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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  December 18, 2012 1:05am-1:40am PST

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pull up to the scene with my ceiling missing ♪ >> jimmy: i want to thank hugh jackman, jenna fischer. apologies to matt damon, we ran out of time. tomorrow night samuel l. jackson, the cast of "jersey shore." and music from ed sheeran. good night.
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>> tonight outpouring of grief in sandy hook connecticut. memorandum to last week school shooting continues to grow even that the late hour. good evening i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carry written johnson. begin with the latest information coming out of
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newtown, connecticut. students in the newtown school district will return to classes tomorrow. they took monday off to mourn the 20 children and 6 adults killed at sandy hook elementary on friday. all schools in the district will have increased security. investigators have not yet said what sparked the shooting ramp page. they did tell reporters 2 female employee shot friday survive. investigators previously said there was just one wounded survivor. funerals are scheduled all week for those who lost their lives in the attack. earlier today service marking the passing of 6-year-old the and twin sister in another classroom during the shooting. she survived. >> second funeral today was held for another young victim another child just 6 years old. laura is live from sandy hook where jack pnt 0was laid to rest. laura. >>reporter: hi dan yes. the today. rall started today. ty will continue through the weak. each will be heart breaking in their own right. in the mean
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time this public memorial in the center of town continues to grow and an effort by mostly strange investigators comfort the people here in at least a small way. three days into the tiny town nature mayor people come from all over to pay their respect grows by the hour. from new york. indiana. ohio. new jersey. throughout the northeast. they stand with those who live in sandy hook and newtown. joined together in a common sense of tremendous loss. >> i'm actually very grateful for the display of support for the families. because i don't think the families are strong enough really to come out here yet and walk around but they know everyone is coming for them. >>reporter: earlier those family began privately burying their loved ones. in this case simple service for 6-year-old jack pinto. a little boy remembered for his love of
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sports energetic and easy smil smile. >> for all the kids inside to see them go through this in a way they can ham it i feel in so horrible for the family. >>reporter: among the mourner many of jack young friends. >> it was just he was so enthusiastic about playing because he likes there. >>reporter: family called in a credit card number to the newtown general store. they simply wanted to provide the people here with the comfort and warth of free coffee. by tonight fall large moving truck pulled out of the road that lead to sandy hook elementary bringing the furniture and equipment to another campus so the students who survivid can soon return to classes. >> heart breat the same>>reporte the adults here can't help but wonder how this community can possibly move on. >> how do you move on? faith in god and through the
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family and giving the kid the extra hug at night and love. >>reporter: we are back live here in sandy hook. 2:00 o'clock in the morning. pouring rain but still seen people out here up until the last few minutes they have been coming and going showing their support. as we say the funeral continue tomorrow. first one for a teacher will be held here tomorrow and then school resumes as we said for the rest of the newtown. not for sandy hook. the moving advance taking equipment and furniture to school in monroe middle school closed for about a year a local crafts men donated time and effort to make sure that school is ready for those kids when they are ready to return to class. this is abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> religious leaders in the bay area recognize the need for special services to help people cope with the aftermath of the
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connecticut tragedy. tonight non-denomination service on the peninsula brought people of different faith together. allen is live in burlingame with that story. allen? >>reporter: one of the people who came here to heal tonight grew up in newtown, connecticutment and she says newtown ace lot like burlingam burlingame. >> daniel age 7. if. >>reporter: confused shaken to the core they same searching for words to help them cope with the tragedy that has struck the nation. perhaps no one is more shaken here than betsy cork who read the scripture. >> conditioning of israel the lord is in your midst you will have no further misfortune to fear. >> i'm spwnsly proud of everyone in newtown. i'm proud to be from newtown. >>reporter: she grew up with friends who were the first responders at sandy hook elementary but is proud of the way the entire town has
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responded. >> the people of connecticut people of newtown are showing the world how to live. how to love. and how to love people. >> olivia angle, 6. sandy hook endured 20 deaths of 6 7-year-olds. 7-year-olds. i prosecute pose to you tonight we are in the midst of an evil of biblical proportions. >> i have just been in touch with friends on facebook. i couldn't really watch any of it. >>reporter: pain for her is deep. so many others are also feeling deep sense of sorrow and that's why pastor paul says he organized tonight's inner denominational service of remembrance, healing and hope. >> we don't do it then people do one of two things. either become distant and disengaged or they become harsh and bitter
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and this is what is need sod we don't do those 2 mistakes. pishtion the doctor says thisucm is a very crucial time and that's why human interaction is needed. that's why he says we need to engage each other and talk about the hurt. reporting live in burlingame, abc 7 news. >> talk bit. thank you allen. >> new at 11 tonight. bay area man arrested accused of making threats about the mass somewhating on line. fairfield police arrested sergio this afternoon at his home in suisu suisun. police say he posted comments on line that he supported the shooter and has had thoughts about doing something similar. police pursue fell my charges for making threats. he posted an apology on the face book page saying he was edgey and cocky in the message. >> in response to the shooting california department of education asked schools to review their security plans.
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90 million dollars year helps public school make security improve. they hold lock down drill once a month. teacher close curtain turn out lights. drop to the floor and tell everyone to the remain silent. district also made changes to door lock and window even so it plans to have different measures. >> gun control support, according to new post poll 54 percent support stricter gun control in general. 71 percent oppose the out right ban of hand guns but 52 percent favor banning semi-automatic and ammunition clip that hold more than 10 bullet. >> colorado tragedy and gun control debate ignited led to increase in gun sales across the country and bray area. we have that story. >>reporter: it was busy weekend at marin county arms in
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novato where gun sales increase since the connecticut school shooting. he won't say how many guns are sold but other dealers report record sales. nationwide handgun and shotgun are selling quickly. once once t on tv and talk about ban and taking things away again it's a push and people aren't interested in pushing firearm that might be taken from them. >> walking to wal-mart and out of ammunition. >>reporter: trap shooper isn't buying a gun but he worries the national tragedy could unfairly punish would be gun owner. >> the guns shouldn't have been in the hand of the young man and you can't stop it. >>reporter: but feinstein is promising to reintroduce an assault weapon ban that expired in 2004 prompted by 1993 mass shooting at san francisco law form. congresswoman spear vows companion legislation in the house. >> we have to did something. about the gun violence in this country.
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>> she was shot and wound entered jones town alongside congressman killed. fight for gun control wasn't easy back then and won't be today. >> i remember standing on assembly floor taking up the measure when one of my colleagues asked me have you ever actually shot an assault weapon and i turned to him and said let me ask you a question. have you ever been shot by an assault weapon? and i have. >>reporter: this is abc 7 new news. of course we will continue to cover the school shooting. tragedy if newtown as it unfol unfolds. "nightline"uncover new with this newscast. >> also express your sympathy by posting this ban to facebook wul. >> let's turn our attention to the weather certainly was quite wet earlier today. >> that's right. cooler too.
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sandy is tracking index round of rain and frosty conditions. >> show you live doppler 7 had. d the rain earlier today it's long gun. as we look at our raid here the cloud are parting waive and well 15 below where you were just 24 hours ago. two in nap a.fringes in concord and livermore. goes gattoes we are headed towards a chilly night where the temperatures are going to bomb out one thing for sure only going to get colder as we head into tuesday nights needs morning. show you when the next rain comes back. >> thanks very much. breaking news from the financial 8 people taken to the hospital following hazardous material scare. take you there live. >> pill scare for had day shoppers. what led to evacuation to wearing a
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homeless sign. why authorities homeless sign. why authorities say they had to
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. >> all right we are tracking some breaking news on the peninsula. 8 people have been
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taken to the hospital following a hazardous material scare. we are life near redd with city with the latest on this for us. cornell? >>reporter: it has been a very chaotic night here at the sequoia mobile him park where resident living here are recovering after they setoff a can of flea fogger inside their unit and did fought leave as you are supposed to do. the chemical sicken the couple living there along with several next door neighbors. authorities say some firefighters responding to the scene had to be washed off by hazmat units after they came into contact with the bug fo fogger. 3 firefighters were transported to the hospital along with 5 residents, eight people total. we are told that everyone will be okay tonight. 2 dog inside that mobile home were brought out short time ag ago. they are going to be fine too. live in redwood city, 7 news. >> okay thanks very much. >> developing news from san francisco this evening where a pharmacy employee was shot during an attempted robbery.
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shooting happened just after 6:30 at the a.g. pharmacy on caesar chavez street in the mission district. police loo looking for 2 men who held up the employee and get away driver. employee was shot in the leg and is expected to survive. >> then this in san francisco. firefighters quickly snuffed out a flew fire says it broke out in the mall after 8:30 tonight. west field theater was temporarily evacuated. no word on exactly what happened. situation. authorities in santa cruz are looking for the person who abandoned a dog wearing a sign that said hom homeless. take a look. female cocker spaniel found tied to pole in downtown santa cruz. she had an infected wound on the under side and vets couldn't heal it. they had to put her down. shelter manager says not providing veterinary care to suffering animal is illegal. >> that's a shame. let's turn our attention to the weather forecast and a little rough
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weather tonight. >> it's getting quite cold out there. sandy is here. >> we are inching towards winter and certainly already feeling like it winter arrives this coming friday. live doppler showing you that it is clear across the bear except for few clouds down toward the bay and inform rain right now but our topler on mount saint helena combined with national weather service watching for the next storm and of course trying to track it well ahead of the next storm so that we can warn new advance. here's a look at the sierra nevada. you can see that the snow is starting to pick up again in this sierra nevada across enter nature 80 and 50 so i do want to tell you that there's a winter weather the advisory fore lake tahoe area that has been extended until noochbility we'll talk about that in just a moment. look terrain fall total. santa rosa airport $2,200 picked up over an inch in the last 24 hours. san jose 15 hundredths. oakland 43 hundred. out to fairfield
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livermore under a tenth of an inch of rain in the past 24 hours. here's what fell in clear lake this was posted on my face book page by roger kay he said over the weekend they received some snow we had warned you on friday that mountains lake county could possibly 7 some snow. we are headed towards another night of some very cold conditions and tomorrow we may see the snow level lowering 3000 he down to 3000 here locally but up to the north they could see repeat of the snow they saw over the weekend. slight chance of showers. freezing cold with patchy frost by wednesday morning when we expect upper 20's. storm that brought us the rain. soggy conditions for the morning commute. here is the trough and the cold air from the gulf of alaska that will be dropping down for your tuesday, this is going to bring us a slim chance of a few showers and certainly the chilly air tomorrow as we enter tuesday and beyond. active pattern thursday through sunday as system are lined up in the
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pacific so we will see some periods of wet weather during that time period. expecting of i show you our computer animation. tonight 11:00 p.m. just a couple clouds around as we get into 5:00 a.m. few showers skirt the coast line as the trough drops down. ukiah could see rain drops and we head around 10 or 11 okay we may see a little bit of mix of rain and snow just to the north of ukiah. really the shower chances vary slim and con poond to the keingt for your tuesday. grab umbrella when you head out the door on the safe side. winter advisory for tahoe. 4 to 8 inches of snow running until noon tomorrow. below 7000 2 to 4 inches and higher id pass maybe impacted so just be aware of. that 2 to 12 inches of snow in the last 24 hours. chilly tomorrow morning. 34 in santa rosa. 35 in nap a.36 in livermore. cool around the bay as well. bundle up when you head out the door anextra layerp extra layers handy. cool tomorrow afternoon. most area low to mid 50's. partly cloudy
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mid upper 40's around the north and for the monterey bay we look at low to mid 50's. partly cloudy slight chance of showers froyingt morning wednesday upper 20's in the coldest valley. rainy pattern beginning thursday friday and then more showers in the forecast rain to showers over the weekend. christmas eve shas day dry. >> good. >> looking goo looking good for. >> thanks sandhya. >> check in now with larry. >> a throat talk about. great day for the 49ers. >> forecast was like new england last night. the rain the sleet the hail. all coming down. how significant was that win over the patriots? we hear from coach harbaugh on game that really turned into an instant classic. sports is instant classic. sports is next.
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oh, did you want it? yea we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey. that's half that's not half! guys, i have more! thanks mom [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin [ female announcer ] holiday cookies are a big job. everything has to be just right. perfection is in the details. ♪ get to holiday fun faster with pillsbury cookie dough. >> good evening. this is undoubtedly what jim harbaugh had in mind when he decided to stay with collin at quarterbac quarterback. statement win against super bowl contender on the road in december. he threw 4 touch down pass ins rainy breezy new england last nature. poise remarkable for guy in just the fifth nfl start. now
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easy to understand why harbaugh kept trying to really force feed him in games when shift was healthy. if the niners beat seattle on sunday they clinch the west. this was a huge victory. >> teams that have a lot of pride and how they play. really came out. he was better and wanted to be better and win the game. and it showed. >>reporter: monday night football jets titan. sanchez and jets are so bad. he threw 4 pick tonight. i don't know son can do is run really fast. up the middle and aloha. 94 yards. take it an up 7-3. jets committed 5 turn overs. final moments the game is on the line. play off hopes are on. he kicked the ball. oh. the jets are officially out of
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the play off chase. 14-10. titans. san jose state hired replacement for mike off to colorado. south bay native ron from the university of san diego taking over the spartans. >> this of this program and i know there are ups and downs over the last years but maybe i can come if and bring some consistency and build off what coach mack did and keep it at high level the. certainly looking forward to that opportunity and embrace that challenge. >> hockey tonight. san francisco bulls played in the shark tank this evening. almost 13,000 fans hungry for hockey during the nhl lock out watch the bulls stockton thunder. tickets free but some stars paid other people to get the free tax. in the end lulls lost 6-4 but at least hockey for a night at hp pavilion. >> baseball news. a 3 year
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deal in the neighbor of 15 million dollars resigning this guy an that's good neighborhood. he pitched in 73 games for the world champion this past season and reported 25 saves. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> fun to watch him blossom. >> remarkable. >> thanks very much. >> when we come back we'll recap the latest headlines on the school shooting and sandy hook. >> stay with us [ female announcer ] can your pancake mix do this?
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here's the wake up weather first thing in the morning. chilly l. cool near the bay. grab a sweater or coat when you head out the door. slight chance of showers. temperatures mid 30's to 40's at 5:00 a.m. and at 8:00 a.m. we look at mid 30's to the mid 40' staying on the chilly side. mike will be here from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. tracking any weather changes. >> thanks very much. >> all right we want to take one last look at the latest on the sandy hack shoot had gone in connecticut >> newtown police will monitor the 6 schools in the district when they open tomorrow emergency meeting tonight we agreed to let survivors attend classes at unused middle school. >> 2 funeral are scheduled for
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tomorrow for 6-year-old james matt and jessica rak o s. fight line up next absence and cynthia explore new details about the shatter his mother and the weapons he used in the attack. >> stay tawn for that on "nightline". coming up medley that's our report tonight. >> for all of us sandy and all of us here. we your time. 4yo of us here. we your time. 4:30 am and always available on our web site. on facebook and twitter at abc 7 news bay area. twitter at abc 7 news bay area. >> good night. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. introducing at&t u-verse high speed internet with more speed options, reliability and wi-fi hot spots than ever. go to our website below to get u-verse high speed internet
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rethink our laws. >> i don't know anybody that needs 30 rounds in a clip to go hunting. >> reporter: and one republican lawmaker said if the sandy hook principal had been armed, she could have stopped the gunman. >> she takes him out, takes his head off before he can kill those precious kids. >> reporter: mayor michael bloomberg demanded president obama and congress step up. >> words alone cannot heal our nation. only action can do that. >> reporter: several democratic lawmakers said they would introduce an assault weapons ban on the first day of the next congress in january. rob and paula, back to you. >> that does bring us to our
1:38 am
facebook question of the day. >> what is your advice to lawmakers as they debate the gun control laws. join the heated discussion on our fan page and we're going to read your responses on the air. as she just alluded to that assault weapons ban was from 1994 to 2004. if you look at the long-term effects, they said there was no change, maybe a small decrease in the mass shootings, but overall, not a decrease in violence. >> the jury is out. yesterday, according to a 2004 university of pennsylvania study about the ban, the number of people killed in mass shootings did go down in the years the ban was in effect except for '99. that was columbine, as we all remember. but because mass shootings are relatively rare, it's difficult to tell whether this was caused by the ban. the president has given a lot of lip service to gun control because of the national outrage. but this is a president who has been much more friendly to gun owners than gun control advocates.
1:39 am
he allowed guns on amtrak trains and allowed guns in national parks. he gave lip service to getting this ban back in effect. so you have to wonder now because the tone of the country because of sandy hook whether he will actually do something or not. but this has not been on his agenda his first term. >> that assault weapons ban, there were a lot of loopholes. maybe there won't be as many loopholes. move along, the sandy hook tragedy has him on a mission to get more guns off the streets, steven barton was in colorado when he was shot during the movie theater massacre. he happens to live in connecticut just a few miles from newtown and he's hoping the school shooting will bring about change. >> our country is long overdue for a serious discussion about guns


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