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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 3, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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golden state. cleanup process underway in lafayette after weekend storm leaves huge gaping hole on a street full repairs could take a while. good monday morning, calm after the weekend storms, glad you are here with us, i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. is there more rain on the way? it going to be tomorrow into wednesday, starting off monday morning quiet good morning here's a look at live doppler 7 hd, radar return not rain just interference don't worry about that it is dry this morning, cloudy mid to upper 40s around the bay, partly sunny and mid 50s to around 60, mild at 4:00. inland starting off in the low to mid 40s, mid to upper 50s by 4:00 at the coast not going to be very breezy, calm for you guys, cool morning 46 to 50 top out with a dry afternoon, 54 to 57.
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here's sue. we have our first reports of an accident heading into san francisco, first reported near candlestick now chp is updating that saying north 101 at third, partially blocking right lane you may see slow traffic heading into the city. let's look at the waze app, 101 through petaluma into novato spotters are reporting fog visibility could be affected. download this app to get around your commute, free on the apple app store and google play. 6:02. breaking news near livermore two chp officers injured when their car flipped during a high speed chase this is altamont pass, the pursuit started 3:30 this morning near isabel avenue in livermore officers were chasing a speeding driver through a construction zone when they flipped.
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officers were taken to the hospital to be checked out. kira klapper will have more in a live report in a few minutes. happening now we are waiting for the u.s. supreme court to reveal within the next hour whether it will weigh in on same-sex marriage. the court is expected to announce whether it will review the legality of prop 8. california's ban on same-sex marriage. the court may take up federal defense of marriage act which bars federal benefits to same-sex couples flash flood the court does review prop 8, a ruling will come -- before june if the justices refuse to hear the case lower court decision declaring the ban unconstitutional would stand allowing weddings to resume within days. stay with the abc7 morning news if announcement comes during this newscast we'll buy it to you right way. storm watch in the aftermath of weekend storms that hit northern california one of the hardest hit areas in a lafayette neighborhood
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big sinkhole there we have a reporter on scene we'll tell you more. on mountain view near mount diablo boulevard. we'll check in with amy hollyfield. people who live in a vallejo mobile home park are back home after being flooded out over the weekend. the mobile park was under water yesterday as a creek feeding the lake overflowed whitewater rapids flowing through the middle of that mobile home park. this morning the water has receded things still muddy, nobody was injured. pg&e crews still out this morning trying to restore power to 2,000 bay area homes and businesses, biggest outage north bay 700 still in the dark, east bay more than 600 customers don't have power and nearly 600 in the south bay in santa cruz county, 250 customers without power at the peak of the storm around 10 yesterday morning, there were
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125,000 customers without power system wide. >> stay with abc7 news as the bay area continues to cleanup following series of storms. we'll have updates on air and online at new morning, delta airlines may be getting ready to purchase a stake of virgin atlantic. several reports say delta is in talks now to buy a 49% stake of the airline from singapore airlines. singapore is confirming it is in discussions. it will not provide any further details. sir richard branson owns 51% in virgin and a stake in jury anyone america based at sfo. the text message turns 20 today. has it been that long? yes. december 3rd, 1992 the first text message was sent in the u.k. by a 22-year-old tech to a co-worker during a christmas
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party. the message read: "merry christmas." some saying text messages dying out with im still, happy 20th birthday. traffic and weather together, next on the abc7 morning news. live look outside we see traffic moving in san jose, no problems, no rain now. meteorologist mike nicco will have the full forecast to tell us if there is more on the way. we'll also check the traffic with sue hall. ñ
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welcome back. 6:08. live doppler picking up dry air for the morning commute. a little fog around 101 especially from petaluma into novato watch out for that. with the clouds starting to thin more fog could develop in the north bay, 39 in santa rosa and napa, everybody else in the low to upper 40s to even 50 now in san francisco. as we head throughout the morning it is going to feel much cooler than yesterday. 12° cooler to 20, 12 san francisco, 20 redwood city, 23 napa, need a heavier coat not one that is waterproof. temperatures in the 40s through 7:00, 50s by noon, near 60 at 4:00, you will need that jacket at 7:00 we are back into the low to mid 50s wet weather tomorrow, wednesday and then finally dry
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starting thursday. east shore freeway headed past golden gate fields, 580 merges you can see getting busy, a little crowded because of cars coming together other than that things pick up nicely as you make your way in towards the macarthur maze. you are getting crowds as it gets busier bay bridge toll no metering lights yet cash folks paying a little bit of a price because they have a delay to the west grand overcrossing, carpool and fastrak moving nicely accident north 101 san francisco partially blocking right lane past candlestick towards third. you might find slowing there coming into san francisco. 6:10. same-sex wedding takes place over the weekend at one of the country's top military institutions. first, a tunnel collapses on top of cars, drivers caught inside and the reason rescue efforts are suspended.
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28 days to go and counting before the country could go over the fiscal cliff. the d.c. lawmaker
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coming up on 6:15. more than two inches around san jose, hayward, redwood city, more than three inches in livermore, oakland, san francisco more than four concord, fairfield, napa, seven to 15 inches in the north bay, check out the napa river, definitely the worst of it is over as you look at the flood stage being well moved away from same thing at guerneville russian river peaked right below.
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all the rivers are showing much more improvement this morning. 6:13. >> still on storm watch this morning in the aftermath of the weekend storm that hit northern california one of the hardest hit areas is in lafayette. >> a neighborhood massive section of mountain view drive is gone. amy hollyfield is live with why repairs could take a while. you only have to look behind you and you get it. >> reporter: yeah, check out that hole behind me, imagine what kind of a monday morning these people are going to have. they have to navigate around this hole also dealing with severed lines, you can see them down there in that big hole. and they have to wait for crews to come and cleanup these huge boulders, big chunks of pavement. it is going to take a while until this neighborhood gets back to normal, city officials say they are not going to clear this out quickly.
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the street gave way 8:30 yesterday morning when the road collapsed it snapped a water sewage line, -- water service line, sewage line and damaged a water main. part of the problem is the debris in the creek clogged a culvert when the healthy rains heavy rains fell the water started gushing on to y@ road which gave way city officials now have a plea for residents. >> when you see things piling up, go to the city, let them know there's a problem, before it becomes critical. in this case, it was a little late. >> reporter: city leaders say they are leaved they were able to keep raw sewage from dumping into the creek, crews why able to build a sewage bypass before the collapse. look at this big hole they have to deal with, city leaders say it is going to be like this for a while. they want a permanent fix. that probably won't be happening until the spring.
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amy hollyfield, abc7 news. new morning, authorities in japan suspending rescue and recovery work while the roof of a collapsed highway tunnel is reenforced. at least nine people died as concrete slabs fell on to vehicles yesterday, the collapse happened halfway into the three mile long tunnel west of tokyo search teams are holding out hope of finding survivors investigators state tunnel's roof was just inspected in september and that inspection found nothing wrong. the port of oakland continues to get extra business this morning as a result of the continuing port strike in los angeles and long beach. clerical workers began their strike last tuesday in a contract battle, dock workers are honoring their lines and managed to shutdown most terminals at two southern california ports, latest numbers just in, this strike is creating losses estimated at one billion dollars a day. the white house is waiting for the next move from congressional republicans on a solution to averting the
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so-called fiscal live. overnight the president released this new video calling for tax relief for working families with less than a month to go, republicans and democrats remain far apart. without a deal, nearly every american will pay more income tax between $2,000 and $20 400 for the average family. >> we are -- going over the cliff, clear they made a political calculation. >> the president and his team demanding congress allow bush era tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% of americans to expire. republicans have drawn a line in the sand on raising tax rates signaling they are open to raising revenue by reforming the tax code and limiting deductions for the wealth any. nancy pelosi weighed in on the fiscal cliff while stepping out for a night of glamour. the democrat from san francisco stroll photographers last night at the kennedy center honors in washington, d.c..
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she told reporters it would be a wonderful christmas gift to the american people to have a tax cut come january. the annual gala event at the kennedy center honored entertainment greats. they received the nation's highest ward for influencing culture through art. >> a little bit of talent in that room, i think. >> i know you wanted to be there. >> i would have loved it. 6:18 i am let's talk about -- dryness, for a while, going to be and today, tomorrow this time, rain up in the north bay, wednesday at this time, definitely rain around all of our neighborhoods once again. good morning. looking down from mount tamalpais you can see some of the fog in the foreground that's what is hugging 101 from novato
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towards petaluma in the background high clouds keeping fox keeping fog from forming in other areas. look at live doppler, a sight for sore eyes, wet eyes or hands or any of that stuff, that we had to deal with over the last couple of days with that heavy rain. we have a little fog again look at visibility less than a quarter of a mile at novato where most dangerous right now. as far as our temperatures running 39 in santa rosa and napa, 42 livermore and los gatos, concord, everybody else in the mid to upper 40s san francisco 50. monterey bay inlandña temperatures mid to upper 40s. today high clouds and sunshine, definitely a brighter day and a drier one than we've had in a long time, wet for tuesday and wednesday, once we get past that, we could have around 10 to 14 days without rain. here's a look at what is happening, high pressure
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coming our way so is the next cold front, high pressure wins today, a little wakeness developing in that high pressure as low in the extending warmth might come our way the warm front going to bring us the rain overnight through morning morning this north bay, warm flow will keep us moist with light scattered rains ahead of the initial system, most of the steady rain from 80 north through at least lunch tomorrow, then starts working into the heart of the bay during the evening hours and overnight a steadier rain you can see as we wake up wednesday morning all of us dealing with a steadier rain then it will turn slowly to showers by noon wednesday, especially into the afternoon and early evening hours. by thursday, it is gone. rainfall amounts up in the north bay mountains up to two inches up to an inch and a half north bay up to half an inch for the peninsula and south bay up to 3/4 of an inch in the east bay probably on the lower end of most of these
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totals. once we get past that, temperatures seasonal, low to mid 60s dry thursday through sunday. if you your drive takes you out of novato towards marinwood and san rafael, terra linda, live look at freitas parkway towards san hey road, everything at the limit out of -- out of novato petaluma i you might expect fog, take -- drive times from 580 highway 4 out of antioch and san mateo bridge just about 13 minutes over towards the peninsula.
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straight ahead, what do pope benedict xvi, lady gaga and justin bieber all have in common? saying i do at one of the country's[[7 elite military institutions. the same-sex wedding making
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. beautiful picture from
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vollmer peak, emeryville in the foreground across the bay bridge, cloud cover at the coast, fog forming there like in napa valley area and into marin county on 101. live doppler 7 hd is quiet this morning. the entire state is mainly quiet, a few radar returns along the coast in los angeles just mist from the morning fog that is hanging around there today upper 50s to near 60 at the coast rest of us in the low to mid 60s partly sunny and dry sky. just about 6:25. this morning pope benedict xvi will join the twitter . the vatican is holding a news conference this morning to launch his personal account. his twitter handle will be -- the pope will tweet in six languages he sent out his first last year from a vatican account which tweets news about the pontiff. landmark church at west
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point military academy in new york state marked a milestone over the weekend, first ever same-sex wedding. they exchanged vows saturday. senior army chaplain officiated. fulton is a west point graduate. they had a civil commitment ceremony in 1999 have now formally tied the knot. new york state legalized same-sex last year. moraga toon didn't add eagle scout award because he's gay will be honored by the -- last year the souths say he violate -- today ryan will be honored at the opening session of the assembly by openly gay speaker john perez. raider nation we want to see your team pride e-mail
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your!umfb fan photos to urepor. we will show them on air during our special raiders day edition of abc7 news at 4:00, thursday. at 5, watch manning and broncos take on the raiders here on abc7. >> which will give the raiders the edge they need to beat those broncos. still ahead, just minutes from possibly learning the fate of same-sex in california. supreme court is expected to release key decision any moment we'll break down what could happen and what's next. overnight on the run in the east bay, pursuit caught on camera. how officers finally took that driver into custody. california highway patrol car crashes and overturns during a high speed chase. the police officers to the hospital and their current
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conditions. sue hall following monday morning commute in the traffic0. relatively light compared to the last couple of days wall at weather we had right now looking at -- live shot of the bay bridge toll, metering lights on sluggish into san francisco on upper deck, accident in san francisco north 101 i'll have an update when
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good morning. 6:30 on this monday morning. thanks for joining us. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. it is dry out there good morning. check out live doppler 7 hd
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spinning on top mount st. helena waiting for the next storm which will be tonight into tomorrow for now it is showing dry conditions. around the bay today mainly cloudy this morning mid to upper 40s brighter by noon into the afternoon we'll top out in the mid 50s to around 60, cooler 7:00 grab a coat, low to mid 50s. 7:00 inland fog in the north bay valleys, cloudy elsewhere, partly sunny in the upper 50s by 4:00, you will need a jacket during the evening, 40s to low 50s. coast calm, cool morning, 40s to near 50, top out in the mid 50s during a dry afternoon. hayward towards clawiter and toll, san mateo bridge looking good, live shot tail lights towards the highrise up and over foster city san mateo 15 minute drive fairly typical for this time of the morning either direction between the east bay and peninsula and the
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peninsula and east bay still with roadwork eastbound 580 greenville to north flynn picked up 11 eastbound reverse commute westbound is slowing with a 30 minute drive from the altamont pass up and over into the livermore and dublin pleasanton area. 6:31. happening now we are waiting for the u.s. supreme court to reveal at any moment, whether it will weigh in on same-sex . the court is expected to announce between 6:30 and 7:00 this morning our time whether it will review the legality of prop 8, california's ban. the court may take up federal defense of marriage act which bars federal benefits to same-sex couples. if the court reviews prop 8, a ruling would come before june. if justices refuse to hear the caseler court decision declaring the ban unconstitutional to stan allowing marriages to resume within days. stay with the abc7 morning news if announcement comes
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during this newscast we'll bring it to you right way. breaking news, two chp officers recovering after their patrol car flipped on the altamont pass during an early morning pursuit. kira klapper joins us live from the chp office in dublin. >> reporter: good morning many we are at the dublin chp office where those officers were based, they are already back from being treated at the hospital over the last few hours. video we shot 3:30 this morning when the crash happened it happened when the highway california highway patrol unit tried to pull over a car in livermore. the car sped away, starting a delays reached more than 100 miles per hour at some point. one point in the chase chp car had to avoid a big rig it went into the center divide, landing overturned in rocks at greenville road and eastñf north
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flynn. the sergeant spoke to me about seeing two of his own in that type of situation. >> scary, very concerning, the vehicle looks worse than what their injuries, which were minor, cuts and bruises. but it is not a good experience. >> reporter: as for the pursuit the sergeant tells me the two men tossed baggies, presumed to be drugs out the windows of their car during the chase. authorities were unable to locate those bags. chp took over and realized the two men. one man was arrested for felony evade ago officer that was the driver. -- felony evading an officer that was the driver. his pang had an outstanding warrant in oakland for assault with a deadly -- weapon. we are still on the storm watch, the aftermath of the powerful weekend storm to hit
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northern california one of the hardest hit areas in the east bay, massive section of mountain view drive, is now gone in lafayette. amy hollyfield is live with why repairs could take a while. >> reporter: gone, is the word. huge hole very dangerous, big hole in the middle of the street you can see where some of the lines were severed when this happened. look at the mess here, big chunks of pavement sitting here also gotta be cleared outgoing to take a while until it gets back to normal here. here's the hole in the daytime this happen 8:30 yesterday morning not only created a huge hole but it did snap off a water service line, water main and sewage line. this happened because there was too much debris in the creek so it got plugged up. they found a dresser and sink in there. that the water bushing -- water gushing on to the street
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which eroded it way causing such a headache for the residents. >> a bunch of bottled water, only inconvenience is going to the bathroom. >> it may be the case we have to wait until we have dry weather before we can do a permanent fix. this road could be closed for some time. >> reporter: city officials say it could have been worse. they were worried raw sewage would make night the creek. they say it almost did. but -- make it into the creek. they say it almost did but they were able to bill a by bass before the collapse. they are urging residents to keep the creeks clear of garr became. they are going to be -- giving with hole for a while. city officials want a permanent fix in place. they say that could take until spring. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. stay with abc7 news for continuing storm watch coverage. see celia vega will report from lafayette at 7:00, during
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"good morning america." middle school in marin county closed today due to storm damage. white hill middle school in fairfax suffered significant flooding. there's mud throughout the campus. school officials say they need today to cleanup and arrange for temporary classrooms. the school hotline will have an updated message this afternoon. 6:36. traffic and weather together, next on the abc7 morning news. take you outside for a live look at the bay bridge toll, which is starting to back up. sue hall will have traffic and the reasons for this and mike nicco will check your forecast. , simple traffic violation leading to high speed pursuit.
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welcome back. next system well offshore high clouds during the afternoon hours high clouds and sunshine temperatures close to where they should be. now, the final storm in this unsettled pattern comes in tomorrow into wednesday light to moderate rain thursday extended period of dry weather will begin. east shore freeway past golden gate fields, where 580 and 80 merge speeds 45 to 50 miles an hour towards the macarthur maze then slow further going into the bay bridge toll with speeds of 20 miles an hour. caltrain delay of 10 minutes northbound train 102, san francisco accident north 101 at third still blocking right lane peninsula north 101 embarcadero road in palo alto accident in the right lane. highway patrol in oakland has two dryers in custody at a
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house following a pair of overnight vehicle pursuits on the freeway and through parts of the city. the chp in oakland took over the slow speed chase on northbound 880 when the driver of the car without headlights refused to stop in san jose. officers put out spike strips on broadway and 27th, forcing the vehicle to stop. the driver was arrested and now faces charges of recklessly evading officers. an hour later the highway patrol was called to a driver going the wrong way on 98th avenue in oakland the driver refused to pull over and a chase was landed this one through east oakland ended near 92nd avenue and c street two people got out and ran officers caught one, the car was stolen. northern california is getting ready for a presidential visit, tomorrow. >> trading is underway on wall street. the dow is up 55 points.
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we go live to jane king at the new york stock exchange with more on how stocks are doing this morning, plus u.s.
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welcome back. 6:44. radar across the state, a few sprinkles especially los angeles and san diego, going to be mainly cloudy today, mid 60s there. more sun around palm springs and 77. central valley coolest at chico 59, mid 60s sacramento and fresno high clouds and sun, tahoe 47 today, mostly cloudy, talking to sue she said you need chains on 88, 50 and 80
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are fine. yosemite 50 today under a partly cloudy sky. next weather system staying up north most of us will be dry other than sprinkles around l.a. and san diego. time to check in with josh for what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> josh good morning. you guys have calmer weather
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morning. all straight ahead right here on "good morning america". >> that's awesome she is there i don't want to know what's -- what's in lipstick. i'm sure lara feels the same way. >> tastes good. whoa! >> it is a family program. >> i'll take your word for it rick. >> all right josh. just getting word from the supreme court the justices have announced they are once again putting a decision on
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same-sex marriage issues. they had that opportunity this morning to take it up, right now this means no news on prop 8 in california the same-sex marriage ban or doma until friday december 7th, when they have another chance to decide to take it up again. so far still a waiting game. no decision to take up prop 8, the same-sex marriage ban in california. former president clinton comes to northern california tomorrow due to deliver a standing room only speech tomorrow night at sacramento's memorial auditorium, the hottest ticket in town, vip tickets $200 each sold out a while ago. he is a political rock star after ending his second terp he's turned himself into one of the most sought after political figures on the planet earning continuing of millions a year in speaking fees.
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jane king is live from the new york stock exchange. good morning jane. good morning. chrysler seeing a pick-up in demand partly thanks to superstorm sandy buyers returning to show rooms in november after the waters receded and replacement demand increased after hundreds of thousands of vehicles damaged or destroyed by sandy. as for trading, manufacturing in china helping give u.s. stocks a lift today. report on u.s. manufacturing for november in a few minutes we'll see how that goes we expect it to slow a little. so far, green arrows across the board first trading day of december, dow, s&p and nasdaq higher, bloomberg index up 1%. the maker of lucky charms hoping adults will find the cereal magically delicious,
6:49 am
mills plans a campaign nationwide next year. adults are an attractive market for the cereal makers they are pressure for marketing sugary products to kids. today is the 20th anniversary of the text message, the first text sent was "merry christmas "now 1992. by 2016 texting may increase 40% from today's levels more than nine trillion texts generating 127 billion dollars in revenue. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. lol! i know. we can smile a little with weather turning dry for folks trying to geter rans done. >> trying to cleanup -- trying to cleanup,:50 in between
6:50 am
storms, high clouds and sun are going to rule today's forecast, beautiful picture some of the haze, fog up around petaluma and also in novato watch out as you are traveling 101 this morning. live doppler 7 hd with the lack of clouds we have a lack of radar returns definitely indicating dry conditions outside put the wet weather gear away for now. more than two inches redwood city, hayward and san jose, more than three inches livermore, oakland and san francisco, concord, fairfield napa, more than four inches. nearly 16 inches in -- five-day total impressive, napa river at napa, flood stage getting up there then it made that quick sharp turn now we expect it to stay well below flood stage many st. helena, napa river there got close to flood stage then made an abrupt pull back. russian river is doing fine,
6:51 am
close to areas of concern the yellow has made a sharp turn nothing to worry about there. half a mile, quarter mile or less visibility in san rafael, 45° for you where the fog is thickest. san francisco 50, most of us in the 40s this morning same around the monterey bay mid to upper 40s. high clouds and sun today, wet weather tomorrow and wednesday, extended period of dry weather that could last 10 to 14 days. high pressure winning now holding next system at bay overrun by high clouds, making for is up a beautiful sunrise this morning. i'll put them on facebook. here's a look at the rain tomorrow morning, mainly north bay, where it stays for the better part of the morning starts to make a trip to the south around noon into the 5:00 hour, hardly ever makes it into the south bay other night we get a better chance
6:52 am
of widespread steadier rain into wednesday morning. wednesday afternoon, it will start to taper to showers, by wednesday evening almost over. rainfall amounts most impressive up north up to an inch in the north bay, two inches in the mountains rest of us quarter to half inch, once this passes, we'll stay in the 60s, a lot of sunshine and dry weather thursday through sunday. san jose 87 northbound live shot, stalled car/]kv not blocking aii lane lights on metering lights julian on-ramp to northbound 87 traffic flowing nicely past hp pavillion. san rafael southbound crowded out of novato towards -- lucas valley road into central san rafael with brake lights southbound. you can expect minor delays up and over the waldo. palo alto north 101 embarcadero road accident in the clearing stages, south 680 walnut creek at treat accident there. waze app taking a look at your
6:53 am
approach to the bay bridge toll, traffic bumper-to-bumper because the metering lights are on. ahead, five things know -- things to know before you go. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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here are five things to know before you go: number one, two chp officers recovering after flipping their patrol car during a high speed chase on i-580 near livermore. they were chasing a speeding driver at north flynn when they flipped they suffered minor injuries. >> number two, work resumes in lafayette to fix a gaping sinkhole near mount diablo boulevard, gas, water and suer service have been cut off. --
6:55 am
number three, moments ago the u.s. supreme court posted -- saying no act has been taken the justices were expected to announce whether they will review the legality of prop 8. this means the high court will consider the issue at a future conference in the coming weeks. number four, white hill middle schooljmxz in fairfax closed due to storm damage. >> number five, one of mysteries of be unlobbed in san francisco this morning when nasa reveal -- reveals what mars rover discovered in soil sample. scientists call the discovery historic and will announce it at 9:00 in san francisco. >> could it involve h2o which is what wee been having around here? too much of it, going to get a break, good morning.
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reinforcing how dry it is with the lack of radar returns this morning many 39 napa, santa rosa rest of us in the 40s fog in the north bay valleys. by the afternoon, high clouds and sunshine upper 50s at the coast, the rest of us in the low to mid 60s. back to the bay bridge toll, metering lights on backing towards the west grand or past the west grand overcrossing towards the macarthur maze trouble spots not as bad as issue north 101 at embarcadero road accident in clearing phases, accident southbound 680 at treat, walnut creek. comparatively, nice morning. thank you for joining us,. the abc7 morning news continues in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic, during "good morning america." >> we are always on at you can also follow us on twitter. >> you can, you know send us stuff like e-mails and tweets and things like that we
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>> hav good morning, america. wild weather, triple punch. five days of massive rains and wind wallop the west, bringing dangerous rockslides, uprooting giant trees and leaving cars under water with another storm on the way. and now, almost 70 degrees from chicago to washington, d.c. brand-new details on that stunning shooting by promising nfl football stain


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