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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 16, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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issue of mental health. a community in mourning, shaken by this tragedy but tonight there's a tremendous outpouring of support. laura anthony is live tonight in sandy hook, connecticut, where she spoke with friends of the victims. reporter: hi, ama. here's the latest on the investigation. the police had a press conference this afternoon. they have collected a large amount of evidence from the home the shooter shared with miss mother. if they found evidence of a motive they're not sharing that information just yet. why tide -- what they told us is the hundreds of requires fired inside the school, he left behind a large cache of ammunition. >> high capacity magazines. >> today connecticut state police revealed that as much damage as he did inside sandy hook elementary, he was poised to do much more. with hundreds of round of
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unspent bullets found inside the school in 30-round magazines. >> high capacity magazines for the rifle. and multiple magazines for the rifle. and multiple magazines for both handguns. reporter: meantime, thousands came to this tiny new england village to mourn those that lanza did kill. most of them children and the teachers and administrators who gave their lives trying to protect them. near the entrance to the elementary school, the door is surrounded by candles and 27 christmas trees. some came to mourn from farway, like indiana. >> it's just so quiet so peaceful. very sorry for the families of the victimsment and everyone here in this town. it's very sad. >> just had to have some closure. it's a horrible thing. reporter: many of those who came brought stuffed animals or were
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given one to remember the little ones lost. >> i just felt really sad for the families. >> most of them have been crying >> she had a downtown hair salon for children. many of the children killed came to her salon. >> they were just adorable, happy, funny, kids. your kids. they were your heart. and they didn't deserve for any of this to happen. reporter: that shopkeeper went on to tell us that one of the young victims actually had an appointment for a hair cut at her salon yesterday. it didn't occur to her he was among the victim until she saw his name listed. in sandy hook, connecticut, abc-7 news. >> ama: as the people of newtown gathered for worryship today to begin the process of grieving, a church received a bomb threat.
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the threat was directed at st. rose of lima church. for the second time in three days s.w.a.t. team members in camouflage were back on the streets in newtown. a thousand parishioners were evacuated. >> went out calmly, a safe resolution. >> ama: no one was injured in the incident. eight of the child victims attended this church, as do the shooter adam lanza and his mother. >> in addition to the bomb threat there are instances of people going online to spread false information about the shooting. >> this information will be posted on social media sites. misinformation coming from people posing as the shooter in this case, posing -- using other, mimicking this crime scene, the activity in this community.
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>> ama: currently investigating who is behind this. they assured reporters, anyone arrested will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. >> a friend of the family says adam lanza learned how to shoot guns from his mom. he said they were her hobby. authorities found three guns used in the shooting that belong to his mother. including a glock, a mine millimeter handgun and an saul rifle. police searched the lanza home and took computers for their investigation. >> stay with coops coops for -- abc-7 news for continuing conk coverage of the tragedy, and sign up for our breaking husband news newsletter. >> in the bay area, many are turning to their churches for solace. we're live at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco. >> parents held their children very tight today and here at the cathedral, special area has been set aside for parishioners to
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pray for the newtown victims. at morning mass here, this special prayer was written for the victims of newtown. a parishioner had players already planned. >> today is the day to pray, especially for all of the people that were massacred, and for the families. >> the monsignor is the pastor of st. mary's and says people have come to mass not just to pray but to try to make sense of the evil that occurred. >> and seeking to find consolation in the promise and hope of a god who feels with us and longs to help us. ♪ >> at glide memorial church, they did what it does best, helped its congregation celebrate life while recovering from the sorrow of the tragedy. the church was filled to standing room on and says the response to this event is
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incredible. >> never seen it touched like this. never seen it touched communities and individuals like this is doing. >> he says the killing of innocents has affected people every. >> it happens all over the world. he went to destroy the children. for some reason. reporter: many of the people came with their children held tight, this is her first visit to glide church. she brought her daughter along. >> first time here, and this -- just to share the love and the heartache that everybody is feeling. tremendous heartache. >> because of that heart waik, the hillsboro burlingame community will be holding a special villagele and prayer service at the first presbyterian church in burlingame.
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>> ama: you can express your september the by posting this badge to your facebook wall. >> still to come, new details not deadly accident involving a bay area chp officer. plus, giving back. a group that wants you to add on to their random acts of kindness. >> what the hobbit did that "lord of the rings" could not. lying lying live doppler 7hd picking up some rain. we'll along at that, plus a look at the accuweather
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>> ama: we now know the name of the chp officer killed friday night. officer john dineen died after his bike clipped a truck that turned in front of him. the accident is under investigation. drugs and alcohol are not believed to be a factor. developing news out of corrosion contracost costa county. a driver flipped her car and it burst into flames. no one was injured. officials are investigating an officer-involved shooting in sunnyvale last night. two officers were responding to a call that man was assaulting his mother. police say the man approached
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officers with a hammer, when he refused to drop it, officers fired. the suspect underwent surgery. his condition is not known. >> if you haven't mailed your christmas gifts you might want to be prepared for long lines. >> and handing out random acts of kindness. a group that hopes to make a difference for others this holiday season. >> more rain heading our way,. >> leigh: -- >> leigh: is up next with the >> leigh: is up next with the forecast. and... take care of them, you know? i feel like we've come full circle. like that! this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go.
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>> ama: the post office is gearing up for the busiest day of the year. the monday before christmas is traditionally the busiest day, the last day to get first class mail out in time to arrive by christmas. usps expect 800 million pieces of mail to be handled tomorrow. 40% more than the average day. >> in the holiday season and trying times a kind gesture can go a long way. that's why some good people set up an aid booth at the farmers
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market. people were met with a kind word, encouraging notes, and free hugs from volunteers from the hunting happiness project. >> i was just walking by, going to look at some tomatoes and stuff suspicious somebody gave me this note, and asked me if i wanted a hug, and i got two hugs from strangers, complete strangers, and i thought it was hart-warming considering what is going on in the world. >> ama: along with random acts of kindness, the project helps people with hunger, housing, and employment needs. >> the at&t is decked out in orange and black, fitting as fans enjoy a special giants memorabilia sale today. proceeds from the sale and auction will good to support the giant's community fund. >> get ready for more snow in the sierra. here's video from the tahoe cam. lots of snow already, and more is expected.
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snow will fall tonight and snow levels will continue to drop over the next few days. and check out this snow. a viewer sent this photo of snow near -- mt. -- which is 2500 feet. >> leigh: last night we talked about south lake county could see snow. we were right on that. if you have been in the north bay, marin county, all day long, even sonoma county, napa county, the low-level moisture moving in and wet pavement on the golden gate bridge and also a lot of fog developing. so tricky travel this evening. we'll do the same thing tomorrow morning as well but you have to deal with moderate rain. live doppler 7hd picking up a little bit of this low-level moisture. not picking up a lot of it out there. you can see it's mainly centered
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in the north bay. santa rosa, petaluma, sonoma, some returns picking up there. heading over towards napa, and over towards american canyon, but elsewhere, if it's coming down, it's so light the radar beam is sweeping live but can't pick it up, which i typically the case and you can see a little returns here and there east of san jose. right now, 49 in santa rosa. 50s elsewhere across the bay area, and here's a look at the forecast. rain will increase overnight. we have another cold front due in here overnight. get ready for a wet morning commute. and then stormy outlook. looks like, towards the latter part of our work week. this has been a storm system, this warmer sector is responsible for the heavy mist and drizzle north of the golden gate bridge today. the clouds will thicken across the bay area as the storm moves in and rain on the increase, here's our timing.
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the forecast beginning at 8:00 tonight, you can see mod -- moderate rain moving moving in n by midnight we are looking at the band of reason from the north bay to in the south bay. this is our 5:00 a.m. commute tomorrow. allow extra drive time it's going to be wet and breezy by 8:00 a.m. should see a little clearing in the north bay. showers will continue to move south by 5:00 commute tomorrow evening, we should see partial clearing, and after that, get ready for clear sky for much of the bay area in the sierra, a winter weather advisory until 10:00 tomorrow. maybe a foot of snow at lake level, close to two feet near the 7,000-foot level. so keep that in mind chain requirements will more than likely be issued overnight tonight and tomorrow. lows tonight with increasing rain. 50s to upper 40s. much warmer than last night. and here's a look at the highs for tomorrow. remember, morning commute, that's went the rain, and it
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could be heavy at time --s moves in. and not a lot of warming tomorrow, temperatures mid-to-low 50s. here's the seven-day forecast. we get a break on tuesday and wednesday, and then a stronger storm moves in with heavy rain and wind thursday night, friday morning, periods of rain on friday, and then the forecast model suggesting another strong storm moving in on saturday through early sunday morning. we will keep you updated on that. and mike nico will be here tomorrow morning, 4:30, to 7:00, to get you out the door. >> ama: shu is here with spots. raiders playing at home. >> mike: coasting kansas city in their final home game of the season. last team they beat? kansas city. this raider fan offering her pairs to the victims of newtown. brady quinn picked off, leading to a grandcow ski field goal.
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6-0 raiders. this 19 yarder led to the fourth field go mike goodson, strong game on the ground. spins away from one tackle. 43 of his 89 yards on theground, and this, led to a field goal. but the raiders defense did shut out the chiefs. first since 2002. tommy kelly, first sack of the season. raiders snap a six-game skid, 15-the final. >> our guys needed something where they get a little confidence, and i thought they had a great week of practice. i thought they were totally focused on what we needed to do and how we needed to play to win this football game, and i thought they did a great job executing today. >> mike: around the afc. andrew luck fighting for a wild card spot in houston. the punt blocked.
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the scoop and score. 23-texans. andrew luke through for 186 yards, two, including this one to hit ton. that was not enough. texan improve to 12-2 with the victory. >> den vers sealed the afc west effects ago but have a chance for to top spot in the afc. made a statement in baltimore. picking off joe flacco, goes 90 yards. peyton manning threw only one t.d. pass, this strike to eric decker. he had 133-yard receiving. broncos with the nine, game win streak, 34-17 the final. ravens still lead their division. >> if the patriots beat san francisco tonight they'll have the home field advantage. le seahawks keeping the pressure on the 49ers. they beat the bills, quarterback russell wilson rap for three
6:22 pm in the game and the defense game up big for the seahawks. thomas, picked off ryan fitzpatrick, takes it 57 yards the other way. niners face the red-hot seahawks next sunday in seattle. seahawks win 50-17. fall tons, the team to bet in the nfc showing i would today. mat rhine hits tony gonzalez. 14-0 atlanta. fourth quarter, ryan couldn't do anything wrong. 270 yards, falcons with the 34-0 shutout over the giants. packers and bears. what a game for san jose state alum james jones. three t.d. catches. green bay clinches the nfc north for the second straight season and if the 49ers lose the packers with pass them for the second seed in the nfc. 41-13 the final. >> cowboys still in the playoff,
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facing the steelers. overtime, ben roethlisberger picked off by carr who takes it in to the one yardline. dallas with the field goal to win. cowboys in a three-way tie with washington and the giants for the nfc division. >> and adrian peterson led the vikings over the st. louis rams, 212 yards rushing and one china. 294 yards shy of the all-time record. he could give it with two games left. >> ama: it would be great if both our teams win today. a return to middle earth just ahead. how "the hobbit" stacks up to
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>> ama: join me at 9:00 on cable 13. we'll take a look at a massive asteroid three miles wide. at it considered a potential threat but not for several centuries. and it's back to school tomorrow and after friday's shooting it can be scary even for kids in the bay area. tonight the one thing you should tell your kid before they head to school. middle earth is back on top at the box office. >> ama: peter jackson's "the hobbit" took in nearly $85 million in the record-setting opening, stronger than the three previous "lord of
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the rings" films, and guardians pulled in the family crowd. lincoln crossed the $100 million mark. skyfall is still hanging on. coming in at number four. and "life of pi" wraps up the top five films. that does it for us at 6:00. thank you so much for joining us this evening. we have free apps for your smartphone and download our large clock app for free from apple's app store and amazon app store. see you later tonight. leaving you with a live look at the bay bridge.
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♪ ♪ right now, the golden globe nominations! >> ellen mir in. >> zero dark thirty. >> homeland. >> hugh jackman, the hollywood star. >> this is come hatly surreal. >> barbra streisand talks road trips! >> it was really fun. >> 's glad i it did. >> and having fun with a tv president. >> it is kind of like pulling back the covers, you know. >> we're rolling the red carpet now. >> hi, i'm bill pulman and you are watching on the red carpet. ♪ >> welcome to on the red carpet from the set


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