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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 14, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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it's verga and expect sprinkles northward right now. through 7:00 it will be chilly around the bay with temperatures in the low 40s. mostly sunny by afternoon. we'll have a small chance of a scattered shower during the afternoon hours. frosty inland valleys through 7:00. clouds will be on the inner crease until noon but 45 around lunch hour and mid to upper 40s by 4:00. grab that heavier coat for the evening hours. 40-45 degrees. over at the coast. light rain and low to mid 40s. it will be tapering in the afternoon. >> right now. it's pretty lighted. that is how we like it. this is look live from the san mateo bridge toll plaza in westbound direction. a few brake lights making your way over to the high-rise but other than that, a smooth ride
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from hayward over to san mateo. east shore friday frai, bunch can where 580 merges into 80. golden gate field and on into macarthur maze. no delays at bay bridge. 680, 16 itself and embarcadero a stall blocking the off-ramp. 580 where it continues, three right lanes until 9:00 this morning, westbound sluggish out of tracy up over the altamont pass and definitely slow through pleasanton. developing news we're following from overnight, two early morning earthquakes off the coast of southern california. first quake registered 6.3, a strong one that hit at 2:36 this morning. second a quake probably an aftershock hit roughly the same area 15 minutes later and measured 4.7. both of quakes hit 150 miles southwest of catalina island.
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a tsunami warning has not issued. students returning this morning to two cupertino schools after a bomb scare yesterday will notice extra security in place. terry mcsweeney is live at montevista high school with details for us. >> it appears that this entire thing that went on yesterday was a hoax but sheriff's deputies not taking any chances. they are going to have additional deputies at montevista high and also at lincoln elementary something that begin four miles from here in san jose. take a look at message that started this entire thing, at linbrook high school a spray-painted threat about a bomb and threat about a teacher. that threat led to santa clara county sheriff's deputies closing down montevista and lincoln elementary. bomb-sniffing dogs were called out. they checked out the campus. a room by room search went on. shortly after the 11:00, it was the all clear, just a hoax but
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the sheriff's office is also interested in protecting the teacher in case there might be some truth to this. >> a couple deputies are providing protection. >> it won't be a laughing matter if they find the persons that spray pained that message. that person or persons could be facing a felony. this morning, both monte vista high and lincoln elementary will be open for business but as i mentioned additional sheriff's deputies will be on campus just in case. terry mcsweeney, "abc 7 news." fire investigators hope they can get their first look inside a gutted business to see what started a massive fire in fremont. fast moving flames engulfed the business near 680. they do metal fabrication work for the semi conductor industry.
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nobody was hurt. they urged people to shelter in place. we'll hear from a man that tried to put on a fire in a live report from amy hollyfield coming up at 6:30. >> san jose police have revealed the identity of a young man who was shot to death earlier this week. 18-year-old john cody sonne brg was found shot inside a pickup. it first it appeared he was hurt in an accident because the truck jumped a curb. he died at the scene. detectives don't know why someone who want to kill him but they add his death is not gang-related. new this morning, a federal court will hear barry bonds' appeal of obstruction of conviction early last year. they have set oral arguments for february 13th. a jury convicted of him one count to give evasive answers
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when he was asked whether he received drugs that required a syringe. they deadlocked on three other charges. his lawyers the answer was accurate and not meant to obstruct justice. >> the city of san francisco is judge to dismiss a lawsuit. they filed a motion to threat debatethroughout in morning. on they expect it to dismiss the case. nudity ban takes place in february 1st and only allows nudity allows in bay to breakers and certain functions. >> find out how high they will have to turn on the car heaters this morning. we'll have sue hall. live look at san francisco and
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embarcadero area, just gorgeous. >> a myriad of reigns reasons to tune in. >> safety warning for parents, common household appliance that could be putting your kids at risk.
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>> that is where it is staying in the air and evaporating before it reaches the ground. the air is so dry underneath it is taking it away. the air is so cold, we are still under a frost advisory from 2:00 to 8:00. temperatures in mid 30s to 40 inland and upper 30s around the bay. >> pretty light out there for a friday morning. that is how we like it. we have a live looblg from the bay bridge, metering lights have just been flipped on. carpool lanes are getting by and minimum delay to the west grand overcrossing. bart, muni, caltrain, everybody is running on schedule. a great way to get around. san francisco's city streets where waze traffic app. this is van ness and earlier accident at fell. that has been cleared according
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to the san francisco police department but it looks like slow traffic from broadway all the way to fell in southbound direction. you can navigate your commute by downloading a free app or google play. new this morning, a safety warning for all parents out there about the dangers about that tip over. record number of the kids are getting hurt by falling television in their homes. 43,000 kids are injured this year and the falls last year were actually deadly. 84% of the injured children are now nine years old are younger. as families swap out older tvs the old tvs are moved to other parts of the home without a proper stand. >> new this morning out of vallejo example to see more police officers while you are out doing holiday shopping. vallejo police department will be conducting special holiday
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perhaps at shopping centers and downtown. they will be walking around or riding bike. their goal is to make themselves more visible so customers feel safer. >> still ahead, cabs will face tougher regulations, how it will keep passengers from taken for a ride. >> a political shuffle is on after a key candidate for secretary of state drops out of running. >> and important deadline for the healthcare initiative. with some states are choosing
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welcome back.
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live look at doppler. clouds are taking over and radar getting active. as we zoom in notice this circle around live doppler. even with the radar returns riding across it. it shows me it's not reaching the ground. water is evaporating before it reaches the ground. rain is still possible through 7:00. mid 40s and isolated shower possible by 4:00 and hit the low 50s. better chance of measurable rain tomorrow with scattered showers sunday into monday. new this morning, celebrations are continuing in north korea after the country's first successful satellite launch. this is video from the state organized rally held in north korean capital. they filled the public school praising the launching of missile carrying the satellite. they have been target of blistering outrage from world
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leaders. it reached a resolution barring the country from having any missiles. >> familiar names are being bantered around. katie marzullo is live n the newsroom what happens now that susan rice has taken herself out of the running for secretary of state. >> they are meeting with susan rice in private. publicly he has reluctantly. all signs point to john kerry of massachusetts. he has had no comment on that. on f kerry gets the job his senate seat becomes available. it's likely expected outgoing senator scott brown would run in that special election. ambassador rice has been a controversial figure because she made statements that the deadly terrorist attack in libya was a spontaneous reaction to an anti-muslim movie. she says she is stepping aside because her nomination process
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would be a distraction the country does not need right now. president obama is saying he won't let rice go far. >> an outstanding job, she will continue to be one of top members of my national security team. >> reporter: other openings, secretary of defense, former senator chuck habelgel seems to have the edge there. c.i.a. director, acting director michael morale and john brennan are considered top contenders. one last note on senator kerry. some say he is a shoo-in for secretary of state but he will likely face questions about past support for syrian president assad. new this morning, today is decision day for states to notify washington if they will run their own insurance markets under he'll overhaul. 19 states have turned down the administration's invi station to
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set up health insurance exchanges. that leaves the feds with a huge task of doing it for them. on the other side, 17 states including california, washington, d.c. say they want to set up their own markets. >> walgreen's drugstores have agreed to pay a huge fine to settle a lawsuit filed in in alameda county. they are going to pay $16.5 million after they say they illegally dumped dumped waste into trash bins. they dumped patients' records without shredding them first. they were found to be violation of the law. this settlement covers more than half the counties in california. new york city leaders are trying to protect cab passengers to be taken for a ride. the mayor has signed a measure into law facing operators to make timers clearly visible to passengers and charge by the minute. they say some cab operators charge by the block and pass on
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to surcharges. a texas family paid more than $400 to go 14 blocks. abc7 honored recipients of profiles excellence awards last night. they have celebrated the bay area's rich cultural diversity. cheryl jennings hosted the event right here at abc7. each of the 15 people honored made important contributions to our community. you are invited to view recent episodes of profiles of excellence at >> so inspiring and check it out. wf 18. who is coldest. >> that inspires you to wear a heavier coat. we'll take a look at that and also take a look where the rain is showing up on live doppler 7-hd. it is dry here in san francisco. as we look from vallejo street down the embarcadero towards the
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ferry building all the way to the bay bridge. tweet me what is going on in your neighborhood. ask mike nicco and check out live doppler 7-hd. not a lot of radar returns but most of it not reaching the ground. air is too dry and greens out over the ocean. that is where we have light rain falling and that is where we're going to have the best chance of measurable precipitation is near the ocean. couple of chances, one moving through right now and another with that weakening low pressure on up to the north, radar returns is dissipating. let's talk about those temperatures. with the clouds rolling in. they actually gone up a few degrees. 34 in livermore. everybody else in the low to mid 40s. monterey bay, mid to upper 30s to 41 in monterey. check out that frosty 32 in
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gilroy right now. today's rain best over the ocean. better chance of us seeing measurable rain tomorrow and a couple more chances next week. as for today. here is a look at the cold front. you see it coming on down towards us, limited in moisture as we talked about. there is our break. chilly night with possible frost in inland valleys. next storm coming in for saturday and sunday. then behind that, you can see one more storm coming in. next storm coming in, a little farther to the south. we will see temperatures moderate as we head through the weekend and into next week. cloud cover this morning. a chance of sprinkles to some very light rain through the noon hour. then look at that at that scattered shower. overnight clouds clear, it will be cold again tonight as we get more clouds around 7:00 or 8:00 tomorrow morning. by 11:00 you can see the scattered rain start to move in to our neighborhoods and just be
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scattered rain throughout the afternoon and evening hours. not enough to cancel any plans. it's not going last hopefully very long and definitely won't drop heavy amounts less than a tenth of an inch. for sunday, very scattered and very light rain. noticed the temperatures in the forecast, mid to upper 50s. after barely escaping the 40s today. up to 60 on monday. >> 80 freeway and 80 east shore, as you make your way past gold gated fields, this is eastbound direction, you find bunching up around 580 and then things pick up as you make your way to ago arthur maze. we have a stalled truck in lane number two farther east toward the fairfield area. metering lights on the bay bridge toll plaza. carpool is getting by no delays,
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but backed up to the 8080 overcrossing and a little sluggish as you make your way westbound. this is 280 in the northbound direction, past the 17 interchange and to the cupertino area. everybody is at the limit at you make your way in the northbound direction. we'll go back to a stall at 16th avenue still blocking the off-ramp. eastbound 24 before the caldecott tunnel, yellow sensors we have a stall there blocking lane number two, second lane from the left. north 101 past tully this is an accident clear to the shoulder no injuries involved here. still ahead, a new deal that could allow an historic plates in mount diablo to shine brighter. >> shooting stars during the geminid meteor showers. >> the end of an era, six
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seasons. clouds are set okay a jersey shore. a pop culture sensation the show has become. today laundry and katie. they are all here and we will be assessing the situation, as well.paula fari
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>> friday morning, we have sunshine during the afternoon hours, and temperatures in the 40s to low 50s. definitely well below average. couple chances of rain, moving down toward us and some mountain snow. in tahoe we have a chance of snow showers today but a couple of inches of fresh powder for you on sunday. enjoy that. we have rain if you are headed that way. drier tomorrow and better chance of rain on sunday. look closely at this shot of the stars from nasa. it shows last night's geminid meteor showers, it was at peak last night. the event happens around this time as the earth passes through the tail of an asteroid that creates a shooting star. that was appearing before dawn. >> you still have a chance to get out and see it. >> and conservation group is
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going to restore the peak that sits in the east bay after signing an agreement. they report the group save mount diablo they want to fix the light on the peak that overlooks large sections of the bay area and central valley. it's lit once a year. december 7th to honor pearl harbor victims but it is suffering from age and lack of maintenance money. it was built in 1928 designed to nine shoo inhigh enough to help ships and airplanes navigate. >> student return after a bomb threat. >> and a mother who left her newborn on a cold san francisco street is due in court today. criminal charges she is facing. >> plus a new crime fighting strategy, two bay area cities are hoping to take firearms
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good morning, 6:30. we made it to friday. if you can't climb to the east bay hills to look how the bay looks, we'll give you a live picture to avoid all the trouble. >> and the cold. >> and cold conditions. that is big story this morning. good morning, i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. tell us more about the cold. >> 30s inland and even 30s on the peninsula to low 40s around. one of our cooler mornings. clouds are coming in and reached the maximum cooling. we see some stuff falling from the clouds on live doppler 7-hd
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but it's not making it down into our neighborhoods. if it does few sprinkles in the morning. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. it will be sunny by noon. still clouds out there and scattered showers possible in the afternoon hours. clouds are on the increase right now. they will start to decrease, a quick moving storm. we'll have partly cloudy conditions with some chilled sunshine and temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. down at the coast, best chance of seeing measurable rain. low to mid 40s there. tapering by noon. mid to upper 40s and stray shower and mid to upper 40s by 4:00 hour. >> looking west from the san mateo bridge toll plaza, you can see traffic is getting busier on the san mateo bridge with brake lights happening westbound up towards the high-rise. everything is moving. we're looking at about 15 minute right from east bay to the
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peninsula. stall on eastbound 24 before the caldecott tunnel, bottling the right lane, non-commute direction we have a stalled pickup truck and westbound 37 at lakeville, an accident on the shoulder and to san jose north 101 past julian that one is also on the shoulder. >> more on developing news we've been following this morning, a strong earthquake off the coast of southern california. 6.3 quake hit at 2:36 this morning, 160 miles west of catalina island. it was followed by an aftershock and these numbers have been revised and those are the latest. no reports of damage or injuries. people said they felt it across orange county. one man said the quake rolled for about 25 seconds. >> employees at a site of raging industrial fire in fremont. it gutted c and h enterprises a
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metal fabrication planted near 680. amy hollyfield joins us with a look what is left behind today. >> right now the goal is to keep people out of the buildings. they have a security guard here making sure that no one gets in. it's just not safe. so firefighters are waiting for an engineer to come and check it out ones it is daylight before firefighters go in and look for a cause. it caught fire around 1:45 yesterday afternoon. firefighters say it was an intense fire. the roof collapsed and they weren't able to go inside. there were about 60 employees in the building when the fire started and one tried to put out zbleirtd i tried to help but it caught on too fast. there was nothing i could do. >> it was fully involved when we arrived. we had fire through the roof and
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out the. >> kristen: no one was hurt. everyone got out okay. firefighters did ask people in the area to shelter in place as a precaution. they wanted to try to keep the fire just to building but they wanted tow be careful. they worried about possible hazardous materials burning in the fire. everything was fined and kept it contained to the building. they do precision welding and fabricating. there is a sign there is combustible and flammable materials inside. the director of operations for the company says that the company has good insurance and it will cover the lost wages and salaries of the employees. there will be extra security at two south bay schools when they reopen this morning. sheriff's deputies will be on campus at montevista and lincoln
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elementary. graffiti called on a wall at different campus in san jose claimed there was a bomb at montevista and threatened to kill a teacher there. no device was found. authorities say they are also making sure that specific teacher named in the threat remains under protection. woman accused of abandoning her newborn baby in san francisco is expected to be arraigned today on charges of child cruelty. as we first told you on wednesday morning, a man found the baby boy lying on the street in the city's bayview district. they found the mom nearby covered in blood. she is identified as 39-year-old nanekka nash. they performed cpr while rushing him to san francisco general hospital. doctors found traces of cocaine in the newborn's system. >> a sixth suspect of dumping both of them on san francisco street after shooting them.
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steven read died monday at a hospital after hours he and his girlfriend were found tied up in the middle of the street. police believe they were victims of a brutal home invasion on sunday by a group air quaint answers in the visitacion valley. four other suspects three of which are women are also expected at that hearing. >> a state appeals court has rejected a claim from a former administrator that she was fired illegally by then mayor ron dellums. she lost her job in 2008. she claims dellums fired her because she questioned the spending of city money by the mayor and his wife. he says she was dismissed because of a tip-off of an impending police raid. >> the oakland and san francisco police departments are trying take back the streets by keeping guns off them.
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both departments will hold gun buy-back programs. participants will get $200 cash but a limit of three. the program is sponsored by the boys club and youth uprising. in oakland the program will be held at st. been digits church. in san francisco it's at the boys club. both run from 10:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon. for more information go to our website at traffic and weather together here is a live look outside. we've got the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic backing up. roads are dry. mike nicco will have full accu-weather forecast and check in with sue hall in the traffic center. >> also new details on the death of mexican-american superstar jenni rivera, why the plane crash has sparked the
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welcome back. here is a look at live doppler 7-hd. we have radar returns and still no proof it is reaching the ground. if it does, a few sprinkles out there. temperatures running in some of the higher elevations near freezing a flurry on top of mount diablo or hamilton. let's talk about what is going to happen. we're going to have a stray shower and temperatures running possibly in the upper 40s inland to near 50. >> we've got a live look at bay bridge toll plaza. we showed you a minute and traffic is really jammed, back to the west grand and 880 overcrossing. i wanted to show you live look macarthur maze. berkeley curve, no problems with the maze as far as that goes. a little bit of traffic headed in the eastbound direction, coming into the bay bridge no
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problem, levy ridge on-ramp remains closed and westbound is slow out of antioch. two police officers in mexico have been arrested for stealing evidence from the site where singer jenni rivera's plane crash happened in mexico. they won't say what they were but they were found at officer's homes. in another new development the drug enforcement administration agency is also investigating the company that owns the luxury jet that crashed and killed the mexican pop superstar and six others on sunday saying they will to planes seized this year. portland mall where a gunman took three lives is set to reopen at nine this morning. a candlelight vigil is set for tonight. police are still trying to figure out why 22-year-old jake roberts walked into the town center on tuesday wearing a
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hockey mask and opened fire. a teenage girl was also wounded. roberts ex-girlfriend he had quit his job and sold everything he owned in days before the attack but so far investigators have not revealed a clear motive forfeiture shooting. >> coming up, we have video of the most stunning story. a die-hard apple fan, a mother ends up being tased at the mall. >> and trouble at pg&e, important inspections that were not done and it
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our best chance of sprinkles as we head into the afternoon hours, stray shower, look how cold.
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upper 40s to low 50s. system is falling apart as it is heading toward the bay area. so a stray shower possible today. look at tahoe, about 33 degrees with snow showers and couple of inches of powder for you on sunday. let's check in with josh elliot for a preview what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. good friday morning. coming up here barbara walters to talk about her exclusive sit down with president obama and michelle obama. this is the couple's first interview. also for you today, we've been counting down the plays of the year all week. today it is number one. to wring it in we have a very special guest. don't miss it on "good morning america." >> new this morning, pg&e is rushing to inspect more than 1500 pieces of under ground
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electrical equipment in the bay area for possible safety hazards. this comes after required inspections may not have actually been performed. pg&e has experienced explosions and fires in under ground vaults in the city including one in union square that sent a manhole cover into the air and injuring a passerby. they fired employees who claimed to have inspected equipment when they actually had none zblot a judge received a public admonishment stemming from comments he gave. derek johnson got himself in hot water i'm not a gynecologist but i can tell you something, if someone doesn't want to have sexual intercourse, the body shuts down. when he send the iq boyfriend back in 2008, prosecutors wanted a 16 year sentence. you've got take a look at
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this story. a woman in new england says police use add taser gun to keeper from keep her by buying too many iphones. she suffered several injuries after a confrontation with police. it shows lee on the ground. she had a bought two iphones from that story. the trouble started when she returned to the store after buying two more online. the store claims they had a stay away order against lee and she videotaped other people they were buying more than their limit of two. wow! >> your kids going well in school may not be the best idea. >> and lot of people are putting off their holiday shopping. let's go to jane king live from the new york stock exchange. >> almost holiday shopping crunch timing.
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ten days to christmas eve and they say, 6% of consumers will wait until three days to start shopping. they also say 58% has started shopping as of yesterday. investors are keeping an eye on retail industry. it showed no inflation out there. so it's been a concern of some but so far, looks like inflation not an issue for the economy. the dow and s&p 500 and nasdaq look like this morning, very quiet. it continues to be about the fiscal cliff and if there is any progress being made in washington. silicon valley index, down more than half a percent. sears and adobe having some luck offering web based subscriptions to the side ship fleet product. and if you are trying to get your child to do better in school, one may not make the
6:49 am
grade paying children to get good grades. offering money can discourage kids from working hard and cause frustration and resentment among siblings. they things like self-remembering liags and grit and resilience. but some parents paying kids for grades but and one analyst say it's a way of preparing them for life. >> it's okay. jane, i actually don't use money to buy them. i shame them. [ laughter ] >> shame them? >> why, you don't get shamed and that is form of bribery in itself. >> and lady with a gift of being shamed. [ laughter ] >> no shame in the forecast, bundling up today.
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from bad to worse. [ laughter ] >> not like you to do that. you can do that like i normally do. good morning to you. you don't shame them that much. we all do that a little bit. frosty out there this morning, you may need an ice scrape whearnd a beautiful picture from mount tamalpais. you notice you don't see any rain. we look down to the south this morning. live doppler 7-hd, most of that is staying mountain clouds or when it is falling it is running into a layer of dry air and it's evaporating all this rain that is trying to make it to the ground this morning. we haven't had a single report of a even a sprinkle falling yet this morning. the system still has two parts to it. a second system you see it
6:51 am
falling apart to the north. that is one coming in later today and bring us a chance of a stray shower. use the ice scrape they are morning and it was definitely cold at one point. the car got down to 29 degrees during through the east bay hills. mid to upper 30s and hills and north bay, 39 at san jose and 36 in los gatos. a lot of 3.30s around the bay. better chance tomorrow and more rain as we head towards next week. what we're talking about today, a cold front, a pass fags moving one, very narrow band and clear air behind it tonight. frosty and this is tomorrow and saturday and sunday. then once we get past that we've got another system that will come in on monday. each one will progressively get a little warmer. light rain mainly over the ocean and stray shower in the afternoon. tonight clear, a better chance
6:52 am
of scattered, light rain saturday and sunday but it's so light, do not cancel your plans. low to mid 50s tomorrow. upper 50s to near 60 by monday. >> eastbound san jose bridge, reverse commute. we are getting reports of a stall coming off the high right ries in the right lane. headlights headed towards hayward moving at the limit. a little slow on the flat section as you make your way over foster city. getting busier past lucas valley road into central san rafael. servicing at the limit. no delays on golden gate bridge. all mass transit checking in on time. live crimes there is san jose bridge. 15 minutes and 101 out of santa rosa and out of san jose. >> ahead five things to know before you go. >>
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five things to know before you go. number one, c and h enterprises employees will learn how the company plans to rebuild after a major fire yesterday. nobody was hurt. investigators hope to get their first look inside the gutted building today as they search for the cause of the fire. >> number two, extra security at montevista high school and lincoln elementary. a bomb threat forced the closure of both schools yesterday. no device was found. >> number three, pg&e is rushing to inspect more than 1500 pieces of under ground electrical equipment in the bay area for possible safety hazards. utility says it has fired or suspended employees and contract workers who claim to have inspected equipment. the woman accused of abandoning her newborn baby will be in court today.
6:55 am
39-year-old nanekka nash faces charges of child cruelty. her bone boy was found on a street not breathing. >> massachusetts senator john kerry appears to be at the top of the list for the job of secretary of state. u.n. ambassador susan rice has taken herself out of the running. her nomination would be too distracting because of the controversy surrounding the september 11th terror attack in benghazi. >> it is cold out there. one check on the temperatures with mike. >> we'll talk about 30s and 40s. it feels cooler after we look at live doppler and see the radar returns, nothing make can it to the ground. look at your temperature in your city. 36 at napa. 34 in livermore. 36 in los gatos. 40 in san jose. a little bit of wind chill three to five degrees cooler. low 50s and stray showers this
6:56 am
afternoon. >> back to the bay bridge, metering lights remain on and traffic backing toward the 880 interchange and sluggish on the incline. here is a look at maze, 80 coming in nicely, 580 and we do have a stall eastbound 24 approaching the caldecott. left lane blocked there. we have slow traffic out of central valley and eastbound road work until 9:00 on 580 this morning. >> thank you very much. morning news continues in 25 minutes with news a, weather during "good morning america." >> we're always on at have a great day and great weekend.
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good morning, america. breaking right now, two, large off california, wake up thousands along the west coast overnight. now registering 6.3. we'll have the very latest on this breaking story. under fire. president obama's top contender to replace hillary clinton drops out, making a sudden withdrawal, saying she wants to spare him the fight. a major cabinet shakeup rooming as rice heads to the white house for a face-to-face. caught on tape. the remarkable story behind this video. look closely at that pickup tossed by a tornado.


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