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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 24, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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rising. >> a lot of water, levees don't hold all the water. >> a lot of levees in southern california has structural pumps. >> it needs better levees, it was formed after the devastating 1998 flooding here to do just that. the army corps of engineers fundings never materializes. construction will begin next spring thanks to santa clara county taxpayers. >> their measure "b" passing in november dedicated about $38 million to address the flooding issues on the creek. >> but east palo alto mayor wants the state to step up and help with repairs or disaster relief if necessary in the short term. >> it's no different from any other community in the state of california. if they think their levees are up to standard, they would be surprised that most of them are not. they are not certified levees by
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the army corps. they spent part of their holiday filing flood insurance claims. >> we have our health that is what is important. we'll be okay. >> reporter: the east palo alto city manager said that california conservation corps is expected to work in the dark tonight. they are not expecting tomorrow evening's storm to be as bad as last night's but they really don't want to take any chances. >> dan: better safe than sorry. there are flooding concerns in sonoma county where several roads and streets are still closed. reporter cornell bernard is live in napa. a dramatic water rescue on napa river. >> much of wine country is still drying out after the storm, but the napa river as you can see here is still high, swollen with rain. we arrived moments after a man
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wound up in the river right underneath the third street bridge. >> a man flailing, fighting to stay afloat in the middle of the napa river. crowds on the bank watched the drama unfold. >> they were there really quick. >> we needed to get him out real quick. we got a good throw on the rope. >> the victim was pulled ashore. a ladder was brought in and the man was pulled to safety. there was no time to waste. in sonoma county, high water is still a big issue. intersection of 12 and 121 was underwater when sonoma creek overflowed its banks. today the water is still spilling into nearby vineyards. >> it looks like the ocean is out there right now. only nice thing is all the vines are dormant so there is no harm. >> dozens of roads are still
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flooded. george lives near sonoma creek and he is frustrated. >> every year there is more water in the creek and less creek to contain it. >> as for the man who wound up in the river, firefighters suspect he was intoxicated. he told them he had jumped into the river because it seemed like fun. >> are you okay? >> hello. >> reporter: that man will be okay. it's unclear if he will be cited. he was taken queen of the valley hospital for observation. he thanked firefighters for saving him. >> dan: more storm aftermath, rock slides brought traffic to a stop on highway 1 south of big sur. they closed the road. slide happened yesterday at 5:30 in the evening. no word on when the road will be reopened. >> carolyn: one area hit hard by the problem of mudslides is oakland where road crews are
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focused on cleaning up. our team coverage continues with reporter nick smith live there where he experienced it firsthand. >> reporter: absolutely. i'm at skyline boulevard and pinehurst road. there is only few yards behind me where a mudslide disrupted traffic. i want you to take a look at video. this is pinehurst road barely inside contra costa county. now, the scene of this morning's mudslide, massive stones weighing hundreds of pounds were pulled from the foundation. ground was saturated from previous rain was no match for the weight and pressure. highway patrol was forced to close a section until road crews could remove the debris. >> the three coming down and my heart just sank. first thing i could think of is to duck. i heard it bounce directly off my roof.
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i'm pretty lucky. >> reporter: he is talking about that tree. that tree nearly 80 feet in height and weighing close to a ton hit with enough pressure and caved part of car's roof and ripped off the mirror. firefighters worked as quickly as they could to clear tree from the roadway. motorists who had not been allowed to pass offered an helping hand to firefighters proving that nothing is too big to move when you work together. according to our own abc weather team, this is only a small break in the rain. we should see more rain later this wreak meaning that already saturated soil will have more challenges trying to keep those roots in place. travelers between sacramento and reno need to be ready for
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slippery conditions and spending time out in the cold. travel has been slow on i-80 heading into the high country. drivers are advised to bring water clothing and food and water. potential road closures could mean a long wait on the side of the highway. for passenger cars, tire chains are an absolute requirement. >> there were a lot of spinouts further east. we had to close the road, not close the road but hold traffic for about almost three hours. >> truckers are feeling the frustration with delays due to the conditions that make portions of the highway just too dangerous to pass. here is a live look, all lifts and run are open on the mountain after three feet of fresh powder fell over the weekend. to this point in december, most snowfall in heavenly in ten years. >> carolyn: it was certainly sunny and dry today but the rain will be returning.
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spencer christian is keeping track of it on live doppler. how is it looking for christmas? >> it's looking like a wet christmas but dry right now. clear skies from earlier today have given way to increasingly cloudier skies and you can see the batch of moisture offshore. this is part of the system that is going to bring us rainfall tomorrow. storm totals since thursday, over 11 inches of rain in northern sonoma county, ben lomond, ten inches of rain. here is what is coming our way on radar image, high pressure pushing inland, it's bringing a mass of clouds and rainfall is expected tomorrow morning in the north bay. i'll give you the time line where the rain is expected a little later. >> carolyn: stay with "abc 7 news" for continuing coverage. spence her be back with the full
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forecast in just a few minutes. you can check live doppler 7-hd radar any time at >> dan: breaking news, donner ski ranch was closed for the day after the death of a snowboarder from an avalanche he may have triggered. sheriff's deputies got a call about snowboard they're may have been caught in the avalanche. he was riding above the avalanche. the victim is described as man in his 50s from the truckee area. >> a water main break in mill valley left 20 homes. a sheet is partially covering the avenue. utility crews excavated the 12-inch water main and currently repairing it. it caused damage to the road. it made part of it sink a couple of inches. >> dan: more than a thousand registered nurses are walking the picket line at nine bay area
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hospitals run by sutter health systems. the walkout against sutter health, it's the eighth walkout. the union contracted has been contentious and negotiations have been going on for 18 months. sutter health says it was calculated to cost them extra money because they have to pay fill in for the enitre holiday week for just gist one day of work. >> carolyn: small businesses in the bay area are hoping for a lot of late sales. >> people are wrapping up last minute holiday shopping as we continue a live report on procrastinators in the bay area rushing desperately to beat the clock. >> how a decision by the president leaving some holiday travelers stuck in san francisco. >> and a dramatic display of christmas lights is getting one family in trouble with their neighbors.
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why some are seeing red among many other colors. "abc 7 news" at 6:00 continues.
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>> dan: will you feel for these people, what a hassle for dozens of residents that is in holiday crisis mode base after last minute presidential order. this group of people were surprised when they went to the passport office to find it was closed. office was supposed to be open but last friday, president obama granted federal workers their wish and made christmas eve a federal holiday. now people with morning appointments and travel plans in
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the next few days, they just got left out in the cold. >> it's a mess for a lot of people. if he was going to give the workers off he should have thought in advance so people could plan around it. all these people are stranded out on the corner now. >> dan: really a tough spot. especially for people who had done all the required paperwork and had been told to come in monday morning to pick up their passport that simple but it wasn't. >> carolyn: good signs for small businesses cashing in on the holiday season. some big retailers are staying open late to maximize sales. local mom and pop shops say they are doing good without that. it's the personal touch that draws customers to their stores. shop owners also say that loyal customers seem to understand spending locally helps keep the neighborhood economy afloat. >> dan: if you still need to buy last minute stuff and gifts out
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there, the choices are growing ever smaller with each passing hour in terms of finding stores that are still open on this christmas eve. david louie is live outside one store that is going to stay open until 9:00, still a lot of people out there? >> there are quite a few people out here. parking lot is full outside of target and all evening and all day there has been a steady stream of customers coming out of the store with packages. in some cases they are looking to finish up their shopping but in some cases they are specifically looking for bargains. >> last minute shopper in some ways is rewarded by procrastinating. mark downs are being promoted. >> you save money by shopping late? >> yes, i did. there are things on clearance and 40% off. >> in some cases, last minute shoppers are really just there to pick up last minute items. >> i am luck.
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i have a wife that do all the shopping. >> i picked up stocking stuffers. >> they are prepared for the onslaught. all check stands are open. they are projecting holiday sales will be up 2 1/2 to 3% from last year. brick and mortar retailers benefited because competitors on line can't do same day purchase and deliver by tonight. despite good intentions there are last minute gifts to buy. >> it's christmas eve? >> are you giving me a hard time to wait until the last minute? >> that is my question? >> i got some of the shopping done. >> this man was clutching was continuing to scan the shelves? >> i'm trying to figure out what to get. it's the hardest thing because you can't buy things that is too
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intricate. >> he was checking out aisles but a photo op for grandma. >> they can spend hour and a half in one aisle. they were in one aisle back and forth. they played and played, he had a wonderful time they put it back on the shelves and walked away. >> even more bargains are expected after christmas. toys 'r' us already has given out details about the deals they are going to have of their christmas. for example all video games, buy one, get one 40% off. certain lego kitsd, buy one and get 50% off. david louie, "abc 7 news". >> carolyn: bay area is not having a white christmas but it's not stopping people from enjoying a traditional sport. they are heading to justin justin hermann plaza skating but
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some were struggling to stay up. like many rinks around the bay area this one is staying open until january 6th. >> dan: that is great. lots of fun. >> carolyn: an incredibly elaborate christmas light display is pitting neighbor against neighbor. it's adorned with 56,000 lights, many of which are synced to christmas music. some are complaining the lights are too bright and keeping them from sleeping. they contacted the police and asked the city council for an ordinance to limit the lights on display. he. >> dan: it's like to see wayne newton performing there. more rain is coming. >> clouds are this can thing. first in the north bay and sweep eastward. mount tam cam looking down to
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downtown san francisco. you can see the lights of the holiday season, decorating the embarcadero center. its beautiful christmas eve but it's about to get a little messy. here is a look at live doppler 7-hd. we are dry and rain free, but there is moisture offshore especially off the north coast where there is bigger mess. it's all moving in our direction and bring us rainfall and tomorrow evening. we are looking at temperatures in the low readings in the low 50s 45 degrees in napa and fairfield. 48 in half moon bay. you can see it's getting chilly in some spots and get colder overnight. it will be cloudy overnight and rainy and breezy christmas day. showers are like on wednesday and calm her and dry -- calmer and drier weather. north bay valleys, upper 30s in santa rosa and napa. 37 at livermore.
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low 40s right around bay. 46 will be lotto in san francisco. composite image shows the moisture moving into our region. this is frontal system that will bring us more rain. 7:00 tomorrow morning, at which point it will be cloudy but mainly dry. up in the north bay, by 11:00 tomorrow morning, we'll see the first rain arriving in northern sonoma county pushing down to santa rosa. later in the day, we'll see more widespread rainfall and it will be heavier beginning to push south of golden gate into san francisco. then a spot of rain over in the area east of san jose. later in the afternoon by about 5:00, which would normally be the beginning of our afternoon rush hour, more concentrated rainfall, pockets of heavy rain in many areas at that point. it will be soaking event. then wednesday, scattered showers and breaking up isolated showers, wednesday evening it should just baseball over.
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then generous totals up to 2 inches in the north bay mountains and santa cruz mountains, inch and a half in the peninsula. only about three-tenths to six tenths in the south bay. in sierra, snow will fall. winter weather watch until 4:00 in the evening. 8-16 inches of snow above 5,000 feet. back to the bay area tomorrow, it will be rainy for most of the day with high temperatures in the upper 40s to around 50. later in the day, rain will reach farther southward and eastward, but before then, mid-50s in the peninsula and south bay. monterey bay, highs will be in the mid to upper 50s. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. showers on wednesday, slight chance on nurse, partly cloudy and dry on friday. slight chance on saturday. sunny and dry and pleasant next monday which is new year's eve.
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date for revellers to fill the streets and drive me indoors. [ laughter ] >> dan: just ahead, remembering beloved actor best known as half of odd couple. >> resolution after the yacht landed in middle of dispute over a bill. "abc 7 news" at 6:00 continues after this.
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>> carolyn: award winning actor jack klugman has passed away. he played the roommate in the odd couple later starred as medical examiner who solved crimes in quincy. he lost his voice to throat cancer in the 1980s but taught himself to speak again. he said the only stupid thing he did in his life was to start smoking. >> the yacht venus was impounded in holland who claims jobs estate owe them money. they paid money to resolve the
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dispute. it cost $127 million to build. the governor has granted 79 pardons this christmas eve. those pardons were given to people who have completed their sentences. they have been out of prison for more than a decade without any criminal activity. individuals who have been convicted of a crime in california can apply. they have to earn it following their conviction. once it is granted. law enforcement is notefied and their records are updated. >> people at this toy drive are working harder than ever this holiday season. >> carolyn: also at 6:30 a look behind the fiscal cliff to break them down how much l it will cost you if a deal is not reached in a week. >> both firemen are shot.
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>> firefighters are ambushed in new york that leads crews in the line of gunfire. local firefighters show their solidarity. stay with us
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>> dan: investigators are still trying to figure out why a gunman shot four firefighters as they arrived at an early morning house fire. sergio quintana has details on this shooting. we ree action from local firefighters who are obviously stunned. >> reporter: investigators in new york are trying to hammer out the details but the shooter may have sparked the house fire and waited for firefighters to arrive and then started shooting >> what should have been a radio call to coordinate an early morning fire fight is a call for help. four firefighters were targeted by a shooter. two were killed. gunman may have set the fire to lure emergency crews there. >> it does appear that it was a trap that was set for responding
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for first responders. >> they identified the shooter as 63-year-old william spangler. the guns were illegally acquired because he is felon. he committed suicide after s.w.a.t. teams arrived. it shocked emergency workers across the country. fire chief got the news while doing an annual toy drive. >> fire teams across the bay area regularly coordinate with local police departments to make sure certain situations are safe but never been directly targeted. >> we don't know how firefighters have changed their protocol into running into a burning building. i know if happened tonight, they won't be looking for a sniper.
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they will be trying to save people. >> they plan to send toys in webster, new york this holiday season. >> carolyn: authorities and search crews have come up empty for a possible drunk driver who jumped into a creek trying to make a getaway. the man jumped into the creek near the college of marin to evade officers. they stopped the driver on sir francis drake for a possible d.u.i. the driver ran into a creek. as lawmakers in washington don't reach a compromise fiscal cliff. higher taxes will loom. for americans that bring in $50,000 to $75,000 they will see an increase of $2300. people who make between $75,000 to $100,000 will pay almost double that. news about the fiscal cliff has not been good with the president and congress far apart. if they can't agree on a budget
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plan by january 1st, government spending cuts will increase automatically. market watchers worry that it will put the country into a recession. >> dan: annual toy drive is in full swing. there are not enough toys so far. so a plea is going out to lefty o'doul's at union square. that is where tomas ramon is live with the story tonight. >> reporter: i seek behind me there are firefighters here, they are collecting toys that people are driving by and dropping off. they collected 4600 toys so far. it's far less than 15,000 they were hoping to collect so they are asking people if they can't want to give a toy for christmas drive by and drop off a gift. six-year-old jordan young has new toy cars for christmas. he is one of three dozen
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children who are getting gifts early. 8-year-old appreciate yachts what is being done for her neighbors. >> it is great especially the kids that don't have things. >> reporter: parents are appreciative as well especially after seeing the smiles. >> it's nice for firefighters to donate toys for the children. >> i think it is great because like some kids don't have this opportunity. they can come here and get stuff. >> reporter: that stuff is donated toys that have been delivered to lefty o'doul's for the san francisco firefighters for the annual toy drive. this morning's kickoff was attended by mayor ed lee. donations have been stacked in the back of restaurant and put in barrels for delivery. this may appear a massive amount of toys, the need outweighs the donations so far. >> more and more kids are going
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without toys this year. we're going to deliver more than 4 --200,000 toys to 43,000 kids in san francisco. >> they are also helping out by sending taxis out to deliver gifts to o'doul's at no charge. he is happy to be part of the effort. >> the kids get toys for christmas. >> lefty o'doul's will be collecting toys until 2:00 in the morning. you can you can also drop off a gift at your local fire station. >> carolyn: do you know the proper holiday tipping etiquette. michael finney breaks it down. >> dan: a look at virtual gift revolution.
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the apps we're relying on to get those last minute gifts in time.
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>> carolyn: the holiday says the time to show payer appreciation to the service providers that help throughout the year. >> dan: it can be tricky. michael finney explains the run down. >> they keep us looking good. mail carriers get us mail rain or shine. sanitation workers do one of dirtiest jobs around. holidays a good time to show your appreciation with a tip. cindy is founder of advanced etd the question. >> tipping is mostly optional in most instances, as a result it's something more personal. >> the survey of 1800 americans found bar bergs receive an average tip of $10. teachers get an average $20. so do mail carriers and newspaper carriers, pet care providers and sanitation workers
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gardeners do better a ap at $25 and housekeepers get an average tip of $50. >> you tip what you have extra to spare and to share. >> i tip if i feel people give me a friendly good service and treat me kindly and don't make me feel like, i owe them something. >> she suggests another option. >> the difference is for people who serve you year round. i think a gift is much more personal than just giving money. >> not everyone agrees. they found 39% of those surveyed they didn't tip at all last holiday season. 55% of the women who didn't tip cited tight budgets as the reason, 41% of men gave the same reason. for workers who do a good job, tips are much appreciated.
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>> carolyn: you'll never have to worry about tipping enough again if you are holding that winning lottery ticket sold in the bay area. lottery officials are still looking for the winner of last saturday's super lotto drawing. the store was in a very festive mood not just because of the lotto. it gets $115,000 for selling that winning ticket but they always celebrate there this time of year. to check your ticket. here is a look at the winning numbers. the mega number is 20. >> dan: that would be a nice way to ring the new year. if you have few people left on the christmas list. technology can come to the rescue. jonathan bloom has a couple of ways you can instantly give gifts wout just a click of the mouse. sometimes you don't even have to pay for them. >> a flurry of shopping bags flood san francisco streets as the christmas clock ticks down.
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last minute shopping is not for the faint of heart. if you are a procrastinator that happens to be lazy and cheap you may fall in love with an app. >> free as you don't have to pay for them. these are basically coupons that you can wrap up and send as a gift. >> it does make it easy to give gifts at the last minute. >> you can go with the free gift or add to it using a credit card and send it to any of your facebook friends. >> i have many holiday gifts, three today. >> you are a bit of a procrastinator? >> normally i'm not but it's been very busy. >> now another company wants a piece of the action and they have been feeling attention lately. >> the company is facebook, a few weeks ago they went live with facebook gifts and covered their own site with ads for it.
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it's getting good reviews. >> other items they have offered i thought it was perfect for their friends. biggest problem is keeping within my budget. >> philip is sending physical gifts that won't arrive until christmas but facebook sends a message to say they are on their way. >> dan: coming up next, a christmas tree that is causing an international controversy. >> carolyn: the nation is calling this psychological warfare. knows stories and more coming up. >> dan: the story behind a new television satellite, that is destined for second life and it destined for second life and it could be billions of years.keure brewer,
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i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? inside the brewer, there's this train that makes coffee stronger, bigger, and hotter! actually, i just press this button. brew what you love with the keurig vue. >> carolyn: the lighting of a christmas tower in south korea, state media and north korea says the lighting tower in seoul they say is psych lodge warfare. >> dan: while we're talking
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satellites, a new communication satellite is high in orbit high above earth where it will transmit signals. when it's life span is over, it will begin the second job as sort of a museum that will last for all time. news anchor eric thomas has the story. >> and ignition, we have liftoff. >> in the early morning hours of november 20, this russian rocket launched carrying a satellite to a stationary orbit 22,000 miles up. this echo star satellite. for 15 years it will send tv homes to homes on earth. but it is destined for a second life that could run billions of years. >> the project was going into space and going into time. there is something deeply humble about that. >> this artist and author
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trever pag eleven. now, he assault driving force behind an ambitious project that went up with the rocket. they have chosen hundred pictures, had them loaded on high-tech wafer and placed them in this disk on the satellite. we caught up with him in moscow after he watch the rocked speed toward the heavens. >> the idea of detaching an image from culture, it allows us to think about what images are. >> his goal is to create a touch stone of what humans were lying like, relation to nature and technology and will last long and every sign of our time on earth has been erased. when the service life is over, it will be boosted into higher orbit where gravity can't pull it back to earth. it will circle for all practical
6:48 pm
purposes to the end of time. >> if anybody ever finds these things, it may outlook them that cave paintings look to us. >> the latest book the last pictures, all 100 images are inside including the beauty of nature. others its fury. the joy of a smile and the burst of a hydrogen bomb. his achievements as well as contradictions. he consulted scientists and artists before choosing pictures. >> humans won't be around forever. anything could happen. >> but at least a glimpse of humanity will live on in a timeless orbit long after its creators are gone. >> carolyn: inning idea. >> dan: what a fascinating project. let's look at the immediate future. >> carolyn: spencer christian is
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here. >> it looks impressive as you can see on satellite and composite radar image, lots of clouds and moisture. we'll start to get wet weather now. right now, live doppler 7-hd. it's dry down in the bay area and up to the north and offshore pretty big batch of moisture. it's seeming in our direction. tomorrow, christmas day we'll see rain arriving in the north bay and cool there with highs in the upper 40s to around 50. most of the remainder will be milder but few highs will be in the 50s until the rain arrives in the afternoon and then it will cool down. seven-day forecast, it will be weather in all areas by midafternoon. soaking rain in some spots. showers on wednesday. just a slight chance of a shower early thursday. dry on friday and another slight chance on saturday and dry on sunday and monday which by the way is new year's eve. >> dan: thank you. >> carolyn: very rough day for
6:50 pm
football teams. brutal. >> we just learned the 49ers have lost a player for the season after last night's game. it was the night before the christmas and all through the bay all of our football teams are hurting. what do you say? not a whole lot. he will give his version of silent night.
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are. jim harbaugh marked his 49th birthday as seattle landed had loss. stanford had a big role in it. here is 90 yards for a touchdown and picked off a pass in the end zone. doug baldwin got two touchdowns. during the news conference, harbaugh was scrooge like in his answers keeping words to a minimum. >> they had success in different areas. multiple areas.
6:54 pm
they did a good job. he has an issue that he is working through. quiet. >> thanks, jim. more bad news for the 49ers. espn is reporting wide receiver is outside for the season. he tore a pair of ligaments in his left knee against seattle. >> the season is also for raiders starting quarterback carson palmer. he got hurt late in the game. he gets crushed by greg hardy. he has not decided who will start in san diego. matt leinart saw the bulk of the action but it may be good to see what pryor can do. >> he has worked extremely hard in practice.
6:55 pm
i don't know he has full command of everything we're doing. i wouldn't expect a lot different out of any other young quarterback. we'll make a decision whaty we want to go. >> a week from tomorrow, stanford squares off against wisconsin in the granddaddy of them all, rose bowl. it will feature two of the rest running back, monte and taylor, combined the two have rushed for more than 922 yards the most in the history of the rose bowl. >> if i was fan with nothing on this, i would be ready to watch probably one of the best running match-ups in college football in a long time. we have two guys that you want on your team. >> there was another kind going on in alameda where warriors guard charles jenkins hosted a bowling event.
6:56 pm
the students range from sixth to eighth grade are involved in the youth development center. they are involved with maintaining good grades in school like getting a chance to bowl with a golden gate state warrior. >> dan: joining us at 9:00 on kofy, it is the ultimate gift for cat lover. high-tech way to learn about the ancestry of your favorite cat. then a tiger attack on this fifth anniversary of the zoo mauling, an officer recounts terrifying moments with that animal. i remember working that christmas night. all coming up at 9:00 and 11:00 on "abc 7 news". >> carolyn: that does it for this edition. i'm carolyn johnson. >> dan: i'm dan ashley. for all of us here here. for all of us here here. see you later tonight.
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