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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 10, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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inland valleys clear, a few 40s there and a little fog around santa rosa this morning. as we head into the afternoon, it is going to be warmer, low to mid 60s at the coast same around the bay, we could have low to upper 60s inland. we could be near 70 in a few with high clouds and sun this afternoon. rain is on the way. so far, so good, no problems here golden gate bridge no roadwork, no fog smooth sailing into san francisco. farther northbound direction big repaving project ongoing starting sausalito marin into cortamadera just one lane of traffic northbound until 6:00 this morning. in san francisco, ramp north 280 to southbound 101 roadwork closed until 5. a truck hit power lines, live
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wires, san leandro, fairmont, activity there, want to avoid the area. developing news found bound, gagged and now dead. police trying to find a killer and motive after a man and woman were discovered in shocking condition. terry mcsweeney is live at san francisco general. >> reporter: these two were found last night in the middle of the street bound and gagged. taken to san francisco general, this morning only one is alive. the scene here last night as with the the two were brought here this began on the 900 block of brussels. police arrived to find a man and woman in the street bound and gagged. the man died midnight at the hospital. the woman is still alive. police say as shocking as this is, neighbors do not need to
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be afraid. >> we don't have any information i don't believe there's any threat to the community. obviously, if anyone had seen anything or known of any suspect description we would like to know that. we urge someone to call san francisco police with any information. >> reporter: the female victim is alive but has life-threatening injuries. the male passed described only as in his 20s, no suspect, no motive. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 4:33. turns out a 14-year-old boy found stabbed in the south bay over the weekend was not attacked at the christmas in the park celebration. the event draws nearly half a million people each year and has rarely seen violent crime. the apparent gang-related attack happened closer to the center for performing arts.
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the victim made his way to the carnival and a ride operator called for help. sheriff's dive team and coast guard hope conditions today will allow them to resume searching the waters off mare island for a missing worker. he was last seen on a tugboat next to warship saturday. authorities believe he fell overboard. a friend who was with him says his truck was loaded up after work ready to leave. a light in the tugboat was still on and the door was open. >> the last thing to do is go back aboard the tug, close the door and lock up and come back an board the ship and hit the power switch then he would be on his way. >> vallejo police have found no signs of foul play. mattingly has not shown up at any local hospitals. this phaoeurpbg judge expected to sentence the union
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city woman convicted of killing michelle le. sentencing laws require giselle esteban to spend a minimum 25 years in prison after a jury convicted her in october. prosecutors say she killed le in a jealous rain. new word that the pregnant duchess of cambridge has tan a dramatic turn. big announce -- has taken a dramatic turn and the big announcement that just came down on the deejays. >> reporter: australian radio network cancelled the show responsible for the prank targeting princess kate and they are expressing deep regret following the death of the nurse who took a call from the two. we know by now, the deejays impersonated the keen and prince charles. they received confidential details about -- about kate's condition from nurse jacintha
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saldanha three days later she was found dead=c"í= from an apparently suicide. they are speaking out an ing -- apologizing. we are still trying to get our heads around everything trying to make sense of the situation. >> it was never meant to go that far it was men to be a silly prank that so many people have done before. this wasn't meant to happen. >> reporter: meanwhile, the telegraph is reporting that the duchess' health took a turn for the worse. her condition is not serious enough for doctors to consider sending her back to the hospital. women with the acute morning sickness can experience symptoms for months and may need repeated hospital admissions. kira klapper, abc7 news. this morning the brother
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of mexican-american singing superstar jenni rivera is confirming she among seven killed in a plane crash no one survived. the 43-year-old was born in southern california, was best known for her songs in the mexican -- >> such a big shock to the family. incredible, something that most people that know my sister she was a very strong person. she fight for everything in life, a great person. >> there are reports that the learjet had mechanical problems in the past. rivera was considered a role model. in the past year she had been working to break into the u.s. market mexico's version of people magazine named her one of that nation's most powell women. heaviest snow storm to hit upper midwest in the past two winters is expected to ease up today, travel remains difficult. central and southern minnesota
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experienced heavy know accumulations overnight officials are telling people not to travel. there have been delays and flight cancellations at minneapolis st. paul airport. much more [ unintelligible ] if you happen to see the packers match-up with difficulty yesterday you saw some of that. -- match-up with detroit yesterday you saw some of that. >> aren't you glad you are in the bay area? >> i miss the snow a little. we can always drive up and see it, i don't miss the coal. good morning. very mile this morning, low to -- mid 40s in a few areas.
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50 san jose, running from the same as yesterday in antioch, livermore and fairfield to 12° warmer in oakland, napa, two degrees warmer in san francisco, 40s inland through 7:00, mid 50s for the rest of us noon high clouds and sunshine, flirting with 60, all of news the mid 60s the better part of the afternoon through 7:00, drop into the lower to middle 50s by 7:00. tomorrow still mild, not as warm as today, cooling trend tomorrow. chance of rain wednesday morning, temperatures stuck in the mid 50s for highs wednesday and thursday. slow out of antioch now
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roadwork not in the eastbound direction you can expect it back tomorrow morning. not a bad drive into pittsburg area past that section of hillcrest. out of the central valley not bad at the limit up and over the altamont pass. ramp closed until 5:00. north 280 ramp to southbound 101. more on breaking news, in san leandro crews are trying to deal with a fiery situation on fairmont drive. big rig became entangled in a live power line and caught fire. two were trapped in the big rig, they are out safely. the fire is still burning now crews are waiting for pg&e to arrive to cut power. then fire crews will put out the big rig fire. we have a crew heading to the scene. 4:40 what is in a name?
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to one east bay community, a l the neighborhood fighting to keep things the way they are -- how some oakland raiders players are spending their free time. >> first this morning's tech bites. t-mobile joins apple core, the carrier will begin offering iphone early next year joining other major providers lack of the iphone blamed for t-mobile's loss of subscribers. cornell study finds link between good reviews and sales especially in economy and mid-priced hotels. lego lord of the rings top notch production with dialogue and music from the films. players can join and leave a game without disrupting it. >> you have a friend coming over and they want to hop in
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and enjoy the experience, they can do that and when done they leave and you continue from where the two of you left off. >> the game is available for alld ñ
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good morning. live look on both sides of the bay camera looking west towards san francisco. clear out there, not terribly cold. -- [ inaudible ] funeral services will be held today for the second of two teenaged girls murdered in oakland. 16-year-old and 15-year-old were shot and killed thanksgiving weekend. sartain was buried friday, gerstel's family held a
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viewing yesterday and will bury her today. police are not saying anything about suspects or motives. old neighborhood in north oakland is undergoing a name change. residents don't find it attractive. real estate agents and brokers are selling the neighborhood as nobe some say it is a plan to sanitize an area of oakland to boost prices antigen few the area. >> long-standing north oakland community swallowed up by real estate agents. >> a creation of a district or giving it a identity. >> the area has been known to neighbors for years as the golden gate district or just north oakland. the raiders will be signing autographs tonight to benefit toys-for-tots program. they got little rest when they
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get a chance many go out into the community. ama daetz has more. >> reporter: she go a big surprise when carson palmer and tyrell pryor came to visit her. >> football isn't everything it is a great opportunity to come in and meet these kids. >> reporter: he has cancer the visit lifted his spirits. >> i was really sick, right now 30 minutes ago now i feel pretty good. >> reporter: those would be the jonas brothers. >> he loves the jonas brothers. >> reporter: in addition to the hospital visit, pryor talked with students at barack obama academy. they played a little touch football and the kids learned a valuable lesson. >> i taught them about the 10 second rule, to decide if this is a good thing i should be
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doing or not? >> reporter: the raiders presented a check for $10,000 as par of the nfl grant. five students got to ask questions. >> they gave me a helmet. >> a lot of us came from the same type of place these kids are coming from. we want to let these kids know that we care and there is something good that can come out of them. backlash this morning over the university of california's new logo. on the right old logo on the left we are familiar with that one some have started online petition on facebook saying the old look is much more elegant.
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spokesperson says the traditional symbol will still appear on official documents. the new one will appear on marketing materials and websites. the school says it wanted something more user-friendly. i'm biting my tongue, because i'm supposed to be objective. as a journalist. >> couldn't they have thought of something with a bear on it? just saying. >> not even just that, that is tradition it has been there for over 100 years. again i'm biting my tongue ii >> that's biting your tongue? -- san francisco from sutro tower crystal clear, a little offshore breeze, temperatures running mild live doppler showing what the dry
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air is doing keeping us away from fog except santa rosa keeping us from radar returns quiet weather to start the day. in the 40s santa rosa, fairfield, concord, antioch, livermore everybody else in the low to mid 50s oakland 59° now. cooler monterey bay and inland low to upper 40s. today the sunniest and warmest sunny and warmest forecast this week light rain possible tuesday night into wednesday morning then much cooler wednesday through sunday. this system very light rain, but will introduce us to winter-type temperatures highs in the 50s through the weekend. today, low to upper 60s from 62 in antioch, san jose 66, oakland, 63 san francisco, 68 in santa rosa, 65 at half moon bay. mid to upper 60s around the bay and as you head inland
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high clouds and sun. tonight cooler, 30s inland most of us in the 40s,. oakland 46, napa 42. two areas of high pressure giving offshore breeze the reason today is going to be above average. cloud deck in the gulf of alaska going to come down starting tuesday night light rain through the heart of the bay, still lingeringing in the heart of the bay into the south bay during the -- morning commute then moves out by 9:00, then scattered showers in the afternoon. 10th to 2/10 of an inch in south bay. quarter to half inch for the rest of us. temperatures good 5 to 10° cooler starting wednesday through sunday. good morning. happy monday, live look very
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light out there traffic-wise san mateo bridge tail lights westbound, few headlights eastbound, moving at the limit, 14 minute drive from east bay to peninsula both directions. south 101 past lucas valley road headlights, light, no fog. roadwork in the southern portion of marin county, north 101 reverse commute direction between sausalito, marin city through mill valley into cortamadera, several lanes blocked massive repaving project today northbound. ramp 280 to southbound 101 in san francisco should be closed for another 10 minutes. big rig hit live power lines in san leandro, fairmont drive avoid that between 580 and lake chabot, take castro valley boulevard to lake chabot to avoid that.
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today is the final day forbidders interested in taking over what is left of hostess to step forward. so far 160 companies have expressed interest. it had facilities across the country including oakland. hostess used employee pension wages to stay afloat as it sank towards bankruptcy, not clear how much money was taken out. starbucks -- [ unintelligible ] a pacemaker for the brain scie
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new starbucks card is hot. the card that originally sold for $450 is going for more
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than $1,000 on ebay. the limited edition comes preloaded with $4 for use in starbucks stores, starbucks is making only -- 5,000 available. i sometimes give coffee cards, gift cards for christmas. that one, i'm sorry, you know -- i love you dearly but i'm not getting that for you. >> you want to talk to your broker before you pay $1,000 for a $400 card. gorgeous to be outside today, practice, working in the yard, putting up decoration or getting to and from work and school by the afternoon you are not going to need heavier coats, you may wear this morning low 60s around antioch, warm 68° in santa rosa, the warm will spread to the coast because of offshore wind.
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doppler over the entire state dry storm track so far north it doesn't show up on the radar. 60s everywhere except 51 tahoe 54 yosemite, 72 l.a., 70 palm springs. stall incline section past the metering lights and toll bay bridge blocking rate line not affecting anybody, hopefully, -- the right lane not affecting anybody, hopefully they will get that out soon. san rafael towards central san rafael light traffic roadwork southern portion of marin in the reverse direction northbound 101 until 6:00. more same-sex couples are expected to pour into courthouses across washington state today. sarah and emily became the first same-sex couple to marry in king county yesterday.
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gay and lesbian couples starting getting licenses midnight thursday, washington law requires all couples to wait three days to exchange vows after getting a license. voters approved the law last month. scientists created a pacemaker for the brain that could help in the fight against alzheimer's. >> device stimulates the to keep neurons alive to slow memory loss. researchers are testing it on one patient now and they hope to try it out on 40 patients in the coming year. the need for treatment is growing, one in eight older americans has alzheimer's and that number is expected to triple by 2060. [ inaudible ] new developments in the crab wars. move in san francisco city hall that could mean fewer places for smokers to light up.
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good morning. breaking news in san leandro, fallen electrical wires sparked a fire on


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