing and personal. she had her infant son piled them in the car for the homecoming. >> even if you aren't a fan all year round how could you not get excited now. >> and then chad, who tattooed some history on his right calf and plans another one for his left. >> i'm actually working on the tattoo this week. hopefully i'll have more. >> back live with a shot of city hall with a lot of other buildings in san francisco, basking in the orange glow of victory. preparations underway for the giants victory parade on halloween. >> dan: good stuff. you can watch the parade live at 11:00 a.m. right here on abc7. we'll stream it live at and on our ipad.
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parade will start at foot of market street and move up the street to civic center plaza just like it did two years ago back in 2010. >> carolyn: mass transit is offering help, bart will be offering a rush hour schedule all day long, longer trains and more of them. caltrain and muni will run extra trains. it will force muni reroute many downtown bus lines. golden gate ferry is offering additional service. we all have this at >> dan: a local school could have lost a teacher to budget cuts. >> carolyn: michael finney is here to telling you about pro-active parents. >> parents at sunny side elementary were not about to take it lying down so they turned to the internet. up next, she helped save a
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teachers job and you can too at your school. >> dan: facebook employees deny why dozens of instant millionaires will have to wait
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>> carolyn: on this age of budget cuts, school education is ongoing challenge in the community. >> now a new tool and it is catching on. >> carolyn: michael finney explains how it works. >> here is the word, crowd cloud funding. social media and communities to get attached. in san francisco a local elementary school is using the technique to raise money after an unexpected financial shortfall. >> this is sunny side elementary in san francisco. like many public schools, there are lessons to be learned here about money. >> dollar, ten dollars.
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>> navigating the world of money is being learned in this classroom and also in the principal's office where state money came in $40,000 less than expected. >> we had an unexpected short fall relative to what we anticipated. i reached out to our school community for some problem solving. one of the best ideas that came out of that was this. >> here it is. they will a fund-raising website. those looking for donations put up a web page with pictures and text and make their case for donations. sunny side was looking at losing a classroom instructor. >> it started about a month ago but we've been doing great. we didn't expect it. >> look at the for numbers, the
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money raised and $40,000 needed. the site takes a 5% cut of the take. rest of the money goes to the school. so who is donating? parents, grandparents, local businesses. >> we've had a few people donate >> at social media fund-raising set let go fund me, it can link up with facebook and word can get around in different ways and we can have opportunities for people who are less connected with the school to help us in our efforts. >> reporter: the website has become a touch stone for the school community and others who just want to help out. >> what i see when i look at this, how a community can get together and we have budget shortfalls. california has approximate with funding with public schools. as a community and parents we can make sure our schools have
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what we need. >> reporter: there are other websites that offer similar services. if you would like donate or set up a web page, i have links. >> dan: great way to harness social media site. >> carolyn: let's get a check on the weather. certainly we have been following hurricane sandy. >> dan: causing problems. millions of people are without power. meteorologist sandhya patel is tracking it. >> it's going to be days before the storm is out of the way. as we look at doppler radar, snow falling over the mountains. heavy wet snow, two to three feet. blizzard warnings are up for the mountains. they have seen heavy snow with the gusty winds. rain continues to fall with the post tropical storm sandy so we'll continue to watch it. expecting four to eight inches, possibly up to a foot.
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we bring you back to the bay area and things are quieter in terms of the live doppler. no rain to speak of but certainly watching fog and temperatures at this hour are in the 50s. 61 degrees in antioch. visibility is what we're concerned about. check out the fog. dropping visibility, just over a mile now. so you will have to watch out for that morning commute. here are the forecast highlights. dense fog overnight. sunny and mild in the afternoon. late halloween, we'll talk about that in a moment yet. dense fog advisory for interior valleys from midnight that is going up 9:00 a.m. visibility is expected to be less than eighth of mile. when you head out the door tomorrow, you will likely see fog, not just near the coast but in parts of the bay around the east bayshore, also in the north bay. this is where you will likely
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encounter some fog. give yourself a little more time as you head out the door tomorrow morning. make sure you bundle up. it is going to be on the cool side. upper 40s to mid-50s with that dense fog. almost like pea soup in some areas. here is what is going to replace the fog. we'll get sunshine in the afternoon. rain arrives wednesday evening. this is the cold front that will bring us the rain. right now the computer animation bringing you just clouds at 1:00 p.m. watch this front. it starts to slide into the north bay come around 7:00, 8:00 in the evening. so trick-or-treaters will want to get out early enough. this is computer animation and anything can change. it will continue to slide south and east around midnight. by 5:00 a.m., wet weather across the entire bay area. 5:00 a.m. thursday. as showers continue to develop behind the storm system. tomorrow afternoon, mild day, temperatures will be in the mid to upper 70s inland valleys with
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sunshine, 72 in palo alto. 73 for you in san jose. mid-70s in napa and santa rosa. fog will burn away and nice day around the monterey. 75 in santa cruz. 78 degrees in morgan hill. nice, mild weather. san francisco giants parade. 10:00 a.m. on wednesday. mid-50s. 60 degrees. trick-or-treaters, cloudy by 4:00 and chance of rain especially in the north bay by 7:00 p.m. seven-day forecast, we'll keep the showers going for your thursday morning and then we dry out and warm it up for your weekend and beyond that. mike nicco will be here from 4:30 to 7:00 with complete updates and tracking that front for you. >> dan: coming up next, facebook employees have waited a long time for this day. >> carolyn: they are going to
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>> dan: sandy may be on the east coast but after facebook.
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>> they watched their stock slide. employees are were able to cash in today when the trading block expired. >> they will have to wait because the nasdaq and stock exchange were closed until wednesday because of the storm. >> they will still get that i pay day. we're talking football tonight. >> numbers tell the story and jim harbaugh has all message for all the critics. as the classic.
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good evening, who are you calling game manager. alex smith was near perfect as the 49ers paid a visit to the desert. one drop kept him from perfection. on the not top.
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there is game manager, alex smith to michael crabtree. niners up 7-0. check out concentration, deflected pass and makes the grab. got both feet down, nice catch. setting up another touchdown. zooming into the end zone, niners up 17-0. smith up at the half. randy moss, vintage moss. runs 47 yards, second touchdown of the year. smith went of 18 to 19 for three touchdowns and showing up angry. as the niners crush the cardinals 24-3 and improve to 6-2. jim harbaugh was asking about the perception that smith lacked confidence at times. >> i don't think there was a question there. i think it's gobble, gobble turkey.
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just gobble, gobble turkey, some jive turkey gobblers. >> that is the nature of the n.f.l. it's the nature of professional sports. we only play once a week and all those days in between. >> gobble, gobble, turkey. world champion giants fans lined the streets to get a glimpse of their heroes. the team that would never give up celebrating second world series title in past three seasons. they will get sleep this evening and get ready for the parade on wednesday. >> they are so special. you try to catch up eventually but right now the boys are still talking about what happened. and we were celebrating. we had a great time. i think they got some needed rest and will rest up couple days there and enjoy wednesday's
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parade. half a world away, golf in china, tiger woods with a stare down with mcllroy. 18-hole exhibition, tiger on 7. rolling this ball to the pin would settle for a birdie. mcllroy shot a 67. he ties it by a stroke. million dollars for an appearance, tiger made $2 million, more than a hundred thousand dollars a hole. that is good money if you can get it. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> that would be good compensation package. gobble, gobble turkey. no kidding. >> carolyn: thanks, larry. >> dan: thanks for being with us. >> for all of us, thanks for joining
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