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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 18, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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laura? >> the sun came out since we've been here, starting to rain again. you can see that has not stopped folks from coming thousands of them tork pay respects here. there are five more ruin rals today. in connecticut the welcome sign is out for the students of sandy hook elementary. tradesmen donated skills to make needed repairs to what used to be chalk hill middle school. >> electricity, lights, bulbs andsa'rh their electricians and also, i know they're doing, changing locks and bringing furniture, i heard from sandy hook school. >> meantime, miles away, the funerals for the victims killed continued. in the morning there were separate services for two first grade victims first a
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hearse arrive forward a 6-year-old then, his school mate, another 6-year-old. jess yaik's mother. >> show was telling stories and just how she was a good little girl. she used to smile and stuff. she loved horses. >> just a beautiful kid. that didn't deserve to die. we just hope that something happens, that -- so this tragedy will never happen again. >> they will host manyzk5o funerals this week, today is one family leaving another group of mourners waiting to go into the church for next service. some exchanged hugs and they passed one another. >> i have never been in a situation like this. i'm watching a sea of people leaving a funeral for a child and another sea of people waiting trying to get in for the next funeral. i've never seen anything like that. it's just beyond words. >> and this is a small
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memorial here in town, there has been several throughout the area. we can show you this one here. and then, coming along this way, we'll show you beyond across the river over there, it's the main memorial we've been showing you. folks streaming into this town, all day, throughout and into the night. nothing seems to stop them. in fact it's been a boon for the local businesses but we talked to one coffee shop owner tells us this has been great for business bow for wrong reasons. tonight at 6:00 more about the kids of this community returning to school, except those from sandy hook, how it's making some parents understandably, anxious. >> a team of 10 golden retrievers is helping children of new town and other was their grief. comfort dogs sent from illinois and indiana by lutheran church charities. they're dispatched to tragedy
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buzz visit hospitals and schools to bring comfort where sit needed. dogs have a facebook account so they have visited those who have visited them can keep in touch over the time period. >> authorities are losing hope that they will be able to gain useful information from adam lanza's computer. abc news is reporting hard drive on the home computer is badly damaged. it seems the 20-year-old smashed to it pieces before the shooting. electronic experts say data appears to be lost. it's also possible lanza overwrote them that drive. the fbi is still trying to access his e mail accounts to determine who he communicated with. >> california lawmakers finding ways to slow gun violence across the state. today, introducing one bill designed to restrict ammunition sales, requiring anyone who wants to buy ammo to obtain a perm skbrit pass a check. one lawmaker says our priorities are upside down. >> you can ask them to secure
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a permit that costs just $10 to cut down a christmas tree in the state of california but we cannot ask them to pass a background check to purchase ammunition, much of which is principally designed to kill people. asked pension funds to sell off investments connected to weapons, banned in california. >> and a controversial idea is being raised to keep schools safe. the governor of michigan wants legislation to allow concealed weapons in schools but is arming teachers a good idea is in the member of teacher union says putting guns in the hands of teachers violates that principal. >> would it not want to have someone on me campus dez stated as your campus shooter. we don't think putting guns in the hands of teachers is intelligent or adding more guns to the mix solves the problem. >> this united educateors will
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vote on a resolution supporting dianne feinstein's legislation calling for for stricter control autos you know people in the bay area not only attending memorials to remember the victims of new town, some are taking a personal, hands on approach to honor those lost and to pry to -- try to help. live tonight an event this
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>> the final chorus honors 27 people, most of them children just a little older than erin's students. >> my true god send to me, peace in this town, peace and family. >> the long list of victims is on the mind of john ceiling. he's a karate instructor and n.palo alto who grew up in newtown. >> people ask where are you from? i say a small town in connecticut. you won't know it. nothing ever happens there. and pretty much nothing ever did. so this was a shock.
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>> john is giving participants in4=ñ his charity kickathon the option of donating money to a united way fund set up for families who lost loved ones in the school shooting. >> this is a terrible tragedy. >> john and erin rep thousand who's are doing whatever they can to acknowledge their pain and help a community hell heal from the unthinkable. >> just touches my heart. there is so many that were affected by this. hopefully, this does send a piece of my heart to them. >> john is not sure how much money the charity kickathons will raise but if you would like to donate to this same fund, just go go to our web site and click see it on tv. abc 7 news. >> thank you a candle light
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vigil will be held tonight from 6:00 until 9:00 p.m. in pleasanton that. is a 3400 dennis drive. we'll have live coverage on abc 7 news at 6:00. and please, stay with us for continuing coverage of the connecticut school tragedy. coming up on world news, with diane sawyer, backlash against those that profit from the sale of assault weapons right after this naflt at 5:30. >> the coldest night of the season is headed our way. so get ready to bundle up. >> yes. we're in for a chill. right now, clear skies over the bay area z those clear skies will allow temperatures to plummet tonight. the freeze warning is in effect from 3:00 a.m. until 8:00 a.m. for north bay hills and valleys. low temperatures ranging from 2025 to 30 degrees and there is a possibility of freeze damage to crops and vegetation. foremost of the remainder. bay area, a frost advise very
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in effect from 3:00 until 8:00. temperatures ranging from about 28 to 34 degrees just above freezing in the mildest spots. sensitive plants at risk. there is more than just cold weather coming our way. there is rain headed our way adds well. i'll have that for you later. >> so here comes deep freeze. expect cold temperatures tonight, cold enough to burst pipes and kill plants so. what can you do tonight to protect them? abc 7 news is live in petaluma with help. >> hi, dan. some have and people"llj petaluma are doing it all in preparations for the freezing temperaturewjokb >> that is always a problem with something. >> for this rose grower, tonight's frost is nothing new. >> a lot of temperatures reaching into low to mid-30s wex know how to deal with this. >> the grower has no choice but to deal with the cost that
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comes with it. natural gas pipes run steam through nurseries keeping green houses and roses warm, aiming to keep the green house about 62 degrees but on a night below 30 outside that, is a 50% to 75% increase. hundreds of dollars more each cold night. >> we zront a choice with the crop. we've prepared our valentine's day crop. >> people with outdoor plants should water them before the freezing temperatures hit. and then, use a frost cloth to cover them overnight. >> by cover them, you don't want the frost cloth to be on top of the plant. you want it raised up a little bit. so what we'd use is cloth draped over that. >> this is raising to the level that those plants are going to survive the cold. >> the nursery dog is also
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bundled up. from pets to pipes, yoult door pipes are something else to consider. but he says it would take extreme conditions to make a pipe burst in our area. >> you would need to be  low 20s. it got down to 18, 16, yes. one day will do it. >> so bill says freezing pipes aren't an issue here, do want to protect your pipes you can use an old sock.zb also, use an umbrella or just drag small potted plants underneath eves of the home. reporting live abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> and drivers being asked to use caution and napa county
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workers discovered it last night. crews used steel plates and officials say it could take a week to fix this. one lane over a marsh creek road shut down. heavy vehicles are being rerouted. >> coming up, two silicon valley heavy weights in the running for times person of the year. >> and instagram's quick change of policy over what kit do with personal picture autos simple way to help a local school raise money for a garden without using any of your own seed money.
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how to drive into a
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bicycle ramp. it happened in green bay. -- green brai. an officer had to climb nrk get into the seat then scratching and scraping managed to push it back out. the 87-year-old told abc 7 news he was on his way to get an eye exam and got confused. >> the flu claimed the live of a 6-year-old girl from maine. they're using this case to remind people to get their flu vaccines. those at high risk for flu related complications include elderly, children underux,2ñ fi, pregnant women and people with compromised immune system autos instagram trying to calm outrage after a new terms of service announced that would have allowed instagram and facebook to use photos and information for advertising purposes. the co-founder says there is misinformation about these proposed changes and that there is no intent to sell
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user photos. he says instagram does not own user photos and plans to release a new terms of service and privacy policy. >> pair of ceos among finalists for time magazine's person of year award. myer took top job in yahoo in june. and replaced steve jobs when the first ceo passed away. >> alamo elementary school is hoping to be the little school that could. the school is atestimonying to win a national grant, and they have turned to 7 on your side for help. >> and this is the
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kindergarten class. >> they're signing with b.a planned school garden and what will be planted there. this is the reality. how do you get from this, to this? and in these tight financial times? get creative. >> contact 7 on your side. is there something you need to get the word out about, we need a community behind us. >> they want your vote, again and again. >> this is our fabulous message. just need the votes. >> use this code, and you help the school. how? by voting in a clorox grant program giving money to
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schools. >> it's a school grant program, launching four years ago. it gives school programs that are in final need an opportunity to earn up to 50,000s oodz four go to schools gathering the+[7 most votes. which brings us back to miss garrett's kindergarten class. >> that is right what else? why, vote. >> and we have all of the information you need to help the school and other schools in the bay-m;=q area that are ao involved in this program. just log on to abc 7 news and we'll explain how to do that.q.u >>9!ws and there is weather -- . >> yes. yes. >> exact lie weather is brrr. and can you spell brrrr? here is a live view.
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aglow. clear skies meaning temperatures plummet tonight. another illustration of how clear skyes are at the moment. we've got cold air coming our way, late yerk getting chilly our way, later, mid 40s in santa rosa. temperatures dropping already, you can feel the chill. a couple gusty locations up to 30 miles per hour right now at sfo. and winds diminishing around the bay area, forecast features frost, freezing conditions overnight, sunny, cool tomorrow. and there is a sampling lows in the morning at nappa. 27 the expected low in santa rosa. 30s in livermore, 30s in morgan hill, you can see around the bay area, going to be chilly to cold z here is how things are shaping up into
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the satellite radar image. clear, cold conditions, and system which is steaming into our direction nowóléñ tomorrow afternoon at 5:00 there may be rain developing into mendocino county. then, during late night hours into overnight into thursday morning, we'll see rain spreading across other parts of the north bay. the rain becoming heavier, better organized and by ging of the afternoon and evening rush thursday, this thursday night, we'll see rain intensifying and spreading into friday morning meaning it's going to be a wet commute friday morning as well by. 5:00 we can expect rainfall totals to be as high as four
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inches into north bay mountains. and you can see that is where most of the rain is going to fall. and sierra winter storm watch two to five feet5e#5ñ still bacn the bay area fog will start to thicken in the north bay. and high temperatures into low 50s maybe mid-50s. and clear lake near monterey bay, will be milder just no upper 40s there. low to mid-50s will be the highs. here is the accu-weatherç forecast sow vain sweeping and winter arrives friday morning at 3:12 pacific standard time. so that is a winter solistice. not expecting to it get clear
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whyer until monday, christmas ev?) >> we're following breaking news. san jose city college. >> there are reports of a gunman on campus. this is sky 7 hd live over the scene. just coming in. we do not have details on this yet. we know there are reports of a gunman. you can see the police@új6ñ response,. >> we'll continue to track this for you. stay with us. abc 7 news continues right after th
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this is san jose city college. you can see an armed response here. the school is on lock down. there are reports of someone with a gun on campus. this is a affecting traffic in the surrounding area. south bascom avenue and moor park avenue are closed. you can see a strong police presence here, investigators
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look to find this person, they believe is on campus with a gun. >> we'll keep updating this. you can imagine the tension there this, is an important week for pacific gas and electric, voting on l to grant pg&e a rate increase to pay for safety upgrades on this system. to show what that would be used for. one of the big lessons from the pipeline explosion is that utility needs to coordinate response to a gas emergency. >> whether a phone call for information about changesvh67x n pressure or flow that, will be available in one location. >> pg&e will be able to operate new valves from this new control center. the building will be operational late next year. >> san jose firefighters coming to the rescue of residents in need. today, temperatures delivered
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food boxes to sacred heart community services enough to feed 38 families. each box contains a turkey, rolls and all fixings to go with it. it help cents of fum of fire department work sites. firefighters say they hope these meals will brighten the holidays for families in need. just go to our web site abc 7@6 and click on see it on tv. >> and we're talking about nice gestures during holidays, the local toy drive bringing smiles to more than just kids this christmas.
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let's update breaking news situation now. there are reports of a gunman on the campus of san jose city college. you're looking at a live picture from sky 7 hd in :x.fí area of moor park avenue. they're searching full police
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presence at the moment. >> we want to check in with jean at the campus bookstore there. jean, tell whaus you're seeing right now. >> tell, we're not seeing anything. we're told to stay indoor asks secure the building. >> so you're under lock down. >> yes. yes we are. >> how did you receive that word? >> before 5:00 one administrator came through the building telling everybody to get back into offices and areas and secure their doors. and then, about five minutes later we have just auto mated voice system warning system came on z told9arybody that there is a shooter and we're told to stay indoors until further notice. >> no. >> okay. >> no. >> i can imagine after what happened of course in connecticut hearing that news must have been a bit surreal and even more frightening than it might have been prior to what happened in connecticut
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site erie now. one co-worker is nervous. but i think we're pretty safe where we are. >> yes. stay safe and locked down wex want to pass on tla police have not seen anyone armed on campus they're responding to reports of a gunman. >> that is what we know at this moment. this is "world news." tonight, backlash. americans pulling money out of companies that profit from selling assault weapons as children across newtown, connecticut, once again get back on their buses and head to school. storm front. messy storms out west creates a mess for travellers. how can you make sure you make it to your holiday? escape. a tv reporter held hostage in syria is free tonight. and standing together. a nation of strangers offers newtown


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