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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 21, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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a decision the district attorney will make at a later time. >> does he realize seriousness of the charges? >> i don't have anything else to say, thank you very much. >> police are still looking forí a second suspect, the man they say was with willbanks friday night and got away. there is a $20,000 reward for information leading to capture ask conviction. >> this is someone who, but for the grace of god, this officer could have been killed we have no reason not to suspect he won't try to do the same thing, again. we're trying to find him as quickly as we can. >> will bank dz not enter a plea. he's scheduled to do that on december 5th. >> thank you very much. well, thanksgiving get away weekend is well underway. and traffic getting heavy in spots. there is a look and you can
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see ribbons of headlights and taillights on the right. to the left coming towards city. it's backed up. you're looking at 680 near the benicia bridge. 5.4 million californians plan to travel 50 miles or moreover long thanksgiving weekend. traffic at airports is heavy. but so far, there have been no major delays. weather is cooperating, that helps. sfo expecting 140 p.o.w. passengers flying out of san francisco during the holiday period. >> travelers heading through three of the busiest airports ran into problems today. a labor dispute that snarled traffic this afternoon. members marched in protest of a skigs to break a contract with workers. dozens were arrested for refusing to leave. fog cau
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chicago two airports. 90 flights cancelled and 400 delayed in owe haifr and midway. a live map showing thousand things are going at airports, you can see if you look there are dots everywhere meaning no significant delays for anyone. if you're flying some or picking someone up, check out abc 7 flight tracker before you leave. you'll find the latest and look up the waitn#z9 times thats a flight tracker at the bottom of the home page. >> folks decided to spend the holiday closer to home, sierra is looking atraffickive. that is if wind dyes down. a lot of lifts on wind hold today, these are shots from our resort camera. laura, you spent time at nrj star today.
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>> that is right. the skies are clear up here. it's been clear most of the day. as you said quite windy there today. latest storm wasn't so great. but it made getting up here easy for drivers who planned to spend the weekend in the sierra. it was a storm that made it easy on those trying to get to mountains as snow levels stay add well 8,000 feet. on slopes it wasn't so good,du1m an inch or two of new snow at the top making stuff at the bottom slushy. >> shaed sledding hard and it's getting fun. it's a good day. >> runs were crowded as skiers tune up for some thanksgiving turns. >> so did you think you'd be
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skiing before thanksgiving? >> no. no. no way. >> what do you like bit? >> you get to ski. you want to get up and it will be warmer. >> by tomorrow, north star plans to make sure more people can go up and down opening a lift going up to the top of mount pluto. >> we're opening back here, meaning we'll be skiing to the top of the mountain. so a lot more terrain still to come. >> north star will have more runs open. squaw valley planning to open the top of the mountain tomorrow, 13 lifts thark is the plan tonight why folks are coming up here, what they're planning to do besides skiing. >> san jess yeah police are looking for the car and driver
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that hit a man crossing the street just before dawn in what is now a fatal hit and run. police say the man was walking in the dark, possibly in rainy conditions when hit and thrown into the intersection, then, a second car hit him. investigators can't be sure how the victim died. witnesses could only identify a dark sedan as the first car. >> come to find out that the victim was struck bea second vehicle, just afterwards, that vehicle did stop. the driver is cooperating with the investigation. >> this is the second fatality of a pedestrian around this intersection in three months. the 25th traffic deathu jose this year. >> the berkeley police department asking for help to track down a thief. these are surveillance images of a man police believe is responsible for two burglaries.
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now, he's usually and n.and out, quickly moving fast. if you have information please call crime stop yirs. -- stoppers. in san francisco a cancer patient companion dog stolen from the car as the man was undergoing treatment. can you imagine that? coming up in 20 minutes how a community is pulling together now to help their sick neighbor find his dog. >> thanksgiving going to be a sad day after a fire damaged a home. residents of the house on west lake avenue say the blaze started in the kitchen frkts got there, smoke could be seen coming from the roof. one woman fainted from the shock and was treated for smoke inhalation. residents in an adjoining home had to run for safety. >> my mom was cooking,
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preparing for tomorrow. but... i don't know. it's scary, still. still shaken up. >> nine adults three children lived in that house. red cross is helping them find another place to stay for the holiday. >> the body of an oakland man/$a recovered by a dive team this morning. he lost his life searching for his beloved cat. the man well into a water filled quarry behind his home in the rockridge shopping center area. this sounds like a freak accident. >> talking to people who knew the victim, they talked about how much he loved his pets. and they are not surprised that he went out on a ledge on a dark, rainy night looking for his pet. in a neighborhood of cat lovers he stood out. >> he, that was his life.
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that is his little friend, yes. >> authorities say the 59-year-old was searching for his cat behind his home, you can see from sky 7, it sits on the edge of a steep cliff, fence frofd a rock quarry. he apparently slipped, plunging 100 feet into the water below. >> i know that he gave his life for his cat. >> ione lives next door. >> we bought this place in 95. i looked down and thought you want to buy here? >> now, she's mourning the neighbor that lost his footing in the rain-soaked hillside. a rescue boat searched throughout the night before recovering the body. around 1:00 this morning. the cat found alive and is back home. >> he loved cats and we loved
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him. >> wonderful, witty. dry sense of humor. love the guy. >> a battalion chief told me the quarry is owned by the claremont country club. we stopped by there but there was no comment. >> a south bay marine killed by police in palm springs has been buried. officers shot him after a confrontation. dozens of family, friends, he served in afghanistan, his enlistment would have ended in january. port of oakland after a strike shut it down foremost of the day. you can see there are huge lines of truckers still trying to get inside and unload or pick up, drivers who could not unload big rigs yesterday are
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trying to do it today. truckers have been losing money since yesterday. >> need to go to work to make a living you know? so... >> do you know how much you lost? >> around... for me? like $500. >> this did get officials back to the bargaining table, they're scheduled to meet with a mediator next week. >> just in time for holiday rush, consumer confidence on the rises in the u.s.. americans optimistic the employment rate will drop over the next year. boosting confidence to highest levels in five years. university of michigan says cons7 sentiment went up this month, index increased 19% in the last year. and where they are concerned is the fiscal cliff.
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>> new in the next five minutes on abc 7 news at 5:00 what are the must haves on the wish list? 7 on your side michael finney will show which stores are offering the best deals on products this black friday. including computers, tvs and sporting equipment. >> stay tuned for that. 49ers coach cleared the air today about his ig regular heartbeat ask a possible quarterback controversial. he received electrical therapy. as for the controversy, he says isn't one. >> two quarterbacks we're confident have one force. and... we believe in. and... to me, it's opposite of a controversy. >> coach expects alex smith to be cleared soon. back up quarterback will start
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sunday if smith is not cleared. >> a bay area woman is going back home tonight after an abc 7 news i team investigation uncovered officials violating a federal regulation. >> that is right. now, the county is changing policy moving the woman back into the home she never wanted to leave. >> the report is that families complained public guardian's office moved a loved one out of their home against wishes now sh the county had to bring her home after proving they broke federal lending rules. this is the ride the family has been waiting for her to take. >> coming home after two years. >> the 92-year-old conserved by santa clara county. public guardian took control of the estate in 2009 after family members were accused of taking advantage of her. allegations the family members deny.
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she was moved out of her house in october, to 10 and has been living in an assistive living >> she with wo say i want to go home every time i twont visit. >> in november the county took out a reverse mortgage on the thousands help pay for the care. >> is it proper to take out a reverse mortgage when the spern not living in the home? >> my understanding is that you need to live in the home. and be there in order to have a reverse mortgage. >> according to the department of housing and urban development a person must live in the home in order to qualify for a reverse mortgage with the exception a person may be out of the home for 12 consecutive home. she was gone more than two years. >> won't want to violate regulations.. >> after the i team exposed what the county was doing, scalia has been moved back into her home. >> we got ahold of abc 7, the
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i team. and that is when things started moving. >> she pointed out her house to the driver. a new bed arrived and a care giver moved in. the county spent the money to fix up the outside of the house. but she was bt allowed to walk inside of the front door. the county rushed her into the garage. her niece says she's just happy her aunt is home. >> it's going to be fun seeing her in her own house, listening to her music. she loves her records. >> our tri forced a change in policy. now, the head of the department will have to approve reverse mortgages. her family plans to celebrate at her aunt's house fchl you think a government agency isn't doing what it'sq]x2z suppd to, call us or e mail three through our web site. >> that woman was so upset.
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>> home, now. >> fantastic story. >> an alameda man accused of robbing a palo woman admits he did it. mcfarland admitted to stealing computers and jewelry from the house owned by thes7:6ñ late founder of apple. this plea includes home burglaries in san francisco, marin and alameda and faces a seven yeefrs, eight months in prison. >> construction work on apple's futuristic campus in cupertino may be delayed up to two years, officials may not be able to complete an environmental study so it may not be ready until 2016. >> another big sign housing
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indid us story is recovering finally. mortgage rates are the lowest they've ever been michael finney is here tonight. a house for the holidays, huh? >> there you go. ever, ever. here is a catch. you're going to have to qualify for rock bottom rates. interest on a po year fixed loan dropped to just 3.31%. less than three and a third, the lowest since they began keeping records back in 1971. previous record set last week, analysts say the market is recovering and more are refinancing their homes, putting more money in pockets, driving up spending hopefully, in time for holidays.. >> year, thur is the new black for shoppers, lot of stores plan to open tomorrow at midnight or early friday
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morning but not all of them. k mart says it's going to open at 8:00 p.m. toys are us going to join them. so will wall marlt, target loafing around an extra hour, going to open at 9:00. here is a look at the deals they'll have. ads scream incredible deals from bargain bikes to free dog antlers for these door buster and higher, shoppers will be camping out to snag deals only hour or when supplies run out. in fact, walmart ever offering a one hour in stock guarantee.
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but three items a 32 inch emerson high deftv, an lg blue ray player $38 and an apple ipad 2 with wi-fi for p $99. that is the regular place pris but you get a $75 walmart gift card as a bonus, walmart says if they sell out they'll give customers a voucher and guarantee they can pick them up before christmas. >> this is walmart saying if you're in the store that hour you'll able to get this. >> one top pick, k mart selling this 32 inch tv from pro scan just $97. check out this 40 inch
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buy. regular price? $419.9. lrx best buy, this lap top. less than half of the retailed price. if you want a advanced lop top, he recommends one from dell. >> go and get the dell 14 inch lap top. it's got a better processor, more memory. >> at 300s thadz is half off. you don't have to wait in line. it's offered yin line only. sam's club selling this dyson for about a third off. the new samsung galaxy is a hot seller. very on, you'll pay $249.99 but sam's club just for 96 yents a service plan. maym=; be worth paying $100 a
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year membership to save $250. big lots is selling this mini camcorder under $13. and walmart has popular dvd movies for under $2 sweet. black friday isn't just good for shoppers. internet retailers expect it to increase. in store shopping expected to go up. stores hiring a ton of people. total sales expected to top $650 billion. before you go shopping, you need to check out our web site. we've made it ceasey for you. right here, you're going to find out when stores open.
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over here, exactly what deals are that are in their ads. check them out. black friday ads, right there. everything you need. >> thank you. very much. great information. >> this talk about shopping makes me want to know how is the weather going to be? >> the storm passed. we're live from the roof top tonight. how does it look? >> looks fabulous. we have a light breeze getting cool out here, 57 degrees. clouds and that is about it. taking you out from a different perspective, live look from our sutro camera. towards san francisco, you can see clouds out there. rain is done. thanksgiving looking fabulous. i'll show you wait looked like from owe that perspective. we did have storms going
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through here into this morning and take a look at rainfall totals. look at san jose. two tenths of an inch. san francisco just over an inch. livermore, 2200 of an inch. temperatures falling mid-50s low 60s, bundle up if you're heading out of the door. clear, capitol hilly overnight. this is going to be sunny, mild thanksgiving looking fabulous for plans. there is a cold front went through. high pressure is now calling sho.s you don't have to worry about storms this long holiday weekend. what happens in overnight hours fog forms in central
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valley. this is monday. when that happens could be dense in pockis chls -- pockets. watch out for fog, temperatures on the chilly sichld you'll need a layer, low 40s around santa rosa, napa and fair feemd. 49 in oakland. 47 degrees in san jose. afternoon looking fabulous, sunshine, high clouds, 63 san francisco. 65 san jose. ampb the bay, thanksgiving day, mild. 67 degrees in santa cruz. 70 in salinas. hard to believe. check out the accu-weather forecast. dryéxge thanksgiving. foggy morning friday. black friday going to be chilly. sunny skies in the afternoon. mid 60s to low 70s, mild
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friday. weekend looking dry. temperatures in 60s. very little change monday, tuesday, wednesday a slight chance of showers but i would say double thumbs up for thanksgiving. have a great thanksgiving. >> thank you very much. >> we have breaking news right now in san francisco. police and ambulances on the scene where a man hole cover flew off a city street. >> yes. sky 7 is over the scene. we're hearing reports of injuries to people nearby. that is apparently what happened. we'll have more details as soon as it becomes available. >> still to come on abc 7 news, how a community is pulling together to help a cancer patient find his pet stolen
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from his car. >> stay tuned for that. then at kf obtaining footage of a deep sea expedition to protect underwater canyons of the pacific. that
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>> this story makes you wonder what is wrong with people. someone stole his service dog, the companion for four years. >> jonathan bloom has more on the crime and how neighbors stepped in to help. >> ron had a run of bad luck. he had a hip replacement, is on dialysis, suffered from crohn's disease and diagnosed with cancer. a bright spot has been his service dog named lola. >> most affection knit, sweetest, nicest companion you
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can have. >> now, lola is missing. someone snatched lola off the seat. the thief removed a collar and took off. >> evil. evil person. i can't imagine.1÷
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>> from all of us here wesh appreciate your time. we hope you'll join us again at 6:00 in a half hour. this is "world news." tonight, breaking news here. the mideast back from the brink and this evening, the new a fragile truce. the rockets fired right until the end. our corresnd


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