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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  December 3, 2012 3:00am-4:00am PST

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killed his girlfriend and then took his own life. it is monday, december 3rd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." is it monday already? where did the weekend go? >> yeah. christmas is just three weeks away. >> it all goes by too fast. good monday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm paula faris. we're going to get the latest on the tragic series of events in kansas city in our top story in just a moment. and then the fiery prank that a tv studio that could have caused serious harm to this american magician. the frightening moment and the performer's condition. >> wow, looks bad. ooh. this morning, less than a month now before the big federal fiscal cliff. and we have some details on a war of word between treasury secretary tim geithner and house speaker john boehner. we will also update you on where the negotiations stand. right now by all accounts it is deadlocked right now with the clock continuing to tick down.
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>> a little testy. a little heated there. and later this half hour, this year's gift wrap champ is here with her expert advice. find out how to wrap the most difficult presents, including a guitar, a candle, which is always difficult around the holidays to give. hope you don't give jenny a candle. >> i will light her fire, but not giving her a candle. you like to wrap. did you learn anything? >> i am horrible at wrapping, but i wanted to learn and get better. so i actually learned some great tips. >> take it to the lovely lady in the mall. >> i will wrap you. >> safety first. wrap it up. but first, 62,000 football fans filled arrowhead stadium in kansas city the day after jovan belcher killed his girlfriend and then killed himself. a moment of silence on the field and in the stand for all victims of domestic violence. abc's john schifrin is in kansas city. >> reporter: with heavy hearts, chiefs' players took the field
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just one day after teammate jovan belcher killed his girlfriend before take his own life outside the stadium. >> it's tough. you miss him, you know? he's -- he was a grade guy, great teammate. we loved his family. and like i said, my heart goes out to them. my prayers are with them. >> reporter: as part of the pregame ceremonies, the chiefs observed a moment of silence for victims of domestic abuse. after the score of the first touchdown, he ran over to head coach romeo cornell to give him a hug. belcher shot and killed his 22-year-old girlfriend, k kasandra perkins, the mother of his 3-month-old daughter at their home. he got in his car, drove to the team's practice facility outside arrowhead stadium where authorities say he thanked the coaches for believing in him. moments later he walked away, shooting himself in the head as cornell and the team's general manager looked on in horror. police are still trying to
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figure out what caused belcher to snap. he and his girlfriend were reportedly arguing after she returned late from a concert. >> it was an individual that did something that he snapped. and -- and that i don't understand. and i probably never will. >> reporter: it's the latest in a string of player suicides. earlier this year, former falcons safety, ray easterling took his life with a gun, so did o.j. murdock. in may, junior seau died after shooting himself in the chest. the family is having his brain studied. they want to know if the suicide was associated to a history of concussion-related injuries. but the chiefs' management says belcher had no history of head injuries. >> he is a player that is not on the concussion list. >> reporter: belcher's jersey hanging in his locker, his teammates say he will not be forgotten. the team announced it will start a foundation for the 3-month-old daughter left behind. as for what happened on the field, the chiefs played their best game of the season. beating the carolina panthers, earning just their second win of the year.
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john schifrin, abc news, kansas city. >> according to relatives, the 3-month-old daughter is going to stay with his mother in long island and grow up there. 3-month-old little baby girl. >> just because he didn't have a history of concussions does not mean he did not have concussions. i've done stories on this. no reported concussions then after they passed away looked at the brain and found c.t. >> sometimes when they do, they leave a note. one guy said, please study my brain to see if this is what happened. for me, to kill the girlfriend, they had been arguing, leading up to it. something going on more than just a football-related injury. also interesting, nbc broadcaster bob costas during his segment last night used it to advocate gun control, and that set off a debate on social media. a lot of lessons to be learned.
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sad all the way around. a suspected serial killer committed suicide. in an alaskan jail. israel keyes was being held in the kidnap and murder of an 18-year-old coffee shop worker, but the fbi revealed that he keyes confessed to killing a couple from vermont, four people in washington state, and one person in new york. only the vermont victims had been publicly identified. bill and lorraine currier disappeared in june of last year. also, a frightening incident to show you involving a magician, wayne houchin in the dominican republic last week when this happened. a tv show host dropped the flammable liquid on his head. there is no word yet, though, why it ignited. houchin suffered burns on his head, face, neck, and his right hand. he is now recovering, and doctors say they think that he will fully recover without any scars. hard to watch that though. wow. negotiations on a looming fiscal cliff have gone exactly
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nowhere. the latest white house offer presented by treasury secretary tim geithner included $400 billion in unspecified medicare cuts and no more limit on how much the government can borrow. and then there's the tax hike on higher-earning americans. republicans aren't buying it. >> there is just no reason why 98% of americans have to see their taxes go up because some members of congress on the republican side want to block the tax rate increases for 2% of the wealthiest americans. >> i'm just flabbergasted. i looked at him and said, you can't be serious. i just have never seen anything like it. >> if they cannot reach a deal by new year's day, nearly every american will end up paying more in taxes. public school students in five states will soon spend a lot more time in the classroom. a new three-year pilot program will be announced today in colorado, connecticut, massachusetts, new york, and tennessee. 20,000 students at those select schools will spend an extra 300
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hours per term in class starting next year. it will be up to local districts to decide if school days or school years should be extenzed. very interesting approach there. and a church in boston could soon be seeing a huge influx of cash, but not everyone in the congregation is happy about it. that's the result of a vote that took place yesterday at the old south church in boston's historic back bay. and then members voted to sell one of the church's two copies of the book, first book published in north america. could be sold for, get this, up to $25 million. >> wow. the money will be used for outreach projects and renovations. but some members say the church is selling off hiftd. but they're going to do a lot of good with the $25 million if they do, indeed, garner it. >> i would hope $25 million would do some good. >> outreach. renovations. >> good. hopefully good in the community
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as well. and all that good stuff. we'll see what they do. pretty pricey book, that's for sure. all right. coming up next, our take on brad pitt's new mobster movie coming up in "insomniac theatre." but first, this year's champion of gift wrapping turns ordinary packages into christmas masterpieces. her advice for you is coming of on "world news now." ♪ don't care about the presents underneath the christmas tree ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. her advice for you is coming of on "world news now." ♪ don't care about the presents underneath the christmas tree ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. that really meets your needs for a plan and your budget? as you probably know, medicare only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans,
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champion of gift wrapping turns
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♪ welcome back, everybody. it was a star-studded night in washington last night. president obama saluted this year's kennedy center honorees. among them, a pretty motley crew here. the members of led zeppelin, talk show host dave letterman. there's dave. as well as renowned actor dustin hoffman. >> the president recognized them for their influence on american culture. he said all started from humble beginnings and made it to the top of their profession. the kennedy center event is an annual december tradition. >> i think we'll actually see the show in a few weeks coming up. very cool. good crowd too. >> yeah. and if you're like me, maybe you're feeling a little fancy. >> you feel fancy? >> i never feel fancy.
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gift wrapping means putting a present into one of the holiday gift bags with no handles. that's how i roll. but just pay those people at the mall to take care of it. that's the route i prefer. >> we call that convenience, right? >> amen. >> not for crafty folks who came to new york city to attack one of the most difficult holiday chores with the most difficult holiday gifts. it was a flurry of wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows at scotch brand's recent gift wrapping competition in new york city. eight contestants from around the country came to compete for the title of most gifted wrapper. at stake, a cool $10,000 in cash. contestants warmed up by wrapping an oversized rubber duck in round one. for round two, however, organizers upped the ante with a full-sized tuba. the judges deliberated. it was down to two finalists shelly dozier-mckee and lia
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griffith from portland, oregon. both women had to wrap an enormous model airplane with an 8-foot wing span. in the end griffith walked away with the grand prize and plenty of paper to spare. >> a skill i don't have. well done, ladies. she makes it look easy. up next, lia's going to join us in studio to try to wrap rob and other unusual items. i could be into that. we'll see how it plays out. we'll be back. >> announcer: "wor
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♪ >> welcome back, everyone. we just saw her win a pretty
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extraordinary and competitive stressful competition here in new york city. welcome back, everybody. we just saw her win a pretty extraordinary and competitive stressful competition here in new york city. here to show us how to do it for ourselves, gift-wrapping champion, lia griffith. and i guess we should say we're wrapping, but in the gift type of sense. you just won $10,000. pretty impressive. are you a professional gift wrapper? >> well, not professionally. i do blog about it. i have been doing it every since 6 years old i've been wrapping. >> i definitely need tips. mine are typically the worst wrapped presents under the christmas tree. if you can give me some tips and all of us out there. >> okay. i will do it. the first thing i will show you is how to wrap a basic gift. i cut my paper a little longer than the box itself. so there is a little overlap. tape it on the edge. so we have plenty of space. pull it over. crease the side. crease it. flip that back. there you have an invisible seam.
3:17 am
put the end up as tight as you can. fold that back under. there you are. >> you make it look so easy. do you realize how painful this is for me? can i bring mine to you and you wrap it? the tough part we have odd-shaped gifts at the holidays. you're going to show us how to wrap a racket. >> right here. i wrapped a tennis racket. >> you would never know it is a tennis racket inside. >> nobody will know under the tree. it's a surprise. i'll show you what i did here. one of my favorite things to do is to create these custom gift bags. what i did is i went ahead and did this for you so you can see. i folded my paper the same width of the tennis racket. very thin. fold it up. taped it all the way down. i'm going to foelld up the end just enough. the same width as the tennis racket. if you have a bigger gift. make it big enough off to fit. you open that up. fold to the corners in.
3:18 am
♪ ♪ and this will just slide right in. >> voila. >> voila. >> i have no idea what's inside. >> i know. you can just flip this over. and, put on ribbon and decoration. >> how do we make this wonderful flower? >> isn't that pretty? >> gorgeous. >> paper flowers, i love making them. super simple. i have just two sheets. >> i'm not going to believe you that it's simple. nothing is simple. is it simple? >> yes. i have two sheets of tissue paper. i actually did this in three parts. six sheets total. fold it in half. fold it in half again. going to do it again. >> fold it in half four times. >> not yet. five. >> there you go. then i'm going to fold this into a triangle, okay? and with this end here, i am going to cut a petal shape. so you just keep creasing and flufring. >> you sure you don't want to wrap my gifts this year? >> i will do it! here you go.
3:19 am
look at that. >> wear it in your hair too. >> not even a minute. >> very simple. >> i will put you to the test. i actually do have a couple of gifts that i want to see if you can wrap. >> i should let all you've know, lia has no idea what is in my bag. close your eyes. a pretty popular item at the holidays. open. >> it's a candle. >> okay. this is awesome. all right. so i'm just going to cut a little bit of paper. >> all right. >> what i am going to do is go ahead and roll. so, then i am going to do something very, very odd. i am going to cut the top off. >> where are you going with this? >> well, yeah. i just left a half an inch over the top here. >> oh, you're not done.
3:20 am
>> i am not done. i would do it smaller than this. we'll go for it. take my tissue flower. ill would use my tape and i would use that as a topper. >> i have another thing for you to wrap. >> okay. >> it is a guitar. actually have this on the show. >> okay. >> can you wrap this? >> of course, i can. >> i heard a deep sigh. no, no, no, just thinking. create a shape. create my own shape. >> create your shape. >> the shape i am seeing is probably a triangle. kind of start on the bottom. and tuck your way over. >> is it going to be this easy? >> it's this easy. >> there you go. there is like the little triangle. you know, pull some ribbon out. i would probably go this way. >> very cool. >> yeah. >> well, lia griffith, congratulations on your big cash prize. >> thank you.
3:21 am
>> if people have any questions, where can they find you on facebook? on pinterest and where else? >> they can find me on my blog. a whole month of gift wrap inspiration. >> wonderful. she is a talented wrapper, in the gift wrap sense, right? >> i hope so. i do not sing. >> thank you so much for joining us. i hope you guys got valuable tips out of this. again, go to l& >> yes. >> we'll be right back. ♪ & >> yes. >> we'll be right back. for my t. me... thinking my only option was the vial and syringe dad used. and me... discovering once-daily levemir® flexpen. flexpen® is prefilled. doesn't need refrigeration for up to 42 days. no drawing from a vial. dial the exact dose. inject by pushing a button. flexpen® is insulin delivery... my way. levemir® (insulin detemir [rdna origin] injection)
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morning edition of "insomniac theatre." this week we are looking at a movie that has gotten great reviews didn't do that great at the box office. >> our digital news associate, amanda vanallen here with her take on "killing them softly." >> killed you softly? >> killed me a little on the inside. never going to get the two and a half hours back, whatever it was. but i will say i did have an interesting time at the movies this weekend. let me give you a little about the premise of the movie. there were three really stupid guys who decided, hey, we're going to rob some mobsters. it sounds pretty good. of course, brad pitt was the guy who was hired to come and knock the guys off one by one. so it was this whole kind of way that brad pitt was trying to kill the guys off, you know, woit anybody else noticing so he doesn't get locked up or get himself in trouble. >> softly. >> very, very softly. it wasn't softly. this film was incredibly violent. please do not take your children, your girlfriends.
3:26 am
please don't take me. i don't want to go again. i was really scared at some points. but the movie had a really good premise. i think it just tries to do way too many things. a lot of political commentary that went over my head and some of the people they talked to. there were just too many characters going on and subplots. you are like, wait, who? >> must not have been a fan of "the sopranos." i'm guessing. >> no, no, not too much. >> you would like the movie. >> yeah, yeah. >> it was ultraviolent. had some similarities to a film last year. i highly enjoyed it. >> maybe a few too many characters and few too many subplots. trying to follow all at the same time. you're not really sure what's going on or what you're really expecting to see. and i think in a long film like this, it makes the overall film kind of suffer.
3:27 am
>> yeah. after that he needs therapy. i do, i do. like the first guy said, it was ultra violent. it wasn't just shooting and guns. i can take that. but this is like people punching each other and like teeth falling out and there is blood. >> when you think the mob, you think kind-hearted, nonviolent people. >> how many stars? >> i am giving it two stars. two stars because brad pitt was hot and did an awesome job. >> there we go. >> that's it. >> no brad pitt, a zero. >> brad pitt killed you softly. >> yeah. >> yeah. s it. >> no brad pitt, a zero. >> brad pitt killed you i'm only in my 60's...
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this morning on "world news now" -- triple threat. the third powerful storm in less than a week drenches the northwest, causing more damage and sending rivers rising. >> right after days of heavy rain and strong winds, forecasters warn another big storm could soon be on the way. it's monday, december 3rd.
3:30 am
>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good monday morning. i'm paula faris. >> merning. >> did you have a nice weekend? >> i did. as always on this shift, it goes by too fast. restful. yours? >> i slept a lot. >> that's right. >> i'm not feeling all that great. >> is your body starting to heal? >> no. >> you are still sick, really? >> little bit. got a whole box of kleenex. >> can we get some lysol on the set? spray paula down. >> spray me down. i need it. >> good monday morning again, everybody. i'm rob nelson. we'll get the latest on the wild weather in the west. and the scenes of destruction there. coming up in just a second. also this half hour, terror in the tunnel. as the death toll rises in the tunnel collapse west of tokyo. investigators now think something small caused that very big disaster. and then a hungry dolphin at sea world takes a bite out of a little girl's arm, and now her
3:31 am
angry parents are speaking out. sea world is telling its side of the story. oh, just painful there. >> mm-mm-mm. animals. got to be careful, folks. >> yes. and later, it's not exactly "inside the actor's studio," but mike tyson is revealing secrets of the hangover, admitting something that was perhaps influencing his behavior during the filming of that movie. as we all know, mike is a thespian. so very interesting to get to the bottom of that. >> i love when you go tyson on us. >> mike tyson, paula, good to be here. >> can i have rob back, please? >> back, back. >> okay, good. so we begin with that deluge in the west. one soaking storm after another. giant trees coming down. rivers going up. >> nearly 20 inches of rain have fallen from northern california to washington. and after a brief break today, yet another storm will soon be on the way. abc's cecilia vega is in the midst of it all. >> reporter: it was a one, two, three, punch.
3:32 am
three storms in less than one week plowing down on the west coast. the latest one dropping up to an inch of rain per hour in some spots. 45-mile-an-hour wind gusts, and this was the result. nearly 100,000 people without power. homes flooded. roofs smashed. cars under water. even big rigs overturned. temporarily closing this bridge, a crucial artery across the san francisco bay. >> listen to what everybody's telling you. be prepared. >> reporter: across northern california, swollen rivers threatened to flood cities like napa where thousands of sandbags were passed out and countless trees came crashing down. we were driving down this highway here in napa, and this tree literally came crashing down in front of us. i want to show you how huge the tree is. take a look. a giant tree. i mean the roots of this thing are four feet tall.
3:33 am
and now there may be another storm later in the week after so much headache already. even santa in one city was forced to take refuge. well, it's definitely going to take some time for the vineyards to clear out here. as for one bright spot we saw in an otherwise gloomy day, drivers when the tree came down, kept stopping by to help clear the roadway. and as nr that man who was almost hit by it, he says he's headed to buy a lottery ticket. cecilia vega, abc news, napa. all right. with that, everybody, here's your monday forecast now. showers from portland to seattle. snow in the cascades and northern rockies. foggy this morning from des moines to columbus. also some showers from northern missouri to green bay. and near record highs in the midwest, unseasonably warm for us on the east coast. come on, december. mild start. i love it. >> we'll take it though. >> yes, indeed. >> 60 in new york. 70, kansas city and chicago. also warm in the windy city there. 70s in the southeast.
3:34 am
dozens of people in southern new jersey will not be able to return home any time soon after a chemical spill from a derailed train. vinyl chloride was released into the air and into a nearby creek. federal investigators say the crews had reports of signal problems at the bridge weeks before that accident. inspectors were studying the problem the day before the crash. investigators in japan think they may have found the cause of a deadly tunnel collapse. they say a bolt that was holding concrete panels to the tunnel ceiling may have rusted through. at least nine people died. five of the victims were found in their crushed van. now there's an emergency inspection of dozens of other similar tunnels all across japan. here's abc's akiko fujita. >> reporter: grainy surveillance video inside the tunnel showed the frantic efforts to save those trapped. japanese police say these large concrete ceiling panels as many as 150 came crashing down, sparking a fire on this major highway connecting tokyo to central japan. witnesses describe a scene of chaos as people ran to safety.
3:35 am
flames and smoke billowing through the 3-mile-long tunnel. one truck driver trapped under the rubble called for help. but there was so much smoke, fire fighters had to halt rescue efforts fearing another collapse. late sunday, rescue crews pulled the charred remains of several bodies, including the truck driver. investigators say the tunnel had just passed a routine inspection in september. aqui akiko fujita, abc news, tokyo. in egypt, protests against president mohammed morsi are spreading this morning on the streets and in the courts. demonstrators filled tahrir square once again, chanting against morsi's power grab late last month where he seized almost absolute power. egypt's highest court has gone on strike and judges across the country declared their opposition to morsi's move. well, the head of the roman catholic church known for long
3:36 am
sermons will start sending shorter messages today, 144 characters or less. pope benedict launches his twitter account. the vatican says the pope will compose his own tweets and will send the first one from his account himself. after that they'll tweet on his behalf. the pope tweeted once before, a year and a half ago from the vatican's account. it's not yet known what his twitter handle will be. and another high-tech messaging system is celebrating a milestone today. believe it or not, the first text message was sent 20 years ago. it came from a british engineer who typed the season's greeting, "merry christmas." billions of texts have been sent since then, but the numbers are starting to drop off. people are using facebook and twitter to communicate instead. not -- 20 years ago? >> i couldn't believe that. that it's been 20 years. >> me too. >> have you been texting for 20 years? i am a late bloomer. >> i didn't get a phone until '98, '99, '00.
3:37 am
>> i was a late bloomer text. six years i have been texting. >> when you got your first cell phone. right? >> i'm not a tech guy. not surprisingly people who text the most, ages 12 to 15. those are the most ardent texters, not surprising. >> text messages in some places outnumber phone calls. i totally believe that. >> always easier -- let's be honest, we don't always feel like talking. it's easier to send a text. i get it, people. >> smilie face. >> to 20 years and counting. moving on this morning, the homeless man who famously received that pair of boots from a new york city cop is barefoot once again. 54-year-old jeffrey hillman told "the new york times" the $100 boots are simply hidden away. he said they're worth a lot and could cost him his life on the streets. hillman also expressed gratitude for officer lawrence deprimo saying he wishes there were more people like him in the world. i think we can all agree with that. >> the photo went viral. ironically his family -- he has two children. they had no idea he was homeless until they saw this story, a son and daughter. they're in their 20s.
3:38 am
they said that he calls them once a year, but they say he has never alluded he was homeless, just says he's okay. they recognized him from the photo. >> that is unbelievable. and so far he hasn't detailed for folks exactly how he became homeless. but that's shocking that your family -- that kind of distance existed and your own family wouldn't know until this picture pops up. >> and he was in the army for five years and used to serve at these shelters and kitchens and now he's right there getting served. >> let's hope the family steps in to get him off the streets. >> you would hope, you know? >> you would think. a little intervention. >> yeah. well, in this holiday season only a matter of time until we had a story like this. hundreds of folks dressed like santa hitting the slopes in maine yesterday. >> all of it for a good cause. before the santas put on their skis and snowboard, they donated to the local rotary club annual holiday toy drive. they have been doing it for the last 13 years. >> mama, why's santa so skinny? despite foggy conditions,
3:39 am
everyone is having a good time. like we said, all for a good cause. good going all you st. nicholases out there. >> three weeks from tomorrow, christmas, folks, let the big countdown begin. here we go again. said," can we open our presents? it's the first day of christmas." >> she's anxious. >> she is. coming up, pro boxer turned actor mike tyson and his personal fight. details coming up in "the skinny" on that little nugget. and one woman's all-out search for her brown hat. who's helping her find this unusual keepsake? we'll tell you coming up on "world news now." ♪ what i'm looking for ♪ i still haven't found what i'm looking for ♪ ♪ but i still haven't found what i'm looking for ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" brought to you by finish quantum powerball. brought to you by finish quantum powerball. ncer: "world news now" brought to you by finish quantum powerball. you've got to try finish. because once they try finish, they can't keep it to themselves. i'm switching for good.
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well there is an old saying well, there's an old saying, you may have heard of it. if you play with fire, you're going to get -- >> -- burned. >> uh-huh. >> add a new one to the list. if you feed animals, there's a chance, yeah, you're going to get bit. that's what happened to a little girl over in sea world. but as dan harris tells us, the girl's parents are now demanding change. >> here you go. >> reporter: jillian thomas, 8 years old, was doing what she loves most, feeding the dolphins at sea world's popular dolphin cove attraction. that is when things went very wrong. >> mom, i'm out of fish. >> whoa. whoa, whoa, whoa. >> i accidentally held it up. the dolphin jumped up and ate the carton and bit my hand. >> reporter: jillian and her parents talking about the incident for the first time, admitting jillian made a crucial
3:44 am
mistake, raising that small plate of dolphin food in the air out of excitement. the park warns people not to do that. her souvenir, a set of teeth marks the size of dimes. her parents are furious, claiming seaworld employees trivialized the attack, telling the family it was no big deal. >> something needs to change. this wasn't the first incident of its kind. it's not going to be the last. she isn't going to be the only child that lifts that plate. >> reporter: similar incidents happened twice back in 2006. still sea world says it has no plans to change this attraction. in a statement, sea world officials said, nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our guests, employees, and animals. educators and animal care staff were at the attraction when it happened and immediately connected with the family. the thomases say they have no plans to sue seaworld, but they are urging the park to make things safer. >> we got this video. let's make it public. and try to put pressure on sea world to make changes. >> reporter: as for jillian, her
3:45 am
biggest concerns, not her wounds, which are healing, but the dolphin who bit her. >> i was worried because the dolphin might get sick because of that because of the carton. >> reporter: she still hopes some day to work professionally with dolphins. dan harris, abc news, new york. >> if there are warnings up, there are warnings up. vis-a-vis, they're animals. that's what animals do. you're waving the food. things happen. i feel bad she got bit. but hey, you know -- >> but it's like if you go to a petting zoo. you pay 50 cents for the food. hold your hand out. there are warnings everywhere, these animals, we're not responsible if they bite you. >> no. >> same responsibility for those that decide to go into that little dolphin cove area in seaworld. >> at the end of the day, the animals are not here for our amusement and entertainment. they're animals. after a while, i'm sure all that captivity, you know, causes them to, you know. >> hungry. >> oh, man. >> feel bad for the girl. but, you know, ultimately we accept that responsibility once
3:46 am
we go into exhibits or areas like that. >> indeed. coming up next, disclosing details about brad pitt and angelina jolie's big wedding. and what mike tyson is admitting about his role in "the hangover." "the skinny" is next. >> don't go far. be right back. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. tyson is admitting about his role in "the hangover." "the skinny" is next. dkj ñ't go far.
3:47 am
♪ skinny so skinny
3:48 am
welcome back, everybody. time for your monday version of "the skinny" here. mike tyson back in the news. he admitted the big role in "the hangover" a couple years ago. he was upset because they stole his tiger. he was pretty funny in the movie. he later admitted that back in 20 2010, you know, look, i did the movie to fund my drug habit. so he admitted that a couple years ago. now he is coming out going a little bit further in a recent interview. look, i was high on cocaine the entire time. he says i was a mess. i was overweight. i was a pig high on cocaine. of course, "the hangover" went on to become the highest grossing r rated comedy in the u.s. a huge success. he says maybe the crew knew, they had to know i was messed up. i couldn't talk. i had the cocaine talk. he said those guys are just beautiful people. they had my back. i appreciate that. and stuff. they asked me to come back in "the hangover 2," what are you seeing in the movie. mike was funny. the whole movie was funny. apparently, he was heavy into drugs at that time.
3:49 am
now coming out admitting it fully. sad he had drug issues in the past. i guess he gets a few points for honesty maybe. >> he is a funny guy even when he is not high. >> mike is a character. >> yes he is a character. >> mike is most definitely a character. most definitely. >> yes, you are. >> he is, truly, truly, mike tyson. >> are you mike? right now? >> i don't want mike to come find us. i'm not going to do too far. >> you do so many good impressions. can you do a brad pitt impression, please? >> the unicorns -- sorry. the commercial. brad pitt promoting "killing me softly," and the time is now to get married to angelina jolie. they have been together seven years. he kind of hinted as to what kind of ceremony they will have. of course, they have 859 children. and he wants all 859 children to be part of the ceremony.
3:50 am
actually they have six kids. >> yes. >> he said a day all about the little cherubs. wants to be the ceremony where the little ones get as much attention as the beautiful bride does. i wonder if mommy feels the same. i'm sure she does. >> i'm sure. one thing you can count on. i'm sure the press will leave them alone. no coverage when they get married. very quiet. won't hear much about it. also, for those of you who watch "the bachelorette," i send you my sympathy. no. kidding. the woman, ashley herbert, tied the knot. i don't watch. she wanted to find love. jmt j.p. rosen bottom. wed the 35-year-old new york construction manager saturday. they tied the knot in a small ceremony in pasadena, california. a ceremony with family and friends according to "people," and it will be turned into a special here on abc. congratulations to ashley. >> i didn't watch. but from what i have seen, from those two, they're the real deal. >> the show doesn't have the best track record. let's be honest. >> no, they don't.
3:51 am
>> if one makes it, it's a step in the right direction. >> batting what? 3 for 55. >> truly. >> rob, if you and jenny marry, i suggest you get married the same way mario lopez, they got married at punta meta, at estate of the "girls gone wild" founder joe francis. nothing says i love you more than "girls gone wild." they're probably friends with the guy. hey borrow my house. sure, it's a great pad. and surprised the girl went along with that. get married in the house. >> she's been waiting a while to get married. sploebl said, i will take anything i can get. >> she got mario, so congratulations. good luck to you both. married. probably said -- i will take anything i can get. >> you got married. so congratulations.
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
you're watching "world news now." you're watching "world news now." >> sleep is overrated. now." >> sleep is overrated. ♪ only to be with you but i still haven't found what i'm looking for ♪ >> ahhh. i can't get enough of u2. the band. you as well. >> oh.
3:55 am
just got that. it's a simple hat that has gone missing, but to the young new mexico woman whose mother wore it as she battled cancer, it is a precious keepsake. now her touching story has become an internet sensation. >> now an online army is gathering to do everything it can to help her find it out. abc's tanya rivero has the story. >> reporter: this christmas, bridgette hughes wants just one thing -- to be reunited with this floppy brown hat that kept her warm in more ways than one. >> it was a small piece of her i could take along on my adventures. >> reporter: hughes' mother wore the hat while fighting her breast cancer with chemotherapy treatments 15 years ago. >> i lost her when i was 7, and i would say that is the most important and defining moment of my life. >> reporter: the 23-year-old who teaches at a day care for homeless children misplaced the beloved hat in the phoenix airport on monday during the chaos of a canceled flight. >> i thought to myself, no.
3:56 am
>> and i thought to myself, no. i have lost many things in my life, but i cannot lose this. >> reporter: after no luck at lost and found, hughes turned to social media to plead for its return. by saturday hughes' facebook page had been shared over 200,000 times, liked over 34,000 times, and received over 10,000 personal messages from around the world. the response so overwhelming, hughes had to ask her well-wishers to stop hounding the airport. >> we know that she's anxious to get back her item, and we are anxious to get it to her. >> reporter: hughes says what has touched her most are all of the messages from others who have also lost something precious, loved ones, sentimental items. but what they and hughes haven't lost is hope. tanya rivero, abc news, new york. >> oh, wow. and you hope someone maybe does turn up, or someone didn't chuck
3:57 am
it in the trash if she left it on the floor or in a chair. hope she gets it back. a lot of support out there which is heart warming to see. >> she says even if it doesn't turn up, it's okay just because of the support that enveloped her. there are people just coming out -- you saw how many people on her facebook page. >> no one can ever take the memories, and that's important. we'll be back. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. "world news now," informing
3:58 am
3:59 am
thanks for watching. this morning, stalemate. >> back and forth on the sunday talk shows as fiscal cliff negotiations enter the fourth and possibly final month. republicans and the president still stuck in neutral. somber stadium. fans and players reacting after the weekend murder/suicide involving kansas city linebacker jovan belcher.


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