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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  December 31, 2012 3:00am-4:00am PST

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>> yeah, i don't know what i did with 2012. but here it is, it's over. >> on to one of our top stories. mrs. clinton was hospitalized last night. we'll get to the latest on her condition. but first, a look at some of the other stories we're following for you this monday morning. a meeting is set as lawmakers work to avoid the fiscal cliff. but the clock is winding down. i don't know about you, but i'm so tired of talking about this. >> i feel the exact same way. >> just go over the cliff, get something done so we can stop talking about it. a chilly end to 2012. it is cold out there. old man winter reminding us what time of year it is. a large part of the nation will ring in the new year with temperatures below freezing. >> we wouldn't know anything about that because it is hot as -- >> in the studio you mean. >> yes. >> maybe it's warm because i have my new slippers on that rob got me. >> that's not fair. >> you can put them in the microwave. >> really? >> yes. but if warm, sunny skies are more your style, pasadena is the
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place to be. we'll take you behind the scenes of the annual rose parade to see how an army of volunteers build the majestic floats that smell so good. >> pasadena is more my style this time of year. we begin with hillary clinton. the 65-year-old secretary of state is in a new york hospital suffering from a blood clot. >> a spokesman would not say where that clot is located but said clinton is being treated with anti-coagulants and will remain in the hospital for the next 48 hours so the doctors can monitor the medication. abc's deirdre bryant has more. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton was admitted to new york presbyterian hospital sunday with a blood clot stemming from a concussion she suffered several weeks ago. clinton's doctors discovered the clot earlier in the day during a followup exam for that concussion. no details of where the clot is or other concerns have been released. this is not the first time clinton has been diagnosed with a blood clot.
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in 1998, she was admitted for a clot behind her right knee. the 65-year-old secretary of state had a stomach virus earlier this month. she became dehydrated, fainted, struck her head causing the concussion. clinton had canceled the trip abroad because she was not feeling well and then she was not well enough to appear on capitol hill to testify on the september 11th attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. clinton is being treated with anti-coagulants and doctors want to monitor the medication over the next 48 hours. >> we wish her well. our other major story, countdown to the fiscal cliff. talks are going on through the night to try to reach a deal. >> without an agreement, the average american family would see a tax increase of more than $3,400. abc's preeti arla is joining us from washington with more on what this means. preeti?
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>> reporter: john and paula, top leaders seemed optimistic, but that seemed to shift as the day went on. that optimism replaced by pessimism and still no deal with time running out. the clock is ticking, negotiations are ongoing. but at this point, democrats and republicans remain at odds. >> regardless of partisan differences, our top priority has to be to make sure that taxes on middle class families do not go up. that would hurt our economy badly. we can get that done. >> reporter: president obama called for immediate action but there was no vote in the senate. >> we're going to come in at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, and we'll have further announcements perhaps at 11:00 in the morning. i certainly hope so. >> reporter: minority leader mitch mcconnell called vice president biden in for help. biden is now said to be playing a direct role. >> there's no single issue that remains an impossible sticking point. the sticking point appears to be a willingness and interest or frankly the courage to close the
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deal. >> reporter: if congress doesn't act soon, drastic spending cuts will go into effect and taxes go up for everyone. the tax impact for the average american family, more than $3,400. senate leaders continued to work on the stop gap bill. but sticking points remain. >> there's still significant difference between the two sides. but negotiations continue. >> reporter: reid said negotiations will continue through the night, with just hours left until that deadline. john and paula? >> preeti, thank you. >> so they are working right now, hopefully on something -- senator mitch mcconnell is working hand in hand with the vice president who said i think we all know we're running out of time. i want everyone to know i'm willing to get this done, but i need a dance partner. which would be nice. >> it takes two to tango as they say. let's talk about eastern oregon. nine people dead after a tour bus accident on an icy highway. the bus lost control on interstate 84 yesterday and smashed through a guard rail and
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plunged several hundred feet down a snowy embankment there. the bus was heading back to vancouver from las vegas. it crashed on a section of the blue mountains called dead man's pass. an area so dangerous officials warned it had some of the most severe weather conditions in the northwest. the driver survived but too badly injured to speak with police. winter weather being blamed for dozens of crashes across the country. >> it is dangerous right now. people from the midwest to the northeast still trying to recover from back-to-back snowstorms. today, temperatures taking a massive dive, with some areas bracing for the chilliest air of the season. we get more now from meteorologist jim dickey. hi, jim. >> good morning. cold air in place across much of the north and east on this new year's eve. these are your early morning temperatures. 5 in burlington. 9 in portland and 18 in boston. as we switch gears now in the north central portions of the country, these are as high as temperatures will get as we go through the day. 9 in bismarck,
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14 in pierre. this arctic air mass responsible for some snowfall here today, as well. going to see a swath of snow from kansas into the ohio valley, especially in kansas and missouri, accumulating snowfall here. looking for 1 to 2 inches, locally as much as three, four, maybe five in kansas. paula and john, back to you. >> jim dickey, thanks for that report. tense moments on a flight headed to denver. the plane, actually a photo, the plane lost an engine panel right after taking off from kansas city, missouri. a passenger snapped this picture with their phone. the pilots circled the airport and then landed the plane safely. it's important to note that. it's not clear yet what caused the panel to just suddenly fall off. a little disconcerting. >> not good. >> no. and we're getting another look at that deadly plane crash in moscow over the weekend. the terrifying moment of impact was captured on the car's dash
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cam. watch as the plane slams into the side of the highway. sending debris flying. the plane's tire smashed into the car. the only passengers onboard were eight crew members and five of them passed away in that accident. >> incredible video. now to the latest terror plot threat reportedly from al qaeda in yemen, putting a bounty on the heads of a u.s. ambassador there, as well as any american soldier. a video posted on a militant website over the weekend is offering $160,000 for the head of an american ambassador or $23,000 for a soldier. al qaeda in yemen is considered the terror group's most dangerous faction. the woman charged with pushing a man to his death on a new york city subway track has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. police say she confessed, that she hated muslims and hindus since 9/11 attacks. new york's mayor says despite two recent murders on the subway tracks, it's still safe. >> i don't think you have to worry about every day getting
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pushed over the platform. it's such a rare occurrence, no matter how tragic it is, it shouldn't change our lifestyle. >> menendez laughed so hard during the arraignment, the judge told her lawyer, "you are going to have to have your client stop laughing." and this morning's "new york times" reports that she had been arrested twice for violent confrontations with strangers. >> wow. we're just hours away from watching the ball drop as we ring in -- that's really annoying, isn't it? >> you know how little boys are constantly annoying. >> i feel like i'm right at home. >> so we're going to ring in 2013. tons of confetti will be raining down on times square. >> organizers conducting a practice run on saturday to test the air of the confetti. they dropped the tiny fraction of the 17 million
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pieces of paper that will float to the street when the clock strikes midnight. >> the confetti is made by hand and this year tourists were invited to write their special messages on some of the colored paper. >> you said these were hand made confetti? >> look how nice it is. >> see if you can catch one on your tongue. >> we have confettiologist. they study confetti. happy new year's eve morning, everybody. coming up, a look back at some of the top stories of 2012. but first, the serenade that takes a musical get-well card to a whole new level. former president bush gets a mini concert in the hospital. we'll tell you all about it. coming up. ♪ ♪ i once was lost
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welcome back. former president george h.w. bush moved out of intensive care over the weekend. >> he's been in the hospital since thanksgiving. as he recovers, he got a special musical get well message from
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one of his favorite bands. ♪ amazing grace how sweet the sound ♪ >> reporter: it was a spirit lifting serenade for the former commander in chief, ordered up by former first lady barbara bush. >> she called us and said that we should cheer the president up, and if the oak ridge boys could all get together and sing him a song or two. >> reporter: for decades, the bush family and the oak ridge boys have been mutual fans. when the call came in, the boys were on vacation, but dropped everything, gathering at the office in only 45 minutes. >> it was great to hear the president's voice in a cheerful mood. >> reporter: mr. bush is fighting complications of bronchitis. an expected three-day stay stretching more than a month. but when the band called his room on friday, number 41 had a request. >> he said he was ready to hear some "elvira."
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that makes him feel good. >> then they picked one of their favorites. >> you'll remember this one. here we go. ♪ amazing grace, how sweet the sound ♪ ♪ that saved a wretch like me ♪ i once was lost but now i'm found ♪ ♪ was blind but now i see >> there you go. >> reporter: the day after that mini concert, mr. bush was moved out of the intensive care unit here. but there's still no word yet on when he may be allowed to go home. clayton sandell, abc news, houston. >> that's the kind of thing that
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happens when you're a former president. >> and music can heal. still to come, we go behind the scenes of the rose bowl parade to see how the epic event comes together. all roses and floats and all that good thing. >> but first, it's been a history making year. we'll look back at some of the top stories of 2012, all coming up on "world news now." "world news now" continues after this fro
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♪ let's start the new year ♪ let's start the new year right ♪ ♪ 12 tonight when they dim the light, let's begin ♪ it's been a busy year in the world of news. >> from history making world events to a tragedy in an elementary school that broke our hearts. >> did that captain abandon his ship before ordering an evacuation? >> the tributes are pouring in
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as thousands remember the life of joe paterno. >> just months after a sex scandal engulfed the campus and forced him to step down, he died from complications of lung cancer. >> i've had a wonderful experience here at penn state. i don't want to walk away bitter. >> we have extensive coverage of whitney houston's death this half hour. here's what we know. the medical examiner said she did die in the bathtub. the toxicology tests may not come back for as long as two months. >> if you snapped off a jeremy lin number 17 jersey, hold on to it because it's a collector's item. >> he punched the heck out of that guy and slammed his face, as zimmerman claims there would be some mark on your hand. >> you would think more physical evidence of that kind of scuffle. >> we're going to need authorities and medical units. >> the longest flight to vegas, i've had, 13 hours.
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>> the record $500 million jackpot is sweeping the nation. >> we begin with the wildfire blazing across northern colorado, now stretching across 80 square miles. >> this was at the premiere of "the dark knight returns," that so many folks were lined up to see late last night. but a mass shooting at this theater outside denver, colorado in aurora. well, team usa still racking up the gold. you can call gabby douglas america's new golden girl after she won the women's all around gymnastics title. she won another gold in the women's team event, as well. they call her the flying squirrel. >> the prosecution in the jerry sandusky case could wrap up its case by tomorrow. three of his accusers testified yesterday, bringing to five the number of them to take the stand. >> good morning, everybody, i'm rob nelson. this morning, hurricane sandy is
3:20 am
our only story as that monster storm churns into a worse-case scenario. >> we're going to die. we're going to freeze. >> barack obama has been re-elected president of the united states, declared the winner just after 11:00 eastern last night. winning pretty much all of the key battle ground states, including ohio. breaking developments in the scandal that's already claimed the career of former cia director david petraeus. >> hundreds turned out to remember the 20 children and 6 adults killed in last friday's elementary school massacre. in a very emotional address, the president said simply the country has had enough of this kind of bloodshed. >> charlotte, daniel, olivia, josephine. let us find the strength to carry on and make our country worthy of their memory. >> incredible year. >> the president revealed earlier yesterday that that day of newtown, connecticut, december 14, that was the worst day of his presidency. the toughest day. >> i don't think anybody would
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♪ all right. folks around the nation preparing to ring in the new year. >> and in los angeles, volunteers are putting the finishing touches on the annual rose bowl parade. brandi hitt has more. >> reporter: everything is coming up roses in pasadena. and this is your ticket behind the scenes to the 124th annual tournament of roses parade. >> i take off the whole week from work.
3:25 am
>> there's more to these floats than just flowers. it takes days of painting, grinding, blending and gluing around the clock to make these creations come to life. for the first time in six years, disney is returning to the rose parade. after all, walt disney was the grand marshal in 1966. this year's float, cars land. >> looking around and smiling with sally at his side. the 125 foot long float will have 45 moving parts and a waterfall. how many flowers are we talking about covering this entire float? >> hundreds of thousands. >> reporter: to build this float, they'll use 1.5 tons of seed, 200 gallons of glue and 2,000 volunteers, like melissa rodriguez. >> it just makes me feel good to do something good for my community. >> reporter: every float is unique this year. and for the first time, a
3:26 am
wedding will be televised live from atop this farmer's insurance love float. >> we're going to be way up there. >> reporter: we were with them when they saw for the first time where they'll be harnessed in and exchanging vows 27 feet off the ground. thankfully the weather is expected to hold up for the parade for that couple. and we also learned some other great secrets. every decoration has to be natural, they used dried artichokes for fur and dried seaweed for windows. >> sounds like sushi. >> you can take it in and also eat it if you get hungry. >> what are your plans? >> i'm going to ring in the new year with you. >> right here. >> yes. at work. let me clarify. don't get the wrong idea, anybody. we're hard at work. we have a huge blowout party. >> we have baked macaroni and cheese on the menu here. >> thanks to mother dove. >> looking forward to it. >> sounds like a plan. >> my one-year anniversary this week being on the show. >> congratulations. >> more from abc right after this.
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this morning on "world news now," a health scare for hillary clinton. >> the secretary of state hospitalized this morning after doctors discovered a potentially dangerous blood clot. it is monday, december 31. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. on this new year's eve morning. i'm paula faris. >> and i'm john muller in for rob nelson. we'll have much later on the latest health scare for hillary clinton as she spends this new year's eve in a new york hospital. but first, we'll take a look at some of the other stories we are following this morning. it is the 11th hour for lawmakers and the nation and
3:30 am
still no deal to avoid that fiscal cliff. senators will try to reach a compromise today. but if not, starting tomorrow we'll all be paying more in taxes. >> i believe they're talking right now, not watching "world news now." they're actually trying to get something done. considering what they've been doing a last couple of months not going to put my money on that. just sing "kumbaya." just get it done, ladies and gentlemen. and the cliff of a different kind. one by one, sledders tumbling into an icy lake. but most trying to rescue one another. we'll explain what this is all about. and in "the skinny" this morning, kanye west addresses rumors of a kim kardashian pregnancy. we'll talk about that. >> and we're going to have to tell rob she's cheating on him. >> is that right? >> rob is a huge fan. >> she's a sexy woman. rob is right about that. >> i had to break the news to him that she's pregnant. so pretty much destroys his chances. we're going to talk about secretary of state hillary clinton in a new york hospital
3:31 am
this morning after doctors discovered a blood clot. >> her medical problems began weeks ago with a bout with the flu. christian thorn of our new york wabc news affiliate has more. >> reporter: it was three weeks ago that hillary clinton suffered a concussion. she fainted at her home due to dehydration. the 65-year-old secretary of state had been noticeably absent the last few weeks. she was forced to cancel a trip to north africa and was unable to testify at a hearing on capitol hill regarding the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. she had been expected to return to work this week. clinton's spokesman said in a statement, her doctors will continue to assess her condition, including other issues associated with her concussion. they will determine if any further action is required. israel cornell is the director of neuro surgery at northern westchester hospital. he's not treating clinton but said her prognosis should be good. >> with time and with the medication, the clot itself will dissolve and won't cause a clot
3:32 am
into the lung. it will recover -- some of the hazards will recover fully. >> reporter: clinton is expected to be at the hospital for 48 hours being treated with anticoagulants. kristen thorn, abc news, new york. >> we wish her a speedy recovery. >> and some are speculating that she may have a deep vain thrombosis. >> she had that before. >> if they are keeping her in the hospital for 48 hours and she's on anti-coagulants, you know, your mind starts wondering. but the danger with the dvt, the clot can break off, travel to your lung, giving you a pulmonary embolism. and you're dead on the spot. david bloom, rapper heavy dee. so she's likely receiving blood thinning medication being given by the doctors and nurses. once she's released, she'll have to take medications for six months if not longer. >> rest assured, she is getting attended to by the best of the best. >> they don't know where that blood clot is originating from either. there's been a medical
3:33 am
setback for venezuelan president hugo chavez after cancer surgery. his vice president says chavez suffered new complications and described his condition as "delicate." chavez has not been seen or heard from since undergoing his fourth cancer-related surgery earlier this month. back here at home. talks continue through the night ahead of that looming fiscal cliff deadline. the sticking points are still the same. the white house wants taxes to go up on those making over $250,000 a year. republicans want a higher income tax threshold. republicans want to keep the estate tax from going up. and there's no agreement on what to do about automatic spending cuts. those are set to go into effect on january 2. now to a deadly bus crash on a slick highway in eastern oregon. a tour bus careened off an icy section of interstate 84 yesterday morning and tumbled down a steep embankment, killing 9 and injuring more than 20 others. the bus was traveling to
3:34 am
vancouver from las vegas. the driver survived but was too badly hurt to speak with police. here is your new year's eve forecast. up to a foot of mountain snow in the southern rockies. 5 inches from kansas to southern illinois. thunderstorms from much of texas, oklahoma city, little rock and memphis. rain and mountain snow in the pacific northwest. flurries from michigan to northern new england. >> chilly from the west coast to the midwest and northeast. 20s in the northern rockies. just 2 degrees in fargo and 14 in minneapolis. 30s from chicago to new york. so just bundle up if you're in fargo. the first lawsuit is on the way after the connecticut school massacre. the family of one of the children who survived is seeking $100 million from the state. the initial filing says the little girl suffered emotional and psychological trauma. the attorney says the state should have known something like this might happen and taken steps to prevent it. but $100 million. they say it's more about the principle and making sure atrocities like this don't happen in the future. a moving moment at the
3:35 am
giants-eagles game as players from both teams stood with hundreds of newtown, connecticut residents. among those attending, the family of 6-year-old jack pinto. a fan of the giants who was buried in the number 85 jersey of his favorite player, victor cruz. there were at least a dozen hand made signs with a green and white one that said, sandy hook, we choose to love. >> and for jack pinto's family, that must have been somewhat emotionally healing just to be there and i'm sure it gave them a sense not of closure, but a sense of closeness. >> well done. coming up, it was a year of a lot of ups and downs from the election to the shooting at sandy hook. >> but there were many light moments as well. up next, the things that made us laugh in 2012. you're watching "world news now." >> lord help us. "world news now" weather
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♪ ♪ should auld acquaintance be forgot and days of auld lang syne ♪ just have to get that in there. >> bit of an understatement to say we enjoy ourselves on the show. >> we do some ridiculous things on the show that we typically
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regret in hindsight. take a look. some of our most embarrassing moments of 2012. >> joining us, our permanent, permanent, permanent new anchor of "world news now" -- >> settle down. >> i'm so excited because you're from the great city of chicago. i'm going to way it like oprah, everybody, welcome paula faris! ♪ celebrate good times >> from abc news, this is a special 20th birthday edition of "world news now." >> his liveliness, smoking, sleeping, breathing -- >> rob, rob. >> oh, lord have mercy. guess you're right, the president does carry a big stick. today, when we mark national something on a stick day. >> anything you want on a stick. >> i'm a popsicle person. why don't you try a corn dog. >> i'm not putting that thing in my mouth on national tv. >> just the tip. you're not going to try that,
3:41 am
paula? what am i going to do without my ding dong. >> it's made with better meat. and i'm pretty particular about my meat. sorry. >> i've heard that. you can just shake the phone a little bit. >> like a shake weight. >> to give it a little bit -- you got to shake it. but i know what that's like. >> i just stopped breastfeeding last week. no first day sex talk. >> no, don't do it. >> come on. say hello to my new friend. all the young people trying to get in, this is what we do on the "world news now" internship program. >> and she's done. although it took some time, it
3:42 am
was worth the wait to see this little squirrel in action. >> that was -- >> awesome. >> that was spectacular. >> the squirrel was eating the paint brush. >> and one final note, to the new jersey residents going through the phone book and making threatening phone calls to people name sandy, cut it out. you're being idiots. all right, be safe. >> i'm going to read you and your interpret. it is about predicting the election. this shows why pollsters should have been asking very different questions. >> that's right, baby. this is how we do it at the network. you've got to get into that. >> my heels. it's hard with my heels. >> oh, look at that, girl.
3:43 am
you've got to bust out. >> this is from thomas. i want to see rob do his impression. >> i don't remember doing an impression on the show. >> see, there you go. >> the story that is so bizarre, a very strange story. very strange. mike is upset. my wife, who is breaking into l.l. cool jay's house. get out of my house, man. l.l. was always licking his lips. see what i mean? >> apparently suffering from low blood sugar, but she is fine now. the weird part is he just kept talking despite her passing out. it's crazy. >> i already know that you would push me out of the way. >> i'll be there for you. >> did you hit your head? >> you've got to keep talking,
3:44 am
paula. i didn't fall for nothing. >> i'm too compassionate. coming up, mitt romney -- for a lot of people costco -- a year's worth of toilet paper, now the store is offering some home furnishings that are surprisingly -- >> those are my dirty socks. be careful now. >> stinky. >> they're excited to see me. >> always. who wouldn't be? i'm excited. >> we have so much fun here, don't we? >> absolutely. >> this is what they've been warning us about. this is it. >> i'm out! >> we've got to go. it's been fun. this is it. i've got to cancel my appointment with hotstuff69. hold on. i'm not going to make it, baby girl, i'm not going to make it. >> that's awesome. you guys are good, man. >> oh, lord. rob, i have another title for that segment.
3:45 am
if it was on cable, i would let you know what it was. >> a lot of innuendo going on. i'm telling you what, man. >> none whatsoever. >> it was a fun year. and we all know rob is crazy. >> his impersonations are fantastic. he does a great impression. tyson was good, but i liked him licking his lips. >> the moonwalk. >> good dancer, too. >> the man with many talents. when we come back, is kim kardashian about to become a mom? >> the breaking news in "the skinny." you're watching "world news now." "world new
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3:47 am
♪ skinny, so skinny skinny is in the house. and kim kardashian has a baby growing in her house. it's kanye's. >> it is kanye's. >> her rep confirmed she's just about done with her first trimester. she's pregnant with their first child. he kind of let the cat out of the hat, he spilled the beans at his concert late sunday night into monday morning, he said something about his baby's momma in the house. that got the twitter sphere really going and then her rep confirmed. everybody congratulating them. even her family has said, her sister khloe said keeping secrets is so hard.
3:48 am
with so many family members. her other sister saying i've been wanting to shout from the rooftops with joy. and now i can. another angel for the family. her divorce is not finalized from kris humphries. but she's about 12 weeks pregnant. he is going to be a daddy. >> congrats to them. this is pretty cool. how would you like to join beyonce on stage at the halftime show of the super bowl? >> do i have to dance? >> would you like to dance? >> i would imagine you do have to dance. there will be enough people up there that will hide your moves. check it out. they've got a contest that will give fans a chance to submit photos for a tv ad. 100 fans will hit the stage when she performs in new orleans. the contest kicks off saturday and fans can submit these photos in various poses. trying to shake their hips and all that. >> i don't know what you're saying, i'm just watching beyonce. >> 50 of those people out of 100 actually get to join the singer on stage. >> wow. >> if you're interested,
3:49 am you have until january 19 to submit those photos. skinny is brought to you by pepsi, kidding. so janet jackson is reportedly engaged to a billionaire. she just sent out this greeting card and she's solo. so it got speculation going whether she is engaged, because she hasn't commented on it one way or the other. but they're set to tie the knot this spring in qatar. requests from e-news for comment from her rep haven't been returned, but a lot of people wondering if it's true. a lot of other secondary sources confirmed that the wedding is on. he's a billionaire, made his money through luxury brands. so somebody actually richer and just as private, and younger. and nine years younger. how about that, janet. maybe the third time down the aisle will be the trick. >> jessica simpson, getting back to babies, pregnant again. she confirms it in a twitter photos and she says, bumping and proud.
3:50 am
wow. that is some photo. am i allowed to say that's very sexy? the 32-year-old star confirmed she's pregnant on christmas, and she tweeted, bumping and proud, and there she is. >> she looks good. are you one of those guys that thinks a pregnant woman is very attractive? >> i do. i admit it. >> willis, what do you think? >> very attractive. >> all her womanliness. >> did you think she was attractive when she gained a lot of weight? >> i always found her attractive, the skinny version, the pregnant version and the heavier version. >> good to see a man sticking to his principles. i looked like a whale when i was pregnant. i gained like 50 pounds both times. >> is your husband the kind of guy -- >> he doesn't discriminate. he takes it any way he can. >> a man after my own heart. >> and real quick, congratulations to matthew mcconaughey and his wife. they just welcomed their third
3:51 am
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powerful cleaning that's family friendly. another step forward in our mission for health. talk about a rescue. this was scary. a very frightening situation on a lake in california as one person after another fell into an icy lake. >> check this out. abc's ron claiborne tells us they were all trying to rescue one another. >> reporter: it began when one man accidently slipped off of a sheet of ice and into the lake. the people you see in this video are members of a sledding excursion that goes terribly wrong. >> we saw this guy coming across the ice really fast. it went from cheering to all of a sudden just an unbelievable amount of panic and chaos. >> reporter: one man goes to the
3:55 am
ice's edge to help, but then he falls in. and then one would-be rescuer after another, tries to help, only to plunge in themselves, in a chain reaction. a crowd gathers on shore, frantically screaming for help. >> call 911! >> reporter: five minutes after the first man went in, nearly a dozen people are now in the water, as others throw ropes and inner tubes, but no luck. mickey herman shot this video. you can hear them calling for someone to bring a rope. >> it was very hard to watch. it was gut wrenching. >> reporter: finally, nine minutes into this ordeal on ice, everyone somehow manages to scramble out. amazingly, this escapade on ice ended happily. everyone is just fine. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> oh, my word. >> and to think everyone is fine. that had tragedy written all over it. >> have you ever fallen in the ice?
3:56 am
>> my mom and dad beat in my head never go on the ice unless it's crazy solid. so no, i never have. how about you? >> no, thank god. i went ice fishing and carved a hole. carved a hole in the ice. >> catch anything? >> yeah, we did. you can throw an empty hook in and a fish will bite. they are so hungry. >> that is an amazing end to an amazing story. and finally this half hour, you're starting to see christmas trees piled on the sidewalk waiting for the garbage truck. >> a farmer in rhode island came up with a great way to recycle those trees. you eat them. the farm's 50 goats have apparently taken to liking pine needles. >> really? it's like swallowing needles. >> i know. it doesn't sound like it would taste good, each for a goat. but there they go, drop off the tree and it's a holiday treat for the goats. the animals have already eaten just about everything in sight, so it's a treat for them. >> so all the goat milk is going to taste like pine. this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades.
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3:59 am
making news this morning in america. breaking news. hillary clinton hospitalized. >> the secretary of state wakes up in a new york hospital this morning. she's been treated for a blood clot. it's down to the deadline. if congress and the president are going try to stop the nation from going over the fiscal cliff. tax hikes and spending cuts are just hours away. despite the looming cliff, party preparations are under way on this new year's eve. it's nearly time for the confetti and champagne as we welcome 2013. and an emotional and triumphant return to the sidelines. for indianapolis colts coach chuck pagano. his team's inspired season isn't over yet.


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