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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  November 30, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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the family in the heartland that struck gold in the lottery. >> we're still stunned by what's happened. it's surreal. >> and the search tonight for a mystery man, who could also be a big winner. and, our "person of the week." a young woman who teaches all of us about living a big, bold life. good evening on this friday night. we have breaking news tonight. two men under arrest in a terror plot. they are naturalized citizens of pakistani decent living in south florida. and abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas joins us now with all the breaking details. pierre? >> reporter: diane, tonight, the fbi believes it has stopped a plot of home grown terror that while in its early stages, could have been deadly. tonight, two ft. lauderdale men
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are in custody, accused of plotting to detonate a bomb in the u.s. homeland. the two men, brothers raees and sheheryar qazi, are identified at naturalized citizens from pakistan. sources tell abc news, this was not a sting. and that the younger brother had been in contact with overseas radicals, possibly connected to al qaeda. the indictment accuses the men of attempting to provide lodging, communications, equipment and transportation in a conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction. and sources say, the fbi found evidence the younger brother had been monitoring recent fbi sting cases, so authorities say infiltrating the alleged conspiracy was a nonstarter. >> and pierre, i know this is still a developing story, but any indication of how many others might be involved? >> reporter: diane, this case is active and ongoing. they are looking at potential suspects overseas and there could be more arrests right here at home. >> okay, pierre is standing by to bring us all the breaking details as they happen. and, we turn next to news today about the changing climate.
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hurricane season ended today, and it is official. this was the third worst season since records began 161 years ago. in a typical year, there are 12 named storms. this year, we had 19. among the monsters like isaac in the gulf and sandy in the east. tonight, abc's dan harris tells us what this means for the future. >> reporter: a surge of storms pummelling the american coastline. watch this year's busy hurricane season play out in just seven seconds. one storm, piling on after the other. leaving people whose lives were uprooted by sandy -- >> we are extremely, extremely frustrated. this is what you need to understand. >> reporter: -- coming to terms with the harsh new reality that may affect millions of americans who live near the water. >> it's not safe for us to live there. the next storm that hits, everybody is going to be vulnerable. >> reporter: for these people, meeting with government officials thursday night, today's hurricane season
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statistics are not just numbers. so, this year was bad and there's every reason to believe that next year, the year after and the year after that could be bad? >> i think it's pretty safe to expect continued years of busy hurricane seasons. >> reporter: so, what's going on here? not only are we in a naturally-occurring active period for hurricanes, but then, there's also climate change, which makes the waters warmer, which can make the storms stronger. and just this week, a new study, saying climate change is also causing the polar ice sheets to melt three times faster than they were 20 years ago. look at this time lapse footage from the new documentary, "chasing ice." as this ice melts, it drives up water levels along the coasts, which makes hurricanes worse. >> it was coming in, rushing like a -- like a rapids. >> reporter: in sandy, it was that surging water, not the wind, that caused most of the death and destruction. just to put a fine point on this, the house was there. >> right.
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>> reporter: and the water pushed it all the way over here. >> for a lot of people, climate change really seems like this distant threat. but we're actually seeing it right here and right now. >> reporter: even though hurricane season is technically over, we could still see some more action. in the past decade, there have been four named storms in december, diane. >> in december. okay, thank you, dan. and now, we move onto a different kind of storm report. the negotiations on that fiscal cliff, now just 32 days away. and, today, the top republican in the country, house speaker john boehner, declared a stalemate, while president obama warned that republicans must accept higher taxes on the rich or watch everyone get a tax hike. >> that's sort of like the lump of coal you get for christmas. that's a scrooge christmas. >> so, what is next? george stephanopoulos is going to sit down with the treasury secretary tim geithner for a reality check on these
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negotiations, this sunday on "this week." and we head overseas now to israel, and the provocative new announcement there. officials in israel saying they will build 3,000 new israeli homes in jerusalem. the palestinians condemned the announcement. it comes on the heels of that historic vote by the united nations, making palestine an observer state, over the objections of israel and the u.s. and nearby in egypt, tahrir square again filling up with protesters, more than 100,000 at times today, chanting against their president, mohamed morsi, claiming he jammed through a draft of a new constitution, which strengthens the muslim brotherhood against christians and liberals. critics say it would curb the rights of women and freedom of speech. and back here at home, a terrifying scene in a small town. a train derailment that sent hazardous chemicals, a gas called vinyl chloride, spewing into the air. more than 70 people sought
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medical treatment for burning eyes, labored breathing. and abc's linsey davis is on the scene. >> reporter: thousands of gallons of the hazardous chemical vinyl chloride spewed into the air from the ruptured car. residents were told to stay in their homes. three schools within a mile ordered to keep students indoors. >> we are saying to all that are watching this, that live within the borough of paulsboro, it is a time for caution. >> reporter: 71 people were admitted to a local hospital. vinyl chloride is a colorless gas. inhaling it can cause dizziness, headaches and drowsiness. breathing very high levels can cause loss of consciousness and extremely high levels can even cause death. there have been concerns about this bridge before? >> i've been told today that the residents most close to that bridge had heard unusual characteristic sounds, clanking sounds. sounds they don't always hear with that bridge. >> reporter: just three years ago, a coal train derailed on the same bridge.
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140,000 miles of freight track across the country, carrying dangerous chemicals near the homes of millions of americans. 99.99% of chemical shipments get there safely. but when they don't, the results can be deadly. in south carolina, in 2005, a train carrying chlorine gas exploded. nine people were killed. work is expected to continue here, throughout the night. at this moment, the rail cars are being cleaned of the toxin so they can be removed from this area. the ntsb is in the process of documenting what happened. they are expected to try to determine the cause of this derailment in the next few days. diane? >> linsey davis reporting in. thank you, linsey. and now, the big news about that half billion dollar powerball jackpot. and those two winning tickets. tonight, the hunt is on for this man, believed to be a big winner in arizona. the winner. this is the moment he realized his good luck, caught on tape, if that's indeed him. while today, another family in missouri came forward to claim their prize.
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and talk about the shock of it all and how they chose those numbers. here's abc's alex perez. >> reporter: two years ago, mark hill and his wife, cindy, were both unemployed. today, they are powerball jackpot millionaires. >> i was shaking. i called my husband, and i said, "i think i'm having a heart attack." >> reporter: but she didn't. and the family today accepted their $293,750,000 check at the high school where they both met, in the town where they still live, in teeny, tiny, dearborn, missouri. mark immediately called his boss at the mile hereshire brands factory, where he works packaging hot dogs, to let them know he's not coming in. >> you know, i only talked to my boss over the phone. he didn't believe me. >> reporter: and those winning numbers, not jersey numbers from royals hall of fame players as first rumored -- just quick pick. the hill's son, cody, says the millions won't define this family.
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>> my dad always said that money doesn't really make a person, just makes life a little bit more comfortable, so, i see things being just a little bit more comfortable. >> reporter: with the missouri millionaire ticket now claimed, the big mystery is to who won the second matching ticket, sold in arizona, now spreading to the east coast. this surveillance video from a store in maryland shows a man checking the six numbers with the store clerk, and then, again, with other customers. >> he said, is this the right numbers? and i looked at him, i said, yeah, man, that's the numbers. you got them all. >> reporter: before bursting with excitement and heading out the door. the arizona ticket remains unclaimed. back in dearborn, the hill's 6-year-old adopted daughter already knows what she wants for christmas. >> pony. >> reporter: that she wants to name lotto. the newly minted millionaires plan to keep their pickup truck and stay in the town they call home. >> we'll still be going down to the corner cafe for breakfast or fish day. it's just us. we're as common as anybody. we just have a little bit more money. >> reporter: the understatement of the year. alex perez, abc news, dearborn, missouri.
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"20/20" anchor chris cuomo is opening the door on what could really be happening behind the scenes during your vacation. >> reporter: looks like a car-jacking, doesn't it? but it's actually a car parking by a hotel valet in st. louis posted on youtube. >> the valet's not going to make any money unless he gets that dollar tip. so there's a focus on speed. of course, when it comes out, it's driven really slowly and carefully. >> reporter: the solution? tip the valet before you surrender your car or expect the abuse to begin. when it comes to hotel happiness, tipping is worth it. come to the front desk with your friend president jackson and an upgrade could be yours. flash a 'tude instead, watch your back. is it true that there is a culture of revenge that exists on behalf of the staff? >> oh, without a doubt. there's a thousand ways that i can get back at you for something you don't even know you did.
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>> reporter: for example, in new york city, where the area code is 212, you may be put in room 1212, which is exactly what a guest forgetting to dial 9 for an outside line would dial. >> if i put you in room 1212, it's a beautiful room by all accounts. however, there's a bunch of idiots all through the hotel that don't dial out and it's going to ring 1212 all day, all night. >> reporter: and a nasty attitude is a big motivator for staff revenge. rude or cheap guests are being watched and secretly listed as a pita, or a pain in the -- obvious. but if you're a big tipper, they may have logged you as an f.o.b., or friend of ben, as in franklin. then, you'll definitely get prompt attention. but cash doesn't guarantee character. look at this video shot by some hotel guests. in comes the hotel manager, in he goes to the safe, and out goes their cash.
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cautionary tale. doesn't usually happen. to sum up, when you travel, leave the bad attitude at home and, diane, every little bit helps. >> i have no attitude, chris. >> reporter: you are perfect. >> of course. stipulating that. other tips coming up tonight, for instance, about how to reduce the charges? >> reporter: here's a good one. now, diane sawyer may not do this, but chris cuomo might. the movie that you've watched, the thing that you've eaten in the mini bar, if you challenge charges, they are very much in the hotel business saying, the customer is always right. within your own ethical standards of what actually happened or did not. very different for the two of us. but if you do challenge, you may well win. >> okay, well, watch tonight and see how the negotiation goes. thank you, chris. and chris will be reporting in tonight on "20/20," as always, at 10:00 eastern time. be sure to watch. and, coming up, the duet lighting up the internet. listen. [ baby talking ] [ dog howling ] baby talking ]
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another jacket from the music video "bad" is expected to bring in $120,000 at an auction in a few days. and his famous glove, at least one of them, expected to go for a cool $50,000. and, a picture in the news. a new song out in the sea. and this is a mechanical hum. from a so-called bio-swimmer, an underwater drone dispatched by homeland security to patrol america's coasts and send back intelligence. it will blend in with the ocean life and, watch. it bends and darts, navigates the ocean like the real thing, because it's patterned on a tuna. it joins other camouflaged drones, like this robotic hummingbird and this cyborg beetle. and a different kind of song. a video duet that made us smile this friday. who hasn't been enchanted by baby talk? 10-month-old lexi started singing and the family dog just
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and finally tonight, our "person of the week." a few days from now, a young woman will be standing on a stage at a gathering honoring american women of worth. women who changed the lives of others. her name is aimee mullins. we first heard about her after she electrified an audience at the famous t.e.d. conference on big ideas. there she was, on stage, confident, charismatic and daring anyone to use the word disabled. >> handicapped. senile. decrepit. i think that the only true disability is a crushed spirit. >> reporter: aimee mullins, standing tall, on artificial legs. when she was just a baby, doctors amputated both her legs
5:55 pm
below the knee. she had been born without shin bones. with the encouragement of an athletic coach at georgetown university, she began to push herself, seeing, she says, opportunity and adversity. >> i moved past being a little girl that was trying to blend in and just have people not look at my legs as the defining characteristic of me. >> reporter: and so she became the first amputee to compete on an ncaa track team. and when she set three world records at the 1996 paralympics, she made headlines. >> something to the effect of, disabled athlete aimee mullins runs faster than you can. and i thought, how disabled am i? >> reporter: she found her voice and began to laugh. after all, only she can decide how tall she's going to be today. how did you decide how tall you wanted to be? >> it's a mood. >> reporter: and she told us the
5:56 pm
secret is to surround yourself with the people who push you to say yes. yes to a commercial for l'oreal. >> there's only one true match for me. and i'm worth it. >> reporter: yes to the opportunity to walk the runway at an alexander mcqueen fashion show on artificial legs with six-inch heels. >> just even thinking about it now, my adrenaline is pumping. i thought, don't think about the consequences of what everyone is going to think if you fall. just get to the end of the runway, turn around and come back. >> reporter: not bad advice for life. >> yeah. i think that the reaction, the response that i've had from so many people, who know nothing of a life with prosthetic legs, but do know what it's like to feel that they're not normal. that feel that they're different and that their difference is valued less. has been overwhelming for me. >> reporter: aimee mullins,
5:57 pm
offering strength to everyone who needs the courage to be who they really are. >> if you can hand somebody the key to their own power, the human spirit is so receptive. you're teaching them to open doors for themselves. thank you. >> and so we choose aimee mullins, who told us about a persian god who only says four words. she quotes them. those words are, "come, let us dance." thank you for watching. always here at "nightline" will be here later. and david muir will be right in this chair all weekend long. i'll see you again monday. seal ye you again monday.
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next at 6:00 storm watch, what to expect tonight and throughout the weekend. >> saw fallen trees and flooded streets today, we have the complete round up of the damage. >> a deadly home invasion in a town where no one has been murdered in 40 years, we'll take you through the latest in the investigation. >> a stolen lap top devastating for a woman. the sentimental pictures and videos she never may see again. >> what a picture there of the storm watch continuing in the bay area. the second of three storms left behind more damage today, flooding roads, knocked out power to several thousand people. >> and i'm carolyn johnson.
5:59 pm
take a look. we have a live picture. this is interstate 80 through the east bay, you can see it's bumper to bumper in both directions now. luckily, no heavy rain. >> happening now, cardinals playing ucla tonight. a trailing 14-7 early in the game against bruins. an army of grounds keepers worked to keep the field in good shape despite what is a heavy down pour. >> we have live team coverage tonight in the northeast and south bay as well as san francisco and peninsula. but first, sandhya patel is here with what's happening now. >> we still have brief down pours taking place. one colleague says she drove through a down pour so let's take you to the north bay first. we are seeing some yellows showing up. around fair tax,


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