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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 18, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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financial aid office. some employees were barricaded in the back of the building andaámñ now have barricaded peoe inside of the science center they've been told to lock down because they have not been able to find had person with a possible gun. now no, shots intrn fired and until we know at this point because we're getting standard information there is not a command post on and there is a police presence. the campus now is in the process of going through finals. so there are fewer people on campus than normal. initial reports came in this afternoon putting at about the time classes were winding up, ending about 5:20, then, the campus clears and another wave comes in for evening classes.
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and people coming. now, the east side of the campus is first locked down, those people were given an alert. the carpus alert system and we're told microphones activated they're told there is a report of a person with a gun on campus, everybody one was to lock down in place. i was told told that they handled it well. the situation we've seen in newtown, everyone is on edge but everyone is following instructions. now with, the shift of activities going here, the president of the university  told those professors and students it's clear for them to go home. eastern portion is now clear. but lock down is now here on the western end of the campus. we've not been in direct contact with any police officers yet and we're not
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going give out those details but the police department is very actively working on this. we've seen areas -- ambulances qn no need at this point. so a situation here at the san jose city college campus of confusion as people wait to find out what is going on. i know i heard from stores there is confusion whether or not there has been first person reports from anyone inside of the buildings. they saw a gunman in the building. so, that is a verification process which police are trying to do now, and to find out how much of this is secondhand information and how much of it is validated. let's go back to you. >> thank you. very much. >> on the phone is the chancellor at san jose city college. are you there? can you hear us?.
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>> hello? yes.. >> i know it's a busy time. first give us the latest as far as what you know in terms of whether there is a gunman or not? >> we don't know at this point. and there was a text message indicating that there was a gunman on campus, our police responded immediately and have indicated we have great cooperation from san jose police department, all buildings have been individuals in the east side of the campus have been he skrak waited except for two buildings, science and technology. a classroom by classroom search being taken place. our communications system works well in terms of emergency activations. and we have access to text message to the 9,000 plus
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students so they're aware of what is going on, being asked to stay away if heading towards campus. so we have done the, all that we can to notify students to be safe. now, just waiting for the situation to resolve itself. >> we understand that campus police went through some crisis train something. >> indeed. we had our campus police went through a training and did desk exercise on both campuses so that is a good thing to maim us feel better in that they know what they're doing. it's recent training. >> i must say that given what happened in connecticut hearing words a gunman might be on campus must be truly chilling to you. >> we've been grieving with the rest of the nation for connecticut. we've been trying to cope
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ourselves with horrific tragedies in connecticut so this is the last thing we will want to have happened. but we are doing the best to be safe. and would you please... >> certainly. you mentioned 9,000 students. how many come on campus in evening? how many might be headed there? >> you know that is -- i don't have data on that. most of students are day students. it would be perhaps about a third of those that would be coming for evening classes. >> what part of the building is still cleared? do you know? >> the campus has been cleared with the exception of two
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buildings, science ask technology. >> those buildings being searched now? >> exactly. room by room. >> okay. >> rita, thank you very much for your time. we're going to continue to follow this breaking news situation from san jose city college where there are reports of a gunman on campus. that campus is on lock down now. we'll stay on top of this story for you as the evening progresses. >> thank you to the chancellor, again and again, given what happened across the country, this is so much more frightening for people there. the sandy hook school shootings touched everyone but it's staken four days for national rifle association to break it's silence. >> issuing a statement today saying it's members are shocked, saddened and heart broken and promising to quote help make sure this never happens again. >> classes he resume today foremost of the children in newtown. a school in nearly bimonroe, connecticut being prepared for students of sandy hook
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elementary school when they return to class. >> abc 7 news is live again for us in sandy hook tonight. another day of mourning there? yes. very much so. here in connecticut, while folk as cross the country are get rgd to celebrate the christmas holiday shopping, wrapping gifts, get rgd to spend time with family and friends, this community, sandy hook newtown and surrounding towns still m a deep state of mourning. >> it's a community still anxious, children return to school in newtown, connecticut. classes back in session today at all schools except sandy hook. 20 children and six staff members trying to protect them were murdered on friday. >> i know a lot of people are nervous to be back to school. a lotñ# people don't want to be@a2x here. >> as a parent we send our dhoirn school.
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and we want them to come back home, we want to hold them, love them. we want them to come back home at]xíim the end of the day. >> in monroe a welcome sign hang as cross the street from the shuttered school being transformed into a campus for displaced sandy hook students. >> i hope they're able to cope with it. i don't know if they'll be ready to go back to school. >> funerals continued for those killed in sandy hook this, morning two back to back services for 6-year-old schoolmates. first, for james, then,áh÷jnpje. >> this is a horrible, horrible tragedy. it's something that is deep in my heart right now. i just wanted to support the town its hard to get your mind around it. that someone so young... could leave news a peaceful community over such a horrific event. >> two families at one point crossed paths exchanged hugs
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knowing what the others are going through. and not wishing it on anyone else. >> this is deep sadness with love at the same time. i it tears you down to the fabric, the fabric of your being. >> now, while as reporters at nra broke silence today, we've seen little discussion near sandy hook. disee one man out here for a short time holding a sign that said something to the effect it was the shooter not the guns. he was here just a short time, then a group of people walked up and asked him to leave. >> laura, thank you. right now a vigil under way in pleasanton to honor lives lost this, one organized by pta for people to share grief and express support for the devastated community. abc 7 news is live in pleasanton for us. >> hundreds, possibly
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thousands of community gatherings like this one are popping up across the country this, one organize bid two pta moms. they recognized a need. supposed to be a small vigil for a community but word leaked out, organizers say more people expressed the need to be here, now expecting mayor, chief ask school superintendent. in all of this confusion and sadness people are searching for come nort a place tochl press themselves in these gathering that's serve as a starting point. >> there is power in just silence, standing next to someone you may not know. they]"iv+ -- they can give comf. omfort inn numbers. is what a lot of folks?> there will be an opportunity for them to read from prepared writings, offer prayers and recite poems and
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sing christmas carols. this is just one of many gatherings across the country tonight for people who are trying to come together to share that same set of deep sorrows. we'll hear from these people tonight at 11:00. >> now, stay with us for continuing coverage of the connecticut school tragedy. you can express your sympathy posting this badge to your facebook wall available on our page 7 news. >> a photo sharing service will have to find another way to turn a profit. you're going to see why it has backed off plans for sharing your picture with advertiser autos fin continuing to
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and in san jose, reports of shots fired on,2dñ city camp. police have swarmed the campus this evening, going door to door, class to class. they try to run down reports of a gunman on campus, no one has been hurt. >> we know the science and technology buildings are losed now ascztrñ police go door to d. also students being told not to come to campus tonight. let's check in now with david louie who is live on campus for us. david? >> this situation continuing to unfold here. police are doing that
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classroom by classroom floor by floor search of the tech center as the new science center behind me. they're trying to make sure that everyone is safe, students and professionors a librarian in lock down at this point. we have with us a student in a nearby building part of the lock down. give me a sense of what it was like. when did you know smk was going on here? >> i was -- it was terrifying. we got a phone call, first thing is that our teacher locked doors and secured classroom, then we turned lights off and waiting for instructions. it was something i've never expected to happen today. during finals. it's something i never knew was going to happen. >> what did you do during lock down? >> just sat down, kept quiet. turned off lights. and just waited to see what
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happens. and fortunately police were responsive wex got a lot of cops coming here. and we're just sitting, waiting. >> did you feel your life was in danger? >> kind of. i mean that is the first response. you know? i think every human has. i think it's normal, you know? in these situations especial what happened in newtown. you know?;::7h >> did police give us a sense they're responding with the appropriate amount of people? and doing the right thing? >> of course, absolutely. i meents it's a quiet campus here, there are a lot of kas loom -- classrooms and students, too. >> thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. >> i'm glad you're okay. thank you for sharing insights
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on being locked down. so that is the situation here in san swres yeah city college. search continues and we'll keep you informed as the situation unfolds. live in san jose, abc 7 news. >> just to be clear here, there have been reports of shots fired, we haven't heard anyone who can -- said they heard shots themselves. no one has been injured as far as we know¡.>ñ correct? >> that is true. we've not heard gunshots this is a large campus, there are multiple buildings and a possibility gunshots might not be heard a couple buildings away. that is something we cannot verify with certainty that no gunshots were fired but we have not heard any and have not been told there are shots
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>> david... >> we're going to talk to another student a minute ago. a french student locked down. >> in french class this is happen something. >> yes. >> what were you told? >> we were2f in the back then teacher said come in, come in, everybody. then, we get inside of the classroom, locking the door. they turned off lights. and they said they find someone in -- intruder. they have to notify the plos and we cannot leave. stooudent says she's going make tea and surround herself by loved ones tonight she's glad everything turned out okay for her. she's hoping that will happen for everyone else. back to you. >> thank you. >> classes cancelled for the
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empk, understandably. let's focus now on weather forecast. chilly out there. >> yes. big changes coming our way. >> yes. getting colder. waves of rain coming up. there is a live view from our under clear skies, city by the bay lit up with lights of the holiday season. let's take a look at live doppler hd. conditions getting chilly outside. temperatures are dropping and winds getting calmer. only a couple gusty spots now. sunny, cool torjs here is how cold it's going to be tonight. frost, freeze warning in affect for north bay hills and valleys from 3:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. low temperatures from 25-30 degrees and there isk
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advisery. low temperatures should drop down to 26 in napa. 26, santa rosa. 30 in livermore, chilly around the bay area, cold in the north bay-dcy valleys. here is a look at satellite radar. high pressure bringing us clear skies. cold conditions overnight. next rain maker is moving in our direction. this is steamy towards the bay area, rain beginning thursday. late thursday. starting tomorrow, wednesday, at 5:00 p.m. there will be rain in the north bay. northern sonoma county. overnight thursday early friday, we'll see rain spreading farther south. but still, confined to the north bay in the beginning of rush hour, thursday morning. we'll see rain pushing south warkd wet spots by evening commute thursday, then, overnight into friday morning rain starts to drench parts of the bay area by 5:00 friday
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morning wet wedge just about everywhere. we'll see rainfall totals as high as four inches in north bay mountains. and in the seera, a winter weatherjñg^ storm watch is in effect from thursday afternoon to saturday afternoon. two to five feet of snow. tomorrow, partly to mainly sunny skies with exception of the north bay. we'll see more clouds. highs into low 50s and here is the accu-weather forecast. down to monterey bay first, trying to skip ahead that. doesn't work. sunny, high temperatures into mid-50s tomorrow, here is the accu-weather forecast. we'll have rain sweeping from thursday. showers saturday, rain, showers sunday, wet weather throughout the weekend. we'll dry out on monday, christmas eve. >> okay. very good. thank you. >> and we'll have mer for you on the lock down at san jose city college when we come back this evening. >> stay with us. again, reports of a gunman, no
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gunman found.
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breaking news in san jose city college. there have been reports of a gunman and shots fired on campus, so far there has been no gunman found. the school has been on lock down, classes cancelled tonight. >> police tell us call to their call center has really been third hand information they've not been able to make contact yet with anyone who has confirmed seeing this gunman but they're taking this very seriously two. buildings are being searched now. classes of course cancelled for the evening. >> moving on. sentencing of a man who killed two people three years ago delay node a last minute legal despite. the 49-year-old nathan burress rep sentd himself. today an attorney claimed he was illegally preventedq5
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doing research from the areaing. he hurled insults at relatives of victims and swore at them. the judge postponed jentsing until january. >> chp officers faced an unusual challenge in marin county. how to free a driver wedging his car on to a bike path. the elderly driver trying to get on highway 101 but drove on to the pathth;n then found himself jammed in. >> the vehicle wedged in well. so we hadg!+ts to pull it loose witha8n1 a tow truck. once free, our officer able to get him to the drive's seat. >> the driver crawled foot car there. he had to scratch and scrape the car then able to wiggle it out. he was on the way to get an eye exam at the department of kblort vehicles when he made the wrong turn. >> stay with us. we'll continue to update breaking news we're following. >> it's happening san jess yeah city college now. all classes cancelled for the
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evening. after reports of a gunman on campus. stay with us. abc 7 news
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oork we want to bring you latest on breaking news. san jose city college is on lock down after receiving reports of a gunman. >> it is happening now on moor park avenue. that area is closed apparently. abc 7 news is live on the scene tonight with thet÷h lates. david? >> it's been an hour and 45 minutes since reports on this campus came out that there is a gunman on campus, and that he was possibly in the(puildingl aid office is. we're not at a point where we think the focus of the attention is on the five-story tech center. we're told, we've been briefed by the president of the university. and let's go to that videotape now. we can give you an update as
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to what is going on. >> we received a text message there are tl is a possible student with a handgun. we dent went into lock down, called in police. and so what we've been doing is evacuating part of the campus that the police have been secure. and right now they're just searching the rest of the campus tolj+kñ make sure that is clear. before we move forward. >> police going through that building. the tech center going floor to floor to make sure everything is clear. still no reports of ever finding a man with a gun on campus yet. but search continues. we're live in san jose, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. stand by. >> you can imagine traffic fl that area is a mess now.
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that is 280 and moor park. >> abc 7 news is on the telephone with us right now trying to reach san jose city college. are you there? >> i am and we're traveling down moorpark right now. and we were turned around. there was a presence aactively turning traffic around there on moor. park avenue. so all traffic there on moorpark that area is impacted all of the side residential strets are impacted. we were turned around and went down mcarthur avenue which is also heavily impacted by the traffic being turned around and away from the college area and hospital. we're now traveling some of the back residential areas in trying to come back behind on
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the other side of the technology center. so we're in route but traffic is quite a nightmare. >> is the traffic also a mess on 280 there. >> we did a cross over. 280 overpass, looking on 208 waits, there was quite a bit of traffic. i couldn't tell if any of the plans are actually closed. it is area that does have a lot of traffic. but it did look as if it's slow going and we appreciate it. >> now on the phone is jonathan marinaro. what are you hear something. >> we've heard from source that's it may be a prank which
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would be bad taste considering friday's events we've been told on the same floor as possible armed person. >> so have you taken shelter there? where your paper is? >> yes. >> which building are you? n.? >> the tech center at the corner of moorpark and bascom. >> we understand this is finals week. >> yes. >> is that adding to suspicion perhaps this sflampk. >> it is adding to that suspicion but once again, you'd think someone would have more tact than calling it on the week of all week autos yes. any idea how many -- tell me what you've seen in terms of police presence, how many students were in and around that building in that area when this text message came in. >> well, we, looking out of the window we saw multiple squad cars and vehicles with
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s.w.a.t. members we've seen body armor, we've with got it all, including helicopters. amount of students, i with say there is probably about 25% of the campus full with probably about half that have over here at the tech center. >> and have you had contact with police yet? have they made to it door there yet? >> we haven't been contacted by administration either. >> so are you in lock down mind frame? >> yes. doors locked and lights off. we're staying away from window autos take care and we'll stay on top of this for you. thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> we'll continue to keep you up to indicate. no gunman has been found. there were reports of shots
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back out live to san jose city college still on lock down this evening after report of a gunman on campus, you can see they continue to search the science and technology
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buildings on the west side of campus. >> this happened about two hours ago. we can show you pictures from sky 7 hd. these are live pictures again. college president just you heard from her moments ago is stepping in to a meeting any moment now to be updated on what is going on this, came in as a text message and=fñ,z thiss no one injured and there has been no gunman. police continue to search just to be certain that everyone is safe. we'll continue to keep you updated. >> speaking of that shooting in connecticut, it's brought cries for new gun law as cross the station. california lawmakers have begun introducing new bills. >> yes. here is nannette miranda with >> what i have is a 22 magnum. >> this state senator proposing california require all ammunition buyers to get an annual permit from department of justice,
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performing checks to those who apply. los angeles democrat says he's determine to fight the powerful gun lobby. >> in honor of victims and the thousands who have policedded them we must not capitulate any longer. i have had it. >> prop yotsing not allowing gun tofz bullet buttons. gun owners said these restrictions are unconstitutional. in fact, they're challenging a previous bill requiring stores to fingerprint customer who's buy bullets for hand gun autos we zront a gun problem in this country. we have a people problem. we, a certain segment of people. and until we put our focus on dealing with the thing that's would make a person go from normal to evil, we're going to continue to have this problem no mat qlaer laws we have.
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>> the state treasurer is taking a different tactic. he is proposing to pressure gun manufactures. lock year wants the biggest investments in company that's make weapons that are illegal fl california. >> they expose our communities and families to unnecessary violence. >> the pressure may be working. the private equity group with a controlling stake in the nairm makes this bush master said is selling it's share. in sarkts abc 7 news. >> there is more still to come at 6:00. >> here is a live picture fry flying over san jose city college on lock down. reports came in of
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live now from sky 7 hd. you're look at pictures of san jose city college on lk down, police searching the campus. >> abc 7 news has been follow us from the ground and joins us live. david?
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>> late word there may be some resolution to this lock down, we're getting word some students and staff members inside of the tech building are being led down an internal staircase so, they may be coming out of the building fairly hopefully we'll get interview was people as release bud we're getting word they're starting to release people who have been locked down in that building where they thought the gunman might be. this situation is fluid. the president of city college is on her way to get a police briefing from the police chief of both the san jose police department and city college police department. but we, barbara, we'll get that information from her as soon as we can& her. so, some breaking news here we
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go do think they're going bring people out of the building fairly soon. >> and we spoke with a young man on the city paper inside of the tech center nouchl he would be among those being let out is that correct? >> that would be a fair aassumption. we don't know if the way the building is laid out it's a large building. so we're not sure if they secured the build sog i'm sure there are staircases they can we'll soon find out. >> david, we heard city college president tell us this is precaution nairy. there are reports of a gunman but no one spoke to that person.
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no one heard shots fired. so they're taking all precaution autos they are. this is a case where word can spread like wildfire. we know in this age of social media word can spread quickly. information can be inaccurate. and that is maybe the case in this situation. people started hearing this, that shots may have been fired we've been told by the president that no, no shots have been fired. you have to take this one step at a time. >> and this is a back drop given what happened in connecticut. this heightens concern and fear and response on this campus. do you have a sense how many police officers have descended on this campus?cl%p >> yes.
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it's both city college, police and san jose police. the metro unit patrolling and doingz=+ç a call for events are all on this campus now. so numbers are large. i don't have an accurate figure but it's got to be in the dozens. anyone on duty coming in this direction. we saw units with their -- going code three with red lights and sirens and blue lights coming into this direction z ambulances standing by. there have been no need for ambulances on this campus we know traffic is a mess. moor park is shut down in that area. >> yes. couldn't have come at a worse time. you know highway 280 is over here. it's actually submerged but
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it's right here. and then, moorpark is used as i?ñe freeway. i?ñe so it's a lot of traffic here and there is[uñ also medical centers here, lots of people leaving work, all of this happening at one time. police are trying to converge. they did stop traffic including parkmoor as well as some other streets as well. >> yes. this is a very busy part of the area down there. what do you know? city college does not often make headlines. this is a school, probably two thirds in the daytime and a third at night. the campus was in the as full as it might have been. correct? >> yes. and it was finals
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week. a lot of the campus wrapped up ways told that perhaps only 20% of the number of students were on campus. we've seen a few students trickling in for evening clanses they have frot knot gotten word classes were cancelled tonight.fgtl so in this situation in terms of numbers of people locked down and people who have been put in harm's way. we're glad to see there is resolution. >> we understand that primary focus by police officers is now on the technology building which is a five-story building? >>re? yes. so it's domineering building. officers first got here they had a crouch down and take cover because they didn't know whether or not the gunman would be trying to shoot at them as they ae.arrived on the
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scene a tension turned to triing to make sure students and staff members were safe as well. so... that is what was the situation as we've arrived. >> give us a sense as soon as this happened that they focused on these two buildings that were talking about. was the campus locked down? did they search the entire campus? or just these buildings? >> as best we can tell a moving situation where they're trying to lock down areas where they thought the gunman was. and this area where the student financial aid center is on the east end of the campus. that is where they're focusing. they went in and may h.made sure, then, all of a sudden they got reports the person
6:52 pm
might be at the west end of the campus so. a rolling lock down, east wend end, then then west end, where we are. >> stand by on the phone again is that young man i mentioned who has -- writes for the san jose newspaper. are you there? >> yes. >> have you been let out yet? >> yes. we're with police now. >> tell us what happened? how that played out? >> the police sent us through a sided door, patted us down, and let us through a separate staircase. >> have police cleared the rest of the building? or are you aware of if they're still clearing those in that technology building like you are? >> this third sfloor lit up. i'm pretty sure it's been cleared. so the fourth floor is starting to light up did you
6:53 pm
get a sense about whether or not there is a gunman? or if this was, i hate to say prank burke not real? >> this officer says it's most likely not a gunman, but likely a prank. they're searching the building but it's becoming less and less they think there is no gunman. >> you can sense tension easing there a little bit? >> oh, yeah. >> thank you very much. you write for the paper. what will headlines be tomorrow? what is the story? you're going to work on that right away? >> it's final week we're putting paper to bed getting ready for the first ish you've next mess sister, it will have a front page photo of what is going on. >> thank you.
6:54 pm
>> g.luck. >> we understand abc 7 news reporter karina rusk in that area, are you there? >> yes. i am here in technology building but outside of the science building. students were also locked down. i am here with the students who was nlt building. i'm going to have her tell you what she experienced. why don't you just tell us what you experienced in there and what is going on in your mind what. precautions you took. >> hello this, is aisha we just wanted to stay calm so i can't speak right now. but this was experience i would never want to go through again. ask and everything isxu i can't wait to go home. i don't know what to say.
6:55 pm
is that fine? >> that is all right. thank you very much. i understand it's't;÷ been a traumatic event. feeling better now that she's been released. and so that is what this situation is here. relief from people. you can hear, a lot of fear and panic. she's confirming that for me now. >> especially after what happened in connecticut. >> are you near police officers? >> yes there are campus police officers. we're not seeing any san jose police officers. a lot of students will be making their way because i counted four dozen cars and i believe most of them would be student cars and they need to make their way back here. now, students released from
6:56 pm
the technology center went to the other side of the building. so did not stream into the parking lot. some released from the science building did. >> okay. >> stay with us wex want to make sure young people are safe. looks like things are easing a bit. authorities ever still very, very cautious making sure there is no gunman. we're going to stay on with you and continue our coverage until we get the all clear from police to make sure that everyone on this campus is safe. >> sky 7 hd is over the technology building and you can see a lot of activity there. police have been going from floor to floor. they have been they have been releasing students. this started maybe two and a half, three hours ago.
6:57 pm
and at this moment, again, we're still waiting for authorities to clear the scene and to conclude that there is no danger. abc 7 news reporter david louie is still live with us. >> we'reh40u waiting and might have more information at this point. but at this point, no. we don't have a sense of whether or not they're ready to reopen yet or not. but they're making good progress, searching the technology building and bringing people back out to safety now. but we're hoping that we get a initial reports came as secondhand information so it's
6:58 pm
coming in as a text to a parent, a parent calling in to the campus and so this you can understand why there is a lot of confusion on whether or not it's on the mark or not. there is going to be a lot of thought put into the process here, and nobody wanted to take any risks and respond appropriately. >> that would be the first test if they're not certain the gunman was on campus especially what happened after friday in connecticut. there is fear about this sort of thing. >> as they clear this building we can -- go ahead, david. >> that is remarkable. students are behind what was done today this evening on campus. they had no complaints at all about the way the lock down was handled and they had to be
6:59 pm
in classroom lights out, zpoorz windows covered. they were not bothered. and thought given what happened in connecticut and portland, that these types of situations you just have to be cautious. and they are, i think, giving high marks to police as well as san jose police. >> police did not want to under respond. no question. and if you're tuning in to watch "jeopardy" there is a breaking news situation in san jose city college. the school is on lock down because of concerns and david said a secondhand report there is a gunman or shots fired none that have has been found. authorities are clearing a couple buildings here on campus. >> this is a technology building they're focusing efforts now. we understand that this is the last of the buildings to be clearedrvm but


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