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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  December 2, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PST

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quintana is in napa, john alston is live at a power outage in san francisco. we begin with meteorologist leigh glaser. >> leigh: right now we're in a lull across the bay area. live doppler 7hd picked up heavier cells as the warm sector moves through. but what we're keying spot -- seeing spotty rain, san ramon, towards the livermore valley area, and just to the east of morgan hill, little not -- spotty pain, -- spotty rain but where the rain is coming down, very heavy rainfall amounts in the north coast, pushing into crescent city. this where is the leading edge of the cold front is. it has to swing south and we are doing for heavy around and wind
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tomorrow morning. this is the timing. 11:00 this evening, and tonight and early tomorrow morning, stormy conditions, 2:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m., that's when we'll look for very heavy rainfall, very strong winds to move into the north bay. 6:00 a.m. red indicating very heavy rain, from napa down towards san rafael. and you'll notice as we head to the 9:00 hour, into the 11:00 hour, this cold front moves towards the south, the rain pushes south. behind it we'll see clearing rapidly, and this is good news for the rest russian river, guerneville, because it looks as the some of the levels won't be as high as we anticipated. we'll check out the latest river flow stages forecast for those two rivers, plus other advisories for the bay area in the next 24 hours. >> ama: as league just mentioned, flooding is a big
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concern, especially along the napa river, sergio quintana is live in napa. sergio? reporter: well, the rains have already caused some problems around town near napa, and the flood warning for the napa river has been extended through the weekend. tomorrow afternoon is when the napa river is supposed to be at its highest point. >> rain soaked trees are the first to cause problems on this stretch of redwood road. two trees came down and took out a powerline, knocking out electricity for 50 pg&e customers. the closed road also turned what usually be a five five minute de through the neighborhood into a 45 minute detour and caused concerns about nearby creeks and rivers. >> i was worried it wased inning here. >> some of his neighbors have put up small dikes in their front yard just to case. >> the creek will pop out up the street first and run down the street, and then the water is looking to get back in the creek so what the neighbors do is dike up the front ofñç the yards to
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keep the water from coming in. >> at this city sand bag station, rob and some friends are shuttling, tying, and loading. >> the previous oregon, got six feet of water i got i it. it got it after it was destroyed. but just trying to protect my asset. >> his property was among those hit in 2005 when the napa river and neighboring creeks swept over their banks. in an effort to hold off any flood can now, they're placing sandbags through the property. >> sand bags in front of the gate, and 50 around the entrances of the house. >> the napa river could rice as -- rises a high as two feet but not expected to overflow the banks, especially downtown. those affected by nearby creeks. >> do you have any plans on taking off? >> i have a second story so i'm going up. >> now, if the napa river does go over its banks, a few public areas have been closed.
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the downtown river walk promenade, the ox bow preserve, and right where we're standing at the veterans memorial park, they're closed tomorrow afternoon. abc-7. >> ama: another area of concern tonight is the russian river. a flood warning is in effect. the river is already high right now but could get higher quickly. the russian river is expected to flood mary guerneville monday morning. the truckee river is under a flood warning. the national weather service says the water could crest at four feet above flood stage. the weather has caused power problems across the bay area. john alston is live in san francisco where some residents are dealing with an outage. reporter: delwood way at the top of mount davidson is blocked off. the fire department was here earlier and right now pg&e
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workers are trying to get power restored to a half dozen homes. the trouble started right about 9:00 tonight. a dead rotten tree tipped over on to power lines, jerking down not only electrical lines but phone lines and cable, leaving part of the neighborhood in the dancht fortunate the tree did not hit any homes or cars. >> was in our front room. heard a crack, and then everything went out. the lights went out. and i looked outside, saw the tree. >> what are you doing for the evening powerwise? >> flash lights. flash lights and cames. the usual when it happens here. reporter: in fact at the top of the hill you can see candles and flashlights flickering in some windows, and a half dozen or so residents of hearing to relyaving to rely on cell phone service only. pg&e is working on the situation. you've we have no estimate as to when the power will eventually be restored.
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that resident said a tree comes tumbling out of the wooded area every few years. live in san francisco, abc-7 news. >> ama: in marin county, tree fell on to some power lines creating problems around the lucas valley road area. the power was restored just after 5:00 this evening. >> here's the latest power outages in the bay area. right now nearly 200 bay area residents are in the dark. most in san francisco and the north bay. >> the storm watch downs -- continues all weekend here on abc-7, we'll have live reports tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. and you can track the rain anytime with doppler radar at >> san francisco fire officials say the cause of a fire that destroyed an historic building near the zoo is suspicious. flames poured out of the fleishhacker pool house around 1:00 this afternoon. when firefighters arrived the decision was made to battle
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flames from the outside only. >> every fire in the upper area station in the building. upon arrival i went into defensive operations right away. abandoned building no reason for life hazard to be concerned. >> the roof collapsed during the fire. one firefighter was slightly injured. >> police have released a suspect sketch in the city's first homicide in 40 years and they're searching for this person who you are about to see in a moment who is described as white, or hispanic, early 20s, dark hair and dark eyes. the victim was a former owner of the mountain winery, ravi kumra, his wife called police friday morning. he said an intruder killed her husband, attacked her and ransacked her home. the wife was treated at the hospital for her injuries. >> the nfl kansas city chiefs are still in a state of shock after a shooting outside the team's headquarters.
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one of to chiefs' players shot and killed the mother of his the-month-old daughter and then turned the gun on himself. reporter: the murder-suicide brought disbelief, shock, and grief. what drove kansas city chief linebackeroff von belcher to kill his girlfriend and mother of their three-month-old daughter. then belcher drove to arrowhead stadium where the gm and coach and other team personnel were in the parking lot. after thanking them for all he had done, the 25-year-old pulled the gun on himself. >> the coach said when he pulled up they were never in danger. he never threatened them. they talked for a little bit and that's when he shot himself. >> bill cher's coach at the university of maine says belcher was a positive influence. >> hard pressed to find or recall a young man who had more of an impact in a positive way on his teammates and his football family in my time here. >> in bill cher's home town in
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new york, family and friends were shaken and tried to console one another. >> family man, a loving person. >> he was like somebody to look up to around here. >> the chiefs released this statement declaring the entire chiefs family is deeply saddened by today's events and our collective hearts are heavy with sympathy, thoughts and prayers for the families affected by this unthinkable tragedy. the chiefs will host the carolina panthers on sunday as scheduled. dam -- >> ama: developing news in afghanistan. a two-hour attack began when suicide bombers blew up a car at the gate of the base. u.s. helicopters fired on the attacking militants of eight were killed but none got through to air base. the taliban claimed responsibility one member of the afghan security forces were killed and several foreign troops were wounded. >> in jamb, rescuews are working frantically to dig out
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people buried alive in a freeway tunnel collapse. a fire inside the tunnel is holing back rescuers. thank you tunnel is 40 miles west of tokyo. cars were crushed by falling debris. reports are parts of a wall inside the tunnel collapsed. >> still to come, followup to a churching story we brought you earlier. a man suffering from cancer has his dog stolen, and tonight thanks to an abc-7 news report, the diagnosis bark in his -- the dog is back in his arms. >> the man giving away thousands of dollars and why hi does it. >> why all this wet weather isn't keeping bay area holiday spirits down. insure issue in. >> we are tracking the storm on live doppler 7hd, and leigh glaser is up next with
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of e. >> ama: an emotional reunion between a san francisco man and his lost service dog. >> good girl!
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>> we first brought you this story nearly two weeks ago after shrub extol his best friends constant companion. robert took lola, a four-year-old yorkie, everywhere, including his dialysis appointment. his neighbor took up the cause to find the dog and got an e-mail from a woman in oakland. >> the woman said, i found a dog about four days ago running around lake merit in oakland and i could tell it was probably lost, and i brought it home, and i think it's your dog. >> ama: it was indeed lola. the woman who found the dog called us first and we gave the e-mail address to her. >> today millions celebrated world aids day. a million americans are living with aids and the cdc estimates one out of five don't know it. that's why the u.s. created worlds aids day in 1995. several hundred people obama served -- observed the day and
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awarded nancy pelosi for her work and a scholarship to a woman who teaches teens about aids and six. >> rather they learn from me i don't know any youth want to talk to a 30 or 40-year-old about hiv or using a condom but i'm that bridge. >> also kicked off a text to donate campaign. donate $10 too the memorial, text the worth heal to 501501. >> despite the rain cr there were several holiday parades and tree lightings, hundreds of people lined main street in pleasant ton for the city's annual parade. a few spectators had umbrellas but for the most part the crowd lucked out. there was only occasional drizzle.
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>> we're glad it stopped raining. >> ama: the rain picked up a little bit as they lit the official tree just before 7:00. all in all the event squeezed in nicely between the weekend storms, and nice to get a little break but that's already out the window. >> leigh: getting a little bit of a lull right now. checking out the live doppler 7hd, high definition picture from our emeryville cam over the bay. a little foggy but the wind is starting to pick up. the gusts near 30 miles-per-hour. check on the wind speeds. a little bit of a lull near the bay area, 6:00, 7:00, earlier this evening, moderate aim moved through parts of the bay area. that has since moved on out. where the heaviest rain is up to the north of us. north of ukiah, along the north coast, crescent city, eureka, and this where is the leading edge of the cold front is right
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here. all of the moisture slides south so definitely increasing rain and wind overnight, heavy rain and wind expected tomorrow morning, and high winds and flooding is likely, especially low-lying areas and the higher elevations. here's a look at the wind speeds right now. gusts at 20 in novato. check out sfo, gusts to 31. winds picking up ahead to the cold front. half moon bay, 20 miles-per-hour gusts out the livermore valley. 21, san jose, 24 in heyward. so things are starting to change a bit. not a lot of wind out there earlier this evening but now as the front starts to make slow progress the south, the winds are picking up. in fact wind advisory until noon. the south winds, 20-30 miles-per-hour with gusts possibly as high as 60 miles-per-hour, and with the saturated ground we could have more downed trees, and that could cause down ud powerlines as well.
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this is the next storm him in and the stretch that brought us this showers. we're in the lull but this front will definitely start to pick up the rain and intensity overnight. this is 11:00. here's the timing. 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, tomorrow morning, the north bay, get ready, heavy rain starts move inning, the winds start to pick up ahead of the cold front. here's 6:00 a.m. check out the red. very heavy rainfall from napa to san rafael, heading down towards the golden gate bridge. this is 9:00 a.m. notice as it starts to push off, starts to ease a little bit. by 11:00, the cold front will be to the south. behind it we'll start to see clearing the north bay, and then we'll see this front continue to push south. 1:00, 2:00 tomorrow afternoon, and we may get some sunshine later in the day. how much rain? five inches in expected in the north bay, mountains two to four. north bay, one to two, the santa
2:20 am
cruz mountains could see as much as four inches, thursday this front is going to move rapidly, that's good news for the napa river. this is the latest. it's recede down to 11 feet. flood stage is 25 feet, and the latest forecast is that by tomorrow afternoon, little over flood stage, and the russian river, flood stage 32, it's receded down to 19 at this hour and looks like it will be just a little over flood stage by monday morning. that's because that rainfall is going to move in but going to move in fast and it looks like those rivers will be able to recede a little bit sooner. plus, flood watch in effect for the rest of the bay area as the rainfall totals three to seven inches of rain possibly over the hire elevations. rapid rises on streams and creeks. be very aware of that especially tomorrow morning. highs tomorrow, a little of the afternoon clearing, in the 60s. remember those down towards morgan hill, gilroy, hole cities
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her, you -- hollister, you'll at the be last to clear. wednesday, few showers, and then we'll be dry thursday, into friday, but be careful of nasty, nasty weather tomorrow, and lisa will be here tomorrow morning with updates. >> ama: mike shumann is here with sports and deciding college football games. >> mike: the bowl picture is cleared up. a.m. alabama and georgia faced up a, and nebraska battled for a shot a
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>> mike: stanford has their ticket punched to the rose bowl but had to wait for the winner between wisconsin and nebraska to fine out who they're opponent would be. taylor martinez avoids the sack. watch this. across the field. to the sidelines, cuts back to the middle of the field. finds daylight. he's gone. turns on the gentlemen an amazing 76-yard touchdown. but badgers pulled away.
2:25 am
ball added to his record for most career touchdowns. the 16-yard run, 80th 80th touchdown, what a career. wisconsin wins 70-31. will face stanford in the rose bowl january 1st. what a game it will be. >> now the sec title game. alabama and georgia, winner getting a shot out notre dame, alabama is the defending champion. them dogs don't want to have them repeat. georgia special teams coming up big in the second quarter. williams blocks the field goal attempt. alex ogeltree scoops it up and is off the races for a touchdown. georgia up 21-10. late fourth quarter, alabama ma trailing, mccarron airs it out to cooper. hanging with mr. cooper. 45arts, crimson tide up 22-48. georgia threat, time running down. the pass deflected. georgia can't stop the clock. a.m. wins the thriller, 32-28. >> florida state and georgia tech in the acc championship
2:26 am
game. the september -- seminoles getting it done on the field. james wilder, jr., i flied -- played with his dad. seminoles on top 14-0. georgia tech made it interesting. trailing 21-15. late in regulation, but williams has the pick, seals the deal, seminoles win the acc championship and they're headed to oorange bowl to face louisville. >> we'll take a brief time-out before we head the hardwoods. jacks gets those to go
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>> mike: your first place golden state warriors hosting indiana. clay to thompson, averaging 21, continued that hot shooting, led
2:30 am
the warriors with 22. david lee, ahead to steph curry. check out this shot by jacks from half court. yes, beats the buzzer, warriors led after three quarters. then in the fought, jacks sets up landry, warriors win, 103-92, improving to 10-6. i like the way they're playing. >> we neil like we can play with anybody in this league. >> i'm proud of our guys, young guys, veteran guys, everybody is chipping in and covering for each other, and that's what it takes to win games. >> mike: to the links, tiger woods the host world challenge. a familiar name atop the leaderboard. thousand oaks california. tiger off to a great start. in the rough. nothing but net. 3 under 69. five back, keying gap -- degree
2:31 am
began -- keegan bradley. two shots back, and grandma mcdowell hasn't one since this event back in 2010. in great position through three rounds. bogey-free. our leader heading into sunday's final round. >> mls cup finals, application and dine -- dynamos, david beckham playing his last game, landon donovan possibly playing his last game also. the galaxy win, 3-1 the final. this sports report broth you by river rook casino. >> ama: high wind and flood warnings across the bay area tonight. we're tracking the storm as a third in a series of storms moves in. we'll have a live report and the forecast when we pi@$@ t)t"ñ
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>> another major storm is moving into northern california right now. you are looking at live doppler 7hd. meteorologist leigh glaser is tracking the storm and will be back in a few minutes with a look at the forecast. i'm ama daetz. the big turn tonight, flooding, sergio quintana is live in napa where they're keeping an eye on the river level. >> the most rain is supposed to come down tomorrow morning but the napa river is expected to get to its highest point sometime tomorrow afternoon but those rains have already started causing problems around tonight tonight. on redwood road, two trees came down, taking a powerline with them, knocking out electricity
2:36 am
for 50 pg&e customers and it turned what usually would have been a five-mint -- five-mint drive into a longer detour. residents are filling sandbags to shore up their properties. one resident says he bought his home a few years ago, but back in 2005 the flood did some serious damage to that property. those flood caused tens of millions of daryls in damage the area. the heaviest rain here in the napa area are forecast for tomorrow morning, and the napa rein could rise as high as two feet, but it is not expected to overflow its banks, especially along the flood control area here downtown, and in case the river does jump its banks, some public officials are already take something precautionary measures and will be shutting town three public areas, the downtown river walk promenade, the auction bow preserve, and
2:37 am
right here, the veterans memorial park will be shut down in case the napa river does jump its banks. reporting live in napa, abc-7 news. >> ama: some san franciscans on the top of mt. davidson remain without power. just before 9:00 a dead tree fell over on powerlines. it took down phone and cable lines as well, leaving six homes in the dark. affected resident had to rely on cell phone service. viewers have sent in picks of the damage. in saratoga, the soft soil and strong winds helped rip out the roots of this massive tree. a view sent us thispick from san francisco's knob hill neighborhood. not only did the tree pull free but the stakes came out of the ground as well. >> the effects from hurricane sanity are still being felt on the east coast. the national park service doesn't know when the statue of
2:38 am
liberty will re-open. much of the infrastructure on liberty and ellis island is damaged. walkways are ripped apart. the sea wall is cracked. the power and heating systems are damaged. the national park system doesn't know how much the repairs and cleanup will cost. a philanthropist is helping hurricane sandy victims with his annual giveaway. the secret santa hands out $100 bills. >> $500, will that help you? >> going to my tower. >> it's not every day a complete stranger will pay your bills but sometimes the most unlikely miracles do happen. >> must have drop that. >> no. >> got to be yours. >> oh, my god. are you serious? >> the culprit? secret santa, the unidentified miracle worker whose acts of kindness are bringing people to tears throughout the country. >> oh, gosh.
2:39 am
i feel like i just got million dollars. >> he goes from city to city surprising folks with $100 bills, sometimes spending up to $100,000 a year. >> it's not about the money. it's really about committing random acts of kindness. one of the great things we can do. >> he has been spreading holiday cheer since 2006 after the original secret santa, larry stewart, was diagnosed with cancer. >> i asked him if he had any regrets. he regretted he couldn't have helped more people. i told him i'm going to take as many hundred dollar bills as i can and stamp your name on them and pass them out. >> this year he made his way to staten island to help those affected hi burk sandy. >> i thought myself, what is stronger, the force of hurricane sandy or the spirit of the people that it affected? i and i will tell you, it's the spirit of the people. >> give something back to us.
2:40 am
it was a surprise. >> secret santa does not show is face and if his secret identity is revealed, he says he'll have to quit. >> it takes away from what you're doing. >> but it's no secret he is touching lives 100-dollar bill at a time. >> thank you so much, secret santa. i believe in santa. >> and this year the secret santa plans on giving away 100,000 tuesday. >> a woman's search for a priceless memento has been viral. she throughed her mom's floppy knit cap. this year she was at the airport and used the cap to cover her eyes and take a nap. then her flight wag cancelled, in the chaos, i think i left it somewhere in the airport. >> bridget couldn't find so it turned to the internet. people everywhere loved her and are and have joined in the hunt. the cap has not been found but
2:41 am
not for lack of trying. >> social media lets almost anybody raise money for almost any goal. how crowd funding can help you get a project off the ground. >> and stop that bus. a little bit of generosity is going a long way in san mateo county. >> i'm leigh glaser, where is the heavy rain? it's up along the north coast. we're in a lull right now. we'll look at the timing of the heavy
2:42 am
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>> 3,000 shouldn't dayow county children will have presents to open thanks to the hard work of a few dozen people. the annual stuff the bus program kicked off. organizers expect to collect about 20,000 items. each child will receive two gifts, book, and stuffed animal and stocking stuffers. >> traditional fundraising involves something like a bake sale or auction. now social media has opened an arena where almost anybody can raise money for any goal. it's called crowd funding. >> michelle mingles with the horses that roam free on this sonoma county farm. >> hi, jody. >> she doesn't want to ride, just to walk among them. >> can i say hi? >> the farm is run by the flag foundation which connects humans
2:45 am
with horses for therapy. it has provided michelle new strength and her grueling fight against stage four colon cancer. mcgregor is a big part of it. the horse is blind, looking for his mate, and michelle, michelle is looking for something, too. >> when you're here, you're completely transported. there's no disease. there's no unhappiness. >> michelle has chemo therapy, but she is also trying this therapy, nate toow pacific medicine and nutritional supplements. her insurance doesn't cover those treatments but this did. michelle's friends started a campaign on the crowd funding platform. michelle is a miracle, raised $20,000 in a couple of weeks. much of it came from folks she doesn't even know. as her friends reached out to their friends on facebook. and the circle kept growing. >> never think a click of a button would do this, but every
2:46 am
single dollar has been contributed to me, it's like someone's heart saying i will you to be healed. >> crowd funding is a growing field that allows average citizens to ray money, everything from buying school supplies to rebuilding a neighborhood after a hurricane. an eight-year-old marin girl raised $55,000 to fight slavery of little girls overseaes. this little boy with lime disease raised $19,000 to buy games for children at a massachusetts hospital. and last month, i reported about sunnyside elementary school in san francisco which has raised $39,000 so far to make up a $40,000 budget shortfall and avoid losing a courtroom -- classroom teacher. >> we didn't expect this. >> the school used a different fundraising platform. there are other sites, too.
2:47 am
kick starter helps artists and inventors launch projects. indig go go is a sight for fundraising. >> i can fund a specific need, get a playground built. >> he said michelle inspired donors to help save her life. >> it's like a gift. it's indescribable in words. >> and as mcgregor the horse searches for his mate -- >> mcgreg you're, very good. thank you. >> he is an inspiration, too. >> you can set up your own crowd funding campaign. they typically take 5% of the donations. i posted a link on all the site is mentioned in this report on abc-7 doll -- >> leigh: we have high wind advisory in the bay area, wind
2:48 am
gusts close to 35-40 miles-per-hour tomorrow morning, and live doppler 7hd right now, even though we're seeing a little lull in the action, most of the rain is gathering up to the north of us exprgs all of this is going to spread south and you can see some of the orange is now developing heavy showers, heavy rain, and also the strong winds will be moving in across the bay area overnight tonight. folks, here is the timing. if you're in the north bay, 2:00 a.m., i'd say to about 3:34, that's when the band of very heavy rain will start to usher -- move south, santa rosa, san rafael, check out the 6:00 a.m. time frame, napa, towards san rafael, heading down towards the golden gate bridge. this is 9:00 a.m. it's spreading south towards san jose, morgan hill, santa cruz, and we're on the back side of the system and we'll start to see partial clearing in the north bay, little sunshine expected across the bay area. that's 1:00, and by 3:00, most
2:49 am
of this has moved on out of the bay area, and well start to see improving weather conditions, and those winds will start to die down. so morning heavy stormy conditions, tomorrow morning, lisa will be here, morning news, sunday morning, beginning at 5:00 a.m. tune in. check that out. then we dry out sunday night and monday. another chance of some showers by tuesday night, early wednesday, and then another dry day on thursday. yay! >> ama: mike shumann is here with sports, and stanford going rose bowl. >> mike: what a job david shaw has done at stanford. second straight bcs bowl game. cardinal headed to the rose bowl for the first time since 2000. with a win over ucla last night. we'll relive the
2:50 am
2:51 am
2:52 am
>> mike: stanford headed to the rose bowl for the first time since 2000, beating ucla last night. they'll face the same team they did in 2007, wisconsin. kevin hogan completed 16 of 22 passes for 155 yards and that touchdown. stepfan taylor became standard others all-time leading rusher. with andrew luck gone nobody thought this team would win the pac-12 or reach the rose bowl. last night i spoke with david shaw. >> david, at the beginning of the game they're running up and
2:53 am
down you had to be concerned. >> we knew they were going to play better and have a athletic quarterback and a great running back, and we had to slow them down, got other -- got a couple stopped and then huge kick by jordan to take the lead. >> ed reynolds, six picks, and that turned the game around. >> i think he's been the biggest game changer in college football this year on the defensive side. he should get votes for defensive player of the year. nobody has changed more games than he has with interceptions. >> stepfan taylor right before the half, breaks in the all-time record. what a way too go in at the half. >> and typical stepfan taylor style, shrugged his shoulders and went back to the huddle, and after the game he tried to give me the game ball, and i said, no, no this is yours. he goes up with the names of all the greats. i'm so proud of him.
2:54 am
he is the guy we point top how you do everything. >> kevin hogan, 4-0, kind of a slow tart for him but he just made plays when he had to make them. >> he is going to get so much better. this offseason we're going to beat him up. in the weight room, the running, and spring ball. he has a chance to be a really good player and is ready to take the next step. >> on your way to the rose bowl. it was goal to win the pac-12 conference and then the rose bowl. how does it feel? >> it feels great. i can't help but think about a kissing had with stan, where stan came up after the loss last year and he said we can play with anybody, even without andrew. andrew was such a big part of what we did a, but we had so many players come back, used to winning and doing the things it takes to win games. >> the guy not taking enough credit is you. >> i appreciate it.
2:55 am
it's all about surrounding yourself with great people. you got a chance. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> a little bromance. stanford had their ticket punched for the role rose bowl and will face wisconsin, who beat nebraska today. it was a game early on. check out nebraska quarterback taylor martinez. avoiding the sack. still looking downfield to throw and it then says, i'm just going to take it up the gut. then going to turn on the jets. 76-yard touchdown run. cornhuskers trailed 14-7 but the badgers pull away. hospital at -- monte ball, 80th 80th t.d. wisconsin wins 70-31, face stanford in the rose bowl january 1st. what a game this will be. >> your golden state warrior hosting the pacers in indiana. it was a total team effort and when everyone is involved this team is tough to bait.
2:56 am
clay thompson, averaging 21, kept that up with 22 and seven rebounds. time winding down. david lee to curry. two of his 20. warriors led by seven at the break. check out this shot by jacks. from half court. end of the third quarter. oh! warriors lead in the four, jacks sets up lan trip. warriors win 103-92. they improve to 10-6 and like the way they're playing. >> when we take the court we feel like we can play with anybody in this league, and that was a tough one. >> i'm proud of our guys. young guys, v.a. guys, everybody is chipping in and covering for each other, and that's what it takes to win a game. >> this sports report brought to you by river rock casino. 49ers in st. louis, riders hosting the brun. highlights form at 5:00. >> ama: raider nation, we went to see your team pride.
2:57 am
e-mail your fan photos to we'll post them and show them on the air during our special raiders day edition of abc-7 news at 4:00 on thursday, and then watch peyton man take on the raiders right here an abc-7. abc-7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. thank you for joining us. leaving you with a live look outside. captioned by closed captioning services inc. ñ
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