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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 14, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PST

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there is a man inside. and you'll never believe who raced to his rescue. and, an unprecedented live event. an american hero just home from the front lines. we has no idea we've flown his family to his base reunite with him this morning. they are right there, side-by-side, but don't know it. the emotional reunion about to play out live on "gma." good morning, everyone. happy friday to robin at home. welcome back to amy. rachel smith in for lara today. and what a special surprise we have this morning. there is our american hero. with all his friends, captain gerardo garcia. he's been serving in afghanistan. he's been gone from his family for months.
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he thinks he's going to give a shoutout to his fellow troops in afghanistan and iraq. there's his family right there. andrea and his three, little kids. he has no idea he's going to be reunited with them this morning. and we cannot wait. >> they can't hear the show right now. >> exactly. >> don't text them. nobody let them know. >> we're going to get to that. we have a lot of breaking news overnight. including, you know, as the crisis in syria escalates, the u.s. is spending patriot missiles and troops to the syrian border with turkey. right now, martha raddatz will be here with more on that. and barbara walters, bringing us her exclusive with the president and first lady. they rarely appear together for an interview. but they did for barbara. we'll hear their message, special message for robin. let's get right to josh elliott for the pair of powerful earthquakes off the coast of california. a powerful earthquaking rattling buildings and nerves in southern california. 6.3 magnitude off the coast.
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>> we're here in pasadena where they're watching this activity very closely. this was a pretty big shaker. 6.3 in magnitude. it occurred in the pacific ocean. lot of folks here in southern california felt it, though, it was a pretty good jolt. fortunately no reports of damage or injuries so far. back to you, josh. >> john, thank you. people shaken by the quake twe tweeted it on twitter. also this morning, new pressure on congress to approve a critical $60 billion aid package for victims of hurricane sandy. the governors of new york, new jersey and connecticut want that package approved before the holiday break. more than 100 ceos, also calling on lawmakers to act quickly. nearly seven weeks after the storm struck, many victims are still waiting for funds to repair their homes. and in philadelphia, the
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hunt is on for two teens after a dispute over an nba game ended in gunfire on a train. this is tough to watch. but the video captures a confrontation between the two, believed to be 76ers fans and a chicago fan in a bulls jersey. one of the teens pulls a gun and shoots the man in the stomach. you see it there. the same bullet would then strike another man in the leg. thankfully, both shooting victims are expected to be okay. and some astonishing video just in, as well, of a young girl in a wheelchair. hard to watch. scared and in tears, after being detained by tsa at dallas-ft. worth airport. screeners say the 12-year-old, shelby walters' palms, tested positive for explosives, which may actually have been fertilizer transferred from her wheelchair. the girl's mother said when it comes to kids, screeners should use common sense.
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we do hope she's okay. also, the iphone 5 now officially on sale in china. but today's launch, nothing like this one in january. riots breaking out when the 4s was released. apple, hoping today's launch could single-handedly stop its recent stock slide. and, finally, it's not your average bottle of beer. this is your chance to buy what is considered the world's very best beer. it is called westvleteren. >> that was good. >> i'm not a trapist monk in belgium. the beer being sold in the u.s. for the first and possibly only time. good luck finding it. and if you've got a cool $85, it will buy you a six-pack. >> wow. >> maybe if you drink it, you can say it really well, too. >> seriously. maybe they named it after they sampled it. a lot of news to get to. we have that dramatic withdrawal late thursday.
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u.n. ambassador susan rice takes herself out of the running to replace hillary clinton as secretary of state. abc's jake tapper is tracking the latest from the white house. good morning, jake. >> reporter: good morning, george. white house officials say they're angry about the unfair way that susan rice was treated by republicans on the hill. with signals from republicans that hers would be a bruising confirmation battle, and from the white house that the president thought senator john kerry might be a better choice, overnight, the u.s. ambassador to the united nations rolled out her withdrawal campaign. >> i didn't want to see a confirmation process that was very prolonged, very politicized, very distracting and very disruptive. >> reporter: on nbc and in a "washington post" op-ed, susan said a partisan battle was the last thing that the country needs. late thursday, president obama
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reconfirmed his confidence in her. >> she's done an outstanding job. i could not be prouder with her. she will continue to be one of the top members of my national security team. >> reporter: rice had become the designated obama administration target for republicans seeking answers and/or political advantage, relating to the terrorist attacks on september 11th, 2012, on the diplomatic compound in benghazi, libya. >> in fact, what this began as was a spontaneous, not a premeditated response. >> reporter: five days after those attacks, rice went on the sunday shows, repeating talking points from the intelligence community, that critics said downplayed the terrorist attack in the weeks leading up to the election. >> i didn't mislead. i didn't misrepresent. i did the best with the information the united states government had at the time. >> reporter: democrats point out that republicans didn't have as hard a time with a different national security adviser named rice who had different inaccurate talking points from the intelligence community.
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that was condoleezza rice, talking about iraqi weapons of mass destruction that didn't exist. that was a different time. george? >> yes, it was, jake, thanks very much. let's get more on this from our senior foreign affairs correspondent, martha raddatz. and martha raddatz, now in line to be named secretary of state, senator john kerry of massachusetts. he's likely to be easily confirmed. but this is still a painful, personal retreat for both the president and ambassador rice. >> reporter: it's true, george. you know, they're very different kinds of choices, very different kinds of style. kerry's safe, low-key, even-keeled and has lots of experience. susan rice has lots of experience in foreign affairs. but she's far more combative and in your face. she was seen as a riskier choice. and right now, the president doesn't want to battle over people. he'll battle over policy, but not people. >> that's what the ambassador said, as well. that's why she pulled herself out. meanwhile, we're seeing the challenges continue to mount for the president overseas,
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especially in syria. that crisis continuing to escalate. we learned overnight that the united states will be sending more firepower to the region. >> reporter: they will. two patriot rounds to prevent rounds from crossing the board with turkey. that's happened in the past. but this is really a symbolic show of force, to signal support of turkey and to put more pressure on syria. but it does require about 400 troops to operate those systems. that will take a little while to get there, george. >> okay, martha raddatz, thanks very much. let's stay in washington now and move on to the latest on the fiscal cliff. just 18 days before everyone's taxes go up. every federal program set to be cut. abc's jon karl covers that for us from capitol hill. and, jon, the president and house speaker boehner met again last night. it was less than an hour. and it doesn't look like they're making much progress. >> reporter: no, not at all. no signs of progress at all up here, george. both sides emerged from that meeting, calling it frank. now, you know in international
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politics, when the sides describe a meeting as frank, it usually means they vehemently disagreed or they're on the verge of war. i talked to a prominent house democrat late last night who told me, simply, get your parachute ready. we're going over the cliff. meanwhile, i can tell you, george, congress is pretty much, you know, a desert right now. both congressional leaders on both sides of the capitol going home for the weekend. no signs of really anything going on here. >> as we're closing in, just 18 days to go, i would imagine that both sides must have fallback plans in place if there's not going to be a deal. >> reporter: well, certainly, no prospects of a major deficit deal. one kind of a fallback plan, republicans are talking about, is that they would agree to extend whatever tax cuts they can. that means the middle-class tax cuts the president wants to extend. but do nothing else. that means a big battle over the debt ceiling coming in the early part of the year. >> okay, jon karl, thanks very much. of course, we're going to cover all these washington stories, the whole week in politics, sunday on "this week,"
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with senator john mccain and the roundtables. and guess what, just two weekends until christmas. so many people koumpbting down to the holidays. and it could be a record-setting holiday for both retail and travel. abc's bianna golodryga is standing by with the extremes retailers are going through to get your dollars. but let's first go to lisa stark, who is tracking the latest on why this holiday could be very tricky for traveling. lisa, good morning. >> reporter: amy, traveling over the holidays is best circumstances. can be tricky. get a load of this. hundreds of workers at new york city jfk airport threatening to go on strike on december 20th. these are the security guards. none at the checkpoint. but they direct traffic, make sure the gates are secure. it could add to the chaos of travelers will feel over a busy holiday.
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planes will be packed. the airline trade group says 85% to 90% of the seats will be filled. and the holiday trip will cost you more than last year, 9% more, according to travelocity. nonstop prices are nearly double than what they were at the beginning of december. >> the average price is over $400 round-trip. that's a big bite out of someone's wallet, especially if you multiply that across several family members. >> reporter: if you're still on the fence about whether to take that christmas flight, decide fast. >> the time to book was weeks ago. but if you haven't booked yet, you have to pull the trigger right now. prices are going up, not every day, but every hour you wait. >> reporter: looking for cheaper fares, travelocity says your best bet is christmas eve and christmas day. the most expensive days to fly are december 21st and 22nd, and returning on december 30th. that could cost you an extra $500 a ticket. and if you can be flexible, there are less expensive destinations, think florida, denver and los angeles. all because of fierce airline
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competition. connecting flights are often cheaper as are those short hops of less than an hour. and be careful how you pack your bags. too many of them or too heavy, and those bag fees can cost you more than the ticket. and if you're skipping the plane and traveling by car, that's the roads may be busier than they've been in some six years. all because gasoline prices have plummeted. it's a dollar less a gallon than it was just a year ago. at least, amy, that is a very nice christmas present. >> more money for shopping. thanks so much. speaking of shopping, retail sales rose in november. and december could be an even bigger month for the economy, as retailers compete for your money. abc's bianna golodryga is tracking the latest. they're pulling out all the stops. >> reporter: they are, amy. the holiday shopping season started off with a bang. remember this -- thanksgiving weekend, americans spent some $59 billion. that's up nearly 13% from last year. now, the challenge is to keep the momentum going.
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keep shoppers in the stores. how are stores doing that? they're extending hours, making it easier for shoppers to come over and buy merchandise. macy's, for example, open 48 hours the weekend before christmas. target, open until 9:00 p.m. on christmas eve. and then, right across the street at toys "r" us here, for three weeks they're opened 24 hours around the clock. this is good for the shoppers and for the economy that more temporary jobs will be added. some 619,000 jobs were created in october and november alone. that's up since last year. and up 19% from last year. nearly to a 2000 high. amy. >> good news. thanks for that. back to barbara walters for more of her exclusive interview with president obama and the first lady. it's becoming a holiday tradition. it airs tonight on "20/20." and barbara is here with some of the highlights right now. you got the full tour. as always. >> i got the full tour of the white house, with the star of the white house. that's not the president or the first lady. you know it's bo. >> but you did sit down with the
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president and covered the news of the day, as well? >> we did. we talked to the two of them. they're very different when they are together. they're funny and cute. but we also asked the president a very important question about the legalization of marijuana. there are two states in which it is legal. >> washington and colorado. we'll take a look. >> do you think that marijuana should be legalized? >> i wouldn't go that far. but i what think is that, at this point, washington and colorado, you've seen the voters speak on this issue. and, as it is, the federal government has a lot to do when it comes to criminal prosecutions. it does not make sense from a prioritization point of view, for us to focus on recreational drug users in a state that has already said, under state law, that's legal. >> that's interesting. the president doesn't want to conflict with the states. even though it's the attorney general's final decision. >> i asked him about the fact that when he was younger, he smokes marijuana. and what does he tell his girls? he says, don't make the mistakes
7:15 am
that i made. >> the only thing he can say. you also talked to the president about how he's spending that little bit of spare time he has? >> and you see the two of them together, quarrelling about scrabble, no less. take a look. you have an ipad. >> i do. >> what's your favorite app? >> scrabble. >> oh, yeah. gosh. sometimes i want to yank that out of your hand. >> and who wins? >> he's good at scrabble. he's very irritating. >> she doesn't like losing. so, she stopped playing. >> i don't like losing to you because you're irritating when you win. >> the thing that's charming about this interview, which you'll see tonight, is how different they are -- you know, when you interview them alone, they're very serious. together, she teases him. he teases her. it's a whole other look. but then, what i found very touching, i asked the president and first lady if they had a message for robin.
7:16 am
and, indeed, they did. >> let's take a look. >> i want to make sure to send a big christmas greeting to robin roberts, part of your team. >> absolutely. >> who is just such a wonderful person. somebody that we've, you know, come to really love. so, we're just rooting for her. hope she's doing great. and want her to know that the whole obama crew is thinking about her. >> yeah. robin, we love you. we want robin to come back and keep doing great things. >> amen to that. that's fantastic right there. now, they were part of the interview. you also got to talk about malia and sasha, as well. >> well, malia has gotten a cell phone. and the president said, one of the reasons that -- he says one of the reasons i'm glad that i was re-elected is, i have the secret service to keep an eye on the girls, especially now that malia is getting old enough for boys to be calling. they used to have to call through the white house. now, she has her own cell phone.
7:17 am
>> that is a big step. how old is malia now? >> 14. by the time this term finishes, she will be 18, ready for college. and certainly ready for dating. so, you know, they talked a little about the changes in their lives. there's no ground rules about the cell phone. but mrs. obama says, she never knows when i'm going to walk into her room and see what she's texting. parents are parents, no matter what. >> no question about it. we can't wait to see all of it tonight. thank you, barbara, on "20/20." christmas at the white house, at 10:00, 9:00 central, right here on abc. now, let's go to sam for the weather. >> we're going to start with pictures out of san diego. just finished their wettest day in two years. getting an inch and a half in rain in san diego, doesn't sound like a lot to a lot of folks. but that's their monthly total for december. that's their average. three inches of rain around that san diego area. and it's one, two, three wet systems that move across the coastline, dropping down and moving across the country. that's the one that moved through yesterday. this is tonight's.
7:18 am
and then there's another one that comes through by the time we get to saturday night. that puts a lot of moisture across the middle of the country for this weekend. we see the pattern continuing into net week. be ready for big hits of rain. and some of the rain will be one to two inches. and look at this line north. that could be a little icy mess through that region, as well. most of this storm system is warm. but could be some icy spots. how gorgeous it is on the east coast today and tomorrow.
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>> we'll go through all of america's weather in the next half hour. it's an awful lot of rain moving across the country this weekend. amy. >> sam, thanks so much. coming up here on "gma," the dramt developments in that trial of the high school valedictorian charged with killing his own mother. his father speaks out. also ahead, the pickup
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tossed into the air by a tornado. there's a man inside fearing for his life. he is okay. but wait until you hear who raced to his rescue. also, an unprecedented, live event for you. you're looking at an american hero just back from afghanistan. he has no idea, though, we flew in his family. they are waiting next door, at his base, the reunion, live, only on "gma." go nowhere. go nowhere. reunion, live, only on reunion, live, only on "gma." go nowhere. "gma." [ sea ] hi! thsea calling. when's the last time you visited me? when i went surfing. i love to surf. can you imagine surfing in the middle of me? in the middle of you? oh yes! [ giggles ] nice moves! ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] our biggest december sales event ever. going on now. call 1-800-royal-caribbean. going on now. he is a good little monkey and always very curious. one day george got an important letter. he's built a rocket ship to travel into space."
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investigators hope to get their first look inside a gutted machine shop in fremont. the fire engulfed c&h enterprises yesterday afternoon. the flames destroyed nearly everything inside the machine shop. they make components used by the high-tech industry, the 60 workers are waiting to hear about plans to re-open. >> and now what is going on with the traffic? >> not a bad commute. a beautiful shot as the sun is coming up 80 westbound funneling and 580 looking good, and you do have a bit of a delay there. and seminary we have a stall blocking the off ramp, and westbound, at 5th coming off the bay bridge we have a stall with things backing up on the bay bridge. >> when we come back, our meteorologist and
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>> check out the cloud cover this morning over the bay area. we can see the tower off in the distance. doplar is shows blues and greens, the lowest threshhold. if we are lucky sprinkles are making it to the ground. we are in the mid-30's to mid-40's and on our way to upper 40's to low 50's with sunshine this afternoon and a stray shower is possible. without the clouds tonight, frost is possible inland, to around 40 for the bay. we have a better chance of measurable rain saturday and sunday but it will be ver
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[ female announcer ] martinelli's gold medal sparkling cider is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings.
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martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868. we got an american hero right there. captain gerardo garcia. right in the middle right there. just back from afghanistan. thinks he's about to give a shoutout to his buddies in afghanistan. what he doesn't know is that right in the next room are his wife and three, little kids. this is going to be a great surprise. they cannot hear us at all. but in just a little while, they're going to be reunited live, right here on "gma." we cannot wait for that this morning. it's going to be so great, amy. >> i'm so excited. and i love that they're being told to wave.
7:30 am
they have no idea what's going to happen next. we're excited to bring that to you. also ahead, the pickup truck versus the tornado. this is incredible video. how could anyone survive being tossed through the air like that? the driver inside is remarkably okay. and you'll never guess who raced to his rescue. it certainly surprised him. and details from "dancing with the stars" host brooke burke-charvet about her medical battle. good news about her health that she just revealed. in a bit. we're going to get to the trial of the high school valedictorian accused of killing his own mother. it's now in closing arguments. and his father is speaking out. abc's john muller joins us with the very latest. >> reporter: in closing arguments, prosecutors telling jurors that this murder case is like a puzzle and they have all of the pieces to convict jeffrey pyne of killing his mother. they talk about how things were wrong in that house and his mother were very sick. but they say that's no excuse for murder. this morning, just before the
7:31 am
case against jeffrey pyne goes to a jury, his father is speaking out, in his defense. >> it's a tough thing to go through. all i can tell you is that, i know my son, and my son would never harm his mother. he just would never harm her. >> reporter: bernie pyne told reporters outside of court thursday the case against his son is not rooted in fact. just hours earlier, the prosecution said the opposite in their closing arguments. >> when he's going to get that board, you can infer from that that he has the intent to kill her when he goes to get the board. there's no other reason to go and get that board. >> reporter: telling jurors the former high school valedictorian had bludgeoned his mother to death in 2011 in the family garage. prosecutors say ruth pyne was mentally ill and abused her son for years. >> the trial has been largely circumstantial. they don't have any physical evidence. >> reporter: what prosecutors do have, are these photos of jeffrey pyne's blistered hands, taken shortly after the crime. injuries pyne says came from throwing wooden storage pallets at his job.
7:32 am
>> they have had a lot of medical testimony that his story how that happened is unlikely. >> reporter: this morning, the community to supported the 22 kwleerld biology student remains skeptical. >> i feel very confident that jeffery is innocent and that the jury will see it my way also. >> we'll see soon if jeffery pine will walk free. amy. >> john muller, thanks so much. let's bring in gma legal analyst dan abrams. they don't have to prove premeditation, how big of a win is this? >> this is a huge win. the fact that this second-degree murder charge is now on the table, that these jurors can
7:33 am
compromise, exactly what the defense is concerned about. that's why the defense opposed this. they didn't the option of second-degree murder. they wanted to prove premeditation. real questions about the alibi. questions about the injuries on his hands. but proving premeditation here would have been difficult. i think it's very unlikely that there will be a defense. >> what's the impact of that? >> it's definitely, think it's an advantage for prosecutors. they have to put the pieces of the puzzle together, the jurors do, for them to basically spend the night with just the prosecution's closing argument in their minds i think is very helpful to the prosecution, the defense make its closing argument this morning. dan abrams, we'll keep our eyes on this george in. that astonishing piece of video that sam first showed you
7:34 am
tuesday. scooping up a truck and tossing it on a nearby car. what we didn't know then was someone was inside. rob nelson shows us by some miracle that driver survived. >> reporter: look closely, this tiny speck is a massive ford pickup truck while you can't see him, jerry is inside on the ride of his life. >> i'm thinking, i'm dead. i just see all this. but i'm really dead. >> reporter: he was making deliveries when a tornado came through before sending his truck airborne. it swung him into the air, smashing his truck on to another one parked nearby. >> i don't know where i was. i could feel that i was rolling and rocking. this driver was driving in the
7:35 am
opposite direction. she raced to his rescue. >> i immediately jumped out of the truck. are you okay? >> reporter: there's an even more amazing twist that good samaritan is his daughter. >> i heard my daughter's voice. my baby girl. when i looked up, here she come walking. >> how did you get here? how did i know? >> i saw the whole thing happening. >> reporter: this morning, his delivery truck is totalled but he's on the mend. for "good morning america," rob nelson, abc news, new york. >> home alive after rolling and rocking. >> rolling and rocking. >> unbelievable. i mean the video was crazy enough when it was picked up. to know someone was inside, wow. the first big snow of the season, you'll remember a lot of ski resort had to close in november because there wasn't any snow, well, now, they are
7:36 am
opening. plenty of it. over the next couple of days into the weekend, as we show you those three storms that kind of glide off the western coast, their dropping big snowfall totals. tahoe, flagstaff, picking up snow. now we start to get the moisture moving across the country. right now, milder temperatures into the deep south. dallas by saturday 74 degrees. new orleans, 72 by the time we get to saturday. we'll notice, though, a big shift in the patterns. some of this moisture is going to move across the country next week. we might get
7:37 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by folgers. more weather in the next half hour. >> sam, thank you. coming up, he's the star of the hungry games. engaged to the miley cyrus. liam hemsworth. also ahead -- our very favorite play of the whole year a special guest joining us to help bring it to us. her name might rhyme with hobbit. >> wow.
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♪ it's on. hit the sale. ♪ hallelujah. grab your redcard. ♪ ♪ hallelujah! back, now, at 7:42, with the video of a rising, young film star reportedly caught on tape, in an apparent street brawl in philadelphia. "hunger games" star, liam hemsworth, engaged to miley cyrus. the hollywood hunk, now in hot water. linsey davis has the story. >> they want a good show.
7:42 am
that's all they want. >> reporter: liam hemsworth may be a versatile actor. but this is one role we haven't seen him play before. watch as the man tmz says is hemsworth slugs this guy right in the middle of the street, using some of the muscle the star of "the hunger games" may added while preparing for his roll in "expendables 2." something he discussed on "good morning america." >> i lifted a lot of heavy stuff. >> reporter: the altercation broke out early sunday morning in, where else? philadelphia. the city of brotherly love. according to tmz, hemsworth had just left a bar, when he confronted this man who he thought had thrown a rock at him and his friend. >> his bad boy image may be appealing to some fans. people in the city don't like to see this type of thing. >> reporter: the victim can be seen clinging to his attacker's leg, while he takes a beating that only stops when a police car arrives. >> actually, he did. >> reporter: we've seen a
7:43 am
glimpse of hemsworth's bad boy side before. back in 2009, he and his big brother, chris, reportedly got into a full-on fistfight with another man after an event in hltd. hollywood. that was around the time he started dating his now-fiancee miley cyrus, with bold care cuts and tattoos, has gained a rebellious reputation recently. as far as hemsworth's seemingly spontaneous event, witnesses say they never saw the victim throw the rock that allegedly started it all. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. we're really excited about what is coming up next. the american hero, just back from the front lines, is about to get the surprise of his life. we've flown in his family for an unprecedented live reunion. they can't wait to see him. and he has no idea they're there. also, well, we've got it. my very, very, very favorite
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right then, here's "the play of the day." >> we've actually been counting the plays of the year. but they are all going to be trumped. even today's very best one of all, by the guest we bring in right now to bring it to you because, let's be honest, it is chosen for her. robin roberts. >> good morning, america. good morning, all. i knew, josh, when you announced the plays of the year, that this would be on the list for friday. happy friday. come on. roll tape. roll tape. >> here we go. actually, there's 1 and 1a. we're going into the tank.
7:49 am
remember this guy getting a head start. >> one. two. >> three. >> four. >> it hurts so good. >> all right, robin. i want you to set this up because this may have been the greatest piece of videotape we'll ever see. >> may i? may i, josh? >> yes. robin roberts is back. >> i don't want you to freeze it. this is the one that we all went crazy for. look at these kids. hi-ya. hi-ya. and get him. hi-ya. >> i forgot about those guys. >> they never touch each other, which is great. >> they have that protective gear on. >> they were never in any danger. >> no. i will say, the degree of difficulty in those high heel, you win every time. terrific. robin, how are you doing? let's be honest.
7:50 am
you're the special guest of the year. >> oh, come on. it's all about "the play of the day." have you been dipping in the eggnog this week, by the way? just watching and thinking, finding apple jacks -- all is well. happy friday to all. happy play of the year. and everything is fantastic. >> it was despite the apple jacks, i do believe. and so, robin, maybe you join us next week because we are now going to have everybody voting in america for their favorite plays of the year. i know somebody who knows somebody. maybe we'll get robin back for that one, as well. until then, my friend, great so see you. >> love you. >> love you.
7:51 am
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7:55 am
pg&e is rushing to inspect more than 1600 pieces of under ground electrical equipment for possible safety hazards. this comes after the utility says it has fired or suspended employees who have claimed to inspected equipment they had
7:56 am
not. >> we'll start with live doppler. you can see radar returns, most of it is not making it to the ground until you get out to on the coast. 30s and 40s is what we have right now. stray hours showers and possibly 40s and 50s, better chances of rain saturday and sunday. >> metering lights on, traffic backed up past the overcrossing. slow through hayward and androtti off-ramp is stalled with a big
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ you came here with someone [ cheers and applause ] the crowd is even bigger. out by the poinsettias. and right inside here, we have deejay. a dancing snowman. >> we do. >> i'd like to show the dancing snowman. >> there we go. >> awesome. >> happy friday. how great was it to hear robin call in on "the play of the day"? that was fantastic.
8:00 am
and the dancing snowman, as well. >> frosty has moves. >> yes, he does. >> i remember when we did that "play of the day" the first time. robin's face was -- she was like a 6-year-old girl on christmas all of a sudden. >> welcome to amy robach. thank you for giving me the pronunciation lesson yesterday. sam has to work on it. we are going to look at holidays with mocktails. nonalcoholic holiday drinks. serving up what he calls his christmas tree. >> thank you, sir. >> seasons greetings. >> what do we have here? >> this is juniper soda, with cranberry juice. >> there's a company out of seattle. juniper soda, not a lot of sugar. a little bit of cranberries. >> is this rosemary? >> that is rosemary. >> thank you.
8:01 am
happy friday, y'all. >> that's good. >> it is good. >> hey, blaise, mocktails. really nice. >> mocktails. also, remember that sneaky snowman we showed during "play of the day" a while back. now, dancing for us here in our studio. turns out we do have a "gma" snowman, who was actually waiting in the loading docks. and ended up surprising a couple folks. >> boo. >> who is that? >> who could have that been? >> i don't know. >> that might have been amy, right? >> yeah. >> poor thing. >> i had my coffee. >> it gets better. it actually gets better. >> when you're the one that's not on the receiving end. punk'd like that.
8:02 am
we also have brand-new details from "dancing with the stars" host brooke burke charvet. what she's revealing about her health. it's good news. and it is an emotional, by the way, unprecedented live "gma" event. the soldier who is on the screen right now, who can't hear us, thinks he's actually there to say hello to the troops who are in afghanistan. he just got back from the front lines. but we flew his family in to the be reunited with him. and they can hear us. nobody knows what's going on. everybody knows that they're there for something. but they have no idea what's happening. just a few minutes away. first, we have to get the news from josh. good morning to all of you, you were just watching an earlier taped portion of "good morning america." but we have breaking news now for you on to west coast. i'm josh elliott alongside amy robach. you're seeing here a map of connecticut. a school shooting at an elementary school in newtown, two hours to the north and east
8:03 am
of new york city. the images you see here, children being from sandy hook elementary school. the district's largest school. one shooter is dead at sandy hook elementary. the school now cleared of shooters. newtown police say there's at least one other person shot. police telling abc news that they're still treating this as an active shooter situation. state emergency management officials confirming that ambulances and other units are en route and staging near the school. again, these are pictures from the park ing lot of the school. police also believe they may have located the suspect's car, again, as we just are getting information here, and again, it's sandy hook elementary school, about 15 miles from danbury, another major city in
8:04 am
connecticut. two hours north and east offing new york city. >> obviously, of incredible concern is the extent of the injuries that may have occurred there at sandy hook elementary school. we do know according to the newtown bee on the scene that there was one child carried from the school by police, seriously wounded. another injuries have been reported we know that these emergency personnel gathered their enmass, the extents of the injuries unclear. according to the website of newtown school, afternoon buses and kindergarten is canceled. the superintendent issuing this statement, the district is taking preventive measures by putting all schools in lockdown until we assure safety of all students and staff. >> we can take you through a time line as it's come available.
8:05 am
this according to the website of the hartford courant. the shooter was in fact in the main office of the school, again, unconfirmed reports of two shooters, we do of course, we can confirm one shooter has been killed. another perhapses at large. we don't have that confirmed. and again, as of 10:30 eastern, students were still being led as you see the students here, led from the school, by their teachers. again, we can tell you now, it's an active shooter scene, though the school itself has been cleared. we did receive reports as well that the fbi, s.w.a.t. team was on scene. we want to bring in a former if fbi special agent, brad garrett joining us by phone. reports of s.w.a.t. and fbi have responded along with state
8:06 am
police as they locked down that school, what is the first thing they're looking to do. >> to ensure they've got the situation contained, josh. the problem is, you still don't know, they don't know perhaps how many shooters they might have, have they done anything else to the school, think about harris and klebold at colunbine. the second is, do you have any teachers, children injured to get out of the building to save their lives. >> one shooter is confirmed dead. they do believe that there may have been a second shooter. they have cleared the school, i'm imagining that search may go well beyond the school, looking for a person potentially at large? >> definitely.
8:07 am
if in fact there's a second shooter the problem in these cases is that people, sometimes see things that aren't exactly accurate. there might only be one shooter, because people caught it a certain way think there may be two. >> the district has asked parents not to flood district phones with calls, every parent want to know that their children are safe, i'm certain many parents now making their way to the school, what would tell parents right now as they're making their way to an active crime scene? >> typically what the police do is set up a check point at the school where they can go in and check in with an officer, because the problem is, figuring out where the children are, who has been accounted for and who has not is going to take a while. the real key is, keeping parents
8:08 am
informed. keeping them off the phone and keeping them away from the school. >> we have a mother who attend the school. myra, you have your children with you and they're safe? >> hello. >> this is amy, trying to find out what you have been able to obtain. i know your children are safe with you now, what have you seen? >> my children are at their school. they don't go to these sandy hook schools. >> what have you been able to find out? >> we're finding out that parents have been able to get their kids. one of my friend who i'm trying to contact right now, have a child. my children go to a different school, i'm at the sandy hook deli. all we're seeing is ambulances, state troopers. parents running to get to the school. some parents have their kids. some don't. >> we can only imagine the chaos and the fear there with those
8:09 am
parents desperately trying to locate their children. >> again, the news a shooting at an elementary school at newtown, connecticut. we'll return, though, to "good morning america," on the west coast. and for a look at the nation's weather. here's sam champion. good morning, how are you? nice to see you. >> good morning, you guys. where are you all from? >> south carolina. >> you got to get on tv this morning. >> all right, let's get to the boards. here's a couple of things that we want to share with you. a big pattern change coming into the country this weekend. we'll try to get some cold air mixed in them with as well. so, we'll be looking for that. that starts this weekend into next week. now, the weekend has gotten an
8:10 am
awful lot of warm air w that, we'll see this falling in the form of storms. strong storms are possible on that line. but next week, we'll start to get some cold air blending in. quick look at that's not enough gma. here's what eye aes head "dancing with the stars" brooke burke-charvet. the latest on her medical battle.
8:11 am
and unprecedented "good morning america" live event. this soldier dad is about to get the surprise of his life when we reunite him with his family right here on "good morning america." the favorite pick for the holiday season. a little holiday bling. stay with us. all that with d.j. sugar ray, live right here on "gma." stay with us. burst adult multivitamins... a delicious new way to get essential vitamins you need. just bite into the tasty shell... to a chewy vitamin core for a unique multivitamin sensation! new centrum flavor burst. so all of you do. yes, for sure. now what's better? being able to shoot two lasers out of both of your eyes at the same time or just one laser out of one eye?
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8:16 am
♪ [mom] this hero stuff is easy! coming up -- "good morning america's" countdown to christmas gifts on a budget. presented by target. dream big, save bigger. now, the answer to our pop quiz. we asked you, who tops the list for most polite celebrity of the year? well, the answer is miss taylor swift. number three was our very own robin roberts. not surprising. >> who was number two?
8:17 am
>> i forget. follow-up-free. come on, now, george. we have some good news for "dancing with the stars" host brooke burke-charvet. we've been following her battle with thyroid cancer. now, a week after her surgery, she revealed she is cancer-free and recovering. abc's paula faris has her story. >> reporter: it's the perfect score she's been waiting for. "dancing with the stars" co-host brooke burke-charvet revealing that she has a clean bill of health after her recent battle with thyroid cancer. sharing the good news on her blog wednesday, writing the thyroid cancer has been removed from my body. and all of my lymph nodes are clear. so, i'm hoping this is the end of the story. the 41-year-old mother of four underwent a thyroidectomy, just nine days ago. to remove a cancerous nodule on her thyroid.
8:18 am
but now, she's on the fast track to recovery. every day i'm feeling better. and i'm looking forward to getting back to my usual routine, but with a bit of a different outlook, with a newfound respect for life. >> when it comes to this particular cancer, we really do seem to have a very good control rate. your chance of surviving a thyroid cancer is extremely high. >> reporter: burke charvet's famous for her commitment to health and fitness, revealed her shocking diagnosis early last month, after a routine trip to the doctor. >> i need to have thyroid surgery and have a thyroidectomy, which means i'm going to have a nice, big scar right here across my neck. >> reporter: documenting every step of her battle on social media. from how she told her children she had cancer, to this photo of the surgical scar on her neck. eager to spread hope to other women. >> i've never felt better. >> reporter: but even cancer can't slow down this busy mom. the fitness buff announced the release of a new line of workout dvds on monday.
8:19 am
adding to her wildly successful series. >> crunch 'em. >> reporter: while she may be forced to hang up her sneakers for another week or two, burke charvet is at home relaxing, painting and taking french lessons. saying i've taken the rest of the year off to catch up with my family. and now, we're just celebrating life. >> this is amazing. >> reporter: for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> that's good news. she's making progress. and now, we have a very special event right here on "gma." a family reunion for captain gerry garcia. he's just back from afghanistan. it took all kinds of maneuvers to pull off this surprise. there you see him. that's captain garcia. he thinks he's joining "gma" to give a holiday greeting to his fellow troops still on the front lines. he has no idea he's about to see his wife and kids, right there, right next door with cam mathison for the first time in almost a year. cam, how is everybody doing?
8:20 am
>> we are beyond excited here. come on, guys. we're going this way. but we're doing our best to keep it quiet, obviously, because captain garcia is literally, come on with me, right on the other side of this door right here. so, obviously, we don't want to give it away. we've been planning this far too long. but before we get to the big moment, the big reveal, let's take a look at the garcia family history. >> my husband's name is gerardo. i've been married to him for ten years. we met in the military. i caught his eye. and he caught my eye. the rest is history. he's a funny guy. he likes to make jokes. we are always playing jokes on each other or the children. >> he calls me the fuzzy man. >> is that santa? i have three kids. mark is our oldest. he's 10. alessandra, she's 6. and our baby is 3.
8:21 am
>> hi. >> reporter: but her husband, captain gerardo garcia is on his fourth deployment in afghanistan, while andrea holds down the fort in california. >> you love what you do, you love your husband so much, you make sacrifices. >> reporter: while gerardo serves his country, andrea is in school, getting her nursing degree. >> i need to be a model for them, too. that's why it was important for me to go to school, to better myself, so they can see mommy can make a difference while their dad's gone. >> reporter: but raising three kids, essentially as a single parent, can take a tremendous emotional toll. >> it's hard. they don't get to see their dad in the morning. to say, hi, how was your day? or get their dad to make them pancakes they used to make on sundays. things that normal parents do for their kids. >> reporter: but now, christmas is coming. and that means captain gerardo garcia is coming home for the holidays. but with a special twist. he has no idea his family is coming to the base today.
8:22 am
an incredible early christmas surprise. >> i'm so ready to be able to hug him and kiss him and love on him. and just be together. the togetherness is what i miss is most. >> hi, daddy. >> hi, dad. >> i miss you, daddy. >> we are all ready for it, too, right now. cannot wait for this moment. so, you guys, can you open my mic to captain garcia, please? hey, captain garcia. george stephanopoulos here. can you hear me? >> yes, i can hear you. >> i want to thank you for your service to this country. four tours in afghanistan. that's a tremendous sacrifice i know you have made. and i know you're there now to send a holiday hooha to all of your fellow troops in iraq and afghanistan. we'll do that in a second. before you do that, can you just turn around for a second? >> um -- i'm sorry -- >> can you just turn around?
8:23 am
>> turn around, you said? >> yeah. can you turn around before we do the greeting? >> oh. hi. what are you guys doing to me? wow. love you. >> surprise. >> there is real surprise. oh, that is such a happy moment. >> i'm cameron mathison for "good morning america." i'm the eyes and ears behind the scenes. we wanted to surprise you.
8:24 am
i hear that you are normally the family's practical joker. how do you think andrea did? did she surprise you? >> yeah. i'm speechless. i don't even have anything to say because i'm totally caught off guard here. >> you didn't want to turn around. >> yeah. >> i know george in new york wants to check in with you, as well. >> oh, we loved seeing that moment. you were so intent on following the directions so well. you almost missed the surprise right there. andrea, i want to ask you. you had to cook up such an elaborate plan to pull off this surprise. how did you do it? >> i had a lot of posting on facebook, elaborate posts on facebook. that's exactly what i did to take off this plan. and luckily, you know, he trusts me so much, it was very believable. >> not after today. >> and i love seeing the smile on your kids' faces right now. they're going to get their pancakes this weekend, captain garcia? >> oh, yeah. definitely.
8:25 am
like i said, i'm speechless. i'm kind of shocked, believe it or not. after all of the things we did in the last year, this is probably the most chaotic one. i don't know. >> they wanted to get you back. we have a little bit of breaking news here, everybody. allie, can we show what your dad missed. the first tooth has fallen out. look at that tooth gone. look at that. and now, you're here for it. and, mark, i know you like playing board games with your dad. are you ready to take him on in monopoly? what did you say to me backstage? this is a christmas -- >> miracle. >> it's a christmas miracle. it really is. back to you guys. >> so great to see that family together again. enjoy your holiday. enjoy your christmas. enjoy every, single minute of it. you made our friday here at "gma." captain garcia, have a great day. >> thank you. thank you all. thank you. [ applause ]
8:26 am
good morning, there will be extra security at two schools this morning. sheriff's deputies will be on campus in cupertino after a bomb threat forced the closure of both schools yesterday. graffiti scrawled on a wall at another high school claimed there was a bomb at montevista and threatened to kill a specific teacher there. the teacher remains under police protection. let's see how the morning commute looks like. >> it's not bad at all.
8:27 am
macarthur maze, past the berkeley clue, here is what you'll find. metering lights are on and traffic backed to the overcrossing. elsewhere, westbound 84 at university we have a stauld stall blocking the lane number two, second lane from the left and south 101 millbrae earlier an accident. >> it is cold out there. we'll check in with mi
8:28 am
8:29 am
welcome back. live look at live doppler radar. red and light blue, light rain and that is the best we can do. cool conditions and we are still in the 30s and 40s on our way to 40s and low 50s. scattered shower after this ♪ better save up 'cause i need a man ♪ look out there on the big screen right there. olivia newton-john, and john travolta. we all remember them from "grease." they're back together again, reuniting for a holiday album. they're going to be here monday. can't wait for that on monday. good morning, america. a cheerful crowd here in times square. so great to hear robin earlier today. amy robach here. lara is off. and rachel smith is here. hope you had fun. >> i had a blast.
8:30 am
d.j. sugar ray, in the house. >> there he is. >> terrific. >> i can't think of a better way to get into the winter holiday mood. "summer lovin'." i don't have to sing it. also ahead, it's the season to get engaged. but for star stylist rachel zoe, revealing the most dazzling engagement rings for every budget. >> very true. also, take a look at this. it's on a lot of holiday wish lists right now. good morning, america. jane buckingham is joining us with the hottest holiday gift. that is cool. okay, that is cool. >> from your ipad? >> apparently. teens and tweens take note. >> it may be thursday, gang. >> all right. richard blais is here this morning. good morning, richard. the holiday parties that are
8:31 am
free. >> everybody's in the pool. >> eggnog. mocktails. >> mocktails. very mock. >> one for frosty there. >> all of these recipes he's going to have will be at >> this is half and half, sprite, and cherry juice. it tastes a lot better than it sounds. >> go ahead. >> it's a kid's eggnog. >> yeah. >> like a float. >> that's like a float. a float. >> it's delicious. it's delicious. shockingly. >> rachel, you have to put the drink down and get to work. >> okay. this is not a bad gig. the holidays are one of the most popular times of the year to get engaged. if you're thinking about saying i do, you'll definitely want to check out these must-have engagement rings. superstar stylist, rachel zoe, chose some of her favorite engagement bling, to give every woman a taste for red carpet glamour that she's known
8:32 am
for. for the 411 on fashion, rachel zoe is the hottest stylist in hollywood. whether it's the runway, on tv, online. >> a great, little mod '60s minidress. >> reporter: in print. she's a star in demand by celebrity fashionistas, everywhere. but clothes don't only make the look. there's jewelry, too. and especially now, at the holidays, when it's the prime season for engagement. >> this is the woman who really wants something completely different than your traditional kind of engagement ring. >> reporter: diamonds may be a girl's best friend. but rachel adores platinum. >> it doesn't scratch. it doesn't tarnish. it holds the stone. i think platinum's forever. i'm a platinum girl. >> reporter: as a spokesperson for platinum guild usa, rachel has a unique take on her must-have. priceless and pricey jewels,
8:33 am
starting from around $1,600 up to $45,000. >> everybody has a different budget. you should save up for that really, one special piece. >> reporter: this season, rachel's recommendation includes deco rings. >> you can have a smaller stone. and the deco, platinum setting around it. and fill it with pave diamonds. >> reporter: this is awesome. it's probably my favorite. >> it's obviously in platinum. set in diamonds. >> reporter: it's okay to wear it every day? >> absolutely. wear it to the supermarket. wear it to school. i feel like jewelry's meant to be worn. >> reporter: i want to put all of them on. >> i do sometimes. just saying, that's the beauty of my job. i'll sit there in a bathrobe and put on everything. the key is to have fun with it and wear what you feel best in. >> not a bad assignment, right? i liked that one. it was a band with tons and tons of bling.
8:34 am
i see you're starting some bling yourself, sam. >> we went with the simple band for the engagement ring. >> i love it. congrats. >> thank you very much. why don't we get a final check of the weather. >> we'll show you what's going on outside right now. we'll start with your twitter and facebook pictures that let us know what everything looks like across the country. it's impossible to know what it looks like in wausau unless you're there. or you see that picture. denver, a gorgeous sky shot. here comes the three lows across the weekend. this begins our pattern shift, ladies and gentlemen. we're getting some moisture moving across the country. in the areas shaded in blue and the magenta color. the east coast doesn't get that yet. it will by the time we get to sunday and next week. enjoy today and tomorrow because those temperatures are going to be absolutely beautiful. it is finally warming up a little bit in the deep south. you'll get a couple days of warmer temperatures. that's a good thing.
8:35 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by bp. it is time for us to do a little update, by the way, on our believe campaign with macy's. time is running out to get the letters to santa. we're actually closing in on our goal for the macy's believe campaign. today, by the way, is a very special day because it's macy's national believe day. it's an important day. and you can help out a lot today. we'll tell you more about that in just a second. what exactly you're helping out with. abc's abbie boudreau with a story on how these letters really can help. here's just one example. >> reporter: for 4-year-old brandon, the sound of these fire alarms and sirens this morning aren't just a surprise. they're a dream come true. this young boy is a living miracle. since birth, he has not had working kidneys.
8:36 am
instead, he suffered through painful and grueling daily dialysis, just to stay alive. >> this is what he wanted. he wanted to be a fireman. >> is that a fireman jacket? >> reporter: it's been his wish as long as his family can remember. >> i think it's time to go to work. let's get dressed. >> where is his helmet? >> reporter: and today, that wish will become a reality. he's joining the fire department. why the tears? >> because he's been through a lot. you know? and the fact that he's here with us today is awesome. >> reporter: brandon's adventure begins with a fire truck ride. then, a helicopter tour of the fire district. have you ever been up in a helicopter before? >> yeah. for medical reasons. >> reporter: this time, not a medevac taking him to the hospital. but a joyride, bringing brandon joy and, well, eventually, a nap. but for one special bystander, brandon's uncle, all of this
8:37 am
isn't just about granting a wish. it's about saving a life. and you're playing a real special part in all of this, right? >> i'm the actual donor. and i've decided to come forth with this after seeing what he's been going through. >> reporter: he will soon be giving the ultimate gift, one of his kidneys, to his nephew, brandon. but today isn't about hospitals. it's about hope. and a wish come true for the happiest little firefighter ever. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> and that's the kind of thing these letters can do. thanks, macy's. by the way, a little drumroll, as we tell you. it's incredible. the total, 744,838 letters. >> that's awesome. >> that has translated into
8:38 am
dollars since macy's is kicking in a dollar for every letter. it's national believe day. they're going to grant 70 wishes across the country today. but also, they're going to double every letter that is stamped and collected in stores today. macy's is going to give $2 a letter. so, you've got to help today because you're really going to make a lot of extra wishes come true. >> that's terrific. you go to macy's. you see the big, red mailbox. you do your part. that's fantastic. that is great. and thanks in advance for all of you. for more on the believe campaign, on yahoo! coming up, holiday must-get giveaways for all your teens and tweens. everything on your list. stay with us.
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8:40 am
8:41 am
all right. we're counting down to christmas this morn. great gift ideas for teens and tweens and sam champion. they're all going to love them. >> i feel like teens and tweens. >> the hottest, new gadgets, trendy.
8:42 am
all of the items for you, and a karaoke machine, that rachel and amy will be singing in a moment. let's get started now. >> joining us now is the trend forecaster and ceo of trendera, jane buckingham. and she has all of the gifts we need to know about this year. bring it on. >> all right, so this is fantastic. this is the rover spy tank. perfect to spy on your little sister, what's going on in the other room. what happens is that, you control it from your ipad. and then, what happens is that, it has a camera on it. >> we're looking. >> you drive it. >> exactly. >> we're looking now at the view that the rover is providing. >> yes. you can go all the way around. >> there you go. >> we're saying hi to everybody in the studio. we can come backwards. it has headlights. and you can even talk through it and scare somebody. ready? i'm trying not to crash it into anybody. it's only $89.99. under 100 bucks. and a great thing for a teen or tween to play with.
8:43 am
>> if you're a little brother, this is gold to you, to annoy your big sister or brother. >> perfect. and right behind you, this is great, teens and tweens today, have taken over instagram. there's a million tweens. if you take 40 of your pictures and you turn it into a poster. so, we have a nice mix of me and you guys. and it's only $25. >> that's fantastic. my niece in her dorm room has the pictures of her sorority sisters up. you can do it on one big picture. >> we should warn you. we've not had a successful helicopter landing on this program. >> i may not be your first one. this is the ufo skywriter. you can put a little saying on it. >> yeah, yeah. >> it says "gma." you can say marry me. ready? >> go ahead. >> can you see it? >> ready? you want to -- here.
8:44 am
>> there you go. they're pretty cool. and that's only $35. >> now, be free. oh. >> okay, still, we have not had a successful helicopter. >> i'm not going flying with you. >> in preferred captivity. thank you. >> these are a lot easier to use. they're headphones that you decorate yourself. you can design them. write whatever you want. and then, again, a great gift. a little under $100. >> okay. all prologue to amy and rachel. >> this is a karaoke machine. what's the key of e? >> what are the words? >> sing. >> you know the words. >> by the record machine. >> you got it. >> he must have been about 17. >> you put the headphones on. >> if you were a teenager,
8:45 am
nothing would make you happier than to sing this. ♪ playing my favorite song it wouldn't be long ♪ ♪ yeah, me i could tell it wouldn't be long ♪ ♪ he was with me yeah, me ♪ singing i love rock 'n' roll put another dime in the jukebox, baby ♪ >> sing it right here. >> even when you say you're not going to sing, when someone turns on karaoke. >> it's hard not to. >> you can't help it. >> they have it in blue. they have it in pink. and you can give it to a boy, a girl, whoever. >> we should apologize for that. >> go to on yahoo! get all of the details on all the great gifts we just saw. thank you very much. ♪ yeah, me >> sing us into break. coming up, richard blais.
8:46 am
♪ put another dime in the jukebox, baby ♪ >> you always get out of it. another dime in the jukebox, baby ♪ >> you always get out of it.
8:47 am
8:48 am
there he is. a little d.j. sugar ray.
8:49 am
helping us count down to christmas with our 12 days of christmas is cooking right now. we're with top chef richard blais. making fantastic mocktails this morning. what is this one? >> this one is a mexican hot chocolate. it has a little cinnamon in it. so, it's perfect for the holidays. and we're topping it with ground up red hot candy. the red hots have a little bit -- you have to have a whipped cream mustache. it's good, right? it has the red hots crushed up on that. >> you're going to use some christmas candies throughout all of this. and this is going to be something. lamb chops, with candy cane. but, there's a little prep first. >> lamb chops with candy cane. this is a big, meaty lamb chop. really good for the holidays. and yeah, the challenge is, you have all of this stuff laying around from the holidays. can you actually use it, recycle it, cook with candy canes and gingerbread and christmas tree, and rosemary. rosemary and lamb is synonymous.
8:50 am
>> what else are you putting on? >> some salt. some olive oil. and mint and coriander. some fennel seeds. >> yeah. >> some black pepper. >> how long do you let this sit? >> if you have an hour, it's fine. if it's 30 minutes, that's fine. overnight, that's fine, too. >> that's what it looks like after it's been sitting for a while. >> has all that marinade in it. and then a hot grill. this is great the cast iron grill. you can get the flavor from the cast iron. that's what you want. you want that sound right there. doesn't it look delicious? >> it's delicious as well. you want to hear that sizzle. that way you know it's cooking. >> how long will they take on that grill? >> this will probably take 20 minutes or so. you can throw them on the grill. they're finishing up. throw them on the grill, pop them in the oven, finish them in
8:51 am
the oven. that's the rosemary. that's cooking with a wreath or christmas tree. and then, we're moving over to some of our more creative sides. polenta. polenta's great. we have polenta. and what we've done is very simply -- where is it at? we have pulverized the gingerbread man. we have. >> that's really good. >> ginger, all of the flavors, aromatic. >> you just sprinkle it on top. >> this could be -- >> i will say, he gave his life so that we could enjoy. we thank you for it. the sacrifice. >> and then, of course, creamed spinach. this is my favorite recipe here. creamed spinach cooked with eggnog. eggnog has nutmeg in it. creamed spinach has nutmeg in it. a nice way to reutilize your
8:52 am
wreath, your christmas tree, your gingerbread man. and the candy cane. can you help me out? here we go. we're going to shave some candy cane on top of the lamb. here we go. like parmesan in a nice italian restaurant. lamb and mint goes together really well. >> and a little bit here. >> shaved it. >> all right. and this is very local, of course. >> i love that. great stuff. you can get all of the recipes, also the mocktails at on yahoo! we're going to be right back. i need some silverware, now. at on yahoo! we're going to be right back. i need some silverware, now.
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8:55 am
there's frosty right there. thanks to frosty. thanks to richard blais. our thanks to d.j. sugar ray right there. what a great kickoff to the weekend. stay tuned. we have "gma live!" coming up. >> that, we do. >> 15 minutes. stick around for that. >> thanks for watching. >> have a good weekend, everyone. . >> thanks for watching. >> have a good weekend, everyone.
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good morning, i'm kristen sze. employees are waiting to hear about plans for the company's plans to relocate after a fire. the fast moving fire spread through the plant yesterday afternoon. nobody was hurt but the flames destroyed nearly everything inside. mike has a check w of the forecast. >> check out live doppler 7-hd. showing radar returns, most of it is not making it to the ground. it's too dry. it's moving through and clouds will bray open to sunshine.
8:59 am
40s and 50s. better cans of light rain tomorrow and sunday. >> earlier accident 80 westbound at albany, very slow traffic past golden gate fields and sneaking into the macarthur maze. past the cal did he kol could the announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, star of the drama "the impossible," ewan mcgregor. and from the series "scandal," and the new film "django unchained," kerry washington. plus we wrap up "live's" holiday hits week from a performance from jackie evancho. all next on the emmy-award winning "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now h


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