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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 24, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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we started getting ready right then and there. >> reporter: folks are saying the last time it flooded maybe this bad or worse in 1998, the concern this morning, as you can see the creek has been receding overnight. concern this morning is about that levee. the concern is that it may breach there is some give in that levee and it is going to be a long term problem. right now they are keeping that block, block and a half worth of homes evacuated until they can get a better handle on how bad delay levee has been compromised. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. thousands of bay area residents are without power as rain and wind bounded the region, right now 7,000 customers are -- still without power, peninsula 5,000 are in the dark. 1600 north bay, 350 east bay.
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in the south bay, 200 homes and businesses are without power this morning. highway 12 remains closed west of sonoma due to downed power lines. flood waters that inundated highway 12 and 121 are receding. 12 remains shutdown until pg&e crews can repair the downed wires. we'll keep you updated throughout the morning on the status of highway 12. this morning traffic moving again on stony point road in cotati after crews worked to fill a growing sinkhole, rains over well -- overwhelmed a drainage culvert the water washed away ground under the pavement, crews installed metal plates. the santa cruz town of felton cleaning up. the san lorenzo river reached
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four feet over flood stage. 40 families in the community of felton grove had to leave their homes. dan and liz say they did get advanced warning that the river was rising fast. >> first it was an advisory only. then it became mandatory as it was clear the river was going to come up. >> streets in felton were from six inches to four feet underwater. these photos taken by show the area at the height of the flooding, a stranded police car had to be towed out. stretch of road off richmond parkway reopened after flooding caused its closure. it took on water all day yesterday. the landscape along the road was so saturated rain was rolling off it, the road had to be closed until the water drained off. heavy rain caused a creek to overflow banks yesterday
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afternoon in -- turned into a lake, four homes were flooded. san francisco international airport expects no weather-related delays today that's good news for travelers whose flights were cancelled this weekend. others spent hours at the airport. at one point arriving flights were delayed up to two hours. >> i got here 4:00 i've been waiting in multiple two hour lines after i found out my flight had been cancelled, after four hours, i had to wait another three hour customer service line which i didn't get to the end of, before the booth closed. >> rough way to start the holiday. for up-to-date information, go to the flight tracker on the front page of abc7 news. storm made areas along the coast treacherous for people living near the shoreline in pacifica waves spilled over on to the 0 hint front sidewalk the city closed the pier for most of yesterday a -- popular
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spot for fishing and tourists. in san francisco two mile stretch of the great highway was blocked, southbound lanes closed due to flooding northbound lanes shutdown when a police officer noticed a traffic light had become loose in the heavy winds. crews were on the scene about an hour later. weather bringing lots of snow to the sierra. here's a view from highway 80 at donner lake yesterday two tow trucks were the only vehicles on the road. this morning chains are mandatory on almost all mountain highways. skiers and resorts are happy several feet of fresh snow has fallen this is heavenly mountain. this will be one of the snowiest christmases for the tahoe area in years. >> we have full resources on how to stay safe in any natural disaster on look under see it
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on tv. >> abc7 news have been sending their storm photos this shows flooding along salem avenue in cupertino. viewers caught storm damage in other parts of the bay area, this petaluma river. vic lee sent this photo of a fallen tree that crushed a car on crescent avenue in san mateo. we would like to share your pictures send them to ureport. 4:36. i stayed in all day yesterday. and i'm blaming the weather. let's check in with mike. that was probably a good idea that way you weren't running in the cold rain. good morning. nothing showing up the last three hours on live doppler, whether radar returns or satellite, we have fog forming, patchy east bay valleys, north bay more localized and dense
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around novato 1 and 3/4 mile visibility, a quarter of a mile in santa cruz. santa cruz 38°, a lot of low to mid 40s inland, antioch and san rafael 48. 50 half moon bay. 45 mountain view, san jose oakland 48 in san francisco and fremont. today 40s patchy fog through 7:00 this morning. partly cloudy noon, low to mid 50s. high clouds this afternoon, low to mid 50s cooler this evening than last evening and drier with low to mid 40s by 7:00. tuesday, christmas day, rain comes back. scattered showers wednesday and dry thursday. is that our gift rain christmas day? >> thank you mike. let's take a look at traffic
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conditions. we start on highway 87 in san jose -- >> no, 101 in san rafael, headlights southbound as you can see traffic is light here, extremely light northbound. now 87. >> san jose 87, no problems there. >> no, look at that. where is everybody? >> no cars. >> there is a problem on highway 121 between 116 and 37, flooding there between petaluma and napa. keep that in mind. you may have to look for alternates we'll tell you more about that coming up. lingering storm is making getting hope for christmas a challenge across part of the nation now meteorologists are worried about the nightmare after christmas. if you are one of the 17 million who will hit the malls today, good news, there are special deals and tended hours. i'm kira klapper, i'll have
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that after the break -- gaggle may challenge apple and samsung, the tech giant is working -- with motorola on its own smartphone after the phone motorola will start working on a google tablet. samsung still leads by a wide par engine in europe. two places where you can track santa's trip tonight one is the website of norad, and the other site is google. >> google has their santatrackersite where you can track santa and play games. >> google also asks you to send santa a
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a very good morning and merry christmas eve to everyone coming up on 4:42 you are looking live at san francisco from the embarcadero almost like a series of christmas trees out there. mike will let us know what the weather is going to be like. we get a break from the storm. this is it, your last day to shop before christmas. normally stores would be packed with procrastinators, this year things are different. kira klapper is live in the newsroom. >> reporter: a little bit of a grim start. shoppers aren't turning out no droves as they have in years past. [ unintelligible ] factors have led to a mute
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approach to holiday shopping bad news for retailers it can be good for all of us, retailers are doing all they can to entice us with unprecedented sales and extended hours. 10% of holiday shoppers haven't finished one in 10 who will be out shopping today. i heard a rumor that rick thomas is one. if you have the peace of mind to brave the crowds today, you will be rewarded with deals if you want to avoid crowds there's hope online. gift card, e-book or online subscription, easy and stress-free. experts say keep christmas eve stress-free by not over-thinking. >> let's say you want to buy a sweater for your wife. if you think about it too much you might out-think yourself and may not make a good choice. >> reporter: some nationwide chains have embraced shopping marathon mentality. toys "r" us is open around the clock until 10 tonight for the first time on the west coast
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macy's was open for continuous 48 hours over the weekend until midnight last night. bay area locations will be open until 6:00 tonight. target open until 10 tonight for those who are really late walgreens is open all day tomorrow. eric, good luck. >> you called me out on television. >> reporter: i'm sorry, i had to it worked with the story. >> thank you, a lumm of coal is headed your way. -- on the east coast, residents of syracuse, new york are waking up to plows working over time and frustrated drivers stuck, it is not over yet, meteorologists are worrying about what could come after christmas. two new storms moving in. forcasters predicting white christmas for some parts of the northeast with more snow expected this afternoon and evening. maybe a whiter christmas than people want in the northeast. >> exactly.
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>> we are in california. >> it is not going to be with wet today, possibility of wet weather comes back tomorrow, won't be a repeat watch we dealt with over the weekend. -- coming up on 4:45. when i think of the high cost of living here, i remember it is winter and we don't have snow. sutro tower to the east bay hills, let's talk about live doppler, worth its weight last night and back through the weekend, last weekend, sitting on top of mount st. helena, waiting for that next storm, picking up a few blips just clouds still lingering, those are falling apart, snow in the sierra starting to taper a little. if you are leaving the house now, santa cruz 38°, 45 oakland, mountain view and san jose 42 concord, 48
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san francisco, monterey bay inland cloudy, mid to upper 40s, decreasing clouds quickly as low and cold front pull away, check out high pressure moving in for today, once we can get past the morning fog, 10, 11, we'll have sunshine this afternoon high clouds roam in late into the afternoon more so during the overnight hours keep temperatures up a little and fog to a minimum tomorrow morning. 7:00 all of us quiet christmas morning. as we look at the rain by noon, already raining steadily north bay heaviest rain around 2:00 all the way through 5:00 from the north bay to the south bay where you see yellows and oranges, moderate rain. since it is a fast mover, we'll be left with scattered showers during the latter parts of the evening hours and overnight towards wednesday morning, wednesday afternoon, scattered showers, in the afternoon hours, a rush of
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dryer air will take showers away from us wednesday evening. rainfall quarter to half inch east bay to south bay, half inch to 3/4 north bay, one and a half santa cruz and north bay mountains right now believing that won't be enough to cause more flooding. thursday slight chance, but more clouds than anything cooler friday partly cloudy saturday, another chance of showers sunday. have a great day. we are handling traffic this morning sue hall is off this christmas eve. bay bridge toll things are moving easily, no even possibility now of metering lights being on, good time to head out. >> good news continues if we look at drive times, things are sailing along, eastbound 680 looking good with westbound 4 no problems.
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smooth sailing also on westbound 80. >> carquinez bridge to the maze 19 minutes good time any day of the year. >> just christmas gifts he have which where we look today. an afghan policewoman is in custody after officials say she shot and killed an american adviser outside police headquarters in afghan's capital. the governor said she entered a highly secure compound and shot the adviser. the police official says the woman was able to enter armed because she's a police officer. the adviser who was killed was a contractor his identity has not been released. widespread flooding across parts of the u.k. have left many facing a damp christmas hardest hit areas northeast scotland, southwest england and wales. cornwall, england has 200 flood warnings in place with more rain forecast today, the main rail line is impassable.
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crews are working to fix the damage it won't be done in time for christmas travelers. ongoing labor dispute threatens to make this a sour holiday for hundreds of bay area patients. the action thousands of nurses are taking today. the seahawks romp, unfortunately against the 9ers, it wasn't a player who did the most damage this was all fans. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on.
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good morning. you are looking live at the golden gate bridge a little hard to see. we won't see as much rain today, almost nothing really. more rain on the way, nothing as bad as yesterday. meteorologist mike nicco is going to let you know what the holiday forecast holds. several medical facilities throughout the bay area are bracing for a one day nursing strike, 5,000 registered
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nurse's are expected to walk off the job to protest wages and changes. it will affect most of sutter care's bay area facilities this is the lateness a series of walk-outs in a dispute between nurses and hospital officials. sutter says replacement nurses will be brought in. crab season delayed again not because of price. this third delay caused by quality tests. they show the crabs' body weight has less than 25% meat, fish and game says it is ideal the body be at least 25% meat. the harvest was said to be december 31st, now pushed back to january 15th. 49ers -- seattle turned harbaugh's 49th birthday in a cold miserable night 9ers lost
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davis on that massive hit in the first quarter when he suffered a concussion by a hit by chancellor. when 9ers got a chance to score field goal was blocked, quarterback kaepernick seemed flustered and disorganized due in part to the deafening fan noise. . seahawks win 42-13 most points 9ers have given up since harbaugh took over as head coach. >> ouch. mike joining us to answer the question is there -- [ inaudible ] is there ever such a thing as too much rain? it is over for now. good morning, sunshine for today after fog this morning, especially in our valleys, upper 40s to low 50s, breezy at the coast rest of us in the low to mid 50s, put the wet weather gear away for now.
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rain heading into southern california right now, mid 60s there, we are getting a break in the sierra, snow showers winding down now, another system going to bring us the rain tomorrow, going to bring them snow as we head into wednesday and thursday also. not that they didn't get enough, they are going to get more. here we are with traffic sue is off. to the maps now, san leandro southbound 880 at marina boulevard accident involving car and big rig moved to the right shoulder things still slow on the freeway, there are slight delays. >> we'll go out live to highway 101, north in san rafael, no problems there hardly any traffic. >> it is christmas eve. the holiday starts early for
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some. today marks 10 year anniversary of the murders of lacy peterson and her unborn son conner. for laci's mother christmas eve reminds her of the call she received in 2002 when she was expecting her daughter for dinner. she learned the pregnant 27-year-old was missing. four months later laci's body washed ashore on san francisco bay. her mother says now she focuses on her grandchildren. scott peterson remains on san quentin's death row. his lawyers have asked for a new trial >> this morning police in watsonville are trying to track down someone who intentionally hit a man with his car. officers responded to a report of hit-and-run saturday night. a man driving a white minivan intentionally hit the victim before driving away. the victim's injuries not life-threatening.
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south bay man and his daughter reaftering after being rescued while kayaking in the san francisco bay by the redwood city fire department after they got stuck in the mud when the tide went out they were stranded for hours in the middle of yesterday's storm. fire crews received he a call for help, rescue teams arrived quickly and found them quickly using triangulation equipment and help from the gps on the daughter's phone. >> we just got stuck it would have been a long time before the tides and storm went an we were freezing. had my iphone and it was charged. >> once on dry land they were given dry clothes and treated for mild hypothermia. crews say this was the third such rescue they performed this month. new study out this morning has revealing look at bullying. researchers at yale find
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significant number of overweight kids are bullied by adults, 42% who had experienced being bullied reported it by a sports coach, 37% by a parent, 37% said a teacher did it. research found verbal teasing was the most common form of bullying. don't look now, your up billcus is crawling with -- bacteria, your belly bout ton, 2,000 --
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good morning. 5 a.m. i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze this morning. i'm eric thomas. >> christmas eve. thank you for joining us. if you got last minute shopping to do you want to know what the weather is like. [ unintelligible ] radar, satellite, 5:00 this morning, looking good, damp, there's a lot of moisture in the ground some of that seeping out in the form of fog, patchy in all of our


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