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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 27, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PST

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shards of glass flying through the air. what caused this terrifying accident? and look at this. he is kicking those footballs over 60 yards through basketball hoops with pinpoint precision. meet the 28-year-old soaring to global fame on the internet with his kicks. his kicks so good online that the new york jets flew him in for a tryout. we'll talk to him this morning in a "gma" exclusive. and we bid you a good morning, america. hey, it's happened before. youtube can giveth and taketh away. lots of hopeful people here in the studio at least. george, robin and lara all at home with their families. it's great to have amy, paula and rachel back with us this morning.
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and, sam, with all this extreme weather, the country is getting walloped. >> we got a huge amount of snow to get to today. and also some strong, gusty winds. >> the winds last night were amazing. we're also talking about a privacy breach for the first family of facebook. you see that picture right there, they didn't want that out everywhere. but guess what? it happened. >> not good. and lucky in love again and again and again. it's the third time's a charm for janet jackson. the private superstar, now engaged to a billionaire. yeah. a "b." who is he? and why isn't she wearing the ring? we're going to have all the details ahead. and it is a very large ring, i might add. but first, sam, again, this weather. coast-to-coast, it has stopped this country. >> this is the storm we've been talking about since the weekend. and then yesterday, it delivered all the snow. let me show you the pictures
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that we've been getting in. facebook and twitter. you have been sending in pictures like this. this is in the middle of inn. you see the trucks lined up on slippery roads. even though the snow may have stopped in some locations, we're still dealing with slippery roads and black ice. it's a real issue here. and it now moves into the northeast. here's the snowfall totals. central illinois, 18 inches of snow. indianapolis, by the way, that 7.5 inches of snow, that's the biggest one-event snowfall we've had in about four years. the middle of the country trying to clean up those roads. and this morning, right there in indianapolis, our alex perez is there. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, sam. here in indianapolis, the big concern is the black ice and bitter cold. this massive storm is already moving into its next target, the northeast. this morning, indianapolis is trying to get back on its feet after it was walloped by the blizzard. this city, brought to a virtual standstill. the storm dumping more than seven inches of snow here. >> there we go.
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>> reporter: residents struggled to dig out. those whiteout conditions seen across the lower midwest states. in southern illinois, a foot and a half of snow. in cleveland, ohio, freezing rain turned to snow. cancelling about 80% of flights in and out of cleveland. across arkansas, power lines snapped, leaving nearly 200,000 customers in the dark. and in the south, devastating tornadoes, causing panic as they touched down. this surveillance video taken at a walgreens in mobile, alabama, shows a tornado ripping through the parking lot. inside, terrified customers scrambling for cover. from texas to alabama, at least 34 tornadoes rumbled across the area. this twister had winds of more than 110 miles per hour, flattening this church and anything unlucky enough to be in its path. until this morning, the storm is bearing down and creating havoc in the northeast. in new york city, wind gusts of
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nearly 50 miles per hour. upstate, in buffalo, almost a foot of snow. so, here in the northeast, they're already bracing and coping for this storm. here in indianapolis, they are hoping to get back to work and get as many things as possible back to normal. sam? >> and, alex, so much of the country affected by this storm system. let me just show you this. as we started december, we only had 6% of the country that had snow. now, with the latest storm tracks, we have 61% of the country covered in some kind of snowfall. look at this. it's unbelievable compared to where we were at the beginning of the month. this low moves into the northeast. it's brought an icy layer and snow inland areas. that low will continue to sit there in maine for a little while longer. so, here's the snowfall that continues to fall today. we're looking at more than a foot of snow in the northern vermont, new hampshire, into northern maine. that's good news for those
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folks. we'll get three to six inches in close to cities like portland. boston, out of the snowfall. so is new york city. that's good news. but what you're not out of is the wind. as this low continues to sit there, there will be 40-mile-per-hour, 50-mile-per-hour, and in some cases, 60-mile-per-hour winds in the red zones. this will be more travel problems in spots. not only with the slick road surfaces but the gusty winds. and our john schriffen is in syracuse, one of the places that continues to get snow. good morning, john. >> reporter: sam, good morning. snow is still falling. because it's coming down so fast, the crews are having a hard time trying to keep these roads clear. give you an idea of what it looks like. we have an inch to two inches of fluffy snow on the roads. we have about a foot of snow on the ground right now. and the snowdrifts, they're pretty deep. it's also flights that are grounded. nationwide, about 350 flights have been canceled already so far today.
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over the past 48 hours, more than 2,500 flights. authorities say, if you don't have to be out here, stay home and be safe. >> yeah, it's not just the snow falling but it's the unseen wind. we had 74-mile-per-hour wind gusts out of this storm. we'll see these strong winds, up to 70 miles per hour, throughout the day. all of america's forecast in about a minute. >> thank you, sam. we saw the snow in washington, d.c. yesterday. that's what president obama will be returning to this morning, cutting his hawaii vacation short because of the looming fiscal cliff deadline. it is now just five days away. is there any movement on either side? how many more times can we ask this question of abc chief white house correspondent, jonathan karl, joining us this morning. dare i ask, where we stand this morning? >> reporter: good news and bad news. the president's coming back to washington. the senate's coming back. they're ready to strike a deal. the bad news, josh, no progress whatsoever. and, in fact, the treasury department said that the government on monday will hit the limit of how much money we can borrow to run the government.
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they're going to do some extraordinary measures to keep us going until february. but things look grim. the one sliver of good news i can say on the substance is, the speaker's office tells me this morning there has been contact between the speaker of the house and the president, at least on the staff level. and they won't say whether or not the two men actually spoke. >> contact. hazahs all around. we heard a lot about taxes that will increase. what do we really mean? >> reporter: everybody will see their taxes go up. here are three examples. you have a teacher with two kids making $43,000 a year. taxes will go up by $3,000. a member of congress, they make $174,000 a year. their taxes will go up just next year, $7,500. and lebron james, you know, the guy made about $53 million last year. his taxes, just next year, would go up $2.4 million. >> ouch. >> reporter: poor lebron. >> indeed. we say it's five days away.
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but the idea is, we can't get this done if they reach a deal 15 minutes before the deadline clears. are we already past the point of no return? >> we are already virtually certain that we're going to go over this fiscal cliff. these guys suddenly came to an agreement over the next few days, they could pass it at the beginning of january. and we could not see many of the impacts. but i wouldn't be optimistic about that. >> jonathan karl, i have a feeling i'll see you here around 7:07 tomorrow morning. thank you, jon. >> amy? let's go to paula faris with the other top stories develop right now. paula? >> we have an update on 41. we begin with growing concern about the health of former president george h.w. bush. he has suffered a setback. mr. bush is in intensive care after doctors were unable to lower his fever. and they still don't know what's causing it. they've now placed him on a liquids-only diet. they are not explaining why. mr. bush was admitted to the hospital november 23rd for bronchitis. doctors say they remain cautiously optimistic about his recovery.
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and toyota has agreed to pay more than $1 billion -- that's "b" as in boy -- to settle a class-action lawsuit from drivers who say their cars sped up without warning. now, abc's brian ross was the first to expose this problem. the lawsuit which was filed two years ago blamed a flaw in toyota's electronics. now, although a government investigation later flamed poor-fitting floor mats and sticky gas pedals. if a judge approves that settlement, toyota will compensate some owners for the car's loss in value. and will install new safety equipment in more than 3 million vehicles. and police in miami are looking for five brazen robbers who are behind a jewelry store heist that turned into a wild shootout. look at this. the men burst into the shop with guns blazing, shooting the owner and firing recklessly in an area that was packed with holiday shoppers. you can see smoke rising from the gun being fired.
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the wounded owner, a father of ten, fired back, forcing the men to run out so quickly, they almost forgot all of that stolen jewelry. and in new mexico, police arrived just in time to break up a fight between two veterans that could have turned deadly, as you're about to see. it all stemmed from a disagreement over a bumper sticker. >> drop the gun. drop the gun now. >> reporter: look at this dramatic video just released that shows police arriving on the scene of two men arguing. and they find one man holding another at gunpoint. >> step away. >> reporter: 43-year-old chris williams puts his hands in the air. and the officers separate the men. police say the two men, both veterans, had gotten into an altercation over a bumper sticker on williams' trucks that said derogatory things about president obama. >> why would a vet, on an american citizen, want to put that stuff on their truck? >> reporter: the argument escalated quickly. when the police arrived, they found the victim on his knees,
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his hands in the air, and williams allegedly holding the gun to the back of the man's head. >> drop the gun, now. >> reporter: police arriving just in time, possibly saving that veteran's life. >> and the man holding the gun was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. and finally, if you don't like sharks, turn away. you're not going to like this. this was the last thing shoppers were expecting. cameras rolling as a giant shark tank bursts inside a mall in china. water from the 33-ton tank flowed everywhere. glass flying. 15 people injured. fortunately, though, the sharks didn't get very far. no word yet on what caused the tank to suddenly burst like that. but mall officials, just to let you know, they do not plan on rebuilding that. live sharks don't belong in a tank. >> i don't even like walking through the tunnel in sea world with the sharks. i'm afraid that's going to happen. >> and it did. >> it did. don't go there anymore. >> thank you.
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it was looking like it was an unhappy holiday for retailers. early numbers revealing sales slowed to a pace not seen since the start of the recession. for some shoppers that could mean deep discounts right now. abc's neal karlinsky has the story. >> reporter: 'tis the season for turning unwanted gifts into free stuff you really want. a lot of returns today? >> one return. and then, we had to buy some of this. >> reporter: every return turns into a purchase, huh? >> i think so. >> reporter: the holiday may be over. but retailers are slinging to hope that the shopping season still has a little more left to give. and they are renewing their biggest sales for shoppers returning with returns in one hand and gift cards in the other. the early numbers show that holiday sales rose an underwhelming 0.7% from last year, the slowest growth since 2008. forecasters, though, point out that this final week of december makes up for about 15% of the
7:13 am
month's sales. >> it could help lift sales. >> reporter: this power shopping mother and daughter duo donned running shoes to get the job done and found a $400 coat for $148. >> i got a great jacket today. maybe a pair of shoes. a pair of pants. >> reporter: is today the day for deals? >> today is the day for deals. everywhere, 60%, 70%, 40% off. can't beat that. >> reporter: many of the biggest deals are running until new year's, as retailers hope to salvage a tough year. and shoppers who still have cash left over treat themselves to a season of sales. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> thank you, neal. now, to a major privacy snafu for the first family of facebook, right after the social network rolled out its new privacy settings. take a look. a personal photo of the zuckerbergs accidentally going public. and then, going viral. abc's linsey davis is here with that.
7:14 am
apparently, even the first family, a little unclear on the -- >> a little confusion. don't worry. i actually -- your pictures will be safe with me. i understand the privacy settings, josh. don't worry about it. randi zuckerberg, on the other hand, she thought she was sharing this private family moment with only friends. but that picture ended up in the hands of a marketing director, of all people, who tweeted it out to 40,000 followers. >> $1 million, that's not cool. >> reporter: that litmus test of cool, shared with mark zuckerberg in "the social network" is being amended by the zuckerberg family. after the facebook ceo's sister, randi, posted this photo, and was shared across the internet on twitter. she scolded the errant tweeter saying, you posting it to twitter is way uncool. >> it's kind of ironic to be
7:15 am
part of the family and then be offended at the settings. >> reporter: the offending tweet came from callie schweitzer. the controversy and the photo that spawned it, of the zuckerbergs reacting to the new poke application, made its way across the web. from buzzfeed to mashible, to >> once people start sharing it or tweeting it, there's really no erasing what happened. >> reporter: schweitzer apologized. and randi zuckerberg accepted. finally tweeting these words of wisdom. always ask permission before posting a friend's photo publicly. it's not about privacy settings. it's about human decency. >> reporter: proof that the privacy settings are confusing for some, even for a former director and family member of facebook. it illustrates a general concern
7:16 am
about internet privacy. when in doubt, guys, don't post the picture. >> and know the privacy settings. after all, it's your company. linsey davis, thank you very much. linsey, thank you. now, to the latest on the remarkable reunion we first brought you wednesday. a little girl brought back together with her beloved dog after a christmas grinch stole him away. abc's ron claiborne has the story. >> reporter: this is a story about a little girl named mia. a little dog named marley. and a real-life grinch. >> somebody swiped a 7-year-old girl's dog. >> reporter: 'twas the morning before christmas. and it was all captured an surveillance video. >> we didn't know if we would ever see him. >> reporter: mia was devastated. >> he's so adorable. it's like so hard to be without him. >> reporter: miles away, on christmas day, a schoolteacher named tina cohen was walking through a park. and noticed a man selling a dog. >> they didn't look right together. it wasn't right to be selling a dog on christmas. and i had a gut feeling this wasn't his dog. >> reporter: she bought the dog
7:17 am
for $220 and took him straight to a vet. who found out his identification microchip. >> we got a phone call. and he said, we have your dog. we have marley. we screamed up and down. we have marley. >> reporter: two hours later, the little girl and little dog reunited. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> and because we just can't get enough, we're actually going to meet the little girl and her hero later on in the show. can't wait for that. >> that's a great story. boy. that little girl, that's terrific for her. sam, now, time for another look, here, at this weather. and we've been mentioning the country's middle and the northeast. but really, it is coast-to-coast. >> it is coast-to-coast. we have a brand-new system that kinds of sits on the west. another that exits and becomes a player for the middle of the country in the next couple days. you may remember when seattle was enjoying 75 days of dry weather over the summertime. well, now, 75 days of wet
7:18 am
weather, consecutively wet weather in the northeast. as those systems move into the middle of the country. from that area of low pressure from san francisco to l.a. i think it's better in northern california, as well. seattle is exempt from that. you'll get a couple of showers. those two lows that move into the middle of the country become a player for snow starting with this line of snow into the midwest. more for sioux falls. that's more snow for sioux falls. chicago, also, minneapolis, rapid city. we'll get into -- i don't know. we'll get into the rest of the nation's weather when we come back in a minute. right now, that's the weather around the nation.
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>> > still to come here on "good morning america," the startling love triangle case that may have ended in murder. a 19-year-old college student is missing. is another teen the key to cracking this case? and is the third time a charm for superstar janet
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i'm eric thomas. breaking news, police on the officer-involved chuti#w,kibglñn walnut creek. officers responding to a 911
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u morning creek side drive neardua south main police identity, no officers were hurt. news conference is scheduled for later this among. we'll keep you updated. a)y is keepu updated about the commute. fairly light, a couple of problem spots north 680 near diablo road accident blocking right . i wanted to show you on our waze app this is napa, of fifth a car vs. pick-up truck. possibly-s@b driver stuck in that car, crews are there. napa at old napa road east of fifth.u accident to an individual the area. this is a free app you can÷sñ8s google lay or apple app store. >> when we6aa÷b c1
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welcome back.b8á high clouds, live doppler 7 hd over thekbñ lastcv4r three hour, nothing but dry air under this, right now 39 fairfield, 50xooññ half moon bay most of us in g 40s in the low
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♪ i'm on the edge of glory ♪ you know, things you learn about sam champion when you post a viral video. >> look at that leg. >> who knew that sam was a lefty? >> mad skills, sam. >> and who knew that sam was from norway, yeah. >> i think we've established that it's not me. >> well, then, might it be the nfl's next big star. this is a video that went understandably viral. this is all real. nothing altered about these kicks. a regular fella from norway a tryout with the new york jets.
7:30 am
george, robin, lara home with their families. great to have amy, paula and rachel here. we're going to switch gears and talk about a love triangle case that may have ended in murder. a 19-year-old biology major vanished. we'll explain the details. also ahead, janet jackson. she is planning to say i do for the third time. she's engaged to her billionaire boyfriend. we're going to tell you who he is and why she's not wearing an incredibly expensive and beautiful ring. we're going to talk about the wedding that is already being planned in a very elaborate affair. >> maybe because it takes a crane and a semi to move said ring. big, big, big news today in the world of the news that pops. rachel has it all for you. jennifer aniston's romantic holiday getaway. breaking overnight, kate winslet's surprise wedding. we have photos.
7:31 am
and mcdreamy brewing up a big, new project. rachel has all of that. >> oh, yes. a lot to get to. but first, the love triangle that may have ended in murder. a teenage girl is spending the holiday in jail after being charged in connection of the death of a 19-year-old college student. at the center of the story, an older man that may have been romantically involved with both girls. john muller has more on this twisted tale. >> reporter: news outlets have reported that this murder may be tied to a sex act gone horribly wrong. a 19-year-old student is missing. a man charged with his murder. and his 19-year-old ex-girlfriend arrested for lying to police. she's never been in trouble with the law before. but she is now behind bars. she's charged with lying to authorities investigating the murder of university of new hampshire student lizzie marriott in october. the 19-year-old's disappearance
7:32 am
sent chills through the campus. this actor and martial arts instructor is charged with second-degree murder for allegedly killing marriott. authorities blame mcdonough, the girlfriend at the time, for lying to them about that critical search window. >> she gave a statement to investigators investigating miss marriott's disappearance. and gave a false alibi as to her whereabouts on the day in question, october 9th. and gave a false statement on their actions that night. >> reporter: refusing to xhe comment. >> you can talk to my attorney. >> reporter: mcdonough knew lizzie marriott by working with her. the details against her ex-boyfriend have been sealed. mcdonough's attorney successfully argued to have her bail reduced. reminding the court, she's not charged with murder.
7:33 am
her ex-boyfriend is. >> as i read the complaints, conspiracy to apprehension. >> reporter: marriott was never seen again after leaving the university campus in durham, new hampshire, to visit friends six miles away in dover. she never showed up at her job in target or her classes. police are confidence she was dumped in a river in portsmouth. now, the judge set bail for mcdonagh at $35,000. she has been ordered to have no contact with her ex-boyfriend or his parents. authorities in maine and massachusetts, continue to watch their shorelines in case marriott's body washes up. >> a difficult story. thanks, john. we're going to turn, now, to the video we've been showing you this morning. the kicker behind it, posting a video of himself doing this. rather remarkable things with a football. the video has gone viral now.
7:34 am
and stunningly, has gotten him a tryout with an nfl team. here's why. believe what you are seeing. a normal guy, just kicking a football, with the precision that makes you think it's got to be fake. but, no. it's real. and his name -- and this 28-year-old from norway, has become a veritable internet sensation. >> summer vacation. and we made a quick shot video of me kicking a football. >> reporter: and now, at least 1 million people have seen the video. >> i think it's around 1.1 actually now. >> reporter: among those, the new york jets. why not look overseas to norway, for an answer.
7:35 am
>> they watched the video. they like what they saw. and they wanted me to go to tryouts. >> reporter: pretty heavy stuff for a guy that may have been kicking a soccer ball his whole life. only started kicking a football only a year and a half ago. harvard said the tryouts went well. >> i made 16 or 17, i think. >> you can see in the video he's got ability. and he's able to do some things or have some traits that you want to look at further. >> reporter: we wondered, back to all those trick kicks, how many times did it take to get some of them right? >> some went really fast. some on the first try. some others, i have to work a little bit on. >> you know, until we met him, doppelganger, sam. i would have thought it was you. >> i think the driving beat was good for most of us.
7:36 am
>> it is terrific. sam, we are at the boards. >> we're going to show places that are still snowing. we got these from earlier this morning. concord, new hampshire. half a foot of snow on the ground. more in an a foot of snow on the ground in places like concord, new hampshire. they haven't had snow yet this season. this is the first one that gets into the new england. and creates lake-effect snow. syracuse, buffalo. and the cold air behind it means that snow is going to stay on the ground in places where you pick it up. look at the temperatures behind that low. does mark, 4 below. how would you like to wake up in minneapolis at 11 degrees. kansas city, at 9 degrees. houston, 36 degrees. dallas feels like 17 this morning. that's how deep the cold air goes. take it further southeast and know this morning florida and overnight tomorrow, you're getting the colder air just dropping right in. tampa, 43, your overnight lows.
7:37 am
orlando coming in at 41. that's the cold air going into deep florida over the next 24 hours. look at the big board. the big thing is the cold air following the storm that we load up another storm. there's more snow coming from minneapolis, all the way towards denver with the next line. atlantic city, it continues to snow there. nice and dry, if you're looking fo >> and it's moments like this we like to point out honolulu at 79. all that weather was brought to you by home depot. more of america's weather next half hour. >> thank you, sam, for rubbing it in. janet jackson engaged to her billionaire boyfriend. plus, movie theater secrets
7:38 am
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cat rib. we're back at 7:42 with the big news for superstar janet jackson. she's engaged to her billionaire boyfriend. and paula is here with all of the latest details. >> how about you go, girl. he's nine years her junior. made his billions in luxury brands.
7:42 am
he is younger, richer, but just as private. this spring, ms. jackson is set to marry a spare-no-expenses-affair to her beau of two years. the 46-year-old superstar who once took great pride in calling herself ms. jackson. >> my first name ain't baby. it's janet. ms. jackson, if you're nasty. >> reporter: is about7újñ to be a missus for the third time. "us weekly" is reporting that the lucky groom-to-be is the qatari-born billionaire wissam al mana. he reportedly gave janet a huge ring over the summer, which she keeps locked up so she won't lose it. the couple is set to marry this spring in a lavish ceremony in qatar. >> they're going to fly in all their family and friends. >> reporter: that's going to cost a pretty penny. the youngest member of the jackson singing dynasty has 7 siblings and 20 nieces and
7:43 am
nephews. whether all of the talented but combative family attends is yet to be seen. the pair have been dating since 2010. she hinted at the relationship to robin roberts. >> he's a very private man. so, i don't talk about our relationship. but i think -- i really think it's important that i just say this. they've been trying to marry me off for a very, very long time. >> reporter: jackson, who said privacy is her name. hasn't gived up to that with her love life. 18 when she eloped with james debarge. an annulment followed later. in recent years, she's been spotted out and about with music producer jermaine dupri. the onagain/off again relationship of seven years ended right before she met al mana. >> she's putting that behind her and starting a new life. >> we can't emphasize just how
7:44 am
private she is. janet hid her marriage to her second husband for eight years. the fact that this is now out there, it's big for her. >> they look happy. >> we want to see the ring. >> it's locked in a vault, apparently. >> a lock box. coming up next, we have new pictures of jennifer aniston in a bikini. and guess what. that might be putting away all those pregnancy rumors because she looks pretty good. >> i'll have to take your word for it. we have three icy plays of the day on the way. this guy is getting a little snowboarding in. problem is, he has to get up that hill. can we just freeze it now? thank you. go nowhere. [ male announcer ] it's that time of year again. time for citi price rewind. because your daughter really wants that pink castle thing. and you really don't want to pay more than you have to. only citi price rewind automatically searches for the lowest price. and if it finds one, you get refunded the difference. just use your citi card and register your purchase online. have a super sparkly day! ok.
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for high fever, nothing works faster or lasts longer than children's motrin. be ready with children's motrin. he is a good little monkey and always very curious. one day george got an important letter. he's built a rocket ship to travel into space." google, how far is earth to the moon? the moon is 238,900 miles... "the great moment had come." 3, 2, 1... [ giggling ]
7:47 am
7:48 am
s. right then, here's "the play of the day". >> or plays. >> plural. >> we have three. right now, we have to get a vote on twitter. you send @atgma. discuss amongst yourselves. i'm taking suggestions. one-third of the fun. take a look here. sam told us about this looming snowmageddon earlier. that's great news for snowboarders and the like. if you can get up the hill. >> oh, icy. >> scott, you've been there, right, buddy? >> many times. >> up the hill. up the hill.
7:49 am
>> yeah. >> amazing he let go. >> if you don't let go. >> he got really good at letting go. >> how many times? oh, get out. >> yes. >> oh. so close. >> 8 1/2. >> did he ever make it? he did make it? did he ever make it down? is he still up there now? >> follow-up-free. >> i'm going to say yes. you can vote on that on twitter. all right. up next, take a look. just snow fishing, north of the border. the great white north, canada. where they make them really hearty. >> no way. >> that is disturbing. >> in their right mind. >> that is wrong. >> oh, wow. >> that was terrific. >> whoa. >> they keep coming. >> ding, ding, ding, ding.
7:50 am
>> surely, that's it. >> remember the ice jumpers, the ice hoppers. you can vote on that on twitter, too. why not? take a look. i promised. >> oh, good. you made it. >> oh. >> oh, no. >> no. >> that just looks cold. >> and then, the canadian snowboarder's going to come out of the hole. and we wrap it all up like a scarf on our christmas partridge here on the table. >> it is lovely. >> wow. well done, everybody. >> that was nice. >> i have four more. no, i don't. coming up, patrick dempsey, as you've never seen him before. >> dreamy.
7:51 am
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7:55 am
good morning i'm eric thomas. first the forecast. good morning. we start with live doppler over the last three hours very dry, a few clouds, very thin and mid to upper level clouds full of ice crystals that aren't going to fall from the sky. increasing sun, low to mid 50s. rain by tomorrow afternoon, a few showers saturday. r! around the bay. golden gate bridge lovely day, no traffic issue us a across
7:56 am
the span couple sprob lems, southbound 101 at sfo accident blocking left lane stall in south san francisco southbound 280 at westboro, blocking lane two southbound o>+os% 280 towars pacifica. the news continues now the news continues now with "good mwith my keurig vue brewer,
7:57 am
7:58 am
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7:59 am
[ cheers and applause ] we do love our robin. at home watching. hopefully not braving the weather out there. but let me tell you, that audience, they're getting the spirit award today. the elements not kind. but that audience, rocking here in times square, as we bid you all, a good morning, america. george, robin, lara, all at home with their families. it's wonderful to have amy robach, paula faris and rachel smith, all here. >> and so wonderful to be here, josh. also, we have the revealing, rockin' photos of superstar jennifer aniston on her holiday getaway.
8:00 am
>> all right. >> with fiance justin thoreau. -- theroux. i usually don't say rockin'. so -- >> hey. women can appreciate other women's rockin' bodies. there's nothing wrong with that. she has a rockin' body. plus, more on that big news for jessica simpson. we told you about her second baby on the way. now, brand-new details on what this means for her megaweight watchers deal. can we just let pregnant women have a cheeseburger and be okay with it? yes, or movie popcorn. >> thank you. >> secrets revealed the things that movie theater employees aren't telling you. >> don't ruin it. >> don't ruin the popcorn. don't do it. >> no. >> too late. >> i had an entire bucket last night. >> let me know when sam's done. >> okay. >> if he's done. how, also, to save on the tickets and get the best seat in the house. so, take that.
8:01 am
>> redemption. i vote this is genius. genius gets my vote on this story. the inside look at the jaw-dropping, if you will, new trend of dental spas. why can't you go to the dentist and get a facial or a massage? >> i don't like the dentist. >> i get it. i don't love the dentist. >> get a facial while they're drilling in your mouth. >> this could be great. >> where do i go? >> we'll tell you. >> the jury's out. also, oh, a big favorite of mine. brand-new iron chef. alex is here live. can't wait to talk to her about her victory and her first face-off in kitchen stadium. but first, paula faris, with the top developing stories on the morning. >> and updating us on what sam has been reporting on all morning, as well. we're going to begin with the treacherous storm in the northeast, as we speak. the system that slammed the midwest and south with heavy
8:02 am
snow and violent twisters, it's now blamed for at least six deaths. -- 12 deaths. more than a foot of snow is coming down from upstate new york to northern new england. meantime, coastal cities are getting battered by 50-mile-per-hour winds and drenching downpours. more than 1,600 flights have also been canceled, leaving thousands of holiday travelers stuck at the airport. and to the economy, now. we have new evidence of a turnaround in detroit. this morning, ford announced that it's creating 2,300 jobs in michigan. the company will spend about $750,000 to expand new facilities. it is planning to add 1200 positions by 2013. economists warn that we could be headed to another recession if president obama and congress fail to find a way to avoid the fiscal cliff of tax increases and spending cuts that will take effect january 1. the president is returning to washington this morning, cutting short his holiday vacation.
8:03 am
however, with only five days before the fiscal cliff deadline, no new negotiations have been scheduled. and adding to the pressure, treasury secretary tim geithner says the country is on track to hit its borrowing limit on monday. and former president george h.w. bush has been moved to the intensive care unit at a hospital in houston. he's in guarded condition because of a stubborn fever. mr. bush who is 88, has been hospitalized for more than a month now, trying to recover from bronchitis. you think you pay a lot to park. not compared to folks in chicago. it's going to soon cost $6.50 per hour. that's like 10 cents a minute at a meter downtown. after the rate goes up 75 cents in the new year. >> in quarters? >> yes, quarters, you can also use a credit card.
8:04 am
>> who carries $6.50 in quarters? >> you can use a credit card, you guys. >> makes perfect sense. >> but they have the dubious distinction of having the most expensive parking meters in chicago. so, congratulations, chicago. it's a lot of money. but at least this won't happen to your car if you fail to pay. this is in russia, you guys. this is a massive claw. this is what they're doing about illegally parked cars. forcing city officials -- these are city officials doing this. not a tow truck. did you see that claw smash through the windows. picks it up and puts it in the bed of the tow truck to get drivers to behave. the so-called claw was recently introduced. recently, we show you what they do in lithuania. and i think this was worse. a mayor got into a tank and crushed an illegally parked car as a warning -- how is this not highly illegal? can we not sue the city for this?
8:05 am
>> you have your own follow-up questions. >> yes. if you live in chicago, don't feel so bad about paying $6.75. your car could be destroyed by a claw or a tank. rachel, the bar is raised fairly high. host of abc's "on the red carpet" in for lara this morning. the news that pops. >> indeed, and we have breaking news overnight. get ready for it. kate winslet's heart really did go on. looks like rose has found her real-life jack. hello, people. ding, ding, ding, ding. the star was tying the knot in a top-secret wedding ceremony earlier this month. according to us weekly, the 38-year-old -- i wish you guys could see this dancing. >> come on. >> we want to hear amy sing. >> she got married to ned rocknroll at the beginning of december. should have you guys backup dancers. the couple were first spotted together in early 2011.
8:06 am
neither mentioned that rocknroll had put a ring on it. this is one -- i wonder if she's taking on the name rocknroll. >> rocknroll is his name? >> it's legally his name now. it was able smith. congrats to the happy couple. and you should have these guys as your backup dancers. >> not really. also spending a little q.t. together this holiday season, jennifer aniston. the superstar was showing off her hot bikini bod, with her fiance while on a christmas getaway in mexico. the former "friends" star showed plenty of skin and no evidence of a baby bump. pregnancy rumors have been running rampant. one magazine even reporting jen is having twins. i mean, seriously. >> i'm thinking no. >> josh? >> i'm going to recuse myself. there's no way i'm weighing in on this story. >> i mean, if the photos aren't enough to prove the story wrong, her rep told the gossip website
8:07 am
the twins report is "completely false." >> some women just don't show, though, and others pop. >> keeping the rumor alive. >> there you go. you see the stories on lifetime, i didn't know i was pregnant until i had the baby. >> well -- >> i don't think that's the case for jen. patrick dempsey. he saves lives on tv's "grey's anatomy." but in real life, he says that he's trying to save 500 jobs by rescuing a seattle coffeehouse chain. the actor says he's heading up a group trying to buy tully's coffee. you familiar? >> great coffee. >> well, the coffeehouse reportedly filed for bankruptcy protection in october. dempsey said he's excited to get back to the city his fictional character, dr. derek shepherd, better known as mcdreamy, calls home. let's get that coffee chain
8:08 am
an infusion with cash. let's go on to the pop quiz. which hollywood star delivers the most bang for the buck at the box office? four choices here. >> taylor swift? >> she is not an answer today. sorry, josh. let's take it to sam. where is he? >> where is he? >> good morning, everybody. i love this audience. tell me where you're from and your names. >> i'm monique jackson, from charlotte, north carolina. >> and i'm cathy fr. >> and the front line is from jersey. [ cheers ] if you will stand out in this kind of cold, drizzly mess, we love you. get everybody on tv this morning. you do not need to see me. don't see me. get everybody over there. go that way. go that way. make sure everybody gets on tv this morning. if you're hanging with us, you deserve a shot on television. so folks at home can see you. let's get onboard with the weather map and what's going on
8:09 am
around the nation today. here we are, one or two things going on. we'll start with a shot out of syracuse, new york. still getting about -- they got about nine inches of snow. you'll get close to a foot. there's been a big snow drought upstate. these folks are happy to see it. who is that? who is ringing? who is that? we'll answer it. who is it? who is ringing? >> it's my husband. >> oh, is it? what is his name? look at the maps as we talk to jim. good morning, jim. wake up. we're already here. you're late. yeah.
8:10 am
>> the gorgeous faces in times square. if you get up and spend your morning with us, guess what. we're going to put you on television. that's the weather for this morning. let's go back inside to rachel. hello, rachel. >> where is sam? thanks, sam. now, here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." more on that big news that jessica simpson is expecting her second child. what this means for her megaweight watchers deal. plus, visit the dentist and leave looking years younger. inside the startling, new trend, dental spas. and movie theater secrets revealed. what you should know before you buy your next ticket. all coming up on "gma," here in times square. revealed. what you should know before you buy your next ticket. all coming up on "gma," here in times square.
8:11 am
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8:15 am
[ cheers and applause ] here's the answer to our pop quiz. which hollywood star delivers the most bang for the buck at the box office? any guesses? >> natalie portman. >> all right. well, that's according to "forbes" new list of most bankable actors. >> that's a surprise. i would have thought it was one of the "twilight" stars. >> kristen stewart was number two. shia lebeouf, 38 for every dollar. and robert pattinson, he was number four. bringing in good returns for their buck. >> thanks so much. after announcing her -- oh, actually, sam, it's you. >> is it my turn? i'm so confused by the desk. i don't know. >> it's the campfire.
8:16 am
>> i'll take it, sam. >> okay. go ahead. would you? >> let's talk about jessica simpson. the superstar is hinting with this photo on christmas day. now confirming a baby is on the way in her new ad for weight watchers. abc's brandi hitt has the story. >> reporter: the wait is over. >> expect amazing. >> reporter: jessica simpson's brand-new weight watchers ad is like the one released last week. but one difference. she's not only expecting amazing. she's expecting. >> being healthy is a part of who i am, which is great timing because i'm having another baby. >> reporter: the big announcement comes one day after jumpson tweeted this not-so-subtle hit. tweeting a picture of her baby, maxwell, with the words big sis
8:17 am
in the sand. >> if she loses another 50 pounds, it's going to show people that, hey, weight watchers really does work. >> reporter: simpson covered her baby bump on the beaches of hawaii yesterday, will continue to represent weight watchers as a brand ambassador. but the point-counting will be put on hold until she gives birth. weight watchers released this statement saying, quote, simpson will not be following the prom during her pregnancy. after she gives birth, simpson and her doctor will decide when she should resume following the weight watchers program. >> the second pregnancy took weight watchers by surprise. not something they were planning on. but jessica simpson is one of the most powerful names in showbiz today. if anything, i think it's in their advantage and smart for them to keep her onboard. >> reporter: meaning, simpson can have her cake and eat it, too. unless until the baby arrives. for "good morning america," brandi hitt, abc news, new york.
8:18 am
>> congratulations to jessica. we wish them well. >> eric and little maxwell, right? yeah. do you get stressed out when you're at the dentist? >> i can't do it. >> paula -- >> what? >> i can't stand it, actually. i hate to go. but maybe we would change our minds if the dentist chair was actually a spa setup, as well. think about it. a relaxing massage. >> now, you're talking to me. >> with everything else that goes on. would it block out the sound of the drill? bianna golodryga has more. >> reporter: when most of us think of going to the dentist, this is what we imagine. the scary light. the high-pitched sounds that make us squirm. not exactly a spa day. >> there are 30 million to 40 million americans that suffer from dental anxiety. and i want to do everything i can to make those clients feel like they're not at the dentist. >> reporter: her name is april patterson. a name whose patients
8:19 am
affectionately call her dr. patty. when you come to dr. patty's boutique in florida, you realize this is not your father's dental office. >> i offer facials, massage, full-body treatment. and we also have a brow bar that specializes in the modern techniques of hair removal, threading. >> reporter: christina carter came in today to get her braces off. while she's here, she's also scheduled a facial. >> for a busy professional like myself, it's a one-stop shop where i can get my dental work done. and get a facial and massage and just relax. when you're busy, it's nice to have everything at one spot. >> i can give you a great example. a client is coming in to have dental veneers done. they come in an hour early, they can have a facial or massage.
8:20 am
they have their dental procedure nice and relaxed. >> reporter: is your philosophy that maybe everything's rooted from the smile? but everyone will see your entire face? >> we do. >> reporter: and it isn't just for women. andrew came to dr. patty to fix his smile and walked out like a new man. >> he was interested in veneers. e we wanted to look at him comprehensively. >> reporter: did you give him the idea for botox? >> absolutely. i suggested it. >> reporter: that's incredible. >> it looks great. >> reporter: he looks like a younger man. dr. patty put filler around andrew's mouth to lift and enhance his smile. and a little botox in the forehead. how do you feel about the way you look now? >> i'm thrilled. it took her a tremendous amount of convincing to get me to do more than just enhancing the teeth. >> people are excited there's something new. there's something that they don't feel like they get to do often. >> reporter: while it's easy to focus on the spa aspects and
8:21 am
dismiss this as a fad, dr. patty says there's something more important than work. >> this is also about building confidence and changing lives. >> reporter: and then, there's me. dr. patty, do you have any cookies? >> dr. patty, i'd like an 11:35. if that's possible. >> we're hoping this is a trend, right? not just one place. >> yeah. i don't know how many -- >> i just hope you get it after the dental work. i mean, i think it's -- no. >> take your mind off it. >> bad things can happen. that's not true, either. ever wonder why you can't resist the popcorn when you go to the movie theater. not really because it's delicious. why are concession prices so high? we have truth for you. we teamed up with "reader's digest" on 13 things your movie theater employee will not tell you. >> don't tell me. >> some will save you money and calories. all right, people. can we get to the piece?
8:22 am
becky worley. ♪ >> reporter: getting lost in a good movie is one of life's great pleasures. there's some secrets about this place that you should really know. first, your tickets. if you want to save money, buy them at a savings club like sam's or costco or aaa. it can save you 25% or more. matinees are always cheaper. and find a late-run theater. if there's a long line at the box office, bust out your smartphone. apps from the movie chain or fandango let you buy tickets on your phone. the next is not really a secret. but let's put it into numbers. when they put a movie starts at 7:00, that usually means 7:10 or later. those ads they show, they're a huge profit source for theaters.
8:23 am
and the concession stand holds some major secrets. first, the theater makes 40% or more of revenue off the food and drinks it sells. they're using all the tricks they can to get you to buy. the smell of popcorn. that smell is from coconut oil used in the popper and a flavoring concoction. what's the best seat in the house? audio technicians check the sound about two-thirds of the way up the theater and in the center. this is the optimal spot for audio. you get too far out over on the sides and maybe the dialogue's too soft and the sound effects are too loud. finally, if you're wondering what happens to all the popcorn colonels you drop, food is usually sweeped between the
8:24 am
seats not picked up. so, the three-second rule does not apply here. >> liz mackerelly joins us now with more tips. liz, we heard how you save money on tickets at price clubs. how else to save cash here? >> sometimes you can walk up to the customer service desk and ask, do you have a discount ticket or a cue pan? itto ask. >> what should we not be eating? >> we talked to movie theater employees who said they would eat the popcorn, the sodas and the boxed candy. but they would avoid the nachos, the hot pretzels and the hot dogs. >> why? >> you're not at a restaurant. there's no incentive to have fresh food. the orange stuff on the nachos. that might have been there in that container for three or four days. same with the spinning hot dogs. >> and the sizes. if you're going small, it's
8:25 am
tiny. if you go big, it's really big. >> and small might not mean small. the amc website says 325 calories for a small. but some theaters, a small is this big, a small is this big. it can be up to 625 calories. small is the amount of popcorn you can hold in two open cup handfuls. >> if you have big hands. >> 20 cents more, you can get a medium. >> quickly, the late-run movie theaters. what are they exactly? >> sometimes if you don't have to be the first person on the block to see a movie, you can see it two or three weeks later. and you still see it in the theater as a discounted price. >> thank you so much. "reader's digest." in print and digital now. coming up, an astonishing reunion. mia and the little marley. they're here live.
8:26 am
good morning. officer- involved shooting in walnut2wtu creek now. officers responding to a 911 call shot and killed a man 3:15 this morning at an apartment complex near south main street. no officers were hurt. another news conference is scheduled for later this morning where police could announce new details. we'll keep you updated. let's check on traffic. holiday light. bay bridge toll, when do you see it like this on thursday morning at 8:27? couple problems, nothing with
8:27 am
mass transit that's on time. in san mateo between 92 between crystal springs and upper skyline car rolled on its side one-way traffic control until fu
8:28 am
welcome back. increasing sunshine, live 39 livermore and fairfield 37
8:29 am
napa the rest of us in the 40s. 50 half moon bay. this afternoon mostly sunny, sprinkles tomorro [ cheers and applause ] hey, everybody. there is only room for four underneath that umbrella. i'll suffer. good morning to you. george, robin and lara are at home, and hopefully dry. great to have amy, rachel and paula here huddled up under the umbrella. thanks to you, samuel j. and five-star accommodations for your dog when it goes to the dentist. >> all covered. and ahead, superstar buttes, the stories of weddings. we're revealing the best and worst of 2012. can't wait for that. how about the new iron chef?
8:30 am
in the kitchen with new year's appetizers. you don't think about these in time, she's going to make sure you do. >> that's bacon that you see on the cutting board. >> is that bacon? >> how great can that be? first, a hotel so exclusive, you can't get a room. see? because your dog can. a luxurious place for pets only. it makes you want to be in the dog house. >> very good. >> rachel got a personal tour. >> i sure did. i was a little jealous of those pooches. it's an unbelievable pooch palace where dogs can be dogs and so much more. take a look. as the saying goes, when the cat's away -- but these dogs do more than just play. it's the hottest getaway where your four-legged friends can feel like a star. this luxury five-star dog hotel in the heart of new york city
8:31 am
takes pet pampering to a whole, new level. call it a cage-free home away from home. >> what's behind the hotel exclusively for pooches. >> it's about caring for your dog the way you do at home. it's all top a of the line. you can expect the very best of the best for your dog. >> reporter: with round-the-clock care, this pooch palace, has a doggy gym. and if fido wants to be pampered with v.i.p. treatment -- >> we have a spa where we offer everything from obviously the basic bath or grooming services, to even pawticures. >> take me to the spa. they're even topped off with jazzy nail polish. you're getting a great manicure, norma jane. when the canines are tuckered out, they can kick back, relax in their private, yes, private
8:32 am
rooms. and watch movies on their personal flat-screen tv. there's a standard suite for $79 a night. the sensational suite for $110 a night. and then, the suite that takes the cake. the uber suite, furnished with a full-sized human bed for a whopping 200 bucks a night. that's not cheap. >> it's not cheap. if they need a little more space, it's a great option. >> reporter: do you take humans here, as well. >> we say, if you get your rabies shot, you can come stay with us. >> reporter: they can have their own pet chauffeur, gourmet meals. and a private trainer in the gym. >> there's no reason why your dog, part of your family, has to stay in a cage or a kennel. you want them to stay the best place they can. >> reporter: living in the lap of luxury while their owners are
8:33 am
away. perhaps i missed my calling. this is living. this is living, palmer. this is just the latest way to pamper your pooches. making sure they feel well-loved, no matter where they go. he would not be coming home to momma. i'm setting up shop here. >> i love that -- is it a little excessive? no. no, it is not. speaking of dogs, amy -- >> yes? i have a very special dog, marley, with his owner, mia, and mom, angie. we told you about their story. it was an astonishing reunion earlier in the show. marley was stolen from mia. mia, how great was it to have marley back in your arms? >> it was really good to have him back in my arms. i was so happy. >> tell me what happened. how did marley get stolen? >> well, my mom and my mom's
8:34 am
boyfriend, they were at the store, getting christmas food to eat. for the christmas dinner. and then, they tied him up to a pole. and a guy went past and untied the knot. and he took him. >> that's awful. and you actually had a good samaritan, a teacher who noticed marley, a man was trying to sell him. she bought the dog from him and returned him to you. what was that phone call like when you got that call saying, we have your dog? >> it was amazing. we started screaming, up and down, once they identified the chip number was the same. we were thrilled. it was the best christmas ever in that moment. >> i'll bet that was your best christmas present, mia. >> yep. >> we have a christmas present for marley. turn around. we have a gift basket for marley. you want to see marley. you got some bones. a frisbee. you got all sorts of great
8:35 am
stuff. you guys can have an awesome christmas. and thank you so much. we want to thank the good samaritan, too, for bringing her back. tina cohen, she was amazing. on that happy note, let's get a final check on the weather from sam. >> clearly, it's a very cold mist and drizzle in times square. we'll start right there. you guys are amazing to stay with us through the nasty weather here in times square. we'll start with our twitter and facebook pictures coming from all over the country. garrett county, maryland. more snow, in grand canyon, arizona. yep. it's about 61% of the country covered in the white stuff at this point. here come the tag-team lows. the next round moving into the middle of the country. another hit of snow in some areas in the midwest. and here's the places that get it. aspen, yep. good one. sioux falls is getting some snow. minneapolis, you'll get a freshening there. it is drier on the west coast for most of it.
8:36 am
take central oregon south, i think. once you get a little north of that, you're still staying in the showers for the next system to move in from the west. i. >> all of that weather was brought to you by sears. you know, we've been running this big coat drive. and you've been generously giving the gift of coats in our warm coats and warm hearts coat drive. our cameron mathison went the extra mile to find some coats. let's see how he did. >> reporter: for six years now, we've collected a lot of coats. >> thank you, barbara. >> reporter: everyone from the biggest names in hollywood, to sports figures, to musicians.
8:37 am
come to times square to help those who need some warmth. now, a challenge. my task, going door-to-door, collecting coats from total strangers. i head to saddlebrook, new jersey. first house. and already pulling out coats. >> going to give you these coats. but, dude, you have to work on your approach. the approach is a little lame. >> reporter: my approach, a little lame? hello. hi. i'm cameron. do you, by chance, have any extra coats that i could have. hi. hi. give me your coats. how are you doing? uh cameron mathison, from "good morning america." collecting some coats. feels awkward. now that i have my delivery down, time to get some coats. we hit the road. at first, no success. but then, we hit a groove. >> that's why you're getting rid of it.
8:38 am
this is so nice. this is a cute jacket. i even offer my services baby sitting. two, three. and just when i thought we couldn't collect anymore -- we hit the motherload. christina is a self-proclaimed coat hoarder. giving us coat after coat. even her husband's harley davidson jacket. i'll just say, babe, they're going to a good cause. he won't care. >> have him call me. >> reporter: weighed down with coats. and a huge thank you to our new friend. we're off to burlington coat factory to donate the coats. there it is. 44 coats from perfect strangers. what do you think of that? good job, right? woo. >> there is still time, still time to donate a gently-worn coat at your local burlington coat factory store. coming up, celebrity babies, superstar feuds.
8:39 am
storybook weddings. all on the "people" magazine best and worst list of 2012. do not miss it.
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8:42 am
well, the end of the year is just a few days away. but before the new year's eve ball drops, "people" magazine is revealing the best and the worst of 2012. larry hackett manager editor is here to talk about superstar feuds, storybook weddings and the babies. let's start with the juicy stuff. the feuds. best of 2012? >> the biggest story along these lines was the breakup of tom cruise and katie holmes. that was a feud that became a divorce. that was the whole summer, basically. three or four covers about this. stunning news. everyone was shocked. we'll see how they fair in 2013. that was one that came and blew everybody away. >> story that had legs and will continue to do so. biggest celebrity weddings of the year. other than sam champion. >> there's sam in one category. and then, there's everybody else. justin timberlake and jessica biel, that was a great wedding.
8:43 am
a lot of fun. the pictures were great. drew barrymore's wedding. to will koppelman, which was terrific. we had matthew mcconaughey getting married. and ryan reynolds sneaking off down south to get married. it was a good year for weddings. >> when you have weddings, you have babies. >> drew barrymore was in that category. jessica simpson had her baby. >> another one on the way. >> snooki had baby lorenzo. and in 2013, the big news is the baby that's yet to come. >> that will be a big story. we'll have daily updates on the nine months of pregnancy. >> with the internet and everything, you can do that on an hourly basis. >> what about the most intriguing people of 2012. kate middleton. >> adele is also on that list. we had, tom cruise on the list.
8:44 am
katie holmes was on that list. one direction was on that list. we'll see if they last this year. psy was on the list. anne hathaway. people that were endemic. you have people like psy. there he is again. you know, will 2013 be good to psy? >> were they one-hit wonders? or will they have more to offer? >> i think that remains to be seen. i don't know if we want to see more of psy. >> maybe a new dance. we want to recognize the fighter. this one, near and dear to our hearts. robin roberts made your list. and what a fighter she is. look at that. >> you guys know better than anybody else, that she has been tremendous this year. she's not going to go down without a battle. i spoke to her a couple weeks ago. it's a great tale. i think it energizes the staff. it energizes the country. >> and she's fighting with a smile on her face. let's talk about what some of the big stories will be, other
8:45 am
than royal pregnancy watch in 2013. >> jennifer aniston is engaged. looks like she's going to get married. we've been following her for 10 or 15 years. we feel good about her. she's incredibly good-looking and rich girl next door. >> who is not pregnant, apparently. >> we'll see about that. and they want to see her happy. >> and there's brad and angelina. >> interesting, the two of them having weddings in 2013. >> the idea they would get married. all of us are allowed to get married. we'll see if that lasts. the kids have been telling brad and brad telling us, that the kids want them to get married. >> are you intimating that jennifer aniston was pregnant? >> i was not. >> larry hackett, we appreciate it. "people" magazine's best and worst of 2012 issue is on newsstands now. and the newest iron chef. she is here with everything you need for the ultimate new year's
8:46 am
eve party. wait for it.
8:47 am
8:48 am
[ cheers and applause ] how are you doing? >> i'm doing great because i have to be honest, big fan. the new iron chef has been crowned. >> thank you. >> alex guarnaschelli. >> thank you. >> she won "the next iron chef redemption." the heated battle this sunday on food network. here to bring us new year's appetizers. first, can we return to the moment? >> oh, my gosh. >> the moment of glory. take a look.
8:49 am
>> the next iron chef is -- alex. >> you almost blacked out. >> i don't remember that at all. it was a complete out-of-body experience. >> having watched the whole season, it was about redemption for you. >> i crawled through the mud, i mean, really. i was just bloody and torn and tattered, climbing up that redemption mountain. >> and you got to the top. look at the view, huh? >> the air is so fresh and clean. >> okay. let's dive in, shall we? that looks delicious. >> look. i don't have cutting for you to do. >> good. >> but i need you to stir. this is vinegar and vanilla. we're going to make a little
8:50 am
reduction. you're going to add this in, josh. >> what is this? apple? >> that is apple. a little apple and vinegar. and that gives you the iron chef acidity. you don't look excited. >> it got right into the nose. it's like the dental spa. >> and then, we're doing devils on horseback, which are just prunes that are wrapped in bacon. >> devils on horseback. that's the best name on a dish. that's a bruin wrapped in bacon. into an oven it goes? >> under the broiler, until they get crispy. no one's talking. >> we're eating. >> with that end, they're inhaling. >> we're alone with visitors. >> and a little cracked pepper and salt? >> just wrap them tightly. bake under the broiler. you can do this ahead of time. and put on your evening gown or your suit. you can droil them and serve them and feel like a superstar.
8:51 am
we have other stuff, too. little grilled cheese sandwiches with leek in there. >> i like the leek. >> i'm going to get you to talk about the last fritter. >> oh, my god. what happened? >> talk about the fritter. >> we have flour fritters. >> this dip is incredible. >> isn't that good? >> i love that. >> thank you so much. >> recipes for new year's, on our website. on yahoo! we'll be right back.
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8:55 am
in just a moment, "gma live!" a hot and spicy jelly bean there. >> what? >> you have to watch. sam just found out that was fruit. >> tomorrow on "gma," ryan seacrest is here, live. revealing the big plans for new year's rockin' eve. >> can't wait for that. until then, "gma live!" we'll see you tomorrow. >> cheers.
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first up the forecast. rain coming tomorrow good for those of you who want to enjoy the sun today it is increasing now. radar returns and satellite, lack of radar returns the air is dry as we speak the sun coming outgoing to push temperatures into the low to mid 50s today with a light breeze. clouds come back tonight, 30s in many areas, 44 in san francisco, a few sprinkles tomorrow among. steadier, light rain tomorrow afternoon and evening, lingering showers saturday. capital corridor delay up to 45 minutes between sassoon and davis 542 due to mechanical problems. west 92 between crystal
8:59 am
springs and upper skyline now clear. west marin accident blocking. announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, robert pattinson and kristen stewart. together for the first time on our show. and kelly and michael get a belly dancing lesson you won't want to miss. all next on the emmy-award winning "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause]


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