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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  December 22, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PST

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berkeley right now. lesser amounts into san francisco and it has stopped in the north bay but this evening, very rough driving with breezy winds and slick roadways. more rain into milpitas this morning. redwood city 280 looking at big cell. central bay will be in it for another hour and rest of the bay area including the south bay, just a break for the bulk of the day and then another system that could bring flooding for our area tomorrow. we'll be tracking that coming up in a little bit. >> katie: coverage in the south bay, wet, windy weather has made its way after drenching the north bay. live in los gatos and you were in san mateo earlier this morning, tell us how the drive is and how the new location compares. >> our drive from san mateo to
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los gatos was a steady pouring down rain, but it wasn't very heavy. we had the wind khial wipers on the whole time. very slick conditions on the road. but now we're here in los gatos the rain is much lighter than it was. it's moving toward the central coast. highway 17 is slick. we passed one of those electronic traffic signs and it said reduce speed. handful of cars but they are not reducing their speed but hopefully people will be careful out there. we have video from san mateo where it was deluge this morning pouring rain a, who are piston dal rain that -- horizontal rain that was making rain standing water. there was a lot of standing water.
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as the sun starts to rise. the light of day appears, it seems the vein disappearing. again you'll need those windshield wipers and need to keep headlights be on and be aware there will be slick conditions. nothing like the downpour we saw as early an hour ago. pulling up my "abc 7 news" app and live doppler does show a yellow band, some rain will be handgun headed our way in los gatos but it's not here quite yet. we'll check back with you in 30 minutes. >> katie: power outages because of the weather. here are the major ones according to pg&e, loyola along 280 has 21 customers without power that is due to two separate outages. scotts valley, nearly a 1,000
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customers. they estimated the power could be restored around 10:00. lexington hills, two outages affecting 470 homes. san carlos, one outage with 348 customers, pg&e hopes to have those outages restored by 7:00 a.m. first, a mudslide because of all the heavy rain, chp says the slide is blocking highway 128 in napa county, both directions are blocked. this is near rag canyon road. as we have been reporting all morning, both directions in highway 1 near olema is blocked. no estimated time for reopening of that road way. the weather has been causing problems all over the bay area. >> he stopped at the water's
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edge west of santa rosa and decided to roll the dice. >> came through a couple of hours ago it was pretty light so i thought i could make it through this time. >> reporter: unlike the trucks and suvs that made it across, the toyota got swamped in a foot and a half of water just like the car before him. >> made a dumb mistake. >> in the town of inverness they narrowly escaped serious injury when this douglas fir crashed through the home. >> i was probably two feet, underneath all this rubble. >> also in marin county, floodwaters shut down a portion of highway 1 south of tomales. high winds tempted surfers but the crabbers are playing it safe at pillar point harbor in half moon bay. >> back here in sonoma county,
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public works crews say they will still patching up culverts from the last storm that swept through. they expect a lot of work to do in the coming days. >> katie: crews in mendocino are working to repair a huge sinkhole. it opened as a truck was driving by on highway 162 yesterday morning. semi was torn apart but the driver was not hurt. caltrans is working to have the road passable sometime today. >> you remember the big sinkhole that took a section of meadow creek road earlier this month, it has been repaired. mike anderson, the mayor congratulated crews to get it fixed yesterday which was ahead of schedule. a 56-year-old woman has died after a hit and run crash on twin peaks. they lifted three people after
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they were hit by a car. fourth pedestrian was also hurt diving out of the way. police did find and arrest the 23-year-old driver. california law banning therapy aimed at turning gay minors straight has been blocked by federal court of appeals. the first was signed by the governor but the court blocked the law from taking it in effect january 1st until hearing arguments whether it's constitutional. >> the shopping frenzy is under way and retailers are trying something new to help the last minute shoppers. we're talking about 24-hour sales. tomas ramon found an example at macy's in daly city serramonte shopping center. >> all the last minute stuff i got but i a got a few to go. >> richard is last minute shopper. the stores in the mall have some
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kind of enticement like him. there are some offering discounts even up to 57% off but one store in the mall that offering full two days of shopping and sales is macy's. this is one of more of the 800 stores nationwide that is staying open a full 48 hours. the idea is to make sure that last minute shoppers can find a store open whatever the hour. it worries frank. >> i'm concerned about, who are they going to have come in at 3:00 in the morning and shop? >> some 57 macy's stores will stay open round the clock until christmas eve. down the peninsula in san mateo bridge point shopping center, toys 'r' us will stay open 24 hours until christmas eve. >> it's nice because i've had work all we will week so it's nice to be open 24 hours. i can get my gifts for my
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family. >> they say it's too late to shop on line because the gifts won't be delivered by christmas day. so a 24-hour store is a good idea. daly city police are going to be increasing patrols around this macy's because it's going to be the only store open all night long. >> katie: coming up next, school kids dodging cars in the south bay. dan noyes and the abc news i-team take on a dangerous intersection and they look at solutions. we are continuing to track the storm as more rainfalls in the bay area. this is live doppler 7-hd. you can see all the blue and green. that is lot of moisture out there. meteorologist lisa argen will have your full forecast coming up.
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>> katie: good morning, welcome back. thanks for watching this morning it's 8:12, you are looking live at san mateo bridge, what a gray wet mess it is out there. san mateo has seen its share of rain coming down horizontally at some point. the cars will keep it slow hopefully and stay safe. san jose spiarnt worried that children walking to school in her neighborhood will get hurt dodging cars in a busy intersection. the problem is in the seven trees neighborhood in south san jose where there are five schools near the intersection of center road and easy street. the i-team dan noyes has the story. >> reporter: neighborhood children try to navigate and anxious line of commuters every morning here at the corner of center road and easy street in san jose where there is no
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crosswalk. >> the cars aren't even stopping to let us cross the street. if they do, i feel like i have to run because they are not stopping. >> reporter: there isn't much here to separate cars and kids. we saw how aggressive drivers use the stretch of the road as a shortcut to get to capital expressway or the freeway and how students are forced to walk close to the expressway. some take chances between cars, car after car. many jay walk farther down to avoid the intersection altogether. >> it's an issue to everyone that is here in the community. >> reporter: although there have been no pedestrian accidents in the last decade but there have been 17 car crashes. sophia says she has been close to hit more than once. >> this is a huge problem.
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i'm fed up with it. i have been taking my son to school since kindergarten. since then, i've had to deal with this. >> reporter: some parents have given up. >> i know a parent that lives down street. she drives her child to school when she could be just cross zbleetd after we heard from sophia, we went to city hall. >> assistant city manager and department transportation manager say familiar with the approximate in the area. they've installed safety measures here in the past, crossing guard one intersection up on busy center road, speed monitors on occasion and stop signs and crosswalk on other parts but nothing at center and easy. >> things are quiet we know, all is well. when we start to get a call or two, it's time to re-look at it.
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>> after our call, more changes are coming to easy street. >> it pointed out an issue. we are in response to what has come up, going to be installing a crosswalk there. we will be looking to see if it warrants a crossing guard there. we're going to be looking to do spot enforcement along the street so people can learn. >> that means thereafter tickets for speeders. >> we need people accountable for their actions and doing the right thing is primary message we want to get out. >> after the i-team called, he and city engineers walked the area themselves to see what was happening here. he is making lopez an offer. >> if they would like to do a walk along with us, we are happy to walk along with them to see the issues in a firsthand perspective. >> we'll make sure that sophia gets the message and time line on the crosswalk is four to six weeks. and there will be more safety
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education in those five schools and try to cut down on risky moves you saw. >> a bay area charity has put out the holiday wish list and in dire need of christmas hams. st. anthony's needs to collect 500 hams before tuesday so it can serve traditional christmas dinner. st. anthony's serve thousands of meals a day, one fifth of those seeking assistance are military veterans. donations can be dropped op off at its dining room. >> you have a few hours to make sure that kids get a toy for christmas. east palo alto police department is asking for last minute donations to help with its 14th annual toy drive. department provides more than 1500 toys to families every year but they have come up short so far this year. bring donations to east palo alto city hall until 9:00 this
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morning, the toys are being handed out an hour from then at 10:00 a.m. for more information on that, go to and click on see it on tv. >> let's hope the khuintd comes through for that one but will have to brave weather to do it. >> heaviest rain is behind us but up in the north bay, san rafael, a little light rain, a big improvement from earlier this morning. third of an inch in the east bay to nearly an inch here. we'll talk about the rest of your rain in the north bay when we clear out in the south bay. thank you. next, warriors get back on track with david lee putting up all the numbers. larry beil has highlights coming
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>> katie: taking a look at live doppler radar, its soaker out there and it's on the move. lisa will keep you updated on the forecast. remember, you can track the storm yourself any time from wherever you are. live doppler 7-hd on abc news what are you seeing out there? >> you are looking at nice break and there a little light rain but nothing compared to this morning when i came in. pounding rain and a thunderstorm
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those are down in the central coast. but winter storm warning until 4:00 on monday. we not only have the gusty winds and heavy snow, we're looking at avalanche through much of the sierra nevada. so it's really treacherous in the mountains. 33 at tahoe valley airport. emeryville, winds have died back. we are looking at much calmer conditions throughout much of the bay today compared to to this morning and compared to what we are seeing tomorrow morning. we are between storms. right now you can see just north of salinas, the red and yellow and the oranges here right along the coast. heaviest rain and gusty winds, well to the south of us. i seek clearly where the rain has ended. we are looking at still the moderate rains in higher elevations, livermore valley, 580, look back westward, from
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berkeley to san francisco, things really qeag down and the winds have backed off, as well. that little yellow around milpitas and elevations higher to the east, the mountains there in the south bay, some lighter rain and santa cruz mountains picking up half an inch to an inch an hour. that is where we see the rain enhancement. further south, rain system and line of thunderstorms continues to sink to the south. behind the system, cooler temperatures, lighter winds and calmer conditions and unstable atmosphere. wind gusts up to 25 miles an hour. southwest winds at 10. from oakland to sfo, delays not as bad as yesterday, anywhere from 45 minutes. heavy rain, we're behind it now and we're look like for once again tomorrow to be in the rain longer. heavy rain right through the middle of the afternoon.
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high surf advisory, 16-19 too foot swells. a lot of folks in town to check out maybe some of the surf but please be careful because we're looking at some very dangerous conditions. you can see the system sliding south into the central valley right now. still looking at few showers behind the front. this evening, notice we're still into our break. 7:00 tonight, good idea to get christmas shopping done later on. by this time tomorrow, we'll be in the thick of it. urban and small stream flood advisory likely tomorrow. once again, not only a break tomorrow night but into christmas eve, as well. rainfall amounts, inch and a half central coast to the east bay up to three inches, four inches, the mountains and the north bay mountains. winter storm warning has been extended to monday morning. you can't get to the tahoe until the weekend is out.
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mid to upper 50s. here is little break. scattered showers and heavy rain tomorrow. it will be a stronger storm but we start a longer break and christmas day and end of the workweek looks to be much smaller. we're talking tenth to maybe half an inch in the north bay. >> katie: in sports, warriors face kobe bryant. last night they played the charlotte bobcats. larry beil has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. after losing to sacramento, warriors were back home against a team they should beat that came in with a 13 game losing streak. warriors pass superb.
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david lee deserves to be in all-star game. jeff curry penetrating and curry with eight 3's in this game. lee to curry, warriors up 13 after 3. 11 boards and 11 assistance. he got the triple double on that play. 115-100. they play lakers tonight. >> stanford at northwestern, wildcats, he has three of his 12. he tied it up at 67. stanford at an 18-point lead and that vanished. he counters with a three. 11 second left. down to last can chance for northwestern, no! they couldn't get it to go. stanford hangs on 70-68 and now
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8-4 on the season. >> to the n.f.l., justin smith did more rehab on his injured elbow. 49ers being nebulous as whether he'll play in seattle. official injury report says smith is questionable, hasn't practiced at all this week. his streak of 185 consecutive starts very much in jeopardy. if he can't go, ricky will get the start and he says she ready. >> first time tampa to watch from new york, everybody knows they are one of the best. that is the best parted about it. >> which will come first? a's move to san jose or the real end of the world? neither one at this point. a's owner sent a letter to oakland mayor qag five-year extension to remain in oakland.
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a's lease is up at the end of next season. >> that is wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend everybody. i'm larry beil. >> katie: coming up next, the storm is bringing more snow to the sierra. take a live look. this is how 89 at squaw valley, going to see a white christmas out there. we'll tell you how much snow could fall this weekend. >> live in los gatos, intermittent showers, after the break i'll have the latest conditions here.
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we want to start this half-hour with the weather. >> lisa: good morning. we are looking at the light rain around the crai bay right now. heaviest is around the central coast but we have a thunderstorm up around mount tam. we are looking at rain line pushing through the south and east bay and few showers behind the front. heaviest rain, castroville and layering back towards monterey. it's lightened up around san jose. south bay, light rain over into
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milpitas and union city, still looking at the light rain. further north, things have dried out. much quieter from concord, benicia and berkeley and oakland look at that little cell right around san anselmo south of san rafael and it looks like the higher elevations. rain behind this system and it be isolated. next chance of gusty winds as soon as tomorrow. possibility of flooding too. >> katie: as lisa keeps track of the storm, we also have a crew in the field what is actually feels like out there. our reporter has traveled to the south bay. what has been your experience this morning? >> the rain was much heavier earlier this morning, it's dying down. it's very light rain here in los gatos this morning which may account that kathy and you are
8:31 am
thoroughly enjoying. but on the news here we need some more lane. the landscape off of highway 17 was drenched overnight and early this morning on our drive from san mateo via 101 to 58 to 17. it look like it was damp. electronic traffic sign, reduce speed. as you can see it doesn't seem like people are taking heed. it's a light sprinkling now but nothing like this morning. we will show you video just about maybe 6:15 this morning. the rain blowing horizontally from powerful winds. it was cold and brisk wind that came sporadically. again, as we have said, as the light of day merges, the rain is -- day emerges, people are paying attention windshield wipers on and you need your
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headlights on. if you are heading out this morning, you take heed. keep those headlights on o on. and it seems to be raining harder. the weather god heard my plea for more rain. i'm tracking the rain on my "abc 7 news" app. i'm clicking on the south bay here. i can see actually that there is some rain really heavy rain over watsonville, gilroy and morgan hill right now. it looks like the real rain is just heading to the south of los gatos. i was hoping we would get it and have something to show you. it's funny you are wishing for heavy rain when you would work in the news but we are hoping to show you more action this morning. on live doppler 7-hd it looks like it's heading south of los gatos. that is best i got for you right now.
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>> katie: we'll take it. winter storm is expected to drop about five feet of snow on sierra ski resorts. this morning, chains are required on highway 50 and 80. >> drivers eastbound on i-80 starting their weekend, they didn't encounter until a lot of snow until they got here. many drivers like steve decided to chain up before they were required to do so. >> this is my first time putting chains on. >> this is actually some of the faster traffic. as you can see it's not moving that fast. >> i don't have a four-wheel drive vehicle so i have to chain up. >> his dog may find it fascinating but not everyone was excited. >> i'm getting tired of it. >> despite the rough ride, now
8:34 am
is the time to get the hard part out of way, to clear the path for a fun weekend ahead. >> katie: the storm continues to cause problems for travelers. there are already 45 minute delays this morning for arriving and departing flights out of san francisco international airport. for up-to-the-minute information on flight cancellations and delays, go to flight tracker on the front page of our website, definitely do that before you head to the airport. what you are looking at right here, flight tracker at its peak. every single dot is a plane in the sky today. here are the major power outages. there is new outage in fairfield that is affecting 4400 homes and businesses. the power went out this morning. no estimate as to when repairs will be done. santa cruz mountains at scotts
8:35 am
valley, just under 1,000 customers are still without power. pg&e estimated it could be restored by 10:00 this morning, lafayette, 200 customers. no estimate there. redwood city has four different outages leaving 115 homes and businesses in the dark. new this orange, st. anthony's foundation in san francisco is holding the 24th annual curbside donation drive. the donations will be accepted starting at 9:00 this morning at st. anthony's which is located at golden gate avenue and jones street in san francisco. at 10:00, meals will be served to some 3,000 people as they enjoy a performance by the oakland gospel choir. at 11:00, donation delivery will take place. the drive continues through monday. at glide memorial church
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they are hostingñç a toy giveawy for families in need. that begins at 9:30 this morning slows have been collecting new unwrapped toys preparing for this day. san francisco giants are going to on hand to help hand out those toys. next, tis the season to write letters to santa but also for the president of the united states. you might be surprised what bay area kids are asking of the commander in chief. and let's take a live look outside right now, this is embarcadero, gray skies but a break from the rain. you will want to enjoy that break while you you can. lisa argen will tell you what is lisa argen will tell you what is going to happen in the next [ male announcer ] this is bob, a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem,
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>> katie: take a look at live doppler 7-hd. it's the best i way to track the storm. if you are heading out of the how long, take it with you. track the storm any time no matter where you are from our website at students from school are taking a break from writing letters to santa claus to send some mail to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. they share with us the questions they are asking the president. >> the letters start out with a simple salutation. >> dear, president obama, my name.... >> what follows is an example of the child's vast curiosity.
8:40 am
do you wear a suit every day? and questions even adults would like to ask. >> how do you feel about romney lose something. >> the students are participating in a program called mail to chief organized by handwriting without tears. it's to encourage students to get interested in government. >> anything you want to write is fine, okay? >> this year the students have been particularly interested in what is happening in their communities and around the world and they are not holding back. >> are you going to deal with the problems in egypt? >> what are i going to do about gangs? i know five people have been shot and killed. maybe start more programs to get kids out of gangs. >> despite being so yuck, these kids are not afraid to share their hopes for the future.
8:41 am
>> dear president barack obama do you this a woman will ever be president? i. >> i think you should give more money to schools so they can do future projects and get more education. >> this is the generation that will be taking care of us. it's really important that they understand and have feel like they can make a difference. >> she wants the president to know how higher taxes would impact her family. >> my mom, she has to pay a lot of money because she has to get a lot of food for me and the sib ib links. >> they are asking for a few simple requests. give us puppies and as president you should wear jeans. >> letters will be mailed out before the holidays.
8:42 am
while students know the president is pretty busy they do expect him to respond. >> please take time to write back. i thing like you'll have a big impact on our country. >> sealed, signed and soon to be delivered. >> katie: lisa argen is joining us with good news if you are waterlogged, one of the of it has passed. >> lisa: we still have showers in the north bay but los gatos, highway 17 right now, i seek it's moving along and heavier rain in the santa cruz mountains. heavier rain throughout the day but nothing like what you slept three and storm number two tomorrow. we'll talk about what to expect for the rest of the weekend next. >> also ahead, a big move for the san francisco exploratorium. it's packing up for the past as it prepares for the future
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zblookd morning, looking live at the golden gate bridge. it doesn't seem like rain is falling at this second but this is temporary break. i saw a tweet there has been a handful of spinouts on the golden gate, so take it easy out there. a scenic chunk of farmland on the san mateo county coast has been declared off-limits forever to developers. they agreed to pay $10 million for 900 acres of land known as blutano farm. the company has belonged to the
8:46 am
family since the 1800's and the ago wi signifies will preserve the area and prevent developers building luxury homes on it. turning our attention, nothing is going to dry out in this break. >> no, we do have one dry day. the highlight that and less rain after christmas but we have showers into the end of the week and end of the year. here is a look at tahoe, not only there is a winter storm warning through monday morning, avalanche threat. 33 at tahoe valley airport. we're looking at very heavy snow winds are gusting to over 45 miles an hour and the highest peaks over hundred miles an hour. one to two feet at lake level. up to five feet above 7,000 feet. a wet snow pack and heavy, drier
8:47 am
snow creating that avalanche. there are dangerous conditions but if you are up there, beautiful. back home, we're looking at gray skies here in san francisco. bit of a break, a little more rain is coming your way. sliding down from the north bay, we'll show it live doppler 7-hd. you can see the cutoff where the rain is light to moderate. heavier around the central coast and more showers forming up in marin county. right now looking at some pretty heavy rain, gilroy, very heavy rain. possibility of thunderstorms embedded. hollister is looking at pretty good cell. off the coast into the monterey and san jose looking at light rain. heavier cell up towards milpitas on 101. it's been wet all morning long in the east bay but lightening up around dublin. fremont, more light to moderate rain, heading towards alameda
8:48 am
and oakland you are getting that nice little break. san leandro, still wet weather and look at the peninsula from around daly city southward light rain. through the city the break, winds will be breezy and rain line here pushing through the bay around vallejo looking at the light rain and 101 south and saws heat et oh. here is the system. we -- sausalito. >> and but the bulk of the system to sierra nevada and next system tomorrow. 52 mountain view. san jose low 50s. behind the system, calmer winds and temperatures in the upper 40s. isolated showers and high surf advisory until 4:00, even though the storm has passed, it generated steep swells out there. look at all the clouds up to the
8:49 am
north and west. another system headed our way overnight tonight, you'll notice there is our break, a few showers around. by tomorrow morning, 4:00, 5:00 a.m., north bay gets hit again with very heavy rain. this time the front takes time not pushing through until the midafternoon. gusty winds again. nearly two and a half inches in the north bay. by the time tomorrow evening, tally up the rainfall totals up to four inches in the north bay. one to two inches south bay. we are well over from where we should be at this time of the year. downed power lines and koe we could see you are band and small stream flooding. highlighting the dry day on monday, christmas eve. after this system we will dry again tomorrow night into monday. that is huge because that break is good. then the rain after christmas
8:50 am
should be lighter. >> katie: thank you. >> exploratorium is exploring a new location. it will only be open in the current spotted for two weeks. dan ashley shows how the staff is moving those living and breathing experiments. >> it's too hard to tell these are the final days of the place. exploratorium opened in 1969, with interactive exhibits, making science fun. a memory wall is up now where staff and visitors are sharing photos and thoughts about four decades of experiences here. one of those visitors who came back to take a look is brian matthews. >> it made a big impression on my childhood. i really wanted to save it for the future. >> brian is an engineer with autodesk. he an expert in what is known as reality capture.
8:51 am
>> i called up my friends, they were game. >> brian got a few other volunteers and they are working as fast as they can to make a three dimensional record of the building and exhibits. they are using different technologies, including one that starts with photos from a still camera. you take photos from different angles and feed them into a computer and amazing software program puts them together into this incredible image. >> that software can analyze the two dimensional pictures and make a three dimensional model from an ordinary camera. >> they are using laser scanners starting in the machine shop. a sophisticated software programmable analyzes the millions of points and combines them. the result is so detailed it can make an exact replica of the space and everything in it. they are thrilled to get this data now even though they aren't sure how they are going to use it. >> what exactly we'll do that
8:52 am
that, that is what we do. we will years to figure that out. >> they are cleaning and packing and puzzling over the accumulated stuff hundred the scenes of the museum. >> this one is a six-foot focal length lens. >> first they have to figure out what they have. next, they decide what makes the cut. >> whatever they do keep when l come here to pier 15. after two years of top to bottom renovations, huge undertaking, this will be the exploratorium's new home. hundred tiny zebra fish and sea urchins are the first to make the move. they go into the new high-tech life sciences lab. they start exploring right away. you can see them moving to check out their surroundings. one of the main jobs is to produce material on reproduction
8:53 am
and the move seems to have put them right to work. >> so they are all spawning. >> katie: dan says the exploratorium will be open at its current location through january 2nd where admission will be free. small exhibits will be popping up around san francisco until the new building opens in april. >> coming up next, animals at oakland zoo, look forward to very happy new year. secret santa will benefit
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oakland zoo received an early christmas gift. zoo officials opened a letter from the san francisco foundation and inside found a check for one million dollars. the zoo tried to find out who gave the gift but the foundation the donor wishes to remain anonymous. it will go a long way to help day to day operations. lisa argen is keeping track of the storm this morning. what is the latest? >> showers behind the strong front that moved on through. this is sutro camera you can see san francisco, winds are lighter but here is live doppler 7-hd. concord through fremont and san jose, heaviest rain and higher elevations of the south bay, heavy rain but murphy avenue and
8:57 am
fremont lighter rain to the north there. into san francisco, things have been drying out. next storm system is on track tomorrow. >> you can track the storm yourself on our website at thank you for joining us. abc7 continues at 5:00 p.m. ñtútp
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>> jack hanna's "wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide insurance. >> hi, everyone. i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo. you know, there's something eerie in the air around here "wild countdown." [shudders] >> look. >> millions of bats-- that's amazing. not to mention, dancing cobras. oh, gosh. >> ow! >> and real life devils. daggumit. i can see why they call it a devil now. and later, don't miss my blooper of the week. hold it, hold it! ohmy


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