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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 30, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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and showers really spotty around san rafael heading down towards the east bay. fremont, milpitas around highway 680. you can see light showers. winds not as strong but we do have a flash flood watch. we're expecting several inches of rain. smaller streams may overtop banks. these are the areas, another strong storm will dump heavy rain on saturated ground. more than eight inches in the northern end of sonoma county. santa rosa six and a half inches. san francisco, two inches. san jose receiving an inch and a third. you can see towards livermore almost two inches of rain, nobody escaping the rain or the wind. winds were gusty here golden
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gate bridge, 60 miles per hour. 11 p.m. saturday night, stormiest weather north. as you're sleeping early morning hours 5:00 a.m. sunday, north bay getting pounded with heavy wind and rain. it shifts across the bay area, then really continues into the south and east bay. santa cruz mountains at 9:00 a.m. we have radar on mount st. helena. i'll be back to tell but a high surf advisory. how much rain and with we might get a break. >> thank you. >> the storm made for a washout in wine country. several inches of rain there. laura anthony joins us life things have improved but this is one of the trouble spots. one of the first to flood in this area.
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heavy rains move into petaluma that is what happened this morning. and overnight, into the north bay. willow brook creek began to overrun banks. think of this as a water way because it was so low this week. here on industrial avenue water front caused the parking lot to flood. >> this disrupts our ability to brait the company. we can't load from the dock. our employees zront a place to park. >> this water came up quickly this morning. we're hoping it stays where it is now. >> that is a gentleman that live as long the petaluma river. this is a refrigeration business near the river. it hasn't flooded in years.
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when it did it was in conditions like this. with high tides projected to be at seven feet on sunday, the concern is that that river with grounds saturated that river and creeks like the one behind this property will overflow again. we'll hear more from folks getting ready for this weekend's new round of systems tonight at 6:00. >> we'll see new an hour, take a look the at mess on busy wine street this morning in san francisco. high winds knocking over a tree. video right there. people say it started like an explosion. the owner told abc 7 news she'd just bought that car months ago. hopefully insurance will cover it absolutely. the storm shut down a mountain road. the trouble is on highway 9 there. we are live at the summit for us on highway 17th.
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>> about a half mile segment closed all day long for some significant pg&e repairs. people know what kind of trouble a big, wet storm can bring and have been preparing all week. >> linda is ready to hand out kits, outside people have been stocking up on sand bags all week. >> we're always ready to roll. and this time of the year this october, we've been here seven days per week. >> highway 9 closed when a tree took down lines and a pole. pg&e bus kbree -- busy with the same story. lines downed by falling tree autos we can handle a lot. people are accustomed to it.
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you have new people. >> the shop, shop and get it store is right there. he kept lights on with the generator. >> but the best thing we can do is make sure water is running up the best it can. that is about it. not much a person can do. usually redwoods are fine. it's douglas fir that's get old. >> in boulder creek, locals checked out the river. carey lynn says you can see the riverbanks yesterday. >> look nat. >> yes. my gain gauge is one of those tiny rain gauges you know? this morning it was two. it's still raining. >> you take a risk. roads going to go. power going to go. you try to haej your bets.
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>> people here in the mountains can prepare but trees falling? all they can do is trim trees. then in the winter,. >> drenched right now. now east bay, we spent part of the day monitoring roads for trouble spots in the storm. just look at the live picture right now at the skyway. traffic heading left to right is usually horrible. it's crawling along. we give you a live shot right there. clear skies is good news for an event tonight. nick smith joins us live now from oakland. >> it starts, then stops.
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here in jack london square, everyone is looking to see how long this break will last. today it's about the rain. most focused on condition, traffic and freeways. you have to say, slow down. >> runnoff from rainfall creating big ponds in areas of downtown. the intersection became a virtual lake. water so high, it parked parking spaces. with the sidewalks covered in rain this, woman appeared to be bafld by how to get around it. so she just stood there. ankle deep in rain water. 880 was a wet mess. heavy rain creating stop and
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go traffic and a sea of brake lights. this accident one of many witnessed in the span of only two hours. spots on the highway often flood quickly. a new set of challenges for crews. assigned to keep storm drains clear. >> we have to make sure they're not being plugged by mud, leaves or litter. >> 300 cameras caltrans had a busy day monitoring traffic. the dots kailt problem areas where traffic is stopped. there is a mudslide in fremont brought traffic to a stand still. >> we find out what problems are so we can dispatch right people and equipment. >> chp responded quickly to this accident on westbound highway 580. they believe the driver may have been going too fast. the car flipped on impact. the driver taken to the ho. less than 20 minutes after
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that accident was cleared there was another. just west of the gulf links road exit. four lanes of traffic reduced to three. at jack london square a free event is taking place. coming up at 6:00 how wet weather has affected those too young to drive. what we've learned about the holiday parade and oakland zoo's light show. >> police in west sacramento believe the storm was a factor in the traffic death of a pg&e employee. authorities say the employee slammed into a traffic light at lake washington boulevard around 1:40. co-workers say the driver had been been working overnight. his name has not yet been released. >> getting around by car proved to be challenging. lights knocked out an hour
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today in the middle of the morning commute. metering lights were not operating creating more chaos than normal. lights started crawling up the span from the west end and within minutes, the span relit. lights n on the richmond bridge out for a short time today. >> erie with no lights. hundreds of homes and businesses on the peninsula still in the dark because of power outages there today we found a football field. abc 7 news joins us live from menlo park. this is one of two sandbag stations. a popular destination for many today. were no major problems on the peninsula or south bay except for power outages. some minor football fields was the worst. take a look. in atherton, workers were busy
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trying to drain the water from the football field. water level stood above the new turf field. one main pump had broken during the night. in san bruno, hundreds of residents lost their power during the hours. the limb of a large tree broke off. a pole cracked in half, snapping the lines. crews trying to get power back to some as quickly as they could. >> half people will get power back on. rest out for a while. >> that could take time. this is the neighborhood that seems used to power outages. that happens when strong winds whip up the hillside. >> so bad my husband and i
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bought a camp stove. our stove is electric. and we're used to electricity being out. we are now using our camp stove. >> yesterday, we met dennis lind. he's getting ready for the storm. he had flood problems before. >> sometimes you just can't hope. it's left in the kitchen. >> the restaurant was o he didn't need the sandbags. >> that is ready. >> better to be prepared?. >> yes. yes. >> he wants to be prepared for next storm and there are five yards of sand in this pile. crews have filled it up, twice. vic lee abc 7 news. >> vick, thank you. take a look at what people on treasure island are having to deal w a viewer says this is what he and neighbors have to
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deal with every time we have heavy rain. and we can call this calm after the storm. take a look. there is a rainbow stretching from north beach to marina. you can e makeshift memorial mail them to us at you stay with abc 7 news for our continuing coverage. >> still to come at 5:00 a quaint sleepy town waking up to a horrible home invasion. the first murder in 40 years. >> and rain dumped snow but it's bringing a problem forcing some resorts to shut down. >> taking a look at live doppler 7. if you see dark rain that means heavy, heavy rain. we can see blue indicating light rain. now it's in the south bay in san jose. we'll keep you posted on what's happening.
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people in an afluent south bay community are shocked. police investigate the first murder in four deck yaichldz a deadly home invasion took place over night there. we're live now with the latest on the investigation. >> to 20 investigators have been searching for crew clues because the house is big. police told me that they've found no signs of forced evidence. police say a woman called 911 after 1:30 saying someone had ransacked the house. police arrived and found the
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husband dead inside. police are waiting for the coroner to tell them how the man died. >> this is a safe community. in a safe neighborhood. it's off the beaten path. it isn't a place some would zpop say oh, we should go rob that place. >> because of the rain, police were working as a matter of fact, trying to collect evidence outside. now, it goes without saying this has rattled neighbors. this is an afluent area with gates police say the last murder happened 40 years ago. >> this house is well gated and huge place. you have to know the house to be able to do this so we're shocked about this. >> this is a middle aged couple police have not released names the wife taken
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to the hospital. we're told she will be fine. she will be okay. a lot of questions. abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> rain in the bay area usually means snow in the sierra. some resorts plan on being open this weekend. kirkwood and north star plan to be open tomorrow. but we have video to show you of idle ski lifts at sugar bowl. squaw rally reports high winds might keep them from opening. >> let's get the latest from the weather situation. >> they do have a wind advisory. they receive up in sierra nevada three to 10 inches of snow. here is a look as we pan around here, still have clouds,
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moisture coming out of the clouds. another live picture from our camera, we're looking out above 8,000 feet. yes there is snow on the round. it's been raining so far today. let's check out live doppler 7 hd. scattered showers have been picking up just east of winsor. some moderate rainfall north of santa rosa. you can see yellow showing up here. and so watch out. we're not done yet with scattered showers. in the east bay, fremont lighter returns. lighter showers around mission boulevard so hang on to umbrellas. we have another storm coming.
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hey rain, wind sunday morning. i want to show you storm came through dumping heavy rain on us this, is storm two that is moving out. storm three is developing coming in for weekend. so if you have weekend plans here is the time line. 7:00 tonight, rain this evening just going to be periods of rain through saturday. saturday at 7:00 a.m. would see moderate to heavier pockets. but then, the rain becomes more wide spread. then storm approaches. so north saturday at 10:00 p.m. some heavy rain showing up. at 6:00 a.m. sunday, your sunday morning looks rough. at 8:00 a.m. it's going to be tough out
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there. we'll continue to see heavy down pours. behind the front at 1:25 rain will have pushed out of town. should be an improvement. we're going to get more sig can't rain. up until 11:00 up to seven inches in north bay mountains two and a half to five in the north bay. be careful out there. throughout the weekend, the russian river is qlos to eight feet. expected to get to 24 feet. flood stage is 21 feet. russian river near guerneville is a concern. we showed this to you yesterday. now at 22 feet. it's going to get close.
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so 30 feet is what we're talking about. which is why flood watches are going. we're expecting surf advisory until 4:00 a.m. saturday. tomorrow afternoon, scattered showers, upper 50s to mid-60s, checking out accu-weather forecast, strongest part of the storm saturday to sunday morning. dry sunday, we'll see more rain. that storm does not look as strong. chance of rain drying out for you. >> we need that time thank you. >> raider nation we want to hear from you. want to see team pride. we invite you to e mail your fan photos. we'll post photos on abc 7 and show them on the air. maybe take photos at sunday's game. we have a raiders special next
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thursday because at 5:00 you can watch peyton manning in town at the coliseum versus silver and black. we'll broadcast live here on abc 7. >> just ahead get ready to be wined and dined for free. finney's friday free stuff, up next. >> about time. and new at 6:00 ucsf has a new medical facility. inside where students can rain with high te
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it's friday. you know that means we love filling in. >> yes. michael finney is here. it's about time you wine and dine us. >> okay. let's start with what i consider home cooking. these are sauces. these are a great idea.
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this is going like pasta. that is a great idea. they've got all kinds of sesame ginger a bunch of different kinds. they're worth $3.99 each and you're going to get it free. it's good. now, let's... pass along the cheese right there. then we'll give you the wine glass. we have teeming up to give you $10 of spending money. look at that. the winery and marketplace there is son gnomea. it's nice. so they're going to giver you
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a tasting and cheese plate for two. >> that is nice. >> you get it free? >> you can call at any time you can log on to abc 7 go michael finney's consumer blog. >> yes. terrific, thank you. >> i know what i'll be doing. >> a live picture where rain or shine it's wall to
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coming up at 6:00 we're on storm watch. what you can expect on bay area roads tonight and throughout the weekend. >> how the storm is affecting people throughout the bay area from falling tree branches to flooded neighborhoods. >> a woman upset after her car is stolen. it's not the car she cares about, about what is inside. we'll have her plea to return a lap top with videos and pictures.
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>> cheryl jennings is moderating a fund-raiser event with kite runner author. >> it's through his foundation to build shelters for homeless afghans. there are more than five million who needs homes after being destroyed. >> the event is at harper school in san jose. there will be a time for the audience to participate. >> world news is up next. i'm carolyn johnson. >> from all of us here at abc this is "world news." tonight, terror plot. the fbi arrests two men saying they planned an attack in the u.s. with explosives. pierre thomas has the latest. stormy season. we learned today this was a record-breaking hurricane season. what does it say about the future of melting ice and torrential floods?


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