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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 22, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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flooding, power outages and a gas station canopy demolished. problems across the bay area from the storms and more severe weather is on the way. i'm ama daetz. we have ting coverage of storm watch. john alston is out surveying the damage but we begin with meteorologist leigh glaser. >> leigh: a lull in the action. live doppler 7hd fired up right now. you can see some of the showers moving in across the bay area. pretty good line, through san
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francisco, and now we're looking at moderate rain in berkeley, hercules, novato, moderate rain, and sonoma, national -- napa, american canyon, and you can see the line to the east, novato, that will move in. and rain towards san pablo and richmond, and in the last 20 minutes, heavy rain near santa cruz, shifting towards the east. morgan hill, and the gilroy area, and some of these heavy downpours, reports of lightning strikes, a little thunder there, so some of this activity really on the go button now, but the main event is really going to be tomorrow morning. we'll look at the timing coming up. >> ama: the weather has been causing problems across the bay today. one of the biggest was at the corner of 17th in potrero.
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here's john alston with maine information. >> people have been stopping to take pictures. this has been sitting like this since this afternoon when a strong rainstorm blew through. nobody was hurt. this could have been much worst when the canopy crumbled at the 76 station. a san francisco public works crew removed branches from a ficus tree that crashed through the back window of a park car. >> thank god. she was in the car last night. so i'm thanking god up in of us got killed sitting in the car. we were sitting in the car last night. >> the square metal post that held up the covering snapped this afternoon. the fire department thinks it crashed down after a branch from the tree landed on top of the metal structure. the gas station clerk hit the
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shut qualify valve and cut electrical power. >> i heard something, and i some trees fell down, tree hit this can and i canopy go down. >> trouble in the oakland hills when a tree made a lansing on powerlines on scout road. 1500 customers went dark for a little over an hour. it was bad timing for this family who had gathered for an early christmas dinner. >> white weapon the roast had come out of the ovep, and the power shut down, so we started squealing and running around trying to find candles and light. >> the christmas tree went dark and the oven went cold right after the apple pie went in. this neighborhood is set to get underground utilities in the next few years. >> we're used to power outages here because we have had a lot of issues with tree branches hitting lines. so every year there's one or two major power outans that comes from trees falling down.
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>> back live. an employee at the public works depth says it appears the canopy blew into the tree. that will have to be sorted out by the insurance companies. the city plans to come here and brace the structure until it's finally removed in the next day or so. live in san francisco, abc-7 news. >> ama: there was intermittent rain throughout the day today. the storm moved in this morning with heavy rain and gusty winds. it was pouring earlier today in san mateo. and it's not just the wind and rain. you can see the swells at ocean beach in some wears waves up to 16 feet are expected. forecasters are urging people walking along beaches or jetties to watch for large breaking waves snierk air travelers of having problems. unsettled weather and scattered showers through the bay area brought a change in wind direction, causing air traffic
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control at sfo to redirect landing and takeoff patterns. and it other he him in nateed a few flights, and backed up flights. >> we have an hour delay. and we're leaving at 3. supposed to fly into chicago. we'll have ten minutes minutes o connect to our flight. >> ama: with more rain on the way, delays are expected to continue. 100,000 people traveled through sfo today. drivers are dealing with challenging conditions in the sierra. i-80 was closed for three hours. caltrans held traffic from colfax to the nevada state line because spinouts. >> going to be chain controls the next two days at least going into christmas. >> it was slow go on i-80 in mass sir county. where chain control started. while the weather is making for
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treacherous driving ski resorts are reporting excellent condition. >> in san jose a driver going too fast skidded across five lanes of number 280. hitting another car. one went down ended up on its side, the other one on its side. no one was hurt. >> we have full resources how to stay safe during the rainy season or any natural disaster. check our web site, under "see it on tv". >> and stay with abc-7 news for continuing storm watch coverage. we'll have the full forecast in a few minutes and we'll be back tomorrow at 5:00 for the abc-7 morning news. and you can check live doppler 7hd anytime on abc-7 news dom. now to newtown school tragedy. the shooting tragedy is pushing gun reform on top of the national agenda.
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reporter: the funeral for emilie parker was held in ogden, utah, the only victim of the massacre buried outside of connecticut. >> she has become an example to the world about purity, innocence, tragedy, and forgiveness. reporter: earlier services were held for escrows teen gay. and anna mar west-greene was buried, her coffin carried in a horse drawn carriage. the massacre has triggered action to reduce gun violence and save lives. rich raised over $100,000 this week in the gun buyback. >> even if you get one off the street, it's one less has the potential to get into the wrong hand. >> the national debate ring noticed with a proposal of the
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national rival association leaders to station armed guards in every school in the country. >> the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> several school districts already have armed officers in their schools. abc news, new york. in san francisco, street theater was used to call for stricter gun laws. participants dressed in black and laid down for 20 minutes. organizers then read the names of each of the victims. >> san francisco police are marking the norse of -- anniversary of one of their open. the 28-year-old was one of several officers searching for a 33-year-old man. west ran through a garage when. when police went to move in he opened fire, hitting the officer, who died at the hospital the next day. people can pay respect tuesday the community room indiana after
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-- named after him. the family of steve jobs has lost the fight over his dream yacht. the designer has image pounded the vessel over an unpaid bill. this is what the white yacht commissioned by jobs, called the vaccine new york looks like. the bbc is reporting the designer claims jobs' heirs owe him 4 million of his $12 million fee. the yacht cat 1 $28 million to build. >> in britain, prosecutor ares are deciding whether to charge the deejays who made the prank call nate have caused a nurse to commit homicide. they called the hospital, pretending to be the queen, and the nurse who put the call through was later found dead in her room. >> the all-mail iowa state stream accurate ruled that a woman can be fired for being too atracktive. his assistant, a married mother
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who worked at the office for ten years, claims she wouldn't have been fired if she were male. the court ruled she was fire because she posed a threat to the dentist's marriage. the dentist's lawyer called the decision a home run for family values. >> system to come. it's super saturday. the day that just might beat black friday. >> i'm at the mall for last minute christmas shopping. >> seven swans aswimming. >> the wheel of misfortunate, the big blowup after this not quite right answer. >> we're tracking their storms on live doppler 7hd. leigh glaser will have the full f
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it is super saturday, the day shortstops make the last-minute dash to stores a few days before christmas, and lots of stores are still open testimony lillian kim is live with a shopping frenzy. reporter: the mall closed ten minutes ago but macy's will remain open overnight. parking will be easier, something shoppers had a tough time with earlier today. >> the hardest part was finding a parking spot. at the shoppinger in? san mateo, shopperrers drove around in circles. >> crazy.
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parking is horrible. reporter: inside there was more craziness, at least in stores like brookstone where customers had to wait in long lines. christmastime is when this gift store does the bulk of its business. >> it's the hot item right now. >> usually the helicopters over there. the helicopters that fly around and you-crash them. we have a lot of cool ipad stuff like keyboards and cases. reporter: when this shopping day began consumer reports said two-thirds of americans have not finished their holiday shopping and 14% had not started. >> being's at work and not being able to get anything done. >> i have someone take care of my kids while i go out. >> but good things do come to those who wait. many stores are offering big discounts. at jamboree, regular priced
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items are half off. >> there are some sales out. >> last minute shoppers get the benefit of extended hours. for the first time on the west coast, macy's his staying open for a continuous 48 hours this weekend. dolly may make an early morning run to department storm. >> i don't know about the late night, but it would be nice to not have to feel the crowds for parking and stuff. reporter: also open around the clock, toys 'r' us, open 24 hours until 10:00 p.m. christmas eve. abc-7 news. >> still looking for that perfect holiday gift at an affordable price, we have a story about price matching. >> the holiday season is not just about buying gut also about gig. st. anthony's is holding is curbside donation drive. today people dropped off clogs and food by the bagfuls, donated
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hand-knitted scarfs and shocks for those in need. the drive continues through monday. >> san francisco's glide memorial church handed out almost ten thousand toys today. the san francisco giants partnered with glide to make sure each child got pag full of toys. the giants mascot was on handto greet the families. >> 25 years, and look at the faces of the children, remindses you what the ohio are -- what the holidays are about. and the need is there. >> many families have to choose between toys and food. this toy giveaway is all some children get for christmas. >> the san francisco zoo broke new ground tonight for the holidays. for the first time ever the zoo has a highlights display. tonight what this premiere and kids and adults loved the sight. the lights lined the zoo's pathways and outlined the trees.
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the lights will be on until december 30th. let's get to leigh glaser. >> leigh: live doppler 7hd getting rather active right now. you can see very moderate rain from san rafael, heading up towards the napa and sonoma valley areas. here's a look at a closer viewpoint from san rafael points north, east to novato. nap park moderate rain moving in actually kind of squeezed in between airport boulevard and browns valley road. you can see the yellows illuminated on highway 121, airport boulevard also seeing moderate rain, and you can see it just starting to move over the bay there this particular area is going to move over towards the richmond parkway, san pablo so all of this is pushing off towards the east. hercules starting to see some effect. rain picking up, and in 10 or 15 minutes you'll see more. between alameda and san leandro,
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light rain. hayward, light rain, and the moderate band of way making its way toward the east, morgan hill, monterey, picking up moderate rain. and temperatures right now, a mild system. we're all in the upper 40s to low 50s. here's a look at our forecast. we're going to go with heavy rain, increasing overnight. the heaviest will be tomorrow morning. the good news it moves in and moves out and we're looking for clearing by sunday night and looks like christmas eve for the whole day will be dry. here's a look at the system that moved through this morning. is has since moved off towards the expees you can see the plume of moisture stretch to the west of the bay area and this is poised to move in overnight to bring us heavy rain and also some very strong winds. here is a look at the timing. this is 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. you can see the moderate rain already starting to move in.
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5:00 a.m., much of the bay area will be seeing some very heavy rainfall amounts, heaviest wind will be along the leading edge of this front. this is 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. check out the oranges and the yellows. and it's very moderate rain. 1:00, should start to pass south of san francisco. much of the he of heaviest rain to the south and you can get a sense of clearing in the north bay. that's how rapidly this front should move through, and by 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 tomorrow afternoon that front has moved towards the south, and we'll start to see clearing. speaking of wind, right now not too bad. 12 at oakland, calm in the north bay but we're an anticipating very strong wind, so north bay, until 1:00 tomorrow afternoon, the rest of the bay area, it's up until 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, expecting south winds, 20-30 miles-per-hour, with possible wind gusts.
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especially the higher terrain, near the 50 miles-per-hour wind speed range, how much rainfall? up to three inches expected north bay, mountains, santa cruz mountains, elsewhere one, maybe as much as two inches around here, and the storm warning is up for the sierra until 10:00 sunday. two to five feet of snow, reduced visibility, expected there, tricky travel to the high country. temperatures tomorrow, clearing from north bay to south bay. pretty much all going to be in the mid-to up er 50s, near 60 degrees, and here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. the rain, heavy tomorrow morning, and then we'll see some afternoon clearing. partly cloudy, dry day for christmas eve day, and then rain on christmas day, and then thursday and friday, we'll start to dry out. lisa will be here first thing tomorrow morning, abc-7 morning news -- not --
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>> ama: shu hires with sports and a real game. >> mike: the lakers put on the holiday show tonight at oracle like no other. went up and down more times than santa does in chimneys on christmas
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>> mike: the warriors and lakers put own quite a show. it went back and forth more times than i did christmas shopping. went to overtime. here we go. steve nash back in the lineup. lakers storm back. nash for three. lakers up one. golden state answers. 14-103 warriors. but kobe, got it. lakers back on top, 1. david lee, another double double. 20 points, 11 boards, gives his team the lead. metta world peace, the three. and jack answers for golden state. tied. we good to overtime. kobe took over. falls down. still makes the bucket. 34 for bryant. warriors one last chance to tie. curry for three, misses,
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warriors gave away the rebound. what a finish but the warriors lose an absolute heartbreaker, 118-115 your final. >> sitting in the office to wait to go speak to them and i'm watching nba tv and they throw up steve nash, and what you guys need to too? steve nash said we need to play with the spirit the warriors play with. they're unselfish, they play for one another. and i'm not going to lose sight of that. >> mike: college hoops, stanford hosted by long-time rival tennessee and the lady cardinal had too much game. pat summit on hand and thinking what everyone else does, how can be stop chiney ogwumike. then the miss but you know who was there to put it back, ogwumike, a double-double, 19 points, ten rebounds. stanford if we though victory. >> the men hosting prairie view a&m. game wasn't even close.
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cobb two of his 14. you know it's coming. the jam. they shot 50% from the field and win it 85-53. >> we'll take a brief timeout geoff jerry rice time to catch his breath asking me gratron breaks jerry rice's record for receiving yards in atlanta. ♪
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multigrain cheerios in multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. >> mike: the falcons beat the lions, clinching top spot and homefield advantage. the side bar, calvin johnson broke jerry rice's single season receiving record sit in 1995. it's all detroit fans had to cheer about. matt ryan threw for 279ars and four touchdowns. watch this catch by all joe jones. falcons led 21-6 at the half. megatron needed 182 yards to break the record. four yards shy of the record, he would get in the fourth quarter, on this 26-yarder, calvin johnson has the most receiving yards in a single season.
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he set an nfl record -- falcons win big. >> when you're in the game, you know it's -- you're still in the moment, still on the play that just happened. >> i was still focused on my zone. i don't even think i said anything to my dad when i gave him the ball. i gave him a hug. >> still has a game left. could break 2,000. in the leaves bowl. boise state and washington. boise with trickery. washington cuts into the lead with sankey. ran for 209 yards. huskies down one at the half. uw led with 1.22 left but mess seen -- mess seen -- mcino, game winning field goal.
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>> um later, the 49ers-chicago preview. >> ama: still to come at 11:00, wheel of fort tune controversy. a slip of the tongue cost a woman $4,000. >> money-saving tips for last minute shoppers with michael finney. we'l
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>> ama: good evening, i'm ama daetz in tonight's headlines we're keeping track of the happen storm, and a canopy at a gas station fell. nobody was hurt. in the oakland hills a tree fell and took powerlines with it. 1500 people were without electricity for an hour. >> there are just a few hours left to finish your holiday
11:35 pm
shopping. many stores are offering deep discounts and others are staying open longer. one poll says two-thirds of shoppers have not finished getting their holiday gifts. in many instances it's a battle just to find a spot in the parking lot. >> the country is nine days away from falling off the looming fiscal cliff. tonight there are some who think the matter will be resolved and some who think otherwise. >> the first family arrived in the dark but woke up to paradise for the holidays. however the president may not stay because he didn't get his wish, deal with coverage members streamed out of the capitol last night with no agreement to avert the fiscal cliff. john boehner is home in ohio tonight but left a video behind. >> washington is a serious spending probable hem. reporter: which was played in the capitol tonight would run in the empty halls. i he republican leaders took a rhetorical swipe at democrats. >> i'm stuck in washington
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trying to prevent my fellow kentuckians from having to shell out to uncle sam next year. >> the wall journal quoting unnamed sources says when he speaker offered $800 billion in revenue by limiting deductions, the speaker asked, what die get. the president reportedly said, you get nothing. i get that for free. unable to agree on a big deal the president is now hoping to get a small deal. stepped middle class tax rates, extend some unemployment benefits and agree to a framework for a big deal. >> that's an achievable goal. that can get done in ten days. >> can it? consider speaker boehner's other words which are really echoing about making a deal. >> how we get, god only knows. >> the president waisted no time getting into vikes mode. the played golf an saturday. white house officials say staff members from both side will exchange e-mails and phone calls over the next couple of days. congress is expected to be back at work on thursday.
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abc news, the white house. >> ama: public visitation is underway for the late senator dan all inouye in washington, dc. the casket arrived in honolulu today. inouye who lost an arm in world war ii and was the first japanese american to be elected to senate, died on wednesday. >> a boston police officer claimed she was just doing his job when he dove into icy waters to save a drowning woman. someone used a cell phone to capture the officer's heroics. he heard a woman crying for help yesterday in boston's four point channel so he dove into the channel and swam to the woman. >> hi my job is to show up when people call for help. if we don't help no one is coming. >> that cop is a hero tonight. didn't think twice about it. >> norton held on a a raft while the woman used his life preserver to stay afloat.
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they were both rescued, cold but okay. one wheel of fort turn winner seemed to get all the right letters and the answer to the clue but there was something about the way she said it that didn't sit right with the show's producers. nick watt has the story. reporter: when she was on the road. >> seven swans aswimming. >> that's not -- yeah. >> renee, denied. because in the 12 days of christmas, some thing swim n is swimming, with the g. that one leftout letter cost her nearly $4,000. the online outrage, she was robbed. this couple on fox's million door money came before the walkman. wrong. they lost 800. the internet hordes offered them
11:39 pm
another shot. >> and on who wants to be a millionaire, this guy is the second biggest -- computer said he was wrong. >> david, i'm sorry. >> turned out he was right. came back for a do-over and went home with 125 grand. game show guests are very, very rich. after the scandals of the 1950s when shows like 21 were fixed to keep contestants in the mix, congress made it illegal. with the game shows, it's the tightest controlled tv show. >> it was easy to do. you did it in the very nag char and left off the g in seven swans aswim n. >> you're harsh, pat, harsh. >> that's rough. in san francisco a driver was charged with reckless driving after knocking over a light pole
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at at&t park. police say the unlicensed driver was going 60-miles-an-hour and tried to beat the red light. he stwoarved avoid pedestrians in the crosswalk and slammed into the light pole and crossing arm. >> berkeley police have a warn bath new tactic used by cell phone thieves. there have been several reports of cell phone thefts where the suspect claims to have an emergency and asked to borrow the victim's phone. the suspect then grabs the phone and takes off. police say don't lend your phone to training jerries and don't talk on the phone when you're outside alone. >> coming up, seven on your side michael finny goes price shopping. and live doppler 7hd right now, still picking up moderate rain towards the north bay. we'll let now yao know -- know whe
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>> ama: seven on your side michael finneys wanted to help you find the best deals at the last minute. the big box stores know they need to offer competitive prices to get your business. >> online and mobile shopping makes it easier for people to quickly make sure they're getting the best deal so the big retailers are offering enticing policies this season.
11:44 pm
>> definitely -- >> major purchase and it's an expensive item, the tax adds up, so, i checked just before to make sure i'm not getting ripped off. >> for the first time this holiday season many retailers have launched price matching programs both online and in their stores. >> if retailers don't do this, they're not going to be able to compete. so it's an act of desperation. they really have to be able to offer price matching in some way. >> kate is a professor of consumer psychology at golden gate university. she studies retail behavior. >> we consumerrers prefer shopping online, they're inventory manage. and price comparison and reviews >> toys~"r" us will match competitor's prices until creams eve. that's a first for the retailer.
11:45 pm
best buy just announced they're extending their in-store price matching program to best and retailers also offer price adjustments for the week following your purchase if you find the same item advertised for less. >> the consumers have gotten incredibly sophisticated about finding out about price changes. >> the selection may be the best way to get a pry adjustment. if you use your pay pal account to buy something beautiful the new year, then see a lower price advertised, pay pal will refund you the difference up to $250. in citibank will track oils you -- items you buy on its card and if the same item is found for $25 or less than what you paid within 330 days of your purchase, it will refund the difference. the matching programs have various parameters and exceptions.
11:46 pm
check the web site for links to all of the price-matching programs mentioned in my report. i'm "7 on your side". >> with just two days left before christmas shopping, isn't your only problem. delivery companies are scrambling to get packages out of their trucks and under your tree, delivering more than 500 packages per second on their peak day but the delivery companies save if the roads are clear, your package will get there. >> leigh glaser has been tracking the storms and joins us with the latest. league log you can -- >> leigh: you can see looking over the bay we're seeing a little break here, but north bay, live doppler 7hd, moderate rain over highway 37, towards american canyon. you can see this band right there, take you in a little closer towards american canyon. this particular dark yellow cell
11:47 pm
will move up towards nap park airport road. you can see how we're sweeping live. so keep that in mind. also, just to the south and east of san rafael, we'll move over the bay, and we also have some rain bands moving down towards the south bay and morgan hill. so things are starting to gather strength, and i want to show you the timing. tomorrow morning of the next storm system, this 5eus a.m. you'll see moderate rain spreading across the bay area. here's the front. the leading edge very high winds, 9 al, and by noontime we should see partial clearing in the north bay and very heavy rain 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, tomorrow afternoon. partial clearing. the seven are -- seven-day forecast. dry christmas eve, rain christmas day, and showers wednesday and then dry things up thursdays and friday.
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>> the 49ers have a big game. >> mike: they need a win over seattle to keep the number two seed in the nfc. and that's next in sports.
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>> mike: you have two more games to make your move towards the postseason in the nfl and there's no bigger game than the
11:51 pm
49ers and seahawks sunday night in seattle. niners can clinch the' nfc west with a win over the hawks but the seahawks offense exploded for a record 108 points and they're playing in one of the loudest stadiums in the league. >> play a visual game. always enjoy playing up there because of the atmosphere, and just how well they're playing and how much the game means, it's a big game. great football team. >> mike: 5:20 kickoff tomorrow night. falcons beat the lions tonight on saturday night football. clinking the top spot in the nfc and homefield advantage. lions receiver calvin johnson broke jerry rice's single season record in receiving yards set in
11:52 pm
1995. the record was all detroit fans have to cheer for, the season is over. matt ryan, four touchdowns. watch this catch by julio jones. megatron needed 182 yards to break the record. this 21 yarder left him four yards shy of the record. no worries. got it in the fourth quarter. now the most receiving yards in sage season, 892. dad gets the ball help also set a record with eight straim straight games, 11 catches, 275 yards. falcons win big. >> when you're in the game, you know, it's -- you're still in the moment, still on the play that just happened. i was still focusing, i was in my zone. so i don't think i said anything to my dad when i gave him the ball. >> to college football. san jose state leaves for washington, dc, facing bowling green in the military bowl.
11:53 pm
been a remarkable area for the spartans. 24th in the bcs with a 1-2 record. head coach mike mcentire left to take colorado's job but the defensive coordinator ken bair will coach the team. >> we told them to enjoy the moment. something a lot of these young guys have looked forward to. >> finally here. the past couple years, we hoping for a bowl game, and last year we were one game away so three years playing here, and everybody has come together and we're ready. >> mike: warriors and lakers put on quite a show at oracle. both teams had a chance to win in regulation but went to overtime. steve nash back in the lineup for the first time since october 31st. lake ores up one. monster jam. 104-103 warriors. but coabt got immigrant.
11:54 pm
lakers back on top. david lee, a double-double. the warriors get the lead but metta world peace, a strong game, with the 3, 108-106. jack, the two ties it up he had 29 be. go to overtime. that's where kobe took over. falls down, still makes an impossible shot. he had 34. steph curry with the three. warriors got the rebound but gave it away. losing, 118 1-rb 15. >> sitting in the office waiting to speak to them and i'm watching nba tv and they throw to steve nash, and said, what's the -- what do you guys need to do? steve nash said, we need play with the spirit that the warriors play with. they're unselfish. they play for one another. and i'm not going to lose sight of that. >> mike: sometimes spirit doesn't win games. college hoops, snooped hosted by
11:55 pm
tennessee and the lady cardinal had too much game. pat spokesman schmitz on hand. one of the greatest ever in the sport, probably thinking how to stop chiney ogwumike with the left hand. stanford up 12. sect -- second half their most but ogwumike there. stanford now 11-0 with the 73-60 victory. for the men, cal hosting prairie view. >> ama: out of texas. cobb, two of his 14 right there. crabbe led cal, and he loves the jam. cal shot 50% from the field, win 85-53. usf facing san diego state in hawaii. dons off to a good start. but it ended quickly. san diego state lit them up for 33 points, san diego state 10-1, dons fall, 88-58 the final.
11:56 pm
this sports report brought to you by river rock casino. see you tomorrow at 5:00. >> leigh: let's go to live doppler 7hd, you can see the new batch of moisture just developing off the coast. that's in the next storm due in here tomorrow morning. it's going to be wet and windy throughout the morning hours. partial clearing, north bay to south bay, monday, crimes -- christmas heave, -- christmas eve is dry.
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