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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 5, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PST

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>> she's had an uneventful night. she was quite dehydrated when she came in. >> as prince william leaves the hospital with a smile on his face. things seem to be looking up for the royal couple. and an abc news exclusive. a health scare for one of tv's most memorable young stars. frankie muniz from "malcolm in the middle" speaks out about the stroke that left him unable to speak. >> i'm still trying to make sense of it. but happy that i'm alive. and paws up. just when you thought you've seen it all, that's right. those are our best friends at the wheel. the incredible experiment you have to see to believe. with rescue dogs going into high gear this morning, on "gma." ♪ bow wow wow
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good morning to everyone down there in times square, all across america. did you say it was an experiment with the dogs right there? >> all i can think of is my dog behind the wheel, what a mistake. >> that isn't happening with my dog. and a look at lara. she is live in london this morning. we also have the latest on the prank call to the hospital ward. we also have the latest on the showdown in d.c. on our taxes and that fast-approaching fiscal cliff. president obama has rejected the latest republican offer. he's taking a very hard line in the talks. there's growing outage here in new york city over a front-page photo from "the new york post" yesterday. this man has just fallen down on the tracks. is just seconds away from a subway train hitting and killing him. many people upset why the photographer was taking the picture and not helping the man. this morning, he's talking out, justifying why he took the photo. and why so many other folks were running away. there's nobody there trying to help him off the tracks. >> he says he was trying to help. we're going to get into that.
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also, you guys over there took advantage of the spring weather yesterday. >> yes, we did. we needed a walk. but more importantly, we needed to see our old pal, robin. we got to walk through the riverside park, as the sun was setting on a beautiful day in manhattan. it's always the case. she's always the -- >> she looks fantastic. >> she is the best medicine for us. it was amazing. >> and let me tell you, only one of us felt good enough to keep pushing the speed of the walk. >> it's true. it's true. >> her smile is great. josh, you have a lot of news this morning. >> we're going to talk about breaking news overnight. affecting holiday shoppers. from coast to coast. a deal has been struck to end an eight-day strike in the port system, the largest in the nation. the port of los angeles and long beach, california. the strike was costing the economy an estimated $1 billion per day because it prevented shippers from delivering cargo to stores and other businesses. 40% of all goods shipped into the country come through those ports. union workers there were protesting the outsourcing of jobs. there's no word, yet, on the terms of the deal struck.
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and speaking of the economy, there's important news for anyone who owns a home or is looking to buy. prices, skyrocketing to levels we have not seen in years. and "weekend gma" anchor bianna golodryga is here with the latest. good morning, bianna. >> reporter: good morning to you, josh. important news and good news. everyone's been waiting for the housing market to take off since the collapse in 2008. now, we're learning that home prices jumped 6.3% in october, compared to the same time last year. that's the biggest year-to-year gain since 2006. now, prices rose in 45 states, led by a 21% jump in arizona and a 13% rise in hawaii. and according to the national association of realtors, they say the number of homes available right now, the lowest level in ten years. these are great numbers, josh, that's helping to increase demand along with historically low mortgage rates. finally some good news. >> some cautious optimism to be sure. bianna, thank you for that.
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a major headline overnight for anyone who takes aspirin to protect their heart. a study out this morning finds that aspirin that is specially coated to protect against stomach irritation may not have the same benefits as the regular, uncoated pill. researchers found the coating may obscure the heart-healthy benefits of the drug. and what's more, researchers say that coating does little or nothing to actually protect your stomach. overseas, the president of egypt, a key ally in the increasingly volatile middle east, has returned to the presidential palace this morning. he fled tuesday, as a mob of some 10,000 protesters swarmed outside, throwing chairs, rocks, furious about his recent power grab over the courts and the new, hastily written constitution. today, that protest has spread to the country's private tv stations, which suspended programming. days after being released from the hospital, former senator bob dole made a surprise appearance on capitol hill. looking frail and in a wheelchair, he urged senators to support a u.n. treaty guaranteeing equal rights for
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disabled people. but his fellow republicans rejected the treaty, saying it threatened national sovereignty. and in missouri, what a sight here, as demolition crews imploded parts of the blanchette bridge. that crosses the missouri river. that is some 4.5 million pounds of steel dropping to the water in a matter of seconds. 75% of the bridge is being replaced or rebuilt. finally, there's a new lottery mystery this morning. it is a monster jackpot, there for the taking. no one's coming forward. and no, we're not talking about powerball. we're not talking about this country. in england, no one's claimed a national lottery prize of about $103 million. 63 million pounds. the remarkable thing, the deadline to claim it is today. it is hours from now. lottery officials, desperate to give this money to the winner, are using a town cryer, riding in a lamborghini, asking people to look in their couches and in the trash. to make sure they're not holding
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the winning ticket. >> i think i have the ticket. >> i'll have the ticket. >> right here in my pocket. >> bring back the concorde. >> i'm on my way. >> some degree of cold comfort. if nobody claims it, the money will go to charity. but time's awasting. >> thank you, josh. now, to the news breaking overnight. an incident at kate middleton's hospital in london. two radio deejays got through to the hospital ward where kate middleton is staying and spoke to a nurse about the duchess' condition. lara is live in london with the very latest on this story. good morning, lara. >> good morning, elizabeth. from london. behind me, the queen is in residence here at buckingham palace. and we know william has just arrived at the hospital nearby as kate begins her third day receiving treatment. we're hearing about her condition by some unlikely sources, those deejays that pulled the prank. because of them, we know that she still needs fluids, but she's doing much better. >> hello there. could i please speak to kate,
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please? >> reporter: prince edward vii hospital is most likely revving up their phone security this morning, after an australian disc jockey called, reportedly pretending to be the queen and connecting with one of kate's personal nurses last night. >> she's sleeping at the moment. and she has had an uneventful night. >> when is a good time to come and visit her because i'm the queen. >> i would suggest that any time after 9:00 would be suitable. >> reporter: but it was all smiles for william last night as he emerged from the hospital here in london, after spending six hours by his wife's bedside. his expression, much happier than when he arrived. and this morning, kate is reportedly being treated by the queen's doctors. the palace saying in a statement, she is, quote, continuing to feel better, as she battles hyperemesis gravidarum. an acute form of nausea that the palace added kate and william are grateful for the good wishes they have received. >> there's been an outpouring of support for the couple.
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and that made them feel, perhaps, a bit more positive. and excited. >> reporter: kate's parents, carole and michael middleton, spotted leaving their home in bucklebury tuesday. they're reportedly set to visit their daughter today. but there's no word on when the duchess will be released from the hospital. some women can suffer with symptoms for the entire length of the pregnancy. >> the royal family would not normally want to announce a pregnancy before the 12th week mark. we believe she's about seven to eight weeks pregnant at the moment. >> reporter: meanwhile, the frenzy of royal heir speculation continues. oddsmakers are already taking bets on the name of the future heir. the early favorites, elizabeth, frances or diana, if it's a girl. charles or john, if it's a boy. and one forensic artist has become an internet sensation, studying recent photos of will and kate, and creating these composites of what a new prince or princess might look like. oh, my. and william and kate may be kept apart in the coming days. his military commitment back in wales requires him to maintain a certain number of flying hours. and soon, he'll have to make a
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difficult decision whether or not to stay in the royal air force or take on the duties of a full-time royal. george and elizabeth, back to you. from london. >> all right. thank you, lara. it's hard to believe that anybody fell for that radio deejay. >> and i think the girl would be cuter than that picture, too. >> i think so. the latest on that fiscal cliff. everyone's taxes set to go up in just 27 days if congress and the white house can't strike a deal. and publicly, at least, president obama is taking a harder line with every day that goes by. abc's jake tapper is covering it all from the white house. and it's clear that president obama believes he has the upper hand here. >> reporter: he sure does, george. and later today, president obama will speak to corporate executives at the business roundtable. and he'll try to enlist their help in his negotiations with congressional republicans. and his latest demand, that congress remove its own power as it stands right now, to raise the debt ceiling. it is a bold gambit that congressional republicans are already calling a non-starter.
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paul ryan stepped back into the spotlight late tuesday, with a feisty shot at the president. >> i congratulate him on his victory. but on january 20th, he'll face a stagnant economy and a fiscal mess. you might even say he'll inherit these problems. >> reporter: there's a lot of bah humbug in washington, d.c. these days. 'tis the season to be surly. the president told bloomberg television that without tax rates going up on the wealthiest americans, there will be no deal to avert going over the fiscal cliff. >> we're going to have to see the rates on the top 2% go up. and we're not going to be able to get a deal without it. >> reporter: house republicans are adamant, no tax rate increases. >> we're willing to put revenues on the table. revenues that come from closing loopholes, getting rid of special interest deductions and not raising rates. >> reporter: but what the republicans are offering sounds a lot like what the president wanted during last year's budget showdown. >> give us $1.2 trillion in
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additional revenues, which could be accomplished without hiking tax rates by eliminating loopholes, eliminating some deductions. >> reporter: today, however, the president says those moves will not be enough. and the latest pew poll shows a lot of public pessimism. with 49% of the public saying they do not expect a deal to be struck by the deadline. 40%, a little more optimistic. george? >> sure looks like this will go right to the deadline. jake, thanks very much. george, now, we're going to get the latest on that internet millionaire who is on the run. we've been following the strange case of software pioneer john mcafee. he is wanted for questioning in the murder of his neighbor in belize, but won't speak to the police. he has, however, spoken to us about the latest twist in the case. and abc's matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: multimillionaire software tycoon john mcafee's mad dash from belize is over. telling abc news overnight by phone -- hi, john, how are
7:12 am
you -- he's now in guatemala, where later today, he'll seek asylum. >> thank god i'm -- i'm in a place where there is some sanity. >> reporter: earlier tuesday, we spoke briefly at this restaurant there. >> i chose guatemala carefully. >> reporter: mcafee has been on the frun -- run from police in belize since the murder of his neighbor, greg faull. investigators say mcafee is still not a suspect, and they just want to talk to him. but he bolted. >> why does he need asylum? >> you don't have to believe what the police tell us. even though they say he is not a suspect. but they were trying to capture him. >> reporter: overnight, mcafee said the government had raided his home and threatened the family of his 20-year-old girlfriend, sam. >> 15 armed soldiers come in and personally kidnap my housekeeper. threaten sam's father with torture. and haul away $500,000 worth of my [ bleep ]. if they're not after me, why all of these raids?
7:13 am
there have been eight raids. >> reporter: for three weeks, mcafee has been on the run, here, pictured by "vice" magazine, flying to throw off manhunt police say never existed. calling in false sightings. >> mr. mcafee has been arrested just across the border of belize. >> reporter: and zipping around in speedboats and vans. all as authorities, including belize's prime minister, question his sanity. >> it strikes me that he's extremely paranoid. i would go so far as to say bonkers. >> reporter: but now, all that misdirection and admitted paranoia may be coming to an end. do you feel safe finally? >> absolutely. i feel like i've come home. >> reporter: he feels so safe, in a couple of hours, he'll hold a press conference in guatemala city. now, over the past couple of weeks, he's said he's very unhappy about how he's been portrayed by the media as unstable. it's not clear what he's going to say later. >> we'll be watching. matt, thanks very much. now, the story behind this controversial picture on the front of "the new york post."
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a photographer snapped the shot just before a train killed a man pushed on the tracks. it has set off a huge debate about right and wrong and the duties of bystanders to a tragedy. abc's rob nelson is here with more on that. and a lot of outrage to go around here. >> reporter: absolutely. a remarkable story. it's a heartbreaking scene that's sparked a national debate. was this photographer more concerned about capturing a moment? or saving a life? this is the controversial photo by a "new york post" photographer that has so many people around the nation asking, did this cameraman go too far? it shows the horrifying seconds as this new york city man desperately tries to scramble off the subway tracks, right before a train enters the station and takes his life. video posted online shows how all this started. two men fighting on the platform. the fight escalated with one man pushing the other on to the tracks. the photographer took multiple photos. and he's now saying he was using his camera to try and prevent the tragedy.
7:15 am
>> i started running towards the train. my arm stretched out and flashing so that the train driver could look at it. it all happened so fast. i don't know what i could have done more, other than jump on to the tracks and try to save him. but i'm not strong enough to lift a body off the tracks. i wish i hadn't seen it. and i'm shaken up. >> reporter: the image, blasted on the front cover of "the post," has ignited a firestorm of criticism and a raging debate about his actions and the printing of the photo. larry king tweeted, did "the new york post" go too far? many on twitter think it did. sickening rubber-necking from the "new york post." imagine how this man's family feels. and "new york post" meet rock bottom. the photographer reportedly said he flashed his camera nearly 50 times, trying to stop the train. he also said that at one point, the man accused of killing the victim approached him.
7:16 am
so, he backed up against the wall, still snapping those photos. he thinks the victim was on the tracks for about 10 to 15 seconds before he was ultimately struck. >> boy, no one else helped either. i hear the poor train operator is absolutely traumatized. >> you can imagine. >> this does race shades of the kitty genovese case. another case where somebody screamed for help for hours. where was everybody on the platform? you see that man, standing up, trying to get off the tracks. and there's nobody around him reaching down. >> according to reports, it was crowded. you would think somebody could have gotten to him. >> somebody. gosh, thanks so much. switching gears, now. embassy sweepstakes time. president obama is considering a very stylish choice for one of his plum posts. "vogue" editor in chief anna wintour was the model for meryl streep's character in "the devil wears prada." but does she have what it takes to be a top diplomat? david wright sizes her up. >> reporter: in terms of the nice tis of protocol, america could not ask for a more
7:17 am
sophisticated representative abroad. as ambassador to the court of st. james, anna wintour would know what to wear to a royal wedding or state dinner. as ambassador to france, she would be right at home, too. france's former first lady was a "vogue" cover girl. americans know anna wintour mostly through meryl streep in "the devil wears prada." >> you have no style or sense of fashion. >> i think that depends on what your -- >> no, no. it wasn't a question. >> reporter: a character whose exquisite taste is only matched by her devastating lack of charm. wintour may not have liked that portrayal. but, as she told barbara walters, she respected it. >> did you recognize any part of yourself? >> i'm a very decisive person. so if meryl seemed some what strong, i respect that. >> reporter: a diplomatic answer if ever there was one. as the september issue revealed, she tends to speak her mind. >> a little bit of retouching. need to go to the gym.
7:18 am
>> reporter: the white house is considering wintour for a plum post as a reward for the president's re-election. >> please join us. but just don't be late. >> reporter: according to "vogue," she's perfectly happy with the job she has. as ambassador, she would bring a different sort of elegance and strength to american diplomacy, as in speak softly and carry a chanel bag. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, los angeles. take a quick look at your weather before we get you off on your morning. we have a cold front in the northeast. it does look like while the warm air is up against the shoreline, it's almost done. we're dropping the temperatures quickly. buffalo at 37 today. pittsburgh at 37, as well. take a look at philadelphia, into the 50s. quick look at the big board. this is the colder air that sweeps across the country. we'll go into detail, moment by moment, place by place across the doesncountry as we g throughout the morning so you're not surprised by the morning weather.
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and coming up on "gma" -- fierce fight.
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a mother gives up her baby for adoption without telling the father. now, he and his baby's new family both claim the child is theirs. plus, an abc news exclusive. "malcolm in the middle" star, frankie muniz, just 27, suffering a ministroke. we'll hear from him about what happened and his condition right now. and there's a new entry in the reality tv world. think "the jersey shore" gang was wild? get ready for "buck wild." reality is going country. and beyonce revealed. the superstar opening up like you've never seen her. een her.
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you can see what a wet morning we are having. live picture outside berkeley this says it all you can see rain hitting the bay area hard and certainly as cars cross the intersection you can see ponding. mike tracking the storm with live doppler. good thing is you don't see it heading sideways which would mean it is windy we are having a lot of rain but it is not windy. good morning. san francisco live doppler you can see cesar chavez and monterey boulevard some of the heaviest of the rain there and embarcadero around macarthur boulevard, alameda south coliseum way, castro valley, hayward where we see some of the heavier rain. east bay up and down the sycamore valleys some of the heaviest rain watch out for
7:25 am
ponding on the roads the next two hours. >> sue hall tracking a lot of the delays, storm problems on the
7:26 am
7:27 am
bumper-to-bumper a grind on westbound 80 from highway 4 due to several earlier accidents, pooling water, puddling, flooding all a big problem caltrain takin76 two trains out of service adding never train combining the other ones that missed their trains south 680 bolger --
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i couldn't say words. and my fiancee was looking at me like i was speaking a foreign language. >> what a scare for frankie muniz. he's just 27, but recovering, now, from a stroke. a ministroke, thank goodness. and he's telling us all about it on "gma" this morning.
7:30 am
let's say hi to lara in london this morning. she's there for all of the royal baby news. >> we won't ask. giving us a royal wave and the royal embarrassing hi. that's really scary. a ministroke in your 20s. also ahead, a stunning story. a mother who gave up her baby for adoption without telling her husband, and the father of the baby, until after the baby had gone to the new adoptive family. now he and the baby's new family are both claiming the child is theirs. it's a huge battle, raising a lot of serious questions about how easy it is to give a baby up for adoption these days. it is fair to say, we'll be switching gears, by hour's end, as we take a look here. our best friend, behind the wheel. >> get out. >> for real. there's nothing more to say. you can stick around, though, for a "play of the day" you're going to have to see to believe.
7:31 am
but you might see it and still not believe it. >> there's got to be something i'm missing, right? >> don't get any ideas, daisy. >> thanks, josh. we're going to get right to the troubling custody fight playing out in utah. a baby girl, caught between the family who adopted her and the father who never knew she was given up for adoption. amy robach is here with that. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. it is an incredibly difficult and emotional custody case. a battle between a biological father who never knew what happened to his child. and the family who desperately wants to continue raising the little girl they love and legally adopted. this little girl is at the center of a fierce fight between a biological father and her adoptive parents. and this morning, both sides are digging in to keep a child they say is theirs. the girl's biological father, a staff sergeant in the army, says he never even knew he had a daughter. nearly two years ago, while he was stationed in south carolina, he says his now-ex-wife gave
7:32 am
birth in utah and gave up the child for adoption without his knowledge or permission. >> she has a right to be able to be with her father. and that was taken away. >> reporter: achane's attorney says the birth mother gave the wrong address to reach him, preventing him from asserting his parental rights. experts say utah's adoption laws are less strict than other states. >> for whatever reason, utah's laws appeal to people who want to get it done quick, rather than people who want to get it done right. >> reporter: the little girl was adopted by jared and christy fry, a utah couple that wanted to expand their family. the toddler, who turns 2 in march, has been with them since her birth. but a judge has ordered them to return the little girl to her father, within 60 days. and the clock is ticking. >> he has a fundamental right to raise his own child. they can help, if they want to.
7:33 am
it's up to them. >> reporter: the frys appear ready to fight. in a statement to abc news, their attorneys say, they believe the district court made errors with their decision. meantime, achaen says he will do what it takes to get his daughter. the next hearing in this case is scheduled for january 16th. and terry's attorney tells us that is to discus the transition of the child. let's bring in "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams, in this case. the judge in this case said he was astonished and deeply troubled. it's hard to believe that a baby can be given up for adoption without consent. >> this is a clear in my view legal case. this is a married father. if this was an unmarried father, this might be a tougher case. questions of abandonment and involvement, et cetera. this is a married father's child. and in the state of utah, i
7:34 am
think that the fry family is going to have a tough time arguing that they ought to get the child back. the question is, why did the adoption agency do what it did, didn't do what it did, et cetera? the judge seemed very irritated at the fact that as soon as the father reached out to the adoption agency, the adoption agency's position was, we can't give you any information. and the judge is like, how is that possible that the father can't get information about his own child who is being put up for adoption? >> not only did the adoption agency stonewall the father and husband of the mother in question, they knew, the adoption agency knew, it was doing the adoption without his consent or permission or knowledge. and warned the adoptive family about that, saying, we might have a problem down the line. >> they say the warning is the key, right? and in a legal matter, i don't know that that's that relevant. but it's a moral matter, it is
7:35 am
significant. this is a really sad case all around. it is possible that every, single person involved in this case, was trying to do what's in the best interest of the child. if you think about it. the mother wanted to ensure the child who was best, the father and the adoptive parents, as well. >> it's going to be a long battle. it's gone on a year and a half. and you wonder about the poor, little girl at the center of this case. my goodness, tragic for this father. we'll be keeping in touch on that. now, to the health scare for "malcolm in the middle" star frankie muniz. he's just 27. but he's recovering from a small stroke he had last week. after tweeting about it, muniz gave an interview to abbie boudre boudreau. >> reporter: the young star of "malcolm in the middle" is speaking exclusively to abc news. >> i didn't feel right. >> reporter: about a health
7:36 am
scare just days ago that left him unable to speak. >> i couldn't say words. and my fiancee was looking at me like i was speaking a foreign language. >> reporter: frankie muniz lost his vision in one eye. his body became numb. >> i had a headache. i don't know. >> reporter: muniz says his doctors discovered he suffered a mini stroke. unusual for a man who is not only healthy, but under 30. experts say fewer than 10% of all strokes happen to people under 45. >> a big question is why is stroke on the rise in people who are younger? it may be from increase in high blood pressure, diabetes. and also may be due to increased awareness. >> reporter: muniz says he's aware his stressful life, acting and playing in a band, may have played a part. >> i never had a sip of alcohol in my life. i never had any drugs. never smoked a cigarette. >> reporter: he says he feels back to normal mentally. physically, he still feels
7:37 am
lethargic. >> i can't get a deep breath in. still trying to make sense of it. but you know, happy that i'm alive. >> reporter: a wake-up call for a young star who says he still plans to play drums with his band, tour next week, marry his fiancee next year, and celebrate his 27th birthday later today. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> glad he's getting better. but that is a scary one there. >> 27. and fit and in shape. sam? >> hey, guys. this is the mcleod river, near mt. shasta. look at all of the land around it. after 20 inches of rain in about a week, that's what the same river area looks like. this is why so many people have had a problem with flooding and rain. we want to stack up this water, into the rivers, the lakes, the reservoirs, for a dry summer
7:38 am
period. we look for these months to stack up the snow and rain. but it's been a rough time period. now, we get drier air. it's the last storm system in a series moves away. we dry out ever so slightly. it will come with an area of high pressure behind it. dallas comes in about 68 today. atlanta, scattered showers. we've got some cold air moving into the northeast. and it's going to be in gusty winds. all day today, get used to the cold front moving in and changing the temperatures from the warmth that you had for the past >> and all of that weather was brought to you by at&t. josh? elizabeth? george? >> thank you, sam. coming up, reality words heat up. the new contender that's the
7:39 am
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back, now, at 7:43, with a look at a brand-new contender heating up the reality television show wars. it's a show with the antics of "jersey shore." but it's set in the heartland. and in possible, it's wilder than its predecessors. paula faris has a sneak peek. >> reporter: this is the story of nine friends. who stopped being polite. and start getting -- >> buck wild. whatever happens, happens. >> reporter: mtv's latest reality tv spectacle follows a group of friends letting loose southern style. think "jersey shore." meets "honey boo boo."
7:44 am
after the shore house crew leaves the air in two weeks, they'll be replaced by the gang on "buck wild." instead of fist-bumping and gtl, it's mudding and atvs. >> i don't have a facebook. i don't have none of that internet stuff. >> they live this outdoor lifestyle that's really free. and it's indearing and invigorating. >> reporter: "buck wild" will have plenty of drunken partying and relationship drama. >> i'm going to be me. >> reporter: just with a dixie twist. >> this is the age of the southern crazy character. there's no question about it. >> reporter: from "honey boo boo" from "toddler & tiaras." to "swamp people," "buck wild" is the latest of country-fried shows of wild life below the mason dixon.
7:45 am
"buck wild's" cast promises to offer up mayhem and heart. either way, mtv is counting on viewers who are ready to go country. >> i'm as country as it comes. >> reporter: for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> come on, george. you're already excited to watch. >> cannot wait, yeah. >> not to be missed. and neither is this. take a look. a dog "play of the day." freeze it. freeze. [music] "dance of the sugar plum fairies" ♪ ♪
7:46 am
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7:49 am
right then, here's "the play of the day." >> america, you waited patiently. and so, we're going to get this. a lot of us are dog owners here. you have daisy. >> and charlie. >> and there's daisy. actually, that's dandy and harry, lara's dogs. we have dog owners. it's fun to teach the dog
7:50 am
tricks. >> charlie, sorry we left you out there. >> i know. the doggy feelings are hurt. >> we can all teach them to do what they're doing down here in new zealand, teaching some rescue dogs to drive. >> what? >> it's a program being funded by the spca. raising awareness to the plight of rescue dogs. they took the dogs, first, indoors. and taught them to drive. and put them in retrofitted cars. that dog is driving alone. >> dogs are the best. >> they are the best. >> dogs are not that smart. not all dogs are that smart. >> they are. >> there's nobody pushing that car. would i lie to you, george? >> yes. >> would i lie to america? america, would i lie to you? >> could a cat do that? no. >> i don't know. perhaps. beyonce, like you've never seen her before. no go where.
7:51 am
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good morning i'm kristen sze. it has been raining steadily most of this morning. let's go to meteorologist mike nicco. good news out of berkeley,
7:56 am
sacramento and streets that is tapered from moderate to light rain to a drizzle. you can see heavier rain through the east bay and south bay now getting reports of standing water and minor creek flooding. by 9:00, the heaviest of the wet weather sliding south towards the monterey bay. scattered showers for the afternoon. wet and slow the motto of the morning. bay bridge, you can see the moisture on the camera lens backed into the macarthur maze southbound 680 to 580 eastbound flooding standing water slow traffic the norm all the way around. very slow north 101 past the 680/880 junction. stay tuned to abc7 news
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ i want is one thing about the presents ♪ ♪ underneath the christmas tree ♪ a good crowd out there in times square this morning. >> a good crowd. >> very nice crowd. and still some nice weather out there. happy times square.
8:00 am
we're rocking the holidays right now. and so many of you have sent in your craziest holiday cards ever. we're going to meet one family whose cards get more wild every year. santa and his reindeer. >> those are adult children. they're willing right there. think about what they did to them when they were too young. >> we have one planned of our own. >> we do. >> we're going to show that in a little bit. and we found a way to work lara into it. she's in london, in front of buckingham palace. she's covering the new, royal baby-to-be. also, beyonce, opening up. very revealing project. she is directing a documentary. it's her debut behind the camera. and a sneak peek, straight ahead. very intimate look at, well, at a life a lot of us are very interested in. >> apparently, about the baby bump when she was growing that little baby. >> indeed. also, the secrets of the supermodels. i know you're really wondering, josh. how do those gorgeous women in
8:01 am
victoria's secret get those post-baby bodies? stay in shape? look fantastic? they have a bunch of tips that every woman can use. we will all look just like that blonde woman in the bikini. i can't wait. >> with the wings, too? >> and the headdress. >> and the headdress. and loved seeing that tweet from robin yesterday. take a look at it right now. >> this was great. >> how lucky am i have to these two take me for my afternoon walk? >> sam and josh and robin in riverside park. and robin looks fantastic. really healthy. >> she really does. >> great to see her. we've seen her with the surgical mask. it was great to that it was off. she can be out. she can be around people. it's walking with the queen of new york city yesterday on the streets. >> absolutely. people are yelling from cars. >> cars stopping in the middle of the street. >> craziness. but -- but don't come up to robin and give her a hug just yet, as everybody wants to. just kind of keep a little distance and tell her that you
8:02 am
love her. >> be careful. >> still very careful. >> indeed. robin, it was so, so good to see you. it was so good to see you. we know you're watching. you're going to start us off with the news, right? two big headlines. citi group is cutting 11,000 jobs and closing 44 branches. second, starbucks is expanding. opening 1500 new locations in the u.s., boosting the number of locations nationwide by 13%. the president of egypt has returned to his palace today after angry demonstrators swarmed the palace on tuesday. they say the constitution violates the democratic principles for which they fought last year. new signs that the middle class may not have to worry so much about their taxes going up at year's end.
8:03 am
some key republicans are looking at extending the middle class tax cuts past the fiscal cliff deadline and postponing the battle over the tax cuts for the wealthy until next month. some things going on at the hospital. two australian deejays called the hospital posing at queen elizabeth and prince charles and got through to kate's private nurse. shockingly, if you hear the audio, who briefed them on her condition. and a health scare for anderson cooper. he says he went blind for almost two days. he actually showed a picture of himself wearing an eye patch. he says he lost his sight for some 36 hours last week, while reporting from portugal, after spending a couple hours on the water. cooper said he felt like his eyes were on fire.
8:04 am
it turns out, his eyeballs were sunburned. go figure. >> it can happen. >> it can apparently. >> i did not know that. >> you do now. here's diane sawyer, with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> hello, josh. hello to everyone on "gma." tonight, it's not just holiday shopping. join the movement. "made in america." creates new american jobs. american companies are saying thank you. the great "made in america" christmas. be sure to watch tonight. >> we will. finally, something i really want to show you. a lesson for all of us, about the value of sportsmanship. it comes from two middle school wrestlers in tennessee. jared, who has cerebral palsy, and his opponent, justin. they've never met. and that makes what justin did that much more special. he pulled jared on his back. he let him score. and allowed jared to pin him for the win. the lesson here, however obvious, winning, not everything. well done to both of them. well done to the parents of both of them. >> wow.
8:05 am
>> it is hard to fight through that one. but, boy. [ applause ] >> that's so great. >> jared, you are a great, great, young man. >> great kid. love seeing that smile. >> and you know what? you're right. hats off to both sets of parents. that's really great. thank you, josh. >> great story. let's go to lara in london. >> top that, lara. >> not going to be easy. but i'll try. good morning to you all from london. and in "pop news" today, we begin with "les mis" star, anne hathaway. she's already getting oscar buzz in a big way for the role that she says was near and dear to her heart, when she saw her mom playing the same role of fantine in the victor hugo classic. she opens up about the inevitable insecurities that go along with fame. she often puts on something boring when she goes out to try to disappear. guess what, anne? we're looking at the new issue of "glamour" magazine, impossible. you are a shining light that
8:06 am
shines so bright. check out the new issue of "glamour" magazine. it is on stands december 11th. i mean, really. she's not disappearing any time soon. >> she looks amazing, lara. also in "pop news." i know. i know. you have to read the article. she's so smart and lovely. and the movie is supposed to be fantastic. looking forward to that. then, we go on to david hasselhoff. he's showing off a new look in england. instead of the red trunks, he's rocking a different red suit. according to a new survey, by nikon cool pix, hasselhoff was the celebrity brits most wanted to have their photo taken with, if they couldn't have one with the big guy, santa. hasselhoff told "the daily mail," it's been fun to get involved with this very merry photo. i'm honored so many brits chose me. there must be something about the hoff and those red suits. also in "pop news," with people making composites of what the royal baby will look like,
8:07 am
and what color he or she will have, why wouldn't we already be talking about the royal baby fashion. this designer sweater, or jumper, as they say over here in england, is fit for a future king or queen. and how about the royal nap? wouldn't it be perfect in this great crib. a high-end merchant, they say they've had a jump in sales of these, since the news of the baby broke. for the baby who has everything, i guess a silver spoon simply won't do. and i want to finish with this "pop news" exclusive. the 2013 miss america pageant is right around the corner. and the only way she gets crowned is by wowing the judges. and that is an impressive group this year. they include someone who is used to being judged herself, cheryl burke, from "dancing with the stars." we can report that bradley bayou, "e.t." legend, mary hart,
8:08 am
"shark tank" entrepreneur and millionaire damon john. olympic gold medalist, mckayla maroney. and i'm saving the best for last, you guys. mr. america himself, sam champion. on january 12th on abc. >> that's going to be great. >> i know you'll do a great job, sam. >> is sam blushing? >> i think he is. i think he is. sam, how about the weather now? >> we are live in times square. it will be an exciting time. i hope you'll watch. by the way, mother of rose, please tell me your name. >> kelly. >> where are you from? >> arkansas. >> arkansas. look at little rose. rose, can you give me an excited look now? we have so many -- we had so many great looks off-camera. and i knew they were going to get used up until we got on camera this morning. rose, just one of the folks who lined up in times square to spend your morning with us. and we thank each and every one of you for coming out this morning. that's amazing. let's get to the boards.
8:09 am
one or two things going on this morning we'll show you as you step outside your doors. how about this shot of mt. washington, the highest peak in the northeast, by the way, with about a 77-mile-per-hour wind gust and a zero wind chile. "gma" has been there, been to the top of the mountain, not only that. broadcast live in 2007. it was cold and snowy. let's show you what's going on. here's that arctic air that stays in place, well up north. that coldest air. so, even though we get a weak cold front moving through, and the temperatures go down, they're more to seasonal levels of where they should be at this time of year. it's not brutal cold. boston at 47, by the time we get to friday. on the west coast, l.a. about 72 degrees. there is coastal fog into the west. been a little shower in san francisco. but thank goodness some of the heavier rain has moved away from the northwest.
8:10 am
>> only i'm going to know it, if you don't do it on camera, rose. you're the most beautiful baby ever. and america's never going to know it. let's go inside to josh for the answer of the big question. josh? >> first, we have to ask the question, sam. so we're going to do that. i'll try to whisper in rose's ear in a moment. what is the merriam-webster word of the year? hint, it's two words. massive spike in searches this past year. and almost always are looked up together. we'll have your answer in just a moment. >> hyperemesis gravidarum.
8:11 am
>> all right, smarty pants. coming up here on "gma," beyonce unplugged. actually unplugging herself. it's a sneak peek of her personal, new documentary. and how to get the body of a victoria's secret model. >> we're watching. >> their workout secrets revealed. genetics having something to do with it. and also, mismatch prints. how you can make the latest fad look trendy, not tragic. all hope lost for me. all coming up here live, at "good morning america" in times square. [ elizabeth ] i like to drink orange juice or have lemon in my water... eat tomato sauce on my spaghetti. the acidic levels in some foods can cause acid erosion. the enamel starts to wear down. and you can't grow your enamel back. i was quite surprised, as only few as four exposures a day what that can do to you. it's quite a lesson learned.
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and...action. that's me. and this is my windows phone. [ male announcer ] new windows phone. reinvented around you. ♪ we can reveal the word or words of the year. according to merriam-webster, the two words looked up this year, socialism, and capitalism. >> no way. >> and they're almost always looked up together. >> why do you think that is? >> you know, election year, perhaps. debate going on. >> part of the debate. still, it's pretty significant. >> a runner-up included,
8:17 am
malarkey. >> good one. we're going to turn to beyonce, revealing more of herself than we've seen before. the superstar, singer and actress, is about to take her debut as a director. with a private look back at her baby bump, to home movies. cecilia vega has our look. >> i struggle with how much do i reveal about myself? >> reporter: it's beyonce, like we've never seen her before. up close and very personal. >> if i'm scared, be scared. allow it. >> reporter: the 16-time grammy winner is now making her directorial debut, in a documentary about her life on and off stage. a life until now, she's gone to great lengths to keep private. the documentary, set to air on hbo in february, will feature plenty of videos. not those kinds of videos. home videos and self-shot
8:18 am
interviews. >> this is the first time that we're really going to see her private side. going to make 2013 really her year. >> reporter: the documentary will reportedly focus on everything from beyonce's upbringing, to her new role as wife to jay-z and mother to 11-month-old blue ivy. a special sneak peek of the film also shows beyonce revealing her baby bump, just weeks after learning she was pregnant. it's not just beyonce unsens unsensored. a new jay-z documentary posted overnight, shows the rapper on the subway, having a sweet chat with an unsuspecting writer. >> you don't know me. >> reporter: beyonce is posting behind-the-scenes photos, too. posing with baby blue. and even with her absentee ballot. >> she's ready to share her life in a deeper way. >> reporter: it seems the woman who famously song -- ♪ you don't know about me
8:19 am
>> reporter: is finally ready for us to learn a little bit more. for "good morning america," see celia vega, abc news, los angeles. victoria's secret models are finally revealing a big secret. how they get those picture-perfect bodies. sometimes just weeks after giving birth. abc's linsey davis tries out the workout that some of those models are using to get themselves runway ready. >> reporter: it's the ultimate exhibition of precious little clothing, gigantic wings and a whole lot of heavenly bodies. now, some of the victoria's secret angels are giving us a glimpse of what it takes to be toned and runway-ready. models like hillary rhoda have taken to social media to show off their workout regimen. a recipe of flaxseed and acai powder.
8:20 am
and bruised knuckles, following her preshow boxing workout. but the secret many of us want to know, how do those model moms get back on the runway so soon after giving birth? surprisingly, the secret for some isn't found at the gym, on a treadmill, or even lifting weights. some angels are simply taking a leap of faith. mary helen bowers, a former dancer with the new york city ballet, trains clients using a low-impact, ballet-based fitness regimen. she spent a year working with natalie portman for her role in "black swan." and most recently, got lily aldridge back on the runway, just five months after giving birth to daughter, dixie. i can't imagine a better calling card. you know, the victoria's secret runway models, i train them. lily aldridge just had a baby five months before. and then, she's hitting the runway. how did you do that? >> you focus on, you know, the
8:21 am
areas you want to tighten up, especially after having a baby. her waist and abs. and all through the legs and butt, of course. her upper body, as well. >> reporter: so, in the name of journalism -- check out my ballet moves. bowers had me start my ballet one-on-one class on a mat, for low-impact stretching. bowers says her average client does just 15 minutes. and often feel the different in two weeks. >> two, three. four. good. >> reporter: after 40 grueling minutes in bowers' studio, i have a lot more respect for all those angels. >> it's time for your wings. >> reporter: the newest angel. >> i think you're totally ready to go. it looks great. >> reporter: eat your heart out, victoria's secret. linsey davis, abc news, new york.
8:22 am
>> you can see more photos on the runway at the victoria's secret fashion show. back to you. >> lara, thank you so much. now, to one of the hottest looks this season. it's popping up everywhere, from the runway to fashion magazines. and it's mixing all kinds of prints and patterns. and it may be a big trend right now. but is it something that anybody can wear well? well, just a moment, lori bergamotto from "lucky" magazine will help us figure out if this is trendy or just tragic in the real world? but a look at the crazy fashion fad. it's a bold look. taking over the catwalk. from marc jacobs and anna sui, to j. crew and anthropology. mismatched prints have taken in the rock. stripes, polka dots, florals and animal. >> it's heading into 2013.
8:23 am
designers are pairing florals with plaid, paisley with polka dots. everything looks good right now. >> reporter: it looks good on her. but can you pull this off in real life? >> my kids can probably get away with it. >> sometimes it works. sometimes it doesn't. >> it violates all rules of fashion. >> reporter: so, if you dare, go there. but fashion blogger kerry fallen says, proceed with caution. >> translating them from magazines to wearing them to work is a dangerous game. start small. look for inspiration in places that have photos that you enjoy that are actually of women wearing these in the street, and not in magazines or on the runway. >> reporter: is there a print-pairing rule book for the masses? and joining us, now, is someone who can help us answer some of those questions. "lucky" magazine's contributing
8:24 am
editor, lori bergamotto. this is dangerous to do. i would only pair this with solids. >> on the runway, they're selling a concept. in real life, there are real ways. i want to show you. >> okay. >> this is an example. while we love these pieces separately, this is the fashion equivalent of too much of a good thing. the stripes are too severe. the plaid, too heavy. it's not working. we're going to show you three looks in this pair of pants. >> the pants are beautiful. >> too much going on. >> thanks, katie. our next model has it sort of working. >> so, megan, our model here, gets an a-plus for effort, for mixing a texture with the tweed here. >> i love the top. >> i love it, too. but it's hitting the same blue chord. it starts making it like a well-orchestrated outfit, it's flashing. we need something to break it up. what would have worked better here, is a plain, solid shirt. that would have been better. >> or how about the two tops
8:25 am
with a pair of jeans. it's mixing and matching but more manageable. >> exactly. let's go to the one who got it right. this is noel. this is a trendy example. here's why this works. first of all, the stripes are a lot bigger and more graphic. they're wider. so, they have more room for the patterns to breathe. also, we're just showing a hint of the polka dot. it's on the white with black. it's adding some lightness. it's breathable, with this deep pair of pants. and a neutral shoe is also key. the look on your face -- >> i think every piece separately, and two of the three pieces together, would be great. >> maybe we start mixing two. >> why do hers work and the rest of them don't? >> these are wide and graphic. that's what you want. >> okay. >> you want to look for scale and proportion. >> got it. >> this is a paint print. there's a lot going on here. you need something that can breathe on an open canvas. the other thing is, look at the
8:26 am
colors. you see where the colors are picking up on the colors in the pants. you want to stick with the same color family. just try mixing two prints and then go to three. >> thank you so much. a little more manageable. a little less scary. you get more tips online. breaking news on the golden gate bridge there's been a head-on collision. this is going to take time. >> yes this is a live shot of the golden gate bridge. we've got our sky 7 hd up, fog on the span northbound is
8:27 am
stopped apparently the accident is if the two center lanes. always a very dangerous drive in those two center lanes it was a head-on collision southbound looking like it is getting through. here's a live shot, northbound stopped, a few cars getting through southbound. toward the north end of the span on the golden gate bridge. very dangerous driving conditions with heavy rain you can see fog there as well. >> we'll check in
8:28 am
8:29 am
embarcadero here in downtown san francisco light rain falling now moderate rain has moved on. doppler 7 hd you can see it near the altamont pass towards tracy heading through the south bay towards morgan hill and gilroy one shower off the coast in pacifica, that will head towards sfo. the rain is weak . showers during the afternoon hours. stay ♪ ♪ and it's 24 days
8:30 am
3 30,049 days ♪ one of the best christmas movies ever. now, a hot broadway musical. "a christmas story" the musical. we're going to hear from that entire cast this morning. and all this morning, george, "gma" holidays. our special rocking the holidays. we're showing the viewers' wackiest holiday cards. i think we have the ugliest sweater contest. >> i've seen this movie and it doesn't end well. and one family is putting their special stamp on the holidays with this card. take a look. the johnsons' family card started out like most. until -- >> one year, i just decided to put santa hats and red sweatshirts on the family. and things just kind of snowballed. >> reporter: seriously snowballed. for the last 18 years, sue johnson has created elaborate
8:31 am
christmas cards, dressing her family in reindeer antlers, christmas tree hats. one year, they were full-on christmas trees. two years later, christmas balls. every aspect of christmas, immortalized on a card. even gingerbread cookies baking on a sheet. >> last year was crazy. my newest son-in-law, who had been with the family for three months, had to be rudolph. he had a red nose. he wasn't too happy about that. but he went along. >> reporter: from the risque to absurd. from the royal wedding, to angelina on oscar night. >> our turn now. is everybody in place? we got to do it now. >> it's physically impossible to do this. >> we'll try. >> okay. >> i love this moment. >> we'll never live this down.
8:32 am
okay. >> that's part of our family now. that's great. lara? lara, you haven't shaved. come on. what could go wrong? >> we want to see yours. go to on yahoo! and send us your crazy christmas photos. your cards. i'm about to fall through this thing. interestingly, lara really favors a certain movie star at the moment. it's really fascinating. he has -- he showed us a six-pack in "300." and an endless movie in "chasing maverick." gerard butler is back on the big screen, with a new romantic comedy, "playing for keeps."
8:33 am
here to tell us all about it. how did i do? >> great. we've been working on this. it's not gerard. gerard. >> you say that and i would totally believe you're from scotland. >> it's the scotland roots coming out. >> you said scott land. >> why not? it's a terrific movie. it's always great to get a passion involved with a movie like soccer. i know for you. i do want to show, george dryer, you play. a down and out soccer star. trying to rebuild a life with a son and an ex. you get roped into coaching soccer. a soccer dad played by dennis quaid. we want to see this clip real quick. >> this is the cross bar. >> the cross bar. >> we're going to go back, right here. come on. >> all right. >> come on. let's go. >> do i get a warm-up shot? >> there's no warm-up shots in life, george.
8:34 am
>> whoa. >> interestingly, that was one take. i'm sure that was done with a one-take shot. >> first time. i messed up the first one. and i did the sideways kick. and i hit the bar. i couldn't believe it. it was one of the special moments when you say, that would never happen in 1,000 tries. >> we never get to talk soccer on the program. so great to have you here. mine is an 11-year-old. the greatest moment of your life is a 9-year-old soccer player. relive it for me. >> it was the cup semifinal. and it happened all the schools were out at that point. they were all watching us play. i think it was 3-3. and it was the most exciting game i ever played. suddenly, the ball is there on the goal line. and it's a scramble. and i jumped up. i did the knee -- end. i never had a crowd go so crazy.
8:35 am
and i ran into the crowd. and for that moment -- >> look at you. you're living it all over again. >> i love you bringing that up. >> you were here a few weeks ago. we were talking about "chasing mavericks." for that, training in big waves. but this, the training more familiar for you. >> "mavericks" was an adventure. but this is what i grew up doing. you mentioned earlier on, how great to lose yourself in something for a few months. >> yeah. and you got to play against -- i'm an arsenal supporter. one of our mutual enemies, manchester united. >> i grew up for those signs. it's your dream to be on that field. and suddenly, i'm standing there, with my hero, with 66,000 people, playing a game. it was indescribable. >> not bad. i do want to ask you about the movie because it's not a bad day at the office when you get to be on screen with catherine
8:36 am
zeta-jones, and uma thurman, and jessica biel. it's a movie all of us can enjoy for any number of reasons. >> exactly. it follows soccer. it has hilarious consequences of a guy being hunted down by various women for different reasons. and he's just trying to do the right thing. a great father/son relationship. and then, there's also a hilarious catherine zeta-jones, and jessica biel, just great. >> as much as a romantic comedy, it's interesting because these movies turn on the performances of the young actor. and noah lomax is terrific in this film. what is it like when you see that young talent coming? >> it was incredible. he walked in the room to screen test and we immediately knew. he didn't have to say a word. this is the kid. he's adorable to hang out with. and you never knew what you were going to get. but it was always very truthful. they're the best moments of the movie. my moments with him. i'm his hero.
8:37 am
and i'm always letting him down. he's trying to do the right thing. it's funny. even a trip to a soccer game turns into a crazy ferrari ride on a racetrack. how does that happen? it's funny consequences. but this little kid stole my heart. >> is it nice, too, soccer is a sport on the come in this country. it's starting to find its place. is it nice, if nothing else, to bring the gospel of the sport along with a great, great movie? >> yeah. i think so. i look at what david beckham did for this country, for soccer in this country. just to do your little bit. i was a amazed how many people play soccer. i think it's the most-played sport under 11. but after that, they branch out and go into the american sports. but it's great to watch kids play soccer. it brings back those memories we were talking about. >> "playing for keeps." a great movie. do not miss it. gerard butler, joining us. >> thank you. now, to sam with the
8:38 am
weather. >> every eye focused on the dashing young men at that end of times square. not paying attention to anything else but what was going on on that side. one or two things we want to tell you. and we have a special guest we want to bring out for you. loyala park. and we want to show you what it's like when you wake up. a gorgeous view of north carolina. here's the temperatures across the country. the warmth stays in place, for the most part. even though we get cooler air in the northeast and around the great lakes. this is what it should be like this time of year. we're not going down to the brutal cold. ft. collins at about 68 degrees. memphis, good morning,
8:39 am
>> hey, america. look at this. it's soccer star mia hamm. she scored more national goals than any player in the history of soccer. this morning, she's reaching out to inspire other athletes with dick's sporting goods and the gifts that matter campaign. you get to be a spokeswoman for dick's sporting goods. tell me about the campaign you decided to be a part of. >> i'm teaming up with dick's and the gifts that matter. for me as an athlete, the gift that matters was the first pair of soccer cleats. it motivated me to get out there and keep working hard. >> this is something we talked with gabby douglas about yesterday. you have to put in so much time. and sometimes, you think i'm just going to give it up. and you need to inspire an athlete, parents do, friends do, to keep going. yours were those shoes? >> it meant that i made it, you know? and every, little thing. that small gesture motivated me every day to get out there and
8:40 am
do better. >> what are some things that you think might motivate some kids? what are some good ideas? >> a soccer ball. it's the kind words. it's your parents, basically, being there every, single day. and saying i believe in you. your teammates. you know, doing something together. so, for me, that made all the difference in my career. >> i'll tell you what makes all the difference is when someone like you comes in to say hi to us. and inspires every kid in america. look, josh just -- >> seriously. again. thank you. this is a -- the legend that is standing with us right now. thank you. i have a 4-year-old daughter who wants to play. and thank you for everything you did to support our country. i can't thank you enough. >> we are so proud and happy to have you this morning. the campaign and dick's sporting goods, gifts that matter campaign. let's get to elizabeth. >> thank you, sam. ellen, oprah. who else is on the list of the
8:41 am
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all right. this morning, "the hollywood reporter's" list of the 100 most powerful women in entertainment is being revealed. the top female movers and shakers. a special breakfast for the honorees is taking place at the
8:44 am
hollywood hotel. and janice min joins us live to tell us about the big announcement. janice, good morning. >> good morning. >> i know that we'll get to the names in just a second. but in the past couple of years, women in television have really started to overtake women in film. in fact, many of them, starting off as assistants and really working their way up the ladder. >> it's a great story here in hollywood. you know, film used to be the sexy part of the industry, that this is where the action was, where the talent was. and television was, you know, the dumpy, unsexy part. and because film is so male -- remains very male, a lot of women got their start in television. they got their start as assistants, low-level producers, production assistants. and lo and behold, as television became bigger and better than film. and now, these women are at the top of their field. >> good for them. well, the last three years, our
8:45 am
own boss at disney, ann sweeney, who is the president of abc, was top of the list. did she make it for year four? or did someone else come in? >> it is the most boring story in hollywood that ann sweeney, again, is at the top of our list. >> that's great. >> she remains the most. congratulations to ann. she remains the most powerful, most well-liked, most steady and stable person at the top here in hollywood. >> and by the way, just speaking of one of her lowly employees, one of the nicer people, right? in the business? >> listen, you see ann sweeney around town, she is always polite. you would never know this woman runs an empire of 10,000 people. my favorite anecdote in this story we wrote about ann in the issue, is how, i guess someone over there choked on a grape in the cafeteria at abc news. >> yes. >> and had the heimlich
8:46 am
maneuver. and ann sweeney called that person to make sure he or she was okay. when you read the quotes people say about ann, you know, that she is a team player, she has rooms filled with women in meetings. she's a real friend to other women. and she is a champion of everyone, from the very top to the entry-level people at abc. and you know, listen. i congratulate you guys. one of the reasons she remains at number one is because of success at abc news, this year and the success of "gma." >> thanks. you also have some funny women in on the list. including not just ellen degeneres and of course oprah winfrey. but lena dunham from "girls" is on the list, as well. i was surprised. but happily so. >> a lot of people, when they watched the emmys this year, they saw the naked woman on the toilet eating birthday cake. and a lot of women didn't know who that was. this is lena dunham, a girl who has come on strong in hollywood. she is number 100 on our list,
8:47 am
rounding out the list and making her first entrance on it. she's 27 years old. and she is the it girl of hollywood at the moment. >> she certainly is. other names on the list, amy pascal, co-chair of sony pictures. dana walden. and nancy dubuque, president of entertainment and media at a&e. are any surprises on this list? anybody you didn't expect would be coming up and making it this quickly? >> listen, i think one of the big turnarounds of the year is oprah. her own network went from being, looking like it might not be vi viable to having a ratings surge. and oprah moved up on the list this year. we asked women a lot of funny questions. katie couric is on the list this year, thanks to the success of her talk show. she revealed the ring tone on her cell phone is "lmfoa's "i'm sexy and i know it."
8:48 am
>> if you've seen her lately, it isn't just a joke. she looks fantastic. >> no, it's not. >> i remember hearing a quote, there's a special place in hell reserved for women who don't help other women on the way up. great to see you, janice. thanks so much. coming up, a live performance from broadway's "a christmas story." [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent. oh, did you want it? yea we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey. that's half that's not half! guys, i have more! thanks mom
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across the whole state ♪ ♪ and share to me ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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there it is. happy holidays, everyone.
8:56 am
see you tomorrow. >> have a great day. >> bye-bye.
8:57 am
8:58 am
breaking news still from the golden gate bridge you are looking at a sky 7 hd shot it was shutdown 20 minutes following a head on collision this is from a short time ago. still doesn't look like it is moving. >> it is shutdown now, head on injury accident 8:20 this
8:59 am
morning, traffic stopped. we saw a tow truck northbound in the southbound lanes, bumper-to-bumper on all approaches to the golden gate bridge "sig alert" in they hope to have it cleared in 20 minutes. good news from this end, live doppler showing moderate rain over, light rain scattered throughout the bay area causing a few areas of standing water, on a weakening trend. we'll see this move south scattered showers for the afternoon hours drier starting family through tuesday. >> it's "live with kelly and michael." today from the new movie "the hobbit":the unexpected journey, alikea wood. >> and katherine jenkins, plus kelly tries to dance her way into the nut cracker. as we continue our holidays


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